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Street Fighter 4 stories

Steam and PS4's Golden Week sales offer up the best chance yet to jump into Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ and more at a cheap price

Fighting games have gotten quite expensive to keep up with this past generation with just about every title putting out multiple seasons of DLC, so sales like those going on now are a blessing when they roll around.

PlayStation and Steam are both currently holding their respective Golden Week Sales to celebrate Japanese-made titles, which of course includes a ton of fighters and their DLC.

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Rose has a history of being boring yet powerful in past Street Fighter titles but how is her new glow up going to change what worked great before?

Rose's core design philosophy in previous Street Fighter titles was that of a simplistic / straight-forward zoner that many players considered "boring" for decades, but Capcom is seemingly trying to change that by giving her some more flair in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

With the fated fortune teller's release now just a day away as the second DLC character of Season 5, we thought now's the perfect time to look back at what made Rose's more basic nature successful in previous games along with how they've been adapted to her latest form.

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References for Rose's moves in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition outlined by HiFight

Rose will be made available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as the next DLC character on April 19. Capcom has already revealed what type of moves Rose will be able to use during gameplay.

HiFight recently released a video that highlights references to Rose's moveset in previous Street Fighter entries. Even a brand new special like the Soul Punish is a technique that Rose has used before, just not during gameplay until now.

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Street Fighter 5 Seth vs. Street Fighter 4 Seth? Fan puts these two versions of Seth against one another using Mugen

Seth underwent a dramatic change during the transition from Street Fighter 4 to Street Fighter 5. Since his body was destroyed towards the end of Street Fighter 4's story, he was forced into the body of "Doll Unit Zero."

Which version of Seth is superior? Violin Ken has went through the trouble of putting both versions of Seth into Mugen. They recently released a video that has pitted them against one another.

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Guile's iconic sweep seen from the opponent's perspective in amazing animation

Although Guile is generally known for only having two special moves with the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick, he really stands out from the rest of the Street Fighter roster thanks to his fantastic normals.

ShoRyuBarbie has recently uploaded an animation depicting Guile's sweep from the perspective of the opponent. The animator reports that this was a painstaking process, but the effort and skill definitely show up in the animation.

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What fighting game would you return to if it had good rollback netcode?

The push by the fighting game community to bring rollback netcode to the forefront of the attention of developers took years to reach where we are now with widespread adoption and acceptance, but that also leaves many titles potentially forever stuck in a place with sub-optimal netplay — even some of the most beloved titles around.

With Arc System Works now looking into bringing upgraded online to its older titles and SNK attempting to make their own for The King of Fighters 15, there's been a wider discussion brewing within the FGC as to what game's players would like to return to if they had rollback netcode now.

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Rose's Soul Satellite Ultra from Street Fighter 4 is becoming a V-Skill in Street Fighter 5 but it will likely have different uses going forward

Rose's Soul Satellite is a technique that was first introduced in Super Street Fighter 4. Back then, it was an Ultra that could only be performed after absorbing enough damage during a round (either from getting hit or using Focus Attack's armor properties). Though Soul Satellite had less overall damage compared to most other Ultras in Street Fighter 4, it was considered to be vastly superior to Rose's other Ultra, Illusion Spark, as it offered substantially more utility.

In Street Fighter 5, Rose's Soul Satellite will be making a return, but as her V-Skill 2. Of course, Rose's Soul Satellite will very likely have to be used differently compared to its Ultra 2 version.

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Poll results: Alex Valle believes that Street Fighter Alpha 2 is the most balanced Street Fighter but what do our readers think?

Update: The results are in. Hit the jump to see which Street Fighter entry our readers believe to be the most balanced of all.

Earlier: LU|Alex Valle recently made an interesting comment on Twitter where he declared Street Fighter Alpha 2 as the most balanced Street Fighter game in the series.

Now I'm not one to argue with Mr. Street Fighter himself, but it got me wondering what others believe. Is Street Fighter Alpha 2 recognized as the most balanced entry within our own community?

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Why doesn't Sagat's Tiger Uppercut feel as potent and randomly miss cross-ups in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition compared to Street Fighter 4?

Sagat players had to wait two and a half years to see their boy join the ranks of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition though some were disappointed to find that he wasn't the punishing powerhouse that he was in some previous games.

