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East Coast Throwdown 2018 early results, streams ft SonicFox, NuckleDu, Punk, HookGangGod, ChrisG, GamerBee, Chris T, Dekillsage, JB, Nakkiel and more

Update: This story is being updated periodically with results.

East Coast Throwdown 2018 is taking place this weekend in New Jersey, U.S.A.

This is a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, in fact, it's the final offline Ranking Event of the season, with only a few Premiers, Regional Finals and one online CPT event left besides it.

Also, this is the Last Chance Qualifier for the Injustice 2 Pro Series this year, the finals of which are happening on November 13th, so this is a very important event to grab that final spot.

It's not just about Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Injustice 2, though. This event will also feature tournament play in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6, Tekken 7, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 2, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Fighting EX Layer, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Streaming is being done at Team Spooky, NetherRealm, KPB Live, NYC Furby and TSB Blaze.

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Someone made Pokémon's Magikarp in Soul Calibur 6 complete with Splash attack, poor Spider-Man looks so confused

I don't know how they did it, but someone created the eternally useless Pokémon Magikarp in Soul Calibur 6. And yes, he has his Splash attack.

Soul Calibur 6 is officially in the hands of the public now, and the grand return of Bandai Namco's 3D, weapons-based fighting title has been met with rave reviews — netting high scores across many major video game outlets.

One of the biggest draws for Soul Calibur 6 is its expansive "Create-a-Soul" or create-a-character mode. The Soul Calibur series has come to be known for having this robust mode, and fans have wasted no time jumping in to see what kind of craziness they can create in the latest installment.

A Twitter user by the name of sunagimo_x uploaded a clip on their Twitter page that features Pokémon's Magikarp vs. a created character meant to be Marvel Comics' own Spider-Man. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write...

Magikarp is modeled over Voldo, and while this created character is standing upright, you probably won't see much resemblance to Magikarp — outside of the colors. But when the fighter falls back into Voldo's weird Exorcist crawl and begins thrusting his pelvis upward (imitating the Splash attack), Magikarp truly comes to life. The poor Spider-Man player looks completely baffled.

This is easily the most creative Soul Calibur created character I have ever seen due to the fact that it requires a certain stance to really emerge. There have already been some great Create-A-Soul characters in Soul Calibur 6, including the internet phenomenons Bowsette and Boosette, as well as the not so great — but definitely NSFWwell-endowed Lizardman.

Click image to view the clip

Bowsette and Boosette appear in Soul Calibur 6 via these beautiful custom character creations

The internet phenomena that are Bowsette and Boosette have, as we fully expected them to, made their way into Soul Calibur 6. These are our second and third favorite custom creations thus far, as the first is obviously the... well-endowed Lizardman.

Dual Shockers has posted some footage of both fantasy fighters going head to head, and wound up finding the creator of the SC6 Bowsette as Mr. David Poole revealed himself as such.

Bowsette sports her trademark black leather outfit, green turtle shell and horns while Boosette is a pale gray with ever so light blue tones which make for quite the ghostly appearance.

Both characters wield some interesting weaponry that seems to fit their magical fusion themes quite nicely.

The game's costume deterioration sees Bowsette's horns, dress and shell all eventually come off, though it seems Boosette does not undergo any changes during the course of the bout.

Give these stills a look through here, then check out both characters in action via the video waiting after the jump.

Bow Boo image #1 Bow Boo image #2 Bow Boo image #3 Bow Boo image #4 Bow Boo image #5 Bow Boo image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Soul Calibur 6 is now available and EventHubs has move lists, tiers and statistics for the long-awaited fighter

The release of Soul Calibur 6 is now upon us as one of the most anticipated fighting games of a busy 2018, and the return of one of the genre's most storied 3D franchises has been receiving largely critical praise from reviewers.

With the title's official drop just hours away, we now have move lists for all 20 characters in Soul Calibur 6 plus a new tier list for the game and player / character statistics now available here on EventHubs.

These move lists name and show off how to perform every special and unique attack a character has while also providing a place to read up on player tips for specific fighters or leaving your own. Our tier lists allow users to vote upon individual character match ups using their own experience to form an aggregate list of scores ranking character strengths, and our statistics show character popularity plus help find other players.

Soul Calibur 6 will be / is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with its standard edition costing $59.99 USD while a deluxe edition of the title is available for $99.99 including the game, on-disc soundtrack, steelbook case and season pass. Soul Calibur 6 Collector's Edition is also available coming with a 12-inch Sophitia statue, 120-page art book and the contents of the deluxe version for $149.99.

