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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai shares new details on Ken, Incineroar, online matchmaking, and more

Fans are chomping at the bit for new information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As we sit here a little over 20 days from the game's official launch on December 7th, I think it's safe to say that a lot of people have not taken their eyes off of the calendar in weeks and probably won't until release.

The final Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct presentation before launch aired earlier this month, and with it series creator Masahiro Sakurai unveiled a giant wave of new information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. From the reveal of characters like Pokemon Sun and Moon's Incineroar, Street Fighter's Ken, and Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Bros. series — Incineroar being a newcomer on the launch roster, Ken an Echo Fighter of Ryu, and Piranha Plant as a bonus DLC character coming later — there was much to learn from the broadcast. Still, the people want more.

In his most recent Famitsu magazine column, Sakurai provided additional details on the contents we were shown during the Nintendo Direct.

The new batch of information comes in the form of a quick line or two about several things from the Nintendo Direct.

"He has a lot of points that differ from Ryu, but a lot of people would probably not like him taking up his own entire spot," Sakurai said about Ken. "Think of him as an Echo Fighter with a lot of extra juice added to him."

According to Sakurai, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has also gone gold. This mean the launch build of the game is complete and it is ready to be shipped to stores.

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Guile is looking pretty ridiculous in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and he's not even a playable character; rapid fire Flash Kicks incoming

Fighting game representatives are now at an all time high for Super Smash Bros. after Street Fighter's Ken was announced as playable character for Ultimate alongside Assist Trophies like Akira from Virtua Fighter.

Ken's longtime world warrior compatriot, Guile, also made it into Smash Ultimate as an Assist Trophy, but he's looking perhaps even more dangerous in the crossover game than he has in any actual Street Fighter game.

KingFoe recently uploaded gameplay footage from the updated build of Smash Bros. where we can see that Guile actually has both of his signature Specials, Flash Kick and Sonic Boom, at his disposal. The real kicker is, however, that the all-American fighter does not need to charge those Specials whatsoever after he's been called to the field.

In the actual match, Guile uses Flash Kick a total of nine times and throws one Sonic Boom in rapid succession over a 12-second period before combing his hair and disappearing into the night. The attacks appear quite beefy too.

One of the few Flash Kick's that actually manages to land appears to send Ness from 51 all the way up to 78 percent damage in one shot, and the Earthbound hero's shield breaks after only a few hits from Guile and Link's sword.

Those who have fought against Guile in Street Fighter 2, 4 or 5 already know how difficult he can be to approach, and Super Smash Bros. is no different even if he is just an Assist Trophy. You can take a look at turbo Guile in the clip below from theSirToasty plus the full match after the jump.

Click images for animated versions

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Young Link one of the best characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? ZeRo thinks so, and is considering making him his main character

Not only is the world's most dominant Smash 4 player coming out of competitive retirement, it seems that Gonzalo "Tempo|ZeRo" Barrios has his eye on a new character.

Link has traditionally been a lower tier fighter throughout the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but will boast no less than three different playable versions of himself in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Link, Young Link and Toon Link.

While we can't say as much for his standard and Toon versions yet, it appears as though Young Link very well may be one of the game's strongest characters. This idea first came up in various Smash forums, but ZeRo recently released a video wherein he agrees with the sentiment and expands on the particulars as to why.

The first reasoning is that Ultimate's generally sped up cool down and recovery times after attacks directly remedy one of Link's traditional hindrances. The Zelda poster boy always had pretty strong techniques, it's just the fact that they've taken so long to recover that's been one of his glaring problems.

The top player even states that he's considering using the young version of the iconic gaming adventurer as a main if Young Link does indeed emerge as being as strong as the Smash community thinks he is.

This is, of course, all speculation based on brief goes at the game when it has appeared for various demonstrations and such, so the community has not had as much investigatory time with the cast as they will once Ultimate drops on December 7th.

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Someone created Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Isabelle in Soul Calibur 6 and it's pretty horrifying

Fans are either raising the bar when it comes to Soul Calibur 6's create-a-character mode, or they're reaching a new low. I can't decided.

We have undoubtedly seen some of the most ambitious and creative Create-A-Soul characters in this installment of the Soul Calibur series, including Pokemon's Magikarp complete with Splash attack. We've also seen several... interesting creations that range from a giant colored block to Lizards with massive genitalia.

