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Punk now sponsored by Team Reciprocity

Punk has announced over Twitter that he's now sponsored by Team Reciprocity. This comes after the recent news that many notable fighting game professionals, including Punk, were released from Echo Fox.

Notably, this is a player that is often recognized for his extremely fundamental based play style in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. For some time during Season 2, Punk was widely considered to be the player to beat for many top competitors.

He managed to come in second place during the Street Fighter 5 tournament at EVO 2017, losing only to FOX|Tokido. Had he won the event, he would've been the first American player to win a major Street Fighter EVO tournament

Punk is often recognized for the way he utilizes Karin in Street Fighter 5 with his heavy emphasis on footsies. Having said that, he's also been known to pull out characters like Cammy, Guile, and Akuma which really demonstrates his versatility when it comes to competing with multiple fighters at a high level.

In 2017, he entered the Capcom Cup tournament as the number one seed as a result of his performance that year. He had a total of 3,080 points whereas the second seed — Tokido — had 2,125 points.

As of right now, Punk is currently qualified for the Capcom Cup 2018 event at the end of the year as the 27th seed. Currently, he has 603 points. While his performance this year hasn't been as dominant as 2017, this is most certainly a competitor that shouldn't be underestimated.

Punk sponsored image #1
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Other source: Capcom Pro Tour standings.

How should Capcom change Necalli in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 so that people actually want to play him again?

There's no doubt that Necalli is still a strong character, but after losing some of the more gimmicky assets such as throw loops (save for back throw in V-Trigger) and anti-air jabs, we more or less saw a mass exodus away from the ancient warrior as players saw better options in other characters.

We still have a few high tier tournament players using Necalli these days as NVD|Phenom, Surugaya|Machabo and Brolynho still break him out in competitive arenas, but many, including Japanese god FD|Haitani, don't seem to see all that much potential in him any longer.

With a command grab, a dive kick, a very scary jumping fierce punch, good damage output and one of the best V-Triggers, it looks like this should be one of the top characters in the game on paper, so what's exactly holding him back?

In broad terms, he does most everything decently, but nothing amazingly. Characters that can out-reach him with safe pokes essentially force him to guess his way in, and that's not fun for anybody.

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Capcom plans on heavily investing in eSports in 2019 by creating its own division and increasing Street Fighter prize pools

In 2018, almost every large fighting game developer / publisher is running their own pro circuit for one or more titles, but none so far have managed to match the clout of the Capcom Pro Tour with Street Fighter leading the way for fighting game eSports.

Capcom began their adventures with the Capcom Cup over four years ago where it has grown and evolved to the point where winners take home hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it appears that the company wants to push into eSports even more.

The company released their Integrated Report for 2018 going over all of their financial information from the past year for investors and detailing what the company is planning on doing with their money, capital and intellectual properties next.

Towards the end of the report, Capcom states that they are looking to expand their reach in the fighting game and eSports markets by creating their own internal division meant to open up new opportunities for their brands and the Japanese markets in particular.

"Next year, in order create business opportunities in the eSports market, and to invigorate the domestic market in particular, we will establish a specialized eSports division and leverage fighting games, such as Street Fighter, which has a high affinity for eSports," wrote Capcom.

Capcom plans on increasing prize pools for events in the future as well as sponsor more events though all of that will reportedly come a high price for the company's bottom line.

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Missed the Devil May Cry or Ghosts 'n Goblins Street Fighter 5 costumes the first time? Now, they're all coming back to Extra Battle and a new bundle

Until recently, if you missed one or more weeks of playing Street Fighter 5, you almost assuredly missed out on one of the game's special Extra Battle costumes introduced with the Arcade Edition expansion. Now, they appear to be coming back around again.

Capcom announced today that the Ghosts 'n Goblins costumes for Ryu and M. Bison plus the Devil May Cry crossover costume for Laura will all be returning to Street Fighter 5's Extra Battle mode this week as well as part of a new costume bundle for those who don't want to wait another 4 weeks or spend Fight Money to get them right away.