The Season Pass for SC6 will include four new playable characters including the previously announced Tira plus three yet to be revealed fighters plus two additional armor packs for character creation for $29.99.

Hit the jump to find links to each character's move list page for Soul Calibur 6 plus the game's recent feature trailer — along with an official unboxing of the collector's edition, and be sure to vote on your knowledgeable match ups for our tiers list.

Soul Calibur 6 launch image #1 Soul Calibur 6 launch image #2 Soul Calibur 6 launch image #3 Soul Calibur 6 launch image #4 Soul Calibur 6 launch image #5 Soul Calibur 6 launch image #6
Click images for larger versions

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PSA: If you're playing Soul Calibur 6 online, there's a legitimate chance you'll be running into giant lizard penises

I jumped on for work this morning excited to see all the new Soul Calibur 6 launch day tech the community has thus far uncovered, but instead I got three foot long Lizardman penises... because of course I did.

The potential for creativity knows no bounds in SC6's character creator, as players can make Taki look like Chun-Li, turn Astaroth into Bane, or make Geralt of Rivia uniquely your own, or you can pick make a Lizardman with Voldo's moveset, give him a giant phallus and do his bridged humping technique on repeat.

The game comes with a "T" rating, the video game equivalent of a "PG-13," but that ESRB blurb that we've seen so many times our eyes don't even register it anymore is truer now more than ever: Online interactions not rated by the ESRB.

If you're old enough to remember playing Link or Yoda in Soul Caliburs past, this is probably something that would simply get the five year old in your heart to laugh. If you have actual five year olds running around and playing, you may wanna think twice before letting them jump online.

The art of the custom Soul Calibur penis isn't new by any means, as players have been doing this since 2012's SC5. In fact, there are very easy to find tutorials that teach you precisely how to make your very own on YouTube.

If you're still reading this, you don't have to pretend like you're not just here to see what it looks like anymore. Check out the NSFW work of art by clicking the thumbnail below. Seriously, this is super NSFW...

Click image for animated version

Thank you to Johnick for sending in this crucial addition to your daily fighting game news.

Will Soul Calibur 6 finally create a large unified competitive community for the series? Kayane, Maximilian and Aris discuss the title's potential

We're now less than one day away from the launch of the first new Soul Calibur game in over six years, and interest in the series has never seemed higher — especially in the competitive scene.

The franchise has essentially always taken a competitive backseat to Bandai Namco's other 3D fighting game series, Tekken, but many players and community members are hopeful that Soul Calibur 6 can finally create a more unified scene and perhaps even its own pro circuit.

Bandai Namco released the second part of their mini-documentary series about Soul Calibur 6 and the franchise as a whole with 'Swords and Souls Part 2: Soul Still Burns.' While their first episode covered the legacy of Soul Calibur in the past, this new video talks about the community's response to the new game and the hopes of what can come next.

Players and community members like Kayane, Maximilian, MarkMan, Aris and EVO winner LinkRKC are all featured with their thoughts on how they feel Soul Calibur 6 is shaping up, the problems the series faced in the past and why this could finally be the Soul Calibur title to break out from the rest.

A few of those in the scene like Aris feel we may see a "cross pollination" effect in the FGC similarly to another game like Dragon Ball FighterZ. This means that players who are already part of a different community will be brought in and pick Soul Calibur 6 up competitively as we've already seen a bit of with FOX|SonicFox making it to grand finals for the game at SCR 2018. He also hopes to see returning fans move on from just solely liking their older title of choice in a cycle of disliking new things that most fan bases can probably relate to.

Max, MarkMan and Kayane are hoping to see this strong initial surge of interest carry over after the game releases to the point where the community and developers are supporting each other to perhaps the point of warranting an actual circuit. You can view the full video after the jump.

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Soul Calibur 6 on PS4 has higher input lag average than Street Fighter 5 and some stability issues due to a bug according to the findings of WydD

Soul Calibur 6 is slated to drop tomorrow but, as per the norm, quite a few people already have their hands on a copy.

Since input lag has become one of the most discussed and examined components of fighting games in recent years we're not surprised to find the community has already begun exploring the details of SC6's input delay.

Loïc "WydD" Petit recently reported his findings after putting the new game through a few tests. "I was able to test Soul Calibur 6 input lag! Unfortunately, I've got bad news," he states. "Soul Calibur 6 - 5.42f (90.4ms, C+ Tier) Stability 72% due to a weird bug."