Today's featured soul might fall more into the latter category, but I certainly can't knock the creativity here. Someone put together a fighter modeled after Isabelle of Animal Crossing and now Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fame.

A handful of screenshots were shared by Twitter user Boke_, and in these images we see a large, muscular male figure pretty closely resembling Isabelle — I mean, considering...

This Isabelle is pretty horrifying to look at and she is based off of Nightmare's playstyle, which has to be one of the most extreme fighting styles and furthest away from matching with her personality.

I'll stick to trying Isabelle out in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, thanks.

Isabelle created character in Soul Calibur 6 image #1 Isabelle created character in Soul Calibur 6 image #2 Isabelle created character in Soul Calibur 6 image #3
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The Mango: Homecoming results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Mango: Homecoming is taking place this weekend, and as the name suggests it's a tournament organized by C9|Mango, with help from others of course.

The event is taking place in Norwalk, California.

There's a ton of Super Smash Bros. Melee action happening at the event, with the main focus placed on the Singles and Doubles tournament events.

Over 350 players are signed up for Singles, so it's going to be a brutal battle to make it to the top.

Some of the players set to compete are TSM|Leffen, C9|Mango, Tempo|Axe, CLG|SFAT, Tempo|S2J, Liquid|ChuDat, IMT|Shroomed, ESE|Duck, OG|Swedish Delight, DIG|Lucky, G2|Westballz, ALG|n0ne, but there will of course be many, many more as well.

Streaming is being done at C9|Mango's Twitch channel.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new commercial is already a meme: It goes with everything from Queen to Street Fighter 4's 'Indestructible'

Nintendo recently released a new commercial / trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that has already reached meme status. Apparently, the new ad goes with every song you can think of.

The trailer sees the big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate banner featuring every character on the launch roster come to life and play out in an exciting clash of fighters. For some reason, Nintendo released the trailer with no music backing up the battle, though it does have sound effects.

This has made it possible for fans and memesters to work their magic. Simply dropping a song over the new commercial adds a different tone and energy to it, and apparently every song works well with it.

There are a ton of these edits floating around on Twitter, but some of our favorites included Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," the "Indestructible" theme song of Street Fighter 4, Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," and even music from Dragon Ball Super.

This isn't the first time we've seen people add their own tracks to a big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cinematic. Nintendo's "World of Light" trailer featured every character on the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster (and more) being turned into spirits in a Thanos-style destructive sequence, and one fan added Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" to the trailer for ultimate hype.

We'll likely be seeing a lot more of these edits hit the internet going forward, but I'm waiting for someone to add the Yu Yu Hakusho theme song to the trailer... Make it happen, people!

Click images to view the clips

You can view the original Super Smash Bros. Ultimate commercial below.

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King K. Rool has multiple attacks with armor properties in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but three cracks will stun him

There's no doubt that Donkey Kong's old nemesis, King K. Rool, is one of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's most anticipated newcomers by fans. Like Bowser, King Dedede, Ganondorf, and Ridley, King K. Rool appears to be a super heavy weight — despite the fact that Sakurai stated they had to tone his size down for this game.

Traditionally, super heavy weight characters have had a hard time climbing their way into the high tier ranks. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might give these type of fighters their best chance in the series so far as it is increasing everyone's overall speed. For example, jump squats are universally three frames.

In the case of King K. Rool, he appears to have a mechanic that is unique to him — which is impressive considering the 74 character roster before the Piranha Plant and DLC. That belly of his isn't just for show.

While performing certain attacks that involve that gold-plated stomach, King K. Rool is granted some very generous armor frames. This means that he'll blow through most attacks if he has the correct read on the opponent.

There is a downside to this mechanic though. Each time King K. Rool absorbs an attack like this, his armor will generate a crack. Should he receive three cracks like this, he'll be stunned as though his shield was broken.

In other words, King K. Rool players will be punished if they attempt to overuse the armor mechanic. A stunned combatant will generally result in a loss of a stock.

Click image for animated version

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ZeRo releases his pre-release tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still almost a month away from releasing to the general public on December 7th, but that is not stopping pro players from releasing their early impressions and tier lists as we previously saw with GRV|Dabuz.

