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Street Fighter 5 stories

Zangief's damage becomes hilariously pathetic thanks to scaling with these two combos in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Fighting game lab monsters typically strive to figure out the flashiest and most damaging combos that are possible. Depending on the game, touch of death combos are sometimes even possible.

However, Namnyals recently went for something that's a little different in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Instead of showing off Zangief's high damage potential, a sequence that demonstrates just how pathetic his damage can become with scaling the game's scaling system maxed out.

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Sakura braids Cammy's hair, Makoto looks possessed, and Chun-Li's hips don't lie in Loped's fighting game drawings

Kick off your morning (or whatever time of day you've happened across this) right with some stellar fighting game art from an artist by the name of Loped.

From cute and charming to dangerous, seductive, and everything in between, Loped clearly as a knack for capturing the essences of what makes us fall in love with our favorite characters.

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5 MORE moves that should be nerfed in Street Fighter 5's next balance update

We ran an article last week listing five moves that we think should be nerfed in Street Fighter 5's coming balance update, but quickly found that there was more to be said on the subject.

Having drummed up another five specific maneuvers that tend to inject the Street Fighter 5 experience with more frustration than fun, we'd like to share with you our reasoning for each and see whether or not you agree.

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Capcom Cup 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, online season final to take its place

Capcom has been gearing up for the big finale of their Capcom Pro Tour for 2020 with the finals set to take place next month. While the last official stop on the tour typically takes place at the end of its tour year, this event was pushed into 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company took to Twitter this morning to announce that the event, which was revised to take place in limited capacity in the Dominican Republic on February 19 - 21, has been cancelled. An online season final will be held in its stead.

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This Gill player works hard and pulls out every trick in the book for this beautiful Street Fighter 5 beatdown

There's a 46 second clip making the rounds in fighting game Twitter at the moment, and for good reason. The clip is of a Gill player who puts on a wonderfully satisfying display of mastery with their character as they work their way around a Poison player's long-reaching whip attacks and launch into a series of great decisions.

While this surely is a beat down filled to the brim with fireworks, by no means is it like the somewhat less sophisticated (brain-dead) offensive onslaughts that many of the top tier characters are capable of.

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Out of touch mistake or next level communication by Capcom? Our thoughts on Akuma's apparent tatsu nerf; King of Fighters 15 trailer analysis

We initially intended for this week's lead segment to drive home the point that Akuma's overpowered nature is harming Street Fighter 5 and that it would be a travesty if Capcom did not properly nerf him in the upcoming patch. While we surely did get into that discussion, a very recent development concerning Akuma and balance also emerged.

The demonic fighter has just been given a snazzy new Garuda crossover costume in Street Fighter 5, and during the quick showcasing of said costume just a few days back the community spotted what looked like a very substantial nerf to one of his most routine and powerful sequences. We got the costume today, but no nerf... at least not yet.

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Akuma's Garuda crossover costume colors and Easter egg variant for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Characters from Fighting EX Layer (or Street Fighter EX) have been making their way into Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as costumes. We previously saw the release of Kairi, Hokuto, Blair Dame and Skullomania for Ryu, Karin, Cammy and G respectively.

Now it's Akuma's turn to get a costume that pays homage to one of Arika's Fighting EX Layer characters. Since Akuma's Garuda costume has been made available earlier today, we've taken the time to collect images showcasing Akuma with his new threads.

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Major nerf spotted in Akuma's Garuda trailer is not included with the new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update

Today is an exciting day for Akuma players, Fighting EX Layer owners and Street Fighter EX fans considering the demon just received his Garuda crossover costume though there's something else that Street Fighter 5 players were more keenly interested in with its arrival.

The reveal trailer for the Garuda costume appeared to show a pretty substantial nerf to one of Akuma's best combo options, but upon updating the game, the change is still absent from the up-to-date build of SF5.

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Akuma's Garuda crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Despite being one of the most popular characters in the game, Akuma rarely receives new costume support like Ryu and the ladies do, but today is apparently his lucky day for cosplay.

