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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle reaches over 1,000 EVO entrants; more than doubles Central Fiction's 2017 numbers

There's only two days left to register for the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, EVO 2018, so entrant numbers and figures should be pretty close to finalized for the event.

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar runs the massive tournament and shared today the current entrant numbers milestone for the newest game to make the EVO mainstage along with its pool structure.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle — a game that only released in May/ June this year — has now eclipsed over 1,000 entrants for EVO according to Mr. Wizard, and the tournament will run best of three sets unless matches are ending quickly in which case it might switch to best of five past pools.

Reaching 1,000 entrants is an impressive feat for Cross Tag Battle not only because of how recently the game released, but it is also the first Arc System Works published fighter to reach that landmark which only four titles reached in 2017 — Dragon Ball FighterZ was developed by ArcSys but published by Bandai Namco.

BlazBlue Central Fiction had only 499 entrants in 2017 meaning Cross Tag Battle has more than doubled its entrant numbers when comparing both of these games in their first EVO appearances. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 had 827 entrants in 2017.

These numbers also signify a possible significant drop in Super Smash Bros for Wii U entrants from 2017 to 2018, as it currently sits behind Cross Tag on Mr. Wizard's latest entrant rankings list where it also sits below Melee for the first time at EVO.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable at EVO 2018

We have less than five months left to wait until the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, but players looking to get their hands on the title a bit early don't need to wait much longer if they plan on attending the largest fighting game tournament in the world.

The developer and publisher announced today via their Nintendo VS Twitter account that the demo for Smash Ultimate will be playable at 2018 early next month.

A demo for the biggest crossover game ever was previously available to play at E3 where it was officially unveiled — for those that ordered special tickets — as well as CEO last month.

The previous demo versions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featured 30 of the game's final, massive 65+ character roster including the long awaited inclusion of Ridley, Splatoon's Inkling and the return of Metal Gear's Solid Snake.

Nintendo's announcement doesn't state whether it will indeed be the same demo from the game's two previous showings or an updated version though rumors circulating state that there are still at least six characters waiting to be revealed, and an event like EVO may be the best place to announce some of them.

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Cloud loses Limit gauge if he's hit while charging his down special in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. 4, Cloud is known as being the second best 1v1 character — next to Bayonetta — and the best 2v2 character in the game. In addition to having an impressive repertoire of disjointed aerials that auto cancel, his ability to charge his Limit Breaker gives him access to a phenomenal neutral game.

Recently, NRG|Nairo uploaded a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match that featured his Bowser going up against TSM|ZeRo's Cloud. Reddit users Darkforce11 and Amidatty_22 noticed something that eluded the players' attention during the action.

Apparently, if Cloud takes a hit while charging his Limit gauge via his down special, his meter will actually be reduced. In other words, there is actually some risk associated with charging Cloud's Limit haphazardly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Notably, Cloud is able to generate meter when hitting an opponent, taking damage, or via his down special. Since he now has a new UI next to his icon that constantly shows the Limit gauge, we are able to see that Cloud loses a noteworthy amount of meter when hit out of his charging animation.

Being that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game that is currently in development and won't be available until December 7, 2018, some have speculated that this might be a bug or glitch. Even if this is a deliberate change, it's important to understand that everything is still subject to change.

Here's a look at the phenomenon's occurrence. After the jump, you can find the video that showcases the full match.

Click image for animated version

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Breath of the Wild Link in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marks the first time in the series where Link is right-handed

Many characters were announced during Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's big reveal trailer — after all, every single fighter that has ever been playable in the series has returned. While some of these fighters look like they are receiving a number of reworks to their kit, Link in particular may have had highest number of alterations made.

Link in Super Smash Bros. 64 and Melee featured his Ocarina of Time appearance. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and 4 had Link return donning his look from Twilight Princess. Throughout the entirety of the Super Smash Bros. series, every version of Link has held his sword with his left hand rather than his right.

This is as a result of Masahiro Sakurai having an eye for details. Even in his own games, Link has typically been left-handed. The GameCube version of the Twilight Princess had Link holding his sword with his left hand while the Wii version had him holding his sword with his right hand due to motion controls — promotional artwork, however, showed that Link was canonically left-handed.

With more Zelda titles becoming more motion control focused, Link suddenly became right-handed starting with Skyward Sword. This is due to the fact that about 90% of the world's population is right-handed. This change was made for the sake of convenience for most gamers.

Even though Link had a Skyward Sword costume in Super Smash Bros. 4, he still held that sword with his left hand. Since motion controls are an optional method of controlling Link in the Breath of the Wild, Link is once again right-handed.