Gonzalo 'Tempo|ZeRo' Barrios was considered by almost everyone to be the best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player in the world for maintaining a 56-tournament win streak before his abrupt retirement from competition earlier this year.

Now, ZeRo has announced his return to competitive Smash Bros. with the release of Ulimate, and he just released his own tier list using SSB World's tools for the massive roster of 75 announced playable characters with a few exceptions. We should keep in mind though that these are still early impressions that will likely change in the months following the title's release.

The top Smash 4 player claims he has been studying the footage of Smash Ultimate from the close to if not final build of the game that's been circulating through multiple events to get a better idea of how every character currently plays.

Fighters like Palutena, Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt, Mii Brawler and Mii Swordfighter along with Piranha Plant have not been ranked on this list because not enough footage currently exists to make any judgement on according to Barrios.

Chrom and Little Mac are also left in a tier of their own due to ZeRo feeling they both have awful recovery, but are very strong glass-cannon characters otherwise that he doesn't know how to place. You can check out ZeRo's full ordered tier list below where he feels that Pikachu might actually be best in the game plus his full breakdown after the jump.

ZeRo's pre-release tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #1
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Brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate commercial shows what we're all going to be doing come December 7th... plus some other really dumb stuff

Nintendo released an all new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ad today that showcases not only the multiplayer party nature of the upcoming title, but also the fact that fans will be able to enjoy it virtually anywhere thanks to its being on the Switch.

From bus rides to libraries, productivity levels will no doubt be at an all time low once the public gets its hands on the latest Smash entry.

The spot's catch phrase follows a "one more" thread as the various players beg for one more round, game, minute, etc. before going back to less important tasks such as studying or maintaining a clean home.

We also follow a budding love story between two competitive some day lovers as they Super Smash on a public bus and then at a house party filled with 50 people intently watching and eventually losing their minds over the result.

What else? Two kids spend time making Wario fart instead of listening to their mother... oh and some high school girls turn a match into a synchronized dance fest.

In any case, Smash Ultimate comes out on December 7th and while we won't be practicing our Wario farts or Inkling dance moves, you can bet we'll be digging in and exploring the ins and outs of what looks to be the biggest and baddest Smash Bros. yet.

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He's looking way too good to be considered a joke character: Piranha Plant trailer breakdowns and move set analysis for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Piranha Plant was the final character announced during last week's Nintendo Direct stream, and I'm sure nobody would have guessed he was coming even if he was leaked.

The classic Mario Bros. enemy will be the first piece of DLC released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the 70th fighter overall to make it to the roster — 75th if we count the Echo Fighters including Ken Masters.

The Smash series' longtime director, Masahiro Sakurai, didn't go into breaking down Piranha Plant's move set during the stream, so we currently only have his two trailers to base our early impressions on.

We're going to take a much closer look at the surprise character's attacks today and see why he's already shaping up to be much more than a joke character that many may have first believed him to be.

Obviously Piranha Plant is still being developed, so attacks and properties could change by the time he releases around February 2019. Right now, however, the sentient potted-plant looks to have good speed and normals though his specials are still a big question mark including the one which has the longest reach in the game.

Let's start off with arguably Piranha Plant's best attack shown off in the trailer which was his neutral-air. The move causes him to spin his side leaves around him for what appears to be a very good hitbox that can hit the opponent around nine times as the trailer shows. It could be one of Piranha Plant's best approaches depending on its recovery and landing lag.

Piranha Plant move breakdown image #1

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Sandbag is way too happy about fighters getting beaten up

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Sandbag item may be harboring a secret love of violence...

As the Super Smash Bros. series' punching bag in the Home-Run Contest over the last three games in the franchise, as well as being the sparring dummy in the waiting room before online matches, this cute little heavy bag-looking character is no stranger to seeing fists fly.

Back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sandbag was introduced as an item that players can use in matches, and it returns in the same capacity in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A Twitter user named akfamilyhomeak recently spotted something a little unusual about Sandbag within some Smash Bros. Ultimate footage.

Apparently, when the Sandbag item is sitting on the battlefield it has the ability to put on an incredibly happy face. Despite this character literally being a bag with two eyes and no other facial features, the glee on its face is undeniable.

