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Super Smash Bros. Melee turns 17 today, is the GameCube's best selling title and is still regularly being played in major tournaments

Today marks 17 years since we got our parents to drive us down to the closest video game vendor and buy Super Smash Bros. Melee. We'll be getting our parents to drive us down to that same spot to buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for us in just 16 days, but we thought a little spotlight on an old title would be appropriate for the time being.

Especially with competitive fighting games, it's usually the case that when a new franchise entry releases the previous one dies out fairly quickly at major events. That was fully the expectation for Melee when 2008's Brawl dropped, but a huge part of the community wound up rejecting the third Smash installment, returning to Melee and seemingly immortalizing it in the process.

The Smash series has continued to evolve and see success since Brawl, but the GameCube entry continues to see very healthy numbers at major tournaments like Apex and EVO. While Ultimate will more than likely put Smash Wii-U to bed on the competitive front, Melee still shows no signs of slowing.

We'd like to offer up a special birthday shout out to the wonderful anomaly that is Super Smash Bros. Melee. Not only has it carved out its place in gaming history, it's also the highest selling GameCube title of all time with 7.07 million units sold.

For what it's worth, today is also the 20th birthday of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ocarina lent no less than four (five?) characters to Melee in Link, Young Link, Zelda/Sheik and Ganondorf.

To celebrate, we've included a collection of the most iconic moments in Melee history from GRsmash. Fair warning, it starts with Wombo Combo so you may want to turn your headphones down a bit.

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Goku actually makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... but it's probably not the one you're expecting

Dragon Ball's Son Goku has long been one of the most requested characters to join Super Smash Bros. once guest fighters Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog were first unveiled for Brawl, but it quickly became a meme in the community along with other wanted inclusions like Shrek and Waluigi.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate introduces a new Spirits mode to the franchise to replace the previous trophy system from previous titles. This new mode features a large number of popular and obscure characters as portraits and work like power-ups in the fighter.

In a recent overview of the Spirits mode made by Polygon, Goku is in fact shown to be one of said Spirits, but it's not the Super Saiyan created by Akira Toriyama over 30 years ago.

This Goku — along with his partner Chao — are actually from a Famicom Disk System game released in 1989 called Yūyūki. The protagonist here does wield a staff, but he's actually based on Journey to the West's Sun Wukong which bears some similarities to Dragon Ball's early run.

Super Smash Bros' longtime director, Masahiro Sakurai, has long held the stance that the series should remain exclusively for video game characters even if Funimation is asking for Goku's inclusion or making their own Broly in Smash teasers.

We may have a golden Super Sonic in Super Smash Bros, but it appears as though we're still no closer to adding a Super Saiyan to the roster, fortunately / unfortunately. You can take a look at the Goku that actually made it into Smash Ultimate in the image below plus the full Spirits video after the jump.

Goku is in Super Smash Bros... sorta image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's massive 74-character roster will reportedly only take a couple hours to fully unlock

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature what appears to be the largest base roster in the history of fighting games with 74 characters available at launch plus six more planned to come in the future, and we'll need to unlock the vast majority of them.

New players will begin Smash Ultimate with only eight characters unlocked with the same roster as the original base Nintendo 64 game of Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu which may sound worrisome to those not looking to spend much time to play their favorite newcomers. It apparently won't be too taxing of a grind, however.

Nintendo is reportedly saying players "should expect to unlock fighters at a rapid pace, and it would likely only take a couple hours to unlock" everyone according to NintendoLife now that certain outlets are receiving hands-on previews of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The methods for unlocking characters have yet to be revealed, but previous titles show it may involve completing a number of different tasks in the game's plethora of modes in this seemingly content-rich fighter.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, characters could be unlocked for every 10 matches of versus they would play, or they could be obtained by completing certain objectives like clearing Classic Mode, collecting trophies, defeating Crazy Hand and other various challenges.

New characters would also pop up after completing said objectives where players would need to defeat them to use them as playable fighters, but we also don't yet know if that feature will be returning for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final character select screens image #1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final character select screens image #2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final character select screens image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Update: Nintendo releases new overview Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer narrated by the announcer showing off Master Hand, Spirits, online and more

Update: Nintendo has uploaded the English version of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate overview trailer to their YouTube channel, and it's actually narrated by the game's announcer. You can check out the full video after the jump.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is just over two weeks away from release, and we're still learning about all of the modes and features that will be available in the already massive fighting title.

