Game Over Tournament 2017 results, stream feat. DR Ray, Flash, Mono, Lord Knight

Updated with results: This story has been updated with results from Game Over Tournament 2017.

A Capcom Pro Tour ranking event kicks off today in the Dominican Republic.

Game Over Tournament 2017 will feature GAM|DR Ray, Flash, Nacer, Mono, TS|Lord Knight and additional players.

The live stream and schedule can be found below.

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'Rather than playtime, it's better to play in a good environment to level up' - Fuudo shares wisdom, stories and a day in his pro gamer life

If GRPT|Fuudo decides to start playing a fighting game, it's a safe bet to say he'll be one of the best in the world at it. The Japanese player is known for his skill at Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5, but he's also astonishingly good at games in other genres.

In their recent documentary "The Life of a Pro Street Fighter," IGN follows a day in the life of Fuudo, and gets an insider's look at the top tier player's history, day to day gaming life, practices and gaming philosophies.

Though a professional at fighting games, Fuudo spends considerable time with other genres, and contributes the majority of his life to gaming in general. Check out IGN's mini documentary below for a full look at this most interesting FGC figure.

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Javits challenged the Street Fighter 5 community to K.O. Akuma in just two hits... they did... with 14 characters thus far

We recently saw a Street Fighter 5 sequence in which FOX|Tokido's Akuma was KO'd in just two touches. As one might expect, the community reacted with pitchforks aimed at Balrog's damage output.

Javits quickly found that Rog was not the only character capable of doing this to Akuma, (who we should specify, has the lowest vitality in the game at 875) and posed a challenge on Twitter for players to "Kill Akuma in 2 combos - 1st combo has to be a jump in combo using any resources. 2nd combo has to start from a light attack."

The internet gladly obliged, and we have footage of no less than 14 characters doing just this:

Click images for animated versions

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Street Fighter 5 servers down for maintenance until 12:00 a.m. PDT

We just received word via the Street Fighter 5 Server Twitter that the game is now offline and will be for the next eight hours.

Capcom has been known to occasionally bring servers back online before the projected maintenance end time, so there's a chance we won't have to wait the full eight hours.

Do fans really want story characters in Street Fighter 5? Vesper takes a closer look at the alleged Taylor leak

Street Fighter 5 marketplace banter this week has been rich with topics since Capcom announced details on a CFN update, but fans were quickly distracted away from confirmed changes when a possible character leak popped up on Friday.

Urien's voice actor, Bill Rogers, included voice actor Dave Fennoy and non-playable character, Taylor, in a tweet meant to give a nod to his fellow Street Fighter 5 voice actors. Seeing as Taylor was the odd character out, (and considering the character has been on people's radars as a possible Season 2 character) the internet exploded, screaming "LEAK!" at the top of its metaphorical lungs.

Rogers went on to explicitly say his tweet was in no way a leak, a claim we'll be able to confirm or shoot down soon enough, but perhaps more importantly than the alleged leak itself, was the community response to the idea of Taylor being a DLC character.

He fits the bill in that he's never been playable in the SF universe before, and he's made a few appearances in the game's story mode, (albeit not to the degree of Kolin.) Vesper recaps and takes a closer look at the situation, essentially asking if fans are at all hype at the idea of this character. As it feels right now, the answer seems to lean toward "no."

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Daigo confirmed to be switching back to Guile for the ELeague

According to Jiyuna, BST|Daigo is confirmed to be switching to Guile from Ryu in Street Fighter 5. We'll be able to see Daigo's Guile in action this upcoming weekend at the ELeague event.

Click image for Jiyuna's Tweet

This, despite previously stating that playing Guile made him unhappy. This change likely comes as a result of his lackluster tournament results due to trying to stick it out with Ryu.

For me personally, I'm happy to hear that Daigo will be playing a character that better suits his abilities rather than a character that was clearly holding him back since the nerfs.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

Sent in by: Johhny Ryzen. Photo Source: Stephanie Lindgren.

'If it worked once, it's gonna work twice, it's gonna work three times... until you show me it doesn't work' - LI Joe on the Excellent Adventures

Gootecks, Mike Ross, James Chen, and LI Joe continue their run in ranked mode on the latest episode of the Excellent Adventures.

Encouraged by LI Joe, James Chen repeated a combo against his opponent who was obviously expecting a grab.

Click image for animated version

Meanwhile, Mike Ross and LI Joe incorporate a special... teamwork session?

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EventHubs readers agree with Luffy that tournament sets should be 3/5 instead of 2/3

Update: The results are in! Hit the jump below to check them out.

Earlier The 2017 Capcom Pro Tour kicked off with Final Round 20 last weekend, and though the tournament format for Street Fighter 5 is slated to remain 2/3 games up until 3/5 in top eight, a few top players have expressed they'd like a change.

French player and EVO 2014 champion RB|Luffy took to Twitter earlier to list off the reasons he'd rather tournaments be 3/5 all the way through. This quickly caught the attention of fellow Capcom Cup 2016 compteitor SPY|Filipino Champ, who couldn't agree more:

Three of Five image #1
Click images for larger versions

Though this isn't all that new a debate topic, we do have a full year's worth of Street Fighter 5 experience under our belts now, and perhaps that's given us a bit more wisdom on the matter. We've created a poll for you to let everyone know what your thoughts are.

