Which latest fighting game installment got the best set of newcomers?

There's one particular thing that's almost never missing when a new fighting game comes along, and that is new characters joining the cast.

Sometimes they become a huge hit, and instantly rise to fan favorite status, and sometimes they fizzle out completely and are forgotten within months of release.

With that in mind, I thought that it'd be fun to check with our readers which game they think delivered the best set of new characters from the new releases we've seen for the last few years.

Some current games use the business model of continuing to add things to a game that's currently out, for example Dead or Alive 5, so we've decided to include all the new cast members under the Dead or Alive 5 banner in their entry.

But don't worry, you don't have to do all the research yourselves - we've compiled a list below for each franchise included in the poll, to give you a quick reminder of what you'd be voting for. Check it out.

Now, let's get to the exciting part - to the vote!

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The idea of Jigglypuff being a top tier character in Super Smash Bros. Melee was once joked about for an April Fool's joke

In today's meta for Melee, Jigglypuff is an important character to consider as a result of her dominating tournament performance. This puts Jigglypuff at rank #5 out of 26 characters for the current Smashboards tier list, just under Fox, Falco, Marth, and Sheik.

Jigglypuff wasn't always seen as such a strong character in Melee though. When the game was first released, Jigglypuff was ranked at #17. It didn't take long for Jigglypuff to get bumped up to the top 10 area though.

On March 31, 2004, a special kind of tier list was released by Smashboards.

April Fools Melee Tier List image #1
Click images for larger versions

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The Keef Crew exposes stereotypes of Smash Bros. players based on their main character with these hilarious skits

Most people involved in fighting games have a main character. For whatever reason that compels each player to main their character, every player either really loves their character or...really hates their character.

The level of skill from a player doesn't tend to matter as players that have a main tend to have common opinions about their own character. You'll often hear either praise or discontent regarding a player's main whether it be from a high level player or low level player.

Or maybe you'll constantly hear a downplay of a character's traits if that character is widely considered to be top tier.

The Keef Crew's YouTube channel has a series of skits that exposes a lot of the exaggerated stereotypes that players of a character says or thinks. The reactions of the people that have to deal with these players is also apart of the skits.

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Ice triumphs over Leffen at Eclipse 2016 tournament - Let's analyze the matches

It seems that LG|Ice has been leveling up his game lately. His performance at the Eclipse 2016 tournament is certainly proof of that.

In particular, his matches against TSM|Leffen ended in quite the upset. Leffen was certainly the favored played expected to win between the two of them.

The first game seemed like it was swinging in Leffen's favor early on with his damage lead. Unfortunately for Leffen, the very moment that he found himself off stage Ice was able to seize it with a quick shine spike as if he were a shark that smelled blood in the water.

After this, it seemed Leffen went all out against Ice and started racking up a great deal of damage. Either Leffen ended up getting a little overzealous or he was still a little rattled from that first stock loss, as Leffen ended up self-destructing one of his stocks after dealing about 100% damage to Ice. The stock count was now 4 to 2 in favor of Ice.

In the end, Ice was able to take game one with two stocks remaining. The first two stocks of the game were deciding factors in game 1.

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Leffen and Ice perform a perfectly synced punish on their opponents during a team battle tournament match

They say that the best team is a team that can work together as if they were one perfectly in synced individual rather than two separate people. The better you know your teammate(s) in a game and the better that he/she/they know you, the better your performance will be.

Something rather funny happened during the Eclipse 2 Tournament in Norway. With both players playing Fox, they performed the exact same punish against their opponents in a two vs. two match at the same time.

It seems that Leffen and Ice have broken down the barriers that exist between their minds and were able to perform a sequence of events almost completely in sync at the exact same time. It was almost as if only one player was controlling both characters at the same time.

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Eclipse 2016 results ft. Armada, Leffen, Mr. R, Ice

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Eclipse 2 is taking place this weekend in Oslo, Norway, and a lot of Europe's top smashers are attending the event which will feature both Singles and Doubles for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

You can expect to see competitors such as Alliance|Armada, TSM|Leffen, Mr. R, Ice, VwS|Professor Pro, Liquid|Chillin, Overtriforce, Heir|Trifasia, Alliance|Android, iStudying, SynK|Kage, Zgetto, Captain Jack and many more.