Nintendo released a brand new, seven-minute overview trailer for the latest Smash Bros. title to show off everything we should expect to find in the game come December 7.

The trailer begins with a look at the game's general fighting system that we've come to know over the years plus its new additions for Smash Ultimate like the Final Smash meter which will fill up during battle similar to many other fighting games.

Classic Mode is also briefly shown off where each character will have their own themed runs through the mode with Roy's appearing to be based around fighting other Fire Emblem characters. Master Hand is finally shown off here for a few seconds returning as the final boss of the mode who players will fight after completing the first seven or so battles in Classic.

Spirits are once again on display here as well with the apparent confirmation that players will be able to hold special matches against each other with the power ups equipped along with a general look of how they work and how to obtain them.

The online features and 'World of Light' Adventure Mode close out the trailer though it mostly only shows what was first revealed during the last previous Nintendo Direct; the first 10 minutes of the new mode are now also online too, however. You can check out the full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate overview trailer below.

Smash overview trailer image #1 Smash overview trailer image #2 Smash overview trailer image #3 Smash overview trailer image #4 Smash overview trailer image #5 Smash overview trailer image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Mang0 travels back in time to stop HungryBox, Leffen pays for his sins in a game of 'Never Have I Ever' and more; Smash Summit skits are too funny

Smash Summit has become more than just a Super Smash Bros. tournament as fans look forward not only the the yearly Smash bouts, but also a handful of other avenues of entertainment the event has come to be known for.

Perhaps the most notable of these avenues are the pre-recorded skits put on by Beyond the Summit, which feature some of the community's biggest names mocking themselves, each other and/or general Smash culture and happenings.

This year upped the ante with a handful of top notch shorts guaranteed to make you laugh unless you have no sense of humor at all. (Get option selected.)

We've rounded up three to share with you here, but there are even more waiting on the Beyond the Summit YouTube page.

In these three skits we get to see TsM|Leffen engage in his first ever game of "Never Have I Ever," but it becomes immediately apparent that the cards are stacked against him as the group hones in on the Melee god slayer.

We also get to see C0|Mang0 go back in time to stop Liquid|HungryBox from ever playing Melee... but things don't go at all as planned, much to our amusement. Check out the three videos below and let us know what you thought.

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'Chun or Akuma would have been better than Ken' - Justin Wong shares his top five picks for additional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters

FOX|Justin Wong has a long legacy of fighting game credentials, none of which (I think) have "Super Smash Bros." in the title. That said, he's still hype for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Though he's venturing away from his more Marvel vs. Capcom/Street Fighter-based realm, Wong has a list of five additional characters that he'd personally like to see appear as DLC in Ultimate.

His picks are somewhat varied between regularly brought up names when it comes to this kind of conversation and characters that you may not have thought of as candidates.

On top of this he also offers a few thoughts on the more recently revealed roster members such as Incineroar, Ken and Piranha Plant, the latter two of which he isn't all that thrilled about.

The Street Fighter professional actually thinks Ken is not all that good of a choice for Ultimate, and would have rather seen someone like Chun-Li or even Akuma in his stead.

Check out the video below to see all five of Justin's picks and then share your reactions to them as well as your personal picks in the comments after.

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First 10 minutes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light mode have been released and it already looks fantastic

New footage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is beginning to surface. Today, we get a better look at the game's story mode World of Light.

A preview event for the game was recently held in which publications and content creators were given some time to try out Smash Bros. Ultimate's launch build. As a result, the first 10 minutes of World of Light have been released.

GameXplain uploaded 10 minutes of footage of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mode, and from what we can see so far it looks fantastic.

As we know, the story tells of a catastrophic scenario where all of the characters in the Super Smash Bros. universe meet their demise at the hands of the new boss, Galeem. Each one has their spirit captured and mindless puppet versions of everyone aim to cause destruction — everyone except Kirby, who managed to escape the initial attack.

World of Light sees Kirby (and later other characters) walking around a game board fighting these puppets who are possessed with different spirits to ultimately save and unlock the playable cast in the mode. We see several battles here, and each one is varied with interesting stipulations to them.

