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Only 7 challengers of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 79 character roster weren't represented at EVO Japan's top 256

EVO Japan 2020 has the attention of many fighting game fans this weekend. Although Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had nearly 3,000 players registered to compete, over 1,000 were disqualified as they didn't show up. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that only first place will be awarded a pro controller with a golden Smash mark on it.

Regardless, we'll be looking at the character usage stats of the top 256 competitors at this event. This gives us some semblance of an idea in regards to which fighters are the most prominent in the meta right now.

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EVO Japan 2020 early results, live stream ft Chikurin, Infiltration, Tokido, Knee, Arslan Ash, Fujimura, Score, Zackray, Shuton, Nemo, and more

Update: This story is being updated with live results as they occur.

EVO Japan 2020 is finally upon us, and it's taking place Chiba, Japan.

There are far too many notable players to count, but we've listed some of the notables set to compete this weekend right here: THY|Chikurin, Infiltration, Rohto|Tokido, ROX|Knee, RB|Arslan Ash, Yuttoto, SNB|Fujimura, AMTRS|Score, GW|Zackray, SST|Shuton, Liquid|Nemo, Kyamei, Momochi, BDG|BlueGod, EQNX|Ulsan, RB|Anakin, YOG|Machabo, Keev, Emujima, Mago, CYG|Daigo, Oplon|Skyll, UYU|Double, R2G|Kameme, Yamasa|Nobi, RB|Gachikun, Illusion|LostSoul, CO|Dogura, PG|Shen Chan, Domi, UYU|LowHigh, JDCR, Liquid|John Takeuchi, AMPLFY|Rangchu, NuckleDu, Mekasue, AZ|Kichipa-mu, Tea, KEN, Kuro, TG|Raito, UYU|NL, CO|Fenrich, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Kome, T, SSNO|KojiKOG, ProtoBanham, SNB|Abadango, Lea, Choco, Umeki, Demise|Mr. E, Victrix|Cory Bell and of course many, many more as well.

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Genesis 7 early results, streams ft. MkLeo, Hungrybox, Leffen, Nairo, Mango, Marss, Samsora, Tweek, Axe, Zain, Maister, Glutonny, Dabuz and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 1 results.

Genesis 7 is happening this weekend in Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Notable players set to attend are many, but as a sample, here are a few names: FOX|MkLeo, Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, NRG|Nairo, C9|Mango, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, TSM|Tweek, Tempo|Axe, Zain, Maister, Solary|Glutonny, Liquid|Dabuz, EnVyUS|Wizzrobe, FOX|Mew2King, Rogue|Light, PG|Esam, MVG|DarkWizzy, Cosmos, iBDW, PG|Plup, VGBC|aMSa, MVG|Salem, Fiction, S2J, APE|Goblin, Pandarian, CLG|SFAT, TG|MVD, n0ne, EMG|Moky, Captain Faceroll, Swedish Delight, PS|Trifasia, Ned, DA|Venia, Armada|Prodigy, DA|Sinji, EMG|Hax$, Ginger, Armada|Myran, MuteAce, 3D|Gen, NVR|ELegant, K.I.A.|Stroder, NVR|CakeAssault, Penguin, Spark, Liquid|ChUDat, DIG|Lucky, CLG|PewPewU, ARMY and many more.

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This 77-second Diddy Kong infinite was pulled off in spectacular fashion during pool play of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at EVO Japan

The action at EVO Japan 2020 has already taken us to the edge of our seats and we're only one day in. During the first day of play, we got a particularly impressive sequence from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Rikuya and his fearsome Diddy Kong.

The Japanese competitor was able to trap his foe, Takoman, in a fairly situational and difficult to pull off infinite combo. There Rikuya kept his opponent for about 77 seconds until finally finishing him off.

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Official portraits of Byleth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate show off every last gorgeous detail of the incoming fighter

We're just four days away from being able to get our hands on Byleth, the sixth and final character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first season of DLC releases, and if you haven't had the chance to fully appreciate just how good this new fighter looks, now's your chance.

The folks running the official Smash Ultimate page have posted up seven full portraits of the newcomer so we can see just how beautifully designed they are in each of their various Smash Ultimate styles.

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Byleth's inclusion potentially opens the way for first party Nintendo reps in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass Volume 2

Although Joker, Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard, and the recently announced Byleth are all packaged as part of the first Fighters Pass, one of these challengers is clearly not like the others. More specifically, Byleth is the only character that's part of this pass that's a first party Nintendo rep. All the others are from third parties.

Up until this point, there was this perception that all the Fighters Pass DLC would represent third party franchises. This was mostly due to a statement made by the then president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, back when Joker was unveiled.

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Is tier whoring more common than ever before due to pro gamers and should developers offer Street Fighter 5 balance patches more often?

The times are certainly changing as monetary stakes at major fighting game events continue to rise and naturally usher professional players toward characters that are going to be the easiest to win with, but should we be concerned about "tier whoring," as it's commonly referred to in the FGC, given the current track we're on?

