Street Fighter 5 stories

Daigo: If I'm asked to only pick either one of them to achieve results, then I feel like Ryu can do better than Kage overall in Street Fighter 5

We often refer to Kage as "Evil-er Ryu." As the nickname implies, Kage is essentially a more emphasized version of Evil Ryu that serves as a counterpart to Ryu in Street Fighter 5 in terms of both gameplay and story.

But what categories do these two fighters excel over one another at? In a video upload by FGC Translated, CYG|Daigo gives his impressions for Ryu and Kage.

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If you thought Chun-Li looked scary on paper for this season of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, just wait till you see what MOV is doing with her

After seeing the changes Chun-Li got in the most recent Street Fighter 5 balance patch, many have proposed she's a candidate for one of the strongest characters in the game this season.

Her quick walk speed paired with powerful normals is already a deadly combination, but improvements to her crouching medium kick and heavy Lightning Legs might turn her into a neutral game beast. One of the most successful Chun players in Street Fighter 5, MOV, hasn't been in the competitive spotlight since Season 1, but that might change this year.

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'I think Capcom's freaking out, but if this netcode fix goes well it could be one of the biggest wins for Street Fighter 5 so far' - EH Podcast 86

Playing Street Fighter 5 online has become especially turbulent over the last week since a fan-made PC mod that helps to remedy netcode issues has seemingly improved experiences for some and worsened them for others.

With Capcom set up for multiple 2020 ventures that heavily rely on online SF5 play, what happens in the near future could heavily affect the game's success and remaining lifespan. We have a good bit to say about this current situation which could easily be a help or a hindrance in the long run.

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Poll results: Who are the top five strongest characters in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Update: Check out which characters were voted as being the top five strongest after the jump.

Earlier: There are currently a total 39 characters now on the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster, but which of them will wind up being the strongest here in Season 5?

Top tiers from last year like Rashid, M. Bison, and Karin got a handful of nerfs while many lower and mid-tier characters (also G and Urien) received some shiny new buffs, but will these changes be enough to alter the tier lists? If so, to what degree?

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iDom and Punk repeat their Capcom Cup grand finals set by meeting up once again during grand finals at NLBC 200

iDom and Punk's grand finals set of Capcom Cup 2019 will likely go down as one of the greatest in Street Fighter 5's lifespan for its back and forth nature, the adjustments and re-adjustments by both players, and of course everything being won with Laura and Poison.

The east coast is certainly showing its strength in SF5, and in the scene's biggest weekly, Next Level Battle Circuit in New York, the Capcom Cup champ and runner-up faced off against each other once again at the 200th event where some new characters would shake things up a bit for Punk.

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The apparent state of Street Fighter 5 part one: The success of Kage

With about a month of play now under our belts, the early pieces of the updated Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition puzzle are beginning to fall into place. While there are still plenty of stones yet to be unturned, I do have some one-month reactions and suppositions with regards to general gameplay and balance that I think would be pertinent to share.

My latest personal project has been Kage, and I'll start with this: Given Kage's current design, I feel he's a decent barometer for measuring the balance of SF5's meta. If my perception of him is accurate then the better he does the better a look it is for the game.

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Update: Street Fighter 5 servers now back online

Update: Street Fighter 5's servers are now back online.

Earlier: The official Street Fighter 5 server Twitter account posted on Thursday evening that the game will be undergoing short server maintenance next Tuesday, January 14.

No further details have been given about the nature of maintenance, but many are speculating that this could be in relation to the recently developed, user-created PC mod that aims to fix a desync bug currently present in SF5's online experience.

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K-Brad's face after this insane rollback moment sums up how it feels trying to play online Street Fighter 5 via PlayStation 4 right now

The big news in the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition realm at the moment is the fact that a fan created a PC mod that actually seems to substantially reduce a desync bug while battling online.

While this does appear to have positive results when two PC users who have the mod installed are facing off, things can get exceptionally dicey when one such user runs into someone playing on PlayStation 4. We suspect this was the case during Rise|K-Brad's play session early today.

