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PC mods: Street Fighter 5 gets Marvel Comics' Venom and it might be the best fighting game mod we've ever seen

Over the years, we've seen a countless number of fighting game PC mods come our way. From Overwatch characters to Kung Fury, there really seems to be no limit to what tech savvy fans can put into a game.

Today we have what might honestly be the best fighting game mod of them all. RajmanGaming HD recently uploaded footage of a Venom mod that is about as detailed as they come.

Modeled over Necalli, Spider-Man's symbiote-ridden nemesis comes fully decked out in his trademark black suit. The showstoppers here, though, are Venom's tongue and what happens when he activates V-Trigger.

Being that the mod uses Necalli's character model, the tongue moves around like one of Necalli's hair strands. When V-Trigger is activated, Venom sees several symbiote tentacles emerge from his body that also have life to them.

Overall, the Venom mod looks outstanding. At this point in time, we don't quite know who made it — if you know who the creator is, please let us know in the comments.

Also included here is a Super Saiyan God Goku mod for Ryu that looks slick in action, but up close shots show that it looks a bit more like Ryu wearing a Goku mask. Still pretty cool, but just try not to look at it too closely during cut scenes...

You can check out some images below, as well as an animated GIF of Venom's V-Trigger in play.

Venom PC mod image #1 Venom PC mod image #2 Venom PC mod image #3
Click images for larger versions and GIF

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Here are some important takeaways from Street Fighter 5 selling 700,000 more copies

The last three years of Street Fighter 5 have been a roller coaster ride with peaks, valleys and dark tunnels where we have no idea what's going on. As uncertain as the future feels right now, the past is set in stone, and can give us a more concrete idea of how the game has performed, especially when compared to similar titles.

Capcom's Investor Relations website was recently updated and told us that SF5 has graduated up to 2.9 million in sales, indicating a gain of 700,000 since the release of the free Arcade Edition update back in January of 2018.

That 2.9 million total puts it at a very respectable 18th place on the list of Platinum Capcom titles, and it very well may garner a good half a million more sales before things are said and done with.

Where does that half a million speculation come from? Observing the timeline for a little fighter called Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offers us a similar story to compare and contrast with.

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Who are the best 'lame' characters in Street Fighter 5? Justin Wong fills out this unique tier chart from his patient perspective

In the world of Street Fighter professionals you'd be hard pressed to find any competitor more content with wearing the clock down than VP|Justin Wong, thus making him the first authority when it comes to rating characters' abilities to play with a lame style.

In his most recent video, the storied FGC figure goes through the entire cast of SF5 to rate each fighter in terms of how efficiently they can slow the action of a match and force their foes into antsy over extension.

Street Fighter 5's natural flow tends to favor aggressors, but that doesn't mean it's exempt from this less common approach.

Justin's philosophy is that most any fighting game character can be played in a more reserved manner, and even cites the stark contrast between the way he and EG|Ricki Ortiz played Rufus in Street Fighter 4.

At first thought, this concept seems relatively intuitive, but if you'd place a traditionally aggressive character like Zangief on the low end of the spectrum, or a long-ranged poker like Vega on top, you aren't at all on the same wavelength as Wong.

You can hear detailed explanation for each fighter over the course of about 25 minutes in the full video below, but those of you that aren't as patient can simply click the thumbnail here to see the final product:

Justin's Lame Chart image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Street Fighter 5's Nash committed the unpardonable sin of using input lag to be too good back in 2016, and he's still paying for it even now

Thanks to Infiltration, Nash won more than a few major events in 2016, including Street Fighter 5's first and most populated EVO to date. That was a considerably different time for the game, though, and things have never been the same since.

When he was good, Nash thrived in a way that was widely unintended as he utilized the game's then eight frames of input lag and a wonky dash animation to garner wins in a way that was more or less universally viewed as cheap.

It was clear that one of Capcom's main balance goals going into 2017 was to swing the pendulum back away from being so far in Nash's favor, but they wound up nerfing him into the ground in doing so; it's been an uphill battle ever since.

So here we find ourselves in 2019 and Season 4 of SF5. Nash has spent a considerable amount of time in the stocks, and the community finds itself wondering if the latest balance patch will see this once too-good character finally find his stride.

