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Street Fighter 5 stories

Rose's in-game demonstration reveals new details about her special moves in Street Fighter 5 like her scarf changing colors for different buttons used

In just seven days, Rose will be gracing us all with her presence in Street Fighter 5 after years of rumors and speculation though, we've got some new footage to help keep our fortunes looking bright for the time being.

Capcom just released some of Rose's in-game demonstrations for Champion Edition, which details a few of her special moves and reveals new information about each that wasn't explained during the Spring update.

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iDom releases his Season 5 tier list for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Players are still busy digging into the new possibilities that the Season 5 update brought with it into Street Fighter 5 though they're getting a lot more comfortable with sharing their thoughts on how the expansive roster is looking here in 2021.

Capcom Cup champion iDom has now released his new tier list for Season 5 of Champion Edition, which has one of his mains in the top five along with some big shake ups compared to how he saw the game a year ago.

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Dan is the second-least picked DLC character in Street Fighter 5's history but don't worry he's also currently losing the most too

Now that Season 5 has been available for almost two months in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we can get a better sense as to how the update has impacted the game, and there's some new hard data to look at as well.

Capcom released the March character usage and combat statistics for SF5 as the first full month of Season 5, which revealed that the Dan army has certainly not taken the game by storm — and he couldn't be much further from that.

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Phenom left hilariously perplexed after crazy scramble by Ibuki in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

For any human, it's probably impossible to be able to perfectly block and counter every mix up that comes along in a fighting game like Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition 100% of the time. Every now and again, even the best players in the world will get "schmixed."

NVD|Phenom was recently seen using Ryu against a Master ranked Ibuki player. In the uploaded clip, both players were basically evenly matched. Eventually, the Ibuki player went for a bold play that caught Phenom off guard.

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Should we lose ranking points in online fighting games?

Playing fighting games online can often times being a stressful yet rewarding experience though adding ranked play to the mix is sure to tip the scales more in favor of the former for many.

As someone who gets more nerves playing ranked fighting games than in actual tournaments, I often find myself asking 'would it be better if we didn't have points taken away from losses online?'

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Daigo, Tokido and Fuudo discuss how they approach juggling the 'mental stack' of information in fighting game matches and what's important focus on

Fighting games are often described as a chess match with physical execution placed on top, which leads to players needing to juggle a ton of information and possibilities at any given time during a match.

Pro Street Fighter 5 players BST|Daigo Umehara, Rohto|Tokido and BST|Fuudo recently discussed how they approach this "mental stack" to decide what they focus in on in the midst of intense matches.

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Rose's offensive tarot cards from her V-Skill 1 apply debuffs on guard but they aren't unblockables in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Quite a lot of information was revealed about Rose during Capcom's Spring Update stream for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. With V-Skill 1 equipped, Rose has access to four different tarot cards that come with varying effects.

Though Rose's V-Skill 1 appears to be kind of random, two out of four of her tarot cards can be thrown as an offensive projectile. Should the tarot card connect with the opponent, then it will apply a debuff. What's interesting is that the effects of the card are applied even if the projectile is blocked.

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Tragic loss turns to comedy gold thanks to the classical music Phenom has playing during Street Fighter 5 stream

One of the best players to ever compete in Street Fighter 5, NVD|Phenom, is a go to source for entertaining stream clips. While he's often spotted pulling of ridiculous whiff punishes and amazing comebacks, even the greats fall from time to time.

While using his M. Bison against a Grand Master Laura recently, Phenom thought he sniffed out the perfect place for a sly super. You can probably already gather that things did not exactly go his way this time, and the classical music playing during the stream lined up absolutely perfectly fit the feels and underscore the heartbreaking loss.

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Despite what you may be hearing online, no, C. Viper is almost certainly not going to be Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's final DLC character

One of the interesting side effects of Street Fighter 5's Spring Update event this past week was that it got the fighting game community talking about the final DLC character planned for the title again though one seemed to be brought up more than anyone else.

After watching the broadcast, some fans were immediately convinced that Season 5's fifth fighter would be none other than Crimson Viper, but unfortunately the arguments for that being the case don't seem to hold water for multiple reasons.

