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Seagull Joe releases his patch 4.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

Demise|Seagull Joe is a competitor that has a lot of experience playing the Super Smash Bros. series. Since version 4.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been available for some time now, Seagull Joe has a new tier list that was only recently released.

This particular player is known for being a Wolf and Palutena main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's also very likely that he has some experience playing Sonic and Diddy Kong in this title as he mained them in Smash 4.

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Beefy Smash Doods show how Hero can deal 473% with one attack in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Hero craze in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to sweep the world, as players are still labbing the character consistently.

Beefy Smash Doods recently put together a video in which they analyze a lot of the currently discovered tech for Hero, including a situation where the new fighter deals an insane amount of damage in just one attack.

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Super Smash Con 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a four-day event going on this week in Chantilly, Virginia, and it's the annual Smashfest known as Super Smash Con.

A huge amount of people are showing up for this extravaganza, including FOX|MkLeo, Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Tweek, Tempo|Axe, TSM|Leffen, PG|Marss, C9|Mango, PG|Plup, PG|Zain, eU|Samsora, Liquid|Dabuz, SST|Shuton, NRG|Nairo, GW|Zackray, VGBC|aMSa, PG|Cosmos, CLG|VoiD, Rogue|Light, PG|Esam, Salem, Wishes, MVD, Ace|iBDW, AG|WaDi, MVG|Dark Wizzy, Raito, Anahuac|Maister, DA|Sinji, HLC|S2J, CLG|SFAT, OG|Swedish Delight, DNG|Nietono, n0ne, MuteAce, Puppeh, CLG|PewPewU, Ginger, HLC|KJH, DIG|Lucky, EMG|Hax$, NVR|Elegant, Liquid|ChuDat, Demise|Mr. E, MVG|ScAtt, BC|Mr. R, Stroder, Armada|Myran, NB|Ryuga, Ho3K|Gen, dB|Yeti and of course many more.

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Raw emotional ending for the Zackray vs. MkLeo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set at Super Smash Con 2019

It's difficult to argue against FOX|MkLeo being the number one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world right now. Very few players can say that they've been able to take a tournament set over him.

He's just one of the top competitors that's present at Super Smash Con 2019 this weekend. Eventually, he found himself matched up against GW|Zackray.

This 17-year-old prodigy is thought of as being one of Japan's best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. Many would even say that Zackray is the absolute best from Japan.

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Snake continues to dominate the numbers while Fox is still top dog: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee character usage stats at Super Smash Con

We're only one week out from EVO 2019 where Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the headlining event, and we're already seeing another massive major going on this weekend with almost 3,000 players for the ever-popular title.

Finals day at Super Smash Con 2019 is currently going down, and we've gone ahead and collected the full character usage statistics for the top 128 competitors in Ultimate plus the top 64 of Melee which also had almost 1,000 players turn up.

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Kurogane Hammer and Meshima break down the numbers on Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Hero was just released a few weeks ago. He has made waves as one of the most intriguing characters to make it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

With great power comes great responsibility. Hero has power in spades, but players must be responsible and figure out the best way to use all of his tools. Considering how much of his style and ability comes from randomness, knowing the probability of landing certain moves is nice to know.

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Dabuz believes that Hero is 'an amazing character' and 'he's top tier' in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Since Hero has been released, opinions on the newest fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been all over the place. Liquid|Dabuz is the latest to weigh in.

We've never seen a character like this before in Smash. This is a combatant where multiple moves rely on chance and can truly alter a match.

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Leffen vs. Salem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — a bitter rivalry, years of research, and a surprise Hero

It finally happened. TSM|Leffen and Salem met in bracket during a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. This match up occurred at Super Smash Con 2019.

To put it as nicely as I can, this is a rivalry where both players... don't really like one another very much.

Most members of the Smash community are probably familiar with Leffen's early views that Snake wasn't a good character which provoked Salem to make his "years of research" comment about how Melee wasn't truly part of the Smash community.

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Could Meta Knight be a sleeper top tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? This 0-to-death combo definitely comes across as being quite promising

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been available for over half a year at this point. By now, we have a pretty strong idea about which characters are top tier based on results and abilities.

Then again, there's always a sleeper top tier that eventually turns up after an allotted amount of time has expired. A combo posted by Charliedaking really demonstrates the scary potential of Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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This batch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's most popular created stages brings Shaq's Hot Ones meme, Rick and Morty and a Pokemon battle into the fold

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's popular created stages section is a sight to behold. No matter when I pop in there, I am always greeted with a bevy of interesting and amazing designs from fans all over the world.

If you hop into the Shared Content section today, you'll be able to find another set of unique battlefields. This time, things such as Shaq's Hot Ones meme, a Pokemon battle from the original games, a sleeping Kirby, and much more have been added to Smash Bros. Ultimate by way of fan-made stages.

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Masahiro Sakurai discusses why the Super Smash Bros. CGI trailers are so important and how they're made

Ever since Super Smash Bros. 4, Nintendo has been utilizing exciting trailers to reveal new fighters. Most of these showcases go heavy on the CG animation, and incorporate actual gameplay of the character.

In a recent column from Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai, we learn more about the reasons these trailers are created and used for reveals, as well as how they're made. Thanks to Push DustIn, we have English translations to read over.

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Nobody in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can edge guard Hero quite like Hero

Hero was recently released in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the community continues to figure out what makes this DLC character tick. Everyday we are seeing new tech discovered and combos being shared on social media.

Longtime Sonic main Ken has shown yet another way to utilize one of Hero's many abilities. The reflector is a great tool for off-stage battles.

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Hero technically pulls a 0-to-death sequence with single attack and crazy RNG in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament

Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a rather controversial character when it comes to the competitive scene. Although the character is unlikely to be as strong as Brawl's Meta Knight or Smash 4's Bayonetta, his reliance on RNG and high rolling is often looked at as a problem.

A clip posted by DemonB on Twitter highlights a rather amusing sequence that appeared to occur at a tournament. Technically speaking, this interaction resulted in a 95.2% 0-to-death combo. "Technically."

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Damage multipliers are key to percentages, damage output, and more in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so how are they calculated?

Multipliers vary in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some are universally calculated, while others are character specific, making damage seldom consistent due to the various factors that are considered.

Rekzius' Smash Mechanics series looks into what growths and reductions are important in-game, and how they work. A complete breakdown is important to make sure the everyone understands how cumulations operate.

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Mario player uses his cape against Hero for mind-boggling KO in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Hero craze has continued now that EVO 2019 is in the books. With him being legal at Super Smash Con and moving forward in competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many continue to lab him feverishly in hopes of finding out more about the fighter.

With so much randomness, Hero remains a hit-or-miss type of character. One of his most random moves is Whack, and when reflected it can go very badly.

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'Try and play all levels of players' — Salem gives his advice on improving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

MVG|Salem is widely recognized and praised for his vast knowledge and poise in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. His uncanny skill of figuring out characters and the optimal play style has allowed him to see substantial success across multiple titles.

Never afraid to rock the boat when it comes to opinions, Salem gives his thoughts on practice habits and improvement. Consistency is a major key he speaks on.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Hero shows practical potential and volatility despite randomness

Dragon Quest entered the fray with Hero joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this past week. His inclusion also brought a new character who has the most moves in the entire cast.

Many have begun labbing the fighter hoping to determine his viability in competitive play. As a result, many people are seeing that his down B special is the key to unlocking his capabilities.

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