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Street Fighter 5 stories

The identity of Street Fighter 5's final character may be a secret due to impact on the story going forward, here's a few candidates who fit the bill

Capcom decided to reveal four out of the five DLC characters in Street Fighter 5's final season last year, which led many to believe that the last mystery slot would be taken by someone who would cause a big pop-off in the community like a guest crossover, but that's not necessarily the case now.

With Rose's character story setting up some big implications for plot of the games going forward, the developers could likely be keeping of the last character a secret for now because they're planned to play a larger role in what's to come.

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FChamp releases Rose match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with only 4 characters she has advantage over

Now that Rose has been available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for a little more than a week, the FGC is in the trenches debating the strength of this newest character.

Pro fighting game player Ryan 'FChamp' Ramirez recently put together an early match up chart for Rose after completing upwards of 500 matches with the fortune teller.

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M. Bison somehow pulls off legitimate 27-hit monster combo in Street Fighter 5, melts Akuma's life bar in just two touches

While he can certainly pull off some devastating sequences, M. Bison probably isn't one of the first Street Fighter 5 characters you think of when considering style combos.

A master-ranked Argentinian player by the name of Ivan "Ivanndif" Fernandez is causing us to reconsider thanks to a monster combo that's now making the rounds on Twitter.

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Gill may hold the key to G's identity, the world's destruction and even Q's creation from what's being set up in Street Fighter 5's extended story

Street Fighter 5's story suddenly got a lot more interesting last week with the release of Rose suggesting that the end of everything is imminent, but perhaps instead of G, we should be looking at another character with the desire to reshape the world as we know it.

From everything set up so far, Gill may in fact hold the key to the answers of Street Fighter's greatest mysteries and perhaps even the reason for the destruction of the world itself.

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Japan isn't using much V-Shift, but that doesn't mean they haven't heavily altered their approach to Street Fighter 5's meta

Historically more often than not the region to beat when it comes to Street Fighter, Japan has given us a glimpse of how their strongest competitors are playing Street Fighter 5 here in Season 5 via the first Capcom Pro Tour Online event of 2021.

We took some time on the most recent episode of the EventHubs Podcast to break down and explore what we saw in terms of Japan's approach when it comes to okizeme situations, meter management, general pacing, and V-Shift usage. We found the latter to be not all that frequent, but also noted some obvious and interesting changes in overall approach.

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Ryu's Angel Grove Class of '93 costume in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid dresses him up like he's going to hang with the Mighty Morphin gang

Street Fighter crossovers are nothing new in the FGC, but recent reveal that Ryu and Chun-Li would be making their way to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid next month was still quite the pleasant surprise for fans of both series.

To help Ryu fit in with the cast outside of his Crimson Hawk Ranger suit, nWay has revealed they're also releasing a Angel Grove Class of '93 costume for the fighter which puts him in street clothes you'd expect to see at the juice bar in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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Rose footage featuring Sako, Fujimura and Poongko demonstrates how the fortune teller might play at high level in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Rose became playable in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition just one week ago. Though Rose appears to be armed with some powerful keep away options and explosive combo damage, it's still not quite clear how often Rose will be making appearances at tournaments.

SFV Fan recently uploaded several videos of Rose gameplay featuring FAV|Sako, SNB|Fujimura and Poongko at the helm with the fortune teller.

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Will Capcom's apparent fear of Rekka characters continue with Akira in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Capcom's shown us time and again over these past five years that they do not want true Rekka characters running amok in Street Fighter 5, but there's at least one more option on the horizon who could change that up a bit.

Akira Kazama is slated to graduate from Rival Schools and join SF5's roster later this summer, and her short gameplay teaser contains a handful of clues as to how the developers are handling her transition to the big leagues.

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Desk's Rose theme music video will have you rockin' out the rest of the weekend and it comes packing a 63-hit combo to boot

Desk is probably most well-known to our readers as a combo master for his expertly crafted videos, but he's probably even more impressive as a musician.

Following his slick Rose combo showcase to celebrate her launch in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Desk has now released a combo music video with a rendition of her theme that'll rock your socks off.

