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Street Fighter 4 stories

Street Fighter's Dan really hasn't changed his look much over the last 25 years

Dan, the master of the Saikyo-ryu fighting style, is joining Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition this winter. The popular, unabashed joke character makes his grand return here in 2020, coming equipped with new tools and an updated look.

The pink gi-wearing Shoto clone first made his debut in Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams back in 1995, and has since gone on to be in a myriad of games. Today I wanted to take a look at how much Dan's look has changed over the last 25 years, but he really hasn't seen much in the way of design tweaks since his debut. Still, let's take a gander back at the various iterations of this kooky combatant.

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Did you know that Dan's Danretsuken in Street Fighter 5 actually came from Street Fighter 4 Omega? Here's a closer look at how this move might work

Dan's inclusion in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Season V roster was something that probably nobody saw coming. Regardless of his status as a joke character, Dan will be the next fighter to become playable in Fall 2020.

As a true master of the Saikyo arts, Dan has quite a few "taunt" moves in his arsenal. It's been heavily implied that there's more to these taunts this time around in Street Fighter 5. Even if we refer to Dan's Omega Street Fighter 4 incarnation, we aren't too sure what Dan's taunts will do when he's released.

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Katsuhiro Harada, Ed Boon, Ryota Niitsuma, and others pay respects to Yoshinori Ono following his resignation announcement

Doing a "#Shoryuken" search on Twitter right now will land you countless posts from solemn Street Fighter fans thanking and wishing the best for Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, who announced he'd be leaving the company after more than a quarter century long career.

Whether specifically a Street Fighter fan or not, this news resonates with virtually all members of the fighting game community as Ono played an integral role in the genre's recent golden age thanks to his work at the helm of Street Fighter 4.

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Dan's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition development footage compared to Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter Alpha by HiFight

Dan Hibiki wasn't really high on people's radars when it came to predicting the "Season V" roster for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Regardless, he'll someday become playable along with Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama (from Rival Schools), and one more yet to be named fighter.

Although Dan is often relegated to "joke character" status, he's appeared in a few Street Fighter titles before. HiFight recently released a video that compares Dan's animations from the shown development footage for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition to Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter Alpha.

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The Street Fighter franchise reaches 45 million copies sold, Street Fighter 5 likely now over 5 million units

Street Fighter kicked off the fighting game craze of the '90s which has continued to this day, so it's no surprise that the franchise is one of Capcom's best performers in the company's history.

Capcom has released their latest financial report for the first financial quarter ending June 30, 2020 which revealed that the Street Fighter franchise has reached 45 million copies sold worldwide on top of strong games division performance overall.

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What kind of moveset would Hakan have if he was added to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition? Let's look at his Omega version for ideas

In just a couple of days on August 5, Capcom intends to reveal new characters for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. While there are a few rumored front-runners, there's still a possibility that Capcom might surprise everyone with a curveball character.

What if Hakan was announced as one of Season V's new playable fighters? Once more, let's take a look at the changes made to Hakan in the Omega version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 to get some ideas on how the Turkish oil wrestler might play.

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For being one of the absolute most powerful and feared attacks in the entire Street Fighter universe, Raging Demon sure has a spotty track record

While it may not be as iconic as the Hadouken fireball or Shoryuken uppercut, the Shun Goku Satsu (better known as the Raging Demon) is widely seen as the most powerful and most badass move in all of Street Fighter.

The technique calls for the user to deliver themselves wholly over to the killing intent and often comes with the toll of consuming their humanity. Things are even worse for the victim as they're hit with countless deadly strikes all in a single moment that hurt not only their physical body but also assault their very soul with an intensity proportionate to the number of sins they've committed in life.

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If Rolento joins Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 'Season V' roster, then what cues could he take from his Omega Street Fighter 4 version?

Capcom has confirmed that new character reveals and news for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be revealed on August 5, 2020. Many Street Fighter fans are expecting Rolento, among others, to be revealed as part of 'Season V' due to a potential hint surrounding the special 22-pack of tarot cards featuring Street Fighter characters that was released in 2018.

How would Rolento play in Street Fighter 5 if he actually did join the roster as a DLC challenger? Let's take a closer look at DrewTony'Z's Street Fighter 4 Omega Rolento video so that we may consider a few possibilities.

