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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition adds Sponsored Content for new ways to earn Fight Money, will be free to play December 11–19

Capcom has been steadily supporting Street Fighter 5 since its release almost three years ago, and now more people than ever will get the chance to try out the game than ever before with some added "bonuses" too.

The developer / publisher announced today that Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will be free to play during the week of Capcom Cup, December 11–19, on both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

This free trial will include the original 16 character roster from launch plus all current modes like online and Arcade Mode. DLC characters Guile, Akuma and Sagat will be usable for free during this time, but they can only be used in Training, Challenges, Ranked, Casual Matches and Battle Lounges.

Sponsored Content will also be making its way to SF5 on December 11 as a new way to earn Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches by viewing ads in the game.

These ads will come in the form of costume decals which will be placed on characters as the released image shows Capcom Pro Tour logos on Ryu and Balrog's gloves plus during loading screens and on certain stages.

Currently, this Sponsored Content is only confirmed to give in-game "reminders" about the Capcom Pro Tour, costumes and bundles in SF5, so it is unknown whether third-party advertisers will also be present this month or beyond.

Sponsored Content in SF5 image #1 Sponsored Content in SF5 image #2 Sponsored Content in SF5 image #3
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These Kung Fury Sakura, Rainbow Menat and Spider-Woman Street Fighter 5 mods are on point

We've got some more beautiful work from both Khaldantar and The Jamk as we check out three new Street Fighter 5 mods.

Sakura assumes the role of Kung Fury, (if you haven't seen the movie then do yourself a favor and check it out as it's over the to hilarious) while Menat slides into her version of R. Mika's attire.

Both of these creations are thanks to Khaldantar while we see Laura transform in the web-slinging Spider-Woman courtesy of The Jamk.

You can check out some high definition stills of each of these in the gallery right here. We then have video footage of all three in action thanks to PC Best Mods after the jump.

Please chime in and let us know what you thought of each of these, which is your favorite of the bunch and why.

SF5 Modz image #1 SF5 Modz image #2 SF5 Modz image #3 SF5 Modz image #4 SF5 Modz image #5 SF5 Modz image #6
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What remain the most broken parts of Street Fighter 5 and how do we change them heading into Season 4?

Let's iron one thing out right from the get-go and clarify that we don't think R. Mika is broken in an overpowered sense of the term, but rather isn't very well-designed when you dig deeper into things.

Digging deeper is exactly what Catalyst and I do on this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast, delving specifically into the more general aspects of Street Fighter 5 that still could use some tweaking as we transition into the game's fourth Season.

Capcom has already made commendable progress as they've nixed throw loops, anti-air jabs, regulated Crush Counters, decreased input lag, regulated V-Triggers and more over the last few years.

That established, we do think there are still a few rough edges that could be sanded down to make the SF5 experience, (which we're currently enjoying very much) even more enjoyable.

Plus the Tekken World Tour Finals knocked audiences off their feet with both amazing (low-tier character) gameplay and some wonderfully hype reveals. We actually get into a discussion about whether or not Tekken 7 is the most hype fighting game to watch at the moment.

Catalyst and I cover all of this and more on episode 28 of the EH Podcast, which awaits you below the jump. You can check out the timestamps included to see all the other topics we tackle.

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Sagat's Street Fighter 2 theme is a masterpiece, yet it's somehow better when the The Consouls add a Jazz twist to it

The classic themes from back in Street Fighter 2 are iconic. If you hear just a few seconds of any of them, there's a good chance you'll recognize them immediately.

Among the best of best Street Fighter songs (in my opinion) is Sagat's theme. It's dramatic and powerful, and hearing it sends your right back to fighting the towering Street Fighter 2 sub-boss on the amazing Thailand backdrop.

Sagat's theme is a masterpiece, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better The Consouls go ahead and release their own rendition of it.

If you're unfamiliar with The Consouls, this ensemble performs Jazz arrangements of songs from video games. You probably remember seeing their performances of themes for Ibuki and Karin here on EventHubs in the past.

This time the four-piece group tackles the theme of the king, and it's just as spectacular as you'd think. The Jazz flavor lends itself perfectly to this track, with the upright bass handling the heavy bass line we hear in the original and the keyboard and saxophone taking the lead.

Check out The Consouls' cover of Sagat's theme below, and be prepared to hit replay over and over.