As a result of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring the Breath of the Wild version of Link, this marks the first time that Link has been right-handed in the Super Smash Bros. series. Notably, Young Link and Toon Link remain as lefties since they come from titles that never utilized motion controls for sword swings.

Right-handed and left-handed Links image #1 Right-handed and left-handed Links image #2 Right-handed and left-handed Links image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate estimated to require 16GB of free space according to Nintendo's Japanese store

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like a title that will be absolutely jammed pack with content. It was announced that every single fighter that has appeared in a Super Smash Bros. title will be returning this time. No doubt there will be additional "big" gaming icons like Ridley who will also join the roster.

While not every stage from the series will return, fans have managed to spot a total of 84 of them thus far. There will also be Omega, Battlefield, and hazard-less versions of every stage in the game.

Interestingly enough, the official listing on Nintendo's Japanese website estimates that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will require about 16GB of free space in order to play. Masahiro Sakurai has managed to step things up every single time.

Super Smash Bros. 4 on the Wii U required about 15.7GB of free space in order to download after all the updates and DLC. Those with the 8GB Wii U had to acquire extra storage just to play the game with updates.

It's possible that the size and scope of the game could continue to increase until the December 7, 2018 release date. Many have been speculating on what content will be announced later down the road.

After the game is launched, we could potentially see some post-launch DLC similar to what was given to players after the release of Super Smash Bros. 4. Should this happen, more space on the Nintendo Switch will be required. Remember that SD cards can be used for storage.

Source: Nintendo Japanese Store via NintendoEverything.

Damage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is influenced both by the number of players and the toggled items

A truckload of information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was unloaded onto us all during Nintendo's 2018 E3 presentation. The biggest highlight being that "everyone is here" — every fighter that has ever been playable in Super Smash Bros. history is returning.

While Masahiro Sakurai is not neglecting the casual audience, it seems that there are a number of adjustments that are intended for the competitive crowd. Not only will each stage have an Omega version, but there will also be battlefield versions and a stage hazard toggle.

It was also revealed that characters will inflict more damage during 1v1 matches. Apparently, this is intended to keep the action well-paced.

Just how much of a damage increase is this? After checking multiple times, I've concluded that fighters have a 1.2x multiplier on their attacks.

However, this actually doesn't tell the whole story. Another condition must be fulfilled in order for that 20% damage increase to take effect.

Both the clips below showcases Sonic hitting his opponents with a fresh back aerial in 1v1 matches — stale move negation was not in effect as this was the first time that Sonic made contact with this move both times. Despite this, his attack dealt 14.7% and 17.7% damage respectively. So what happened?

Click images for animated versions

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There's something really weird about Wario speaking in full sentences... it's freaking me out

Wario has made appearances in his fair share of Nintendo titles over the years. Outside of his own games, we've seen the Bizarro Super Mario as a playable character in Nintendo character gatherings such as the Mario Party series, Mario Golf, and most notably to us fighting game fans, Super Smash Bros.

Typically, Wario keeps with Nintendo's motif of having its colorful characters straying away from full speech and instead making a series of noises or small phrases that often get stuck in your head. You've probably said Mario's "It's-a-me!" or Donkey Kong's "OK!" at some point in your life.

Wario is no different, as he cackles and fires off a loud "WAH!" from time to time. But as Polygon reports, Wario is doing things a little differently in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title WarioWare Gold.

This collection of microgames features a Wario who speaks in full sentences during the game's cut scenes, and it's... weird. The game isn't due out until August 3rd, but a demo is available on the Nintendo eShop, and GameXplain recently uploaded a video that provides a look at 20 minutes of WarioWare Gold gameplay and Wario's new speech capabilities.

Charles Martinet — who traditionally voices Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi — is providing the voice work here, and though it still sounds like the Wario we know at some points, his full speech is a shock to the system. I can't help but feel that he sounds like someone trying an impression of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. There's a lot of language and content NSFW in that Triumph video, so be careful clicking it.

Fortunately, there's a way to provide your own voice over in WarioWare Gold that can effectively replace Wario's. So you can avoid the strangeness altogether if you wish, unless of course you do your own weird Wario impression...

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Nintendo reveals Ridley, Wolf and Inkling Amiibos for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; previous Smash Bros. figures will also be returning this year

Amiibo were first introduced in 2014 by Nintendo to serve as the company's toys-to-life line of figures that would unlock and affect compatible Wii U and 3DS games the first of which being Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with every character eventually receiving their own miniature statue.

These small figures proved to be much more popular than many anticipated leading to shortages and inflated online prices for Amiibo — in the United States at least, and many players were scrambling to find their favorites only to be met with large amount of Mario figures on store shelves.

