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Here's what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's upcoming 3.0 patch could potentially bring to the table and why there's anticipation for it

It's already been four months since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released. We already know that the game is due for another update — version 3.0 — sometime in April. In other words, the patch can drop any day now.

As anyone can imagine, there's a lot of anticipation behind this upcoming update. In the past, Nintendo has dropped small nuggets of hints about the contents of version 3.0.

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Mew2King releases his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list for version 2.0.2, starting with the 25 worst characters

Another day, another tier list released by a top Smash Bros. competitor. This time, it's FOX|Mew2King (via Most Valuable Gaming) releasing his first tier list for the latest entry in the Smash series — Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

To start things off, he's only talking about the 25 worst fighters in the game. Other sections of the ordered tier list will be released later.

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Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019 results

Updated with final results: Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019 is took place this weekend, in Brussels, Belgium as you might have already guessed, and it's a big event for multiple titles, being the kickoff for the European branch of this year's Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, and also being a ArcRevo World Tour event for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Players participating this weekend include Mouz|Problem X, RB|Bonchan, GO|Luffy, NVD|Phenom, Keev, NASR|BigBird, NASR|AngryBird, PG|MarlinPie, Teresa, Taka, We-R1|Trashbox, FNATIC|Shakz, FNATIC|Akainu, Fergus, Solary|Glutonny, NVD|Momi, VDV|KingRasta, Svampen, Oplon|Skyll, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, Onimario, Vitality|Hurricane, NVD|SaltyKid, WG|Abegen, Nyphi7, VGIA|Shanks, Takamura, DO|SephiBlack, RASS, VGIA|VegaPatch and many more.

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Armada releases his Inkling match up chart for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Adam "Alliance|Armada" Lindgren will likely go down as the most decorated Super Smash Bros. Melee player of all time, but he's had his eyes focused more upon the newest title in the series over the past number of months.

While known for playing Fox and Peach in the 18-year old title, Armada has been spending the majority of his time playing the newcomer Inkling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for whom he just released his first match up chart for.

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Lucario essentially gets Dragon Ball's Spirit Bomb with his aura limitations removed thanks to modding

Lucario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a unique character. He starts off every match with really weak power, but becomes increasingly stronger as he sustains and survives damage.

There is a built in limitation that prevents his "aura" from empowering him beyond 190% damage. What would happen if this limitation were removed? Vishera Games, through modding, has already published a video that showcases this scenario.

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Masahiro Sakurai says the wait for Joker's arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is almost over

Persona 5's Joker was announced to be the second DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate exactly four months ago, but we're still have yet to see what he'll play like transitioning from an RPG hero to a fighter.

Smash Ultimate itself was one of the highest rated video games of 2018, so it should come as little surprise that the massive title would win co-game of the year honors with Capcom's Monster Hunter World at the Famitsu Awards in Japan where the series' longtime director would briefly talk about what's coming next.

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Captain Falcon's best and worst match ups; Fatality offers opinions on how the fast fighter fares facing everyone in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Having been part of the line up for 20 years now, one might argue that at this point Captain Falcon is perhaps more of Super Smash Bros. fame than his original franchise: F Zero.

Regardless of where you know the fleet-footed figure from, he's become a mainstay in the Super Smash Bros. world, and few have proven more effective with him than Griffin "RCS|Fatality" Miller. As such, we're excited to share Miller's Captain Falcon match up chart for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with you today.

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Joker's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reportedly came about because Masahiro Sakurai loved Persona 5

Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai is notoriously one of the busiest workers in the video game industry — to the point of working with a IV drip when sick — though he can still apparently find the time to make his way through 100-hour RPGs in his spare time.

At the Taipei Game Show eariler this year, GNN Gamer had the opportunity to interview Atlus' Brand Manager, Naoto Hiraoka, who revealed some new information about the company's collaborations, future plans and how Persona 5's Joker made his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character.

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Not only does artist Jet share his amazing work, he shows us exactly how he does it with video tutorials

While I'll surely just be sticking to the medium words for creative expression, those of you who lean more towards the canvas will certainly appreciate the work of NorCal-based artist Jet.

Jet has created a fairly vast catalogue of beautiful art pieces, a good handful of which feature fighting game characters — the majority of which are ladies. As if that weren't enough, Jet also shows us his process via The JettyJet Show.

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The upcoming announcements of Persona 5 S and The Royal may have revealed time frame in which Joker will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

April is a very important month in Persona 5 considering it's where the game officially begins plus when the protagonist unlocks their Persona abilities, and it appears that it will also be one of the biggest months for the game in the real world as well going off of recent teasers and announcements.