Whether it be facing off against a giant R.O.B. or taking on an Eevee-Yoshi who brings in colored reinforcements with elemental effects that represent Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon, this mode is already looking like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #6 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #7 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #8 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light screenshots image #9
Click images for larger versions

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Smash Summit 7 results

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with the results for Smash Summit 7.

This week, Smash Summit 7 is taking place after a rigorous period of voting. It's happening in Los Angeles, California.

11 players were invited beforehand or qualified through event placings, those placers being Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, PG|Plup, C9|Mango, FOX|Mew2King, ExG|Wizzrobe, PG|Zain, Tempo|Axe, CLG|SFAT, VGBC|aMSa and PS|Bananas.

The five players who ended up making it through via voting are OG|Swedish Delight, Balance|KJH, Rishi, Slox and DaShizWiz.

As usual, this is a long event taking place across four days where players will share a house together and tons of fun stuff will be happening outside of just the regular tournament.

Outside of the regular tournament play, there will be Doubles, Crews, 5 Character Iron Man, and even events outside of the game itself such as a Talent Show and Mafia.

Streaming is being done at BTS Smash.

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DreamHack Atlanta 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

DreamHack Atlanta 2018 is happening this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

While Dragon Ball FighterZ unfortunately had to be cancelled at the event, there are still many more games being played at it.

It's a three-day event, so there's going to be plenty of action to tune in to, so make sure you don't miss any of it.

Games being played include Super Smash Bros. 4, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Calibur 6, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Brawlhalla and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Some of the notable players partaking are FOX|SonicFox, Dragon, Tweek, PG|SKD, GRV|Dabuz, CLG|VoiD, Liquid|ChuDat, PG|Speedkicks, Linkorz, Tempo|S2J, PG|Esam, SS|Colbol, ESE|Fatality, Samsora, and of course many more besides them.

Streaming is being done at DreamHack Smash, DreamHack Fighters and Brawlhalla.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate deemed number one Nintendo Switch title of 2018 even before launch

It seems like just last week the commercial featuring giant, plush versions of Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and others beating each other up on a beautiful afternoon to The Beatles' "So Happy Together" was on... but it was actually January of 1999.

With nearly 20 years of carnage now under its belt, the Super Smash Bros. franchise is on the verge of releasing its biggest and baddest title yet: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ultimate will be a Nintendo console exclusive, coming to the Switch on December 7th. Despite dropping a week into the last month of the year, Business Insider has deemed Ultimate the biggest Nintendo game of 2018, and we're not disagreeing.

Indeed the franchise's last entry, Smash Wii-U/3DS, has sold a combined total of 14.7 million copies worldwide since its release in 2014, with 9.35 million of that coming from the handheld version alone.

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Nintendo knows you want Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it's not going to affect their DLC decisions; Reggie Fils-Aime talks Smash

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drops on the Nintendo Switch in exactly three weeks from today. Everyone that's ever been on a Smash roster previously will be playable along with 11 new additions... and none of those characters will be Waluigi.

The president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, recently did an interview with Kotaku wherein they talked not only Ultimate, but general Nintendo goings on as well.

From ideas of a Nintendo 64 Classic to the future of the company's DLC practices, few stones were left unturned. That said, Fils-Aime did also get into some Smash specifics as he gave an excited nod towards the recently revealed World of Light single player mode and an even bigger nod to the foundational multiplayer experience.

Nintendo of America's President also made it a point to bring up the game's forthcoming DLC content, which consists of characters, stages and music. He hearkened back to tweet last week from Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai that expressed how Nintendo is internally deciding on all DLC content this time, and not acknowledging fan polls and requests like they did in the franchise's previous entry.

"My interpretation is that there will be no fan polls, [and that] no independent poll trying to push Waluigi, as an example, will not influence the decisions that have already been made," Fils-Aime told Kotaku.

As evidenced by Fils-Aime's bringing up the villainous anti-Luigi character by name, fans have been expressing a certain dissatisfaction with Nintendo's decision to keep Waluigi off the playable Smash roster yet again. Kotaku's Stephen Totilo couldn't help but follow up with a direct inquiry about Waluigi as DLC, and was promptly shut down.

