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Street Fighter 5 stories

The top 5 best and worst DLC launch performances across Street Fighter 5's history

It feels admittedly pretty weird that after nearly 6 years and 29 DLC character launches, Street Fighter 5 has reached the conclusion of its main content support.

The game has seen plenty of ups and downs over all of that time, and a lot of that is reflected across SF5's five seasons of DLC fighters where some showed up ready to make a splash — and others not so much.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2021 North America East 2 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

We're approaching the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 season (as well we should, since we're already in 2022) and the penultimate event is happening this weekend, focusing on Eastern North America for its second CPT outing of the season.

Notable players participating include PG|Punk, XSET|iDom, END|Shine, BC|Arturo Sanchez, UYU|Kami, THG|Ogyawn, Space Boy, GG|FluxWaveZ, Lil' Evil and many more.

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These are the Street Fighter 5 characters who saw the most play during the stacked Capcom Pro Tour North America East event

After arguably Street Fighter 5's most interesting competitive year to date, the Capcom Pro Tour season is now in its final stages with the penultimate event going down this weekend.

North America East's second qualifier is raging through the top 8 right now with one of the most stacked regions in the world, and there's been quite an interesting spread of characters showing up to play too.

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Broski makes Oro look disgusting in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition compilation

Although Oro became a highly anticipated character following his Street Fighter 5 Season 5 announcement, Oro players are actually rare to see due to the perception that the he is overall weak in the current meta.

Despite this perception, Broski has been putting in the time and making the hermit work. Fight Club TV recently uploaded a video that highlights Broski's Oro in a compilation of his matches.

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Street Fighter 5 player wins over the crowd and new fans by using Gundam's best ever quote for tournament intro

Without in-person events, the Capcom Pro Tour has been trying to keep things interactive by allowing players to create their own pre-match statements for their opponents, and some competitors are having a lot of fun with that feature.

During his first top 16 match of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 North America East 2 today, Space Boy certainly won the crowd over by quoting the best and most memorable line from Mobile Fighter G Gundam — and arguably the entire franchise as a whole.

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Update: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is celebrating Street Fighter's 35th anniversary in a fun way

Update: Nintendo has confirmed the Street Fighter 35th anniversary event is now available worldwide, and there's additional information added to the original story below.

In case you didn't feel old enough already about Super Smash Bros. Melee being old enough to buy a beer this year, Street Fighter is reaching a much larger milestone in 2022.

Nintendo announced tonight that they too will be joining in the celebrations for Street Fighter's 35th anniversary via a fun event coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a few days.

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Daigo Umehara remembers the time he told Yoshinori Ono that Street Fighter 5 was boring

Street Fighter 5 has come a long way since its turbulent release back in 2016. Over the years, Capcom has been steadily improving the game by adding new modes, adding new features, adjusting the balance, reducing the input lag, improving the online play and more.

Upon launch, Street Fighter 5 was met with a lot of critical reception from casual and hardcore fans alike. It seems that even BST|Daigo Umehara believed the game was boring when he first played it. In a recent stream, Daigo recounted the time he told Yoshinori Ono himself that he thought the game was boring.

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Do you more prefer Khainsaw's Poison or Roxy cosplay?

We recently featured a cosplayer named Khainsaw showing off her takes on Cammy and Chun-Li, but are back again to show off two more (okay, maybe one and a half) of her amazing attires.

Today we're featuring Khainsaw's Poison and Roxy, two characters originally from Capcom's Final Fight that have made their way into Street Fighter (Poison on the roster, Roxy in the story).

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iDom shares his latest Street Fighter 5 tier list including Luke

Street Fighter 5 has reached its roster limit as Capcom has now implemented every last one of the game's 45 total characters, and Capcom Cup 2019 champ, Derek "XSET|iDom" Ruffin, has offered the internet his tier list opinions on all of them.

The game's newest character, Luke, is definitely turning heads at the moment as he's come out of the gate red hot and performing very well. See where iDom places him as well as his go to main characters, Laura and Poison, below.

