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Street Fighter 4 stories

You can win with T. Hawk in Ultra Street Fighter 4 by doing nothing but mashing SPD apparently...

An opponent mashing Spinning Pile Driver (command throw) can be real scary, especially in a game like Ultra Street Fighter 4. These powerful throws typically have about 2 frames of start up, meaning if you leave any gaps in your offense you will very likely be thrown and will take a ton of damage.

T. Hawk's case, his Mexican Typhoon is this exact type of command grab, and if you don't know how to properly stay out of their way you can find yourself in a world of trouble. Such was the case for a player going up against geoffEXE, who selected T. Hawk in an online USF4 bout, did nothing but mash command throw the entire round... and won.

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Poll results: Which Street Fighter do you think has the best music?

Update: The poll period has ended. Check out the results after the jump.

Earlier: Last week on the EventHubs Podcast we ranked the numbered Street Fighter games by their music, and got so many responses that it quickly became clear our readers and listeners wanted in on the action.

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Remembering Street Fighter 4's 5 biggest blunders

Street Fighter 4 is largely responsible for bringing the franchise back from the brink as well as casting the fighting game scene into a golden era, but as much as we 09ers love to look back on the title with fond memories, things weren't always as rosy as our glasses make us think.

In this week's EventHubs Podcast segment, I dig into what I feel were the five biggest blunders Capcom made during Street Fighter 4's lifespan. None of these were large enough to turn the masses away, obviously, but they were some pretty gnarly errors that we're still surprised by today.

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Big E, HHH, Brock Lesnar, Alexa Bliss, and other WWE Superstars become Street Fighter characters in these awesome 2K custom creations

A reddit user by the name of Manong_Balong, one of the many who are fans of both professional wrestling and Street Fighter, customized Superstars from the 2K games to make them look like Street Fighter characters.

Sheamus, Big E, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Alexa Bliss, Akuka, Dolph Ziggler, Ronda Rousey, and a handful of others transform into the likes of Alex, Balrog, Charlie Nash, Crimson Viper, Ibuki, Cammy, and others. Some of these are definitely better than others, but even those that don't quite land (we still appreciate you, Ronda) are cool in concept.

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Which Street Fighter game has the best music?

The Street Fighter franchise is known for a good many attributes, but one that we don't talk about enough has to be the music. The world of video games has some incredibly steep competition when it comes to this particular category, but Street Fighter has some absolute bangers that have a real shot at ranking in as some of the most influential of all time.

On this week's EventHubs Podcast episode, I open myself up to much ridicule as I rank six numbered SF titles (SF Alpha, SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4, and SF5) in order from weakest to strongest in terms of their music. Here we go...

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Drake's 'Way 2 Sexy' music video has already been used to create a Street Fighter win screen meme and it's pure gold

Drake's new album "Certified Lover Boy" was released last Friday after being delayed for several months. With the new batch of music comes a music video for one of the tracks entitled "Way 2 Sexy," which features fellow artists Future and Young Thug in different scenes that take inspiration from other videos and films such as Rambo and an 80s workout tape.

Why the hell are we talking about this on a fighting game news website, you ask? Well, one crafty internet user took a couple of quick clips from the new video and made it into a Street Fighter win screen animation, and... it's pretty great.

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Poll results: Who has the best beard in fighting games?

Updated: Our poll has closed and results have been added to the story. Be sure to check out who our readers voted for best beard after the jump.

Earlier: Beards. Ladies love them, guys like to do funky stuff with them, and they've been a sign of strength, wisdom and growing up among the fictional martial artists we've been following for decades.

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After 6 years away, former Evo champion Latif is back in the competitive fighting game community

Many players who've been active in fighting games for a long while will likely fondly remember Abdullatif "Latif" Alhmili's storied Evo 2011 run where he managed to eliminate the likes of Rohto|Tokido, EF|Poongko and BST|Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter 4, but the former C. Viper main had been away from the scene for quite some time.

After retiring from the competitive fighting game community back in 2015, Latif made the official announcement that he's back in action with a special message to his compatriots and fans.

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Ranking Street Fighter 4's newcomers

Every new Street Fighter title has brought with it brand new characters as the ever expanding franchise roster grows more and more diverse, but not all newcomers are hits. In fact, we've seen many a Street Fighter newcomer fail to ever be invited back to later rosters by developers.

While many of us are understandably speculating about the future now as Street Fighter 5 nears its end, I'd like to zip back to the past and take a look at the new characters introduced in Street Fighter 4. In our latest podcast video, I order all 11 of these previously unplayable fighters in terms of how good a job I feel Capcom did on them.

