Street Fighter 5 stories

Is Street Fighter 5 now more balanced than it ever has been? Plus special guests discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of GranBlue Fantasy: Versus

Perfect balance in fighting games is likely all but unachievable, but the community most definitely has a relative sense of what's acceptable and what's just too much in regards to character power.

Street Fighter 5 has undergone quite a few changes and updates in its 4+ years, and it seems as though Champion Edition is the best-balanced version yet. There's still more to be unveiled concerning this particular puzzle, but Catalyst and I spend the first half of this week's podcast examining what we can under the microscope.

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'It's been a horrible experience for me, personally' - VesperArcade shares thoughts on Street Fighter 5's latest online update

Capcom has clearly been upping their efforts and attention to Street Fighter 5's online experience as they've rolled out no less than two updates in the last two months attending to the game's netcode and matchmaking standards, respectively.

We've been hearing some mixed reviews when it comes to player experiences, especially concerning the matchmaking patch. Vesper Arcade has released a video detailing his personal experiences since the update, which have not been all that great.

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'It's not enough to simply increase the number of athletes competing' - Capcom's Head of eSports on company's current ventures in competitive gaming

Capcom just released their latest Investor Relations update and included a special interview with Nobuhiko Shimizu, who was promoted to become company's Head of eSports Business Division last April.

Shimizu has been a major driving force in Capcom's clear efforts to march further into the eSports space, something we've seen through the evolution of the Capcom Pro Tour as well as the development of ventures such as Street Fighter League. The latter of these features a team format, something that isn't all that common in the competitive fighting game space, and Shimizu opens up a bit on why he and his team have shifted a significant part of their focus to team-based ventures.

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Here's how you can make your Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager into Menat from Street Fighter 5

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch is all the rage and all the cool kids are doing it! The latest installment in the life-simulator is very popular right now, with several people in the fighting game community delving into it — myself included.

With the vast level of customization options not only from home decorating but designs you can draw out yourself and wear, fans everywhere are creating some really interesting and awesome things. Twitter user MilkTeaTiff has created a design that allows you to dress up your villager like Menat from Street Fighter 5.

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'Neco Drop' is Capcom's latest April Fools' browser game that remakes all 40 Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition characters into cats

"Neco Drop" is Capcom's April Fools' browser game this year. It's a puzzle game that involves matching colors.

There are 40 different missions that can be completed in Neco Drop. For each level you beat, you'll potentially be able to unlock an encyclopedia entry for a cat that's based on one of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's playable characters.

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Ken player performs literal wake-up DP after briefly passing out during 24 hour Street Fighter 5 live stream... still wins round

The most "Ken" thing we may have ever seen happened recently on one of the most "Ken" players' live streams. Joshua "CeroBlast" Tran has made a name for himself as one of the most successful reads-based players in competitive Street Fighter 5, often resorting to unconventional risks and scoring flashy rewards.

The Canadian Ken player embarked on a 24-hour live Twitch session over the weekend, and understandably started dosing off around the 21-hour mark. The stage was set for a real-life wake up Dragon Punch.

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Daigo is confident that there aren't any match ups where Kage outperforms Guile in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest update

The latest patch for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition provided a plethora of balance changes, much to the community's surprise. Guile was among the fighters that was ultimately nerfed as his V-Skill 2 — the Sonic Dive — now has increased start up and recovery time.

Despite playing a lot of Kage leading up to the update, RB|Daigo Umehara was adamant that he would be maining Guile in Season 5. According to a video upload by FGC Translated, Daigo intends to stick with Guile even after the nerfs.

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Capcom asks for fan feedback on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's online experience after recent matchmaking update

With a new focus on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's online experience, Capcom has been actively making adjustments in hopes to improve things on the cyber front.

Last week, the company released an update with matchmaking improvements, and now they want to know how it's panning out for players. The official Street Fighter Twitter account shared a poll today asking followers to express how their online experience has been since the update went live back on March 24.

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Here's a look at the new Capcom Pro Tour 2020 special DLC color for everyone on the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players were given the chance to snag a new batch of DLC starting last week commemorating this year's Capcom Pro Tour. The bundle released includes new costumes for Gill and Lucia, a Capcom Cup Champion's Choice costume with design influence from 2019's champion, iDom, as well as a new CPT stage that is yet to be revealed.

Additionally, those who purchase the bundle will receive a special color for all characters on the Champion Edition roster. Today we're taking a look at color EX 11.