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Just how likely is it that Capcom launches eight DLC characters in 2019? Fei-Long, Dudley, Makoto, Poison and others would make great additions...

It was back in July that we caught wind from the content leaker known as Vergeben that the fourth season of Street Fighter 5 would reportedly have two additional DLC characters, free of charge, for a total of eight newcomers in 2019.

While we're by no means convinced that this will indeed be the case, we do feel it's at least worth some discussion and exploration since such a move would be fairly huge for Capcom and Street Fighter 5.

Capcom has released six DLC characters each year since SF5's launch back in 2016, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Season 1's releases were hampered by the fact that Capcom quickly seemed to fall behind schedule on multiple fronts from the get go following an obviously rushed, bare bones release.

The company actually failed to meet the deadline they had proposed for Ibuki, and though they eventually released her alongside Balrog and wound up getting all six fighters out the door before the year's end, it was fairly apparent Capcom was still not caught up.

Season 2 did not offer a schedule nor the identities of the characters that were to be released, two truisms that led to much criticism from fans. We found out later in 2017 that a whole new update to the game, Arcade Edition, was en route.

This current year has seen a much more rapid and prompt release schedule as the fifth and sixth characters simultaneously made it onto consoles no later than early August. Since that time Capcom has reduced the input lag, added the new Dojo Mode and continued general support with a ton of new costumes. It seems they are very clearly caught up, and so now we look to 2019 as a year of a bit more potential.

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What if his poison got more intense over time? Potential ways to make F.A.N.G more interesting to watch and play in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5

F.A.N.G, Street Fighter 5's most eccentric addition, has been unfortunately interesting in just about every avenue except gameplay. The character brings with him a damage over time mechanic unlike much anything we've seen in the franchise thus far. The problem? It just isn't that scary for opponents.

Everyone that's played the game has seen their fair share of losses to F.A.N.G players online, usually because he's so different and seldom seen that competitors don't understand the match up on a deep enough level.

That established, he's still regarded as one of the game's lowest tier fighters despite perhaps having climbed up out of meme-status thanks to his Arcade Edition buffs. Is it time to give F.A.N.G more to the point where we'll see a rise in his popularity and general exploration?

Vesper Arcade continues his Season 4 wish list series by covering Shadaloo's number two in command, citing the character's poison mechanic as the central hub for buffs and redirection.

As it stands now the mechanic just doesn't do enough, but it's not hard to imagine just a few tweaks causing it to slip from being not useful enough to way overpowered... as is the case with most any characters who deviate so drastically from the norm.

Continue on to see what Vesper and Mir have to say about F.A.N.G and his poison for Season 4. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on how you'd balance the character in a new direction in the comments below.

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The Capcom Pro Tour's LATAM regional champion will not be competing at Capcom Cup 2018 due to visa rejection

Update: Capcom has released a statement on the matter. According to the company, Crossover is attempting a last appeal which could allow him to compete at Capcom Cup.

Capcom will provide an update with Crossover's status and who will replace him on the line up (if he cannot attend) once the information is available. You can see their full tweet below.

Original story: We have just received word that Lenny Alexander Matos a.k.a. SB|Crossover will no longer be competing at Capcom Cup 2018 next week. According to a recent tweet from this player, this news comes as a result of his visa not seeing approval by the Dominican Republic embassy.

Crossover qualified for Capcom Cup early last month by winning the Latin American regional finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"It saddens me to say that I won't be able to make it to [Capcom Cup] due to the embassy in DR not approving my visa," Crossover wrote on Twitter. "I'm in tears now and in so much pain. I worked hard all of these years to get this opportunity and this happened. I'm grateful for the friends I have, see you in 2020."

Crossover is an Akuma player in Street Fighter 5 who hails from the Dominican Republic. At the regional finals last month, Crossover took home the trophy and the Capcom Cup qualifying spot by winning 3-1 over RES|Pikoro's M. Bison.

If the seeding and format for Capcom Cup holds true to form to last year, Crossover would have been paired up against FOX|Tokido in round one at the event. You can look over the bracket mock up here.

This is a very unfortunate shake up so close to the event, which is taking place on December 14th through the 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This begs the question: who will take the vacant spot at Capcom Cup 2018?

