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List of reported balance changes for the Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition PlayStation Experience build

During the PlayStation Experience, Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition was available to play for those present. It's very important to understand that the build that was present was specifically made for the event -- which means that this is not the final build.

Given, every change that has been reported is very much subject to change. We won't truly know what balance adjustments have been made into sometime in January (before the release of the update).

While no official list of changes have been logged, many top level players were present. These are individuals who know their characters very well.

DeadAceBS has compiled the notes of those who have noticed changes. He obviously stuck to reliable sources.

For example, Mago noticed differences with Karin. As a small sampling of how detailed this information is: standing medium kick is -4 on block (down from -2) and also has a start up of 8 frames (up from 7).

Corner throw loops appear to be universally removed from the entire cast. Hit the jump to check out the video.

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Nemo's last chance run, Daigo's crazy reactions, Itazan's disgustingly good call out; Capcom shares their top 5 moments from Capcom Cup

Though it's already been a week since Capcom Cup 2017, much of the Street Fighter community is still on a high from a weekend chocked full of intense bouts and exciting reveals.

Capcom Fighters has gone back through the tapes and selected their top five favorite moments from the weekend, which was quite the task considering how many epic sequences we saw.

From AW|Nemo's run through the Last Chance Qualifier to the unbridled action of the top eight finals, we revisit moments that took us to edge of our seats (and sometimes completely off them).

Not only did established top players bring out all the expected stops, but breakthrough performances by rising competitors like AAG|DidimoKOF and the incredible RISE|MenaRD made for an event that wound up being even better than we could've predicted.

CYG|Daigo's prepared approach, FOX|Tokido's demonic lock down, Mena's insane grand finals run and more round out this wonderful reliving of one of the greatest events in SF5's lifespan thus far.

We won't spoil too much here, but we will share one of the boldest reads from the top 32 bracket with you as we watch DNG|Itazan throw caution to the wind and bet his tournament life on an aggressive forward jump despite being a touch away from death:

Click images for animated versions

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You're not as hype for Cody in Street Fighter 5 as Kenny Omega is

The Street Fighter crowd was already more than happy to see Sakura announced immediately after the conclusion of Capcom Cup last Sunday, but in a triumphantly surprising turn of events, Capcom proceeded to announce the five other characters coming in 2018 as well.

Two newcomers inspired plenty of speculation, and three old favorites (we use that term loosely with Blanka) sent most of us into an excited frenzy. One of these returning fighters was Cody Travers, who also happens to be a personal favorite of professional wrestler Kenny Omega.

Omega hasn't been secretive at all about his love for Street Fighter, appearing on Excellent Adventures and attending CEO multiple times. While you might think Kenny would be more about promoting himself more within the confines of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but that's not what you'd get from a first glance at his Twitter right now.

Instead of using them to further highlight his current back and forth with Chris Jericho, (there's still plenty of that on the rest of his feed) Kenny's banner and bio are concerned with the return of the handcuffed brawler from Metro City.

We nabbed one of the pro wrestler's tweets about Cody, (you can view it by clicking the thumb below) and also noticed he's hoping for Cody to have a high execution barrier and "the tightest links possible," despite SF5's relative ease in this avenue.

That beautiful art of Kenny in the banner comes from Kyobashi, by the way, so be sure to check out more of their beautiful art on their Twitter page. The banner itself was designed by New York's Finest/a>.

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Vesper: 'It looks like Arcade Mode will not be awarding Fight Money,' streamer recaps and speculates on Extra Battle Mode reveal in Street Fighter 5

We were officially made privy to the details of Street Fighter 5's upcoming Extra Battle Mode back on Thursday evening, and the news has the community excited, mostly.

Vesper Arcade has read through the information and brings us an easily digestible video recap to ensure that we know about everything that's changing one this front come January 16th.

Perhaps the biggest draw of Extra Battle is opportunity at exclusive crossover costumes. Other Capcom figures such as Viewtiful Joe and Captain Commando will get some Street Fighter 5 limelight as certain characters will be able to don these recognizable outfits if certain requirements are met.

