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'Loot boxes will represent a $50 billion industry by 2022' - Federal Trade Commission to investigate loot boxes as possible gambling practices

Loot boxes and micro transactions are phrases that many people don't exactly like to hear when they're about to pick up a new game due to their random nature and introduction of often paid luck to competitive titles which has caught the eye of governments around the world for other reasons.

The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in the US, Joseph Simmons, told Congress on Tuesday, November 27, that the agency will be looking into video game loot boxes after a number of other nations have taken similar steps to see if they are comparable to gambling.

US Sen. Maggie Hassan also said during the hearing that loot boxes are "endemic" to the gaming industry in its entirety and is worried that children may be at risk from predatory practices.

"Loot boxes will represent a $50 billion industry by the year 2022 according to the latest research estimates," said Hassan. "Children may be particularly susceptible to engaging with these in-game purchases which are often considered integral components of video games."

Belgium has already previously found video game loot boxes to be a form of gambling according to their own commissions and announced that games like Overwatch, Counter Strike:GO and FIFA 18 were all in violation of the countries gambling laws. Some publishers like EA are fighting these regulations, however, as they are currently refusing to remove their loot boxes from FIFA 19's Ultimate Team mode while others like Blizzard have removed theirs in the country.

A number of current, major fighting game titles, like Street Fighter 5, include modes that work like loot boxes, so how could these rulings and investigations affect them?

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Street Fighter 5's new holiday costumes colors and Easter egg variations

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition saw the addition of several new DLC costumes just yesterday. Among the bunch, Capcom released a batch of new holiday outfits for those looking to get into the spirit of the season.

These four alternate outfits for Cody, Falke, Blanka, and Sakura are now available for purchase in Street Fighter 5's in-game store. As we often like to do, today we have rounded up the colors and Easter egg variations for each of these new holiday costumes.

Included here we have colors #1 - #10 for all four of the outfits. The Easter egg variation can be seen on the P1 side of each of the four images below.

If you use the Easter egg variation — which can be done by holding all three punch buttons, light kick, and up at the same time before a match starts (or in between rounds) — these premium costumes will change to an altered version of the original digs. For Blanka, Falke, and Sakura, we see slight alterations as they remove one or two things from the outfit (mainly the hat or head accessories), and Falke's adds stockings to her legs while Sakura removes hers.

Cody's Easter egg variation is a bit more noticeable as he removes a larger piece of the costume — his coat.

To pick up these Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition holiday costumes, you'll have to slap down $3.99 for each one.

Street Fighter 5's new holiday costume colors image #1 Street Fighter 5's new holiday costume colors image #6 Street Fighter 5's new holiday costume colors image #11 Street Fighter 5's new holiday costume colors image #16

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Are Crush Counters still too powerful in Street Fighter 5? Here are two ways Capcom could further tone them down

After a good two years or so of playing catch up and making tweaks, Street Fighter 5 finally finds itself in a pretty great place. That doesn't mean it can't get even better.

As we near the end of the year we're fully expecting Capcom to roll out a good handful of changes both to individual characters as well as general game mechanics. We'd like to take one mechanic in particular to put under the microscope: Crush Counters.

While certainly flashy, spectator friendly and a defining aspect of the SF5's identity, Crush Counters have also been a source of major frustration for those with a more traditional view of how Street Fighter should be played.

Counter hitting an opponent with one of your character's Crush Counter heavy buttons leads to a ton of damage as well as some V-Gauge building. Augmented by the fact that SF5's priority system encourages more prominent use of heavy attacks, the game's footsie meta has largely evolved around tossing out fierce punches and roundhouses with little to no caution.

While this isn't necessarily breaking the game, it also isn't the best look. Capcom has already nerfed Crush Counters for Arcade Edition by increasing damage scaling on combos that begin with a CC, but perhaps more should be done on this front.

After a few internal discussions as well as some input from FOX|Justin Wong we've come up with two ways Capcom could go about potentially nerfing Crush Counters so that the SF5 experience is even more enjoyable.

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Prominent leaker claims 'Super Street Fighter 5' is the final version of the game and it's expected next year

Though we're on the precipice of what fans are expecting to be Street Fighter 5 Season 4, potential information on what the future holds for Capcom's mainstay fighting title may have surfaced today thanks to prominent leaker X-Kira.

In early 2018, we saw the overhaul of Street Fighter 5 and eventual launch of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition — named as such due to the addition of the game's Arcade Mode. According to X-Kira, December 2019 will see another upgrade, this time a "Super Street Fighter 5."

X-Kira says that the release of the game's arcade version called "Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade" (not to be confused with Arcade Edition) confirms the fact that other versions of the game are being developed, and that Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is going to be replaced.