Crossover no longer competing at Capcom Cup 2018 image #1 Crossover no longer competing at Capcom Cup 2018 image #2
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'Why does this exist?' - Brian F shows off ridiculous Abigail hard knockdown set up that is inescapable for nearly half the Street Fighter 5 roster

The fact that Abigail can dole out huge damage and has armor breaking moves isn't really news to anyone who plays Street Fighter 5 these days, but there's almost always something players can do to escape the massive character's set ups.

This has been a point of scrutiny for some time as competitors often feel robbed when hit by Abigail's V-Trigger 1 comeback sequences. The reason for this comes from the fact that players are often forced to guess an escape route, and a wrong call will result in upwards of 70% of their health bar being lopped off.

UYU|Brian F has been exploring Abby for a good while now, and has recently come across a sequence that can do over 1,000 damage and leaves no viable escape options for characters without an invincible reversal save for Critical Art.

There's a good bit to this, but the issue stems from the way the game does not allow players to perform any varied recoveries after being knocked down by only one hit of Abigail's running flip kick.

Charging up an unblockable V-Trigger punch here leaves about half the SF5 roster with two options: block the punch and take a good bit more damage plus corner carry, or die. Needless to say this is probably something that shouldn't be in the game.

Here's the sequence simply by itself. Brian details why it works the way it does, shows how every possible attempt at escape (save for Critical Art) does not work and then depicts multiple ways for Abby to pull this off in the full video below.

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This new Sako combo for Menat may give you flashbacks to Rose's shenanigans in Street Fighter 4

Menat has been in Street Fighter 5 now over a year, and players like FAV|Sako have been constantly putting in the work to show off what the most technical character in the game can do with her orb set ups.

The newcomer fighter is the disciple of Rose from the Street Fighter Alpha games and SF4, so it's no surprise that Menat would take a few pages out of her master's playbook... to turn the shenanigans up to 11.

Sako has become known in the community for his wild and inventive combos using Menat's V-Trigger 1 orbs, and one of his most recent may look a bit familiar to players who fought with or against Rose in the previous numbered Street Fighter.

The clip provided by HiFight shows Sako knocking down a Birdie player with sweep in an online match and then activates her V-Trigger. The top Japanese player then uses Menat's Soul Throw special to leap over Birdie on his wakeup while an orb flies at him from the front for quite the tricky set up.

This looks very reminiscent of what Rose players would do in Street Fighter 4 using the character's Ultra Combo 2, Soul Satellite, though she only gets two orbs compared to Menat's six. Same as Sako's combo here, Rose could use Soul Throw after a knock down with her orbs out to put her opponents in a very ambiguous blocking situation.

Menat's combo doesn't stop there, however, as Birdie gets hit with all six of the orbs including the fortune teller walking under him twice as he is juggled in the air. Sako even takes a rewarding sip of his drink as Birdie's remaining life drains away from Menat's Critical Art. You can check out the full clip below.

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Capcom reportedly gives nice shout outs to the top ranked regional players in Street Fighter 5 from Dan's sister

Back in September, Capcom updated Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition to include the new Darkstalkers and Halloween costumes plus added the new Dojo mode, but there was also a change that many players likely never noticed or paid attention to.

Street Fighter 5's store also saw an update where Dan Hibiki's sister, Yuriko, was added as the digital storekeeper and would suggest items to players based on popularity and their previous purchases with unique dialogue. The younger Hibiki appears to have even more to say now.

Shazzy, the top ranked player in North America for SF5, shared a screenshot from the game which appears to show Yuriko asking the player if they know who the top ranked player in the region is followed by her telling them that it's Shazzy who likes to play Cody.

The top ranked Cody player in the world currently sits with over 300,000 League Points for the online mode and holds the fifth highest LP total in the world behind other online warriors like Japan's number one ranked Trashbox.

This text will likely change depending on what region players live in, but it's a nice little feature that gives a shout out to some of the best players in the world that we often times don't get to see much of in offline events.

You can check out the aforementioned screenshot below of Yuriko giving props to Shazzy along with the current top 10 ranked players in the world. For those who wish to see the Warlord Cody in action, we've included an online match compilation from The Beast after the jump as well.

Shazzy's shout out image #1 Shazzy's shout out image #2
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Using a blatantly stronger V-Trigger early on can hurt more than it helps in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Having a blatantly strong V-Trigger in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is a great thing. However, it can also be a fairly large hindrance if you're not careful.

