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Why does Piranha Plant have 'lip hurtboxes'? Rekzius explains the potted plant's hitbox data in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Rekzius recently released a video that explains the hitboxes and properties of Piranha Plant's moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Despite being a DLC character (the first one), Piranha Plant doesn't really "feel" like a DLC character to Rekzius. Other DLC fighters tend to be a bit more... "janky" with their hitboxes. Their hitboxes are usually a fair bit larger than those on the base roster.

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Masahiro Sakurai doesn't share which games he's currently playing because fans believe it's confirmation of a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai is an avid gamer and has been for the majority of his life. However, you probably have no idea what he's currently playing or what games he actually enjoys hopping into.

There's good reason for that, and in his latest Famitsu column we learn that Sakurai actually refrains from sharing what games he's playing because of fan speculation about upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content.

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Nintendo is known for saving particularly big Super Smash Bros. reveals for the summer

Even though E3 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Smash fans are eagerly awaiting the ARMS character reveal that's due for June. Being that the six characters of the Fighters Pass Volume 2 are scheduled to be released by December 2021, there's a good possibility we might receive word about the challenger that is supposed to come next.

When it comes to these Smash reveals, summer tends to hold particularly fun surprises whenever something is in development. We've certainly seen this time and time again with multiple E3 conferences.

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Official Nintendo website may contain hint as to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character identity through Amiibo

As far as anyone can tell, Nintendo is still scheduled to release the first DLC character from the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this month though we don't know which representative from ARMS will make the final cut.

The official Nintendo website may actually provide some good information to narrow down who may be coming to Smash thanks to their Amiibo, however.

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Here's everything we know about the ARMS character that's supposed to be releasing this month for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Back in March, it was announced that the first challenger of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass Volume 2 would be some representative from the ARMS series. An identity unveiling and a release was scheduled to take place in June 2020 — this month.

There are 15 different characters that are playable in ARMS. In other words, the new rep must be some combination of Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Min Min, Mechanica, Twintelle, Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, Helix, Max Brass, Lola Pop, Misango, Springtron, and Dr. Coyle.

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This sequence might be the most disrespectful shield break punish we've ever seen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Like with most fighting games, both offense and defense are absolutely necessary to master if one wants to succeed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Do remember that if your shield's health drops to zero, you'll be left wide open for a devastating punish.

Recently, FelixFaction showcased a hilarious sequence that pitted his Mega Man against a Piranha Plant user. With some well-timed projectile shots, FelixFaction was able to pop the opponent's shield near the ledge.

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New 'Coil Charging' tech for Terry allows him to charge his Rising Tackle while moving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Although traditional fighting game players are familiar with the concept of "charge specials," Terry Bogard is the only fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with access to a charge special. By holding down for a period of time then pressing up and an attack button, Terry will perform a more powerful version of the Rising Tackle special.

Normally this means that Terry will be unable to move forward or backwards as he would be stuck in a crouching position. However, the new "Coil Charging" tech discovered by Zegis (via RoninX1819) allows Terry to keep moving while maintaining a charge.

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Marth's reliance on tippers gives the impression of a way less consistent and weaker version of Lucina in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thinking back to the era of Smash 4, it was difficult to imagine Lucina being superior to Marth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after it was revealed that "Everyone Is Here." Being that Lucina is an "Echo Fighter" of Marth, their movesets are identical but with different properties.

Marth's bladed attacks are stronger when only the tip touches opponents or objects. Lucina's sword tends to be more balanced throughout the entire weapon. Despite this, both characters want to maximize their disjointed reach advantage that they have over most of the cast.

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What characters ended up showing up in the top 8 of The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters?

The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that was held yesterday in which all players were locked to the random option on the character select screen.

As a result, we saw plenty of characters that typically don't get used at major tournaments due to viability issues. Let's take a look at the fighters that saw usage in the top 8 portion of the bracket.

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The Quarantine Series King of Wifi Random Characters results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The latest installment in The Quarantine Series of events is happening today, though it's a more whimsical one than usual.