Vesper Arcade and SonicSol have teamed up to discuss the particulars of Nash's change history, focusing specifically on Season 4, but also noting some of the more important alterations of 2017 and 2018.

They're general conclusion? Capcom wants Nash to be a rush down character, but just haven't given him the tools to do so with any real efficiency. Check out what they have to say in the video below and let us know if you agree.

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Ono won't be at EVO Japan next weekend, chances of a big reveal might have just gotten worse

Earlier today, Yoshinori Ono revealed that he has finished his tasks with the Capcom eSports team in the U.S. Notably this was done while on the West Coast.

Ono noted that he will be back in Japan by this weekend. Despite this, he will not be able to attend EVO Japan.

Considering that Ono is typically front and center when it comes to many new information regarding fighters like Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, this appears to have reduced the chances of a big announcement next weekend.

This doesn't necessarily guarantee that there won't be any sort of reveal. It's been about 54 days since Kage was unveiled and made playable without any word about the next fighter.

Capcom has mentioned previously that they are "doing things differently" with Season 4. Aside from the fact that there's no season pass for 2019, we don't exactly know what this means yet.

Interestingly enough, Ono mentioned "various circumstances" as the reason for his absence. Obviously he didn't go into detail about this.

EVO Japan will begin on the weekend of February 15th. It's worth mentioning that this event isn't actually part of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Yoshinori Ono won't be at EVO Japan 2019 image #1
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Sent in by: HoeMuffin.

Street Fighter 5 sales surpass 2.9 million units

Back in November of 2018, Capcom had reported that they had sold at least 2.2 million units of Street Fighter 5. Notably, their original projected sales for the title was two million. We had received confirmation that Capcom had achieved this goal back in December of 2017.

It's worth mentioning that Capcom's latest financial report indicated that the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection performed well in 2018, but oddly made no mention of Street Fighter 5. Despite what that seems to suggest, it appears that Street Fighter 5 sales have jumped up by about 700,000 units.

In other words, Street Fighter 5 is now Capcom's 18th best selling title. This also means that Street Fighter 5 is Capcom's fourth best selling fighting game.

Note that updated versions of fighters like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 are being counted as separate titles. It appears that Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition are being counted as the same entity since the new version was a free update.

As for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, sales were increased by approximately 100,000 units. Unfortunately, this means that it has only been able to reach 1.3 million units of the two million projected sales goal.

Oddly, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is absent from Capcom's Platinum Titles page despite the fact that Devil May Cry HD Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection are both present.

Street Fighter 5 sales now at 2.9 million image #1 Street Fighter 5 sales now at 2.9 million image #2
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It's possible for Cody to juggle from command grab in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition but good luck pulling this off in a real match

Juggles from command grabs in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, while present, aren't exceedingly common. Characters like G, Necalli, and Abigail are examples of fighters that can do this.

Did you know that Cody is capable of doing this? Given, this might not be entirely applicable in a real match, but it sure does look cool.

MK_Shazzyam posted a quick clip that demonstrates how this works. The tricky part is getting Cody's tornado out on the stage and then transitioning into Cody's V-Trigger 2 state.

Keep in mind that Cody is only able to throw out the tornado projectile while he isn't holding a knife or pipe. Meanwhile, his command grab is an attack that is only available V-Trigger 2 is active and he is holding the pipe.

In order to pull this off, MK_Shazzyam positioned himself at a full screen's distance from the dummy. He threw out an EX tornado and then dashed twice.

To go into his V-Trigger 2 state, he cancelled into it from an EX Zonk Knuckle. Following this, he dashed again which puts the opponent in a mix up situation. If Cody pulls off the command grab here, then the opponent will be juggled off the tornado where Cody can get a little more extra damage.

Click image for animated version

Why solid characters don't make the cut in Street Fighter 5, NetherRealm's Kombat Kast sets them apart, Hungrybox gets undeserved hate and more

We're back with episode 37 of the EventHubs Podcast and a roundup of some of the recent happenings inside the fighting game community.