WydD actually shed light on the fact that Street Fighter 5's input lag heavily fluctuates back in July of this year. While Soul Calibur is almost twice as stable as SF5, it still only clocks in with an iffy 72% stability rating.

The results here are only for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It is also available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, and we'll have to wait and see if the situation is the same for the latter two platforms.

You can view the visuals depicting WydD's findings for Soul Calibur 6 and how they stack up next to a handful of other fighting games via the gallery below:

SC6 Input Lag image #1 SC6 Input Lag image #2 SC6 Input Lag image #3
Click images for larger versions

The Xbox One version of Soul Calibur 6 reportedly takes up to twice as long to load compared to other consoles

Reviews are now live for Soul Calibur 6 ahead of its launch in just over a day, and most of them have nice things to say about the title's gameplay, modes and presentation with a few exceptions.

IGN rated the return of Soul Calibur with an impressive score of 8.9 out of 10, but they discovered a difference between the console versions of the game that multiplatform owners should take note of before solidifying their choice of where they want to play.

Their review states that the standard Xbox One version of the game can load twice as slowly as every other console that Soul Calibur 6 can be played on with times reportedly clocking in much longer than most large fighters to be recently released on.

"It’s also worth mentioning that on a base Xbox One, long load times pervade every mode, with it taking as long as a full minute in between matches in Arcade Mode," states reviewer Mitchell Saltzman. "Playing on an Xbox One X cut the load times by about half, as does playing the game on either a base PlayStation 4, or a PlayStation 4 Pro."

A reported difference of thirty-seconds or more could become a bit of an annoyance for players in places like the aforementioned Arcade Mode or Libra of Soul where the game has to load matches back-to-back though this could be eventually addressed in a future patch.

Version differences of the same title between consoles is nothing new for fighting games where we've seen the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter 4 run with less input delay than the PS3 counterpart while other games may feature slowdown or online hiccups that another platform's version may not have at all. You can take a look at IGN's video review after the jump.

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Solid content, great graphics and fun gameplay make it a real sequel to 2 - Soul Calibur 6 review roundup

The review embargo has lifted for Soul Calibur 6 meaning we now have a large number of voices giving their thoughts and in-depth impressions of the highly anticipated fighting game, and most of them are saying good things, very good things.

Soul Calibur 6 is currently sitting at a Metacritic score of 85 as of the time of writing this which is higher than the previous two entries were able to accomplish, but not quite as high as the first two titles. We've collected 10 of the most notable reviews from around the internet right now which you can see for yourself.

Most reviewers agreed that the first new Soul Calibur title in six years gets the combat right with keeping most of the elements that worked before for its strong weapon combat base and adding in new mechanics like Soul Charge bringing even more variety and depth to matches.

Some were mixed, however, on the inclusion of the new Reversal Edge mechanic that slows down the gameplay a bit and brings an element of chance into the fighter — though other reviewers point to it having more of a strategy the deeper you dive into it.

Single-player content is also largely praised with the inclusions of two separate story modes, Arcade Mode, character creation and Training Mode though some feel that the stories are too text heavy or dull. While it is accessible to pick up and play, Soul Calibur 6 is apparently lacking tutorials and combo trials to help players advance their sill level with in-game tools.

Online modes are said to run well and without any glaring issues aside from being limited to only ranked and casual matches currently. Most sites are reporting that Soul Calibur 6 is a true return to form for the franchise, but you can take a look at the reviews for yourself after the jump.

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Here is the PSN trophy list for Soul Calibur 6

Soul Calibur 6 will be releasing later this week. On October 19, 2018 to be exact.

There are a total of 21 characters available on the base roster. These fighters are Astaroth, Azwel, Cervantes, Geralt of Rivia, Grøh, Inferno (unlockable), Ivy, Kilik, Maxi, Mitsurgi, Nightmare, Raphael, Seong Mi-na, Siegfried, Sophita, Taki, Talim, Tira, Voldo, Xianghua, Yoshimitsu, and Zasalamel.

Tira will also be available at launch, but as the game's first DLC combatant. More than likely, she won't count as a "base-game character" — this will be important to note for later.

We now have confirmation on the title's trophy list for the PlayStation 4. It's been reported that the game's main story mode, the 'Libra of Soul' mode that supposedly has Kilik and Grøh as the main characters, will be over 10 hours long.

A number of these trophies can only be obtained while utilizing a base-game character. Obtaining these trophies can range from performing certain combos a number of times outside of training mode, winning a required number of ranked matches, playing online, unlocking the legendary difficulty for the game's arcade mode, beating the story mode, and so on.

Hit the jump to check out the full list of trophies and their value.

