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Top five sleeper characters that might be top tier in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

As the community continues to dive deep into Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition we're seeing more and more tier lists and opinions on how strong (or not strong) each character is. Who the definitive best characters in the game currently are is still up in the air as we've seen different takes from different people, but we are starting to be able to narrow down who might be top tier.

The guys over at Frame Advantage put together a new video that discusses who they think are the top five sleeper top tier characters in Champion Edition. Let's put the usual suspects aside for a minute and take a closer look at some of the other potentially top tier contenders.

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The most beautiful Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition play you'll see all week

If you're an avid Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition fan, chances are you'll see a lot of great plays this week as you run your own sets, watch pro-level replays, or catch the latest tournament action. However, today we're looking at a clip that is going to be incredibly hard to beat in terms of how impressive it is.

Live streamer PianoDensetsu recently shared a clip featuring his Sagat taking on a Kolin player online, and he was able to make some magic happen. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the best Sagat confirm I've ever seen.

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Street Fighter's Sagat evolved from a murderous, hate-driven fighter to an enlightened emperor of Muay Thai

Sagat is one of Street Fighter's most beloved and charismatic figures and while most members of the fighting game community can recount a handful of snapshot moments from The King's canonical history, much of it is tragically hidden behind the inconvenience of non-chronological storytelling spread out over 30 years' worth of Street Fighter games and comics.

We've done a bit of a research project so as to share Sagat's tale as he transforms from a petty bully of relatively weak character to an incredibly respectable, badass master of Muay Thai.

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Capcom shares 12 unused versions of Chun-Li's Alpha attire in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 fans are excitedly looking forward to the reveal of the five new characters and three new stages that were announced earlier this year, but that's not all the new content coming down the pike.

Lest we forget that a few talented fans will be designing additional character costumes, Capcom has posted on the official Street Fighter Twitter some unused designs for Chun-Li's Alpha costume in SF5.

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Kawano releases Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list with a surprising number 1 pick

We've been playing Season 5 of Street Fighter 5 for over six months at this point, and while there haven't been offline majors in almost just as long, the game's meta has continued to develop more with the new characters and moves.

Kawano is a newer face in the pro Street fighter circuit who's found great success with Kolin already, and he recently appeared on the latest Topanga stream to go over his tier list for Champion Edition.

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Check out Nemo's Gill and Urien taking on multiple advanced players in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Liquid|Nemo is a top Street Fighter 5: Champion competitor that's often praised for his Urien. However, he's also been spending some time in the lab with Urien's older brother, Gill.

For the most part, Urien is generally regarded as being the stronger of the two in Street Fighter 5. Unfortunately, we haven't had too many opportunities to see Gill played at a high level due to the circumstances of 2020.

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Wait, what are you supposed to do there? - HiFight's latest Just Frame Breakdown dives into Xian's nasty caltrop mixups from CPT Online event

RZR|Xian and his Ibuki have been mixing up and messing up their opponents in Street Fighter 5 for years at this point, and Season 5 came around to give them another tool to make things even worse for players on the receiving end.

Now that the first Southeast Asia event for the Capcom Pro Tour went down this weekend, we got a great chance to see Xian's Season 5 Ibuki in action which HiFight has provided a cool new breakdown for.

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Street Fighter: Duel receives new trailer with a digitized Yoshinori Ono presenting as part of Tencent's game conference

Street Fighter as a franchise is no stranger to the realm of spin-offs in other media and genres especially since the boom of the mobile gaming market over the past decade.

Tencent's annual games conference took place earlier today where the company showed off dozens of titles including Street Fighter: Duel with a digitized CG Yoshinori Ono showing up to present more about it.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Southeast Asia 1 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Capcom Pro Tour 2020's season continues this week with its first Asian installment, this one focusing on Southeast Asia.

Players participating include RZR|Xian, Chuan, SIN|Brandon, RSG|Bravery, TGU|MindRPG, PBE|Don, Leslie, Oswald, Fubarduck, Dixon, AronManurung, Tetsuga-Ar and more.