Akuma's new crossover costume for Garuda from Fighting EX Layer is now available to unlock in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition though you can't get everything for him until over a week from now.

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Additional screenshots for Akuma's new Garuda costume released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

As some had previously predicted / hoped, another Fighting EX Layer costume is about to drop in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with one of the most fitting additions yet.

The Japanese Street Fighter Community page recently released some new and additional screenshots for Akuma's Garuda outfit for an even more detailed look at all of his glowing bits.

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5 Street Fighter 5 characters who have relatively balanced risk vs. reward

In our endeavors to try to express our hopes for what next comes down the pike, both in terms of Street Fighter 5's final chapters and the beginnings of Street Fighter 6, we frequently point out a lot of the negatives we want to see changed. That's definitely a necessary piece of the equation, but you also want to encourage the continuation of what's currently working.

We're all well aware of how frustratingly bad Alex is, as well as how enraging the overpowered nature of Akuma and Urien are, but what about the SF5 characters that have found a good stride and make for intriguing opponents instead of demoralizing ones? We've come up with five such roster members who we feel make the real time problem solving puzzle of SF5 an intriguing and rewarding venture.

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Major nerf to Akuma spotted in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Garuda crossover costume trailer

Capcom announced a new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition crossover costume this morning that will change Akuma into Garuda from Fighting EX Layer. While this news in and of itself is already exciting, keen-eyed fans on Twitter also spotted what looks to be a nerf to Akuma — and one that players have wanted for a very long time.

During the Garuda costume trailer, Akuma can be seen performing several attacks and combos to help show off the new digs. One bread and butter combo in the video, though, shows signs that an important change has been made to the Shoto's light kick Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Hurricane Kick).

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Akuma receiving Garuda Fighting EX Layer crossover costume in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Capcom has unveiled the next crossover costume coming to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Another Fighting EX Layer character enters the fray by way of a mainstay Street Fighter.

This time, the legendary Shoto Akuma transforms into FEXL's Garuda thanks to the upcoming Extra Battle mission. The costume's challenge is set to go live tomorrow, January 12.

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Double bomb combos and nasty setups from Ibuki will melt your eyes after destroying your guard

Ibuki's V-Trigger bombs were one of the most potent mixup options in Street Fighter 5's first two seasons, and we might be seeing more of it here in 2021 if these setups are anything to go by.

Longtime competitive player Pochoclo23 recently released a new V-Trigger 1 showcase for Street Fighters female ninja which includes some reportedly new tech plus some ridiculous double explosion combos that'll drain your life bar just by looking at them.

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Birdie can reach over 600 damage post-stun thanks to a unique V-Skill 2 setup in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Damage in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tends to be high enough that characters are capable of defeating opponents with two combos under the right circumstances. A big-bodied character like Birdie is certainly no exception as he has his share of high damage interactions.

Recently, HDG|Younghou came up with a unique combo that looks to be particularly strong after securing a stun. Upon seeing this, Javits came up with an alternate version.

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Looks like there's probably a new costume announcement coming to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition next week

Capcom started a new approach with how they're adding costumes to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition late last year, and it appears that movement will be continuing into 2021 as well.

The official Street Fighter server account recently revealed the game will be going offline for maintenance early next week, which means that a new costume announcement is likely on the way in the coming days.

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Punk jumps into Marlinpie's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 stream chat then challenges him to a first-to-5 set

One of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series' strongest competitors, Marlinpie, continues to support the scene by actively streaming Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and sharing content. During a recent live stream, none other than PG|Punk hopped into the chat and asked to run a first-to-five in UMvC3 against PG|Marlinpie.

Punk certainly isn't known for his Marvel play, but is easily considered one of the best Street Fighter 5 players to ever compete. In this video, we're given an opportunity to see what this SF5 contender has to offer in another of Capcom's major fighting games, and he's got quite a bit to show already.

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