Nintendo announced via Twitter that the Super Smash Bros. line of Amiibo will be continuing for Smash Ultimate and with that will come new figures for the characters Wolf, Ridley and Inkling — Ice Climbers and Pichu were also confirmed but are yet to be shown — along with the announcement that many of the original line up of Smash 4 Amiibo would also be returning.

The Wolf, Ridley and Inkling Amiibo are set to launch alongside the new Switch game on December 7th later this year and will be retailing for $15.99 USD. Original Super Smash Bros. Amiibo will be re-released later in the year at their standard price of $12.99.

Nintendo did not mention the Ice Climbers, Pichu or previously announced Daisy Amiibo, and there is still no word as to whether or not Metal Gear Solid's Snake will be receiving his own figure though every previous third party character in the game has before him — including Bayonetta, Ryu and Cloud.

The publisher/ developer has also previously stated that any version of a character's Amiibo will work in Smash Ultimate, so you can dig up your giant Wooly Yoshi or first run Inkling Girl and drop them into the game. You can take a look at the three new Amiibo in the gallery below, and let us know what your favorite Amiibo figure is in the comments.

New Smash Amiibos image #1 New Smash Amiibos image #2 New Smash Amiibos image #3
Click images for larger versions

Source: Nintendo VS

One of Street Fighter 5's best players aims to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seriously

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already looks promising from a competitive standpoint. While it doesn't look quite as hardcore as Melee (yet), the E3 2018 invitational featured some of the best Smash Bros. players on Earth slugging it out and using many of the tactics we see in current tournament settings for Super Smash Bros. 4 and Melee.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch title had such an impressive showing at E3 this year that it actually has one of Street Fighter 5's best competitors interested in playing the game seriously.

PG|Infiltration recently took to Twitter in order to ask for some advice from the Smash Bros. community. "Please let me know what should i do before play Smash Ultimate, and what i need to do prepare before play the game," Infiltration wrote. "Like Controllers, friends etc."

The pro Street Fighter 5 player notes that he won't be able to play Super Smash Bros. Wii U this year in preparation for Smash Ultimate due to his busy schedule involving the Capcom Pro Tour — Capcom's large-scale tournament circuit for Street Fighter 5. However, once Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is released, Infiltration is planning on training with fellow Korean players.

Infiltration is a household name when it comes to Street Fighter having seen major success in the Street Fighter 4 series as well as titles such as Street Fighter X Tekken. He's also been a big threat in Street Fighter 5, with some of his most recent placings including 1st at EVO Japan 2018, 1st at Final Round 2018, and tied for 5th at CEO 2018.

One thing Infiltration is known for is playing multiple characters and being proficient with them. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster being over 60 fighters strong, he'll definitely have no shortage to choose from.

Infiltration's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tweets image #1 Infiltration's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tweets image #2 Infiltration's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tweets image #3
Click images for larger versions

Photo credit Chris Bahn. Sent in by DarthJazza.

Masahiro Sakurai talks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's game speed, says Melee may have been geared a bit too much towards a core audience

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due out this December on Nintendo Switch, but we just can't get enough of the upcoming Nintendo brawler after its huge showcase at E3 2018. Mario, Donkey Kong, Link (as his Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild version), Metroid's Ridley, the Inklings from Splatoon, and many others will come together to fight and will make up a massive roster with over 60 characters on it.

We've seen a lot of gameplay already and many details have surfaced with new information still popping up. Reports from players and media outlets are always great, but it's even better when we get insight directly from the Super Smash Bros. series creator, Masahiro Sakurai.

Nintendo recently shared an interview with Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that delves into numerous facets of the latest title in the Smash Bros. franchise. Thanks to Nintendo Everything, we can read over the full transcript.

When a new entry in a fighting game series is on its way, it's nearly impossible to avoid wondering how similar it is to its predecessors or even other fighters in general. Sakurai addresses this head on when discussing the approach for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate compared to other Smash titles.

"And another comparison I can make between past titles and [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate], is that in retrospect, I do feel that Melee may have been geared a bit too much towards a core audience," Sakurai said.

He went on to explain that Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii saw its overall gameplay speed lowered in order to attract casual players who had never really played video games before. Melee may have been a bit too fast for casuals and Brawl a bit too slow for hardcore players, and while Super Smash Bros. 4 could be considered somewhere in between the two in terms of tempo, Sakurai notes that parts of the game had to be designed specifically to improve playability on a portable device — the Nintendo 3DS.

So, what about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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Reddit user creates Super Smash Bros. Ultimate final character select screen mock up to show what it may look like; it's crazy big

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is less than five months away from release, but players have already had the chance to play the game at events like E3 and CEO plus viewers have already been treated to hours upon hours of pre-release footage for this massive title.

