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Pro Street Fighter 5 players Momochi and ChocoBlanka are now sponsored by Victrix Pro

Lately, it's seemed like many players have been parting ways with their professional sponsors in the fighting game space, but things have appeared a bit brighter in the past few weeks with new partnerships being formed.

Former Capcom Cup champion and professional Street Fighter 5 player Yusuke Momochi and his wife, Yuko "ChocoBlanka" Kusachi, announced today that they are now officially sponsored by gaming hardware manufacturer Victrix Pro.

Momochi and ChocoBlanka join the likes of GSCS|Justin Wong, Tempo|Alex Myers and ESE|Sherry Nahn as notable fighting game talent backed by the headset and arcade stick makers, but the pair appears to be the first to have them as their primary sponsors since their announcement featured them in custom Victrix jerseys.

Team Fudoh, which currently sponsors players like FD|Fujimura and FD|Haitani, are still owned by Shinobism Inc. built around a fighting game school run by Momochi and Kusachi to teach the youth of Japan about getting into the genre.

Echo Fox, Momochi and ChocoBlanka's former team, recently announced that they were officially sponsoring FOX|NuckleDu after previously losing the vast majority of their fighting game roster.

Momochi capped off the previous year in competitive Street Fighter finishing in 7th place at 2018's Capcom Cup busting out his signature Ken along with Kolin and Zeku. An official announcement has yet to be made in English, but you can check out Momochi's translated reveal below.

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Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren, Echo Fox.

What happens when two Blankas start using the newly discovered Street Fighter 5 glitch to fight each other? Nothing good...

Street Fighter 5 has been pretty good about avoiding game breaking glitches in its three years thus far, but leave it to Blanka to end that streak.

The talk of the town for the game in the last few days has surrounded the troll-like green monster's newfound ability to actually freeze everything on the screen except himself, essentially giving him the ability to perform infinite combos on his opponents.

As we saw in the case of player, Cast Blanka, it isn't all that hard to consistently perform the freeze in a real match, meaning the game's competitive integrity is in major question until Capcom fixes it.

While we're certainly looking forward to when things get back on track, we will share with you this hilarious footage of two Blankas simultaneously taking advantage of this glitch.

Koichinko posted just one round of two players abusing this new tech in what turns out to be a frenzy of Blanka madness. Technically either could finish the other in one sequence of perfect inputs, but that's not at all what happens.

Give the round a watch in the clip here and let us know if it brought you as much laughter as it did us in the comments afterwards.

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What possible fighting game announcements might we expect for EVO Japan 2019?

EVO Japan 2019 is a major event that will occur over this weekend. Since this tournament is relatively new, it won't be quite as big as the yearly EVO.

This year's lineup includes Tekken 7, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Soul Calibur 6, King of Fighters 14, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

As far as potential announcements are concerned, this means we might get news from Capcom, Bandai Namco, SNK, or Arc System Works.

Note that Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will all be absent. In other words, it's extremely unlikely that we'll get any sort of announcement from NetherRealm Studios or Nintendo.

Of course, there's no guarantee that there will be any announcements at all. It certainly isn't an impossibility though.

Keep in mind that not a lot was announced for last year's EVO Japan weekend. With that said, let's consider what content might be announced at EVO Japan 2019.

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Street Fighter 5 Blanka glitch officially banned at EVO Japan, other tournament organizers also looking into matter

There's been a bit of a spike in the world of Street Fighter 5 gameplay news as game-breaking glitch with Blanka made its way to social media platforms yesterday.

Said glitch involves Blanka freezing the screen for his opponent only, allowing him to freely perform attacks on a frozen foe. Capcom has already acknowledged this issue and has stated that they're working on a fix.

We do not have a timeline for said fix, and with EVO Japan set to take place this weekend in Fukuoka, community members have been speculating if and what kind of regulation will be implemented to ensure competitive play carries on without any loss of integrity.

EVO Japan tournament organizers have updated the event rules page to directly address the glitch, but have done so only in Japanese. We've recruited our own Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills for a translation of the particulars.

"Blanka is legal, but using the glitch is not. The user of the glitch will be disqualified for (lose) the set." While activating the sequence in question has proven to be relatively easy, it doesn't appear to be something that's so simple to do that players run much risk of performing it by accident.