Many top players have signed up for the festivities, including (but not limited to) T1|MkLeo, TSM|Tweek, NRG|Nairo, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, Liquid|Dabuz, PG|Esam, Armada|BestNess, SSG|Maister, Tempo|ZeRo, SSG|LeoN, T1|ANTi, XTR|Sparg0, TG|MVD, lluZ|Pandarian, Cosmos, MuteAce, Goblin, Stroder, Mr. E, 16B|LingLing, Kola, RNG|Ryuga and Locus.

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One of the best Greninja players in the world got his main during The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters only to lose to Little Mac

The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters is an online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments that's happening over this weekend. With the goal of making online tournaments more enjoyable for competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, those invited to this event are locked to the random select option on the character select screen.

One particular set pitted Stroder up against Jakal. Being that Stroder is considered to be one of the best Greninja users in the world and is notable for being proficient with a large assortment of characters, it's fair to say that Stroder was the favorite to win this encounter. Still, his opponent, Jakal, is often referred to as the best Wolf in the Tristate and is also armed with plenty of secondaries.

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Looking to learn Robin in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Mad Ice King has some of the most detailed guides on Robin's neutral, discard tech, and more

Although Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has a roster of 80 different characters, it hails from a series that's designed to be simple to pick up. Despite this, there is a ton of depth that makes it difficult to truly master any one of these characters.

I recently came across Mad King Ice's YouTube channel which contains detailed guides on playing Robin in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you're interested in learning Robin or want to improve your game with him (or her) by finding some obscure tech, his channel is probably worth a look.

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Campy Sonic giving you issues in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Here are four characters that might be able to force the Blue Blur to actually approach

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has sort of transitioned into an online meta. As offline tournaments are basically impossible for the foreseeable future, players are instead competing and grinding in online settings.

Being that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online experience isn't exactly perfect, some characters are said to perform worse while others are stronger. Sonic the Hedgehog is often cited as one of the examples of the latter.

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Sonic, R.O.B., Pac-Man, and 22 other fighters saw representation during Collision Online's top 32

An online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament known as Collision Online took place over the weekend. Players like eU|Samsora, TSM|Tweek, SSG|Maister, 24i|EpicGabriel, lluZ|Pandarian, Noble|Myran, lluZ|Raffi-X, OES|Benny&TheJets, lluZ|SuperGirlKels, Liquid|Hungrybox, FS|Peabnut, SeagullJoe, and over 2,000 others participated at this event.

This provides us with yet another opportunity to see how the online meta is shaping up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We've gathered the character usage stats for the top 32 performing competitors for Collision Online.

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Collision Online results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Today, Collision Online will be taking place and as the name suggests, it will be online.

Notable players participating in this event are eU|Samsora, TSM|Tweek, SSG|Maister, 24i|EpicGabriel, lluZ|Pandarian, Noble|Myran, lluZ|Raffi-X, OES|Benny&TheJets, lluZ|SuperGirlKels, Liquid|Hungrybox, FS|Peabnut, SeagullJoe and many more.

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Check out Snazzytiger's amazing fighting game artwork depicting Cloud, Link, Tira, Laura, Zero, and more

We recently came across Snazzytiger's outstanding fighting game artwork on Facebook. He's depicted a variety of fighting game characters from different franchises.

The image with the most color has the Legend of Zelda's Link facing off against Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife. They're seen doing battle at Final Destination, one of Super Smash Bros.'s most iconic battlegrounds.

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Maximilian: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is bigger than any other fighting game has ever been, but the franchise will never be able to top itself now

Prominent fighting game streamer Maximilian recently weighed in on the immense success the Super Smash Bros. franchise is currently experiencing, citing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as "the absolute limelight of the fighting game community."

He notes that it's bigger and better than any Smash title before it as well as the likes of other fighting game icons such as Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. That said, the way developers have blown the experience up to insane heights makes for an impossibly high bar that likely won't be elevated further in the future.

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