My quest to dissect as much as I can about Capcom's latest Street Fighter title continues as I have recently shifted my focus over to better learning Season 3 newcomer, G. Originally, I played him for about a month when he was first launched, but naturally floated back to my main character, Abigail, over time.

While one might think that my move back to G is due to his chances of being over-buffed in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 — it's not — I actually decided to pick the President of the Earth back up again mainly because I realized that he is quite a bit more technical of a character than I initially thought. Also, RISE|Smug's incredible swag combos with G had a lot to do with it.

G is unique for a number of reasons, but one of the things that is obvious about him is that he has one V-Trigger that is blatantly stronger than the other. Much like your Cammys, Ibukis, and even Guiles, G has a V-Trigger that is notoriously better than his other one.

In his case, V-Trigger 1 (Maximum President) is generally the option G players are going to select due to all of the major benefits it has. That's not to say V-Trigger 2 (Dangerous President) isn't good in its own right, but it pales in comparison to V-Trigger 1, for the most part.

What I've found lately is that using this stronger V-Trigger when you're trying to learn how to play a character can actually make things more difficult for you in the long run. Let me tell you why.

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Earn over 9,000 Fight Money with the return of 'We Salute Thee, Four Kings' in Street Fighter 5's weekly missions; part two for Mech Juri available

It's finally Saturday which means that most of us are done with work for the week and are just in time to earn a good chunk of Fight Money this weekend.

Weekly missions have once again been updated in Street Fighter 5 and 'We Salute Thee, Four Kings' has returned as the big earner this time outside of Extra Battle.

You can earn 6,000 FM this weekend by taking on the Middle Class Shadaloo Grunt, and he's still vulnerable to all of the same old tricks we've been using for all of 2018. This golden Shadaloo soldier costs 500 FM to fight up to three attempts, and he'll dish out 2,500 FM every time you manage to defeat him and his evil kicks.

Players might be in desperate need of that extra Fight Money this week as five costumes have returned to SF5's Extra Battle with Viewtiful Joe Rashid, Nameless Super Soldier Guile, Captain Commando Nash, June Chun-Li and Fiona Cammy's first crossover missions are now available for those that missed them earlier this year.

The second part of Mech Juri's costume is also now available for 2,500 FM as always, and cheaper Fortune Tickets are still up for grabs for players wishing to get M. Bison's classic attire.

You can check out the missions and costumes available in the gallery below, and you can learn how to complete them after the jump.

SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #1 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #2 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #3 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #4 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #5 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #6 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #7 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #8 SF5 weekly mission 11/30 image #9
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What happens when Marshmello in Ryu gear and Wengie dressed as Cammy come together to play Street Fighter 5? It may just make you 'happier'

In an online / connected ecosystem where crossovers between different types of media are becoming more common place, fighting games more often times get a shot at the mainstream spotlight that normally shines past it.

The worlds of music and wrestling have been especially kind to the Street Fighter series with artists like Lupe Fiasco taking on the legendary CYG|Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter 5 and the multiple exhibition matches between wrestling superstars Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods... though fans may have a differing opinion on Nicki Minaj's Chun-Li single.

Billboard topping DJ / producer Marshmello, whose song "Happier" currently sits at number three of the hot 100, runs a YouTube channel where he posts video game and cooking content with special guests while remaining silent in his signature mask / helmet.

Street Fighter 5 is the subject of Marshmello's latest video this week where he takes on Australian YouTuber Wengie, who is most well-known for her fashion tips and craft experiments.

The American Music Awards winning DJ actually managed to find a red bandanna big enough to cover his cylindrical head to complete his Ryu-themed outfit while Wengie dressed as the killer bee Cammy for their own laid back exhibition match.

This video appears to be the first time either of them have ever touched Street Fighter 5, but Wengie still looks like she knows her way around the series with her general knowledge and know-how to perform different specials and EX moves. Those looking to shake things up with something other than professional players and lab monsters should check out the light-hearted video after the jump.

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Cody can deal a whopping 804 damage with this combo thanks to a glitch that circumvents damage scaling in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

It's no secret that Cody can dish some big damage in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Jav1ts may have broken the record for the highest amount of damage that the character can deal.

This requires just a little bit of preliminary setup. Just a little bit of damage has to be tacked onto the opponent and the combo has to stun. The A.I. jumps at Cody after getting knocked down from the initial two hit combo that starts as a counter hit.

