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Street Fighter 4 stories

Ono directly stated that Super Street Fighter 4 would be the game's final version, but we're ultimately glad he wasn't quite telling the truth

To this day I still find myself confusing unique aspects of the numerous editions of Street Fighter 2, and indeed the fact that Capcom likes to traditionally roll out a plethora of versions of each Street Fighter game seems to have been quite a significant hindrance for them in the past.

When the franchise finally exited the darkest part of its timeline with the flourishing success of Street Fighter 4, Producer Yoshinori Ono was wary not to make the same mistake the company had in the past... at least that's what his words to Official Xbox Magazine said in a 2010 interview. Here in 2020, we all know SF4's ultimate story would not be all that different from the entries before it.

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This taunt into Red Focus bait for Blanka's Ultra in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the filthiest thing I've seen all week

The Red Focus Attack mechanic was added very late into Street Fighter 4's lifespan. Debuting in Ultra Street Fighter 4 — the final iteration of the SF4 series — I felt like though Red Focus was utilized in high-level play, there was more to be explored that never really came to be with players moving on to Street Fighter 5 not long after USF4 hit the market.

To this day, fans are still out there playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 and some are still bringing highlights and creative ways to use Red Focus. The parry aficionado Bry19Demon recently shared a clip of his Akuma pulling off one of the filthiest Red Focus sequences I've ever seen and the filthiest thing I've seen all week.

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Xian's new Ibuki mixups are so ridiculous he apologizes to opponents after destroying them in Street Fighter 5

We've seen Ibuki mixups before, we've seen RZR|Xian pull off mixups with Ibuki before, but that seems to have virtually no effect on how surprised and impressed we were after watching even just the first few clips in LiangHuBBB's latest compilation video.

It's been a while since we've seen much Xian action thanks to the halt on offline FGC majors, but the EVO 2013 Street Fighter champ has very much been active and exploring the new potential in pairing Ibuki's V-Skill 2 caltrops with her V-Trigger 2 Fuma Shuriken. You're not ready.

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CEOnline announced to feature Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, Ultra Street Fighter 4, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on June 27-28

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many fighting game tournaments are either being rescheduled or outright cancelled in 2020. We previously heard word that CEO 2020 was being rescheduled for December assuming the situation with the novel coronavirus has stabilized by that point.

Just yesterday, CEOnline — or CEO Online — was announced for June 27-28. Please note that this won't be outright replacing CEO 2020 which is still planned for December later this year.

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If C. Viper were to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, could she take cues from her Omega Street Fighter 4 version?

Five characters are slated for release in Season V of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. While we don't know which five characters will be joining the fight yet, C. Viper seems like a solid guess since there are numerous scenes that feature her during the game's story.

How might C. Viper play if she did indeed join the Street Fighter 5 roster? Let's take a look at her Omega Street Fighter 4 version for potential clues.

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Capcom scrapped plans for these Street Fighter 4 DLC mech costumes but Udon is giving us a glimpse via this awesome concept art

The mech costumes in Street Fighter 5 include some of the game's best alternate looks, but it turns out Capcom was actually considering giving this treatment to a handful of characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Juri, Ken, Oni, M. Bison, Ibuki, and Poison (and perhaps others) all had robotic looks potentially headed to USF4 as DLC, but these only made it as far as the concept art checkpoint before being shelved. That concept art, however, is soon to available via Udon's upcoming Udon X Capcom Sketchbook Alpha.

Udon's Matt Moylan has shared said concept art for the six aforementioned fighters, and we have to say we really do wish these would have made it all the way into USF4 as they look absolutely stellar.

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'If Street Fighter 4 kept maturing, it would have devolved into just Elena and Seth' - 801 Strider is tired of hearing overly rosy praise for SF4

The transition from one title to the next in any fighting game franchise is going to have its fair share of potentially unfair biases and expectations, but the transition between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 has been one of the most turbulent and hotly-discussed the genre has ever seen.

Gustavo "801 Strider" Romero, a pro player who has seen notable success across both titles, recently went on a bit of a rant about how he's heard too many players romanticizing Street Fighter 4 and remembering it as something that it never really was.

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Daigo: What used to be good in Street Fighter 4 will get you KO'd in Street Fighter 5

In some of RB|Daigo's recent streaming sessions we've seen The Beast sit down and train with Street Fighter 5 masters like FD|Fujimura. Not only do we get to watch these professionals play, but we get a bit of insight as to what they're thinking and how they're strategizing (thanks to FGC Translated).

While duking it out with Fujimura's Chun-Li, Daigo noted a key difference between the most efficient ways to approach Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5.