These special crossover costumes turn Ryu into Arthur — boxers included, M. Bison into Astaroth and Laura into Gloria. All three outfits' respective first Extra Battle mission will be available again beginning on October 19th for the standard cost of 2,500 FM each and will get their other three missions in the weeks to follow.

Like the previous Monster Hunter costume re-release, these three costumes will also be available to purchase as part of a bundle including the two other Devil May Cry costumes, which turns Ken into Dante and Ed into Nero, for a total of five costumes together.

This new costume bundle will also be available on the PlayStation Store and Steam on October 19th though pricing details have not been announced yet.

If you want to know more about the costumes' colors and Easter egg variants for the outfits coming back this week, you can check out our galleries of all five of the costumes below.

Laura's Gloria costume colors image #1 M. Bison's Astaroth costume image #1 Ryu's Arthur costume image #1 SF5 Devil May Cry costume colors image #1 SF5 Devil May Cry costume colors image #6 Laura's Gloria costume colors image #2 Laura's Gloria costume colors image #3 Laura's Gloria costume colors image #4 Laura's Gloria costume colors image #5

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What does Alex need to stop being considered a joke in Street Fighter 5 Season 4?

Alex is one of the biggest fan-favorite characters in Street Fighter 5, but we don't get to see him too often... because he's considered one of the weakest characters in the game for a multitude of reasons.

Season 4 of SF5 will be here before we know it, so now is the time when everyone comes out to express what changes they hope to see going forward after witnessing how Season 3 / 3.5 has evolved for individual characters and the meta overall.

VesperArcade is back with a new video detailing their wish list of changes and improvements they'd like to see for Alex in Season 4 after being essentially a non-factor in 2018 while discussing why Capcom appears to be wary of making any grappler character among the top tier — except for maybe R. Mika.

Before getting into what they hope to see going forward, Vesper first goes over the nerfs that Alex has faced since Season 2 that appear to go against his design philosophy of a neutral-heavy grappler by slowing most of his long-reaching pokes.

They feel that Capcom should buff his neutral pokes back to at least Season 1 status including all of his medium buttons when most of them aren't special cancellable anyway, as well as make his anti-airs better like changing normal Air Knee Smash to a proper anti-air instead of relying on its EX version that doesn't leave you in range for a follow up.

Time will tell if Capcom decides that Alex needs any more buffs beyond his continually improved lariat, but you can check out VesperArcade's full video after the jump to see how they feel Alex could be "fixed" in 2019.

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Unless you're Sakura, these sketches from ChefBoyRLee are sure to crack you up

We're used to seeing fighting game characters bruising and beating each other up to within an inch of their lives, but every so often you have to take a break from the daily grind for a new perspective on life.

That brings us to ChefBoyRLee, a New York based Alex/Karin player who also has a knack for putting pen to paper and bringing to life the comical scenes concocted in their head.

Today's gallery is a collection of doodles that will almost certainly bring a smile to your face. It sees fighting game characters (mostly from Street Fighter) in some non-fighting situations.

Ibuki and Sakura face the trials and tribulations of public transit, which are especially difficult when Birdie (at least that's who we assume it is) is sitting one seat over and facing the other direction.

In step with her rich girl nature, Karin prepares for a Pro Tour Championship tennis event while Alex embraces the phrase that he's become quite familiar with since his release in Street Fighter 5.

Check out the full gallery here and let us know which of these doodles from ChefBoyRLee are your favorite and why in the comments.

ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #1 ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #2 ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #3 ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #4 ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #5 ChefBoyRLee Gallery 02 image #6

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Better zoning or stronger rush down? How should Capcom balance Sagat in Street Fighter 5 Season 4?

This actually is one of the harder characters to have this conversation about. We're beginning the end of 2018 and Season 3 of Street Fighter 5, and thusly starting to speculate on how Capcom will be going about their yearly balance patch for next year's (still unannounced) Season 4.

Sagat made it onto Street Fighter 5's roster only two months ago, so we've had less time with him and fellow DLC fighter G than anyone else on the Character Select screen.

While The King certainly retains his brutally satisfying air and move set, his abilities in Street Fighter 5 have many players ranking him amongst the mid to low portions of the collective tier list.

