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Street Fighter 5 stories

Here are all colors and special Easter egg alteration for Kairi Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Ryu has a shiny new crossover costume in Street Fighter 5 and we've done the dirty work of collecting it along with all colors (save for colors nine and ten, which we'll discuss shortly) so you can see what the franchise's poster boy looks like in his new threads.

Though it's been almost a year since Capcom has rolled out a new Extra Battle costume, they've now rolled out a Kairi (most recently of Fighting Layer EX fame) look for Ryu. The process for getting your hands on him has been heavily expedited relative to previous Extra Battles, but you'll have to jump through an extra hoop or two to get his final colors.

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Nine characters in Street Fighter 5's story modes who could become the game's final DLC addition

During their Season 5 DLC presentation for Street Fighter 5, Capcom developers were sure to point out that some of their new character choices were directly tied to the game's story.

As such, we figured going back through A Shadow Falls as well as the individual character pre-stories to spot other figures who might fit that same bill might help us speculate as to the potential identity of the fifth and final character who is slated to be added toward the end of next year.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition changed the way crossover costumes are unlocked and so far it's much better than it used to be

Much to the surprise of fans, Capcom unveiled a new crossover costume for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition this week. Ryu can now be transformed into Street Fighter EX series' own Kairi.

This is the first crossover costume we're seeing here in Champion Edition and this outfit was also not a part of the content release road map that was unveiled during the Summer Update broadcast, meaning we might be seeing more surprises in the future. With this new look for Ryu, Capcom has revised the way in which we unlock crossover costumes, and so far it is much better than it used to be.

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Is Street Fighter 5 in a good spot now?

The four and a half year life of Street Fighter 5 thus far started on a low note and has been a roller coaster of ups and downs from there, but despite plenty of dips and bumps, the game is still around, moving forward with a good bit of momentum, and is being played regularly by the Street Fighter scene.

There's surely still plenty of negative emotion and spite for the game from those who were understandably let down by its shoddy launch and laundry list of issues thenceforth, but as we look at it in its current state having seen significant improvements over recent chapters, we have to ask whether or not we can say SF5 is finally in a truly good spot and thus worth a second look from those who have previously given up hope.

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Ryu's Kairi crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the low price of 500 Fight Money

Capcom went almost 10 months without updating the Extra Battle mode in Street Fighter 5 with new content which had many wondering if they were done for good though that was kinda thrown out earlier this week with the game's first big crossover with another fighting game outside of the company.

Ryu's Kairi costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available to unlock in Champion Edition at a much lower cost than any other addition to the Fight Money-based mode.

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Daigo lands an unreal whiff punish with Guile's super in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition that leaves Kawano awestruck

BST|Daigo took on Kawano in The Craze For CAMELOT Dream Exhibition over the weekend and as a result brought viewers a stellar highlight that is a must see for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition fans. The match up was Daigo's Guile vs. Kawano's Kolin, and Daigo managed to land a gnarly whiff punish using Critical Art that even left his opponent in shock.

HiFight put together another Just Frame Analysis video that takes a play-by-play look at the major moment. We see what all took place leading up to the punish, and of course, the punish itself.

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Street Fighter 5 character mysteriously vanishes from European player's game

A very peculiar happening occurred today in Norway as player NVD|Veggey booted up Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition on his PC to find that one particular character, R. Mika, was nowhere to be found.

As seen in some video footage, Veggey found just an empty gap on the character select screen where she normally sits between Rashid and Chun-Li, and further discovered her absence in a few other game modes.

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Additional screenshots for Ryu's crossover Fighting EX Layer costume revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Capcom surprised just about everyone yesterday with the announcement that Ryu would be receiving a Fighting EX Layer crossover costume for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and now we can get a couple of more looks at what's about to hit the game.

The Japanese Street Fighter Community Twitter page revealed some additional screenshots of Ryu's upcoming Kairi look including how he'll appear on the character select screen.