For those unaware, X-Kira has been a consistent information leaker for some time now, scoring potential details about what's to come by way of data mining the game. X-Kira has seen varying success with predictions over the years, but has been on a hot streak as of late.

Capcom recently announced the release of several new costumes for Street Fighter 5. Over the past month or so, we saw the reveal of "Mech" costumes for Juri and F.A.N.G., a batch of holiday-themed costumes for Sakura, Falke, Cody, and Blanka, Resident Evil outfits for Urien, Kolin, and Cammy, and even an M. Bison Classic costume. Each of these alternate costumes were predicted by X-Kira before they were officially unveiled to the world.

Going further back, X-Kira also correctly called modes such as Extra Battle, Dojo Mode, and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Gallery.

X-Kira tweets about Super Street Fighter 5 image #1 X-Kira tweets about Super Street Fighter 5 image #2 X-Kira tweets about Super Street Fighter 5 image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Update: Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition servers are now live; new holiday, Resident Evil and classic M. Bison costumes available

Update: Street Fighter 5's servers are now live and the new costumes are now available.

More sets of costumes are making their way to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition which means that servers will be going down shortly to prepare for the incoming content for the fighting game.

Capcom states that servers should go offline at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT today, November 27th, and will be unavailable until 5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT when the new outfits will become available to purchase or acquire.

First for the three sets of costumes coming tonight will be the new holiday pack for 2018 which features many of the Season 3's new fighters wearing Santa Claus / reindeer-themed clothing for Cody, Sakura, Falke and Blanka.

There are also three new crossover outfits making their way to SF5 featuring Resident Evil characters for the first time in the game. Urien becomes Resident Evil's long time antagonist Albert Wesker, Cammy becomes the original title's Jill Valentine and Kolin gets Ada Wong's Resident Evil 6 look.

Classic M. Bison will also be available this evening via Street Fighter 5's Fighting Chance random drawing system to replace Nash's Cannon Spike costume for players trying to test their luck and put their Fight Money on the line.

Each new holiday and Resident Evil costume will cost players $3.99 USD though no new costume bundles have been revealed as of yet for those looking to save a little money by purchasing them all. You can check out all of the new costumes coming to Street Fighter 5 in the gallery below.

New Street Fighter 5 holiday costumes image #1 New Street Fighter 5 holiday costumes image #2 New Street Fighter 5 holiday costumes image #3 New Street Fighter 5 holiday costumes image #4 Resident Evil image #1 Resident Evil image #2 Resident Evil image #3 M. Bison Classic costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #1 M. Bison Classic costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #3

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M. Bison Classic costume colors in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Although Sagat is widely seen as the first memorable fighting game boss, a good many of us had our first big baddie run in with M. Bison during the Street Fighter 2 days.

Capcom is paying homage to the evil dictator by releasing his nostalgic/classic costume in Street Fighter 5. The only way you'll be able to get it, however, is via the loot box system also known as "Fighting Chance."

It costs 500 FM to get one randomized item in Fighting Chance, and 4,500 FM for 10. After spending at least 45,000 FM, I finally got the costume I was looking for for the character that I don't play (not bitter at all).

Below you'll find a gallery showcasing all 10 colors for the new/old threads. I also tried the Easter Egg code to see if Bison would gain that cape he throws when you first run into him in SF2, or perhaps lose his cap. Nothing seems to happen.

We've done the same thing for SF5's previous Fighting Chance costumes and you can view all colors for Vega, Cammy, Sagat andBalrog.

Give the gallery below a perusal and say something excited about this attire in the comments so that my lost FM feels worth it. Jokes at my expense are also acceptable.

M. Bison Nostalgia Costume Colors image #1 M. Bison Nostalgia Costume Colors image #2 M. Bison Nostalgia Costume Colors image #3 M. Bison Nostalgia Costume Colors image #4 M. Bison Nostalgia Costume Colors image #5
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Street Fighter 5's new arcade port is officially titled 'Type Arcade', features different layout than console versions

We previously learned that Street Fighter 5 would be making its way to the arcades in 2019 back in September and has even already had its first location test, but now we know even more concrete details about Capcom's return to its once native territory.

This new arcade port of the game will be officially titled 'Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade', and another location test is coming to Japanese arcades with expanded features for players to get their hands on a bit early.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade's user interface will also be altered compared to its home console version which we saw in the previous location test and in new screenshots of the game that you can see below.

