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We discuss the odds of a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 reveal at Capcom Cup, how second V-Skills could really help certain characters, and how to beat autopilot

We got at this idea a bit during last week's podcast entry, but we're going in full force this time around as Catalyst and I explore just how realistic a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 reveal at Capcom Cup might be.

Taking into account the company's previous practices, their current relationship with Marvel, and a few other factors, we do feel it comes out to a matter of "when" as opposed to "if." As to whether that "when" be Capcom Cup remains to be seen.

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Capcom releases a more detailed look at Cody's V-Skill 2 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

December is right around the corner, and next month fans can expect to get their hands on Street Fighter 5's newest content. The game will be seeing balance adjustments, as well as a second V-Skill for everyone on the playable roster — all of this will be included in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which is set for release in February next year.

With release drawing nearer, Capcom has been revealing second V-Skills on social media, with a quick look at Juri's, Poison's, and Cody's being the latest showcase. Today, the official Street Fighter Twitter account shared another video this time providing a more detailed look at Cody's V-Skill 2.

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Expect world class action at the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier as it already has a ton of extremely strong Street Fighter 5 players signed up

You'd figure if you shave off the top performing 31 players of the year, you'd be left with mostly B-team competitors vying for the chance to break into the big time. That's not at all the case, however, as the Street Fighter 5 tournament scene has exploded with higher and higher levels of competition.

There are currently 152 players signed up for the Last Chance Qualifier event that will precede Capcom Cup next month, and already we have some world class names raring to duke it out in December.

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More footage of Juri's second V-Skill gives us a better idea of how it will work in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

We actually got a brief V-Skill 2 showcase yesterday featuring Cody, Poison, and Juri, but Capcom has released a slightly less brief clip showing off a bit more of what Juri's Fuha Enzan can do.

Staying in step with the character's two step special attacks, players will have to store her V-Skill 2 before sending it out onto the battlefield. Today's footage shows us what the animation for storing the technique looks like.

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Cody's V-Skill 2 recreates one of his most unique mechanics of Street Fighter Alpha 3 while Poison's new Cartwheel ties directly back to Final Fight

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's big shakeup to the current gameplay appears to be focused on giving every character a second V-Skill to choose from, and some of them are turning out to be neat callbacks to what the fighters could do in older titles.

Capcom showed off three of those new abilities yesterday for Juri, Cody and Poison where some eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out the new mayor of Metro City's dodge is pretty much straight out of Street Fighter Alpha 3 — as showcased in a new video by HiFight.

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Why I think there's a chance Capcom reveals a new fighting game at Capcom Cup this year

Given the eight months to start 2019 wherein we didn't get any major DLC for Street Fighter 5, the Capcom fighting game community has been widely focused on what's coming to the Capcom Pro Tour's main title here in the final two months of the year. That said, I think there's a case to be made we very well might see something outside the realm of Street Fighter.

This is all really just a reading of the tea leaves, and I'd be remiss not to point out that Capcom has proven to be particularly unpredictable in recent years. Now that my option select is in place, let's take a look at said tea leaves and see if you don't see the same potential in them.

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'This industry has become a battlefield where you need to take risks to win' - Tokido on risk and playing differently in winners and losers brackets

Play too aggressively and you look like a reckless buffoon, but play too passively and you wind up missing your opportunity and leaving with that bitter feeling of regret in the pit of your stomach. When the hell are you supposed to go for it?

Especially in a game as commitment-based and unforgiving as Street Fighter 5, answering this question has become increasingly difficult. While he doesn't quite have a magical answer that will put this inquiry away for good, learned competitor Rohto|Tokido has directly pondered this concept and does have a bit of advice to give.

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New V-Skills showcased for Juri, Cody, and Poison in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

We just received footage of three new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition V-Skills via the PlayStation Twitter account as Juri, Cody, and Poison show off their newest techniques with which to build V-Trigger.

All three of these combatants have been regarded as lower mid-tier fighters, and so the inclusion of secondary V-Skills presents a very important opportunity for developers to give characters like these a proper boost so as to encourage more players to use them.

