Here's a look at the over 20-year-old anatomy guide that shaped Street Fighter's character design

Capcom recently shared a look at a set of documents used in-house that is over 20-years-old and has helped shape the Street Fighter series' character design. During GDC this year, Capcom Art Director Toshiyuki Kamei shared details on the guide, Siliconera reports.

This guide was designed back in the mid-90s and was edited by former Capcom artist Akira Yasuda. Kamei notes that the set of documents is still very valuable to the team, and has been used to teach new artists how to recreate characters and keep a visual consistency across Street Fighter titles.

Below are a handful of pages from the guide.

Street Fighter anatomy guide image #1 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #2 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #3 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #4 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #5 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #6 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #7 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #8 Street Fighter anatomy guide image #9
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Source: CFN. Via Siliconera. Sent in by UpsetDreamer.

It's easy to forget sometimes that the Aegis 'Reflector' is capable of reflecting projectiles... try not to throw a big projectile at it

In both Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Street Fighter 5, Urien's trademark Aegis Reflector is known as being a very powerful tool for combos and mix ups. This move makes up a large part of Urien's offense.

Much less frequently do you see the move's defensive properties used. As the name suggests, it is a reflector, after all.

Since this move is capable of reflecting projectiles, it's probably not a good idea to throw one of your strongest projectiles at it...

Click image for animated version

Keep this clip in mind the next time you're feeling itchy to throw a fireball at Urien.

Source: Furutinkkofu Twitter.

Sonic Boom results feat. Justin Wong, Problem X, Oil King, Big Bird, Ricki Ortiz

Sonic Boom stream feat. Justin Wong, Will2Pac, Ricki Ortiz, Mister Crimson, Problem X, Oil King, Big Bird, Packz and more

Updated with final results: We've updated this story with the final results from Sonic Boom.

The Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, Sonic Boom, is going down this weekend in Madrid, Spain.

Notable players in attendance include FOX|Justin Wong, Millenium|Will2Pac, EG|Ricki Ortiz, MD|Mister Crimson, Mouz|Problem X, ZW|Oil King, NASR|Big Bird, Packz, DA|ImStillDaDaddy, Flash, Mouz|CCL, and more.

You can find the live stream below, along with a schedule.

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New 'Street Fighter Academy' game revealed and it's only playable on April 1st - I'm on to you, Ono...

With April Fools being celebrated in Japan right now, more game companies are joining in on the festivities. Capcom has now thrown their jester's hat into the ring with "Street Fighter Academy."

Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono sent out a tweet earlier today announcing the new title. Apparently, Street Fighter Academy will only be playable on April 1st, according to the tweet.

Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #1 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #2 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #3 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #4 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #5 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #6
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A devastating Super Turbo Balrog, his trademark SF4 Ryu, and more: This top 10 list ranks Daigo's best characters in Capcom fighting games

A lot of fans in this day and age know BST|Daigo for playing Ryu. However, over the years The Beast has found success with several different characters across various Capcom fighting titles.

Cammyplayer has constructed a video list ranking Daigo's best characters from #10 to #1.

From his Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Yun back to his Super Turbo Balrog, we are treated to some footage and a little backstory for each of his characters. Below, you can see Daigo's Super Turbo Ryu mount a vicious comeback.

Click image for animated version

As with many "top" lists, this one conveys the opinion of the creator. Be sure to check it out after the jump and let us know what you think!

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'Alexa' is all warmed up, Laura gets a Red Bull outfit and Remy watches the streets... take a look at NM96MR's wonderful fighting game art

One look into (I'm taking liberty with names) Alexa's eyes and even the toughest fighters will lower their guards. That's because of NM96MR's ability to draw such delicate and soft characters is top notch.

You won't have to go too far in this featured gallery to notice NM's versatility as they can also go rough around the edges with harder hitting sketches.

NM96MR Gallery 01 image #1 NM96MR Gallery 01 image #2 NM96MR Gallery 01 image #3 NM96MR Gallery 01 image #4 NM96MR Gallery 01 image #5 NM96MR Gallery 01 image #6

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He loves his car, is obsessed with flowers and absolutely hates Balrog; learn all about the history of Dudley

A boy far too small and weak to ever be a fighter grows (and beefs) up to become the ever boxing glove-wearing fighter: Dudley.

A fan favorite for both his gentlemanly air and his incredibly offensive gameplay, Dudley is a character that often brought the hype in both Third Strike and Street Fighter 4.

History Behind the Warrior has detailed the boxer's history, unveiling his roots, motivations and preferences throughout the Street Fighter story. Learn why he loves flowers and hates Balrog in this quick video that's all about Dudley.

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Even Ono isn't sure? Learn all about one of Capcom's most controversial figures as History Behind the Warrior takes a closer look at Poison

Well, here we go...