Battle Points or BP appear to be returning for the arcade ranking system instead of the current League Point system of the PlayStation 4 and PC versions though they look to possibly work the same way. Rankings, player names, titles and BP are all displayed above character health bars instead of below like the one's we're more familiar with now though silver and gold rankings are still present here.

A USB port can also be found on the arcade cabinet which allows players to plug in and bring their own controllers from home though only a few are confirmed to work with the game at this time including the Razer Panthera fight stick, the Hori Real Arcade Pro sticks and the Mad Catz FightPad Pro.

The second location test is set to take place from November 30 through December 1 in Sendai, Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, Japan. Nesica cards will be usable for this test unlike the first one, but progress made on them will not carry over to the full release in 2019.

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade image #1 Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade image #2
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Update: M. Bison Classic costume comes to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition via Fighting Chance

Update: We've added more images of M. Bison's new classic costume to the gallery below thanks to the official Street Fighter Community Twitter account.

Capcom has just revealed a new classic costume for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. This time, Street Fighter 2 big baddie M. Bison gets his traditional look.

Those who wish to unlock this costume can do so via the game's Fighting Chance mode. The costume will become available on November 27th.

Fighting Chance is Street Fighter 5's loot box system. Players can use their in-game Fight Money to purchase tickets that will unlock random items — with the most premium items being alternate colors and costumes.

Players can purchase one ticket (item) in Fighting Chance for 500 Fight Money or 10 for 4,500 FM. Unlocking costumes comes down to luck of the draw, so some might come across M. Bison's Classic costume sooner than others.

All of the four Shadaloo bosses will now have their classic looks in Street Fighter 5. Balrog's can be accessed via his Nostalgia costume (which you can buy from the in-game shop), while Vega and Sagat's classic outfits were unlockable for a limited time through Fighting Chance.

Alongside the new Bison costume, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will be seeing the addition of brand new holiday costumes and premium, Resident Evil-themed outfits. With these, Cammy becomes Jill, Urien becomes Wesker, and Kolin is Ada. As for the holiday outfits, Blanka, Cody, Falke, And Sakura will each be receiving a new, festive look.

The aforementioned alternate costumes will cost you $3.99 each.

M. Bison Classic costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #1 M. Bison Classic costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #2 M. Bison Classic costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #3
Click images for larger versions

Mentioned by BattleMan3.

Who's the most likely candidate of Season 3's DLC characters to end up overbuffed in the next patch? My money's on G, and here's why

It's hard to build a pattern with limited data, but one thing has been consistent in Street Fighter 5's major balance patches so far, and I wouldn't be surpried to see a repeat of it.

What I'm talking about is, of course, the scenario where a newly released character who people generally seem to think is fine, or at least not bad, gets a gigantic amount of buffs, to the point where Capcom later have to bring them down several pegs in a mid-season patch.

We saw this happen with Urien for Season 2, and we saw it again with Abigail for Season 3, and I'm expecting us to see it happen again in Season 4.

As you've already gleamed from the headline, my prime candidate for this treatment is G. To explain why, I'll elaborate both on the history of these patches in showing why G stands out to me as a prime candidate for this phenomenon.

With Season 4 changes being a hot topic on everyone's mind, it felt like the prime time to delve in to this recurring theme and what my thought process is on this for the upcoming season.

So let's take a trip down memory lane and see what led Urien and Abigail to this status, how their relative downfalls from top tier to probably high tier happened, and why G might suffer (or enjoy, depending on your view on it) the same fate.

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From Chump to Champ: how Capcom turned Street Fighter 5 from a train wreck to a success

We're happy to be able to say that Street Fighter 5 is about to round out its third year, which is a statement we weren't so sure we'd be able to make after the game's extremely shoddy beginnings.

Had this been really any other fighting game franchise, there's a good chance fans would not have stuck around long enough to see the ship righted. The Street Fighter name and some halfway decent Versus Mode experiences kept SF5 aloft despite seemingly countless albatrosses around its neck.

A bare bones launch that lacked significant single player content, painfully frustrating means of unlocking costume colors, noticeably unbalanced areas fighting game play and the infamous eight frames of input lag are just a handful of the first potholes.

Despite some significant changes in Season 2, new problems would arise that made fans just as mad if not even more infuriated at Capcom's process. All of this was amplified by the few and far between check ins and acknowledgements from the company to its audience.

The game was no doubt wounded, but still clung to life. Shortly after the conclusions of a very exciting 2017 Pro Tour, Capcom turned things around with the release of Arcade Edition in early 2018. A few more developments throughout the year have turned things around even further, and have given SF5 an all new aura in the eyes of fans.

