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Street Fighter 5 stories

Blink and you'll miss how fast Broski's Dhalsim melts this Birdie's life bar

Street Fighter 5 is an offensive, rush down heavy game; Street Fighter 5 Dhalsim is an offensive, rush down heavy character... especially in the hands of Broski.

While facing off against a Birdie player online, the UK Sim player pulled off yet another one of his more and more frequent jaw-dropping beat downs. While all the fire, teleports, and slick links are great, we were impressed simply by how insanely fast Birdie's life bar goes from two thirds full to totally empty.

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5 moves that should be nerfed in Street Fighter 5's next balance update

It's been a good year now since we last saw one, but Street Fighter 5 will soon undergo a new balance update for 2021. The game has already been refined a handful of times over the last five years, but there are still a few attacks that are clearly too good and that ultimately sap away from the fun of the game when they're abused.

I've gone through and selected five such attacks that I think should be first in line (though they're in no particular order) for a good beating via Capcom's nerf bat when the next update rolls out some time in later February.

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The dangers of artificially closing the skill gap in fighting games

With the much anticipated refresh of the New Year we're heading into 2021 with our eyes on the horizon. We're expecting Guilty Gear Strive to drop this year and have our suspicions that we'll be hearing about other major fighting game franchise entries sometime in the span of the next 12 months.

With this in mind we're revisiting the touchy topic of developers designing fighting games to be more accessible to newer players. There are extremely important do's and don'ts when it comes to accessibility, and artificially cinching the skill gap is absolutely a don't.

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Daigo's E. Honda makes an oversight that hands Tokido the victory at the buzzer in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clip

One of the most popular rivalries in fighting game history occasionally plays out in different places, if we're fortunate enough to catch it. Whether it be in a major tournament or simply a casual set, seeing Daigo Umehara and Tokido slug it out is always an instance where you have to grab your popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy the ride.

A recent Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition online bout between the longtime competitors saw one game end in a nail-biter, as expected, but it was an oversight from Daigo that cost him the win. HiFight shared a clip on Twitter that shows Umehara's E. Honda attempting to run out the clock, and almost succeeding if it weren't for a great moment of recognition from Tokido's Urien.

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Capcom releases new video and content creation guidelines including rules for YouTube, Twitch, monetization and mods

Streaming and content creation are two of the biggest ways the fighting game community has grown through in recent years, but the rules regarding what type of content is okay to do is quite muddy on all sides of the fence.

Capcom is now looking to make their rules much more clear through the release of a new video policy including guidelines for monetization, mods, music and other stipulations that anyone looking to make videos, stream or even consume content should read through.

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Tokido wants to see Street Fighter 6 release in 2021

Street Fighter 5 is quickly approaching it's fifth anniversary from the game's initial launch in 2016, and while there's still a whole season of content coming, some are certainly already looking ahead to what's coming next.

Rohto|Tokido is apparently one of those players since he recently said he hopes to see Street Fighter 6 release sometime in 2021 and that he's nervous Capcom hasn't shown anything for the game yet.

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Epic comeback against the Shadow Lady boss fight pulled off by Sunshine-OU's Alex in Street Fighter 5 with just a pixel of life and from the corner

It's said that the Shadow Lady Extra Battle boss fight is among the most difficult matches against an AI opponent in Street Fighter 5. It literally feels like fighting against a Marvel vs. Capcom character in the Street Fighter environment.

Sunshine-OU recently pulled off a spectacular comeback against the Shadow Lady with his Alex.

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'I played to shut them up, that's how we met' - Daigo Umehara and Third Strike god Nuki recount their historic rivalry, joke about the good old days

Ask any fighting game player that's been competing for over 15 years, and they'll tell you that BST|Daigo Umehara and Shinya "Nuki" Onuki were nigh unbeatable during the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike days and any other title they set their sights on, which earned them their titles among the five Japanese gods of the genre.

Both players were recently featured in the latest and entertaining episode of the TV show Fighting Game Cafe Hamejun where Daigo and Nuki discussed the first time they met playing Darkstalkers, their long and originally bitter rivalry, and how different the scene is compared to the arcade era before playing each other in a set of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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The world warriors go from Street Fighter to street fashion in these hip artwork makeovers from Street Fighter: Duel

The base roster of world warriors haven't seen their standard designs change too much over the past 30 years, so it's all the more interesting to see more modern makeovers show up for the most recognizable cast in fighting games โ€” especially when it's done in a somewhat official capacity.