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High resolution Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur 6 images are so detailed you can plainly see pores, freckles, and more

The gaming world is getting ready for brand new chapters as we prepare for the coming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles that are sure to blow us away with graphical detail unlike what we've ever seen before, but Re:play gives us plenty of reason to remain impressed with current generation capabilities.

We're so used to seeing fighting game characters from Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur 6 flying by in medias res that we virtually always miss the incredible details included by the artists who designed them. That won't be the case today.

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Street Fighter 5 is getting a brand new crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer

The official Street Fighter Twitter just revealed that Street Fighter 5 has a new crossover costume en route from none other than Fighting EX Layer on September 16.

The new look has been fitted to franchise poster boy, Ryu, and sees him take on the appearance of the sliver-haired Kairi. Traditionally Capcom has sampled directly from other Capcom titles for this practice, but this is more of a "once removed" sort of scenario.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online East Europe & Middle East 2 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour Online is underway this weekend as well with the second installment for East Europe & Middle East going on.

Notable players participating include NASR|BigBird, NASR|AngryBird, NVD|Veggey, LoHii, RASS, VS|Zantetsu, SunMate, VS|WhiteAshX, DrGulag and many more.

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No Cammys but the entire Urien and Laura armies showed up to play for the CPT East Europe & Middle East Street Fighter 5 event

After a week off, official Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition action is back with the final chance to make it into Capcom Cup for players in eastern Europe and the Middle East, bringing out some of the strongest competition we rarely get to see live.

With day one wrapped and finals getting underway for the Capcom Pro Tour event, we've gathered the full character usage statistics for all of the top 64 with some surprisingly consistent results.

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Did you know that you can move Zangief's V-Trigger 1 forward and back in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

I play Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition actively and have been playing this game actively for the past four years. Despite that fact, and despite the fact that I work with this game for a living, I still had no idea that Zangief's V-Trigger 1 can be moved forward and backward.

Apparently, when Zangief is spinning during his V-Trigger 1, the player can hold forward or back and the large grappler will slowly move in that direction. This recent clip from AutoMattock teaches me something that I was not previously aware of.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 'Season V' roster connections appears to be a major factor for the character selection process

During the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Summer Update stream, it was revealed that Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama (from Rival Schools) would be joining the roster via Season 5. Of course, there is still one more fighter that has yet to be unveiled.

Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 5 Director, and Shuhei Matsumoto, Street Fighter 5 Producer, would go on to explain why each character was selected. A common theme suggested that these combatants were chosen due to connections with other characters that are currently in Street Fighter 5.

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Street Fighter Rangers potentially being considered for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid as nWay gauges fan demand

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid may be looking at adding some guest characters into the mix. A recent tweet from the fighting game's official Twitter delves into the subject of the Street Fighter Rangers.

If you're unfamiliar, the Street Fighter Rangers are Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li in Power Ranger form. They were added to the mobile title Power Rangers: Legacy Wars late last year, and there seems to be a chance that they could follow suit in Battle For The Grid.

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Safe for work Mai, not as safe for work Mai, Wii-Fit Mai, Hsien-Ko Jam, and other fighting game beauties feature in this wonderful gallery from Phamoz

Along with the likes of Cammy, Morrigan, and Chun-Li, King of Fighters' Mai Shiranui is one of the most commonly drawn fighting game characters in the business. Zoma Phamoz takes a few creative passes at the fan-wielding fighter in some of their recent illustrations, and we thought they were more than good enough to share.

Though she's the most prevalent, Mai by far isn't the only character represented in our roundup as figures from Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and even Skullgirls strut their stuff as well.

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We're already seeing a new approach to Street Fighter's development

Street Fighter's development through the years has been marked by a number of ups and downs. Rarely has it been the case where this franchise has walked through the fires of the fighting game community unscathed, but it is a series that tends to land it's "comeback mechanic" usually pulling through towards the end of its development cycles.

We were extremely disappointed by the awful lack of communication for Season 4 of Street Fighter 5, but we've seen a tremendous turnaround here in Season 5, with a clear outline of future plans and characters coming to the game, yet with plenty of mystery still intact to add intrigue and keep the game relevant.

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