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Geralt is currently the only guest character in Soul Calibur 6, who else should — and shouldn't — join him?

We've been getting exciting reveals for the better part of a year now, but Geralt remains as the only guest character to join the roster thus far of the soon to be released Soul Calibur 6.

While we're more than happy to have the iconic hero from The Witcher, fighting games these days very often welcome a handful of comers from foreign IPs and Soul Calibur has been especially known for doing so.

Soul Calibur 2 wowed many back in 2002 when it welcomed Heihachi, Spawn and Link to duke it out with mainstays like Taki and Kilik. Bandai Namco continued to capitalize on the allure of outsiders by incorporating a number of Star Wars characters in future titles, such as Yoda, Darth Vader and Starkiller.

In light of all this, History Behind the Warrior has produced a video in which he lists a few characters that would potentially work well as guests in Soul Calibur 6.

The first and perhaps most obvious of these is Dante of the Devil May Cry series. Not only is the gun slinging demon hunter on the verge of launching his own new title soon in Devil May Cry 5, he also wields a giant blade and Devil Trigger could easily translate into Soul Charge.

Continue on to see the full video and hear HBTW's full list, which also includes a few fighters that may sound like good ideas at first glance, but actually don't fit as well as you may think.

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SEA Major 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

SEA Major, formerly known as South East Asia Major, is taking place this weekend with its 2018 installment in Singapore.

This is a massively stacked event by all metrics, the full details of which you can find in our official preview, but let's do a quick recap here.

SEA Major 2018 is the Asian finals of the Capcom Pro Tour as well as hosting an Open Premier, meaning you effectively get two Premier top 8s for the price of one at this event. It's also a Master Event for the Tekken World Tour and a Saga event for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Besides those prestigious qualifications, it's also a ArcRevo Pro Tour qualifier for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction on top of that. There will also be a pre-release tournament for Soul Calibur 6 at the event, so look forward to getting a good look at high level play in the title before its release next week.

Players attending include FOX|Tokido, FOX|SonicFox, Mouz|Problem X, GGP|Kazunoko, UYU|Qudans, FAV|Sako, CYG|Fuudo, Kkokkoma, CO|Dogura, UYU|Jeondding, UYU|OilKing, UYU|NL, CYG|Daigo, FOX|Justin Wong, TSM|Leffen, FOX|Dekillsage, Gachikun, Ponos|Moke, EG|NYChrisG, Yamasa|Nobi, AR|Book, RZR|Xian, PG|Speedkicks, PG|Nakkiel, COOASGAMES|Noroma, Yamasa|Take, UYU|Fergus, ESE|RunItBlack, DNG|Tachikawa, Acqua, RB|Tanukana and many, many more.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Anime Illuminati and Team Spooky.

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Another look at 'Lizard Wizard' and some of the... strange characters you can create in Soul Calibur 6

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco held a live stream to showcase their upcoming major fighting game release, Soul Calibur 6. During the broadcast, viewers were treated to a look at the game's story modes — called Chronicle of Souls and Libra of Souls — as well as some custom-made characters created in the game's "Create-a-Soul" mode.

Bandai Namco was joined by a handful of special guests, including the guys from Mega64 and prominent fighting game community member, Maximilian.

The first half of the stream focused solely on Soul Calibur 6's story modes. We get a closer look at what we can expect to see when the game launches next week, including some of the cut scenes and fights you'll encounter along the way.

Perhaps the biggest draw here, though, is the showcase of some custom-made characters — including the official, community-voted character "Lizard Wizard." Each of the guests on the stream were given time to put together their own unique fighter, and we get a good look at all of them here.

While Lizard Wizard is certainly a cool design, it is fighters like "Jorgo" — who wears a monocle and doesn't wear a shirt or pants — and the top hat and skirt-wearing "Flavio" that really give us an idea of the wackiness that will undoubtedly ensue once the public gets their hands on the Create-a-Soul mode.

If you're searching for another close look at Soul Calibur 6 before it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th, be sure to check out the full stream archive here.

More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #1 More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #2 More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #3 More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #4 More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #5 More Lizard Wizard and other created characters in Soul Calibur 6 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Talim's crazy combos, KO by tantrum and SonicFox's Geralt: here's a special highlight video for Soul Calibur 6 before the full game releases

Soul Calibur 6 is likely the most anticipated fighting game that has yet to come out this year for many players — if they don't care about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and now we're just over a week from the return of one of the most storied 3D fighting franchises.