Shortly after EVO Japan's statement, the official Final Round Twitter posted a tweet asking, "Should I ban the Blanka freeze at #FR2019?" Hopefully Capcom will have implemented a fix by Final Round's kick off in March, but if not, we imagine a ban at the Capcom Pro Tour Premier event would be the best policy. Here's another quick look at the glitch for those who haven't seen it.

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Professional Street Fighter 5 competitor NuckleDu now sponsored by Echo Fox

The competitor most known for his victory as the Street Fighter 5 Capcom Cup 2016 champion, NuckleDu, has now been sponsored by Echo Fox. His last sponsor before this was Ghost Gaming.

"NuckleDu is a young player who has proven himself to be one of the best in the world," said Jared Jeffries, president of Echo Fox. "His dedication to improvement, his sense of dramatic flair, and his desire to compete at the highest level make him a perfect fit for Echo Fox."

Roughly two weeks ago, it had been reported that Tokido, another Street Fighter 5 competitor, had parted ways with Team Echo Fox. Earlier, Justin Wong announced his departure from the team after Momochi, REC|Punk, JDCR, Scar, Saint, Choco Blanka and Theo also made the announcement of leaving

Many were starting to believe that this was forecasting troubles for Echo Fox since they were dropping top tier talent within the fighting game community. Evidently, there is still beating life at the team.

NuckleDu is joining FOX|MKLeo, FOX|Dekillsage, FOX|Mew2King and FOX|SonicFox as part of Echo Fox's roster. Notably, this means that NuckleDu is Echo Fox's only Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition player.

Throughout the years, NuckleDu has found a lot of success with R. Mika and Guile in Street Fighter 5. With this sponsorship, it likely means that we'll be seeing more of NuckleDu at major events.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren.

'The story of Street Fighter 5 is not finished' — Capcom UK community manager addresses fan concern over lack of Season 4 content

Looks like Street Fighter 5 might still have more content on the way.

Things went quiet on the Season 4 front after Capcom unveiled and released the season's first character, Kage, alongside a batch of balance changes for the full roster back in December at the Capcom Cup finals. Since then, there hasn't been any official word on what's to come leaving fans concerned about the future of the game's content.

Those fears grew larger when, a few days after Capcom Cup, the publisher announced that there would be no season pass for Street Fighter 5's Season 4 DLC characters this year. The only statement from Capcom the community has been able to cling to is, "we're doing things differently this year," which doesn't strike people with an optimistic connotation given the circumstances.

As it stands right now, a lot of fans are feeling like there might not be much more coming down the pike for Street Fighter 5, with some thinking that Kage might be the only character we're receiving this season. There hasn't been much word from Capcom to the contrary, but it appears as though we might have a more positive update now.

During the most recent Winner Stays On weekly stream over in the United Kingdom, Capcom UK community manager Matt "The Street Writer" Edwards addressed concerns from fans in the stream's chat who think support for Street Fighter 5 is over.

"All I'm going to say is... the story of Street Fighter 5 is not finished," Edwards said when responding to commentator Logansama who brought up the concerns from the chat.

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Capcom acknowledges Blanka's screen freezing glitch as players are starting to use it in actual Street Fighter 5 matches

Blanka received quite the birthday present yesterday, as players discovered a new glitch in Street Fighter 5 involving the character that allowed him to freeze his opponent no matter what they were doing and opened up the possibility for infinite combos.

By specifically cancelling Blanka's Critical Art into a forward hop with a one-frame window, the screen will go dark for the CA activation, but Blanka can still move freely and even combo after hitting it which has quickly gotten the developers' attention.

Capcom has now released an official statement regarding what they call the 'Blanka Battle Bug' confirming they know of its existence and are "planning to fix this bug in the near future" although some players are already taking advantage of it in online matches.

Javier "Cast Blanka" Castaneda recently uploaded multiple clips to his Twitter account showing how you can apply the screen freeze against other players on defense or offense leading to some wild situations by Street Fighter's standards.

Cast Blanka's first match footage shows the player activating the glitch to dash in at his opponent without worry before hitting them with an infinite loop where Blanka can cause the freeze multiple times in a single combo as he hops to each side and kicks a defenseless Karin. The other clip shows Blanka stopping time so he can easily avoid Urien's EX headbutt and Knee Drop plus get out of the corner for free.

