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Smash Bros. stories

The 'New' tag for Min Min on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website has disappeared which could mean that the next reveal is imminent

It's only been a couple of weeks since Min Min became a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although one might believe it to be too soon to reveal the next challenger as DLC, it's entirely possible that another character would've been revealed at E3 2020 if the event were not canceled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Fans have recently took notice of the fact that the "New" tag that is typically layered on top of the "Fighters" tab has been removed on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website. Historically, this tends to happen when the next reveal is imminent.

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Rumor: GameStop Switch SKU listings could be giving us more evidence of a July Nintendo Direct

Earlier, we reported on a rumor that suggested that a Nintendo Direct would air on July 20. This came directly from the individual that previously claimed we'd get a Nintendo Direct mini on March 26 well in advance before it actually debuted.

Rumor has it that a new GameStop leak is adding additional credibility to the idea that a Nintendo Direct is waiting for us before the end of the month. It's also possible that this program could be coming even sooner than originally anticipated.

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Here are five low tier characters that did not get any buffs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's version 8.0.0 update

For a fighting game with a roster that consists of 81 characters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels relatively well-balanced. The version 8.0.0 patch felt like it made the game even more balanced since a lot of characters that needed buffs ended up receiving them in some form.

However, there are also a number of fighters that may have been left in the dust. While numerous mid tiers did get some much needed help in the update, there were ironically a few low tiers that did not.

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MVG encourages Salem to take time for self-reflection after allegations surface, will reassess readiness to rejoin team in future

Most Valuable Gaming has released a statement about what was determined about the investigation into the recent allegations against Saleem "Salem" Young, known as the Smash 4 EVO 2017 champion and who was part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2018.

"With regards to Saleem Young, aka Salem," said the issued statement. "We've taken the time necessary to look into recent allegations made against him. We do not condone his actions, and believe this begs for some punishment. We feel that it is in the best interest of all parties that he be given professional help."

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How many characters can break King K. Rool's newly buffed belly armor in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in 1 hit? Not that many

Min Min may be the biggest draw of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Version 8.0.0 update from the past few weeks, but a good number of the rest of the cast also saw some exciting buffs added to their repertoire.

King K. Rool was most certainly among those though he also had a change unique to just him: the developers increased the durability of his belly armor — which of course had to be put to the test.

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Rumor: A full Nintendo Direct may be coming later this month says leaker who correctly predicted previous date

Nintendo Direct streams have been our primary source of learning about the company's new and upcoming projects for almost nine years at this point, but it's been some time since we've received a full one.

That may be changing very soon, however, as a leaker / insider who previously predicted March's Direct Mini date claims the summer stream is less than two weeks away.

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Square Enix's Octopath Traveler is their second series to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via a Spirit Board event post-launch

It's been revealed that an Octopath Traveler Spirit Board event is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Octopath Traveler was initially released by Square Enix as a Nintendo Switch exclusive back in 2018, but it became available on the PC and Stadia in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

All eight playable characters of Octopath Traveler will be represented as four Spirits. They are Olberic & Primose, Tressa & Cyrus, Alfyn & Therion, and H'aanit & Ophilia.

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Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an unused animation where she performs... a Falcon Kick?

Min Min is the latest character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's expansive roster via the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Thanks to her extendable arms and her ability to swap the functionality of her right arm on the fly, she boasts a completely unique playstyle that capitalizes on long-ranged attacks.

It was recently discovered that Min Min has a few unused animations hidden in the game's code. Strangely, she can be seen performing the grounded and aerial versions of Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick.

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PC Mods: King K. Rool duking it out with Waluigi in Street Fighter 5 looks amazing

There's something really special about seeing Nintendo characters duking it out in fighting games. Although King K. Rool is playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he is currently only able to interact with Waluigi when he's summoned by an Assist Trophy.

However, a clip posted by Spindashur on Twitter shows King K. Rool taking on Waluigi... in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Indeed, this is the result of another amazing mod.

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Here's a recommended list of out-of-shield options for the entire Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster — frame data included

Super smash Bros. Ultimate's tempo is far faster than Super Smash Bros. 4's. The amount of time it takes for a character to recover after landing with an aerial is way quicker.

Veteran Smash players might think that the optimal punish is to go for a shield grab. Players that are just jumping into the series for the first time and are coming from a traditional fighting game might opt to go for a jab instead.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 8.0.0 patch shows that Nintendo is more about buffing rather than nerfing characters

Min Min from the ARMS series and the version 8.0.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were recently released. With the addition of this new character and all the balance adjustments in place, we could see a brand new meta take shape in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Notably, this patch ended up being one of the larger ones that has been released throughout Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's lifespan so far. Rather than nerfing the characters that are already strong, Nintendo has opted to provide buffs to a large number of characters that needed them.

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min created stages are here

Min Min was just added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last week as the first character in Fighters Pass volume 2. The stretchy ARMS representative joins the battle with long-ranged attacks, interchangeable fists, and a love for noodles.

Much like we typically see when a new character joins the roster, the fans were quick to hop into Smash Bros. Ultimate's Stage Builder feature and create custom backdrops of Min Min to do battle upon. There are some great ones here, so let's take a look!

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Two Super Smash Bros. entries reference their sequel's title on game cases but it's probably a big coincidence

The Super Smash Bros. series is now over 21 years old with five mainline entries which are filled to burst with references and Easter eggs, but there's some things that get people talking even outside of the games' contents.

If you've got a copy of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS or Melee lying around, there may be some verbiage on the back of the game's box that is very interesting and cool in hindsight.

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Tempo Storm parts ways with Gonzalo 'ZeRo' Barrios after allegations of misconduct surface and he confesses

Tempo Storm has announced that they are severing ties with Gonzalo 'ZeRo' Barrios due to his recent admissions over Twitter.

"We have been closely monitoring the developments of the various accusations of misconduct directed at our player Gonzalo Barrios, better known as ZeRo," said the issued statement. "After initially reviewing the statements of the brave victims who stepped forward to bring this to our attention, we immediately initiated a comprehensive internal investigation, during which ZeRo confessed to these allegations. While we appreciate ZeRo's transparency, we will be severing ties with him going forward."

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Reddit user reportedly analyzed 1 million Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament matches to calculate character match ups and stage choices from data

Tier lists and character match ups are things that are usually centered around a player's personal experience and feelings, but how do things shape up from a more empirical approach to the idea?

A Reddit user going by the name of Will_occam recently did just that for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by reportedly analyzing the outcomes of 1 million tournament matches to put together character match ups and stage selection effectiveness based on the data.

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Rumor: Sony is considering bid to own SNK's parent company

According to Bloomberg, Sony is currently considering a bid for Leyou Technologies, the parent company for SNK Corporation. Back in August 2015, Leyou Millenium, now known as Leyou Technologies, purchased SNK Playmore, later renamed to SNK Corporation.

The anonymous sources supposedly from within Sony Corporation told Bloomberg that they are working with a financial adviser on a potential offer for Lenyou Technologies. Sources are said to be anonymous since the matter is supposed to be private. Should an offer be accepted, then this would make Sony the new parent company of SNK Corporation.

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Nintendo might someday explore more effective ways of conveying new game content and announcements in the future instead of Nintendo Directs

The announcements for Nintendo Directs are typically a cause for excitement among Nintendo fans. Several times a year, players get the chance to hear about news for upcoming games and content.

During the 80th General Shareholders Meeting Q&A from Nintendo, Nintendo President Furukawa dabbled with the idea that Nintendo might someday explore a more effective way for unveiling these announcements instead of using Nintendo Directs.

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