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Street Fighter 4 stories

Daigo Umehara uses Google Maps to revisit the arcade where he got punched in the face for winning too much

At one point in BST|Daigo Umehara's youth, he was beaten up at an arcade for winning too many times against a certain opponent. Despite Daigo only being a freshman in middle school, the 20-something-year-old adult didn't seem to have any qualms about punching a kid in the face for losing at a game. It turns out that this ended up being a defining moment for Daigo as he believes that he would not be the person he is today had he not faced his fears and gone back to that arcade at a later time.

Funnily enough, this appears to be somewhat of a happy memory for Daigo because of his choice to stand up to the fear from that situation. Daigo recently attempted to track down that arcade using the Google Maps feature.

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Valle vs. Bonchan in Ultra Street Fighter 4 – a callback to one of the greatest Evo matches in history

Coming off of a second place run from the previous year, Masato "RB|Bonchan" Takahashi was one of the favorites to win Ultra Street Fighter 4 at Evo 2015. The red-hot Japanese pro was matched up to face off with the legendary LU|Alex Valle in the tournament's earlier brackets, which actually seemed like a blessing thanks to the fact that Valle was using Hugo at the time.

Hugo, being a big-bodied grappling type character, naturally had some of the worst match up spreads in the entire game. Zoning characters gave Hugo a ton of grief, and Bonchan was the best in the world at using Sagat, one of the game's best zoners. Spoiler alert: things didn't go as anyone, perhaps even Valle, imagined they would.

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Katsuhiro Harada mulls over his chances of actually getting Masahiro Sakurai and Yoshinori Ono onto his show

Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada and Masahiro Sakurai are arguably the biggest names in the realm of fighting game developers from the past decade for Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bros. respectively, so what would it look like if they all got together in one room for a chat?

While that idea is still probably a pipe dream to get all of them at once, the Tekken Director is trying to have them as guests on Harada's Bar, and he recently discussed the prospects and difficulties of pulling it off — while also joking about his last "drunken" phone call from Tomunobu Itagaki.

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Body painter Intraventus literally paints herself into fighting game characters like Scorpion, Morrigan, Mileena, C. Viper, and more

While we don't think we can technically call it cosplay, the breathtaking work of body painter Intraventus is more than worth sharing with fellow fighting game fans as she turns herself into the likes of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. characters.

We'll kick this right off by laying worries to rest and stating that there aren't any exposed naughty parts in the photos below. That said, save for the occasional wig or prop, Intraventus really isn't wearing anything but paint in these.

Editor's note: You may need to be logged into Instagram on your device to view these embeds.

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The best Street Fighter games ranked by sales

It's highly subjective which Street Fighter title is the best of them all, but what isn't as subjective is the amount of sales each entry has generated. While you may have your own personal favorite in the franchise, at the end of the day, we're ranking these games by how large of a financial impact — or lack thereof — each entry ended up being.

Up front, we're only counting the major entries here as their own entity. For example, Super Street Fighter 4 and Ultra Street Fighter 4 are counted as one and the same. That's also the case for the Street Fighter 3 and Alpha (Zero) games, as both of these iterated heavily on the previous entries, reusing sprites, moves and several gameplay elements throughout their lifespans.

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Does Street Fighter 5's Arcade Mode hold a clue to the final DLC character?

Arcade Mode was a late addition to Street Fighter 5 with the release of Arcade Edition in 2018, and it may now hold a piece to the puzzle in the game's final mystery.

Taking a closer look at the various Arcade routes available in Champion Edition may help clue us in on the identity of SF5's last DLC character.

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Smug still has Dudley combos I've never seen before in Ultra Street Fighter 4 after six years

I have seen a lot of Street Fighter 4 Dudley combos in my day. Hell, I've come up with a lot of Street Fighter 4 Dudley combos in my day.

Of all the characters in any fighting game, I'd say I know the combo routes (especially the stylish ones) for Dudley the best. And yet, Smug is out here in 2021 still showing me Dudley combos I've never seen before in Ultra Street Fighter 4 after six years of this game being in the hands of the masses.

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Katsuhiro Harada recalls time he played a prank on Yoshinori Ono that ended up backfiring completely

Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada and former Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono have a long history with one another as both friends and business associates, which even led to the former's iconic sunglasses to become part of his normal wardrobe to this day.

On the latest episode of Harada's Bar, the Bandai Namco bossman recounted a tale of a day when he tried to prank Ono during a gaming conference that ended up spectacularly blowing up in all of their faces.