Performing this glitch does come with a fairly big risk, however, as messing up the timing even by one frame means that Blanka will throw out his Critical Art and potentially leave himself wide open with no meter.

There currently is no time table as to when we should expect to see a patch to rectify this game-breaking bug, but you can check out Capcom's official statement on the issue after the jump and Cast Blanka's clips below.

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Two fighting game professionals have made Forbes' 2019 30 Under 30 list

We're very happy and proud to announce that two of the fighting game community's own have been honored by Forbes and included on their 2019 30 Under 30 European Sports and Games list.

The two competitors are none other than the United Kingdom's Ben "Mouz|Problem X" Simon and Sweden's Adam "Alliance|Armada" Lindgren, absolute greats in Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Melee respectively.

For Simon, 26, this award was surely captured in no small part because of his EVO 2018 victory wherein he defeated reigning champion Tokido after a nail biting bracket reset. The UK player showed promise back in the Street Fighter 4 days, and has been leveling up consistently ever since.

He's also qualified for the Capcom Cup four years in a row, placing in the top eight in 2017. Read on to see what Forbes had to say about Simon in their 30 Under 30 highlight text.

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Game-breaking glitch discovered in Street Fighter 5 gives Blanka an infinite

A new glitch has been discovered in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition that involves Blanka. Essentially, the Season 3 character is able to freeze opponents on screen when his Critical Art is performed a certain way.

Discovered by TeamPIESci, the original clip showed the Birdie player up against a Blanka online. After being launched into the air, the Blanka player attempted to combo into his Critical Art, but instead activated a weird screen freeze that locked Birdie in place, yet still allowing Blanka to move freely.

WydD later confirmed the bug's existence, showing how it's done. Blanka players have to basically cancel the super into his forward hop using a plink of the punch button and forward + all three kicks.

The timing is strict, as WydD notes that if you wait one frame or more between the Critical Art input and the hop, it won't trigger. However, pulling it off has some major benefits.

For one thing, when the opponent is stuck in the screen freeze their inputs will not come out. This renders them helpless in situations like during a jump in or if they committed to a big attack and are countered with this glitch.

On top of that, successfully activating this oddity negates the use of Blanka's Critical Art meter, despite the bug centering around super. If Blanka does the glitch, he'll still have a Critical Art at his disposal, and you can see examples of both situations below.

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Fuudo busts out 'top tier' Birdie's V-Trigger 2 against Daigo to great effect in HiFight's latest Street Fighter 5 match analysis video

Rage's Street Fighter League has been going down in Japan for two weeks now where some of the best players in the world have teamed up to compete for the title of number one and the grand prize of 3 million yen ($27,300 USD).

Resident fighting game highlight guru HiFight recently put out their latest 'Just Frame' analysis video breaking down CYG|Daigo Umehara and CYG|Fuudo's recent bout during day three this past weekend.

Fuudo is known for playing R. Mika for the first three seasons of Street Fighter 5's competitive run, but so far he's been testing the waters with Birdie, a character that many Japanese players believe is at the top of the tier list, and even made quick work of Daigo's Guile.

HiFight's play-by-play breakdown largely focuses on Birdie's V-Trigger 2 set ups with the chain, which was largely ignored in Season 3, plus the individual character / move changes made to the game that both player take advantage of.

Birdie's Bull Head, for example, can more easily punish Sonic Booms since their recovery has been nerfed, but Daigo uses the extended frames of Guile's heavy kick to anti-air Fuudo's approach. The hungry fighter can also get strong combo potential from using his Birdie Time trigger by using his chains to juggle the opponent potentially multiple times in one go or even cover up some of his more negative on block attacks.

Fuudo would end up taking the set 2-0 over Daigo in four straight rounds which may be a sign of things to come for SF5 Season 4 — though much of this also appears to come from match up inexperience on Umehara's end. You can find HiFight's full play-by-play breakdown after the jump.

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Capcom has an insane amount of their best video game music on Spotify right now — soundtracks for Street Fighter, Mega Man, and more

Capcom has some of the most iconic music in video games among their library. From classic 8-bit Mega Man tunes to widely recognized tracks like Street Fighter 2 Guile's theme, the company has had some truly fantastic music featured in many of their games.