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King K. Rool's color 8 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks a lot like an obscure, unused Donkey Kong Country 2 boss

I am incredibly excited to play as King K. Rool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and something tells me you are too. If you are, there's a lot to learn about this character before you captain the Kremling King come December 7th.

PushBlock Gaming recently put together a complete analysis of King K. Rool in Smash Bros. Ultimate, dissecting everything from his win poses to his Final Smash. One of the first things that stands out to us is the potential references for each of K. Rool's eight colors in the game.

In the video, we see a comparison for every color to what they might be based on from the various Donkey Kong titles. Color 8 sees K. Rool painted with silver / white skin, which is a tough one to figure out. However, PushBlock Gaming noticed that this color actually resembles an unused boss character from Donkey Kong Country 2 named "Mr. X."

This mysterious character could actually be found in the player's manual of the German version of the game, and he wears what appears to be a black military general's jacket, has two hooks for hands, and has similar skin color to K. Rool's color 8 in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The description of Mr. X in the German manual reads, "No one knows him or has seen him anywhere before."

Series creator Masahiro Sakurai is certainly no stranger to diving deep into Nintendo lore to bring back obscure characters or references, so I could definitely see this being another one of those cases.

Aesthetics aside, this breakdown details each of K. Rool's attacks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and gives preliminary thoughts on them, as well as provides frame data and damage information. King K. Rool has several attacks that are already looking very strong, and his dash attack is shaping up to be one of the best dash attacks in the entire game.

King K. Rool's color 8 image #1 King K. Rool's color 8 image #2 King K. Rool's color 8 image #3
Click images for larger versions

If you're looking to study up on the Donkey Kong Country series villain before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drops, this is definitely a video you need to see.

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ZeRo believes Roy might be top tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and plans on potentially using him in tournaments

When Roy was first released alongside Lucas and Ryu in Super Smash Bros. 4, it was then believed that Roy would be a strong candidate in the tournament scene. His very strong combo game, speedy movement options, lingering hit boxes, and high kill power seemed very promising at the time.

Unfortunately for Roy fans, it seemed that Roy was destined to be inferior to Marth in this game too. Inevitably, the character was held back due to unsafe approach options. This was very polarizing to the ginger's game plan since he had no ranged win conditions and needed to be up close in order to achieve optimal damage.

According to Ruben, a notable frame data analyzer within the Smash community, Roy's landing lag for his aerials has seen significant improvement in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — forward aerial recovers in 8 frames, back aerial recovers in 10 frames, up aerial recovers in 9 frames, down aerial recovers in 14 frames, and neutral aerial recovers in 9 frames.

As a result of Roy's performance in a couple of pre-release Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, this character has caught the attention of Tempo|ZeRo. Recently, he announced that he'll be suspending his retirement from tournament activity after the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate..

You might recall that ZeRo presented a pre-release tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — mostly for fun as it's unlikely it will be 100% accurate in the long run. Roy and Young Link received high marks from the top level competitor.

Apparently, ZeRo thinks so highly of Roy's buffs that he states that he can see himself pulling the sword fighter out during tournaments. Hit the jump to check out the video that has ZeRo discussing why he thinks so highly of Roy of the Fire Emblem series in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé aims to be the very best Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on launch day and he's already practicing

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is 22 days away from launch. The anticipation for Nintendo's giant crossover fighting title is very real as we draw nearer to the game's release on December 7th and the holiday season.

As several members of the EventHubs staff continue to struggle with the decision of which character in Smash Bros. Ultimate to main (there are just so many good ones), it looks like Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé has already locked in his choice.

Fils-Aimé recently spoke with Mashable in New York, discussing a wide array of topics including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (naturally), Metroid Prime 4, the company's financial outlook for this fiscal year, and much more. But the burning question remains: who is Reggie playing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The answer is Ridley, and Fils-Aimé has a pretty slick plan to ensure that he is the very best Ridley player in the world come launch day.

"I'm focused right now on playing Ridley," Fils-Aimé told Mashable. "My strategy is simple. It is a well-known fact that I am not a very good Super Smash Bros. player, and so my focus is I'm going to keep practicing as Ridley so that at 12:01, the morning of the 7th, I can be the very best Ridley player for a very short period of time. That's my strategy."