Especially with examples like iDom and his winning of Capcom Cup 2019 with a combination of mid-tiers Laura and Poison, it's clear the competitive space has not devolved into a top tier fest. That said, with as many Rashids we saw in Season 4 and Abigails, Cammys, and Menats of Season 3, it's worth considering if developers like Capcom should start making larger efforts to balance their games.

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Byleth might initially be low tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to a number of problems that were shown during the breakdown

It turned out that Byleth was the Fighters Pass' final challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Like it or not, he (or she) is the 80th character to join the roster and the eighth playable Fire Emblem rep.

Of course, Byleth doesn't simply fight with a sword like Marth, Lucina, Roy, Chrom, and Ike. This particular character is armed with the Sword of the Creator, Amyr (ax), Failnaught (bow), and Areadbhar (lance).

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Doom Eternal director: We've never been approached and asked, 'Hey can Doomguy be in Smash Bros. Ultimate?'

With the announcement of Byleth for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came the reveal that six additional challengers will join via the Fighters Pass volume 2. As the selections have already been made, getting an iconic video game character in through requests would be very difficult at this point.

If we are to take the recent statements of Marty Stratton, Doom Eternal director, at face value, then it would appear that Doom Slayer's chances have been dramatically reduced. In an interview with Metro, it was declared that the team has never been approached by Nintendo about the subject of adding the Doom Slayer to the Super Smash Bros. roster.

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Byleth was frequently requested for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Japanese fans before the unveiling of the Fire Emblem: Three House's challenger

Byleth was recently revealed to be the Fighters Pass' final challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (don't forget about the Fighters Pass Vol. 2's six incoming characters). Seeing as how Byleth's inclusion means that we now have eight Fire Emblem characters in the game, their announcement hasn't exactly been the most popular among fans.

If we rewind backwards a few months, we can actually see signs of Byleth's popularity in Japan. According to a certain Reddit thread, Byleth received numerous requests from Japanese player tweets following the Terry Bogard reveal.

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Here are three reasons why Byleth's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal was so divisive within the community

It's no secret that Byleth's unveiling for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a move that left the Smash community with mixed feelings. Although Byleth was a surprise of sorts, it wasn't one that was universally praised.

While it may come across as obvious to those who have been following the game, there are a number of reasons why Byleth might be the most poorly received character that has joined the Super Smash Bros. roster.

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Winner of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at EVO Japan 2020 will only receive special controller, other games' grand prizes range from $4,500-$9,000

The prize money and supplementary prizes have been outlined for EVO Japan 2020's main stage games. No matter how well players perform at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event that will be held there, it's likely that everyone there will be competing at a loss of expenditures.

Funnily enough, it's been revealed that first place will receive a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Don't worry though — a golden Smash mark is included on the controller.

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Seagull Joe releases his updated 6.1 tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

GG|Seagull Joe has released an updated tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This ranks the 79 characters that are currently in the game from S tier to F tier in version 6.1.1 (essentially version 6.0.0 since no balance adjustments were applied since then).

A notable number of changes have been applied to Seagull Joe's opinions since his version 4.0 tier list. Terry Bogard and Banjo-Kazooie can be located on Seagull Joe's latest tier list as they are both available as fighters.

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Fire Emblem's Byleth has been added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster banner

Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been revealed to be the Fighters Pass' fifth and final challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He (or she) will made available to use on January 28.

In order to commemorate Byleth's inclusion, Nintendo has already added him to the Smash roster banner. There are now 80 playable characters that are present here.

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Glitch 8: Missingno results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Glitch 8: Missingno is happening this weekend in Laurel, Maryland.

Players set to attend include TSM|Tweek, Liquid|Dabuz, ANH|Maister, Rogue|Light, PG|Esam, MVG|DarkWizzy, TG|MVD, Cosmos, RNG|Ryuga, 3D|Gen, lluZ|Raffi-X, DA|Sinji, WaDi, Kola, SSG|LeoN, K.I.A|Stroder, Illuz|Jakal, Fatality, JW, Pelca, Suarez, Rivers and more.

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54 characters were represented in Glitch 8: Missingno's top 128 while 32 made it into Frosty Faustings XII's top 32 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's been an entertaining weekend for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans. Both Glitch 8: Missingno and Frosty Faustings XII had Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments take place.

Over 700 were set to compete for Glitch 8 while more than 200 attended Frosty Faustings. As a result, we have the character usage stats for Glitch 8's top 128 and Frosty Faustings' top 32.

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Mortal Kombat 11 was the 5th best-selling game of 2019 in the US with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also cracking the top 10

While it may be hard to believe, we only first saw the reveal of Mortal Kombat 11 one year ago considering how much of an impact its had in such a short amount of time on the market.

NetherRealm Studios' latest fighting game dominated the North American market for the first handful of months following its release, and it apparently finished strong as well.

Mortal Kombat 11 finished 2019 as the 5th best-selling title in the United States despite not charting in December itself according to the NPD Group's latest numbers, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also managed to crack the top 10 even though it came out the previous year.

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