Players will be chancing 2,500 FM per week to attempt challenges that, if they successfully complete, will earn them one of these new costumes each and every month.

Vesper is "very concerned" about the fact that many of the single player modes that currently grant Fight Money will no longer be financially rewarding for players.

Though we don't know for certain yet, this trend leads Vesper to believe that the upcoming Arcade Mode will also not be awarding Fight Money, as it seems it would fall into the same category as Survival, Trials, Story and the other single player modes.

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NEC 18 early results, streams ft SonicFox, ChrisG, XCaliburBladez, Dragon, MrKwiggle, MarlinPie, Theo, JB, LostSoul, WhiteBoi, SperoGin, Flux and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 1 results.

The annual Big E event Northeast Championship is taking place this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in its latest installment NEC 18.

This is a big event for many games, and will have the finals of this year's Dead or Alive 5 Battle Royale, so that's definitely something to look forward to.

Besides Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, games being featured are Street Fighter 5, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Injustice 2, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st], BlazBlue: Central Fiction, King of Fighters 14, Pokkén Tournament DX, ARMS, Windjammers, Skullgirls: 2nd Encore, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and a few other games depending on entrants.

Notable players attending include FOX|SonicFox, EG|NYChrisG, UGS|XCaliburBladez, ALG|Dragon, MrKwiggle, PG|MarlinPie, FOX|Theo, SB|JB, PAG|LostSoul, RNG|WhiteBoi, vS|SperoGin, Method|Flux, Circa|JoeyD, Circa|ForeverKing, Noble|iLuusions, PG|Coach Steve, FSD|Teru Rock, TSB|Mynus, PG|RayRay, SYN|Rojikku Reigns, ON|Vicio, GXR|Hoodless, NG|Obscure, DC|LazieFreddy, OniJin, PAG|Grover, FSD|Rikuto, NS|Ludovic, UGS|BlackmoonrisingX, ITS|Maknificent and many more.

With 5 games having around or more than 100 entrants, there's going to be a lot of action going on no matter your game of choice, so tune in to the action.

Streaming is being done at Bifuteki, Funky P, KPB Live, Kombat Network, Team Spooky, TSB Blaze and Atari FGC.

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ESports team jerseys could make great DLC costumes in fighting games

Wouldn’t it be neat to see your favorite fighting game players’ characters decked out in their team colors? That’s exactly what happened at this year’s Overwatch World Cup, which took place just this November.

Each character sported the attire of their respective nation. It was easy to tell who was on what team, which might have been necessary for such a game.

While many other esports-centric titles boast team-related paraphernalia, fighting games differ in this respect. Games like Smite and Overwatch have multiple characters on screen at a time, which can get confusing for casual viewers, making team uniforms something of a welcome necessity. Fighting games are a 1v1 affair, which makes it easy to tell competitors apart from each other.

While Capcom has honored top Street Fighter players with custom costumes, such as Liquid|NuckleDu’s Capcom Cup costume for Guile, team-related wear within Street Fighter 5 is nowhere to be found. Such a venture might go over more easily in fighting titles like Tekken, where character customization is more readily accessible, and options range from subtle, simple accessories to large items, like inner tubes.

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Zowie Fighter World Cup Finals results ft. Moke, NL, MisterCrimson, Packz, Infexious

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There've been a few Zowie events going on concurrently with the Capcom Pro Tour where players have qualified for a chance to battle it out in the 16-man finals taking place this weekend.

These finals are taking place in Taipei, Taiwan.

It's a Street Fighter 5 event, though there are also other games for players to enjoy at the venue.

The finalists partaking in this top 16 bracket are Ponos|Moke, SPZ|NL, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, Method|Packz, exceL|Infexious, SD Pnoy, OG|Shine, EnVyUS|NassimClaw, Epsilon|Linkexelo, exceL|Brian, DNG|Tachikawa, Leslie, Brook|WildTaiwanese, FightClub|UD, OG|Joe Shyne and Carzydog.

There's a big prize pool to partake in, with a whopping $35,000 up for grabs, with 1st place grabbing $15,000 of that for themselves.

