Street Fighter 5 stories

All characters except E. Honda and Lucia saw representation at EVO Japan 2020's top 128 for Street Fighter 5

Although the Capcom Pro Tour season hasn't begun for Street Fighter 5 Season 5 quite yet, we still had a major tournament take place over the weekend. At EVO Japan 2020, there were nearly 1,500 competitors registered to compete for Street Fighter 5.

One way to gauge the Season 5 meta is to analyze the characters that were the most prominent at events like these. As a result, we've gathered data are the top 128 performing players at EVO Japan 2020.

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Canadian retailer appeared to leak Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's announcement for Nintendo Switch, but Yoshinori Ono confirms that's not real

Street Fighter 5 initially launched on only two home platforms four years ago, but some recent confusion had fans expecting a new console release for Capcom's flagship fighting game in the very near future.

Retailer EB Games Canada sent out a post to their Twitter account yesterday, January 25, telling fans to pre-order Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the Nintendo Switch, which immediately caught the eyes of many, but it turns out that's not the case after all according to both the company and Capcom.

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EVO Japan 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

EVO Japan 2020 is finally upon us, and it's taking place Chiba, Japan.

There are far too many notable players to count, but we've listed some of the notables set to compete this weekend right here: THY|Chikurin, Infiltration, Rohto|Tokido, ROX|Knee, RB|Arslan Ash, Yuttoto, SNB|Fujimura, AMTRS|Score, GW|Zackray, SST|Shuton, Liquid|Nemo, Kyamei, Momochi, BDG|BlueGod, EQNX|Ulsan, RB|Anakin, YOG|Machabo, Keev, Emujima, Mago, CYG|Daigo, Oplon|Skyll, UYU|Double, R2G|Kameme, Yamasa|Nobi, RB|Gachikun, Illusion|LostSoul, CO|Dogura, PG|Shen Chan, Domi, UYU|LowHigh, JDCR, Liquid|John Takeuchi, AMPLFY|Rangchu, NuckleDu, Mekasue, AZ|Kichipa-mu, Tea, KEN, Kuro, TG|Raito, UYU|NL, CO|Fenrich, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Kome, T, SSNO|KojiKOG, ProtoBanham, SNB|Abadango, Lea, Choco, Umeki, Demise|Mr. E, Victrix|Cory Bell and of course many, many more as well.

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Three key questions the Street Fighter 5 community will be looking to begin answering at EVO Japan this weekend

We in the Street Fighter 5 community have been in the excavation phase for a little over a month now as we eagerly try to figure out how changes from the latest update have evolved our game.

While a ton of information has already been dug up and processed, this weekend's EVO Japan will offer a new and important piece of the puzzle as pro players from all over the world will be showcasing what they've found and trying out what they suspect might work when big money and a momentous kick start for the 2020 season is on the line.

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Floe shares his tier list for Season of 5 Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

We have a new tier list from a fighting game player who hasn't been making the rounds all that much in recent times, but has certainly proved he knows his way around the sticks with above average comprehension.

Ari "fLoE" Weintraub spends a good amount of time playing, watching, and analyzing Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition on his live stream, and has developed an early Season 5 tier list based on his findings.

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I fully understand what Street Fighter's fans are hoping for: Yoshinori Ono further addresses concerns about Street Fighter 5's netcode

Concern for the state of Street Fighter 5's netcode is at a high right now as fan-made "fixes" have started surfacing over the past couple of weeks. While the community has been requesting an improvement to the netcode for years now, players are now looking even more to Capcom for action after seeing varied success with Altimor's PC netcode mod.

Earlier this month, Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono sent out a handful of cryptic tweets alluding to the mod. Now, in response to one Twitter follower, Ono has shared a more fleshed out response.

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'Coming from someone who loves Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 5 is very technical' — Gustavo '801 Strider' Romero tells us how to level up

At Capcom Cup 2019 last month, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Gustavo "SB|801 Strider" Romero to talk a little shop during the big event.

Romero is one of the most prominent G players to ever compete in Street Fighter 5, is a three-time Capcom Cup finalist — making it to the big show in 2015, 2017, and 2019 — and was one of the team captains on Season 2 of the North American Street Fighter League. In this interview, Gustavo had much to say about Capcom's latest fighting title, including how players can go about stepping their game up.

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A new Shadaloo Soldier will net you 2,500 Fight Money when he appears in Street Fighter 5 beginning tomorrow

It feels like it's been a while since we've seen a Shadaloo Soldier in Street Fighter 5. Honestly, it's been a while since I've seen Fight Money considering the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition upgrade kit nets you so many of the costumes and colors you'd normally use the in-game currency on.

If you're still craving that sweet, sweet Fight Money, though, an opportunity to grab a nice chunk of change is coming right up. Starting tomorrow, a Low Rank Shadaloo Soldier will become available to fight in the game's Extra Battle mode.