The highest authority on this topic in terms of competitors has to be the great RB|Bonchan, who is famous for using the character back in Street Fighter 4 more efficiently than anyone else on the planet.

He offered his thoughts to UYU|BornFree back in September, but labeled him as "pretty weak overall" and "worse than Nash."

We also got a take from LU|Alex Valle earlier this month with some details on how he'd make Sagat a bit better. Check them out here and then read on to get our two cents on the matter:

Valle on Sagat image #1
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Crucial SEAM finishes from four separate players have shaken up the Capcom Pro Tour standings, the global ranks of Street Fighter 5 have shifted

It seemed as though Capcom Cup was slipping away from a few notable players in recent weeks, but this weekend's happenings saw some crucial victories that have shaken things up quite a bit at the lower end of the qualification spectrum.

Twenty six people get into the Capcom Cup via the Global Leaderboard, but that number can grow to include up to the 31st ranked player if the winners of the four Regional Finals events and the current reigning champion all place in the top 31.

In other words, spots 27-31 are all shaky ground as players in these five ranks have the potential to qualify, but could be knocked out by the five auto qualifications the Pro Tour offers.

There were some major shifts this weekend as the Asia Regional Finals concluded and some big time points were handed out thanks to the Premier-status South East Asia Major event.

The list of variables to consider has shortened as there are now only two Regional Final spots left, and Asia Region players are more than happy that it was Gachikun (currently at 15th on the Global Leaderboards) who took up the Asia Regional qualification spot.

This means the highest ranking player from the Asia Region who is not qualified via Global Points will get in, and there's a heated race with such players in places 28-31:

Cup Standings 10/15 image #1
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Buenos Aires True Salt 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Even though the Capcom Pro Tour is nearing the end of its run this year, we're not quite there yet.

This weekend, another CPT-designated event is taking place, this time in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, so points are still on the line, and since we're nearing the end, they're more important than ever before.

Besides Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, this event will also feature tournament play in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

As for players participating, you can expect to see Furia|HKDash, Umbrella|Dark, AAG|Pr3da, 2DR|YoungHou, Misterio and many more.

Streaming is being done at UAFG.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's under performance more than made up for by Monster Hunter: World as Capcom's consumer sales soar 32% over last year

Though peppered with a few noteworthy victories, it had been a somewhat turbulent last year or two for Capcom in the fighting game department.

Street Fighter 5 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs while Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite failed to become the smash eSports hit many imagined and hoped it would be.

That said, the company has actually seen an incredible 16 billion yen upswing in its consumer sales numbers from last year. That's more than a $142 million increase, and more than double the kind of growth garnered from 2015-2016 or 2016-2017.

One could argue that this was a group effort from Capcom's healthy list of gaming titles, but the overwhelming majority of this success is thanks to Monster Hunter: World, which released in January.

"Monster Hunter: World, the latest title in the flagship series, significantly contributed to increased profitability by delivering record high sales of 7.9 million units..." notes the 2018 integrated report. "... on the other hand, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite delivered a certain level of sales, primarily overseas owing to deep-rooted popularity, but under performed overall."

The implications of such financial prosperity expand well beyond the single IP of Monster Hunter, and, as the sub header says, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Check out the consumer sales chart below to see this year's vast increase as well as previous years' performance and next year's predictions:

Capcom Consumer Sales image #1
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Falke becomes Ivy Valentine, Menat becomes Futaba Sakura and more in these alluring Street Fighter 5 mod stills

We've got some beautiful Street Fighter 5 screens shots from various modders around the web compiled by Ryu Hoshi for your viewing enjoyment.

In honor of Soul Calibur 6 releasing in just a few days, Falke becomes Ivy Valentine in bookend images for our gallery.

Menat also makes a few appearances in different costumes as she becomes Futaba Sakura from Persona 5, Halloween Felicia from Darkstalkers.

These gorgeous stills wouldn't be possible without the skilled modders that created them, so if you like what you see here then be sure to check out Addysun, Khaledantar666, TiggieWhite and BrutalAce's home pages.