The GIF we see shows Roy facing off against an opponent as Sandbag just sits there watching... way too happily. Either this little creature is simply happy that it's finally not on the receiving end of the beatings — we have yet to see a Home-Run Contest mode announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate — or it really enjoys seeing people throw down.

One thing's for sure, Sandbag does not feel pain (according to its trophy description in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl), and it is "happy to be of service" to those who partake in the Home-Run Contest. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sandbag can now express its happiness, even if someone is getting lit up right in front of it.

Click image for animated version

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is headed to Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

Street Fighters' M. Bison and Sakura make special guest appearances in Super Smash Bros. thanks to these beautiful mods

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just got Ken on their roster, so in celebration PC Best Mods is taking a look at what fellow Street Fighters M. Bison and Sakura might look like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U.

These are both pasted over Ganondorf and Ryu, which really works considering Ganon and Bison's respective powers both take the form of a purple fire.

Sakura's move set is based off of Ryu's and so she gets her hadouken, tatsu and dragon punch. While these moves tend to function a bit differently when coming from Sak, it's still a pretty good transition considering the circumstances.

We're not certain the particulars of what's featured here, but we did find downloads for both of these via KendiKong and Gamidame K.

Fair warning before you start the videos below, turn down your volume a good bit as the sound is a little harsh. Here's a gallery to get you started:

Bison and Sak Smash image #1 Bison and Sak Smash image #2 Bison and Sak Smash image #3 Bison and Sak Smash image #4 Bison and Sak Smash image #5 Bison and Sak Smash image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Stop asking for the wrong balance changes; why Japan's days as top dog are numbered; the sexiest thing you can do in Street Fighter 5 and more

Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 is just around the corner, which means balance changes galore... potentially.

From general mechanics to individual character moves, Catalyst and I talk about the delicate art of fighting game balance on this week's EventHubs Podcast.

We also delve into the emerging final bracket for Capcom Cup, specifically examining how strong a presence various regions and countries currently have. While Asia and Japan are the top dogs at the moment, I have a theory that the gap with the rest of the world is closing for specific reasons.

We also cover some of this week's news including the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal and the hilariously tragic case of Waluigi, who it seems has become a meme-like shell of his former self.

Personal bias and tunnel vision are very dangerous when it comes to the discussion of altering the way fighting games work, so we thought it good to examine some of the pitfalls people tend to fall into when it comes to this, and then offer our thoughts on the current example that is Street Fighter 5's fourth season.

I also offer my two cents on what I think is the sexiest and most satisfying thing to do in Street Fighter, and how to implement it more into your own game play.

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Nintendo to remove potentially racist Native American reference from Mr. Game and Watch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via update

Mr. Game and Watch is shaping up to be a much different character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in both his looks and his play style, as he'll now feature new attacks like a bomb drop forward air. He'll also transform his body to better reference the original games that his moves came from though that has presented some new issues.

The Melee veteran's forward Smash attack has always been a move that strikes his opponent with a flaming torch, and Smash Ultimate changed Mr. Game and Watch's model for the attack to an angry Native American with a headdress which some social media and internet users found to be a possibly racist caricature due to its appearance and source.

Source Gaming and other outlets reached out to Nintendo for a comment or statement on the matter to which the publisher responded that they will be removing the feather headdress from the model in an update and apologized to fans for missing its use.

This character in question originated from Nintetndo's 1982 Game & Watch title Fire Attack where players would control a cowboy trying to stop Native Americans from burning down his fort with torches.

The Native American references were actually previously removed in Game & Watch Gallery 4's remade version of the game for Game Boy Advance and was instead replaced with imagery of bandits which the Smash Ultimate update will likely adopt.

A Spirit of the Fire Attack cowboy and Native American have also been spotted in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's showcases, but it is currently unclear as to if that will also be addressed as part of the update. You can take a look at Nintendo's full statement below plus the images in question in the gallery and a look at the original Game & Watch title after the jump.

Mr. Game and Watch Forward Smash controversy image #5 Mr. Game and Watch Forward Smash controversy image #1 Mr. Game and Watch Forward Smash controversy image #2 Mr. Game and Watch Forward Smash controversy image #3 Mr. Game and Watch Forward Smash controversy image #4

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Update: ZeRo will compete in Super Smash Bros. tournaments again, now sponsored by Tempo Storm; releases new video detailing competitive return

Update: ZeRo released a new video to his YouTube channel which goes into detail about his return to competitive Smash play and what that will mean for him and his streaming content moving forward. He even created an entertaining parody of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's initial reveal with the Inklings. You can check out the video after the jump.

