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Street Fighter 2 stories

Arcade1Up reveals 'Big Blue' Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet featuring the world warriors, Darkstalkers and Saturday Night Slam Masters

Popular at-home arcade cabinet manufacturer Arcade1Up has announced another new machine just in time for E3 2021 that's being added to their already impressive line up of hardware. Another big Capcom arcade is being released and this one features a unique blue aesthetic.

Entitled the Street Fighter 2 Big Blue Arcade Machine, this powerhouse of a cab will feature 12 classic Capcom titles with its main focus being on the Street Fighter 2 series. It also bolsters slick Street Fighter 2 artwork on the outside, as well as a light up marquee.

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Street Fighter 2 shown in graph animation to still be one of the most popular arcade games as of 2020

Captain Gizmo is known for graphing and documenting the "popularity" of certain products. Back in 2020, he graphed out the most played arcade games based on earning from 1978 (the beginning of arcade gaming) to 2020.

In terms of fighting games, only Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat were capable of cracking the top 12 when it comes to the most popular arcade games.

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5 of the weirdest or most unexpected hobbies and skills of the world warriors in Street Fighter

Almost all of the time we've spent with the world warriors of the Street Fighter series has come in the heat of battle, but what exactly are they doing for fun when the fighting stops and everyone goes home?

Capcom has given us glimpses into the everyday lives of their characters through fighter profiles these past three decades, and we've combed through them to find the weirdest or most unexpected hobbies / skills of the expansive Street Fighter cast.

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Capcom actually had to pay Namco to use the name 'Street Fighter...' and still may be doing so today according to SF2 producer Yoshiki Okamoto

Capcom's iconic Street Fighter franchise kicked off back in 1987 with the arcade version of the very first title, but when Street Fighter was ported to the TurboGrafx-16 for home console use, the name was curiously altered to "Fighting Street."

This factoid is little more than a bit of cute Street Fighter trivia these days, but recent clarifying remarks from Street Fighter 2 producer Yoshiki Okamoto apparently reveal the reason for this odd change: Capcom didn't own the rights to the "Street Fighter" name... and very well still might not.

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Awesome upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 2 Zangief action figure gets every detail right, including green hand

The team over at Storm Collectibles continues to be hard at work cranking out absolutely brilliant action figures from favorite fighting game properties such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Injustice, and Mortal Kombat. Today we're taking a look at their upcoming Zangief from Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers.

Not only does the figure capture the Russian wrestler's personality perfectly, it comes with plenty of interchangeable and flexible parts so that you can pose Gief in the midst of performing some of his most iconic attacks.

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Guile's iconic sweep seen from the opponent's perspective in amazing animation

Although Guile is generally known for only having two special moves with the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick, he really stands out from the rest of the Street Fighter roster thanks to his fantastic normals.

ShoRyuBarbie has recently uploaded an animation depicting Guile's sweep from the perspective of the opponent. The animator reports that this was a painstaking process, but the effort and skill definitely show up in the animation.

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Ryu explodes a giant banana man with a Hadoken in Fortnite's new Season 6 cinematic trailer

Fortnite may someday rival the likes of Super Smash Bros. for the number of crossovers packed into one game, and there's one character so far who can say he's been a part of both.

Epic Games dropped the Season 6 cinematic trailer for the massive battle royale title this morning which includes scenes with many of its newest skins / promotions like Xenomorphs, Terminators and of course, Ryu from Street Fighter.

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Dan Hibiki's story prologue in Street Fighter 5 pays homage to Street Fighter 2's world map

Dan Hibiki is the latest character to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster. As the Saikyo Ultimate Style master is considered to be a joke character, hilarious antics are expected from his story prologue.

At one point in the story, there's a need for Dan to fly from Japan to Brazil. To showcase this, Street Fighter 5 pays homage to the world map shown in Street Fighter 2.

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Ryu and Chun-Li are indeed making the jump to Fortnite in new Street Fighter crossover

As one of the biggest video games on planet Earth right now, Fortnite has wrapped in some crazy crossovers from Thanos to revealing that Emperor Palpetine was still alive in Star Wars. Now they apparently have their eyes on the father of modern fighting games.

We previously reported that a mysterious portal opened in Fortnite's map that showed Ryu's iconic Suzaku Castle stage from Street Fighter 2, and a new trailer confirms that the iconic Shoto and Chun-Li will soon be available to use in the battle royale too.