The game is set to feature at least 64 playable characters if we count the Mii Fighters all together — though we have reason to believe that more may be coming — including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Princess Peach, Bowser, Ice Climbers, Sheik, Zelda, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Falco, Marth, Lucina, Young Link, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Roy, Mr. Game and Watch, Meta Knight, Pit, Dark Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Wario, Snake, Ike, Pokemon Trainer (consisting of Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard), Diddy Kong, Lucas, Sonic the Hedgehog, King Dedede, Captain Olimar, Lucario, R.O.B., Toon Link, Wolf, Villager, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina and Luma, Little Mac, Greninja, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner, Palutena, Pac-Man, Robin, Shulk, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta, Inkling, Daisy, and Ridley.

A Reddit user by the name of /u/Fl4m1nG recently posted a mock up version of what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final character select screen might look like based on the game's E3 2018 build, though it only featured less than half of the roster.

This mock up uses the game's official artwork for the characters and bases it's look off of the 30 character select screen shown off at events with some inspiration taken from the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screen though it avoids using the art from that game.

Seeing all 64 character slots makes the inclusion of every Smash character ever even more impressive — that's larger than even Tekken Tag Tournament 2's 59 character roster. The final product will likely look even different, but the sense of scale will likely only get more impressive if they announce new characters for the title.

A different Reddit user also recently took a look at how the character models themselves have changed in Smash Ultimate when compared to their previous appearance in the series. You can take a look at the mock up below and compare them to the E3 build along with Smash 4 in the gallery below.

Smash Ultimate character select mock up image #1 Smash Ultimate character select mock up image #2 Smash Ultimate character select mock up image #3
Click images for larger versions

Reddit source
E3 build source: Nintendo Treehouse

Ryu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will automatically face opponents in 1v1 but will still be able to perform back aerials and reverse aerial rushes

As someone who regularly uses Ryu in Super Smash Bros. 4, I was worried for a little while that the classic Street Fighter character would be cut for the upcoming Switch iteration. Luckily, my fears were quickly put to rest during Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's reveal that "everyone is here."

Masahiro Sakurai would then go on to explain how many of the returning fighters are being changed this time around. In 1v1 matches, Ryu will now automatically face his opponent just like in the Street Fighter games. There are obviously pros and cons to this adjustment.

Ryu is a unique character in the Super Smash Bros. series as he is the only fighter right now who is capable of performing special moves in two different ways. By inputting the appropriate motions and commands, Ryu is able to perform enhanced versions of his classic techniques from the Street Fighter series.

Performing his Red Fireball was somewhat difficult at first since Ryu only required two frames of animation in order to turn around, like everyone else. Thanks to patch 1.1.0, Ryu's turnaround animation was increased to five frames — the longest in the game — and it was an overall beneficial adjustment. However, this did create a sort of "clumsy" feeling when controlling Ryu.

Now it appears that Ryu will seamlessly be able to walk and dash backwards with his tilt game still facing forward. This is going to greatly speed up and improve his footsies and spacing abilities. Ryu is going to be a monster when it comes to whiff punishing.

Let's take a moment to dispel a few rumors. Ryu will only automatically correct his facing while he is on the ground, but not in the air. He is still capable of performing his back aerial — one of his best tools — and is able to set up back aerials using the reverse aerial rush technique.

Click image for animated version

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set between ZeRo and Mew2King gives us a detailed breakdown of Pokemon Trainer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been making waves since Nintendo's massive announcement at E3 2018 last month. From every character ever in a Smash Bros. game being playable to the big Ridley reveal, there has been no shortage of Smash Bros. Ultimate content over the past few weeks.

Now that we're past the surface news and information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, we can start getting a closer look at the intricacies that lie in wait for more serious players. Interesting tech has already made its way to our front page, most recently we saw the utility of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link's remote bombs.

This time, we're taking a deeper look at the 3-in-1 contender, Pokemon Trainer. Earlier this week, TSM|ZeRo uploaded footage of a set between him and top Super Smash Bros. Melee player FOX|Mew2King in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that took place at E3 2018.

The set here lasts two games and features ZeRo using Pokemon Trainer and Mew2King battling as Marth. Other than the fact that we get to see two of the best players from Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, respectively, slug it out, this video also provides commentary from ZeRo about the match and shares specifics on Pokemon Trainer in Ultimate.

One thing ZeRo explains is the need to switch between Pokemon with Pokemon Trainer. While some people might think they're going to be solely a Squirtle main, ZeRo says that this game rewards switching between Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, and feels like the game encourages it.

