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Street Fighter 3 stories

5 non-negotiables we want to see for Street Fighter 6 at launch

It's true, we get especially excited about new Street Fighter titles around these parts, and the fighting game community got one of their first real whiffs of Street Fighter 6 in recent days thanks to a data hack over at Capcom.

We imagine the launch for Street Fighter 6 is still more than a year or so off, but what better way to pass the time than to hammer down hopes and expectations for what we'd most want to see once the next franchise entry hits shelves. First impressions are of the utmost importance and set the pace for ensuing seasons. We've come up with five especially relevant, non-negotiables we feel would get SF6 off to the best start possible.

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We'd like to see Street Fighter 6 sample plenty from Third Strike, but perhaps not its 'Judgement' double KO mechanic

Double KO's are one of the most surprising and exciting outcomes for a fighting game bout, especially when they occur as the result of the final round. This indicates that neither combatant could truly best the other, and usually results in a replaying of the final match to ultimately decide a winner.

Developers put together a special "Judgement" mechanic for deciding final round draws in the Street Fighter 3 series, and to this day said mechanic has not appeared in any other franchise entry. While it did bring in an element of drama and excitement, we're definitely hoping Capcom continues to skip over Judgement when they put together Street Fighter 6.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ character select screen recreated in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's style

There are currently 41 different characters that can be used in Dragon Ball FighterZ. ShoYouMomo recently recreated the Dragon Ball FighterZ character select screen in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's likeness.

Of course, this means that only 18 characters will show up on this new character select screen since that's how many characters are in Third Strike. The 19th slot is dedicated to random select.

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Desk uses up to three controllers simultaneously to interrupt himself and extend combos in this crazy multi-game combo video

Sometimes when you've already pushed the limits of the combo system in every major fighting game that's gotten released, you have to get creative in your approach to ascend even further. Desk has released a new combo video that not only uses some advanced techniques in-game, but also gets crafty in his execution.

This new exhibition is called "Don't Interrupt Me," and despite its title actually sees a lot of interrupting going on. Basically, Desk performs combos that sees the opponent interrupt the aggressor during moves and supers so that they can extend the sequence, oh, and Desk is controlling everyone on screen by hand.

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Sony's Big in Japan Sale on PS4 features great fighting game deals including SF5: Champion Edition's Upgrade Kit and Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection

There are so many great fighting games this generation to choose from that it becomes hard to decide which ones to pick up and put time into, but digital sales make it pretty easy to add to our collections and backlogs.

Sony is currently running their Big in Japan Sale for the PlayStation 4 which unsurprisingly includes a lot of good fighting game deals for players looking to pick up newer titles or get back to classics.

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Professional boxer fistfights cult leader to earn father's car back

The Street Fighter franchise is filled with a colorful cast of memorable characters that fans all around the world know and love. From top-notch designs to classic special moves that are as iconic as the fighters themselves, it is no surprise that the world warriors are both strong in combat and in their appeal.

I wish the same could be said for Street Fighter's plot lines. Even taking some of the more well-known story arcs from the franchise and explaining them at base level, they sound a lot like the crazy headlines you'd see on tabloid magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket. Dudley's story and his involvement with Gill is no exception.

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Ready for a brain massage? This tool-assisted Street Fighter 3 Gill mirror sequence is brilliantly put together and wonderfully satisfying to watch

Yes, we've all seen tool-assisted combo and non-combo videos before, and yes, they're fun every single time. Today's artistic dance is brought to us via M. Bizarro and features a Gill on Gill mirror match from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

This character in particular served as something of a visual benchmark in fighting games thanks to the decision by developers to make his asymmetrical color scheme consistent regardless of which direction Gill is facing. The beautiful Third Strike art style and graphics paired with clever imagination and further augmented by the hype of parries makes this an incredibly entertaining sequence.

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Street Fighter 3 is receiving an awesome vinyl soundtrack set featuring records made to look like a Hadoken

While not as popular as its predecessor, Street Fighter 3 remains one of the most influential and impactful fighting games ever made, and it had a kicking soundtrack in every release to boot.

Now, fans of the SF3 series will soon be able to own all of said soundtracks on a new collectable four-disc vinyl record set from Laced Records that's sure to turn heads like a cross-up.

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The Street Fighter franchise reaches 45 million copies sold, Street Fighter 5 likely now over 5 million units

Street Fighter kicked off the fighting game craze of the '90s which has continued to this day, so it's no surprise that the franchise is one of Capcom's best performers in the company's history.