In total, Jav1ts is able to reach 804 damage with the combo. This is mostly thanks to a glitch involving Cody's second V-Trigger — Dirty Coach.

Notably, Jav1ts discovered this about 5 months ago but got the idea to increase the damage further with a jump in from the opponent by DopeBoyPackz.

Pay attention to the damage scaling when the rock from Cody's Ball Ball juggles the opponent. Despite it being the third hit in the combo, the damage scaling stays at 90%.

This is likely because Cody hits the opponent with the pipe then the rock. The game might be counting this as a single attack even though it strikes twice with another move inbetween the hits.

If nothing else, it's super flashy and worth watching. Be prepared for a lot of red health.

Click image for animated version

Laura turns into Soul Calibur's Ivy Valentine and Bowsette thanks to Brutal Ace's gorgeous Street Fighter 5 mods

It's not that we don't enjoy seeing Laura Matsuda in most any of her standard Street Fighter 5 outfits, but her design certainly lends itself to other notable characters outside of the SF universe.

A Canadian modder by the name of Brutal Ace has helped realize some of these Matsuda crossovers thanks to his amazing modding skills.

Today we share with you both images and footage of Brutal's Ivy Valentine (of Soul Calibur fame) as well as a single image of Laura as Bowsette.

You can view more of Brutal Ace's work at his NSFW Deviant Art page, but please note that he also has a handful of nude mods in his portfolio there.

We'll get you started with the six image gallery right here, and you can view a full match of Ivy vs. Ivy action in the video from PC Best Mods after the jump.

Please chime in with your reactions to the art in the comments section, and share with the rest of us how much your love for Laura has grown since seeing these.

Brutal Ace Laura image #1 Brutal Ace Laura image #2 Brutal Ace Laura image #3 Brutal Ace Laura image #4 Brutal Ace Laura image #5 Brutal Ace Laura image #6
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'He's forced to play a scrubby style... that's how you have to play him' - Vesper thinks Urien could use a little redesign in Season 4

One of Street Fighter 5's more popular roster members, Urien can certainly hold his own. That said, the character's current design seems to urge players toward something of a flow chart-based, scrubby style.

Urien's SF5 story starts toward the end of Season 1, where he joined and showed some decent potential especially given his Aegis Reflector V-Trigger.

Fast forward a few months to Season 2 where he was arguably the strongest fighter in the game. Along with Balrog and Laura, Urien was capable of total robbery if he was able to get a single Reflector out on the screen. Capcom nerfed that issue fairly quickly in Season 2.5, but where does that leave Gill's brother now?

Vesper Arcade continues his character wish list series with the Third Strike fighter, noting that his array of forward-moving special attacks are just too efficient for players not to simply toss them out in hopes of reward.

This isn't really all that great a look for any character, but how do you change things around without completely redesigning Urien's battle plan?

Vesper is accompanied by Mir, who mains Urien, and the two hash out a few ideas to keep Urien strong, but play with a more honest approach game. Check out the video and let us know how much you agree in the comments.

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Netcode improvements en route to Street Fighter 5 according X-Kira, General Story Volume 2 in works as well

The most complained about aspect of Street Fighter 5 used to be the excessive input lag, but after Capcom sped up response times back in October fans transitioned their sights over to the game's netcode.

The interaction experience between players online is crucial for just about any fighting game in 2018, and Street Fighter 5 has been under decent fire for its nearly three year lifespan as a significant number of its fans deem their online experiences as sub par thus far.

I should offer up that my personal online endeavors have seen widely acceptable levels of speed and sync. By no means has it been perfect, but setting my connection to 4-5 bars has resulted in minimal rollback and minimal grief for me.

No official news on the matter has surfaced, but prominent leaker X-Kira recently claimed that Capcom is actually in the midst of updating SF5's netcode. "There is a build with the new netcode, it is almost the same as the [one used in] Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but improved," he stated recently on Twitter.

X-Kira's somewhat broken English (he hails from Brazil) made for a somewhat unclear second half of that same tweet, but it seems as though he's saying that the build/new netcode developers are/were working on didn't work with cross platform play until August.

In another tweet the Brazilian leaker stated that a second general story is en route. You can view both claims by clicking the thumbnails right here:

Xkira Tweets 5000 image #1 Xkira Tweets 5000 image #2
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