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Street Fighter 5 stories

Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2020 results ft. Daigo, Tokido, Momochi, Nemo, Fuudo, Mago, Fujimura, Sako, Moke, Dogura, Machabo, Itazan and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 1 results.

The Japanese Street Fighter League is back again for the coming months and will feature six teams, each with four members, battling it out for glory and the cash prize at the end of the tunnel.

Players set to compete are the Umehara Gold team featuring BST|Daigo, GyoGun|Machabo, Kawano and DNG|Nauman, the Tokido Flame team consisting of Rohto|Tokido, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, FAV|Ryuusei and iXA|StormKubo, the Momochi Splash team which is built up of Victrix|Momochi, SNB|Fujimura, SNB|Haitani and SNB|Johnny, the Nemo Aurora team which has Liquid|Nemo, FAV|Sako, RB|Gachikun and AZ|Kichipa-mu, the Fuudo Gaia team made up of BST|Fuudo, CO|Dogura, GRPT|Pugera and AXIZ|Shuto and finally the Mago Scarlet team which includes GyoGun|Mago, GyoGun|Moke, GyoGun|Mizuha and GRPT|MOV.

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Should Capcom use a Street Fighter 4 original character as Street Fighter 5's final DLC addition?

Of the 11 characters that made their playable debut in Street Fighter 4, only three are currently available to play in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Seth, Juri, and Poison have all been great additions to the fifth Street Fighter's roster, but the game is getting one more DLC fighter toward the end of next year, and we'd like to take a moment to imagine how good of a fit the eight other Street Fighter 4 newcomers might make for it.

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Mame_708's Street Fighter 5 fan art looks like the awesome children's book I never knew I wanted to read

Today we have one of the most unique artists we've seen featured here on the front page. Illustrator mame_708 mainly focuses on Street Fighter 5 fan art, but brings a totally fresh flavor to the game's characters that just seems to work despite it deviating far from the source.

In this batch of art pieces, we see a lot of Sakura, Zangief, Abigail, and Birdie, and each is getting into their own crazy adventures. A lot of what mame_708 does is creates comic book pages that tell stories involving our favorite fighters, and it's all done in a cute style.

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PSA: Abigail has the most punishable Critical Art in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and you can do more than you might realize before he recovers

Abigail has the most punishable Critical Art in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. At a whopping -95 on block, players are capable of doing a whole lot before he is recovered and able to block again.

It's easy to fall into the trap of simply going for a quick punish when you block a super due to not knowing how much recovery the opponent actually has. As MonkUnit reminds us, though, you don't have to worry about that against Abigail as every character has enough time for a full jump-in punish, and some characters have time for way more than simply that.

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Street Fighter 5 up and comer matches most celebrated fighting game player of all time with his own character in a set that every SF5 fan needs to see

As BST|Daigo pointed out in a tweet some time after their bout, he and fellow Guile player Higuchi have enough of an age gap to be father and son. This adds a sense of poetry to their already wildly fascinating grand finals match during the Street Fighter 5 Pro JP event last weekend.

It's no surprise that The Beast would come forward with absolutely stellar Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition play, (as we've even highlighted in recent times) but to see a young up and comer actually match the most celebrated fighting game player of all time with his own character? That's impressive.

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Video gaming is rapidly coming upon crossroads of major change, how might it impact the fighting game community?

To say the gaming community is on the precipice of major change will likely yield a resounding "yeah, duh..." from most as we prepare for the next generation of consoles to begin in about two months' time, but things like better graphics, bigger games, and faster speeds may be next to negligible when compared to other avenues of change.

Catalyst and I dig in a little deeper to examine what Microsoft's "Netflix of gaming" endeavor will likely mean for gaming in general. One interesting point that naturally arises: what's going to happen with DLC practices once people are investing less time into single titles as entire libraries of games are open to them?

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How the hell did MDZ Jimmy not hit a button during this nonstop Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Ibuki mix up?

When Ibuki puts her bomb into place with V-Trigger 1 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, she is able to use her command dash to pass through the opponent and create some scary mix ups in tandem with the explosion. It can be especially hard to figure out what side she's on when the smoke from the explosion is on screen, which is the cornerstone of this set up.

MDZ Jimmy recently encountered an Ibuki player attempting this mix up on him during a live stream, and despite the situation going on for what feels like an eternity Jimmy just refused to bite. HiFight caught the clip and shared it on Twitter for us all to enjoy.

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World class Zangief player shares Street Fighter 5 Season 5 tier list, places Russian wrestler above Cammy, Zeku, and Karin

BST|Fuudo has been doing wonderful work lately as he's been using his platform to highlight opinions of other very strong Japanese Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players as they share tier lists for the game's fifth season of balance.

