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Smash Bros. stories

Roy's our boy at the Smash World Tour South America Online Qualifier but Palutena, Mr. Game & Watch and Sonic were also popular in the top 32

Many players are competing for a Smash World Tour 2021 qualifier spot at the Smash World Tour South America Online Qualifier this weekend. As such, we've got the character usage stats for the top 32 placers at the event. This should give us a small sample of how the meta is shaping up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 2021.

Roy ended up appearing the most in the top 32 this time around. In total, there were three players using Roy as their main while one more had him on standby as a secondary. Out of all those players, only the competitor with Roy as their secondary made it into the top 8 portion of the bracket.

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Rumor: Nintendo website possibly references the existence of Challenger Pack 12 after the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With Pyra & Mythra now available as part of the Challenger Pack 9, there are now only two characters of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 that have yet to be revealed and released. As of right now, it is unknown if there will be a Fighters Pass Vol. 3 or any other additional content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate following the release of these last two fighters. Based on what Masahiro Sakurai has said of the subject in the past, it doesn't seem very likely at first glance.

However, fans have recently discovered something interesting on the Australian Nintendo website that suggests the existence of some sort of content that is coming after Challenger Pack 11, the final DLC package for Fighters Pass Vol. 2. PapaGenos has recently released a video that covers the details behind this rumor, which are based on the discovery made by RiuBert in a Reddit thread.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee 'god' Kevin 'PPMD' Nanney sponsored by Golden Guardians alongside n0ne and Toph

Super Smash Bros. Melee will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and continues to be an anomalous case of prolonged success as it boasts a still-active competitive base as well as a fan-created means of playing online.

We received yet another reminder that Melee is alive and well today as the Golden Guardians eSports team announced their partnership with three new players: Kris "Toph" Aldenderfer, Edgard "n0ne" L. Sheleby, and one of Melee's five "gods:" Kevin "PPMD" Nanney.

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Nairoby 'Nairo' Quezada announces his return to streaming Super Smash Bros. content starting next week

Nairoby 'Nairo' Quezada has released his second video since being ostracized from the Super Smash Bros. scene last July, and has announced that he'll be returning to streaming next week... just not on Twitch.

The premier platform for live streams still has Quezada on their blacklist thanks to allegations of sexual misconduct, but he and many in the Super Smash Bros. community have been imploring Twitch to reconsider. Since they've yet to do so, Nairo is planning to take his stream to YouTube.

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From a Project X Zone fighting game to a smelly Guilty Gear, here's the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC

April Fool's Day is a tradition that most people tend to either love or hate depending on which side of the pranks they find themselves on, and the fighting game community certainly isn't immune to the shenanigans.

From dream crossover titles to Wi-Fi only tournaments, we've gathered together the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC.

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Mario is 'dying' today with the removal of 35th anniversary games, here are 3 times where Mario was killed during Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers

Today is March 31, 2021. Nintendo fans knew this day would be coming eventually. At some point today, Super Mario Bros. 35, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. — all games released to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary — are being delisted. In addition to this, it will no longer be possible to upload new levels on the original Super Mario Maker on the Wii U after today.

While it's currently not known why Nintendo is delisting and removing these games, fans have turned this day into a meme that suggests that today is the day that Mario dies. It's funny to think that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers have been showcasing Mario dying since Ridley's trailer back in June 2018.

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Masahiro Sakurai pays homage to Tekken's anniversary by telling fans not to throw family off cliffs, Katsuhiro Harada recommends a volcano instead

Though Tekken was first playable in the arcades in December 1994, Tekken first came to the PlayStation on March 31, 1995 in Japan. As such, today is the 26-year anniversary for Tekken.

Like with other games, Masahiro Sakurai has decided to pay homage to this game series with an in-game screenshot that recreates an iconic video game event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Funnily enough, Sakurai's Tweet managed to catch the attention of Katsuhiro Harada, a Bandai Namco developer that's been involved with the Tekken series since the very beginning.

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Steve can dish over 100% damage to Donkey Kong with this insane combo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Though Steve lacks reach in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he's still capable of dishing out some serious damage with his attacks and combos. It's generally not a good idea to let Steve gather resources for free as a result.

However, it appears that Steve is capable of dealing over 100% damage to Donkey Kong in a single combo. As highlighted by FlameExists, Steve doesn't even need a lot of resources or diamond weapons to pull this sequence off.

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Masahiro Sakurai claims to prefer Pyra over Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pyra & Mythra were recently released as a two-in-one combatant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2's Challenger Pack 9. They function similar to how Zelda and Sheik operated in Melee and Brawl since they are permitted the ability to freely transform into one another during gameplay.

