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Street Fighter 5 stories

Street Fighter 5 season 5 review

The fifth season of Street Fighter 5 is finally upon us and, now that we've had this version of the game for a full work week, we're getting a much more vivid idea of what this latest evolution offers both in terms of the fresh content and updated gameplay.

After a year with Champion Edition's 40 character roster, Dan Hibiki (and technically Eleven) has increased the number of fighters we can choose from. On top of this, the game's basic feel and flow is already starting to feel somewhat different thanks to the much needed addition of a brand new defensive mechanic: V-Shift.

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From desyncs to phantom V-Triggers, here's how Necalli has been glitching out since Street Fighter 5's recent Season 5 update

Street Fighter 5 changed drastically on Monday as the first major Season 5 update brought with it a new mechanic and updated balance for the entire cast, but all is not quite right amongst the world warriors.

Capcom made a fairly major alteration to Necalli, namely that his upgraded state in V-Trigger 1 is no longer infinite and sees him to return to his regular state after a certain amount of time. While this surely adds an interesting new facet to the character, it also seems to have brought some glitches along with it.

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Japanese Street Fighter 5 players have seemingly already mastered Dan's 'Saikyo Ultimate Style' infinite in the training room

It didn't take long for Desk to discover an infinite for Dan in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition following the Saikyo Ultimate Style master's release. Even for Desk, this combo is said to be quite difficult as it requires extremely precise spacing in the corner to get multiple reps going.

Although Dan is probably a weak character overall, he might as well be the best in the game when you have the enemy trapped in the corner during this combo string — assuming you've somehow mastered this difficult interaction.

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Street Fighter 5 Season 5 patch coming that fixes 'Mono' sound, Necalli desync, Dan teleport bug and more

Street Fighter 5's Ver.6.001 title update went live late Sunday night and opened up the doors to the start of Season 5's content. Along with DLC character Dan, new balance changes, a new stage, and a new mechanic came several in-game bugs that have been causing unintended behavior and interactions for players.

Capcom has announced that another patch is en route and will be aiming to fix several of the issues we've been seeing this week with Season 5. This update is expected within the first week of March.

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Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Dan review: A return that stays true to the character's legacy, but with a lack of power to match

The official inauguration of Street Fighter 5 Season 5 took place earlier this week bringing with it new balance changes, a new mechanic, and new characters to enjoy. Of the two additional characters to join the roster — Dan and Eleven — the former acts as a full-fledged fighter, while the latter is essentially a random select option with a cool skin and voice added to it.

Naturally, I've taken some time to explore what all Dan has to offer now that he's made his grand and wacky return to the world of Street Fighter. While the Street Fighter Alpha alum is oozing with personality and fun, right out of the gate it's seeming like he isn't all that strong when it comes to combat — though there might be hope for his competitive future.

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'I want to make other people into memes now' - Punk wins multiple tournaments using only Dan days after the Saikyo master released in Street Fighter 5

Dan Hibiki finally graduated from his status as a joke character with his latest incarnation in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and he proved as much by one pro using him to win two different tournaments this week.

PG|Punk managed to win The Online Local's OnlyDans tournament and Next Level Battle Circuit's SF5 bracket while defeating some of the biggest names in the game along the way with Saikyo style.

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Nemo releases Street Fighter 5 Season 5 V-Shift tier list

Now that Street Fighter 5 Season 5 has been in the hands of the masses for a few days, players are beginning to share their thoughts on new fighter Dan and the game's new mechanic, V-Shift. While the defensive maneuver isn't shaping up to be exactly what fans expected from the pre-release footage, V-Shift is certainly proving to have useful applications.

During his latest live stream, Liquid|Nemo sat down to put together a tier list that ranks V-Shift for every character on the roster. What you can expect to see here looks a lot different than what a standard tier list would show, but there are some interesting takeaways to be had.

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Have the mighty fallen? We discuss how nerfs and V-Shift might affect Street Fighter 5's Seth, Akuma, Urien, M. Bison, and Rashid in Season 5

We've been exploring Street Fighter 5's latest update for a few days now and are starting to see the new picture a bit more vividly as Season 5 brings a ton of potential change to the game.

The newly added V-Shift mechanic is already affecting the meta, but we've only just begun. Catalyst and I discuss some particulars here, and then examine how it and the nerfs given to Rashid, M. Bison, Akuma, Urien, and Seth seem to be affecting these top tiers of Season 4.

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Dan Hibiki's story prologue in Street Fighter 5 pays homage to Street Fighter 2's world map

Dan Hibiki is the latest character to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster. As the Saikyo Ultimate Style master is considered to be a joke character, hilarious antics are expected from his story prologue.

At one point in the story, there's a need for Dan to fly from Japan to Brazil. To showcase this, Street Fighter 5 pays homage to the world map shown in Street Fighter 2.