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Capcom removes potentially offensive background feature from E. Honda's iconic stage in latest version of Street Fighter 2

Capcom re-released Street Fighter 2 to the public once again this week as part of the Capcom Arcade Stadium compilation for the Nintendo Switch, but long time fans of the franchise quickly noticed a fairly major background alteration in one of the game's most recognizable stages: E. Honda's bathhouse.

In the Arcade Stadium versions of both Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, the background mural of the bathhouse stage has been altered so as to remove the Japanese Rising Sun Flag, and while Capcom has not given any statements expressing why they chose to do so, we're fairly sure we know the reason.

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Street Fighter 2 and fighting games as we know them turn 30 years old

Street Fighter 2 introduced the world to so many new concepts like combos and selectable characters that would instantly define the genre and continues to do so over three decades later now.

Capcom announced The World Warrior officially reached its 30 year anniversary yesterday, February 6, from its first arcade launch in Japan where it would quickly spread and take all corners of the globe by storm.

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Poll results: Alex Valle believes that Street Fighter Alpha 2 is the most balanced Street Fighter but what do our readers think?

Update: The results are in. Hit the jump to see which Street Fighter entry our readers believe to be the most balanced of all.

Earlier: LU|Alex Valle recently made an interesting comment on Twitter where he declared Street Fighter Alpha 2 as the most balanced Street Fighter game in the series.

Now I'm not one to argue with Mr. Street Fighter himself, but it got me wondering what others believe. Is Street Fighter Alpha 2 recognized as the most balanced entry within our own community?

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The Street Fighter movie finally receives the Honest Trailer treatment it deserves

When you think about it, the 1994 Street Fighter film kinda paved the way for things like the modern Marvel movies with an ensemble cast, "witty one-liners," and explosive action. It's just that most of it wasn't very good.

As shocking as it seems that it didn't happen already, Screen Junkies have finally put together an Honest Trailer for Capcom's big blockbuster bet, but was it worth the wait?

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Secret 'death' animation discovered during one of Street Fighter 2's most iconic attacks; here's what actually happens when Akuma lands a Raging Demon

Instead of his usual modus operandi of thinking up of crazy and creative combos, Desk is exploring a very well-known, already existing one. With the help of some modding tools that allow him to see behind the scenes, he's gone through much of Capcom's Raging Demon catalogue to see what actually happens to the game sprites during the iconic move's blinding screen flash.

In Super Street Fighter 2 X, the Japanese version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, developers inserted an animation of M. Bison that you never actually see at any point in the experience. During the flash after Akuma lands his Demon on the evil dictator, the demonic fighter is actually holding Bison by his hair as his body sits in a lifeless slump on the ground.

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Main Street Fighter bosses ranked from worst to best

I've been doing a lot of speculation about what's coming down the pike in the shorter term with Street Fighter 5 as well as the longer term with Street Fighter 6, but feel the need to shift down to a different gear and have a little fun considering the franchise's past instead of its future.

Street Fighter 5 now features every main boss character the main franchise has seen, and seeing them all together in one roster got me thinking about their elevated statuses as big baddies, and who wore/wears that title the best.

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Impression of bad blood between Capcom and SNK had to be resolved before they could collaborate in a versus series

It's been nearly 20 years since Capcom vs. SNK (2000) and Capcom vs. SNK 2 (2001) were released. Though Capcom vs. SNK 3 was actually in development at one point, it was ultimately cancelled due to SNK's financial problems. At the time, it was unknown what would happen to the ownership of SNK's intellectual properties, so Capcom wasn't able to continue devoting resources to the project.

For these collaborative projects to happen in the first place, some bad blood between the two companies needed to be resolved first. A recent article by Polygon revealed details about how this collaborative process began.

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Darkstalkers, Final Fight, several versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct featured in newly revealed Arcade1Up cabinets

Arcade1Up announced seven new arcade cabinets this week that are being added to their already strong library of at-home machines. Among the bunch are two arcades that fighting game fans will undoubtedly be excited about.

The company unveiled their upcoming Killer Instinct and Capcom Legacy Edition arcade cabinets that are set to bring several top notch fighting games into your household. Between these two new products, fans can look forward to getting their hands on Darkstalkers, Final Fight, five different versions of Street Fighter 2, and Killer Instinct.

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