Streaming will be done at Zowie Fighter.

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Yoshinori Ono: We're grateful that Street Fighter 5 has surpassed 2 million units sold, and is now approaching 2.5 million

Only a month ago was it reported that Street Fighter 5 had sold 1.9 million units. It was very close to reaching its year one target sales.

As we all know, Street Fighter 5 had only sold about 1.4 million units by the time it was expected to have sold 2 million. According to Yoshinori Ono, it has now reached that goal almost a full year later.

Recently, Yoshinori Ono had an interview with 4Gamer, a Japanese website. Some interesting details were revealed here.

4Gamer had asked Ono about how differently characters were revealed compared to last year. After answer, Ono talked about the sales numbers of the game.

"We're grateful that Street Fighter 5 has surpassed 2 million units sold, and is now approaching 2.5 million, and in order to preserve this heat from the fans, we need to meet them with the same level of heat ourselves," said Ono. "That's what led us to doing the announcement this way."

Despite this, the sales numbers on Capcom's Platinum hits list does not currently reflect this:

Street Fighter 5 sales numbers image #1
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8,600 Fight Money up for grabs in this week's Street Fighter 5 Missions

Street Fighter 5's missions return this week, and players can earn 8.600 Fight Money by completing all four.

The missions here are pretty standard, although the casual match wins could take some solid effort to get through.

Looking at this week's list, we see that the missions are repeats once again. As always, there are three straightforward challenges and one that requires a bit of digging.

"Blunder Bus" is the cryptic mission and though it is one that we've already seen before, we'll be telling you how to complete it as a recap and an "in case you missed it."

Street Fighter 5 Season 3 officially begins on January 16th, 2018 -- the same day Arcade Edition is released. With six new DLC fighters to purchase, you'll want to harvest all of the Fight Money you can.

Check out the list of missions below.

Street Fighter 5 missions 12-15-2017 image #1
Click images for larger versions

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A quick look at the 30th anniversary stage? G might stand for 'Gold'? The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition reveal has some tidbits you may have missed

Perhaps the biggest reveal in Street Fighter 5 history took place last weekend after Capcom Cup as Sakura, Blanka, Sagat, G, Cody and Falke were simultaneously announced for 2018.

Though the community is still on cloud 9 with hype, we've begun regathering our wits and can start looking with a bit more scrutiny at all the details included in the trailer.

BornFree has already taken the reveal under the microscope, and has created a video with some very interesting observations, as well as his general reactions.

Pausing on the Japanese city street scene, we actually see a ton of little references that are hard to notice when things are going at full speed.

We see references to Final Fight, Mega Man and the unique-looking Blanka that Yoshinori Ono was holding just before announcing the trailer at Capcom Cup on Sunday.

We dive into some intriguing speculation about newcomer G, who appears to have golden tattoos of various continents on his arms. Check out the video and let us know your own speculations in the comments.

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EventHubs weighs in on MenaRD's Street Fighter 5 Capcom Cup 2017 victory in our latest round table

Saul Leonardo Mena Segundo, better known in the fighting game community as RISE|MenaRD, claimed the Capcom Cup 2017 title this weekend. After two days of facing off against the best Street Fighter 5 players in the world, Mena secured the trophy by defeating fighting game legend, Hajime "FOX|Tokido" Taniguchi.

Of the other 31 competitors at the Capcom Cup, Mena only ever suffered a loss to Tokido -- going 3-2 in winners finals. Along the way, Mena took out several A-list players, including AW|Nemo, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, CYG|Daigo, GGP|Kazunoko, and more.

In grand finals, the Birdie player reset the bracket with a clutch 3-2 win, then proceed to take the tournament win 3-1 over Taniguchi.

The grand finals sported a very interesting player match up. On one side was Mena: an 18-year-old competitor whose competitive fighting game career began in 2009, but rise to prominence came about in Street Fighter 5 -- a game just under two-years-old. On the other side sat Tokido: a seasoned veteran across numerous fighting titles who is revered as one of the five Japanese gods of Street Fighter.