Stumblebee has put together another one of his wonderful history lesson videos wherein he explores the SF5 timeline as it slopped through the swampy early days of Season 2, survived the rough patches in Season 2 and eventually made an Abigail V-Trigger 1-like comeback in Season 3.

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Three US players body Japanese invaders, Stoop Kid leaves his stoop in style and more; top five Street Fighter 5 NA Regional Finals highlights

The action at the final Capcom Pro Tour event of the regular 2018 season was off the hook as players from all over the world attended the North American Regional Finals to try for one last grab at points.

Capcom Fighters has gone back and grabbed their top five favorite highlights from the event, and we're counting them down right here.

Though it's a North America regional event, the tournament was not at all limited to competitors from that region. As such, we got the likes of Liquid|Nemo, FOX|Tokido and DNG|Itabashi Zangief swooping in from Japan to try to steal away the gold.

Toi, XSK Samurai and CJ Truth stepped up to the plate with some out of this world responses for the invaders. The moves made by these three gentlemen earned them each a spot on today's top five list.

Though he doesn't travel all that much, hence his nickname "Stoop Kid," Idom is one of the most skilled players the US has to offer. He showcased why on the big stage during an intense bout with Ghost|NuckleDu.

We don't want to spoil too much, but we just have to show you Toi's brilliant player against Itabashi. Click the thumbnail to view it, and then check out the full video after the jump.

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'He's the biggest robbery character in Street Fighter 5' - Vesper Arcade discusses how Abigail should be changed in Season 4

Most community members wouldn't put Abigail inside of the top five of the Street Fighter 5 tier list, but if you've ever faced off against the gigantic Canadian brawler then there's a good chance you've felt as helplessly frustrated as when you play against the strongest characters in the game.

Abigail is slow, is a giant target and has very poor defensive options. That said, he's also more capable of bringing a round back from the brink than perhaps anyone else. This is thanks in no small part to his incredibly strong V-Trigger 1.

Capcom has already gone through a few phases with Abby as they buffed him up way too high at the start of Season 3, then did something of an emergency patch for both him and Rashid in Season 3.5. That said, there's still a good bit of negativity stemming from the character's current design.

The answer to Abigail doesn't seem all that clear. It's fairly obvious that his V-Trigger 1 could use some tweaking, but how much nerfing of this one aspect of the fighter before you send him tumbling down the tier list?

VesperArcade takes a shot at this conundrum with his recent Season 4 wish list change video for Abby. He goes over the history of the character just a bit, and tries to highlight the specifics of why he's such a source of frustration.

Check out what Vesper and Mir have to say and let us know whether or not you agree in the comments. Sound off with your proposed changes to make Abigail a better fit and let's get the conversation started.

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Seeding the Last Chance Qualifier at 19th could theoretically stall match up against Tokido until winners finals

An interesting addendum has been made to this year's Capcom Cup tournament when compared to last year's event. Rather than seeding the Last Chance Qualifier player at 32, they're being seeded at 19th instead.

You might recall that Liquid|Nemo was the 2017 Last Chance Qualifier player. He faced off against REC|Punk, the then number 1 seed. Unfortunately for Punk, this meant he had less time to prepare for his match compared to other players.

As a result of this, Nemo was able to hand Punk a 3-1 defeat and send him immediately into the losers bracket. It was as though the number 1 seed was at a disadvantage.

This rule change seems to be intended to directly address this outcome. Now the player will instead be facing off against the 14th seeded player, NVD|Phenom.

Essentially the intent here appears to be to stall the match up against the number 1 seed, FOX|Tokido, for as long as possible. If last year's event arrangement is anything to go by, this should put the Last Chance Qualifier on the opposite end of the bracket of the competitor that accrued the highest number of points this season.

Assuming both players are able to win every set until they meet, they theoretically shouldn't be matched up until the winners finals.

Theoretical Capcom Cup 2018 bracket image #1 Theoretical Capcom Cup 2018 bracket image #2
Click images for larger versions

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The Cool Kid93 talks about how he used to take Abigail hate to heart and how the character is more fun to spectate than to fight in BornFree interview

BornFree was able to conduct an interview with Cool Kid93 during the Red Bull Conquest event. Cool Kid93 is notable for being a competitive Abigail player in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

Previously, we've heard from Cool Kid that he loves to play big bodied characters in fighting games. It was revealed in this interview that his first grappler was Ferra-Torr in Mortal Kombat X.

If you've been following the Street Fighter 5 scene, you might be aware of the controversy surrounding Abigail. While this was most apparent in Season 3.0, Abigail's damage is exceptionally strong in a game where the damage output in general is high.

As you can imagine, this sort of character design has not always been super popular with the entire community. During the interview, Cool Kid took the opportunity to explain how he has dealt with the criticisms. He noted how people tend to like Abigail from a spectator's point of view.