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Street Fighter: Duel is a new mobile game from Tencent... which is looking quite similar to a very different game

Mobile video game developers have been trying to tap into the fighting game audience for some time now, and have started making some headway in recent times with some actually decent titles like the King of Fighters: All-Star and Skullgirls mobile.

Chinese company Tencent is recently showed off its newest venture by teaming up with Capcom to make Street Fighter: Duel as a team-based RPG for the world warriors. It also may have an element or two that probably looks very familiar to fans of Japanese RPGs.

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Here's Poison's Holiday colors and Easter egg variant for her new costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and video game companies are releasing seasonal content for their biggest titles, Capcom most definitely included.

This year's offerings for holiday-themed costumes in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition are already available to pick up. We've already taken a look at G's new Santa outfit and Christmas Bunny Lucia, so now it's time to show off Poison's new fuzzy digs.

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Gill's Crush Counters haven't been shown yet in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — is his Retribution system a replacement?

Like them or not, Crush Counters are an important part of Street Fighter 5's meta. Every character in the game so far has them.

Being that these are important, it really feels like Capcom has made an effort to showcase a Crush Counter or two during a fighter's reveal trailer. They were certainly easy to notice looking back at Lucia, E. Honda, Poison, and Kage's trailers.

And yet for some reason, Gill's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition trailer did not showcase him performing a Crush Counter against his opponents.

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Gill's parry V-Skill might be riskier than Ryu's but potentially offers better punishments according to HiFight's analysis

Gill was recently announced for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition (and Champion Edition). We already know that his second V-Skill — also known as "Blocking" — functions extremely similarly to Ryu's V-Skill 1. Essentially, Gill is offered the ability to "parry" attacks just like in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Is this really just a carbon copy of Ryu's Mind's Eye? As analyzed by HiFight, there appear to be some key differences between Ryu's first V-Skill and Gill's second V-Skill.

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Blanka's Nergigante missions have begun in Street Fighter 5... though there's not much reason to do them anymore

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition brought exclusive crossover costumes to the game via its new Extra Battle mode when it launched last year, but now that whole system has kinda been turned on its head.

Blanka is receiving his first crossover attire by dressing up as Monster Hunter's Nergigante with Extra Battle missions having started up now. That being said, the recently revealed Champion Edition of SF5 now makes these timed events fairly irrelevant thanks to the upgrade pack.

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Here's how Gill's unique 'Retribution' mechanic works in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Sometime in December, fans will be able to officially get their hands on Street Fighter 5's next DLC character, Gill. The Third Strike boss is one of the big draws for the new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition package coming next February, but those who own the game already will be able to snatch him up earlier than that.

Among the variety of returning attacks and techniques Gill comes equipped with is a brand new mechanic unique to him called "Retribution." But what does it do? And how will Gill use it in actual combat? Here's everything we've learned about it so far.

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Nearly 60 percent of this year's qualified Capcom Cup competitors are from Asia, see the final numbers for all four CPT regions right here

We're less than one month away from the 2019 Capcom Cup, but as we wait for this year's Street Fighter 5 climax we're taking more in-depth looks at the competition.

With the Capcom Pro Tour broken down into four separate regions, (Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America) we can now see how many representatives each is sending to Los Angeles in December.

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Ono promises special announcement for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition at Capcom Cup in recent tweet

We already know that Street Fighter 5 developers have something in their pocket for Capcom Cup next month, but after a very impressive series of reveals at the North American Regional Finals (NARF) we have to wonder what all else could be in store.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter today to clarify that he'd be making a special announcement for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition (which itself was one of the surprises from last weekend) at some point during the Pro Tour's final event.

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Side by side footage of Gill in Street Fighter 3 vs. Street Fighter 5 shows what has and hasn't changed over the last 22 years

It was back in 1997 that we first met Gill, the leader of Street Fighter lore's Secret Society. Players were only able to access this character by successfully scaling the arcade ladder and countless hours of frustrating losses led to Gill garnering a reputation as one of the most difficult boss characters around.

Here we are, 22 years later, getting our second real go around (he did have a cameo in Capcom Fighting Evolution) with Gill as he's been announced for Street Fighter 5. How much has he changed in that time? HiFight offers an answer with his latest video.

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