Back in January 2018, Gonzalo "TSM|ZeRo" Barrios announced his hiatus from entering Super Smash Bros. 4 tournaments. After a few months went by, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was officially announced by Nintendo.

Earlier today, ZeRo announced that he would resume competition. Not only this but he was also now sponsored by Tempo Storm.

Notably, ZeRo has effectively gone down in history as one of the best — if not THE best — Super Smash Bros. 4 player. At the very beginning, he had a dominant 56-tournament win streak before finally being defeated by NRG|Nairo.

To defend his title, ZeRo was invited to the Nintendo 2018 Invitational. Just like the Nintendo 2014 Invitational, ZeRo emerged as the first place winner. This makes him the two-time winner of Nintendo's E3 Invitationals.

Not too long ago, FOX|SonicFox expressed interest in playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This somehow led to a harsh exchange that ended with a first-to-10 challenge against ZeRo of all players. With ZeRo now announcing his return to competition, we can expect him to be in top form again for this exhibition.

Interestingly enough, Pierce7D has also announced his sponsorship with Tempo Storm. Through the thick of it all, Pierce has been ZeRo's coach during many Super Smash Bros. 4 tournaments. If you saw him making a phone call after a loss, chances are it was this individual he was calling.

ZeRo out of retirement image #1 ZeRo out of retirement image #2
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate potential impressions tier list released by Dabuz

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released to the public on December 7, 2018. Until then, there's plenty to analyze from the demo footage now that all the characters are present.

GRV|Dabuz is recognized as being the best Rosalina and Luma professional player for Super Smash Bros. 4. In the last Panda Global Rankings, Dabuz was ranked as the third best player at Smash 4.

As such, it's fair to say that Dabuz has a good idea of what's good and what's bad in Super Smash Bros. titles. Notably, he was also a professional player during the era of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Recently, Dabuz has released a tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This list is intended to rate each character's potential. Dabuz states outright not to take the tier list too seriously as he "know[s] 70% of this is about to be wrong in a month."

Interestingly enough, it is stated that the character positions are ordered within the tiers. It appears that characters like Mewtwo and Olimar have left quite the impression on Dabuz while he is seemingly unimpressed with characters like Ridley and Wii Fit Trainer.

Do you agree with Dabuz's tier list? What are your predictions? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Dabuz's Ultimate potential tier list image #1
Click images for larger versions

Photo source: HotNRedy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC roster choices have already been finalized says Masahiro Sakurai; no ballot or fan vote coming

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will launch with a massive roster of 74 playable characters, but that number is set to grow even more with DLC in the way of a new Fighters Pass plus the bonus Piranha Plant coming next year and beyond.

Five unannounced new fighters plus their stages and music tracks will soon be in development for the new Smash title if they aren't already, but the choices for who is going to be included in the DLC have reportedly been finalized according to the game's director.

Masahiro Sakurai announced via Twitter today that "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC line-up is now complete." He also asked fans to refrain from flooding his or others' accounts with Tweets or replies with requests if they are not asking for feedback.

Nintendo and not Sakurai nor his team at Sora Ltd. were reportedly the ones to decide upon which characters were chosen for the DLC roster. Smash's longtime director does state, however, that he decides whether they can actually turn Nintendo's selections into actual fighters, so the publisher may have selected more than five possible choices for the developers to choose from.

This announcement appears to confirm that there will be no Smash ballot this time around like there was for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's DLC following the title's release during which fans could vote on which characters they'd most likely to see come to the fighter. Bayonetta was chosen as the final character to come to Smash 4 because of her popularity on the ballot though others were not developed for a variety of reasons.

Sakurai thanks fans for their enthusiasm and passion for the Smash series, and he hopes that discussions going forward can stay more on topic without being overrun with requests. You check out Sakurai's tweets about the DLC roster and request for fans below.

Masahiro Sakurai discusses Smash Ultimate's DLC roster image #1 Masahiro Sakurai discusses Smash Ultimate's DLC roster image #2
Click images for larger versions

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