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Street Fighter 4 stories

How well does Street Fighter 5's roster represent the franchise as a whole? Let's have a look at how many returnees each past game got in SF5

With the release of Seth last week for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we've got a pretty well-rounded roster at 40 characters, just 4 short of the number the Street Fighter 4 series eventually ended on. Although we don't actually know if Seth will be the final character for the game or not, Season 4's addition of boss characters throughout the franchise seemed like a good opportunity to have a look at how many characters from each part of Street Fighter's history returned.

We'll be looking at Street Fighter 1, the Street Fighter 2 series, the Street Fighter Alpha games, the Street Fighter 3 titles and finally the Street Fighter 4 installments and detail each character who originated in these respective parts of Street Fighter history that returned in Street Fighter 5, and look briefly at the ones who didn't as well. So, let's get started.

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He/she/they/it? Street Fighter 5's pronouns are majorly confusing for Seth

The latest addition to Street Fighter 5 is making waves for multiple reasons as Seth is hitting fans with mix-ups in more than just the gameplay arena. The androgynous character has evolved from a masculine appearance in Street Fighter 4 to having a much more feminine look in Street Fighter 5.

We've seen more than a few disputes break out over social media and in our comments sections. It seems that in this current age of woke pronoun usage, no one really knows how to refer to Seth... not even Capcom.

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Seth's nostalgia costume makes them appear oddly small in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, side by side screenshots with SF4 Seth help reveal why

The Street Fighter 5 community is thoroughly enjoying playing the title's latest character as Seth was added to the roster late last week, but there's something about Seth's nostalgia costume that we just can't quite get over: the size.

It's fairly clear as to why things panned out this way, but it's still a fact that this noticeably smaller version of the character is distracting players a bit. A fan by the name of DrakenDuBose posted an image of Seth and E. Honda on Twitter and we've got a few images that really highlight the peculiar visual below.

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How Street Fighter 4 saved the Street Fighter franchise

For as much fondness and reverence the community looks back on Street Fighter 3 with, the franchise wound up in something of a dark age following the SF3 series' commercial turbulence.

After nearly a decade in darkness, a charge widely led by Yoshinori Ono brought forth a fourth Street Fighter installment, and this title would bring about something of a golden era for the franchise.

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Street Fighter's T. Hawk probably isn't looking forward to Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day is right around the corner. While a portion of the fighting game community will be celebrating with the launch of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition this February 14, others will be spending quality time with their significant others — which might actually involve Champion Edition too!

In the spirit of the holiday, I decided to take a look around at the relationships between characters within the Street Fighter series in hopes of highlighting some of the stronger ones for all of those hopeless romantics out there. However, during my research, I discovered that there exists a storyline that brings the literal definition of "hopeless romantic" into the fold, and that's the grim tale of Street Fighter 2's T. Hawk and Street Fighter Alpha's Juli.

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Humble Bundle's Lovers x Fighters sale features big discounts for the biggest fighting games and dating sims around

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to surprise your loved ones, friends or even yourself than with some cheap fighting games and dating sims while also giving a little to charity?

Humble Bundle is currently running their special Lovers x Fighters sale featuring the biggest titles from both of the thematically opposed genres from Dream Daddy to Mortal Kombat 11.

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'Do not expect a follow up series anytime in the immediate to near future' - Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist director shares solemn news for hit show

It's now been five years since we were treated to the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist web series, a live-action Street Fighter show that refreshingly didn't cause us to cringe from gnarly one-liners or be confused by disjointed story beats.

Creator Joey Ansah and his extremely devoted crew's efforts resulted in a show the fighting game community could unironically get behind and left audiences simply asking "what's next?"

We'd rather be reporting that our half-decade of patience has finally paid off, but unfortunately, an update from Ansah tells us not to expect anything anytime soon.

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Teppen's great Street Fighter and Darkstalkers artwork can even make characters like F.A.N.G look menacing as hell

Teppen appears to have quickly been accepted by the embrace of the fighting game community despite not actually being part of their genre, and a lot of that comes down to the love and respect the mobile title shows Capcom's classic and older franchises like Darkstalkers and Mega Man X.

The Force Seekers expansion for Teppen this year added in dozens of new cards to collect, each with their own distinct artwork depicting a bunch of characters we haven't really seen in a number of years like Hakan.

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The EventHubs crew ranks the best / worst fighting games of the 2010's from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Persona 4 Arena, Street Fighter 5 and beyond

As we come to the start of a brand new decade, it gives all of us the perfect time to reflect on the journey of the last 10 years and boy has it been a journey in the realm of fighting games and the FGC as a whole.