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Seth's Tanden Engine showcase 3 reveals what moves the copycat can steal from Sakura, Ed, Gill and Kolin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

After spending the first half of 2019 in near silence, Capcom seems to have opened up quite a bit on letting the audience know how things are shaking up in Street Fighter 5 though it's been through a lot of piecemeal and smaller reveals.

Today, Capcom released the third video showcase for Seth and what their Tanden Engine V-Skill 1 can steal from Sakura, Ed, Gill and Kolin this time around.

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We could look at Killbiro's ladies of fighting game art all day

Brazilian artist Killbiro knows how to draw em' and we have a beautiful 18-image gallery to prove it.

The ladies of fighting games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Dragon Ball Fighters, and more are done right by Killbiro as we see them in both intensely realistic and beautifully cartoonish fashions.

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Second Street Fighter 5 Tournament Mode open beta announced for January 25-26

The Street Fighter 5 Tournament Mode has been revealed to have a second open beta on the horizon. This event will be taking place from January 25-26.

If you want to get in on the action, players will be able to register starting on January 14. Do keep in mind that this beta is for North America only.

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This brilliantly edited showcase is why Chun-Li has so many costumes in Street Fighter 5

Clarification: It's been brought to our attention that while this was posted on Storm Kubo's YouTube channel, it was created by Mogito. Earlier: Chun-Li's oversized Street Fighter 5 wardrobe has been the focus of many a joke in recent years as Capcom has chosen to give the iconic character no less than 18 different costumes while other roster members have just a third of that.

While the fact that Chun has the lion's share of alternate attire usually headlines conversations in this avenue, we do have to admit that many of her looks are actually quite good. Storm Kubo has posted a showcase for these outfits and leaves us with little choice but to give props to the well-designed wear.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition oddity sees Abigail's V-Skill tire appear behind opponent after blocking M. Bison's Head Stomp

With 39 new V-Skills added to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and an unfathomable number of interactions between these attacks and every other attack in the game, you're bound to run into some strange behavior at some point. Apparently, there's a bit of an oddity that exists in the game involving M. Bison and Abigail's V-Skill 2.

Street Fighter 5 player Kich Dorzey recently uploaded two videos showing the phenomenon in action. When Abigail blocks Bison's EX Head Stomp and answers back with V-Skill 2, it is possible for the tire to be summoned from the other side of the screen, making the distance traveled far shorter and appearing behind the opponent.

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More comebacks are possible in Street Fighter 5 thanks to the Season 5 health buffs — here's a compilation featuring iDom, SonicFox, Daigo, and more

It's been nearly a month since the Season 5 update was launched for Street Fighter 5. Most of the characters in the game received a 25 health buff, which obviously has the potential to improve the longevity of matches.

Xuses recently posted a comeback compilation for Street Fighter 5 Season 5. Players featured include CYG|Daigo, FOX|SonicFox, iDom, Liquid|Nemo, Rohto|Tokido, and more.

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Triple barfs in one shot: Desk's new video features 39 combos for all 39 characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and their V-Skill 2

For many characters in Street Fighter 5, their original V-Skill wasn't a super essential tool for their combo game. Meanwhile, some people like Desk are making the new V-Skill 2 option in Champion Edition seem like that's exactly what they were made for.

Desk has been a combo master of SF5 since the game released, and though he had been making videos centered around every character in Season 5, the musician's newest creation features 39 combos for all 39 fighters in the game and their V-Skill 2s.

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Is that Magma Dragoon? - Teppen's new Force Seekers expansion really likes having artwork of Akuma fighting other Capcom characters

The mobile card game Teppen crosses over the worlds of some of Capcom's biggest franchises with Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Mega Man X with wholly original artwork, but its latest expansion has been showing a lot of love to a certain raging demon.

Akuma is essentially the face of The Force Seekers expansion in Teppen which came out this week, and very fittingly, it features a ton of new cards of the Satsui no Hado user taking on some of Capcom's biggest baddies in search of a real fight.

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Seth tied for second lowest amount of health in Street Fighter: Champion Edition as Capcom updates the upcoming character's stats and profile

The 40th character joining the roster of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is still just over a month away, but we're slowly learning more and more about what Seth will have to offer once they release in February.

Capcom recently updated their Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website to include Seth's character profile to reveal the character's health and stun values which show that their vitality is among the lowest in the title's roster.

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