Street Fighter 5 stories

Jacqui outpaces Sonya and Erron while M. Bison remains top dog - Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat 11 character usage statistics for DreamHack Dallas

DreamHack events have been a big staple of the fighting game community for many years now, and 2019 is no exception to that rule with hundreds of players flocking to Dallas, Texas this weekend.

Many of the best Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat 11 players in North America in particular have congregated including the likes of REC|Punk and END|Scar to strut their stuff in the lone star state, and we've gathered the character usage statistics for the upper brackets of both games for DreamHack Dallas 2019.

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Here are the colors and Easter egg variant for Falke's Breath of Fire Katt costume in Street Fighter 5

Another month, another Street Fighter costume we always say, and this month is no exception thanks to the game's continued support through the Extra Battle mode added in Arcade Edition.

Falke finally received her first crossover costume through the service as Katt from Breath of Fire 2, and she's now available to use if you've managed to keep up with all four missions — and still have the Fight Money funds to do so.

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Punk has more Capcom Pro Tour points than second and third place combined, here's a look at just how far ahead the Karin player is

There's very little question that Victor "REC|Punk" Woodley is the strongest Street Fighter 5 player in the world right now. He and his Karin have attended four Premier events on the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour, made it to grand finals at every one, and won three.

Needless to say, this puts him well ahead of the rest of the competition. A more detailed look at the specifics will offer up a clear picture of just how dominant Punk has become, and the potential heights he very well may reach here in the 2019 season.

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AngryBird reveals that he was inspired to learn Zeku in Street Fighter 5 thanks to BigBird's challenge and more in interview with BornFree

BornFree managed to snag an interview with the best Zeku player for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, NASR|AngryBird, at Combo Breaker 2019. During the interview, it was revealed that AngryBird was inspired to play Zeku because NASR|BigBird jokingly challenged him by stating that "this character is so difficult that you can't learn him."

Upon taking Zeku into the training room, AngryBird discovered that the character was "godlike." Despite the complexity, AngryBird was not dissuaded from being one of the pioneers for the character. He ended up having more fun while playing as Zeku than with Akuma.

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Mortal Kombat 11 overtakes Samurai Shodown and Under Night in EVO's June rankings while Street Fighter 5 regains second position

We're only about two months away from the best weekend to be a fighting game fan, EVO 2019, and it looks as though more players have been getting around to registering to shake up their rankings quite a bit.

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar has posted the June registration scoreboard for EVO 2019 entrants in its nine mainstage games where Mortal Kombat 11 players appear to be throwing their hat in the ring faster than ever.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Middle East results

Update: This story has been updated wtih final results.

The Cpacom Pro Tour Online keeps on trucking, with two stops happening this weekend, one of them being in the Middle East, for the first time in Capcom's Online events.

Participants in this event include NASR|AngryBird, NASR|BigBird, Aziz, VS|WhiteAshX and many more.

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What's really going on during Menat's V-Trigger? - Mememenome's Street Fighter art combos together humor and sexiness better than almost anyone else

Mememenome / Gaa is a rather talented Japanese artist that we've featured a few times before on the site who loves to draw fighting game characters.

More specifically, they have a specific interest in the Street Fighter series since we've collected around a dozen or so of their most recent works with many of them featuring Juri, Menat and the other female fighters from the franchise.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Australia results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The online portion of the Capcom Pro Tour is still going on, with two events happening this weekend, and this is a first for their online events, as its taking place in Australia.

Notable players set to compete include Order|Travis Styles, Order|ROF, DS|Somniac, DS|ZG.

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Falke's Breath of Fire 2 Katt crossover costume now available in Street Fighter 5, here are this week's missions

Today marks the final week of the latest Extra Battle crossover costume campaign in Street Fighter 5. Those who have been following along know that these digs transform Falke into Breath of Fire 2's Katt.

The fourth mission in the campaign is live this week, which you will need to complete in order to access the costume. We also have weekly missions that will earn you a bit of Fight Money.

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Here are Sakura's Party Dress costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's latest update brings a new costume into the fold. Street Fighter Alpha fighter Sakura can now don a stylish party dress for the fanciest of outings.

As with all premium costumes in the game, Sakura's new digs come with 10 color options and an Easter egg variation. Today, we're looking at all of it.