During the "Mr. Sakurai Presents Pyra & Mythra" video presentation that debuted before the character released, Masahiro Sakurai noted how the two Xenoblade Chronicles 2 reps operated well when used together.

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Masahiro Sakurai talks about the importance of avoiding spoilers in latest Famitsu Column

Masahiro Sakurai recently talked about spoilers in Famitsu Column 624. A translated overview of Sakurai's statements have been provided by Kody Nokolo from Source Gaming.

In Famitsu Column 624, Sakurai notes how people on his Twitter timeline have been talking about Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, the fourth and final film of the Rebuild of Evangelion that was released on March 8, 2021. Many mentioned that they were trying to avoid spoilers before watching it themselves.

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Think the jank from Mario's up special is gone? Mario can still kill Jigglypuff at less than 30% with weird interaction in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. 4 is well known for... very janky interactions. There were plenty of times where characters would just randomly die at around 0% damage from certain attacks. This was usually a side effect of Smash 4's rage mechanic.

For the most part, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has toned down the jankiness of rage and multi-hitting moves. However, it appears that it is still possible for Mario to randomly steal one of Jigglypuff's stocks at less than 30%.

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Smash World Tour Central America South Online Qualifier results

Update: This story has been updated with final resullts.

The Smash World Tour continues this week with its third installment, this time taking place in the southern portion of Central America.

Notable players set to compete include Bandits|Sonix, Bandits|0mart, SS|Yei, ShinyMark, Tigers|Capitancito, Tuitt, Mtkat, WP|Wolfen, BigFred, LST|Ed, xiLe|Kira, Isaac R, PT|Morsalsa, LST|Yuka, TE|Echofire, Janus|Crisam and more.

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Uncommon characters like Banjo-Kazooie, Mii Gunner and Young Link appeared in the top 32 of Smash World Tour Central America South Online Qualifier

Smash World Tour Central America South Online Qualifier is the big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that's happening this weekend. Players like Bandits|Sonix, Bandits|0mart, SS|Yei, ShinyMark and almost 230 others are signed up to compete for that qualifier spot for the Smash World Tour.

Being that we're already down to the top 32 part of the bracket, we've got some character usage stats to review. It seems this region favors some characters that tend to be uncommon at tournaments.

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Winter Clash 2021 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a fighting game event today which is open to enter for people from certain Central American regions as well as a few U.S. areas, namely Winter Clash 2021.

Players set to compete include Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, DR Mandrake, AAA|Kusanagi, SB|Doomsnake, GOT|DR Ray, Crossover, TMM|LuiMan20, RR|Mono, TMM|Lilo, SpaceBoy, Crescent|NovaSpec, Hermes Venatori, RAPTR5|Jazdero, RH|Zeromex7, GranTodakai, Zaferino and many more.

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Only Lloyd Irving hasn't returned from Smash 4 as a Mii costume but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll become playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

During the "Mr. Sakurai Presents Pyra & Mythra" video presentation, it was revealed that Mii costume parts depicting characters in Capcom's Monster Hunter and Ghosts 'n Goblins series would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Of course, some of these Monster Hunter costume pieces were actually returning from Super Smash Bros. 4.

As a result, there's now only one Mii costume set that appeared as DLC in Super Smash Bros. 4 that hasn't returned as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia hasn't had his costume pieces return yet, some fans have reason to believe that he might be one of the two remaining challengers present in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. But how likely is that really?

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Here's how to max out your punish damage with Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Even amid a roster as incredibly large as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's, Steve stands out as relatively unique. Hailing from Minecraft, Steve relies heavily on the special ability to manifest various kinds of blocks on the screen that he can use to stand on as well as to hit and hinder opponents.

Being something of an anomaly, the character's more general abilities are somewhat underwhelming compared to his fellow Smash brothers, and understanding how to make the most out of his strengths is absolutely key to winning with him. A player by the name of Mirai the Steve Tech Guy has posted a very helpful, two minute lesson on the matter.

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The team behind Ninja Gaiden is awaiting Ryu Hayabusa's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitation

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate awaits its final two DLC characters for Fighters Pass volume 2, and much with like the contenders that preceded the two upcoming combatants, fans are actively speculating on their identities. Any morsel of information that might lead to cracking the case is savored and analyzed from every which direction by the masses, and another such morsel has hit the internet courtesy of Team Ninja.

In a new Famitsu interview (via ryokutya) with Team Ninja lead, Fumihiko Yasuda, we are given a bit of an update on the possibility of Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hyabusa joining Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character. As it stands right now, things aren't looking too good.

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