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From Judgement vs. Daigo to Capcom Cup, Ricki Ortiz breaks down her most memorable career highlights in Street Fighter 3, 4 and 5

EG|Ricki Ortiz will go down as one of the most accomplished fighting game players in the community's history given her long miles-record of topping events across multiple Street Fighter entries along with Marvel vs. Capcom, Capcom vs. SNK and Street Fighter x Tekken.

To help celebrate her 10th anniversary of joining the Evil Geniuses' eSports team, Ricki recently sat down to make a video detailing the biggest / most memorable moments and victories of her 20-year career up to this point.

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Nom's drawing of R. Mika is the best I've ever seen of the character

I'm all but certain this batch of excellent fighting game drawings from Japanese artist Nom1207 will be well received across the board as I've found myself going back to further appreciate many of them more than once.

Characters from across the Street Fighter landscape are joined by a few SNK and Darkstalkers guests as Nom shows off his subtly unique style that's sure to quickly grab and hold your attention.

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Did you know Akuma never actually hit M. Bison with a sucker Raging Demon? Find out the iconic Street Fighter villain's full back story here

While Ryu is surely the most recognizable Street Fighter character around (Chun-Li and Ken are surely up there as well) one could make the argument that Akuma, with certain regards, is actually more popular.

The dark fighter first showed up in Street Fighter 2 as a secret boss, and has since been an extremely common staple for Street Fighter rosters and has guest-starred in over a dozen other titles. Sure, we know he's all about transcending humanity for the sake of demonic power, but how much do we really know about the history of Akuma? We've rounded up as much backstory as we could find so as to fill you in on this iconic fighting game character.

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Top four most toxic characters in previous NetherRealm Studios games according to True Under Dawg

While NetherRealms Studios gets continuous applause for fighting game innovation in categories across the board, we'd be flat out lying if we said they didn't have a history spotted with some fairly frustrating characters to face off against.

There are plenty of overpowered avatars from Mortal Kombat (2011), Injustice, Mortal Kombat X, and Injustice 2 that one could highlight as particularly annoying and obviously broken by modern day balance standards, but True Under Dawg Gaming has chosen four individuals that stand above the rest.

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This Akuma taunt bait in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the nastiest thing you'll see all day... and it works on a TON of people

We've come to expect entertainment whenever we see Twitter posts by Sunshine-OU and weren't at all disappointed upon viewing a recent upload involving what appears to be a tried and true taunt bait with his Ultra Street Fighter 4 Akuma.

With at least two bars of meter stocked, Sunshine knocks his foes down and then has his character strike a taunt pose instead of setting up for okizeme pressure. This encourages most opponents to go for quick wake up attacks, often their Ultra combos. Unfortunately for them, this is exactly what Sunshine wants.

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Sagat's low fireball speeds have a significant difference between Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is typically known for encouraging rushdown playstyles over zoning. As a result, you really need to be on the top of your game if you want to see success with a character like Sagat.

Sagat's ability to control the pacing of a match feels heavily diminished compared to his Ultra Street Fighter 4 incarnation. The reason for this has to do with the overall effectiveness of Sagat's fireballs.

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Teppen's new Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion is now live which means there's more amazing Street Fighter and Darkstalkers cards to collect

The artistic team behind Capcom's Teppen card game has been knocking it out of the park since day one so we weren't at all surprised to see that the newest additions in the Tiny Hero expansion are absolutely breathtaking.

Though there aren't as many fighting game characters in latest expansion as other figures from Capcom's various intellectual properties, the ones that did make it are well worth examination.

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Street Fighter's Sagat evolved from a murderous, hate-driven fighter to an enlightened emperor of Muay Thai

Sagat is one of Street Fighter's most beloved and charismatic figures and while most members of the fighting game community can recount a handful of snapshot moments from The King's canonical history, much of it is tragically hidden behind the inconvenience of non-chronological storytelling spread out over 30 years' worth of Street Fighter games and comics.

We've done a bit of a research project so as to share Sagat's tale as he transforms from a petty bully of relatively weak character to an incredibly respectable, badass master of Muay Thai.

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El Fuerte's Ultra 2 was insane back in Super Street Fighter 4

The Street Fighter 4 series is often looked back on with great fondness, seeing people frequently wishing that some things in Street Fighter 5 were more like its predecessor. But man, Street Fighter 4 had its fair share of ridiculousness in it over the years.

A clip was recently shared on Twitter by Spab Daddy that reminds us just how insane El Fuerte's Ultra 2 was back in Super Street Fighter 4. Seriously, what the hell?...

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