Punk best Street Fighter 5 player on the planet right now; bests Daigo, Xiao Hai, Xian, Justin Wong, Haitani and others in unbelievable DreamHack run

We've seen some dominating runs and poetic Cinderella stories over the years at major fighting game tournaments, but 18 year old Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley's run at DreamHack Austin may be the most impressive we've ever seen.

Here are the insane final moments of the tournament:

The Karin player actually lost to CJ Truth in pools, making his run to the end of the tournament even longer and more arduous than expected. From there, he went on an unprecedented run wherein he not only defeated some of the biggest names in the business, but often were his sets clean sweeps of 2-0's and 3-0's.

Here's the list of names Punk left on his incredible road to winning his second CPT Premier event in a row:

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DreamHack Austin 2017 results feat. Punk, NuckleDu, Xian, Haitani, Daigo

Updated with finalresults from DreamHack Austin 2017: We've added results for the final day of this tournament, check them out below.

DreamHack Austin 2017 starts today. This is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event with a very strong Street Fighter 5 lineup, and an incredible Smash presence.

Notable Street Fighter 5 players in attendance include PG|Punk, Liquid|NuckleDu, RZR|Xian, GRPT|Haitani, CYG|Daigo Umehara, BX3|Phenom, FOX|Momochi, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, Zowie|GamerBee, RB|Bonchan, EG|NYChrisG, SPY|Filipino Champ, Zowie|Oil King, PIE|Smug, FOX|Justin Wong, Noble|Vagabond, YouDeal|Yukadon, CO|Dogura, CO|Go1, Circa|LPN, RB|Snake Eyez, EG|K-Brad, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Rise|Marn, DNL|Chris Tatarian, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, Stupendous, F3|Alucard, CJ Truth and RN|Alex Myers.

Big named Smash 4 players are TSM|Zero, C9|Ally, FOX|MKLeo, MSF|Larry Lurr, CLG|VoiD, EG|Zinoto, CaptainZack, FOX|Mew2King, PG|ESAM, Locus, PG|MVD, among others.

Smash Melee players feature Alliance|Armada, Liquid|Hungrybox, C9|Mango, TSM|Leffen, FOX|Mew2King, PG|Plup, CLG|SFAT, G2|Westballz, Tempo|Axe, IMT|Shroomed, Tempo|S2J Wizzrobe, PI|Duck, ALG|N0ne, VGBC|ChuDat, SPY|MacD, 20GX|Gahtzu, Liquid|Chillindude, Self|HugS, Liquid|Ken, and many more.

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Four Americans in top 8 at DreamHack, but only two Japanese; how exactly is America closing the Street Fighter gap?

With a Capcom Cup champion and a traditionally uncharacteristic level of major tournament success, the United States is undeniably a stronger force than it ever has been in the Street Fighter scene.

The final eight bracket at the internationally stacked DreamHack Austin includes no less than four American fighters, while only two Japanese players (historically the most dominant when it comes to Street Fighter) remain.

While it's still a little early to be calling Street Fighter 5 "America's game" (representatives of nations outside of the US and Japan like RZR|Xian, RZR|Infiltration and BX3|Phenom are very major parts of this conversation) we do have to wonder exactly what's different after almost 30 years of backseat status.

The answer will surely become clearer over time, but a brief Twitter discussion involving AD|Sanford Kelly, FreeLxJames and Rommaler caught our attention, and we'd like to see if we can't flesh it out further.

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Bonchan, Haitani, Fuudo, Mago, and Tokido list their top seven characters in SF5 - Urien only appears in two players' lists

Not too long ago, many top level Japanese players released their opinions on who they think are the top 7 Street Fighter 5 characters, all at once.

These Japanese players are RB|Bonchan, GRPT|Haitani, RZR|Fuudo, Mago, and FOX|Tokido.

It's worth noting that the top three characters for each player are the same, but in different orders. Beyond that, each player has very different characters for top four through seven.

Meanwhile, Urien only appeared twice in these lists.

Japanese SF5 tiers image #1
Click images for larger versions

Source: Filipinochamp's Twitter.