Earlier today, Twitter user _watsu pointed out that there is an absolute ton of great Capcom songs on Spotify right now courtesy of Capcom Sound Team. Apparently, these tracks were available in the past, were taken down for a while, but now are back for your listening pleasure.

What we have here is close to a "you name it, they got it" situation, as there has to be over 1,000 songs here, easy. Included are original soundtracks for several main entries in the Street Fighter series, a slew of Mega Man games, Monster Hunter, Okami, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, and more.

On top of the OSTs, you'll also find numerous arrangement albums and remixes. There's so much to listen to hear, it's going to take you ages to get through it all — if that's what you plan on doing.

Unfortunately, there are some large omissions such as music from the Versus series. I was really hoping to rock some Marvel vs. Capcom 2 jams here, but what is included is definitely no slouch on its own.

Just a bit of warning, a lot of the track and album names are written in Japanese, so it might take some time to navigate. However, each album comes with a picture that will let you know exactly what game you're checking out.

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'This is what I do against every character that has an abuseable offensive tactic or free get-in tool' - Justin Wong shares his secret to defense

A joy to watch but a nightmare to actually face off with, VP|Justin Wong has seen a lion's share of success in many different fighting game titles.

The particular reason we deem him a nightmare to play against stems from Wong's trademark approach to use patience and reservation as the counter to the much more commonly-seen all out offensive style.

His most recent YouTube upload gives us an insight into how the living fighting game legend not only musters up the restraint to play this way, but finds actual enjoyment and fun in doing so.

This lesson acts as a thread that moves through most any fighting game you might choose to play, but it's especially pertinent to Street Fighter 5, one of the most popular titles in the genre right now.

"This is what I do against every character that has an abusable offensive tactic or free get-in tool where they don't have to worry about neutral," Wong explains. People familiar with SF5's natural gameplay flow will already appreciate how important such a tactic would be.

Continue on to hear the details of Wong's defensive strategy, and let us know if his secret technique helped you level up.

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Tired of eating dirt under M. Bison's boots in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition? Frame Advantage has five tips to help you in the match up

There's no doubt that M. Bison was a very strong character during Season 3's meta of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. With a lot of hard work, Problem X was able to win EVO 2018 while using M. Bison against Tokido's Akuma.

The overall impression left by the Season 4 patch is that M. Bison was actually buffed. As a result of this, it's highly likely that M. Bison will be a top tier contender in Season 4.

UYU|Tyrant and Packz of Frame Advantage has released a video that details five tips to help players combat against the Shadaloo dictator. First, they go into M. Bison's overall strategy during matches.

M. Bison seeks to be oppressive against opponents with his strong normals that very often leave him at frame advantage. It's often very difficult to press buttons against him since his pressure game is very strong.

Frame Advantage's recommendations are to understand his spacing to counter, use V-Reversals to stop his pressure, use cross ups against his limited anti-airs, lock him down in the corner, and to practice the common scenarios.

A number of M. Bison's attacks have quite a bit of animation to them despite granting frame advantage on block. As highlighted in the video, it's possible to get a guaranteed V-Reversals out to stop his pressure against certain offensive options.

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Ryu's Jin Saotome costume is now available in Street Fighter 5; here's all of its colors and Easter egg version

Capcom may have cut down Street Fighter 5's Fight Money earnings drastically for 2019, but the new costumes are still rolling out at the same pace as when Arcade Edition first released over a year ago.

Ryu's new crossover costume for Jin Saotome from the Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness fighting game is now available to complete and use in the game since the final head piece mission is live in SF5's Extra Battle mode.

Like all Street Fighter 5 costumes, this one features 10 default colors to choose from — though you'll need to unlock 3–10 via Survival or fork over $1 — plus it too includes an altered Easter egg look.

We've collected all of Ryu's Jin colors in the gallery below where he appears to have a good spread of options from the default white to pink, green, navy, black and more.

The Easter egg version of the outfit can be used by holding all three punch buttons, light kick and up during a loading screen or in between rounds to strip Ryu down to his underwear. This isn't even the first time an alternate costume has taken the world warrior down to just his skivvies either, as his Arthur look from Ghosts 'n Goblins has him in just his boxers for its Easter egg form.