Reggie's career in playing Smash boils down to his famous, friendly rivalry with top Super Smash Bros. Melee player Juan "Liquid|HungryBox" DeBiedma. The feud started back at E3 2014, resulting in a Super Smash Bros. match between the two at the Nintendo World Championships in 2015 — which Reggie ultimately lost.

However, by having consistent access to the game before launch, I'd say Reggie's goal of being the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ridley at launch is Fils-Able.

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GimR analyzes Mr. Game and Watch's bomb drop aerial, two frame up special, Mega Man-like up air, and more for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Many returning character from Super Smash Bros. 4 are receiving a number of changes to make them feel unique when compared to their previous iterations. Mr. Game and Watch is notably being reworked from his original design despite being nearly unchanged since Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Rather than striking opponents with a box-like object, Mr. Game and Watch now drops a bomb whenever a forward aerial is inputted. This attack then acts like a projectile that behaves independently from Mr. Game and Watch's movements.

Previously, Mr. Game and Watch was only able to counter energy projectiles with his bucket. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his down special will now reflect physical projectiles, like Link's arrows, in addition to absorbing energy projectiles.

GimR of the VGBootCamp, a known Mr. Game and Watch main of the Super Smash Bros. community, has recently created a video that detailed his analysis of Mr. Game and Watch's new toys. Recall that GimR was the first one to notice that grounded spikes are untechable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a self-proclaimed "video game scientist," GimR no doubt has a very keen eye for details like these.

It's quickly pointed out by GimR that Mr. Game and Watch no longer has wind boxes on his up aerial, up special, and down tilt. It's speculated that these would be way too strong in a game where air dodging is meant to be more risky.

Instead, Mr. Game and Watch's up special now has a giant hit box for the trampoline that appears on frame 2. This means that opponents will have to space around this tool, front and back, as Mr. Game and Watch can freely use it as an out of shield punish option.

Click image for animated version

If you have any interest in playing Mr. Game and Watch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (like me), then this is a video that's probably worth your time.

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It's time to stop shaming online warriors and start teaching fighting games properly; plus Bonchan fibs, the Murderface has his own demon and more

Well that headline is the most social justice-y thing I think I've ever written and I'll be promptly taking a long shower after this, but there is some valid discussion to be had about the way fighting gamers view online warriors.

Catalyst and I further that conversation on the latest episode of the EventHubs Podcast and get to a myriad of other topics as well.

I expand more upon my recent article regarding the way fighting games widely fail to teach players true fundamentals and how that very well could be a significant reason why this genre fails to keep up with others in the eSports world.

FOX|Tokido is by far and away the most consistent Street Fighter 5 player this year, but it seems Mouz|ProblemX has his number as the reigning EVO champion has made quick work of the Murderface on multiple occasions now.

There are more than a few other topics we tackle, and you can find timestamps below if you want to jump around. Enjoy the 25th episode of the EH Podcast (thank you so much for supporting us thus far) and please drop your feedback in the comments after you give it a listen.

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Poll results: Which characters are you interested in playing for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Update: The results are in! See how our readers voted after the jump. There were over 5,000 votes submitted in total.

Earlier: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released on December 7th. Once that date arrives, we'll all be faced with a very difficult question. "Who should I main?"

This game's roster is absolutely massive. Counting Piranha Plant, there are 75 playable characters that we currently know about.

Every fighter that has ever been playable in the Super Smash Bros. series is making a return this time. Hence, "everyone is here." This means that those that really enjoyed playing Young Link, Ice Climbers, Snake, Wolf, and others will finally get to reunite with their favorite combatants.

While the newcomers aren't as plentiful this time around, there are some pretty cool additions. These include the likes of the Inkling, Ridley, Simon Belmont, and King K. Rool. Don't forget about the Echo Fighters like Ken, Daisy, Chrom, Richter Belmont, and Dark Samus.

For me personally, I'm split on the decision of maining Inkling, Link, Pokémon Trainer, Wii Fit Trainer, Snake, Ryu, Mega Man, Ridley, Palutena, Mr. Game and Watch, and the Piranha Plant.

After the jump, you'll find a poll that lists all 75 known characters. You only have 10 choices though. Which characters are you the most interested in playing?

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