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Oro seems to be taking extra pages out of Master Roshi's book for his design in Street Fighter 5 though they may both tie back to Japanese mythology

Oro has long stood out among the cast of Street Fighter's wide range of fighters for his age and unique abilities though there's at least one other character from a different popular series that he seems to share quite a bit in common with — especially now.

The Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5 this past week finally showcased Oro's new design and gameplay which further cemented his connection to Dragon Ball's Master Roshi, but just how deep do those ties go?

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Animist's video on how he made the Street Fighter's Chun-Li vs. Red Bull can will really make you appreciate the intricacies of stop motion videos

Back in March, we witnessed a Chun-Li action figure beating up the Red Bull can in an expertly made stop motion video. Though it was a bit strange to see Chun-Li resorting to fake tears to gain the upper hand, Chun-Li's motions and combos gave the impression that the author of the video was very familiar with the Street Fighter series.

Animist recently released a video that details how he made that Chun-Li vs. Red Bull can video. If you didn't appreciate stop motion videos before, then you might after seeing the video based on how much work goes into intricate details.

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Nemo's face cam hilariously freezes as he reacts to running into Kichipa in ranked Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition set

Technical difficulties during livestreams are the worst, but we can sometimes find humor with them. Liquid|Nemo recently had an incident during his Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition stream where his face camera froze.

As highlighted by HiFight, this technical issue actually came at the perfect time. When Nemo's camera froze up, he was in the middle of reacting to seeing who his next opponent was.

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2 tips for tricking yourself into enjoying Training Mode in fighting games

Some people are able to skip right into the training room, utilize all of the helpful tools, and before their first fight they wind up knowing more technical information about their character than most others learn in 100 matches. Then there's the rest of us who have noted that there's a training mode icon on the menu screens and have seen content creators use it in tutorial videos, but see training as a boring and arduous process not worthy of stealing precious minutes away from our actual fight time.

I'll clarify that I am no longer in the latter group, and I'll bet those of you who still are have to admit (at least to yourselves) that you wish you'd have at least a bit more drive and discipline to get yourself into the lab to practice and explore your favorite fighter. Allow me to try to help entice the part of you that hates training mode to come over to the more informed side with two quick ideas that will make it all seem like less of a chore.

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What was the attack used by Daigo Kazama when he turned his back during Akira Kazama's Street Fighter 5 sneak peek?

Street Fighter fans and Rival School fans alike were recently treated by Capcom to a sneak peek at Akira Kazama in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. This was almost like a full trailer as it showcased much of Akira's gameplay and moves.

Towards the end of the trailer, we saw what appears to be one of Akira's V-Triggers. For this particular attack, Daigo Kazama, Akira's older brother, makes an appearance.

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Rose's gameplay demonstration broken down in detail by HiFight for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Rose is to be released as Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's next DLC character on April 19, 2021. During the Spring Update broadcast, Capcom treated fans to a more detailed look at Rose's gameplay by having a Rose mirror match play out.

This has prompted HiFight to create yet another one of his famous gameplay breakdown videos. Not only does HiFight identify each move via text as they happen, but he also slows down the gameplay during crucial moments.

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Every Season 5 character thus far has at least one special attribute that no one else in Street Fighter 5 has

Capcom has shown that they're getting especially bold and creative with their DLC characters here in the latter part of Street Fighter 5's run as they've been a little more liberal in the way of new and unique abilities.

It's not to say that we haven't seen such attributes given to characters in the past (Gill's retribution, F.A.N.G's DOT poison, G's Presidentiality system, to name a few) but it seems the gloves are off now as four of the five newcomers are bringing significantly fresh maneuvers or attributs to the table.

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Birdie in A tier, Ryu in S, and Menat all the way down in C? MenaRD shares his latest tier list for Street Fighter 5

Since we still don't have traditional tournaments to test out the competitive waters of Street Fighter 5, Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez has been reaching out to various professional competitors from around the world to get their thoughts on how the game's balance feels here in its fifth season of play.

Champ previously garnered opinions from two Evo champions: Singapore's RZR|Xian and the United Kingdom's Mouz|Problem X. Now Capcom Cup 2017 champion, Rise|MenaRD, throws his two cents into the ring from the Dominican Republic.

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