Capcom has released their latest financial report for the first financial quarter ending June 30, 2020 which revealed that the Street Fighter franchise has reached 45 million copies sold worldwide on top of strong games division performance overall.

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For being one of the absolute most powerful and feared attacks in the entire Street Fighter universe, Raging Demon sure has a spotty track record

While it may not be as iconic as the Hadouken fireball or Shoryuken uppercut, the Shun Goku Satsu (better known as the Raging Demon) is widely seen as the most powerful and most badass move in all of Street Fighter.

The technique calls for the user to deliver themselves wholly over to the killing intent and often comes with the toll of consuming their humanity. Things are even worse for the victim as they're hit with countless deadly strikes all in a single moment that hurt not only their physical body but also assault their very soul with an intensity proportionate to the number of sins they've committed in life.

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From Judgement vs. Daigo to Capcom Cup, Ricki Ortiz breaks down her most memorable career highlights in Street Fighter 3, 4 and 5

EG|Ricki Ortiz will go down as one of the most accomplished fighting game players in the community's history given her long miles-record of topping events across multiple Street Fighter entries along with Marvel vs. Capcom, Capcom vs. SNK and Street Fighter x Tekken.

To help celebrate her 10th anniversary of joining the Evil Geniuses' eSports team, Ricki recently sat down to make a video detailing the biggest / most memorable moments and victories of her 20-year career up to this point.

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Did you know Akuma never actually hit M. Bison with a sucker Raging Demon? Find out the iconic Street Fighter villain's full back story here

While Ryu is surely the most recognizable Street Fighter character around (Chun-Li and Ken are surely up there as well) one could make the argument that Akuma, with certain regards, is actually more popular.

The dark fighter first showed up in Street Fighter 2 as a secret boss, and has since been an extremely common staple for Street Fighter rosters and has guest-starred in over a dozen other titles. Sure, we know he's all about transcending humanity for the sake of demonic power, but how much do we really know about the history of Akuma? We've rounded up as much backstory as we could find so as to fill you in on this iconic fighting game character.

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Teppen's new Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion is now live which means there's more amazing Street Fighter and Darkstalkers cards to collect

The artistic team behind Capcom's Teppen card game has been knocking it out of the park since day one so we weren't at all surprised to see that the newest additions in the Tiny Hero expansion are absolutely breathtaking.

Though there aren't as many fighting game characters in latest expansion as other figures from Capcom's various intellectual properties, the ones that did make it are well worth examination.

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Justin Wong invades the world of speedrunning with multiple world records already broken for Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom titles

Justin Wong appeared to master the art form of fighting games long ago as a multiple title and time EVO champion / finalist though now he has his sights set on a new form of competition in the genre he's dedicated much of his life towards.

The fighting game professional of two decades recently decided to tackle the realm of speedrunning where JWong has already set seven new world records in just over a week across Street Fighter titles, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and more.

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Third Strike player pulls off about 99% of EVO Moment 37 in Grand Finals of tournament, then the saddest thing in the world happens

Even gamers who don't specialize in fighting games will often recognize EVO Moment 37, (a legendary 2004 sequence wherein RB|Daigo Umehara successfully parried the entirety of Justin Wong's Chun-Li Super to avoid chip damage, and then punished with a game-winning combo) and our genre's most famous in-game exchange was almost recreated in a more recent tournament set.

The event was Heaven or Hell 2019, a Brazilian competition held in November of last year. The Third Strike tournament had been whittled down to just two remaining players: Saoparry|Mardico, who used Chun-Li, and PRTCK|JuanGuitar, who used Ken.

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Masahiro Sakurai's specialized developer screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feature a ton of neat fighting game references like EVO moment 37

Super Smash Bros. as a series combines characters from pretty much every major genre the video gaming space has to offer, but the influence of traditional fighting games has become more ingrained into its latest iterations with the addition of characters like Ryu, Ken and Terry Bogard.

Masahiro Sakurai, the longtime director of the series, began sharing daily developer screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's development, and one thing that stood out in particular among them is how many fighting game nods and references there are among them.

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Tool-assisted Ryu vs. Akuma in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike makes their battle as crazy as we always imagined in our heads

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike lives on as the most technically intensive game in the entire series, but what happens when the limitations of human input and reaction are completely removed from the equation?

Well, you could end up with a wild tool-assisted gameplay set between Ryu and Akuma that makes their clash look more like an anime battle than a fighting game.

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