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The UDON X Capcom: Sketchbook Alpha contains unused DLC costume sketches from Street Fighter 4 and is available for pre-order

The UDON X Capcom: Sketchbook Alpha is now available for pre-order. This item is expected to start shipping on June 15, 2020.

What's interesting about this UDON sketchbook is that it apparently contains "unused DLC costume concepts from Street Fighter 4," according to the item description on the store page.

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Steam's massive Golden Week sale offers huge discounts for Japanese fighting games and their DLC to keep us busy in quarantine

With the month of May now finally upon us all, Japan is beginning their annual Golden Week celebrations which includes an absolute buttload of video game sales for those of us who don't even live in the country.

Steam's massive Golden Week Sale is now live and is offering some of the best discounts we've seen for Japanese fighting games on PC in quite some time — it's way bigger than the PlayStation holiday sale also still going on for the time being.

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Click Burgundy's fighting game art draws us back to the recent character announcements and big tournament happenings with top tier portraits

Click Burgundy is a Japanese artist we've featured here a good number of times already largely because of how fantastic all of their portraits turn out, especially those that are tied to the fighting game community and its happenings.

Previously, we'd talked about how their artwork often times ties into an announcement or big tournament win within the FGC, so here's some more slick portraits covering the recent fighters announced for games like Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Dragon Ball FighterZ on top of some general goodness of their great designs.

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Justin Wong shares his personal tier list for Ultra Street Fighter 4

It's always a good day in my book when we get to post about Ultra Street Fighter 4, and that's exactly the case today thanks to Mr. Justin Wong.

The renowned fighting game competitor has made splashes in more than a few individual scenes and was certainly one of the most notable USF4 players in all of America. He's developed a tier list for the final version of the game, and we're taking a look at it now.

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Lovely fighting game art from Osanpogakari

I'll admit it, I saw Osanpogakari's Gouken piece and immediately hoped the Japanese artist had enough fighting game figures to make into a full gallery.

Clearly the answer to that was "yes," even if there's a particular favor to the twins, Yun and Yang. Be that as it may, I'll post a few Yuns if it means the old man can get some screen time, plus the fact that all of these are downright beautiful helps as well.

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Gootecks' idea for community funded and run online tournaments may be the key to success for network fighting game competition in 2020

One of the most innovative minds in the fighting game community belongs to Cross Counter's Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez. The Excellent Adventurer seems to always have his sights set on the horizon, ready to dive into the next fighting game venture and put his unique mark on it.

I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with Gootecks over Capcom Cup weekend and had a few conversations about one of his latest endeavors: the online fighting game space. I've voiced my hesitations for us to explore this space before connections catch up to the generally precise requirements of fighters, but Gootecks feels the time for action is already here.

Cross Counter has a vision for online fighting game tournaments that doesn't aim to recreate the experience one might get at something like a Capcom Pro Tour event. Instead, they're trying to meet people where they're at and give them what they might be looking for online: a lower-stakes way to compete for a few extra bucks.

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More amazing Street Fighter art from Maddestmao

We have a Street Fighter 5 gallery to share with you today, (with a special guest appearance from Street Fighter 4's C. Viper) all drawn up by the learned hands of Maddestmao.

Characters like Urien, Poison, Juri, and Cammy strike poses and get into funny situations as Mad shows off her ability to make our favorite fighters look amazing through a variety of approaches.

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How well does Street Fighter 5's roster represent the franchise as a whole? Let's have a look at how many returnees each past game got in SF5

With the release of Seth last week for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we've got a pretty well-rounded roster at 40 characters, just 4 short of the number the Street Fighter 4 series eventually ended on. Although we don't actually know if Seth will be the final character for the game or not, Season 4's addition of boss characters throughout the franchise seemed like a good opportunity to have a look at how many characters from each part of Street Fighter's history returned.

We'll be looking at Street Fighter 1, the Street Fighter 2 series, the Street Fighter Alpha games, the Street Fighter 3 titles and finally the Street Fighter 4 installments and detail each character who originated in these respective parts of Street Fighter history that returned in Street Fighter 5, and look briefly at the ones who didn't as well. So, let's get started.

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He/she/they/it? Street Fighter 5's pronouns are majorly confusing for Seth

The latest addition to Street Fighter 5 is making waves for multiple reasons as Seth is hitting fans with mix-ups in more than just the gameplay arena. The androgynous character has evolved from a masculine appearance in Street Fighter 4 to having a much more feminine look in Street Fighter 5.

We've seen more than a few disputes break out over social media and in our comments sections. It seems that in this current age of woke pronoun usage, no one really knows how to refer to Seth... not even Capcom.

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