Mena is a relatively new face in the world of competitive Street Fighter, whereas Tokido has a legacy that is rivaled by few. Because of this, many believe that a similar sentiment can be expressed about each competitor's playstyle.

After Capcom Cup's conclusion, some fans expressed a disregard for Mena's win, saying that what was displayed in the grand finals wasn't conventional Street Fighter play. This claim was only magnified by the fact that a legend of the sport -- one who has proven to have a masterful grasp of "traditional Street Fighter" -- was sitting across the stage.

Many of these same claims extended to the point of deeming MenaRD's victory illegitimate. But like all things debated, there were a variety of different opinions on this matter.

Today, the EventHubs staff is weighing in. Was MenaRD's Capcom Cup 2017 win legitimate? Here's what we think.

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Street Fighter 5's new Extra Battle Mode offers new costumes, new challenges and all new ways of obtaining Fight Money

More big news from Capcom today as details on the upcoming Extra Battle Mode have been released.

This new mode will be coming with the Arcade Edition update in January, and will give more reason for users to play Street Fighter 5 regularly as each week will offer a new challenge.

These won't be without risk, as players will need to fork over 2,500 FM in order to attempt these challenges, though there's no guarantee you'll be successful.

Those who complete all four tasks will gain access to special cross over costumes currently unavailable through any other avenues.

Players will also no longer be able to gain FM from Character Stories, the General Story (A Shadow Falls), Trials, Survival, and Demonstrations as of January 16th, so those that have yet to nab in game cash from these are urged to do so now.

Here are a few screen shots from Extra Battle Mode, including some of the new outfits we'll be able to fight for, and you can read more details about these updates after the jump.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #1 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #2 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #3 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #4 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #5 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #6 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #7 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode screen shots image #8
Click images for larger versions

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Maximilian: Is Capcom on the brink of ascending to 'CapGod' status?

"It's been like seven years, since [Capcom] have been making good decisions." Maximilian calls it as he sees it, but also acknowledges that the game development company very well may be finally returning to a place of huge success, similar to years past.

Recent times have appeared rocky for Capcom, especially in the fighting game department. Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter 5 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite have had quite a few problems, and while Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was a fan favorite, sales didn't reflect similar sentiments amongst the general public.

Coming home from the PlayStation Experience, Max lists off the recent (and potential) successes that Capcom has in Mega Man 11, Resident Evil 7 (and its new DLC), Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Devil May Cry 5 (not officially announced yet), Street Fighter 30th Collector's Edition, Resident Evil Remake 2, Monster Hunter World and the DMC HD Collection.

The potential here is through the roof, and while Max doesn't deem them quite back to "CapGod" territory, he's definitely entertaining the idea that we may be on the brink of an all new high for the company.

Max also brings up MvCI in the sense that it still could become a success if Capcom handles things correctly from here on out. A certain "is Marvel dead" sentiment has been making the rounds in the FGC, but the popular streamer is still holding out hope that the situation can be rectified and turned around for the better.

You can check out the talk from the stream in the video below (somewhat NSFW warning because of language) and then let us know if you think Capcom is headed in the right direction with its recent moves.

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Has one of Street Fighter's most powerful characters become a mayor? Looking over Cody's past and what the AE trailer tells us

At Capcom Cup 2017, we got to see a glimpse at what's in store for us, character-wise, for the upcoming year. Two brand new characters, G and Falke, remain mysterious, while classic popular characters Sakura, Blanka, Sagat and Cody will be joining the fray throughout 2018.

To me, one of those characters is not like the others. Anyone who knows me knows that I played almost exclusively Cody nonstop ever since Super Street Fighter 4, only dabbling ever so slightly with Poison as a sub character when Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched.

As one of my favorite characters in the Street Fighter series, I was obviously excited to see the brief glimpse we got of Cody in the trailer, but it also opened up a lot of questions and mixed feelings.

Why has he changed so much? What will his personality be like? What will his fighting style be like if he's not wearing the handcuffs?