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Kirbcen's fighting game art gallery is made up of stunning reworked 3D renders

I recently came across Kirbcen's gallery of fighting game artwork. Although these are 3D renders that have been painted over, you can tell that a great deal of time has been spent on each piece.

One of the first illustrations that you'll see on his Twitter depicts Spider-Man and Dante shaking hands. This is clearly meant to pay homage to the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

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Check out this footage of Smug actin' like he won't get thrown... eight times in a row... for a perfect

We wouldn't go as far as to say this was a "legit round," but it wasn't a gimme, either. Pro Street Fighter 5 player Bryant "Rise|Smug" Huggins is known both for his top-notch skill and entertaining on-camera persona, but wound up looking more like one of his opponents usually do during a recent stream session.

Smug has been cooking foes with his G for some time now and has made something of a trademark out of using the character's slow, but insanely far-reaching command grab to style on opponents. Said trademark spawned alongside the phrase "actin' like you won't get command grabbed," but it was an apparently very hungry Smug who wound up eating all the grabs in this exchange.

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If Dudley is part of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 'Season V' then could his Sway techniques from Omega Street Fighter 4 be useful?

Five characters are planned for Season V of Street Fighter 5. Although Dudley isn't one of the front-runners as far as speculation is concerned, we shouldn't write off his chances just yet.

It feels like Capcom has implemented a few ideas from Omega Street Fighter 4 while designing characters for Street Fighter 5 in the past. Perhaps Dudley's Omega Street Fighter 4 iteration will provide us clues on what Capcom might decide to do with Dudley in Street Fighter 5 if they choose to add him via Season V.

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Forfeits, connection issues and limited slots: Japanese Street Fighter 5 pros weigh in on Capcom Pro Tour Online and North American event problems

The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online circuit rose from the ashes of the now-cancelled, standard offline events where players around the world now face some new hurdles but also a few new conveniences.

North America's first CPT Online event took place last weekend for the east coast and was not exactly a smooth ride for all of the players involved with lag issues and other complaints which caught the eyes of some of Japan's top competitors.

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Over half of Street Fighter 5's cast appeared in top 32 for Capcom Pro Tour Online Southeast Asia but Laura was most popular of all

We are now three weeks into the season for the Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and the only thing just as impressive as the talent and hard work from the world warriors is the character diversity being shown off.

Southeast Asia has their first shot at a Capcom Cup qualification spot this weekend where over half of SF5's cast has appeared in the top 32 — and not a single one of them was Rashid.

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Street Fighter 5 is getting three new stages this summer, here are the five classic arenas I'd like to see remade

It was about a month ago now that we were surprised with Capcom's announcement that Street Fighter 5 still has more DLC incoming, and while we all jumped to speculate about the identities of the five new characters as our first priority, we also have to wonder what three new stages Capcom is planning on adding to the mix.

We have no idea as to whether these stages will be linked to some of the new characters, will be reimagined classics from titles past, or brand new inventions for Street Fighter 5, but I have a few personal favorites that I'd like to see if Capcom decides to bring back oldies.

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When NOT to optimize your combos - BrianF explains when and why you don't always want to go for max damage

So much time and effort is spent trying to figure out how to squeak out the most damage from every touch you score in fighting games that it's easy to start missing the forest for the trees.

Yes, most of the time you do want to take as much of your opponent's life bar as possible when you have the chance, but efficiency still reigns supreme and there are plenty of instances wherein you very well may want to save your meter instead of eeking out a few extra damage points.

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Pochoclo23 releases Menat and Seth Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match-up charts

Today we have a couple of match-up charts for two of the swaggiest characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Seth and Menat both have a ton of tools at their disposal that not only give them some of the longest and most difficult to perform combos in the game, but also a wide variety of options against their opponents.

Menat and Seth aficionado and consistent lab monster Pochoclo23 has put together two match-up charts, one for each fighter.

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