We'd previously asked the community what you all thought the best / most important fighting games of the 2010's were, and so now the EventHubs team members themselves have come together to rank their favorite fighters of the decade in our very own tier lists.

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Poongko was the scariest Seth player of Street Fighter 4 but what does he have to say about the copycat's return in Street Fighter 5:Champion Edition?

Lee "Poongko" Chung Gon is generally regarded as the best / scariest Seth player from the Street Fighter 4 days, and once the character was re-introduced for Champion Edition this past weekend at Capcom Cup 2019, the fighting game community was instantly curious what the competitor thought.

Poongko initially tweeted out shortly after the reveal "I saw the Seth trailer. I have no idea," though he would go on to elaborate on his feelings more in a reaction / breakdown video of Seth's trailer.

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Update: What are the best and most impactful fighting games to release this decade?

Update: You can check out the final results of our poll below to see which games our readers believe to be the best / most impactful games of the 2010's.

December is upon us which means that there's only one month left in this entire decade that's been the biggest and most important eras in fighting game history. Today, the genre feels larger than ever before following the mostly quiet times of the 2000's before Street Fighter 4's release.

There's been so many fighting games that have come out in the last 10 years that many fans probably either forgot about or thought came out more than 10 years ago, so we've put together a giant poll to ask everyone what they think were the absolute best of the best and most impactful — from (Super) Street Fighter 4 all the way to Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown.

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Clashing Raging Demons, Rolento's suicide and more; Desk shows off some of the coolest unique animations from older Capcom fighting titles

The lastest venture from Desk doesn't feature crazy combos nor game-breaking bugs but instead acknowledges the many times Capcom went above and beyond to add little Easter eggs to a handful of their older games.

In titles like Street Fighter Alpha, Capcom vs. SNK, and Street Fighter 3, developers snuck in a ton of cameos, references, and special animations that would only trigger if certain conditions were met. Some of them were particularly clever, and will no doubt bring a smile to your face.

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You need more of Kanzukiryuu's art in your life

We featured the work of Chilean artist and FGC diehard Andres "Kanzukiryuu" Blanco in a post about one of Justin Wong's wedding gifts a few days back. Seeing just a sample of Blanco's art had us coming back for more.

We were able to round up a gallery of fighting game characters from both Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown, and have been absolutely blown away by these gorgeous digital doodles.

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A Street Fighter take on Gorillaz, Gen and Gouken mock Akuma, sad Oro wishes he were in SF5, and more featured in Fire-Tisane's art

Today we're sharing with you the work of an up and coming artist who goes by the handle Fire-Tisane, and has a particular affinity for fighting games, comic strips, and the band Gorillaz.

We've gone through and nabbed a few pieces for a gallery of Fire's Street Fighter art, which features both comical as well as more serious approaches.

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Canada Cup 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Canada Cup 2019 is happening this weekend in Calgary, Canada.

Some of the notable players competing include Rohto|Tokido, FOX|MkLeo, UYU|OilKing, Mago, Justin Wong, RZR|Xian, RB|Luffy, NuckleDu, CYG|Daigo, Liquid|Nemo, Liquid|John Takeuchi, CO|Dogura, UYU|JB, FAV|Sako, AZ|Kichipa-mu, EG|NYChrisG, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Rise|Smug, LordJimmyBones, RRQ|Moke, HLC|S2J, CYG|GamerBee, FD|Haitani, FAV|Ryuusei, W2W|Bladewise, SB|DR Mandrake, ASM|MisterCrimson, TD|DualKevin, END|Shine, Tempo|Alex Myers, Terrence, CYG|PR Balrog and many more.

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Yoshinori Ono says that it's up to Nintendo if whether or not there will be more Street Fighter titles on Switch

Yoshinori Ono had attended the EGX panel to answer questions from Street Fighter fans. "Are there plans to Street Fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 to the Nintendo Switch?" This was a particularly interesting question that was posed by one fan.

Capcom and Nintendo's relationship seems pretty good at the moment, as indicated by the presence of Ryu, Ken, and Mega Man — but not Blanka — in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So what would it take for something like this to happen?

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Justin Wong talks about his top five greatest losses that he's had to deal with during his fighting game career

Defeat can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes when it comes to fighting games. You can imagine that a seasoned competitor like Justin Wong has quite a few stories to share on this subject.

He recently released a video that had him talking about his five greatest losses at fighting game tournaments. As most would probably expect, EVO Moment 37 was actually listed as Wong's greatest loss.

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