I'm sort of torn between Ivy Valentine and "Kitty Karin" for my personal favorite, though there's something that's sort of endearing about Chun-Li in Mai Shiranui's attire.

Give our gallery a look through and let us know which characters are your favorites and why in the comments below.

Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #1 Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #2 Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #3 Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #4 Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #5 Ryu Hoshi Gallery 02 image #6

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'If we took Season 1 Ryu and put him in Street Fighter 5 now, would he even be good?' - Vesper Arcade shares his wish list for Ryu in Season 4

I actually had a conversation with a local fighting game friend just yesterday about how bad of a character Street Fighter's poster boy is in this fifth iteration of the franchise, and he specifically noted that the Season 1 version of the character would only be mid tier in the game's current landscape.

For those who may need a refresher, S1 Ryu was amongst the absolute best in the game as his high damage output and throw loops made him a real force to be reckoned with.

We're nearing the end of the year and Street Fighter 5 fans are expecting to see a new update proposal any day now from Capcom. As the face of Street Fighter, we're hoping Ryu gets a little better as he's been laughable low on the tier lists for quite some time now.

Vesper Arcade shares his wish list for the shoe-less wanderer in one of his most recent videos, and actually brings up that same topic as he entertains the idea of how Season 1 Ryu would fair in Season 3.

If I could personally select a buff for Ryu, I'd make his low forward consistently able to combo into his fireball. If he were able to control the space in front of him with this kind of tool, I think opportunities would open up in other areas as well.

Perhaps a farther-reaching low forward would be in order too, as you really do want the character that everyone associates with your game to viable, and perhaps a little better than just mediocre on the tier list. Read on to see all of what Vesper had to say on the matter.

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Fujimura punishes the 'take the throw' meta, Fuudo gets perfect on Tokido, and Gachikun proves Rashid is still a threat

The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Open Premier event at SEAM Major 2018 wrapped up yesterday. That doesn't mean the action was done for the weekend though.

While there were no points on the line, RZR|Xian, AB|Chuan, CYG|Fuudo, FOX|Tokido, Gachikun, FD|Fujimura, UYU|NL, and FAV|Sako went at it for the Asian Regional Finals.

A number of these players are among the best in the world. We've got highlights to showcase from this yearly event.

"Take the throw," they said for Street Fighter 5. That's because the possible damage from being opened up by a shimmy is extremely high in this game.

During a round against Sako, Fujimura really took advantage of this trained mindset by throwing him four times in a row. This was enough to stun Sako for a round finishing combo.

Did you notice how Sako used the back throw for the fourth and final throw? This throw causes 200 stun instead of forward throw's 120.

Click image for animated version

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SEA Major 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

SEA Major, formerly known as South East Asia Major, is taking place this weekend with its 2018 installment in Singapore.

This is a massively stacked event by all metrics, the full details of which you can find in our official preview, but let's do a quick recap here.

SEA Major 2018 is the Asian finals of the Capcom Pro Tour as well as hosting an Open Premier, meaning you effectively get two Premier top 8s for the price of one at this event. It's also a Master Event for the Tekken World Tour and a Saga event for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Besides those prestigious qualifications, it's also a ArcRevo Pro Tour qualifier for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction on top of that. There will also be a pre-release tournament for Soul Calibur 6 at the event, so look forward to getting a good look at high level play in the title before its release next week.

Players attending include FOX|Tokido, FOX|SonicFox, Mouz|Problem X, GGP|Kazunoko, UYU|Qudans, FAV|Sako, CYG|Fuudo, Kkokkoma, CO|Dogura, UYU|Jeondding, UYU|OilKing, UYU|NL, CYG|Daigo, FOX|Justin Wong, TSM|Leffen, FOX|Dekillsage, Gachikun, Ponos|Moke, EG|NYChrisG, Yamasa|Nobi, AR|Book, RZR|Xian, PG|Speedkicks, PG|Nakkiel, COOASGAMES|Noroma, Yamasa|Take, UYU|Fergus, ESE|RunItBlack, DNG|Tachikawa, Acqua, RB|Tanukana and many, many more.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Anime Illuminati and Team Spooky.