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What exactly does Alex need to make him work better as a character in Street Fighter 5? Seasoned player CoolKid93 shares his opinions on his faults

Alex hasn't been the most prominent character in Street Fighter 5 since his induction, neither in Season 1 nor what we've experienced so far of Season 2.

Although Alex has some buffs coming up in April, which is always nice, as an Alex player myself I often feel as if Capcom don't quite understand the character's strengths or weaknesses.

But hey, don't take my scrubby word for it, one of North America's best Alex players, CoolKid93, has made a video specifically detailing what he feels doesn't work about Alex right now, and what he'd like to see change about the character.

For his insight into this Street Fighter 3-era warrior, continue below to check out his video.

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'The new CFN server updates mark a new beginning for playing SF5 online' - what exactly are we hoping to see from this much anticipated update?

The recent blog post from Capcom Unity promises an excited community "a new beginning for playing Street Fighter 5 online," and looks to tidy up quite a few odds and ends that have left players with a feeling of want thus far in the SF5 experience.

Part of this update promises more detailed statistics tracked and presented on player profiles, as well as an in-game announcer voice that will provide players and opponents with stats using data pulled straight from the server.

Before the game even dropped last February, we knew Capcom was planning to present player stats in a more detailed and significant way than they ever had before in previous fighting game titles. When the game actually dropped, we saw what looked like only a shell of their intentions come to fruition.

It looks as though that could all be changing very soon.

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Kenny Omega gets his own highlight video! Watch as the wrestling superstar shows off his Alex in impressive form

He may not be a favorite to win EVO, (yet) but professional wrestling superstar Kenny Omega has a damn impressive Alex in Street Fighter 5.

Not only does Kenny offer the magic of a real wrestler playing as a wrestling-based character, but he's got some pretty awesome moves with a character that's regarded as fairly low tier. Xuses has created a highlight video for Kenny's Alex, showing off some of his coolest and hypest moments from online play.

Check out this slick sequence wherein Kenny mauls a Chun-Li player:

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 off to a stronger start than expected in 2017? BornFree and Velociraptor discuss on Nameless Fighting Game Show

Street Fighter 5's initial launch had its ups and downs, and while the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour was surely an overall success on many fronts, it wouldn't be fair to discuss it historically without bringing up the handful of issues fans took with convoluted rules, somewhat repetitive character appearances in latter brackets and a very rock Final Round 19 to kick off the year's Premier events.

Much of 2016's Tour was a learning process as Capcom delved into new avenues and tried new approaches, some of them more fruitful than others. Speculation for the 2017 Tour took a somewhat negative turn when the community began seeing the game's Season 2 top tiers emerge, and expectations of a Urien, Laura, Balrog and Guile fest became more and more prevalent.

Final Round 20 kicked off the 2017 CPT, and things could not have gone much better for Street Fighter 5 and the Pro Tour. The tournament ran well, the action was exciting and not filled with perceived top tiers, RZR|Xian wowed the world with his Ibuki and the whole event left a rather sweet taste in figurative mouth of the FGC.

Though not part of the Pro Tour, South by Southwest took place just one week later with similar exciting results, prompting us to think Capcom may have set things up efficiently for 2017. On the Nameless Fighting Game Show, BornFree and I examine specifics, share takeaways and talk significance of kicking things off on the right foot.

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'He's of course stronger in this version, and I’m very happy about that. To be honest, I’m very excited to try him!' - Xian on F.A.N.G.'s changes

Continuing on with getting the opinions of top Street Fighter 5 players, I decided to reach out to Xian on his impressions of the upcoming patch.

Xian is a professional player that is experienced with both F.A.N.G. and Ibuki. As a result, I've asked him questions pertaining to his opinions regarding both of these characters.

We also briefly talk about his recent tournament win at Final Round 20.

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Alex Myers creates a match up chart for Cammy in Street Fighter 5

Cammy is turning out to be one of the better characters in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5. The character is widely considered to be top tier among the top players.

RN|Alex Myers, a professional Street Fighter 5 player, has created a match up chart for Cammy. Kolin is noted as being a question mark as the character still hasn't had a lot of time

Alex Myers's Cammy match up chart image #1
Click images for larger versions

What do you think of these match ups? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Source: Alex Myers's Twitter account. Photo source: Chris Bahn.

Capcom almost went with a photo realistic look for SF5; presentation highlights the artistic goals for SF5

Not too long ago, a Capcom presentation was given that explained the art direction of Street Fighter 5. A lot of the decisions were actually made for the sake of gameplay and allowing players to be able to follow said gameplay.

For example, it was noted that the team initially pursued realistic proportions during the development of Street Fighter 5. This, however, turned out to be really hard to read and follow during actual gameplay for both players and spectators.

This has been a practice since Capcom made pixel games too. You can see how exaggerated Yun's arms were since those were important for displaying where his attacks were being placed on the screen.

It is also important that characters and their themes are memorable and can be interpreted within a fraction of a second. Tiny details such as a 5 degree difference in a camera angle can make a big difference here.

(For the record, no, the art direction of Ken's and Akuma's hair are not elaborated on).

Street Fighter art direction and themes image #1 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #2 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #3 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #4 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #5 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #6

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