You'd think that there isn't much to extrapolate from such a small showing of the character, but there's actually a lot the video tells us about Cody that could be relevant to understanding his place in the story, and perhaps even what will be happening to his gameplay.

Let's take a look at what Capcom have let us know, and what we can theorize about, regarding the Street Fighter 5 iteration of the famed Final Fight protagonist Cody Travers.

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MenaRD takes home $250,000 (nearly 12 million in his home currency) after wowing the world with Capcom Cup victory

For most all Street Fighter history, Japan has been the country to beat. Last year's Capcom Cup win by American player Du "Liquid|NuckleDu" Dang led community members to question if it was finally the stars and stripes' time to reign, but last weekend's Capcom Cup turned the narrative on its head, mainly thanks to eighteen year old player from the Dominican Republic, Saul "RISE|MenaRD" Segundo.

Mena's Street Fighter 5 career had shown promise already, as he'd appeared in multiple top eight brackets in the Capcom Pro Tour and even defeated CYG|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara at CEO 2017 with a cherry on top taunt during their set.

That said, there were few that gave the DR competitor much of a chance in the 32-player Capcom Cup bracket filled with nothing but the absolute strongest fighters of 2017. What's more, Mena plays Birdie, a character that has seldom seen much success in tournament circuits.

Most fantasy brackets likely saw Mena fall to 2013 EVO champion RZR|Xian in round one, though he'd wind up winning that set with a close 3-2 decision. Up next would be Capcom Cup 2015 champ, GGP|Kazunoko, whom Mena defeated 3-1.

His next opponent? A rematch from CEO with the most celebrated fighting game player of all time, Daigo, with the winner advancing to the top eight bracket and Sunday finals.

Though it would go down to the wire, here's how this nail biter set finally concluded:

Click image for animated version

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Should Capcom change the priority system in Street Fighter 5? Commentator Sajam offers some interesting thoughts

While Street Fighter 5 has seen its fair share of successes over the last two years, there are plenty of people who still perceive holes in the general gameplay.

Capcom has reduced the input lag by a few frames, and is bringing all new V-Triggers for the sake of diversity amongst players who use the same characters, but another big topic that doesn't seem to have yet been addressed is the game's priority system.

Lights don't out prioritize anything, mediums beat out lights, and heavy attacks reign supreme if they clash with any other strength move. It's here that some players take issue, as many heavy attacks grant a massively damaging Crush Counter if they're performed during the start up of another move.

Famed Wednesday Night Fights commentator Stephen "Sajam" Lyon offered his two cents on this discussion topic during a recent streaming session.

Many times we've heard sentiments as simple and broad as "just take out the priority system," but as Sajam explains, such a change would require quite a few more frame data alterations in order to maintain any semblance of balance in the general gameplay.

Give his talk a listen via the video below, and let us know if you agree with him or not in the comments.

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Japanese eSports attempt to bypass strict gambling laws in 2018, potentially setting up the country to reach new levels of gaming success

Especially in the fighting game genre, Japan is revered as one of the absolute strongest regions for competitive video game play. Unfortunately for many Japanese players, their home country has a ton of strict gambling laws that mute the potential for eSports in the region.

2018 may see a major change in this, as Japanese Esports Association (JeSPA) is looking into something of a loophole that would allow players to locally participate in events similar to the Dota 2 finals held in Seattle earlier this year.

Yuji Nakamura, a Bloomberg tech reporter in Tokyo, has tweeted out the first information we've heard on this matter, explaining that Japan will be issuing professional eSports licenses as a means of bypassing these laws.

"One unintended obstacle is a quirk of Japanese legal language that has lumped video games together with gambling ever since yakuza gangs turned to video poker in the 1980s as a money-maker," mentions Nakamura.

Considering the household fighting game players that hail from Japan (CYG|Daigo, FOX|Tokido, GRPT|Fuudo to name a very few) it's a bit surprising to realize that their nation's eSports scene is being stifled in this way.

The implications here are pretty massive however, as removing this hurdle from Japanese gaming could mean all new highs from the already impressive scene. Here's Nakamura's tweet about the new licenses:

Click images for animated versions

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