Streaming is being handled by Geeky Goon Squad, Fuzzyness and Smash Norge

Hit the jump to check out the full action for yourself.

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Why Super Smash Bros. Melee HD (with online) would be a huge success for Nintendo

With the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch, we were able to get a glimpse of the console's many forms of controls and how they would work in a theoretical Super Smash Bros. Switch entry. A ported version of Super Smash Bros. (Melee or otherwise) has been on the mind of many gamers lately as a result of this announcement.

Like the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch is unlikely to have backwards compatibility to the GameCube specifically. We've seen that the Wii U previously has tried to remedy this by releasing HD ports of GameCube games (most from the Legend of Zelda series).

We've already seen that Nintendo is porting a few of their Wii U titles to their new console. If Nintendo were to continue to remake HD versions of older GameCube games, they would almost certainly create them for the Nintendo Switch rather than the Wii U.

Of all the GameCube games that Nintendo gamers have wanted to have a high definition port, Super Smash Bros. Melee may just be the most desired game to have a port. With Nintendo's new console, they have now been presented with an extremely beneficial opportunity.

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Blind player plays in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Tournament and wins the audience over

A player by the name of Blindwizard recently entered in a weekly tournament. As his name suggests, he is a blind gamer but didn't let that stop him from entering.

During the set with his opponent, he managed to get in some pretty nice followups. As he landed hits on his opponent, the audience would cheer for him from time to time.

Blindwizard was, very impressively, able to maintain a pretty general awareness of where his opponent was. As he threw attacks out, 90% of them were generally in the direction of where his opponent's character was standing.

Even though his opponent would occasionally try to walk slowly in order hide the sound of his movement, he was still not able to hide from Blindwizard for very long.

Unlike a typical fighting game, Smash Bros does not auto-face your character to your opponent at all times. Not only that, but there is a risk of self-destructing that is not usually there in a typical fighting game.

I am not exaggerating when I say this, but I have seen players self-destruct more times over the course of three games than the number of times that Blindwizard did over the three matches that he played. I will go ahead and spoil that he only lost a single stock as a result of a self-destruct.

When knocked off stage, he managed to recover back very well. At one point with Toon Link, he even pulled out a bomb before using up special to get back to the stage (in case he didn't make it, the bomb would've refreshed his recovery for him) but he ended up not needing it.

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Is the 'exploit' for Summit 3's voting system really an exploit? Are the organizers to blame? Is it really a bad thing? Let's analyze the situation

So first of, we should get an understanding of what the Smash Summit Tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee is all about. Not just anybody can sign up for this tournament. There are special rules for the registration of competing players.

The first ten players are just simply invited by the organizers of the tournament. We can expect these players to be exceptionally good to be guaranteed a spot like this.

These ten invited players are Armada, Leffen, Mango, Hungrybox, Mew2King, Plup, Axe, Westballz, SFAT, and Shroomed.

The remaining 6 players have to be voted into the tournament by the community. The votes are determined by a donation drive.

The players that will competing as a result of community voting and donations are Mafia, S2J, PewPewU, and Duck (by showing off an interesting side of himself), n0ne, and The Moon.

It is with the voting/donation part where there apparently becomes an issue with a certain "exploit."

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TheGrumpyCat shows us how awesome it would be if Nintendo offered color options to "switch" to for the new Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo announced their new Nintendo Switch console via trailer, they showed it in a gray color. When the Nintendo Wii U was released, it came in two colors: white and black.

TheGrumpyCat has decided to explore what the console would look like in various different colors. This is actually a really good idea that Nintendo can get behind.

Considering that the Nintendo Switch can be taken and played just about anywhere, it would be nifty if there were distinguishing types of Nintendo Switch consoles. This could help alleviate issues with mixing up people's console equipment (such as controllers, the gamepad itself, etc).

The Super Nintendo recolor is a nice throwback.

Colored Switch Consoles image #11

Hit the jump below to check out the rest of the colors.

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Street Fighter 5, Smash Bros., EVO, Justin Wong and other fighting game relatives nominated in this year's eSports Industry Awards

While the fighting game genre may be a bit late to the party, we're seeing some familiar names and faces pop up on ballots for this year's "Oscars of eSports," the eSports Industry Awards.

