Samurai Shodown stories

'Samurai Shodown is the ultimate secondary game to have' - Majin and Raptor explore how Samurai Shodown is making all the right moves right now

We're excited to share yet another special podcast episode this week, this time examining the ins and outs of the relatively new Samurai Shodown.

I have Nick "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor join to talk about SNK's latest SamSho entry as he's been hungrily devouring the game and wants to spread the good news with everyone he can.

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Mina Majikina is coming to Samurai Shodown Season 2 next year, but which other characters seem like probable picks to join her?

Although we already knew some of the DLC plans for Samurai Shodown's post-launch period, EVO 2019 gave us even more insight and surprises when it was announced that they were adding an extra character for free and moving up the release dates of all the announced roster as well, leading to one new character being added every remaining month of this year, with Rimururu being first out earlier this month.

On top of that, we got a Season 2 announcement at the same time, and were promised that Mina Majikina, who won the Dengeki Online Poll for wanted Samurai Shodown characters would be first out for this next season, with three other characters to follow her. So what characters could they be? Let's take a closer look at the Dengeki Online Poll's results, where the currently announced characters placed in it, and what the other placements might mean for potential additions after Mina.

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Smug's Street Fighter 4 Dudley, the longest Brutality build up ever, Poison's unfortunate visual glitch, and more; Funny and cool moments episode 113

You can't possibly watch every fighting game stream out there these days, but thanks to the tireless efforts from LiangHuBBB, you can enjoy the coolest and funniest parts of damn near all of them.

The YouTuber has hit us with the 113th installment in his "Funny and Cool Moments" series, and this one is packed to the brim with almost 15 minutes of continuous clips that'll either make you fall back in your seat or move right up to the edge of it.

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Fight Club NRW #10 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Fight Club NRW is back again this year, taking place in Cologne, Germany as per usual.

Players set to partake in this event include Mouz|Problem X, NVD|Phenom, NASR|BigBird, CYG|Infexious, NASR|AngryBird, Takamura, RB|Luffy, EnVyUS|MisterCrimson, NVD|Veggey, FNATIC|Shakz, Ryan Hart, TDB|Malekith, BL|Sephiblack, FNATIC|Akainu, Vitality|Hurricane, Reason|BoltStrike cl23|AisuBimu, UYU|Mihawk and more.

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Krucial Alliance: A Memorial Tournament for Bryand McIntosh results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

After the tragic passing of player Bryand "Krucial B" McIntosh last month, the community has organized an event in his memory.

This will be a Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Samurai Shodown event to honor a beloved member of the fighting game community, and will surely be a bright event focusing on the positive memories people have of Bryand McIntosh.

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No one draws Chun-Li quite like Akiman

No matter how many times different artists from around the globe draw the now-iconic characters from the Street Fighter universe, there's a certain touch that only Akira "Akiman" Yasuda can put on them.

That's probably because Akiman was the one to first put pen to paper when it came to the Street Fighter 2 World Warriors all the back in the early 1990's. Though he hasn't been with Capcom since 2003, he still cranks out gorgeous works of fighting game art as a freelance artist.

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Be careful with your hurtboxes in Samurai Shodown or else you may end up frozen in Rimururu's ice... even if you are behind her

Samurai Shodown players have been eagerly sinking their teeth into the game's new Version 1.11 update which rebalanced the entire cast leading to a whole bunch of discoveries and painful reminders of how punishing the game can be.

Twitter user Snusfen posted the conclusion of assumedly one of their matches between Darli Dagger and new DLC fighter Rimururu which goes to show the importance of knowing characters' hitboxes, collision boxes and hurtboxes... lest you end up like this poor soul.

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Update: Samurai Shodown Version 1.11 update nerfs Genjuro plus buffs Shiki, Kyoshiro, Darli and many others for first big balance rework

Update: We've added the full Samurai Shodown Version 1.11 patch notes which you can check out after the jump.