Cool Kid is also known as being a fan of Cody. Despite him still using the character, Cool Kid expressed some sadness about Cody's status. He's hopeful for less push back on his normals so his frame traps can be more of a threat — as it is now, Cody has to stagger forward a little bit with many attacks in order to threaten with a throw.

The interview lasts for over an hour. Many topics are covered like Cool Kid's successes in tournaments, Abigail, Cody, input lag reduction, hopes for Season 4, Street Fighter X Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and more.

Also, be sure to keep a look out for The Cool Kid 93 at the upcoming Last Chance Qualifier event that will take place before Capcom Cup 2018.

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The Last Chance Qualifiers has some killers signed up to compete for that last Capcom Cup 2018 spot

Now that all the Capcom Pro Tour events leading up to the Capcom Cup 2018 event have wrapped up, we know all the players that will be competing — aside from the final player — and what the bracket should look like, based on last year. The identity of the last player will be determined through the Last Chance Qualifier tournament.

There's been an addendum to the rules this time compared to last year. The Last Chance Qualifier will be seeded at the 19th spot while other players are moved down. Previously, this player was seeded at 32.

Last year, the Last Chance Qualifier spot was won by Liquid|Nemo. His first round match was against the first seed player, REC|Punk. In a surprise upset, Nemo would send Punk to the losers bracket with a 3-1 victory.

Will we see another upset this year? It's certainly a possibility as there are 187 entrants signed up for the Last Chance Qualifier tournament. Many of these players have been strong competitors throughout the year, but were unable to score enough points to qualify normally.

Players like CAG|Dogura, CYG|GamerBee, RB|Snake Eyez, Tempo|Alex Myers, CYG|PR Balrog, 801 Strider, XSK Samurai, and many more are gunning for that last opportunity to compete. Rumor has it that two writers/podcasters from a certain fighting game news site will also be competing.

Please keep in mind that the players listed after the jump are in no particular order and also does not fully represent the 187 attendees that have registered. This is merely just a small sampling of the players that will be present.

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Five of the goofiest move design choices we've ever seen in Street Fighter games

We (I) have complained about the way more than a few moves work in Street Fighter 5, specifically citing how developers seem to have missed the mark in terms of balancing risk and reward.

While recently playing on one of the new Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition mini cabs, I got a glimpse back into SF history at some fairly peculiar decisions when it comes to certain moves.

After hashing the topic out with a few fellow EventHubs staff members we came up with a short, and by no means exhaustive, list of moves we feel were designed in just plain goofy ways.

The first of these are Sagat's medium and heavy Tiger Uppercuts in SF2 Champion Edition. They work quite well as anti-airs, and it's clear that's what Capcom intended them to serve as. The thing is, if you connect with either of these while your opponent is standing, they won't be knocked down.

This isn't the case for light punch Tiger Uppercut, nor for any other characters that have DPs in SF2CE. Capcom obviously changed this in later iterations of SF2 and made it a general rule going forward after that, but it was certainly a big "WTF" moment when I first encountered this.

Here's some footage of the grounded Tiger Uppercut in action, and you'll find our other picks for goofy move design choices after the jump.

Click images for animated versions

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Data-miner X-Kira suggests Rival Schools-themed costumes and new ways to earn Fight Money are coming to Street Fighter 5

Rival Schools as a series has been long dormant due to no new titles releasing in the 18 years since Project Justice, but former director Hideaki Itsuno would love to make a new entry in the franchise though he is currently hard at work with Devil May Cry 5.

Some characters from Rival Schools have already made cameo appearances in Street Fighter 5's Kanzuki Beach stage, and it appears that more may be on the way... likely only as costumes, however.

Data-miner X-Kira recently shared a few images of Batsu and Kyosuke from the Rival Schools series which seem to suggest that they will also be coming to Street Fighter 5 as crossover costumes like the recent Resident Evil outfits.

The leaker also states that Capcom will be adding a new way to earn Fight Money in Street Fighter 5 by rewarding players for playing the game and getting into matches for set amounts of time in online or offline sessions though you'll need to be connected to the server.

He also further expanded upon his previous claim that NPCs will be playable in versus mode in the future by specifically saying that the Shadaloo Dolls along with Ancient Necalli, Phantom Bison, Shadow Nash, Shadow Lady Chun-Li, The Master Ryu and more will all be available to use in the mode.

As always, none of this is official or confirmed, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt. You can check out X-Kira's latest Tweets in the gallery below.

Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5? image #1 Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5? image #2 Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5? image #3
Click images for larger versions