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Smash Bros. stories

Seeing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster with every character's official artwork is trippy

Beyond being a platform fighter, Super Smash Bros. is something of a celebration of gaming from over the years as all characters that have appeared on a Nintendo console are fair game for the series. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has every previous Smash character to date and more on its roster, making its character select screen a perfect opportunity at a blast from the past piece of artwork.

A graphic designer who goes by the handle MatttGFX took it upon himself to replace all 84 roster thumbnails with their respective characters' official artwork... some of who are hardly recognizable anymore.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 13.0.0 patch notes

Patch notes for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 13.0.0 have been released. With Sora being the last character to join the roster, this very could well be the final major balance patch for the game.

Aside from the removal of Kazuya's infinite involving a series of side specials and footstools, there are no nerfs this patch. Every character received some buff to their kit.

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Sora is now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After nearly three years since its original release and continual support, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pulling into its final destination.

Kingdom Hearts' Sora is now available to play as the final Smash Ultimate DLC character once players download the Version 13.0.0 update along with a new stage and Mii Fighter costumes.

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Here's the time when we can likely expect Sora and patch 13.0.0 will be dropping today for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today's the big day. Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be released soon as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final challenger. There's a lot of anticipation for this fighter as it was he, not Bayonetta, who was revealed to be the most popular newcomer from the Smash Ballot of the era of Super Smash Bros. 4.

Exactly what time today will Sora become available? There are quite a number of clues that give us a time frame as to when this will happen.

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Kirby's Sora transformation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is missing a key aspect of the character

One of the most fun and cute things fans could look forward to with each Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement is seeing how Kirby will look after eating a new fighter, and the final one is no exception to that.

Smash Director Masahiro Sakurai recently released screenshots of Kirby's Kingdom Hearts transformation for Sora though he's kinda missing a key piece of the character.

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Super Smash Con: Fall Fest results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Super Smash Con: Fall Fest is a big event happening this weekend in Herndon, Virginia in the U.S.A.

Notable players set to attend include TSM|Tweek, PG|Esam, Sparg0, Liquid|Dabuz, SSG|Maister, PG|Marss, Moist|Light, SST|Shuton, Moist|Kola, Armada|Elegant, Cosmos, EMG|Riddles, Naitosharp, PG|WaDi, MK|BigBoss, Moist|Aaron, DarkWizzy, TG|MVD, 16B|LingLing, Armada|Kurama and more.

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Pinnacle 2021 results

Offline events are finally back for the fighting game community, and this month saw one of the largest returns to form yet.

Pinnacle 2021 went down with most of the best players North America has to offer in attendance including EG|SonicFox, PG|Justin Wong, PG|Punk, EMG|Riddles, PG|Kizzie Kay, Supernoon, Flux, Jibrill and many more.

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Wii Fit Trainer, Bayonetta and Little Mac saw surprising representation in the top 64 at Super Smash Con: Fall Fest

Super Smash Con: Fall Fest's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event had 750 people signed up for it this weekend. Notable names in attendance included TG|MVD, Moist|Kola, SSG|Maister, NPT|Tilde, Sparg0, PG|Marss, PG|WaDi, DA|Sinji, Liquid|Dabuz, PG|Esam and many more.

This particular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offline event will serve as our last opportunity to really look at how the meta is shaping up for version 12.0.0 as Sora and version 13.0.0 will be dropping tomorrow at some point. Let's take a look at the character usage stats to see which characters are performing well here.

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Masahiro Sakurai has unveiled many high quality shots of Sora leading to the release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kingdom Hearts' Sora is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 18, 2021 — that's tomorrow. Leading up to this release window, Masahiro Sakurai has stuck with his tradition of releasing high quality images of the character.

One shot depicts the aftermath of Sora's Final Smash, Sealing the Keyhole. Sora's opponent or opponents get locked behind a door that is then locked by Sora's keyblade. The door then explodes, causing damage to those locked inside.

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This mod to bring Bowser into Guilty Gear Strive over Goldlewis is beyond perfect

When Goldlewis was first released for Guilty Gear Strive, we saw someone cleverly edit him into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but what if the roles were reversed?

The talented modder NotAustin just released a special skin for Strive that transforms the secretary of absolute defense into Bowser from the Super Mario series, and the end result is pretty darn perfect.

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This fan-made comic strip hilariously explains why Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over Phoenix Wright

Sora from Kingdom Hearts was recently revealed to be the final challenger joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He'll become playable on October 18, 2021, this upcoming Monday. It's still kind of crazy to think that this is actually happening.

I myself believed that Sora was a complete impossibility because his inclusion would inevitably have to involve Disney. As a fan of Capcom's Ace Attorney series, I was seriously hoping for Phoenix Wright, but I can still be happy for those that wanted Sora. But why is it that Sora got in over Phoenix Wright?

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New arrangement of Sora's theme for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is written by original composer Yoko Shimomura; give it a listen here

Yoko Shimomura is a legend when it comes to video game themes as she signs her name to tunes from titles like Street Fighter 2, Final Fight, Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts, and plenty of others.

She also happens to currently be working with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team which, as you may well know, is preparing to welcome Sora from Kingdom Hearts as their final DLC roster entrant. This means Sora's classic theme "Hand in Hand" is getting a Super Smash Bros. arrangement from its original composer, and you can hear it for yourself below.

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Here's what Masahiro Sakurai aims to do once Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's content support has concluded

The time that we've been dreading is fast approaching. Support for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming to a close very soon with the game's final DLC character, Kingdom Hearts' own Sora, being released on October 18.

These last three years or so have certainly been a wild ride, but it's about that time for the hard-working series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, and his crew, to close up shop and get some much deserved rest. In his latest Famitsu column (with translation work provided by PushDustIn, KodyNOKOLO, and brando_themando), we learn more about the DLC development process, as well as what Sakurai is planning on doing with his time once he's all done with Smash Ultimate.

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Notification for incoming 13.0.0 Sora patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate likely implies balance changes

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will welcome in its final DLC character next Monday as Sora from Kingdom Hearts will officially round out the game's massive roster, but fans potentially have additional reason to get excited for as Monday's patch will likely bring more with it.

A post today from Nintendo Versus reminds Nintendo users to look forward to October 18 for this Smash update, and also encourages players to save any replays they're particularly fond of before it hits.

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Some genius managed to calculate just how light Sora is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We've all seen that Sora is going to be a floaty character when he arrives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next week, but the question still lingered as to just how light he actually is.

Luckily for us all, Shoxas was able to come up with a clever way to calculate the Kingdom Hearts hero's weight using Smash Ultimate itself.

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'I made a bet to this guy that if Sora ever made it into Smash...' — MightyKeef's skit on the reaction to Sora

It's still kind of unbelievable that Kingdom Hearts' Sora is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final challenger. There were some of us (myself included) that didn't even think this was a possibility worth considering.

As he has done with many character reveals before this one, The Keef Crew (aka MightyKeef) has released a hilarious skit that provides a look at a variety of different reactions that potentially happened when Sora was revealed.

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Poll: What was the most hype Super Smash Bros. reveal trailer?

Sora from Kingdom Hearts has been revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final fighter. According to Masahiro Sakurai, Sora's inclusion marks the end of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's post-launch development.

Based on this information, "The Last Key" is the last trailer for the game. Now that we've seen all the teasers that were revealed for the platform brawler, it's time to reflect on which trailer was the best out of all of them.

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