Today's focus lands on none other than one of the two best Zangief players on the planet: AZ|Kichipa-mu. Kichipa-mu has been one of the extremely few competitors who has stuck with the Russian wrestler despite his having some obvious difficulties against many fellow roster members, but it seems Zangief is in a relatively strong spot now... at least, according to the Japanese pro.

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Mod turns gargantuan Street Fighter 5 character into Godzilla and it's an absolutely perfect fit

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition welcomed sister franchise Final Fight's Abigail onto the roster back in its second season, which was something of a moment as the character is physically larger than any other playable character in Street Fighter history.

The massive Madgear gang member turned mechanic towers over even the hulking Zangief, and often obstructs views of life bars and other parts of the game's HUD. This happens to make him a perfect fit for a mod like Godzilla, which has actually been brought to fruition thanks to the efforts of Sarcastigasm.

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Dan Hibiki details in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be revealed this Saturday

The latest news for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is slated to be unveiled this Saturday at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. We now know that the broadcast will indeed reveal new details about Season 5's first DLC character, Dan Hibiki.

Capcom recently updated their TGS presentation schedule to include newly announced titles Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Monster Hunter Rise, and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin which were showcased during Sony's recent PlayStation 5 live stream and Nintendo's mini Direct, respectively. It has also been detailed when exactly we can expect to see information on Dan.

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Artist draws extra buff versions of ladies from fighting game titles like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury

You needn't see E. Honda's sumo abs more than once to realize that fighting game characters are almost always designed to be considerably more muscular than your average Joe Schmo, but one Japanese artist has taken things a full step further and imagined some of the ladies of Street Fighter (along with a few other titles) as incredibly cut body builders.

This might not be for everyone, but we get to see the likes of Cammy, Makoto, Alice, Sakura, and others as though they hit the heavy weights on the regular. Continue on to see the impressive work of Shopyun.

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When Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition rollback turns your block into you being Crush Countered

The online experience in any fighting game can be a real cruel jerk when lag kicks in and you miss your game-winning combo. You'll scream and rage, and might even swear off the game for a bit, but sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing was.

While it wasn't me playing here, I've had numerous moments like this happen in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and fortunately for DemonDan14, he was on the winning side of this exchange. His opponent, an M. Bison player, was not so lucky as the game's rollback had other plans for him.

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Xian is currently the only Street Fighter player with a perfect Capcom Cup appearance record through 2020, but one competitor can still match him

Since Capcom has been forced to pull a massive audible and rethink the entire 2020 Pro Tour in an online setting, what was planned to be a massive 40-finalist Capcom Cup has turned into an event with just 20 finalists. Pair this with the fact that Covid has put a huge damper on international travel and competitors quickly find that their opportunities to qualify for the big end of the year dance have been significantly reduced in number.

There was one name I suspected had the best chance at being atop our Capcom Pro Tour Online Southeast Asia 2 results when I woke up to check early Sunday morning, and sure enough I found that RZR|Xian had indeed made the most of one of his last chances to garner Capcom Cup berth this year. That's especially interesting seeing as Xian is currently the only Street Fighter player who has made an appearance in every Capcom Cup since the event's inception in 2013.

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Street Fighter JP Pro League Pre-Season Finals results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Street Fighter JP Pro League is about to start up again with team battles, but before it's official kickoff next week there's a Pre-Season event being held with individual entrants.

The players participating in this event are BST|Daigo, Rohto|Tokido, Victrix|Momochi, Liquid|Nemo, RZR|Fuudo, GyoGun|Mago, GyoGun|Moke, SNB|Fujimura, Kenpi, Yuusama, Higuchi and Kudou.

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Could Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's final 'Season 5' fighter be a guest character from Arika's EX Fighting Layer?

Guest characters appearing in fighting games has become a bit of a norm in the last few years. Although Capcom has technically been adding guests to the Street Fighter series from Final Fight and Rival Schools (with the recently announced Akira Kazama), they've been taking the "guests" from Capcom's other intellectual properties.

Earlier this week, Kairi from EX Fighting Layer was made into a crossover costume for Ryu. Interestingly enough, Kairi and Fighting EX Layer are properties owned by Arika, not Capcom.

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Nash, Juri, and even Blanka cracked top 16 while no top tiers really stood out among the pack at Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Southeast Asia 2

Street Fighter 5's competitive scene may be in the best place it's ever been for character viability, and this week seemed to really drive that home. The Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Southeast Asia 2 tournament wrapped up earlier this morning which proved to be one of the most diverse events yet with 28 characters showing up in top 32.

Normally, we'd have at least one standout fighter for a particular tournament with much higher usage than the rest like Akuma, Urien or Cammy, but that wasn't the case for this powerful region.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Southeast Asia 2 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The online Capcom Pro Tour continues this week with its second installment for the Southeast Asia region.

Notable players set to compete include RZR|Xian, Chuan, SIN|Brandon, TGU|MindRPG, RSG|Bravery, Oswald, Dixon, AronManurung, Amir, Fubarduck and many more.

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