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Ryu's Thrust Strike combos, max corner damage with Akuma, new Guile loops, and more — Street Fighter 5 matchmaking update week 1 tech roundup

It's been nearly a week since the matchmaking update brought about some balance changes to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. There are sure to be some major fluctuations in the tier list as some fighters were buffed while others were nerfed.

Many players have been experimenting with the changes in the lab. Needless to say, some interesting tech has been developed as a result.

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Seraphic Wing vs. Kikosho, who wins? Desk's latest video showcases Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clashes that we didn't even know were possible

Clashing attacks have become a more increasingly common inclusion in the modern fighting game scene, and while pulling them off during matches may look quite hype, most of us probably don't think of ways to use that mechanic to get extra creative.

Desk is not most people though considering he just released a Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition video that's 10 minutes of choreographed clashing combos for every character in the game.

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How well does Abigail hold up in actual Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition matches after the nerfs? Check out Problem X's gameplay to find out

Abigail was one of the characters that was actually nerfed in the Season 5 matchmaking update for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Most notably, block strings and frame traps that involve crouching light kick are a little less effective thanks to the increased push block, and EX Nitro Charge stomps won't combo as long as it used to.

While it's currently unknown just how viable Abigail will ultimately be, Mouz|Problem X is certainly putting in some work with the character. SFV Fan recently uploaded some match footage featuring Problem X's Abigail.

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'Dive Sonic is basically for combos... it's hard to use it in neutral [now]' — Daigo reacts to Guile's V-Skill 2 nerfs in Street Fighter 5: CE

RB|Daigo Umehara has been adamant that he'll be sticking with Guile as his character of choice once the Capcom Pro Tour starts up. He was even beginning to believe that he needed to reinvent Guile's playstyle in order to make him work in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's meta.

Much to the surprise to the community, Street Fighter 5 received a major update that rebalanced the game's roster. As far as Guile is concerned, the most notably changes left his V-Skill 2 — the Dive Sonic — in an overall nerfed state.

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Lucia's Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update is in full effect as it introduced balance changes and improvements to the game's online matchmaking. With this patch also came the new Capcom Pro Tour 2020 DLC, which is now available for purchase and use.

Two new costumes have been released, along with the special color EX 11 for all characters — though, more content is still en route to be revealed for this pack. Let's have a gander at Lucia's CPT 2020 costume, its colors, and the Easter egg variation.

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Should parts of the V-System be carried into future titles? Yoshinori Ono talks development and reception of Street Fighter 5's unique mechanic

Street Fighter 5's V-System is a double-edged sword. Unlike many other Street Fighter titles' unique mechanics, the V-System has so many variables and moving parts that trying to balance it across a roster of 40 playable characters becomes a mountainous task, but properly doing so could mean mountainous returns in the way of character diversity and player expression.

This particular system has, no doubt, been the source of a lot of frustration for players over the last few years. In a recent interview with USgamer, SF5 Executive Producer, Yoshinori Ono, was asked about the way fans have received the V-System as well as if he and his team plan on carrying it forward (presumably to future SF titles).

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Teaching fencing with fighting games? Pro fencers create tutorial using concepts and terms from Super Smash Bros.

Those of us who have spent ample time working in restaurants know all too well the faux pas of calling out "CORNER!" and using similar work terms via force of habit while outside of the workplace. Having now spent over 10 years in the active fighting game community, I dare admit that I've called my fiancé out for using "option selects" while debating where we'll eat or what we'll watch on Netflix.

It seems it's almost impossible to keep the day to day lingo used in the various avenues of our lives from peeking through into others, and that's not always a bad thing. In fact, a pair of professional fencers, Joseph and Eli Schenkel, have put together a fencing tutorial video in which they use concepts and terms from fighting games to get a few points across.

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Guile's Critical Art unintentionally hits opponents behind him after hitbox extended inward change in latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition patch

One of the common changes found in the patch notes of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest balance update indicated that numerous attacks had their hitbox "extended inward." While this was a fairly confusing note for a lot of folks, it looks as though these changes were made to make certain attacks more consistent when performed up close as some had a tendency to whiff where they shouldn't have.

Among those that received inward hitbox extensions was Guile's Critical Art, but it looks as though making this change introduced some unintentional behavior. The super now hits opponents that are behind Guile if they manage to teleport to the opposite side of him in the corner.

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