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Congrats to the President of the World and the right hand of the Illuminati: G and Kolin's Japanese voice actors in Street Fighter 5 just married

Gill's secret society seems to be somehow tied into whatever the hell G is doing in Street Fighter 5 though perhaps their fates are even more intertwined now after two of its star players recently tied the knot.

Kazuhiro Yamaji and Romi Park, the Japanese voice actors for G and Kolin, announced their marriage to one another this week, creating one of the most powerful couples in fighting games and the acting industry.

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Is tier whoring more common than ever before due to pro gamers and should developers offer Street Fighter 5 balance patches more often?

The times are certainly changing as monetary stakes at major fighting game events continue to rise and naturally usher professional players toward characters that are going to be the easiest to win with, but should we be concerned about "tier whoring," as it's commonly referred to in the FGC, given the current track we're on?

Especially with examples like iDom and his winning of Capcom Cup 2019 with a combination of mid-tiers Laura and Poison, it's clear the competitive space has not devolved into a top tier fest. That said, with as many Rashids we saw in Season 4 and Abigails, Cammys, and Menats of Season 3, it's worth considering if developers like Capcom should start making larger efforts to balance their games.

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'We are aware of this and are looking into it' - Capcom acknowledges current Street Fighter 5 online turbulence

Street Fighter 5's online realm has been the subject of some controversy lately since Altimor's PC netcode mod started circulating over a week ago. This has created a fairly tumultuous situation for online SF5 players and particularly PlayStation 4 users as it appears to aid connections for those using the mod, but makes things even worse for some of those who haven't/cannot install it.

Considering how much of Capcom's 2020 plans revolve around the community having faith in network play, we've been hoping for the Street Fighter developers to come out with some kind of fix or proposal to get everyone back on the same page. We reached out and got a response that lets us know this issue is on their radar.

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Frosty Faustings 2020 winner, Joey, talks growing as a competitor in the age of fighting game eSports, the best uses for online play, and more

Joseph "DETHRONE|Joey" Porter just took home gold at this year's Frost Faustings, but the Minnesotan R. Mika competitor had already been turning Street Fighter 5 heads over the last year with impressive tournament moments and a top 32 finish at EVO Japan.

He also garnered a good bit of attention by qualifying for the second season of the North American Street Fighter League where he and the rest of Team Storm (801 Strider and Tommy2Step) put on notably entertaining displays of both play and personality. We were fortunate to catch up with Joey during Capcom Cup in December and got to chat with him about his growing presence in the Street Fighter 5 scene.

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Daigo's Guile with V-Skill 2 and V-Trigger 2 takes on YHCmochi's Dhalsim in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

Although CYG|Daigo has been playing a lot of Ryu and Kage during his streams, he's been adamant that he'll be sticking with Guile for tournament play. This seems to give credence to the idea that Guile will be very strong in the Season 5 meta.

SFV Fan has uploaded a video that features Daigo going up against YHCmochi's Dhalsim. This will be a tough set as YHCmochi is currently ranked as a Warlord while Daigo is "only" an Ultimate Grand Master.

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Seth's 4th Tanden Engine showcase reveals what moves the fighter can steal from Birdie, Karin, Zangief and Balrog in Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition

Seth's Tanden Engine was an interesting and unique tool for the largely copycat fighter back in the days of Street Fighter 4, and the move's potential has been shifted quite a bit for their return in Street Fighter 5.

Capcom has been regularly sharing Tanden Engine showcase videos online to reveal which special moves Seth can steal using their V-Skill 1, and the fourth one just dropped today for Birdie, Zangief, Karin and Balrog.

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Teppen's love for the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series continue to shine through its awesome and detailed artwork

Teppen quickly became an easy recommend to people who like / love Capcom's most iconic franchises, and a lot of that comes down to the detail and references packed into the art for characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and beyond.

When you're in battle, however, you don't actually get to see your cards' full artwork until you've finished and have unlocked the playable unit / action, so we put together another gallery detailing some of the best fighting game pieces in the newest The Force Seekers expansion.

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Winner of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at EVO Japan 2020 will only receive special controller, other games' grand prizes range from $4,500-$9,000

The prize money and supplementary prizes have been outlined for EVO Japan 2020's main stage games. No matter how well players perform at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event that will be held there, it's likely that everyone there will be competing at a loss of expenditures.

Funnily enough, it's been revealed that first place will receive a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Don't worry though — a golden Smash mark is included on the controller.

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Sako: If I picked Menat against Kage, I'm going to look like a bully... the match up isn't designed for Kage to win in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

FAV|Sako is often regarded as one of the best Menat users in the world for Street Fighter 5. He is also known for pulling Kage out at tournaments every now and again.

Notably, Kage has received a plethora of interesting buffs during the Season 5 update. As a result, some players believe that Kage may have the potential to really impact the meta during the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour season. In a recent video uploaded by FGC Translated, Sako notes how the match up is still skewed in Menat's favor.

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