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Frostbite 2020's top three seeded players for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are in losers from upsets in top 96

It's the third day of Frostbite 2020 and its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event. Competitors like MkLeo, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, NRG|Nairo, TSM|Tweek, SSG|Maister, Liquid|Dabuz, Tea, Solary|Glutonny, and over 1,250 were registered to compete over this weekend.

Interestingly enough, the three top seeded players of the event — MkLeo, Marss, and Samsora — currently sit in the losers bracket. All of these upsets occurred during the top 96 portion of the bracket.

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DreamHack Anaheim 2020 early results, livestream featuring Commander Jesse, Sherryjenix, Stupendous, Larry Lurr, ANTi, TLOC|Dakpo and more

DreamHack is venturing out to the west coast for the first time with DreamHack Anaheim for a bit three day event in you guessed it, Anaheim, California.

There's over 450 attendees signed up to compete in their fighting games this weekend with some of the best west coast / North American players in Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 duking it out including the likes of Radiance|Commander Jesse, CCG|Sherryjenix, Stupendous, Flaquito, FitFGC|DRDANNYPHAM, Larry Lurr, T1|ANTi, TLOC|Dakpo, KiraFlax, and many others.

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Frostbite 2020 early results, streams ft. MkLeo, Marss, Samsora, Nairo, Tweek, Maister, Dabuz, Tea, Glutonny, Shuton, DarkWizzy, Zackray and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 2 results.

Frostbite 2020 is happening this weekend in Detroit, Michigan.

Some of the notable players set to attend include MkLeo, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, NRG|Nairo, TSM|Tweek, SSG|Maister, Liquid|Dabuz, Tea, Solary|Glutonny, SST|Shuton, MVG|DarkWizzy, GW|Zackray, Rogue|Light, R2G|Kameme, R2G|Paseriman, Kome, Cosmos, WaDi, lluZ|Raffi-X, R2G|Etsuji, APE|Goblin, R2G|Gackt, Elegant, Wrath, MVG|Salem and many, many more.

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Zackray turns the tables on Pac-Man by using his own bell and hydrant against him for a flashy finish in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Frostbite 2020 is the big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event that's transpiring over this weekend. Players like MkLeo, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, NRG|Nairo, TSM|Tweek, SSG|Maister, Liquid|Dabuz, Tea, Solary|Glutonny, SST|Shuton, MVG|DarkWizzy, and over 1,250 were registered to compete.

A match between GW|Zackray and a Pac-Man user that goes by the name of ET|EKing was particularly exciting to watch. Although Zackray isn't a Pac-Man player himself, he apparently has experience in working with Pac-Man's tools.

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Tier list has been formed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from PGRUv2 members voting on challenger viability

Not too long ago, the second Panda Global Ranking Ultimate list had concluded. Competitors like FOX|MkLeo, eU|Samsora, TSM|Tweek, NRG|Nairo, PG|Marss, Maister, Solary|Glutonny, and Liquid|Dabuz are seen as being among the top 50 players in the world according to this list.

Recently, 35 out of 50 of these professional players have participated in a character rating process in which each player would rate a character from 1 to 10. As a result, a tier list has been formed based on the submitted votes.

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Masahiro Sakurai: No future plans for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate once Fighter Pass 2 is complete, 'I can't say for sure if the series will continue'

There are some valid criticisms which can be tossed at the Super Smash Bros. series, but lacking content certainly isn't one of those. Smash Ultimate currently features a roster of 80 playable characters with six more in development.

What comes after is still very much in the air, however.

Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai pens a weekly column for the Japanese Famitsu magazine, and his most recent entry has already appeared online early which details some information regarding Fighter Pass 2, his thoughts on the series' future and how busy Smash development keeps him.

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I really do wish Nintendo would support the Super Smash Bros. scene — HungryBox after winning Smash Summit 9

Smash Summit 9 ended up being an amazing event for Super Smash Bros. Melee competitors, spectators, and fans. As this was an invitational event of 18 players, one could say that it was a gathering of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players in the world.

After narrowly defeating PG|Plup in the grand finals after Plup managed to get the reset, Liquid|Hungrybox managed to walk away with first place. Following his victory, HungryBox had some words for Nintendo during his speech.

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Fox, Falco, and Sheik were the most popular picks at Smash Summit 9's Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament

Smash Summit 9 was the big Super Smash Bros. Melee event that captivated fans over the weekend. One could say that many of the best competitors of Melee in the world were gathered at this event.

