Street Fighter 5 stories

Rashid's 'Sporty' costume may have looked a good deal different had Capcom gone with one of these early design choices

The July 21 deadline for Capcom's Street Fighter 5 costume design contest is now clear on the horizon as some of the more artistic members of our community are prompted to show off their skills and submit their own SF5 costume creations, two of which will wind up in the game.

To help stir up continued interest, Capcom has posted a handful of Rashid's Sporty costume designs that didn't make the final cut to their official Twitter page.

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Hoji releases his Cody match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and it's not looking the best for the mayor

Cody's reveal during the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition announcement was one of the coolest the game has seen by reforming him into the mayor of Metro City, but players have been kinda all over the place with how they feel he can do in an actual fight.

DOOM|Hoji's been on the Cody grind for quite some time now to the point he was able to crack the top 5 of a recent Capcom Pro Tour Online qualifier, and now he's released his match up chart for how the Final Fight star is shaping up in Champion Edition.

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PC Mods: King K. Rool duking it out with Waluigi in Street Fighter 5 looks amazing

There's something really special about seeing Nintendo characters duking it out in fighting games. Although King K. Rool is playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he is currently only able to interact with Waluigi when he's summoned by an Assist Trophy.

However, a clip posted by Spindashur on Twitter shows King K. Rool taking on Waluigi... in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Indeed, this is the result of another amazing mod.

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Sagat's low fireball speeds have a significant difference between Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is typically known for encouraging rushdown playstyles over zoning. As a result, you really need to be on the top of your game if you want to see success with a character like Sagat.

Sagat's ability to control the pacing of a match feels heavily diminished compared to his Ultra Street Fighter 4 incarnation. The reason for this has to do with the overall effectiveness of Sagat's fireballs.

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Capcom shares more concept artwork for Ibuki's design in Street Fighter 5

Capcom is currently running a costume design contest where fans are able to submit their own ideas for potential costumes in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. In honor of this, the official Street Fighter Twitter account has been sharing concept artwork from the game's design team that provides insight into the thought process that went into making the characters come to life.

This time, the Twitter page has shared a handful of different concepts for Ibuki's default costume in Street Fighter 5.

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What's scarier than Abigail running at you following behind a tire and a fireball? Nothing... nothing is

Abigail is the largest character in Street Fighter history and is a towering giant in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. When he gets to running at you with his Nitro Charge special move, it can be pretty intimidating.

With the addition of V-Skill 2, Abigail now has the ability to summon a spare tire that rolls across the stage toward the opponent, and when Abigail runs in behind it the intimidation jumps up to the next level. However, apparently there is nothing scarier than when Abigail is running at you following behind not only a tire, but the opponent's reflected fireball as well.

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Street Fighter 5 is now available for PlayStation Now subscribers alongside Watch Dogs 2 and Hello Neighbor

As video game subscription libraries continue to grow for services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, so too does their excellent selection of fighting games to choose from.

Sony announced their July 2020 additions for PlayStation Now this morning which happens to include Street Fighter 5 among its ranks to stream or download.

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Former Capcom Cup champion NuckleDu retires from competitive gaming following car accident

Du "NuckleDu" Dang announced via his Twitter account last night that he will seemingly retire from competitive gaming effective immediately.

The announcement came four days after the 2016 Capcom Cup champion was reported to have been injured in an accident on July 2.

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Brian F releases his Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's meta game has taken an interesting turn in 2020 with the absence of offline events these past months though the players in the trenches are still working to further advance the game and its characters.

EQNX|Brian_F is one of those doing so with Balrog here in Season 5, and he's now released his own tier list detailing how good he thinks the SF5 cast is right now.

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Gunfight shares an optimistic Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match up chart for Alex

It is no secret that Alex has had a difficult life in Street Fighter 5. Often finding himself on the lower end of tier lists, the Alex army is usually made up of a handful of die-hard Alex fans who have studied the character extensively.

One such die-hard fan is iXA|Gunfight, who is easily regarded as one of the best Alex players in the world. Today we have what Gunfight has called an "optimistic" match up chart for the character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which is likely referring to these placements being a bit more generous than one might expect.

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Urien, M. Bison, Balrog, and Ken were the most frequently used characters in the top 64 of the Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 South America 1

The Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 South America 1 was concluded over the weekend. Over 250 players competed in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition online tournament.

As a result, we've collected the character usage stats for the top 64 performing players at the event.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 South America 1 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, South America will be having its first entry into this year's Capcom Pro Tour.

Players participating include LVF|DidimoKOF, Pikoro, Dark, The Griffon Mask, ROX|Darlan, Shodown|Chuchu, Paulow3b, TPT|Stunner and more.

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Punk takes the wrong page out of Daigo's playbook and KO's himself on Urien's Aegis Reflector during Wednesday Night Fights in Street Fighter 5

RB|Daigo Umehara has earned himself a bit of a funny reputation the last couple of years for accidentally KO-ing himself against Urien's Aegis Reflector in Street Fighter 5, but he's not the only one to fall for the self trick too.

During this week's online Wednesday Night Fight tournament in SF5, PG|Punk entered the event with the goal of only playing Ryu the entire time until he hit a bit of a snag with a a Master-ranked Urien.

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Capcom shares more of Lucia's Street Fighter 5 concept designs as the costume contest rages on

Capcom is currently holding a Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition costume content in which fans are given the opportunity to create their own designs for the characters of their choosing and send them in. A handful of designs will be selected by the Capcom staff, then the community will vote on Twitter to decide two winners.

As the contest rages on, Capcom has shared a new look at some design concepts for Street Fighter 5 Season 4 fighter, Lucia. Though we have seen a couple of these in the past, there is also a variation of a past design to check out.

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Teppen's new Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion is now live which means there's more amazing Street Fighter and Darkstalkers cards to collect

The artistic team behind Capcom's Teppen card game has been knocking it out of the park since day one so we weren't at all surprised to see that the newest additions in the Tiny Hero expansion are absolutely breathtaking.

Though there aren't as many fighting game characters in latest expansion as other figures from Capcom's various intellectual properties, the ones that did make it are well worth examination.

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Brian F releases his Balrog match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Balrog's trajectory through Street Fighter 5 is one of the most interesting and turbulent cases around since his brief stint as top tier contender in Season 2.

EQNX|Brian_F is and remains one of the most dedicated backers of the boxing school of Balrog, and now he's released his Champion Edition match up chart for the character with a video detailing his picks as he stands in 2020.

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JimmY awkwardly causes a big Flying Barcelona fail then proceeds to perfect Vega in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clip

Now here's something you don't see everyday. Apparently, if Vega is in the midst of his Flying Barcelona attack, you can meet him in the air and prevent him from ever reaching the wall without hitting him.

If done correctly, Vega will just awkwardly hover in the air, never quite hitting his mark until he ultimately drops back to the ground. MDZ_jimmY found this out during one of his recent Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition live streams, and despite the oddity, the Ryu player didn't get shaken up.

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