Persona 5: The Royal, the recently teased P5S and Joker's release date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are all scheduled to have big reveals / debuts this month though the two new aforementioned (assumed) games may inform us of exactly when the leader of the Phantom Thieves will become the massive crossover title's 76th fighter.

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MVD releases Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Snake tier chart

As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to build its competitive identity, professional players around the world continue to share their thoughts and opinions on characters, match ups, and the tier list.

Today, we have a tier match up chart from top-level Snake main Jestise "WBG|MVD" Negron. As you might expect, this list tells us how Snake stacks up against each of the other fighters on the roster, according to MVD.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update Version 2.0.2 now live, adds amiibo compatibility for Daisy, Young Link, and Ken

Update: Version 2.0.2 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now live. The only adjustment made is the inclusion of compatibility for the Daisy, Young Link, and Ken amiibos which means that version 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 replays will still function. They'll be available on April 12, 2019.

Earlier: We're now hopefully past the point of April Fools' Day jokes, so "news" regarding Nintendo and Smash Bros. no longer need to be immediately thrown out the door at a glance.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will reportedly receive and update later today, April 2, to Version 2.0.2 beginning at 8 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. PDT according to SSBUBot perhaps paving the way for the upcoming Spring update.

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The real April EVO leaderboard has been released; Street Fighter 5 still sits in 3rd place while Mortal Kombat 11 and UNIST remain strong contenders

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar and the crew behind EVO got in the April Fools' spirit by releasing a joke registration leaderboard that featured Street Fighter 5 in last place though now they've decided to be nice and show us the real thing.

The president of Evolution took to Twitter earlier this morning to reveal the true EVO 2019 rankings based on registration at the beginning of April where Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still sits on top while other titles like Soul Calibur 6 have dropped multiple spots.

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Cosmos releases his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

PG|Cosmos has recently released his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list. He specifically stated that this is not an April Fools' joke, as it was a sub goal. His arrangement of the characters certainly doesn't raise any eyebrows.

For those that don't already know him, Cosmos is often regarded as the best Inkling player for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and was formerly known as the best Corrin user for Super Smash Bros. 4. According to Cosmos, Inkling is the third best fighter in the game.

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Which characters can escape the vortex of Zelda's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The usage of items and Final Smashes are banned from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments for obvious reasons. Knowing how to deal with certain Final Smashes would only really be useful in casual play.

Recently, Beefy Smash Doods released a video that demonstrates which characters are capable of escaping the intense windboxes and vacuuming shock waves of Zelda's Final Smash. This really highlights the attributes of those that can.

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Updated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Joker trailer no longer mentions April release window

An updated trailer for Persona 5's Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate aired this past weekend during the finals for the 2019 North American Open tournament circuit, and it no longer mentions an April release for the character.

A keen-eyed Twitter user named Some_KidNick spotted the small, but potentially important change and shared a comparison.

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NorCal Regionals 2019 results

Story updated with final results: The NorCal Regionals 2019 tournament is underway now. This is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event running in San Jose, California throughout the weekend. There are 13 games being played over three days.

Notable competitors in attendance include Rohto|Tokido, Rec|Punk, RB|Gachikun, Mouz|Problem X, Fudoh|Fujimura, CYG|Fuudo, FAV|Sako, CYG|Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Momochi, FOX|NuckleDu, RZR|Xian, Liquid|Nemo, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, UYU|Oil King, Mago, Liquid|John Takeuchi, ZJZ, MyWallet|Verloren, CYG|GamerBee, UYU|NL, FAV|Ryusei, END|Shine, SB|801 Strider, CAG|Dogura, Talon|HotDog29, Fudoh|Haitani, Rise|Smug, Qanba|Xiao Hai, NVD|Phenom, GRPT|MOV, CAG|Go1, RRQ|Moke, Rise|K-Brad, Brian_F, CJ Truth, GGP|Kazunoko, RB|Bonchan, CYG|PR Balrog, Fudoh|Johnny, Machabo, Combofiend, EG|Ricki Ortiz, EnvyUS|Mister Crimson, RB|Snake Eyez, JB, Jwong|Didimokof, The Cool Kid93, EG|NYChrisG, Tempo|Alex Myers, NRG|Supernoon, Reynald, BC|Apologyman, NVD|SaltyKid, Mo-Joe, LPN, Commander Jesse, Dankadillas, among many others.

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