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Street Fighter 5's active playerbase doubles on PC following Season 5's launch to make it the most popular fighting game on Steam

Street Fighter 5 finally got to freshen up quite a bit this week after a year of no updates of substance, and it appears as though the move to Season 5 has worked wonders to get more people back in the door.

On PC at least, Champion Edition's active playerbase has doubled from where it was at last week — and triple where it was in October — which currently makes it the most-played fighting game on the platform according to Steam Charts.

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One of Dan's attacks features a glitch that can make him teleport in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Dan Hibiki's legacy up to this point was pretty much always that of a joke character, but he is an actual threat in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition though some of the reasons for that seem to be unintentional.

We previously reported on Dan's ability to perform an infinite combo in SF5, and now it looks as though his jumping light punch is glitched in such a way that can cause him to teleport under fairly simple to set up situations.

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Nerfed defense, but buffed offense? Will Akuma's changes here in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5 finally balance the beastly top tier?

Akuma has enjoyed the benefits of being one of the most troublesome characters in Street Fighter 5 thanks to his seemingly bottomless well of perks and abilities that, relative to the rest of the cast, have allotted him a ton of privileges. As such, he was one of the first roster members we and many others zipped to when the latest patch notes dropped to see if the overly powerful demon got his wings sufficiently clipped.

We'll have increasingly vivid answers to that question in the coming weeks and months as we explore Street Fighter 5's fifth season firsthand, but already do we have some intriguing early hints as to Akuma's future here in the final chapters of SF5. Let's take a look at the changes Capcom implemented on paper and pair it with early impressions of the potentially game-changing new V-Shift mechanic to get an idea of where the mighty almost-demon will land.

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Latest Street Fighter 5 patch is unplayable for blind gamers as a result of changing the sound from stereo to mono

Capcom's Street Fighter series is often praised by blind gamers for the sound design. Even in Street Fighter 5, blind gamers are able to have a good awareness of what's happening during a match by simply listening to the sound effects.

Unfortunately, Capcom's latest patch for the game has undone this as a result of the sound changing from stereo to mono. This has effectively made the game unplayable for blind gamers.

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Dan has a special taunt Easter egg that triggers by tea-bagging in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Tea-bagging has become a somewhat popular trend in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition thanks to players like NuckleDu and PG|Punk. It can sometimes be hilarious to see the reaction you get out of players by simply pressing down repeatedly.

Dan, the master of the Saikyo Ultimate Style and best taunter in Street Fighter 5, apparently has a fun Easter egg that triggers by tea-bagging. By repeatedly crouching at a rapid pace, Dan will perform a taunt that's unique to this action.

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Nearly every complaint I've had about Ryu's design in Street Fighter 5 has seemingly been addressed in the new patch

It's been a rough road for Ryu users in Street Fighter 5. Though Ryu was considered to be a serious contender in Season 1 of Street Fighter 5, the nerfs that he suffered from Season 2 has resulted in Street Fighter 5's Ryu being the butt of jokes for about four years now. Looking back, Ryu was mostly only a top tier in Season 1 thanks to the existence of his now removed throw loop, anti-air jab and his meterless, fully-invincible Dragon Punches — tools that no character should have in Street Fighter 5 at this point.

For the longest time, it felt like Ryu was designed differently from the rest of the cast. "Ryu is balanced, but he exists in a broken world," was basically the universal analysis about Ryu. It felt like Ryu was suffering from some major design problems that were being actively ignored for years. To my astonishment, Capcom has seemingly addressed nearly every gripe I've had about Ryu in Street Fighter 5 with the latest balance update.

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V-Shift isn't looking like the get out of jail free card we feared it might be here in Street Fighter 5's Season 5

The day of reckoning has finally arrived as the Street Fighter 5 community now officially has its hands on the first Season 5 content drop, and is excitedly excavating away at the balance update, newcomer Dan Hibiki, and perhaps the most intriguing of all new additions: the new V-Shift mechanic.

We got our first sighting of V-Shift just under two weeks ago and have been speculating at the fresh defensive tool ever since, developing a somewhat anxious combination of excitement and trepidation while considering its potential. We took straight to training with V-Shift to get an early idea of how it might affect the meta, and are happy to report it looks to be a useful, but relatively tame, new mechanic.

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Potential infinite combo for Dan in Street Fighter 5 discovered seemingly instantly by Desk

Street Fighter 5's long awaited fifth season officially began to roll out last night as Dan Hibiki was added as the first of five new DLC characters, and, almost immediately, creative combo master Desk discovered what looks to be an infinite loop.

The series is mostly comprised of crouching and standing heavy punches paired with fireballs, but thankfully isn't as easy as it appears when performed on screen. Desk has yet to max out the combo meter with it, but notes that he believes he'll be able to with a bit more time (aka, more than 20 minutes in training mode).

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