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Street Fighter 5 stories

Which of the awesome Street Fighter: Duel street fashion designs should become real Street Fighter 5 costumes?

In many other cases, most of the fighting game community would probably quickly write off Street Fighter: Duel as just another mobile game, but its special artwork has certainly grabbed our attention.

These hip and unique street fashion designs for the world warriors have received a lot of praise from fans, but which ones of the bunch would actually make good costumes in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

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There's something poetic about seeing Rashid get 'out-tornadoed' by Cody in Street Fighter 5

We're in for a little cosmic justice for one of Street Fighter 5's most pestersome characters as Mr. Rashid (of the turbulent wind) gets a well-deserved taste of his own medicine.

The wind-themed newcomer has been one of SF5's strongest roster members for a long while, and though he's been nerfed a good bit in more recent times, seeing him get "out-tornadoed" by Cody is just soothing to the soul.

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Main Street Fighter bosses ranked from worst to best

I've been doing a lot of speculation about what's coming down the pike in the shorter term with Street Fighter 5 as well as the longer term with Street Fighter 6, but feel the need to shift down to a different gear and have a little fun considering the franchise's past instead of its future.

Street Fighter 5 now features every main boss character the main franchise has seen, and seeing them all together in one roster got me thinking about their elevated statuses as big baddies, and who wore/wears that title the best.

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Street Fighter League Pro-US Season 3 week 13 results ft. Punk, Xian, iDom, Smug, and others

Update: This story has been updated with week 13 results and you can view them after the jump.

Earlier: It's been a little while since the conclusion of Season 2, but Street Fighter League action is picking back up in North America as Season 3 is slated to kick off today, October 8, and continue every Thursday at 4 p.m. PDT for the next 16 weeks.

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You can now snag colors 9 and 10 for Akuma's Garuda costume in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition by completing these missions

Last week, Capcom released the latest crossover costume in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Extra Battle mode. The demonic Shoto, Akuma, transforms into Fighting EX Layer's Garuda with the special outfit.

Like any added costume in Street Fighter 5, the Garuda digs come with 10 colors to choose from — and we took a look at all 10 plus the Easter egg variation here. Now, players are able to jump into the game and unlock colors 9 and 10 for themselves by completing a couple of key missions.

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Amazing Urien punish combo from Javits has everything a crazy Urien combo should in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The makings of a great Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Urien combo often include one of his more intricate techniques with the majority of the combo being designed around setting that thing up. We've all seen specific Aegis Reflector combos that use whiffs and dashes to properly put Urien into place for his meaty headbutt loops.

This recent combo from the FGC's best lab monster, Javits, doesn't just set up headbutt loops, but adds in some of Urien's other high-execution tricks. What's even cooler is that the combo begins with Urien using V-Skill 1 armor to blow through Ken's EX Dragon Punch, trade with one of its hits, then link a Quarrel Kick after — one of Urien's slowest normals.

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Lady Vega, Zangief offers Chun flowers, hungry Juri, and more; check out 6Maker's fighting game art

We've got another gorgeous fighting game gallery to share, this time from Japanese artist 6Maker.

Ladies from Street Fighter, Skullgirls, Darkstalkers, King of Fighters, and Tekken make up today's showcase as we see subjects drawn from many various angles and distances.

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Stunning sequence sees Ryu player use two different parries to pull the rug out from under veteran Street Fighter competitor

We're kind of used to seeing Ryu lose in Street Fighter 5 given that the franchise poster boy's abilities in this game just haven't been up to snuff since he was nerfed in Season 2, but our highlight here is rare footage of the shoe-less wanderer having the exact tools for the job – both of them parries.

While streaming recently, Street Fighter veteran Arturo Sanchez found himself facing a Ryu whom he whittled down to having virtually no life in a third and final round. Ryu has traditionally had a hard time against Dhalsim's long limbs, and given that it was Sanchez behind the controls with full Critical Art meter and a full screen of real estate between the two characters, a loss was all but imminent.

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Is NetherRealm Studios being overly sensitive? Street Fighter 6 may not appear as soon as we'd hoped

Mortal Kombat developers NetherRealm Studios find themselves getting a little extra heat right now following their decision to suddenly disqualify a participant in their online Pro Kompetition for using the custom variation name to express playful distaste in the current balance of the game.