Each unique Pokemon has particular strengths that you'll want to utilize throughout a match. ZeRo notes that Charizard has great KO options and the best recovery of the three, while a character like Squirte has strong mobility and works well when you're not sure how to approach a match. Ivysaur ends up being ZeRo's favorite, however, and he notes that this Pokemon has the best neutral game of the three.

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Reddit user compares every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate model to its previous counterpart showing off the extra details, expressions and new models

The original Super Smash Bros. launched 19-years ago which has now culminated after four titles in the series in the creation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that looks to combine that nearly two-decades of history into a single, massive video game.

Previously, we took a look at how the character models for the original cast of 12 for Super Smash Bros. have evolved over every iteration, but today it's time to delve even deeper to see how the rest of the cast has changed... and how some of them haven't.

Reddit user EasyEvil recently compiled a gallery of comparisons between the character models for every returning fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (sorry Ridley and Inkling) to their previous incarnation whether that be Smash 4, Brawl or even Melee with descriptions as to what they have noticed to have changed.

Ryu along with a decent number of the roster appear to have brand new models in Smash Ultimate making them largely more expressive with added details from their previous counterparts. The Street Fighter poster boy appears to be more in line with his Street Fighter 5 appearance with a change in hair style plus a more intense expression among other changes.

Other characters, like Wario, Ness, Cloud and Bayonetta, appear to be largely identical to their Smash 4 versions with the only differences seeming to come from the universal changes to the games lighting, expressions and shadows.

We've collected a handful of the more interesting and most changed models from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the gallery below plus some examples of his descriptions and the full list of comparisons can be found after the jump with some possible mild NSFW language.

Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #1 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #2 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #3 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #4 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #5 Smash Bros. Ultimate comparisons image #6

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Link's Breath of the Wild remote bomb mechanics in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers insane stage control and combo applications

Link in Super smash Bros. Ultimate is apparently getting quite the overhaul. His mechanics appear to mostly be inspired by his Breath of the Wild iteration.

This Legend of Zelda character no longer has access to a hook or claw shot, leaving him with a normal grab for the first time in the Smash series. His arrows will now jut out of the ground and can be thrown like darts.

He's now back to using Melee's boomerang before it was converted to the Twilight Princess Gale Boomerang. While his damage is at 0%, a forward smash will cause him to shoot out a blade beam from his sword.

Finally, his bombs might be the most interesting change. They are now remotely detonated. This gives him a way of controlling the stage similarly to how Snake does it with C4.

Rather than launching the opponent straight up upon activation, the enemy will be launched away from the blasts's epicenter. This can create some very interesting combo opportunities.

A Link player was able to show off some insane stage control and combo possibilities during Nintendo's Japan Expo 2018. Here's a quick sneak peak that was clipped by Virum on Twitter. After the jump, you can find the full match.

Click image for animated version

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This 8-bit recreation of Ridley's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer creates a similar sense of brutality and epicness

Ridley's announcement as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was quite the shock. It was always perceived that Ridley was too big and too overpowered to ever join the series as anything other than a boss or stage hazard.

Regardless of all that, it ended up happening. We'll get our chance to finally use Samus's archenemy along with all of the returning characters on December 7, 2018 -- after all, "everyone is here." Rumor has it that there are a few more newcomers that have yet to be revealed too.

YouTube channel Blocked Content created an 8-bit recreation of Ridley's trailer that is arguably as brutal and epic as the original. It perfectly captured many of the moments that we all remember.

Just like the reveal, the trailer starts off with Samus, Mario, and Mega Man walking down a path. One-by-one, they begin getting ambushed by Ridley.

Ridley seemingly kills Mega Man and then mocks Mario after defeating him too. Samus has to take a moment to compose herself before facing off with her parents' killer once again.

In the end, Samus is thrown against her ship and then raided by Ridley's powerful attacks. Check it out after the jump!

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Super Smash Bros. has everything it needs to be the biggest name in fighting game eSports, but it just doesn't want to be

Clear attempts have been made by multiple fighting game companies to start making bigger and bigger strides in the eSports world, and for all intents and purposes the torch bearer is Street Fighter 5 right now.

The latest in the Street Fighter franchise has started to build a television audience via events like ELEAGUE, has established regular season play via the Capcom Pro Tour, and has seen much success and growth as a general result.

That said, SF5 still trails the fighting game franchise that is Super Smash Bros., and that's without a huge company trying to usher it toward a more eSports-centric status. In fact one could argue that Smash creators are trying to keep their baby away from such circles.

A recent piece by The Washington Post further examines the phenomenon that is Smash Bros. as it relates to the ever growing entity of eSports.

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