While Samurai Shodown added its first DLC character in Rimururu about a week ago, the prominent new SNK fighting game has now received its first major balance adjustment in the form of an update.

The Version 1.11 patch is now available to download for Samurai Shodown which features changes for the entire cast including some long-awaited nerfs and buffs plus near universal improvement for walk speeds as well as added online options.

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Wu Ruixiang demonstrated to have touch-of-death combos in Samurai Shodown by the Combonauts

Samurai Shodown isn't particularly renowned for the combos characters are able to pull off. Instead, most of the meta revolves around spacing and footsies.

This hasn't stopped the Combonauts from producing combo videos. In one of their latest videos, they demonstrated that Wu Ruixiang has access to damage potential that can drain an opponent's entire health bar.

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Rimururu now available as DLC in Samurai Shodown

SNK changed up their DLC plans for Samurai Shodown a bit during EVO 2019, but their schedule for the first month of new content did not with the Season Pass 1 content jumping into the game this week.

Rimururu is now available to download and play in Samurai Shodown on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as part of the game's Season Pass or for individual purchase.

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We explore how good the new Street Fighter 5 characters are, discuss Riot's upcoming fighter, talk EVO reveals, results, that Snake joke, and more

The dust is finally settling from the absolutely action-packed weekend that was EVO 2019 and we, as a result, have a LOT to talk about.

The first half of this week's EventHubs Podcast is a big dive into the three new characters for Street Fighter 5: E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia. We've been exploring all three newcomers quite a bit, and welcome both DreamKing and MajinTenshinhan to talk about what we think of them thus far.

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Rimururu has a deadly Okizeme setup at the corner that leads to her Super Special in Samurai Shodown

Rimururu is the first DLC fighter that is joining Samurai Shodown. Although we already have some ideas about the strength of characters like Genjuro and Tam Tam when compared to the rest of the cast, it will likely be a few days before we can understand how good of a character Rimururu will be.

Signs are already looking pretty good. Mjima1022 has posted an interesting clip that has the new character comboing into her Super Special upon the opponent as they wake up from a knock down.

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Missed EVO 2019? Here's all the fighting game announcements that were made over the weekend

Over the weekend, one of the largest fighting game tournaments of the year, EVO 2019, played out. As this event gets larger and larger, fighting game developers have become more interested in making announcements here.

This year was obviously no exception. For those that missed out on some of the reveals, we've got a review of everything that happened right here.

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EVO 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The biggest weekend of the year for the FGC at large is here. Of course, that means EVO 2019 is happening, in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

There's really no point in listing the notable players present, since practically everyone is there for the games present. There are probably a few exceptions, but it's safe to assume that anyone who's anyone will be there.

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Genjuro more than double representation over others in Samurai Shodown while Gordeau takes top spot in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle at EVO 2019

The final day of EVO 2019 is always something interesting. As we begin to wind down, more and more tournaments begin to conclude. Champions will be crowned until the very end.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Samurai Shodown have already ended. Let's take a look at the character usage stats for both of these titles.

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Shizumaru Hisame is a free DLC character for Samurai Shodown in September 2019, Mina Majikina first season 2 fighter, King of Fighters 15 logo shown

It's been revealed that Shizumaru Hisame will be coming to Samurai Shodown as a free DLC fighter in September 2019.

In addition to this, gameplay was shown for Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu. Remember that these fighters will be releasing in August, October, November, and December of 2019.

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EVO 2019 fighting game deals: Play Under Night In-Birth and Dragon Ball FighterZ for free plus discounts on Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11 and more

Day 2 at EVO 2019 is currently underway, and as per usual, EVO weekend is proving to be one of the best times of the year to pick up new fighting games for cheap across multiple platforms.

Each of the nine mainstage titles for EVO this year are included in these ongoing sales — except for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — so Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth, Soul Calibur 6 and even the more recently released Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11 are all cheaper to pick up for a few days. Some of them are even free to play.

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