'Three of us were good' (four in the room) - Mike Ross, Gootecks, Combofiend, and Filipinochamp reminisce the Complexity days in Excellent Adventures

We have a reunion on the latest episode of Excellent Adventures. Gootecks, Mike Ross, Combofiend, Filipinochamp, and a little later, CJ Showstopper all in the same room.

It doesn't take long for Filipinochamp to realize that the old Complexity team has been reunited for this episode. Mike Ross notes that back then, three of them were really good...

While everyone wondered who the fourth person was, Combofiend showed that he still has some tricks in Street Fighter 5 despite most of his time being occupied by working for Capcom.

Click image for animated version

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Don't forget to collect the 6,800 FM that's available this week - here's how to complete 'Sleeping Dog' and other missions

This week, 6,800 fight money is available in total.

Below are this week's missions.

Street Fighter 5 Missions 04/30/2017 image #1
Click images for larger versions

Like the previous weeks, three out of the four challenges are self explanatory and straight forward, while the 5,000 FM challenge is a cryptic one.

This week's repeat challenge is called "Sleeping Dog" and it involves one of the background NPCs once more. Let's cover how it's done.

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Ranmasama just can't get off the ground against Fubarduck while Punk hands out teabags to the crowd... literally - DreamHack SF5 highlights

The second day of DreamHack Austin has now come to a close. We have a few highlights of some of the fun moments that occurred throughout the day.

It's pretty rare to see Ibuki's Kunai Ikkinage be used outside of combos that would end a round. Against RB|Snake Eyez's Zangief, YouDeal|Yukadon found a way to make it work.

Click image for animated version

Fubarduck's reads were on point against GOL|Ranmasama. He was performing R. Mika's anti-air so quickly that it looked like he was grabbing Rashid off the ground (with an anti-air grab).

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Punk teabags are not only a real thing, but apparently they're being handed out at DreamHack Austin 2017

When we're old and earl grey, we'll look back at 2017 and say, "that was the year of teabagging in the FGC."

Though the form of mid-match taunting has existed since probably as far back as the down input was invented, some of Street Fighter 5's best players have made it more prominent in recent times.

One such player is the 18-year-old rising star, PG|Punk. In fact, Punk is so well known for doing this during tournaments that his sponsor, Panda Global, created bags of tea with his face on them.

GEICOGaming and KingLothian shared photos of the teabags over on Twitter, and the latter reports that signed versions of them are being handed out at DreamHack Austin today.

Click images to view the tweets

If you're at DreamHack Austin today, don't miss your chance to get teabagged by Punk! That... didn't sound right, but you know what I mean.

Fun fact: Street Fighter 5's new Capcom Pro Tour-themed costumes are a callback to classic artwork

Earlier this week, Sony and Capcom unveiled a new set of Capcom Pro Tour-themed DLC content that is set to help support this year's tournament circuit. Available now are the two formal costumes for Ryu and Ken, a new color palette for each of the characters on the current roster, and there's still more to come in the future.

While some might believe that these alternate outfits are new designs from the company, that actually isn't the case. The inspiration for the costumes comes from an old piece of promotional artwork that appears to be from sometime during the Street Fighter 2 era.

Cobelcog on Twitter recently pointed out the similarities and believes that the artist is Kinu Nishimura, one of Capcom's main designers / artists. I couldn't find much on the art piece or where it originated from, but based on Nishimura's style, I'm inclined to agree with that assessment.

Last year's CPT costumes for Chun-Li and Cammy were also derived from this artwork, and you can see all four outfits along with the promotional piece below.

CPT 2017 costumes image #1 CPT 2017 costumes image #2 CPT 2017 costumes image #3
Click images for larger versions

The more you know.

PC mods: Overwatch's Reaper enters the Street Fighter 5 battle

At this point, I think it goes without saying that the PC mod community loves Overwatch. We've seen several of the first-person shooter's characters dropped into the world of Street Fighter 5, and another one is added to the list thanks to THEJAMK and SIEGFRIED129.

This time, Reaper takes the place of Nash in battle.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. To check out the footage, courtesy of PC Best Mods, be sure to hit the jump.

Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #1 Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #2 Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #3 Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #4 Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #5 Reaper Street Fighter 5 PC mod image #6
Click images for larger versions

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801 Strider feels Street Fighter 5 is going to be 'even more random' post patch, says he sometimes apologizes for winning with Season 2 Laura

It took a season or so, Gustavo "WFX|801 Strider" Romero is back to his usual top eight bracket ways in Street Fighter 5. At last week's NorCal Regionals, BornFree caught up with the Utah player to discuss all things SF5, and he had plenty to say.

Having caught his stride with Laura, Romero discusses just how strong of a character she has become, admitting that he even apologizes when he wins with her +1 set up after command grab.

Despite Laura's obvious strengths, when asked about tier lists, Strider deemed the Brazilian beauty to be outside of the game's top three characters. He also feels that Urien fails to reach the top five because of his slow anti-air, and thinks Ryu is the game's absolute worst fighter in the current build.

There's plenty more to this fun, lighthearted interview, and you can see it in full below.

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Could Japanese players' Street Fighter 5 remarks have influenced Capcom to change the Season 2.5 patch? We discuss on the Nameless Fighting Game Show

With all the leaks, updates and happenings over the last week, we had a ton to dive into in the latest episode of the Nameless Fighting Game Show.

First off, one more congratulations again to AshleySchaferBMW and riku157 for winning the NCR top eight predictions contest. We'll see if you two retain your bragging rights with DreamHack Austin this weekend. Here are the winners and their picks:

NCR Prediciton WInners image #1
Click images for larger versions

Why exactly did Capcom choose to delay Street Fighter 5's upcoming balance patch? Did they fall behind and simply need more time to generate a good product, or is there more to it than just that?

Japanese player RB|Bonchan had some stern words for SF5's current build in an NCR interview, and we can't help but wonder if expressions like these caused Capcom to hold up and rethink their balance approach. We also discuss the new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay, Ed and place bets for DreamHack Austin.

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Desk releases a video tutorial on the art of... tea-bagging? That needs a tutorial?

You may be wondering why something as simple as tea-bagging might need instructions on how to perform properly. The execution behind this is actually extremely important.

As mentioned by Desk in the video, "if your [bags per second] is too low, you will lose all credibility in your local arcade and all the E-Sports players will laugh at you." This must be avoided at all costs!

Desk showcases methods in which your BPS, or bags per second, can be increased greatly using certain techniques. Yes, there are actually different techniques for tea-bagging.

This video also brings to light a secret tea-bag technique that can only be performed with slowdown in the game's training mode. No human has yet to master this technique...

Click image for animated version

Hmm, it appears as though it's moving too fast for the GIF itself...

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Mika drops her pom poms and Chun lets her hair down; here are all colors and Easter Eggs for the latest costumes in Street Fighter 5

Yesterday's Street Fighter 5 update saw the release of eight new costumes with three different themes: Professional, School and Capcom Pro Tour 2017. We received two for Ryu, two for Chun-Li and then one for Juri, Alex, Ken and R. Mika, with one more en route for Guile at a later date.

We've grabbed high resolution screen shots to show off all of these new getups so you can see them in full before you choose whether to purchase them or not. After you look through, please let us know which are your favorites, and if you're not a fan of any in particular.

Here are the first two colors for each fighter's new costume, with player one showing off the Easter Egg version in each. You'll see the gallery in its entirety after the jump.

Tons O' New Costumez image #1 Tons O' New Costumez image #6 Tons O' New Costumez image #11 Tons O' New Costumez image #16 Tons O' New Costumez image #21 Tons O' New Costumez image #26 Tons O' New Costumez image #31 Tons O' New Costumez image #36

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Bigger brackets, more events, updated regions - the online leg of the Capcom Pro Tour is back and better than ever

Tired of just watching your favorite competitors on weekend streams as they compete for a shot at Capcom Cup? Think you could make it yourself if only given the chance to attend one of these events? The Capcom Pro Tour is back online with more opportunity than ever for players across the globe to try their hand at Street Fighter 5 tournament action.

Capcom has released information on this year's online circuit, which has been heavily refined since last year, and things are looking very exciting for non-traveling competitors in 2017. The company details some of the improvements they've made this time around:

"We’re doubling down on the CPT Online this year with bigger brackets and more events. We’ve also made adjustments to the regions to ensure players are competing against others within reasonable proximity to ensure the best online tournament experience."

We've included the schedule after the jump, as well as a link to sign up for the first event in your region.

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