We've had a good bit of new developments on the Mortal Kombat front as NRS held its first official Kombat Kast on Tuesday. We cover some of the particulars of Kabal and D'Vorah's reveals, and discuss how strongly the development company has been performing with its public relations as of late.

From there we jump into the world of Capcom as the 2019 Pro Tour has been announced and the quarterly IR Report has been released.

Catalyst and I point out some notable changes on this year's CPT, and then delve into the odd fact that the IR Report speaks so much about the company's dealings in eSports, yet doesn't bring up the one game that is actually considered their main eSport title: Street Fighter 5.

We welcome Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills to the cast as he offers some of his thoughts on the gaming console timeline, cross-play, SF5's possible transition into a free to play title and, most importantly, Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

Finally we chat about RB|Luffy's fairly controversial SF5 character carry tier chart as we try to figure out the balance between broken and solid fighting game avatars.

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Abigail is a shell of what he used to be after his Street Fighter 5 Season 4 nerfs; The Cool Kid93 demonstrates what makes him so underwhelming

Abigail just can't play quite like he used to in Street Fighter 5. With the arrival of Season 4 came a slew of balance changes to the entire roster, and Abigail found himself on the receiving end of numerous nerfs.

Though most people — including Abigail players — would tell you that the character needed nerfs to things such as his overly oppressive V-Trigger 1 and standing heavy punch, I can't help but feel that the changes made to him in Season 4 took things too far. Despite Capcom's developer notes explaining that Abigail is meant to be more of a brawler character than a grappler, the character did not receive anything tangible to push him toward that archetype — other than a new command normal that acts as a traditional sweep and is... decent.

As an Abigail player who is taking a break from the character right now, I can say personally that you just can't play him the same way that you used to — putting aside the overly powerful stuff and focusing on his general gameplay style. Less stun, less damage, less okizeme opportunities, less range on command throw, and more punishable normals are what await Abby players in Season 4.

Prominent Street Fighter 5 Abigail player, The Cool Kid93, seems to share a similar sentiment as mine when it comes to the big lug in Season 4. He recently put together a video demonstrating and explaining what makes this character so underwhelming this season.

Featured here we have examples of how confirms and sequences whiff after Abigail successfully lands his regular running grab and the EX version. A lot of his light confirms require EX Abigail Punch to work properly, and even then, some scenarios see it whiff as well.

Abigail still has long range and can land big damage, but as Cool Kid notes in the video, it feels like a lot of what made Abigail strong and fun was stripped away in Season 4 without giving him anything to compensate.

Click image for animated version

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Problem X breaks Phenom's heart twice, Punk is mean to Dankadillas and Idom's Laura is just plain unfair; Street Fighter 5 crazy comeback compilation

Falling extremely far behind your opponent in terms of health is oft a death sentence in fighting games, but it also makes for an opportunity to look amazing should you somehow pull off a dramatic comeback.

If you are indeed able to achieve such a feat, you stand a chance at making into one of The BEAST's comeback roundup videos that always have the hair on our arms standing straight up.

We're sharing his latest with you today as we check out players like RB|Bonchan, REC|Punk, Rise|Smug, DNG|Itabashi Zangief and plenty others bringing things back from the brink.

Street Fighter 5's V-Triggers are known for giving characters that one last chance at victory, and it surely shows here.

There are plenty of stellar examples, but none better (in my humble opinion) than Idom and his insane Laura taking it GOL|Toi and his M. Bison back at the North American Regional Finals.

Check out this ridiculous comeback sequence from Mouz|ProblemX against NVD|Phenom from Capcom Cup 2018 (the second in their set) and then continue on to see the full compilation.

Click image for animated version

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The ladies of Street Fighter have never looked better in these custom screenshots from Eden featuring King of Fighters, Marvel and more PC mods

The PC modding community never ceases to amaze us for Street Fighter 5 with creative and awesome costumes for characters that we'll never officially receive from Capcom in the form of crossovers and more.

Eden is a person we've featured on the site a number of times before for their excellent work in making the mods and SF5 in general look even better than they normally do with their custom screenshots — though their Twitter feed also promotes NSFW works as well.