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Street Fighter 5's Arcade Edition expansion restored the trust of fans and recovered the brand says Capcom

Street Fighter 5 had what many would call a rocky launch with broken online servers, eight frames of input lag and poor user reviews, but Capcom has stuck with the game for over two and a half years updating the title with new content on a seemingly monthly basis.

The game is in a much better place content wise and playability wise than it was early in 2016 with a new update coming later this month to hopefully bring down Street Fighter 5's input delay even further, and it appears that the developer and publisher still has much in store for the game in the future.

Capcom released their Integrated Report for 2018 today for investors and the company early this week to detail the video game publisher's growth and it's strategy for continuing their success into the future. Street Fighter imagery is even used throughout the cover and opening pages of the report showing off a number of pictures from Capcom Cup 2017.

Along with other major titles like Monster Hunter, Street Fighter receives its own section in the report titled "Rebounding from Adversity: Combination of Ongoing Updates and eSports Significantly Grows User Base" where they discuss Street Fighter 5's poor launch, how they've turned it around and where the brand is going in the coming years.

Capcom acknowledges the 'disappointing' release of SF5 hurt the game and its image though they feel that their continued updates may have saved the brand as a whole and rebuilt some trust with the community. They also lay out some potential plans going forward for their flagship fighter to expand its appeal including making things cheaper and branching out further with eSports.

In their report, Capcom states Street Fighter 5 was "based on the development concept of [a] 'reboot' following a rethought approach to game creation aimed at enabling a wide range of users to play the game."

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Sonic Boom vs. Critical Art, a crazy demon and an unstoppable Rashid - SEA Major 2018 Street Fighter 5 top 8 highlights

Another premier Capcom Pro Tour event has concluded, therefore a competitor was awarded an additional 700 CPT points for the Capcom Cup tournament at the end of the year. The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition competition at SEA Major 2018 has wrapped up with an ending that most probably wouldn't have predicted — there is still the Asian Regional Finals though.

Since there were so many points on the line, we saw the presence of many top competitors aiming for first place. We've already seen the highlights that led up to the top 16 portion of the bracket. Now it's time to see what happened during the top 8.

The remaining players were FOX|Tokido, CYG|Daigo, FOX|Justin Wong, Mago, FAV|Sako, NASR|BigBird, CYG|GamerBee, and DNG|Itabashi Zangief. We've got another batch of highlights to show off.

First up, let's talk about Tokido's match up against GamerBee. Loser goes home while the winner would face off against BigBird who was waiting in the grand finals.

Both players were about equal in terms of their remaining life. The next big read was likely going to win this match (and the set if Tokido achieved this).

GamerBee opted to go for an EX Hooligan into a dive kick. Unfortunately, Tokido's reactions were just too fast. He parried the attempt and finished off what was left of Cammy's health bar.

Click image for animated version

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Cammy, Rashid, Ibuki, Akuma, Menat, and Laura were the most popular in the top 64 of SEAM 2018's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament

SEA Major 2018 is this weekend's stacked premier Capcom Pro Tour event. As you can imagine, this tournament attracted some top tier talent from across the world.

The competitor who achieved first place for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition received 700 CPT points. Players like FOX|Tokido, CYG|Daigo, Mago, FOX|Justin Wong, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, FAV|Sako, Gachikun, FD|Fujimura, AB|StormKubo, CYG|Fuudo, UYU|NL, Mouz|Problem X, and many more were participating.

It's time to see which characters were popping up the most frequently in the top 64 of this event. We've been able to narrow down who everyone was playing up to that point, so there aren't any unknowns to worry about.

Would you be surprised to hear that Cammy saw the most usage within the top 64? No? The theme of many Cammy players continued in SEA Major 2018.

After Cammy, Rashid and Ibuki saw the greatest quantity. While Cammy had eight players using her, Rashid and Ibuki had six users each.

Of course, there were zero competitors that made in into the top 64 with Ryu, Nash, Zangief, G, Blanka, Juri, or F.A.N.G. In fact, nobody used a Season 3 character in the top 64.

Hit the jump below to check out the number of competitors per combatant in the top 64.

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