Street Fighter: Duel is a Chinese mobile game set in the universe of Capcom's flagship fighting game, but perhaps the most standout part of the whole project is the artwork which turns characters like M. Bison, Blanka and Cammy into modern Asian street fashion models.

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Where do the tiers for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition sit at the start of the new year?

We are almost one year out from the release of Street Fighter 5's Champion Edition update which also served as the last time the game saw a big overhaul in terms of balance adjustments.

With the new year upon us, the competitive season wrapped up until Capcom Cup and players having a wealth of time to explore the meta, now is a great time to see how the tiers for the game are shaping up in 2021.

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Update: Where in the timeline should Street Fighter 6 take place?

Update: Voting has now closed for our poll which you can see the final votes for along with the original story below.

Like a few other Capcom series, Street Fighter's chronology is all over the place, so we face a question every time a new title is on the way with where and when it's going to happen in relation to the previous entries.

Their order for stories currently goes Street Fighter / Alpha to Street Fighter 2 followed by SF4 and SF5 before reaching the furthest point so far in Third Strike, but what does that mean for when Street Fighter 6 should take place?

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Two Street Fighter players accidentally pull off the most perfect Ibuki bomb juggling sequence in the middle of a real match

In Street Fighter 5, Ibuki's V-Trigger 1 sees her whip out a bomb with a lit fuse and toss it into the battle arena. She can strike this bomb before it explodes to maneuver it about, but so her can her opponent, and we've naturally seen some pretty stylish training mode juggle sequences as a result.

The clip we're sharing today includes a whopping 10 juggle bounces, but it actually happened in a real online bout between two Platinum-ranked players. What's more, both characters spend the entire juggling act positioned on opposite sides of the screen and never once touch the bomb with a physical punch or kick.

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Capcom briefly addresses the 2021 season of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, says plenty of events coming

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, like everything else in 2020, saw a ton of setbacks and roadblocks in the form of needing to cancel both the offline Capcom Pro Tour as well as the Intel World Open though things will hopefully start looking up again in the coming months.

Capcom has posted a special New Year's message to the Japanese Street Fighter Community page which details their plans a bit for 2021 in terms of Season 5 content and continued eSports events.

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Dhalsim gets a staggering 634 damage with this practical punish against Akuma in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Dhalsim remains an enigma of sorts here in the later years of Street Fighter 5. Despite being the quintessential zoning character, his rushdown is strong, and while some might feel like the character isn't very good, it feels like Sim enthusiasts are nearly impossible to stop when you're in the ring with them.

The stretchy Yoga master also isn't really known for having crazy combos โ€” typically opting to keep opponents at bay and frustrate them with his long limbs โ€” but that perception has not held up here in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as players continue to find extended, hard-hitting sequences with Dhalsim. Today we have a punish combo from Javits that deals a whopping 634 damage and is actually very practical.

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Predicting the top 5 losers of Street Fighter 5's next balance patch

Last week on the EventHubs Podcast, Catalyst and I counted down our individual top 5 lists denoting the Street Fighter 5 characters we think are most likely to be blessed with the most significant buffs in the upcoming balance patch.

This week we're doing the same, but for the biggest potential losers instead. Who stands to get beaten down most by Capcom's nerf bat?

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Dan performs the classic FATHER scream in new voice clip released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Dan Hibiki's launch alongside Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's fifth and final season is now less than two months away, and Capcom is certainly doing things differently for him to keep anticipation growing until the big release.

The master of Saikyo style recently posted his latest sound bite performing perhaps Dan's most iconic line in the series where he calls out to his late father.

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From impossible combos to massive pop offs, trolling and confusion, 2020 was full of amazing and hilarious moments in fighting games

This year will certainly go down in the history books as one of the worst for a long list of sucky reasons, but there was still plenty of enjoyment to be had if you knew where to look.

Now, all of those great times from the realm of fighting games have been compiled into one place, as LiangHuBBB recently released their latest Funny and Cool Moments video showcasing the best of the FGC in 2020 from perfect combos to weird interactions / reactions.

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