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Street Fighter 4's Yun was intentionally made to be overpowered but what exactly made him so darn strong?

Super Street Fighter 4 players on console were eagerly awaiting news about when they could get their hands on Arcade Edition back in 2010 and early 2011, but at the same time growing anxious about the rumblings coming out of Japan about the double trouble twins that would essentially turn the game on its head.

When the AE DLC did finally drop for the game, competitors were subjected to months of fighting Yun as one of the strongest characters Street Fighter has ever seen, and Bafael recently put together a great, in-depth video in his Bad Balance series to detail why the Third Strike star was so overpowered upon release.

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Legitimate 10-0 match ups do exist in fighting games and here's what they look like

Defining character match ups is one of the most complicated abstract concepts of the genre with so many variables to take into account, but there's some cases out there that are so lopsided you can immediately tell how bad they are.

Hold Back to Block recently released an excellent video detailing some of the worst match ups in fighting game history from Street Fighter 4 to the early King of Fighters days, including a few that are legitimately 10-0 no matter how you slice it.

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Daigo Umehara uses Google Maps to revisit the arcade where he got punched in the face for winning too much

At one point in BST|Daigo Umehara's youth, he was beaten up at an arcade for winning too many times against a certain opponent. Despite Daigo only being a freshman in middle school, the 20-something-year-old adult didn't seem to have any qualms about punching a kid in the face for losing at a game. It turns out that this ended up being a defining moment for Daigo as he believes that he would not be the person he is today had he not faced his fears and gone back to that arcade at a later time.

Funnily enough, this appears to be somewhat of a happy memory for Daigo because of his choice to stand up to the fear from that situation. Daigo recently attempted to track down that arcade using the Google Maps feature.

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Valle vs. Bonchan in Ultra Street Fighter 4 – a callback to one of the greatest Evo matches in history

Coming off of a second place run from the previous year, Masato "RB|Bonchan" Takahashi was one of the favorites to win Ultra Street Fighter 4 at Evo 2015. The red-hot Japanese pro was matched up to face off with the legendary LU|Alex Valle in the tournament's earlier brackets, which actually seemed like a blessing thanks to the fact that Valle was using Hugo at the time.

Hugo, being a big-bodied grappling type character, naturally had some of the worst match up spreads in the entire game. Zoning characters gave Hugo a ton of grief, and Bonchan was the best in the world at using Sagat, one of the game's best zoners. Spoiler alert: things didn't go as anyone, perhaps even Valle, imagined they would.

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Katsuhiro Harada mulls over his chances of actually getting Masahiro Sakurai and Yoshinori Ono onto his show

Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada and Masahiro Sakurai are arguably the biggest names in the realm of fighting game developers from the past decade for Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bros. respectively, so what would it look like if they all got together in one room for a chat?

While that idea is still probably a pipe dream to get all of them at once, the Tekken Director is trying to have them as guests on Harada's Bar, and he recently discussed the prospects and difficulties of pulling it off — while also joking about his last "drunken" phone call from Tomunobu Itagaki.

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Body painter Intraventus literally paints herself into fighting game characters like Scorpion, Morrigan, Mileena, C. Viper, and more

While we don't think we can technically call it cosplay, the breathtaking work of body painter Intraventus is more than worth sharing with fellow fighting game fans as she turns herself into the likes of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. characters.

We'll kick this right off by laying worries to rest and stating that there aren't any exposed naughty parts in the photos below. That said, save for the occasional wig or prop, Intraventus really isn't wearing anything but paint in these.

Editor's note: You may need to be logged into Instagram on your device to view these embeds.

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The best Street Fighter games ranked by sales

It's highly subjective which Street Fighter title is the best of them all, but what isn't as subjective is the amount of sales each entry has generated. While you may have your own personal favorite in the franchise, at the end of the day, we're ranking these games by how large of a financial impact — or lack thereof — each entry ended up being.

Up front, we're only counting the major entries here as their own entity. For example, Super Street Fighter 4 and Ultra Street Fighter 4 are counted as one and the same. That's also the case for the Street Fighter 3 and Alpha (Zero) games, as both of these iterated heavily on the previous entries, reusing sprites, moves and several gameplay elements throughout their lifespans.

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Does Street Fighter 5's Arcade Mode hold a clue to the final DLC character?

Arcade Mode was a late addition to Street Fighter 5 with the release of Arcade Edition in 2018, and it may now hold a piece to the puzzle in the game's final mystery.

Taking a closer look at the various Arcade routes available in Champion Edition may help clue us in on the identity of SF5's last DLC character.

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