Poison is a fan favorite, consistently cosplayed and also one of the most controversial figures among the entire Street Fighter roster. Originally appearing in Final Fight as part of the Mad Gear Gang, Poison's transition from Japanese to American culture resulted in some rather interesting character changes.

Rarely will there be discussion about Poison without talk of her gender, and it seems her story changes depending on whether you're in Japan or America. It seems even Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has made contrasting statements about Poison's identity.

History Behind the Warrior has developed a video detailing the character's history both in and out of game story lines. Give it a watch to get the full picture on Poison.

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Punishing a parried super with your own super in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact was a really bad idea...

D-NO has showcased yet another fun glitch he has found in an old fighting game. This time, he shows an amusing instance of something that happened in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact.

One thing Street Fighter 3 (especially Third Strike) was known for was the parry system. It's because of the parry system that EVO moment #37 was possible.

It seems as though this may have been a bit wonky back in the Second Impact days. Take a look at what happens when Ryu tries to punish Ryu's super after successfully parrying the first hit.

Click image for animated version

Source: DNO's Twitter.

Check out the original sketches for Necro, one of Street Fighter 3's most unique new combatants

Yet another classic character have gotten their sketchwork uploaded to the CFN Portal, and this time, it's one who wasn't in Street Fighter 4 or 5, so he's been out of the spotlight for quite some time.

Necro, a bizarre combination of Dhalsim and Blanka at first glance, was a truly interesting character with a lot of insane combo potential, and even though he hasn't been seen in a new game since 1999, at least I have nothing but fond memories of him.

Continue below to check out his original sketches from back in the day.

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And Street Fighter 4 loses the #1 spot by four votes! Here's which Street Fighter game series our readers voted as their favorite

Updated: And the results are in! To see how our readers voted, be sure to hit the jump.

Earlier: It's no secret that Street Fighter as a series is really a big series with a bunch of subseries - since all of their entries have received multiple sequels or revisions, except Street Fighter 5, so far, though that has been divided up into seasons per year.

The head Street Fighter series is vast, so much so that each subseries is also very expansive, and each tends to have a very distinct feel to them. With that in mind, I decided to throw together a poll to settle it once and for all - which series is the very best one?

That's not a question we can reliably answer, but we can make a fair approximation at least as to which is most popular among you, our loyal readerbase.

So delay no longer! Jump below and cast your vote.

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See the early sketches of how Street Fighter's dandiest boxer came to be - CFN uploads Dudley's original Street Fighter 3 sketch concepts

One of the most popular characters to come out of the Street Fighter 3 series, Dudley truly embraces the essence of gentleman boxing.

Although he's not part of the Street Fighter 5 series yet, he still remains one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, and if you happen to be one of his many fans, you're in for a treat.

The CFN Portal was updated recently with original sketchwork of Dudley from the old Street Fighter 3 days, so you can see for yourself how this dedicated sportsman originally came to be at Capcom's offices.

The images can be found below.

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How did Street Fighter 3's big bad boss come to be? Get some more insight into Gill's creation with these concept art sketches from the SF3 days

One of the biggest things about the Street Fighter 3 series was that they almost completely dropped the roster of the smash hit preceding it, Street Fighter 2.

Of course, with a new roster, there must also be a new boss - which was Gill, the leader of the Illuminati.

Gill seems to be making his return to the Street Fighter series with the way Street Fighter 5's Cinematic Story Mode ended, in some capacity at least. Because of this, Capcom were kind enough to grace us with a bunch of concept art from Gill's creation back in the '90s. Continue below to check it out.

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If they're in a fighting game, Jiggeh will draw them; check out this selection from a talented artist with a passion for fighters

Today we're highlighting the work of Swedish artist Josef "Jiggeh" Axner and his beautiful renderings of figures from across the fighting game universe.

Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and Smash made it into today's gallery, but there's plenty more in Jiggeh's portfolio.

Give this work a look through, and let us know if you'd like to see more like it in the future.

Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #1 Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #2 Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #3 Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #4 Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #5 Jiggeh Gallery 01 image #6

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How fast can a life bar disappear? Everything from 0.5 to 8 seconds depending on the game - LiangHuBBB compilation shows some truly terrifying moments

We've all had those rounds where just every single thing goes wrong - we block the crossup the wrong way, we guess wrong on wakeup, we make an execution error at the worst point in time... Well, imagine all of this happening in the very same round, and you pretty much have this video.

One of LiangHuBBB's latest, it shows just how fast you can be defeated in a variety of games. Some of these situations at the end are glitched, though which ones are specified in the video description, but the vast majority of them are regular situations from regular matches.

Check out a snippet from a Street Fighter 4 match featuring Gen and Seth below.

Click image for animated version

Continue below to check out the full video.

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