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Steam's Summer Sale offers some of the steepest fighting game discounts we've ever seen

Summer is here once again, and while that means a lot of the people will be hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, all of us here know that it means some of the best video game deals are on the way.

The largest of which being Steam's Summer Sale is now live and features some of the steepest discounts for fighting games we've ever seen — including more recent releases like Dragon Ball FighterZ's FighterZ Pass 3.

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Tekken X Street Fighter is not canceled confirms Katsuhiro Harada after video subtitles said the project 'died'

The latest episode of Harada's Bar certainly caught everyone's attention for its discussion on Tekken X Street Fighter and how the project "died" part way through development though that death apparently wasn't literal.

After fans began asking him about the fighting game's reported demise, Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada came out to confirm that TKxSF is not actually canceled and that the subtitle used was mistranslated in a lengthy explanation as to the state of the crossover title.

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Honda's jumping roundhouse in the original Street Fighter 2 hit low? Here's a collection of Street Fighter oddities you won't believe

We've come a long way over the last three decades in the fighting game world as 30 years of trial by fire has taught us a ton in the way of what does and doesn't add up to fun experiences.

TheoryFighter has produced a new video titled "Street Fighter Oddities" in which they recall some of the weirdest, buggiest happenings that made their way into older Street Fighter titles.

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Has Street Fighter 5 evolved into a better game than Street Fighter 4?

Die hard Street Fighter 4 fans, like myself, probably had a fairly intense emotional reaction to the question posed in the headline, but Street Fighter 5 has reached a point that makes it worth asking.

After five and a half years of tweaks, refinement, and plenty of frustration, SF5 really has cleaned up a lot of what turned so many players off to it. This widely all comes down to subjective opinion, but let's see if we can't make an argument for 5 becoming the superior title.

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Smug returns to Ultra Street Fighter 4's Dudley and combos opponents into oblivion 'with the greatest of ease'

With four out of the five remaining characters for Street Fighter 5 already confirmed, it's looking like we probably won't get to see Dudley return to form until Street Fighter 6 at the earliest. Still, we can always appreciate Dudley in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Rise|Smug is a player that really made a name for himself back in the days of competitive Street Fighter 4 thanks to his amazing Dudley. He recently returned to Ultra Street Fighter 4 and played Dudley on stream.

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Is there anything better than Ultra Street Fighter 4 Hugo ending a round in 18 seconds with every correct read?

Hugo was a bit of an unsung hero back in Ultra Street Fighter 4. We saw players like Alex Valle solidify legendary moments like his victory over Bonchan's lethal Sagat way back when, but I always felt like the awesomeness of the character's tools outweighed the impact he made in the game in the grand scheme of things — and that's a bummer.

The giant grappler is capable of some crazy damage and impressive plays, and a recent highlight from none other than DemonDan14 is a great reminder of what the titan could do back in USF4. Now, come with me and enjoy this Hugo goodness as Dan ends a round in 18 seconds with all of the correct reads.

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This might be the longest Ultra Street Fighter 4 Seth combo in existence

It has been a long time since we've seen something new in the realm of Street Fighter 4. There still exist die hard Ultra Street Fighter 4 fans who not only actively play the game, but still hit the training room to figure out what else could possibly be discovered.

Longtime combo creator Doopliss has been in the lab conducting tests that push the limits of what we know about USF4. The latest discovery is what might be the longest Seth combo ever.

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5 of the weirdest or most unexpected hobbies and skills of the world warriors in Street Fighter

Almost all of the time we've spent with the world warriors of the Street Fighter series has come in the heat of battle, but what exactly are they doing for fun when the fighting stops and everyone goes home?

Capcom has given us glimpses into the everyday lives of their characters through fighter profiles these past three decades, and we've combed through them to find the weirdest or most unexpected hobbies / skills of the expansive Street Fighter cast.

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Capcom actually had to pay Namco to use the name 'Street Fighter...' and still may be doing so today according to SF2 producer Yoshiki Okamoto

Capcom's iconic Street Fighter franchise kicked off back in 1987 with the arcade version of the very first title, but when Street Fighter was ported to the TurboGrafx-16 for home console use, the name was curiously altered to "Fighting Street."

This factoid is little more than a bit of cute Street Fighter trivia these days, but recent clarifying remarks from Street Fighter 2 producer Yoshiki Okamoto apparently reveal the reason for this odd change: Capcom didn't own the rights to the "Street Fighter" name... and very well still might not.

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