Ryu's Jin Saotome costume can be used by completing the final Extra Battle mission for 2,500 FM if you've managed to keep up in collecting the pieces. It'll be available until February 14 where it will get replaced by a Guts Man crossover outfit for Balrog.

Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #1 Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #2 Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #3 Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #4 Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #5 Ryu's Jin Saotome costume colors and Easter Egg image #6
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Street Fighter League Powered by Rage early results, standings ft. Tokido, Daigo, Fuudo, Nemo, Itazan and Mago

Update: This story has been updated with day 4 results.

Recently, the Street Fighter League Powered by Rage is taking place in Japan.

This is something of a successor to the Rage Street Fighter 5 All-Star League from last year, though the team system has been changed quite a bit.

Instead of each team being focused on top players, six top players — Tokido, CYG|Daigo, CYG|Fuudo, Liquid|Nemo, DNG|Itabashi Zangief and Mago — have become team captains, and each has recruited one Platinum or higher ranked player, and one beginner who wishes to become good at Street Fighter and was selected through an auditioning program.

Each rank of player will only fight players of the same classification (each divided into pros, high class and beginners), and the winner in a pro battle will get their team 3 points, a high class battle 2 points and a beginner battle 1 point.

The prizes for this league are extremely high as usual, with 1st place netting 3 million yen ($27,398), 2nd place getting 1 million yen ($9,133), 3rd place getting 500,000 yen ($4,566), 4th place ending up with 250,000 yen ($2,283), the prize for 5th place being 150,000 yen ($1,370) and the lowest finishing team receiving 100,000 yen ($913).

All of the streaming takes place at the Rage eSports channel at OpenRec.

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It's funny when it happens to someone else... Street Fighter 5 streamer uploads compilation video of players trolling him online

We're not all that sure as to how strong of a technique F.A.N.G's new fly move will be in competitive play, but we're pretty certain that it has officially become the funniest move to troll people with in Street Fighter 5.

DeadAceBS seems to be a troll magnet when he jumps online, and has decided to use his salt to his advantage as he's compiled a handful of comical instances wherein rounds become more about sending a message than winning.

Sure, tea bagging during a stun or taunting from full screen away are both part of the equation here, but that's level one stuff. True trolls sacrifice League Points to ruin other peoples' days (and make the rest of us laugh).

Take, for instance, Calliiisto- and his F.A.N.G, who do nothing but run away for two full, hilarious matches. Then there's also Poodie6, who uses their Dhalsim's teleport constantly.

DeadAce performs his fair share of disrespectful tactics during the video as well, giving us a look at both sides of the coin in a sense.

Get started by watching just a quick clip of the aforementioned F.A.N.G player winning where it counts: on the emotional front:

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Kage might only win three match ups in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition according to PR Balrog

Kage is the first (and so far only) confirmed character for Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Players have had the opportunity to experiment with this "Evil-er Ryu" for roughly two months now.

Recently, CYG|PR Balrog released a match up chart for Kage. It appears that PR Balrog believes that Kage only wins three match ups right now — Alex, Falke, and Dhalsim.

The character is often regarded has having a terrible neutral game. His greatest strength is no doubt his ability to punish with huge damage potential. Still, there are fighters in the game that have strong neutrals and damage output.

At the very least, it appears that Kage does have some even match ups against G, Ed, F.A.N.G, Necalli, Laura, Balrog, Abigail, Juri, and R. Mika. PR Balrog is currently unsure about Kolin, Zeku, and Blanka.

Interestingly enough, Kage has a losing match up to Ryu — a character that has not had a strong performance throughout most of Street Fighter 5's lifepsan.

Taken at face value, this seems to suggest that Kage is a low tier. "I think he's so bad ha ha ha," said PR Balrog in the accompanying tweet. While it's possible this chart could be partially in jest in combination with "salt," there's likely some truth to PR Balrog's thoughts on Kage.

While the competitor does have a strong understanding of high level Street Fighter, do keep in mind that the Capcom Pro Tour for 2019 won't officially be starting until March 15th at Final Round. No doubt, Capcom's tournaments for the year will be the true test for the entire cast this season.

Kage Match Ups image #1
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