Although there were only 18 players competing, we're presented with an opportunity to analyze the character usage stats of the tournament. Do feel free to draw comparisons to our community voted tier list section of our website.

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Smash Summit 9 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Smash Summit 9 is happening this weekend and as usual, it'll be in Los Angeles, California.

Instead of the usual 16 players, this time there'll be 18 who have either been invited, qualified or voted through. Said players are Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, PG|Plup, C9|Mango, GG|Zain, EnVyUS|Wizzrobe, Tempo|Axe, VGBC|aMSa, UYU|n0ne, MOR|Shroomed, iBDW, Fiction, EMG|Hax$, Spark, Magi, PW|Pricent, GST|Ryobeat and Bobby Big Ballz.

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Ken's combo game makes him super hype in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Here's a compilation that showcases these awesome sequences

Although Ken is said to be an Echo Fighter of Ryu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the two Street Fighter reps are actually quite different. While Ryu tends to have access to better zoning tools, Ken is well known for his speed and up close options.

As Ken is able to special cancel normals (along with the other two traditional fighting game reps), he has access to combo trees that are largely unavailable to most of the game's 80 character roster. This makes Ken an ideal character to highlight for a compilation.

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Zelda appears to be hiding a lot of... something underneath her dress in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but hurtboxes don't actually reflect body sizes

A rather strange post has been trending on Twitter over the past few days in regards to Zelda's roll in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A Twitter user by the name of Masonomace noted that they were simply labbing the frame data behind the intangibility of Zelda's roll when they caught glimpse of a rather... suggestive image.

At a glance, it really does seem as though a silhouette of Zelda's form can be seen underneath her dress. In reality though, these shapes are actually just her hurtboxes highlighted in blue via the game's training mode.

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ZeRo releases his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 7.0.0 tier list

Gonzalo "Tempo|ZeRo" Barrios may be retired from the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, but his record-setting tournament wins during the Smash 4 career has kept his thoughts about the series relevant in the community.

Now that Fire Emblem's Byleth and the Version 7.0.0 update for Smash Ultimate has been out for a few weeks, ZeRo has put together his updated tier list for the game and its 80+ fighters.

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Pivotal competitive Super Smash Bros. clips are being recreated in line animation and they look sick

Throughout the history of the Super Smash Bros. series, there have been a number of recorded moments that really stick out in people's memories. An animator has recently taken it upon himself to animate these amazing clips via line animation.

First up is actually a clip that came from the era of Super Smash Bros. 4. This match pitted up Kronos2560's Mega Man up against SilentSpectre's Captain Falcon. After missing a tech, the Captain Falcon found himself getting jab locked by Mega Man's pellets which eventually led into the Mega Upper.

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MkLeo analyzes his first tournament victory using Byleth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Byleth has been in the hands of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players for about two weeks now. Although initial impressions of the latest Fire Emblem rep have mostly suggested them as being weak, FOX|MkLeo has been spending some time with them regardless.

Fascinatingly enough, MkLeo was recently able to win a weekly tournament using only Byleth. His opponent in grand finals ended up being Javi, who is MkLeo's cousin and one of the best competitors in Mexico.

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Byleth has a crazy number of hitboxes on attacks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Like them or hate them, Byleth ended up being the final challenger of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass. This marks them as being the 80th character to be playable in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Understanding what makes the latest Fire Emblem rep tick might be a good idea in the event that you run into a particularly skilled user of the character. Rekzius has released a video that details the properties of the Professor's attacks and hitboxes.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently leads in EVO 2020 entrants — registration leaderboard for February released

The official lineup for EVO 2020 was revealed just last week, and the fighting game community has been abuzz ever since. Tournament staples such as Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Street Fighter 5 all made the cut this time around, and a handful of surprises — such as a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 invitational event — have the people already feeling the hype.

EVO tournament organizer Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar took to Twitter this morning to update fans on the current entrant numbers for each game on the main lineup. While we don't get specific amounts here, we do have a leaderboard to show how each title is currently stacking up.

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Pink Fresh releases Byleth match up chart for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Fire Emblem's Byleth has only been available as the latest DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a few weeks now, but the pro scene has already put in some nice results with the "distance demon" at early events.

VGBC|Pink Fresh scored one of, if not the first solo Byleth tournament win less than a week after the fighter released, and now he's put together an early match up chart for the Fire Emblem hero he feels has a lot of potential.

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