Titaniumtigerzz and his Sheeva made it into the top eight of the weekend's Pro Kompetition tournament, but was removed from the event mid match for the variation name "WhyDidNRSdoThis." We get into the particulars of this situation and try to draw some lines in terms of if and where NRS is right to police their online events in this way, and whether or not they're being overly sensitive to criticism.

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Ryu competitor recently won Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament while appearing to be impossible to jump in on with his anti-airs

Though Ryu was widely considered to be a top tier in Street Fighter 5 Season 1, the character has really struggled Season 2 onward. Even with numerous buffs throughout the seasons, Ryu generally resides in the bottom 10 portion of most players' tier lists these days.

Of course, this didn't appear to stop Strangehail8, an Ultimate Grand Master Ryu user online, from recently taking a tournament The Online Local last week. To commemorate his gameplay, HiFight released a Just Frame Breakdown that analyzes the little details of Strangehail8's gameplay with Ryu.

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Daigo might be planning to use F.A.N.G against top Abigail users at Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournaments instead of Guile going forward

Though BST|Daigo Umehara is regarded as one of the top Guile users in the world for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, he can often be seen using characters like Ryu, Kage, E. Honda and F.A.N.G during his streams.

For the most part, it looks like Daigo has only been using these characters for fun. However, it seems that Daigo now has plans to potentially use F.A.N.G instead of Guile against top level Abigail users.

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Update: Street Fighter 5 receives really weird yet cute crossover with The Battle Cats featuring M. Bison and his generals as clumsy felines

Update: The Street Fighter 5 x Battle Cats collaboration event that was previously exclusive to Japan is now available in the West for the next two weeks. You can find out more information about the weirdly cute transformed world warriors in the original story below.

Street Fighter as a property has run through more crossovers than we can count at this point, but there's still a few that certainly stand out among the sea of others out there.

The Battle Cats mobile game, also known as Nyanko Daisensou in Japan, announced a special Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition crossover event that'll bring in much of the world warriors in both human and silly cat forms.

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Sako shows off Menat combo that would make everyone mad trying to replicate, dishing out over 500 damage and stun after a throw in Street Fighter 5

Menat is one of, if not the most technical character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which makes her a perfect fit for FAV|Sako and his penchant for pushing the limitations of what's possible in what ever game he decides to pick up.

In his most recent stream, Sako showed off a nasty combo setup using a throw to rack up over 500 damage and stun that he says would make everyone "really mad" if Capcom used it as an actual trial for Menat.

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Awesome stop motion video depicts Street Fighter's Sakura destroying a Red Bull can as Ryu lazily observes with awe

Animist recently uploaded a stop motion video featuring the Ryu and Sakura action figures from Street Fighter. Some real work went into this video as some special effects and sounds are applied to a variety of interactions that occur.

The scene begins with Ryu relaxing next to a Red Bull can. All of a sudden, Sakura appears and seemingly asks Ryu's permission to use the Red Bull can as sort of a punching bag.

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Karin drops out of top 10 most popular characters, Abigail climbs the best win rate chart in Street Fighter 5 December 2020 online stats

Throughout all of 2020, Street Fighter 5's online statistics have held very closely in line with what we've been seeing as it's hard to see major shake ups this late in the game's life span — especially without big balance changes happening. The fight for the coveted highest ranks has been a close one each month, and now that the Shadaloo C.R.I. has updated with the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition December 2020 stats, we can see that the same can be said about last month.

Combat stats and character usage now shows the latest data over on the website, and while the top 5 spots for both most popular and best win rate remain mostly unchanged from November to December, the spots right outside of that have seen some interesting shifts. Namely, Abigail did better while Karin did worse.

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Daigo Umehara claims that the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition are effectively different games

Before the COVID-19 global pandemic happened, most Street Fighter 5 tournaments were played using the PlayStation 4 version. As competitors are now able to participate in online events using the PC version, players have become more aware of issues that are exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Thanks to the efforts of FGC Translated, we recently got to hear BST|Daigo Umehara's thoughts regarding the differences between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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Balrog goes big brain with this impressively creative punish to F.A.N.G's Critical Art in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Balrog is pretty much always known as a character who rushes fist, and sometimes head, first into battles quite literally, but that doesn't mean those behind the controls can't get creative with how they use him.

Street Fighter 5 player Mopuulapo recently shared an impressive clip wherein they manage to punish F.A.N.G's Critical Art in probably the most big-brained way that we've seen in the game.

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