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Unsuspecting players think they're facing off against a scrub in Street Fighter 5, but it's secretly Snake Eyez behind the controls

We're sharing a little bit of mischievous YouTube fun with you today as we join the REACT crew and Darryl "RB|SnakeEyez" Lewis as they prank unsuspecting victims in Street Fighter 5.

Said victims are told that they're going to be playing in an SF5 tournament, and will have to face off with a player named Brandon. Brandon's controller, however, is not the one manipulating Zangief on screen. Instead it's Snake Eyez secretly dishing out the SPDs from a secret room.

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Should Daigo's Gafro controller be banned? Should Cammy be nerfed? Should people be flipping Punk the bird? The answers lie in the EventHubs Podcast

Combo Breaker 2019 both met and exceeded expectations this past weekend with a wealth of well-run and entertaining tournaments, but that didn't mean it was without its drama.

CYG|Daigo Umehara was planning on bringing his new fighting game controller (Yusuke "Gafro" Hoshino's "Gafrobox") to the event, but the fact that it allows for some interesting gameplay shortcuts led to some intense community discussion before it was ultimately barred from tournament play.

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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's patch notes for version 4.050

As indicated by the Street Fighter 5 server status Twitter account, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's servers are now back online. The main focus of this down time was to prep everything for Sakura's new party dress costume.

With this also comes a brand new update. Capcom has outlined the patch notes for version 04.050 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Please bear in mind that there are no major balance adjustments present and changes are mostly to address certain bugs.

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Sagat is receiving a Cyberbots-inspired Shade costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition coming in June

Extra Battle costumes have been going strong for almost a year and a half now in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition with new characters and series showing up almost every month.

Capcom announced today that Sagat will be the next character to receive his first crossover Extra Battle costume inspired by the character Shade from Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness with its campaign beginning in June.

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I still can't believe Machabo managed to avoid Haitani's Critical Art in Combo Breaker 2019's Street Fighter 5 losers semi-finals

This past weekend was filled to the brim with fighting game hype as Combo Breaker 2019 ran its course in St. Charles, Illinois, and brought together many of the best competitors from around the world to go head-to-head in a multitude of different titles.

Sunday saw the top 8 of Street Fighter 5 play out, and among the various bouts was one moment in particular that you had to see to believe. YOG|Machabo took on FD|Haitani in the tournament's loser semi-finals, and in the second game avoided a Critical Art that sent viewers reeling.

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Punk says heckler overstepped bounds during Street Fighter 5 top eight at Combo Breaker, Capcom's Michael Martin responds

With three Capcom Pro Tour 2019 Premier event victories and more than double the points of second place Rohto|Tokido, Victor "REC|Punk" Woodley is far and away the strongest Street Fighter 5 player in the world right now. His most recent win over the weekend at Combo Breaker, however, came with a bit of drama thanks to an unruly fan.

While tearing through the Street Fighter 5 top eight bracket on Sunday, Punk was heckled by an audience member who made a habit of flipping off the current CPT leader from his nearby place in the crowd.

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Combo Breaker 2019 results

Updates: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a giant fighting game event happening this weekend St. Charles, Illinois. Basically any fighting game you'd be interested in will be featured, and has a high number of entrants here.

For just a sampling of the talent present at this event, you can expect to see FOX|SonicFox, REC|Punk, Rohto|Tokido, Mouz|Problem X, RB|Gachikun, JDCR, Rangchu, ROX|Knee, CO|Go1, Teresa, Dragon, CYG|Fuudo, Victrix|Momochi, CYG|Daigo, UYU|LowHigh, EG|NYChrisG, NRG|HookGangGod, RB|Anakin, PG|MarlinPie, CO|Dogura, ROX|Chanel, LostSoul, Linkorz, UYU|Jeondding, BC|Tachikawa, NASR|AngryBird, BC|ApologyMan, BjornSonOfBear, 1UP|PepperySplash, KOA|Sandman, UYU|CherryBerryMango, DR Gross, END|Scar, AN|KizzieKay, Flux, DJT, Noble|Semiij, NASR|TekkenMaster, DF|Saiyne, AXL|Boom, Supernoon, SSNO|KojiKOG, Hotashi and CATPION|Deb but of course many, many more as well, because there are far too many huge players to name even a fraction.

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