To celebrate its upcoming release, LiangHuBBB has collected the best moments from Soul Calibur 6 matches at exhibition tournaments and the open beta for a fun compilation showing off some of the crazy tech this game already has.

Featured multiple times throughout the video is a player going by the name of Granmas_Got_Game demonstrating the devastating damage potential that Talim has in SC6 taking out over 60 percent of the opponent's life in a single combo.

We also get to see multiple instances of Kayane's Xianghua in action including a clip where she KOs her opponent by making Xianghua throw a tantrum on the ground after being knocked down, kicking her feet and ultimately taking down Kilik in comedic fashion.

FOX|SonicFox's play with Geralt from the Witcher series is also showcased in this compilation seemingly proving that the player can excel at any fighting game he picks up though Geralt himself seems to be shaping up to be a strong character in SC6 at the moment.

You can check out a crazy Talim combo, Kayane's Xianghua and a crazy Yoshimitsu in the clip below and the full Soul Calibur 6 compilation after the jump.

Click images for animated versions

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'You can't test s*** in the middle of a tournament' - Aris' retelling of his epic Soul Calibur 2 bout with Dan The Nightmare is too good

Got a question about frame data, hitboxes or a character match up? Here in 2018 we just hit up the internet from our phones and are good to go. That wasn't the case 14 years ago.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has launched part one of their "Words and Souls: The Rise of Soul Calibur" series that looks back on what makes this franchise as great as it is.

Episode one hears commentary from figures such as MarkMan, Kayane, Maximilian and Aris on the history of the various Soul Calibur titles, and the latter figure on that list has an especially entertaining story to tell.

Back in the early 2000's the best Soul Calibur player in the world was French Competitor Dan "The Nightmare" Vu. No one could touch The Nightmare, including Aris, but after a hard loss in '03, the American challenger formulated a plan.

Without the use of internet resources to expedite the learning process, alternate characters and secret tech was all the more useful for strategic tournament approaches. Aris went to France to take on DTN on his home turf, and used a classic case of misdirection on the reigning champ.

Vu actually tried to stop the tournament to research his opponent's new tech, but was forced to play on since, as Aris so eloquently puts it, "you can't test s*** in the middle of a f****** tournament." You'll hear the whole story and more in the video below.

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The community-created Soul Calibur 6 character is here; meet 'Wizard Lizard' a giant lizard with a pistol and the Infinity Gauntlet

In an effort to highlight the upcoming Soul Calibur 6's "Create a Soul" character creator feature, the developers over at Bandai Namco decided to start out on an interesting campaign involving the influence from any fan willing to participate.

They decided to make their own custom character, but chose its defining features through a series of polls wherein fans ultimately got the final say.

Said character has been brought to life as Bandai Namco highlighted 'Wizard Lizard' earlier today on Twitter. The character is of the famous Lizardman race, and features red and blue gauntlets as well as a gun.

Interestingly enough, he doesn't appear to use a weapon in his basic fight style, though does seem to be somewhat based on Azwel, one of the franchise's all new characters.

As far as we can tell right now Wizard Lizard won't be part of the game's final roster, and is more or less just a fun means of community interaction.

You can view Wizard Lizard in the clip posted by Bandai below. Please share with us your thoughts and reactions, and if you voted for any of the winning attributes that made the final product.

Click image for animated version

You won't be able to use Inferno in Soul Calibur 6 online matches or Bandai Namco tournaments

If you're excited to play Inferno in Soul Calibur 6, you should be. If you're excited to take him online or play him in tournament, I have some bad news for you...

It looks as though the Soul Calibur boss character will not be allowed in Bandai Namco tournaments or Soul Calibur 6's online modes.

Game Watch reports that Inferno is banned from these settings. Apparently, this boss character has several strong moves and unblockables within his arsenal, which is the reason for this restriction.

In Inferno's official trailer, some keen-eyed fans spotted a bit of fine print that mentions the character's online ban. It makes sense that the same would apply for competitive tournament play.

This isn't necessarily an uncommon practice when it comes to boss characters — who are typically noticeably stronger than the rest of the cast. Earlier this year, we saw a patch come into play that banned Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo's Akuma from being used in ranked matches in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

Soul Calibur 6 is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th. While we wait for its launch, be sure to check out some new screenshots of Inferno below.

Inferno Soul Calibur 6 screenshots image #1 Inferno Soul Calibur 6 screenshots image #2 Inferno Soul Calibur 6 screenshots image #3 Inferno Soul Calibur 6 screenshots image #4 Inferno Soul Calibur 6 screenshots image #5
Click images for larger versions

Via Flying Wonkey.