The EIA will take place this November 21st in London to award and honor the best of 2016 in such categories as game of the year, streamer of the year, photographer of the year and plenty more.

EVO 2016 is in the running for best event, while players such as EG|Justin Wong, TSM|ZeRo and Mister Crimson are on ballots as well. We're excited to see Stephanie "Vexanie" Lindgren, a regular contributor to EventHubs content, up for photographer of the year.

Check out the video below for more information, including how to contribute your vote to the three public vote categories.

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Here's how we expect the new Nintendo Switch controller to hold up in Smash Bros.

We had the announcement of the Nintendo Switch today and it revealed quite a number of possibilities of playing this new console. With the announcement of this console, one game in particular perhaps above all other games has been on the mind of Nintendo gamers everywhere. Smash Brothers.

While Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch has not been officially announced yet, rumors have been going around that it may become a possibility in the future. This doesn't mean we can't speculate on how the controllers would function for a future Smash title.

Hit the jump below to get an idea how the controllers will work.

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Nintendo Switch console revealed

Nintendo has unveiled their new console that we've known for so long as the "NX' as the Nintendo Switch. Like the name suggests, the console greatly emphasizes the ability to switch from playing in your living room to playing on the go.

Like the Wii U, this console comes equipped with a tablet like controller but now you are not limited to keeping your controller in the room of the console. It also appears to come with multiple Wii-like controllers that can used on both your television and the tablet controller.

The trailer even shows that the Nintendo Switch can be played while outside with relative ease and setup. Multiple people will be able to play on the Nintendo Switch's tablet controller using these controllers.

While Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be officially announced, this new console brings about a lot of potential. The console appears to be very small and lightweight, and being able to set up anywhere even without a television makes playing anyone anywhere takes the advantages of the Smash Bros for the 3DS without its disadvantages.

Tournament players of the Smash Bros series will be able to practice sets while riding up to their tournament (except for the unlucky one who has to drive).

Nintendo Switch Console image #1 Nintendo Switch Console image #2 Nintendo Switch Console image #3 Nintendo Switch Console image #4 Nintendo Switch Console image #5 Nintendo Switch Console image #6 Nintendo Switch Console image #7 Nintendo Switch Console image #8 Nintendo Switch Console image #9 Nintendo Switch Console image #10 Nintendo Switch Console image #11 Nintendo Switch Console image #12 Nintendo Switch Console image #13
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump below to see the trailer.

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Be afraid when someone with a duck hoodie and waifu pillow calls you out to a $1000 Money Match - Duck throws down the gaunt...err, pillow to Leffen

Duck has called out Leffen in probably the most hilarious way possible. While wearing a duck hoodie with a waifu pillow in the background, Duck has issue a $1000 money match challenge challenge to Leffen as a way to secure votes for himself to enter Smash Summit 3.

Duck was unable to play in Smash Summit 2 as a result of only being outvoted by Ice by a very small margin. It seems that Duck has decided to show off a little "personality" to secure the extra votes necessary to compete this time around.

Duck has made it clear that he has beaten Leffen many times before and that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Or maybe he is putting his bill where his beak is?

After everything was said and done, Duck made his exit about as epic as he could have.

Click image for animated version

Unfortunately, it seems that Leffen was not very amused by the act.

Hit the jump below to see Leffen's response and the video.

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ZeRo finishes a gnarly combo with a devastating Falcon Punch, then pops off on stream with a steel chair

TSM|ZeRo is a Super Smash Bros. 4 connoisseur. From his helpful tech videos to the dozens of top placings at tournaments, ZeRo is arguably the best Smash Bros. Wii U player on the scene today.

He recently sat in on the LoF_Hackoru to test his might against the world of online Smashers.

Thanks to Simsima494 over on /r/SmashBros, we caught one of the most awesome moments from the broadcast.

Upon recovering from a ledge grab, ZeRo managed to hit his opponent with an Up-Air to get the party started. This opened the opponent up to another Up-Air, which lead into Falcon's devastating knee, sending the opponent to the other side of the stage.

And then this happened...

Click image for animated version

We don't blame you for getting that hype, ZeRo. That sequence was fantastic.

Source: LoF_Hackoru . Via /r/SmashBros.

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