We have a new collection of screens for a gallery filled with the work of talented costume modders like BrutalAce and Khaledantar666, who are also probably familiar faces by this point on EventHubs.

Among the focus of these images for the ladies of Street Fighter, you can find some slick King of Fighters mods that transforms Cammy into Blue Mary and Chun-Li into a different icon in Mai Shiranui.

There are also some Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition-style screens showing off some bikini mods for Chun-Li and Sakura on the beach plus a Ghost Rider-inspired look for the first lady of fighting games.

You can take a look for yourself in the gallery below, and you can also see the King of Fighters mods in action in a video from Eden's YouTube channel after the jump.

Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #1 Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #2 Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #3 Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #4 Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #5 Eden's awesome Street Fighter screens image #6

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Which Street Fighter 5 characters carry players to victory, and which make them earn it on their own? Luffy made a tier list to answer that

Oh, how to begin this one? It's true of probably most any fighting game that the more broken and/or simple-yet-effective moves and tactics a character has, the more viable for competitive play they end up being... generally speaking.

Pro player Olivier "RB|Luffy" Hay has created a tier list based on the concept of how well characters carry players in Street Fighter 5. He leads with the following statement for clarification.

"How about a tier list about how well a character can carry a player, equal to being easy to be effective at a fairly good level because of the cheapness of it. As for 'Doesn't carry,' it's characters than need good amount of player skill to be effective."

Something interesting to point out, while a healthy majority of the perceived to tiers are at the top of this list, some find themselves lower down. Two of the fighters that are often regarded as some of the absolute best in the game, Akuma and M. Bison, find themselves in the middle and below average respectively.

There's plenty of dialogue between Luffy and other top players who don't exactly agree with his assessment in the Twitter thread, so be sure to check that out for further explanation and counter arguments.

You can view Luffy's carry list by clicking the thumbnail below. We're very interested to see what the general public thinks of this, and where they'd move certain characters around to.

Luffy's Carry List image #1
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EVO Japan is less than two weeks out, will Capcom reveal what they're doing with Street Fighter 5 in 2019 before then?

We've gotten a few major announcements pertaining to Street Fighter 5 as an eSport in recent weeks as Capcom unveiled both their North American Pro League and Capcom Pro Tour details, but still a good potion of the community can't help but feel that it's still in a news drought.

After the CPT 2018 surprises of a new balance patch and new character in Kage, we were told that things would be playing out a little differently this year when compared to previous SF5 seasons, and that we'd get more details on what that exactly meant "soon."

That was a month and a half ago, and players are still left wondering how many DLC characters are planned, if the game will be getting an additional ".5 balance patch" as it has in the last two years and why Capcom has further reduced Fight Money income. While we can't be certain, the drought is probably close to over.

EVO Japan is slated to take place the weekend of February 15th, and needless to say, would serve as a prime setting for another information drop. Last year's EVO Japan tacked on an announcement date for EVO 2018's line up after the action had concluded, but perhaps the event's 2019 iteration will offer a bit more.

Vesper Arcade speculates about this potential announcement with Mir in a recent video. The two also cover some of the basic Capcom and SF5 news that's been going on in recent times, such as the updated CPT rules and the Echo Fox professionals that have recently become free agents.

Check out the video and then chime into the comments with your thoughts about what and when the next SF5 gameplay-related news will surface.

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Alex's EX stomp saves his life at literally the last possible moment against Menat in this Street Fighter 5 clip

In fighting games, there exists razor-thin wins that take place within the last few seconds of a round. But even more clutch than those — and even more rare — are the wins that happen at literally the last possible moment.

PRO7OTYPE, one of the Street Fighter 5 scene's most prominent Alex players that you have very likely seen across social media, recently shared a clip of an online match between his Alex and a Menat player — who happens to be popular King of Fighters competitor, Romance.

Being one round up in this match, PRO7OTYPE found himself on the receiving end of a corner onslaught from Menat and her V-Trigger 1. With the clock coming closer to zero, the last thing you want is to be hit by Menat's Critical Art, as the animation takes some time to wrap up. Naturally, that's exactly what happened to PRO7OTYPE here.