One aspect that's come up again recently is some odd-looking whiffs of Tiger Uppercuts which Totalsagat has explored a bit more by making a new comparison to how it differs from Street Fighter 4 set to the tune of John Waite's 'Missing You.'

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Main Street Fighter bosses ranked from worst to best

I've been doing a lot of speculation about what's coming down the pike in the shorter term with Street Fighter 5 as well as the longer term with Street Fighter 6, but feel the need to shift down to a different gear and have a little fun considering the franchise's past instead of its future.

Street Fighter 5 now features every main boss character the main franchise has seen, and seeing them all together in one roster got me thinking about their elevated statuses as big baddies, and who wore/wears that title the best.

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New sound mod gives Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Third Strike parries, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 effects and more iconic fighting game audio cues

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now the biggest fighting game of all time in terms of sales, but what if it was every big fighting game?

Well, modder ShoYouMomo set out to give everyone a small taste of just that with their new mod that replaces Smash's sound effects with those from some of the most iconic fighting games of the past 20+ years.

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Capcom releases new video and content creation guidelines including rules for YouTube, Twitch, monetization and mods

Streaming and content creation are two of the biggest ways the fighting game community has grown through in recent years, but the rules regarding what type of content is okay to do is quite muddy on all sides of the fence.

Capcom is now looking to make their rules much more clear through the release of a new video policy including guidelines for monetization, mods, music and other stipulations that anyone looking to make videos, stream or even consume content should read through.

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From impossible combos to massive pop offs, trolling and confusion, 2020 was full of amazing and hilarious moments in fighting games

This year will certainly go down in the history books as one of the worst for a long list of sucky reasons, but there was still plenty of enjoyment to be had if you knew where to look.

Now, all of those great times from the realm of fighting games have been compiled into one place, as LiangHuBBB recently released their latest Funny and Cool Moments video showcasing the best of the FGC in 2020 from perfect combos to weird interactions / reactions.

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11 DPs in a single round, kangaroo style, taunts for days, and plenty more; 'No Respect' Street Fighter 4 action is the best

One of my favorite matches of all time from the Street Fighter 4 era went down at DreamkHack Winter 2013 when BST|Daigo Umehara rocked GamerBee with a series of predictive shoryukens. This required an incredible amount of both perception and confidence, and stands as an example of why Daigo stands as the most celebrated fighting game player of all time.

Many of the Street Fighter 4 matches we see in The Beast's recently posted compilation look somewhat similar as we observe barrages of cavalier uppercuts and so many "just do it" decisions that Nike is probably legally owed royalties... and while there's likely a major difference between what was going on in Daigo's mind vs. the approach these zany players were taking, the end result is high quality entertainment, through and through.

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Ryu is at the point to master both light and darkness in Street Fighter 6 which may create the most powerful version of the warrior yet

Ryu is not just the poster boy for Street Fighter but also for fighting games as a whole which has led to his appearance and fighting style staying largely the same for the past 30+ years though the original Shotokan seems to be showing some signs of progress lately.

From Street Fighter 4 to 5 to 3, the world warrior is given a pretty solid arc from trying to conquer the Satsui no Hado inside of himself to potentially ascending to become a sage, and it is very likely going to have a big impact on Ryu's gameplay and story going forward into Street Fighter 6.

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3 Street Fighter 4 original characters I DON'T want to see come back in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 4 wound up introducing a whopping 11 new characters to Capcom's most recognizable fighting game franchise, but we've only seen three of them pop up as playable characters in Street Fighter 5.

With the sixth franchise entry likely just over the horizon, I'm hoping we see a little more love thrown SF4's way in terms of fighters sampled, but there are a few I'd really not rather see or have to face off with again. It's not to say I'd never want these combatants to pop up on another roster, (save for one) but maybe give them a little more time off since fighting them could be a particular pain.

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5 past mistakes we don't want to see repeated in Street Fighter 6, Capcom Cup hopefuls aren't marketing themselves enough, and silk Spongebob boxers

On this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast Catalyst and I recount a handful of missteps in previous Capcom fighting titles that we hope don't show up in the same capacity in Street Fighter 6.

Some of the items on this list are positive additions that were removed in later titles while others, such as the extremely high capacity for option selects that we saw in Street Fighter 4, are items we hope not to see make returns.

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