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Artist imagines what Street Fighter's Ryu would look like as a Guilty Gear Strive guest character

Modern fighting games are no stranger to adding guest characters to their playable rosters. Typically saved for DLC slots, these outsiders can come from different video game franchises, movies, comic books, and pretty much anywhere else cool characters reside.

Arc System Works' current mainstay fighting title, Guilty Gear Strive, doesn't have any guest fighters among the cast right now, but one fan has gone and drawn up what Street Fighter's Ryu might look like if he were added to the game.

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Punk responds to being called the villain the FGC deserves, the possible savior of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and more in Button Check interview

His skills are unquestionable, but the same can't always be said of his etiquette. Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley has been making waves at the highest levels of the competitive fighting game scene for the last half decade, and though he's known to be a little rough around the edges at times, he tends to invoke more of a sense of charm than chastisement from the community.

Regardless of if he's whiff punishing in Street Fighter, Roman Cancelling in Guilty Gear, or pulling off touches of death in Dragon Ball FighterZ, a lot of hype and a little drama tend to follow Punk. After a few recent major exhibitions in the latter title, we've seen some start to call him DBFZ's potential savior. Others have been calling Punk "the villain the FGC needs," in a reference to 2008's The Dark Knight. Wondering how Punk himself feels about all this, Ernesto Lopez Jr. of Button Check decided to set up an interview.

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One of the most satisfying things about high-level fighting games that's really hard to explain to the layman

High-level, competitive fighting games are often referred to and compared to a speedy, intricate game of chess. Much like the classic board game, you have to plan your moves in advance and know your opponent's tendencies to be successful, and in fighting games you have the added element of executing the moves to worry about as well.

When playing titles like Street Fighter 5, I find myself continually coming back to and dwelling on one of the most satisfying aspects of high-level fighting games, but I've traditionally found that it is really tough to explain to someone who isn't familiar with how things work. Thinking several steps ahead and constructing a scenario where your play works out exactly as planned isn't easy to do, but it's one of the best feelings ever in fighting games when it's successful.

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Where does Luke rank on Street Fighter 5's tier list right now?

Luke has been out for about a month and a half now, which means we're starting to get a decent idea of where he might land on Street Fighter 5's overall tier list. The 45th and final character has been very popular, garnering almost 12% of the overall attention players gave to the roster in December.

It seems fairly unanimous that Luke is a relatively strong fighter in SF5, but just how good is he? Perhaps he ranks in the top 10? Maybe even in the top 5? We aim to get as clear an idea as possible (as well as offer some of our own opinions) on this week's show.

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HiFight's latest Just Frame Breakdown analyzes chaotic Street Fighter 5 match between Tokido's Urien and Kawano's Kolin

HiFight has recently released a new video for his Just Frame Breakdown series. In this match up, Rohto|Tokido's Urien takes on HB|Kawano's Kolin at Kemonomichi 4's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament.

As the video begins, we already see that Tokido is in a tough spot as Kawano has a significant life lead over him. Not only that, but Tokido is also trapped in the corner.

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We can't decide whether Khainsaw's Chun-Li or Cammy cosplay is more beautiful

Her takes on Tracer, Squid Games guards, and even Borat got us intrigued, and once we started scrolling on gorgeous cosplayer Khainsaw's instagram page, we stumbled upon a handful of drop dead gorgeous takes on two of Street Fighter's most popular characters: Chun-Li and Cammy.

She kicks us off with a side by side of both ladies in some of their most traditional gear, and even prompts her followers to let her know which character she suits better. We then start getting into some alternate looks.

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Luke's launch is the 2nd best in Street Fighter 5's history but his feat is arguably more impressive

Street Fighter 5 is done seeing new character releases with the close of Season 5, but did they manage to go out with a bang?

That certainly seems to be the case considering Luke had the 2nd best DLC launch in SF5's history although one can easily argue he should hold the crown.

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Desk shows us some of the rarest and most bizarre combos in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 is closing in on its sixth birthday (this February 16) but you might be surprised to find there are a whole mess of combos you've likely never seen before... unless, of course, you have the same kind of creative mind Desk does.

Our favorite combo connoisseur is back with a new video wherein he pulls off even more bizarre SF5 combos than he already has over the past half decade, most of which feature larger characters with especially wide hit and hurt boxes.

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