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HiFight demonstrates Rose's insane damage and mix up potential in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition thanks to her Soul Illusion V-Trigger 2

It's been nearly a full week since Rose was released in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, but fans have been working hard to unlock this fortune teller's true potential. One thing that is certain is that Rose has some very explosive damage potential when backed by the right resources.

Rose's Soul Illusion (V-Trigger 2) gives the character access to some crazy combos and juggles, but its duration is extremely short. Still, it seems like this V-Trigger will ultimately be the favorite for most Rose users. To really showcase what's been discovered with the Soul Illusion so far, HiFight recently released a combo exhibition video for Rose.

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Here's how all of Rose's color options for her Story and Battle Costumes look in-game for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Rose is proving herself to be a great addition to the Street Fighter 5 family here in Season 5 next to Dan, and Capcom seems to have nailed just about everything with the character — including her outfits.

We previously took a look at Rose's Swimsuit Costume in SF5 and its colors, so now it's time to showcase her Story and Battle digs (one of which is a reference to her second appearance and the other looks surprisingly close to one of Ubisoft's big franchises.

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Rose's Nostalgia Costume is actually a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that first appeared in a Capcom game that wasn't Street Fighter

Nostalgia Costumes are one of the nicer touches added in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with characters' classic and iconic attire being re-imagined for the modern age, but Rose's is different than all of the rest.

The latest DLC fighter in SF5 never actually fought in her Nostalgia Costume, and its origins tie back to another franchise entirely.

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'This button is cheap... This character is godlike' - Smug lists Rose's top 5 normals and takes on online opponents with her in Street Fighter 5

Rose was recently released as Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's newest DLC challenger. Players are slowing beginning to form opinions about her toolkit and overall viability.

As such, Smug recently uploaded videos that showcased him exploring what Rose is capable. Before jumping into some matches, Smug outlined what he believed to be Rose's top 5 normals.

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Don't let your opponent get away with commonly used unsafe moves in Street Fighter 5 by spending less than 3 minutes checking out LPN's punish guide

Recognizing when a move is unsafe and appropriately punishing it is a key skill to develop if you intend to get anywhere with any fighting game. At low level to mid level play, there are numerous attacks that can be punished, but players get away with using them on block anyhow.

To help players of a variety of different skill levels, LPN recently released a video that showcases a variety of different punishes players should be using against these type of moves. The entire video won't even take a full three minutes to watch.

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A modder has changed Rose's tarot cards into Yu-Gi-Oh cards in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

The inevitable has happened, folks, and it's happened quicker than I expected. That's right! A PC modder has injected Yu-Gi-Oh cards into Street Fighter 5 thanks to the game's newest combatant, Rose.

As we all know, Rose's V-Skill 1 gives her access to four different tarot cards that have varying effects. A modder by the name of Anh Vu Le recently tweaked the game so that Rose harnesses the power of Yu-Gi-Oh cards instead of her standard fortune telling tools — and it's pretty rad.

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Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Rose review: The right character for the right time

Rose has seen a pretty nice reaction from the fighting game community since she was released for Street Fighter 5 on April 19, 2021. She is a strong mid-range zoner, and certainly one of the best defensive type characters available in this game.

The unfortunate news is that mid-range zoning has not been seen as a superior strategy at the highest levels of play, with rushdown or grappler characters typically dominating in this game. Rose helps make up for this by having a surprisingly strong anti-air and fireball game.

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Using Necalli's weaker V-Skill revealed how slower play is more rewarding than ever in Street Fighter 5

I've been exploring a handful of new characters lately, but recently went back home to Necalli for a bit to see what playing my old main felt like in Street Fighter 5's updated meta. While it was mostly like riding a bike with a slightly rusty chain, I decided to explore the V-Skill and V-Trigger I traditionally hadn't used.

While I have previously thought and still think that V-Skill 2 (where he throws up a bubbly goo that creeps forward for a few seconds and causes crumple state on hit) is inferior to V-Skill 1, it all but forced me to play the character at a pace I really hadn't before. Doing so led to a revelation: slow and methodical play is more rewarding, and therefore fun, than ever before.

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