On wake up, the Alex player had to block Menat's standing medium punch, and only one in-game second remained on the clock. Somehow, PRO7OTYPE managed to fire off an EX stomp, which Romance blocked.

The amount of chip damage dealt from the special move was enough to tip the health lead into PRO7OTYPE's favor, and it happened right before the time over took place. From the looks of it, if the Alex player had went for the attack just a nano second or two later, he would have lost.

As a Street Fighter 5 player (and general fighting game player) myself, I've been a part of and seen a lot of clutch plays in my day. I don't think I've seen one cut it quite as close as this before, though.

Click image to view the clip

Capcom's latest financial report says Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection performed well in 2018, makes no direct mention of Street Fighter 5

Capcom reports strong performances from titles such as Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Mega Man 11, and Monster Hunter World in their latest financial report.

Detailing sales information from the nine month period ending December 31, 2018, the company announced an increase in its net sales to 61,270 million yen (about 557 million USD) across its overall business results (up 28.3% year-over-year).

As one might expect, Monster Hunter World continued to thrive after its incredible performance in the previous fiscal year. Capcom reports that this title has surpassed 10 million units shipped, which is a first for any single title in the company's history.

In its digital market, Capcom cites Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 11 as strong performers in the latter half of 2018. Coupled with the growth of "high-margin catalog titles," Capcom saw its highest profit levels for the end of a third quarter in the company's history.

Back in July 2018, Capcom stated that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection "outperformed expectations." Its solid performance was even more impressive when considering the fact that the game was not yet available in Japan at the time and had only been out for about two months.

Interestingly enough, Capcom's mainstay fighting title, Street Fighter 5, gets no direct mention in this latest financial report.

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Falke transforms into Ashe from Overwatch and Miss Shadaloo in these awesome PC mods for Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter 5 modding community is still going strong three years after the game originally released and Overwatch characters crossing over as fan-made costumes are seemingly among the most popular to be found online.

We've previously looked at previous SF5 mods for Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper, Zarya and more though one of the most recent fighters has found a perfect fit in the game in Falke.

PC modder addysun has two new costumes they created for Neo Shadaloo's female member for Overwatch's leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe, plus a mostly original creation with Miss Shadaloo.

The silver-haired gunslinger works great as Falke because addysun managed to transform her staff into Ashe's rifle that looks pretty rad when she fires it off. Her created outfit here is a fair bit more revealing than her default that it's based on from Overwatch though.

Miss Shadaloo refers to a costume reportedly found by data-miner X-Kira in Street Fighter 5's files for Falke that has not yet released, so the modder decided to create their own version of the concept with leather clothing and M. Bison-esque accessories.

You can check out both costumes in the gallery below featuring some high quality screenshots from Ryu Hoshi plus PC Best Mods has some new videos of the Street Fighter mods which you can see in action after the jump.

Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #1 Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #2 Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #3 Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #4 Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #5 Ashe and Miss Shadaloo mods for Falke in Street Fighter image #6

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Capcom is the best reviewed publisher of 2018 based on Metacritic scores

2018 was apparently a very big win for Capcom. Metacritic has dubbed Capcom the best reviewed publisher of 2018.

Most notably, Monster Hunter: World was released in 2018. As of this moment, this title is Capcom's highest selling game ever. As you might expect, it was considered to be Capcom's best overall release with a score of 90.

It has also been noted that Capcom has released 30 new products in 2018. 14 of them were apparently "distinct titles." As a result, the 40 year company's average metascore sits at the top with a value of 79.3.

As we all know, the Arcade Edition update for Street Fighter 5 was also released in 2018. It actually scored above Capcom's average metascore by reaching a rating of 87.

This is a significant improvement compared to Street Fighter 5's original metascore of 77 back in 2016.

It's also worth noting that Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ also had a score of 87, but the company was eighth overall. While Metacritic called Nintendo the fourth best publisher for 2018, its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title had a very impressive score of 93.

Capcom and other publisher game metascores image #1 Capcom and other publisher game metascores image #2 Capcom and other publisher game metascores image #3 Capcom and other publisher game metascores image #4 Capcom and other publisher game metascores image #5
Click images for larger versions

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