Samurai Shodown stories

Haohmaru's Samurai Shodown trailer released

Haohmaru was one of the first characters revealed for Samurai Shodown. You could almost say that he is similar to Ryu of the Street Fighter series.

Despite this, SNK only released a trailer dedicated to the main series protagonist earlier today. Although this isn't our first look at his gameplay, it does serve as another opportunity to see him in action.

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Genjuro's Samurai Shodown trailer revealed

Although we already know about Samurai Shodown's entire launch roster, trailers are still being revealed that showcase fighter abilities. Earlier today, Genjuro Kibagami's trailer was released by PlayStation.

Like many other characters, Genjuro wields a katana. This particular weapon is named the Baio-doku.

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Samurai Shodown early adopters will receive Season Pass for free; new trailer released revealing Dojo Mode, AI ghosts and new launch date

Samurai Shodown was previously slated to release on June 27, but now that date has been pushed to a few days earlier along with some new perks that are sure to please fans of the series and those currently on the fence about picking it up.

SNK released a new trailer for Samurai Shodown today titled "Return of a Legend" that gives insight into the fighting games various modes along with the announcement that the title will now come out on June 25 and that players who pre-order or pick it up within the first week will gain access to the Season Pass for free.

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SNK announces new Samurai Shodown-themed limited edition Neo Geo Mini consoles featuring over a dozen classic fighting game titles

Samurai Shodown is set to make its big return after over a decade with its new rebooted fighting game coming next month, and it appears as though those in charge are looking to celebrate its long history with some special hardware.

SNK recently announced three Samurai Shodown-themed limited edition Neo Geo Mini consoles designed around Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Ukyo that will feature 40 classic SNK arcade games — including a ton of fighting games.

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Saigon Cup 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Saigon Cup 2019 is happening this weekend in Saigon, Vietnam and it's loaded.

Here's a listing of some of the competitors you can get ready to see this weekend: RB|Gachikun, Rohto|Tokido, FAV|Sako, CYG|Fuudo, UYU|OilKing, UYU|NL, Liquid|John Takeuchi, FAV|Ryuusei, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, Mago, RB|Bonchan, SZY|Mizuha, CYG|GamerBee, ALUS|Qiuqiu, OC|Gafro, iG|Jiewa, WE-R1|Trashbox, iXA|StormKubo, Humanbomb, Verloren, RRQ|Moke, Talon|HotDog29, SSNO|Sakagami, Chuan, B.O.B|Xiaobao and Talon|Denesis. Of course, many more are attending as well.

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Charlotte slices her way back into Samurai Shodown in the latest character gameplay trailer

Samurai Shodown's release is getting closer by the day, and it appears as though SNK is trying to keep the hype train going by releasing a new character introduction trailer every week until it's out.

This week's honor falls to the series veteran Charlotte as she battles her way through shinobi and samurai with her fencing style and apparent love for creating geometric shapes with her sword.

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SNK reveals Samurai Shodown is possibly already profitable, a bit of info about King of Fighters 15, SNK Heroines' sales and plans for Neo Geo 2

SNK may have strayed from their more traditional video gaming roots earlier this decade, but they've come back in full force in recent years which has landed them back on the mainstage at EVO and in the hearts and minds of the fighting game community.

The company recently held their 2019 SNK investors meeting in Seoul, South Korea where they revealed interesting facts about their upcoming fighting games like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters 15 while also taking the time to announce plans for new console platforms in the Neo Geo 2 and Neo Geo 3.

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Shiki's Samurai Shodown trailer features the first look at her gameplay

Shiki's trailer for Samurai Shodown was revealed exclusively by Game Goons. This features our first look at Shiki's gameplay.

As a fighter, she dual wields two katana blades. One is called the Darkness Demon Ring and the other is the Light God Ring.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still sits on top while Street Fighter 5 falls back down to third in May's EVO registration rankings

We're still a good three months away from EVO 2019 though thousands of players are already gearing up to face off in the nine mainstage titles represented this year with dozens more side tournaments to be hyped for.

EVO's Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar has posted the monthly updated registration rankings for May where we appear to be shaping up to have three different number one titles over the past three years at the largest fighting game event in the world.

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Here's a clear look at the new Samurai Shodown's controller setup

SNK's upcoming weapons-based fighter, Samurai Shodown, is coming to consoles this June. We've seen numerous gameplay videos and trailers of the game in action, and while you've watched you probably sat there wondering, "but how do I play the darn thing?!"

Luckily, a layout for Samurai Shodown's controller set up has been released by the game's official Twitter page. This time, we have a clear look at what each button does and how to perform the various techniques the game has to offer.

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Toss some apples and slice up some foes with Ukyo Tachibana in his flashy new Samurai Shodown introduction trailer

We're still just over two months away from the rebooted Samurai Shodown's inevitable release, and SNK appears content to slowly let new gameplay trailers trickle out every week until that time comes.

The folks over at Shoryuken got their hands on an exclusive new character introduction trailer for Ukyo Tachibana showing off his quick and fiery actions better than ever before.

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Samurai Shodown is built around high risk, high reward gameplay surrounded by tons of atmosphere: Kayane goes hands-on to preview SNK's newest fighter

Many fighting game fans that became interested in the fighting game genre in the mid to late 2000's missed out on experiencing classic arcade series like Samurai Shodown — myself included — though we're soon going to get our first taste of what SNK's franchise can bring to the modern scene.

Kayane is one of the most well known Soul Calibur players and French fighting game community members in the world, and she recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with the rebooted Samurai Shodown to create a preview and record gameplay footage.

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Samurai Shodown characters slice up noodles instead of each other in Nissin Noodles collaboration commercial

Samurai Shodown is returning in a big way in June 2019. We haven't seen a title for this series since 2009.

It seems that Samurai Shodown is now collaborating with other companies for advertisements. Nostalgic Factor has uploaded a video that showcases a recent collaboration with Nissin Noodles.

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When your sword breaks, why not just turn it into a drill? - Official Darli Dagger gameplay trailer released for Samurai Shodown

Darli Dagger was recently announced as one of the three newcomers joining the roster of the Samurai Shodown reboot, and the lady pirate has already caught the attention of the fighting game community thanks to her unique looks that stand out quite a bit compared to the rest of the cast.

Now that the full roster has been revealed, SNK is shifting gears to releasing individual gameplay trailers for everyone starting with Nakoruru, and it looks like GameSpot had the honors to grab Darli's video showing her quite literally ripping, tearing and drilling through her opponents.

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Is it just us or do Samurai Shodown's visuals keep getting better? Here are some new HD stills from this beautiful game

Many of us recall the plethora of memes that came about following SNK's initial presentation for King of Fighters 14 (the graphics were such that people were comparing it to those of the PlayStation 1 era) but it seems the fighting game specialists have learned their lesson in a big way given how beautiful the upcoming Samurai Shodown is looking.

Slated to release on June 27th of this year, we've been getting plenty of fresh looks at Sam Sho as new characters and content have been slowly but surely revealed. We've got a handful of new HD screenshots thanks to Fighters Generation, and things are looking better than ever.

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These extra dramatic kill sequences are pretty great; here's over 20 minutes of footage from the upcoming Samurai Shodown, courtesy of IGN

If you're like us, you're counting down the days until June 27th when the latest installment of the Samurai Shodown franchise will hit shelves. Pass the time a bit more rapidly with some great footage of the game in action thanks to IGN Japan.

They've captured and shared no less than 22 minutes of game play for us to enjoy, showing off the likes of Jubei, Nakoruru, Earthquake, Genjuro, Charlotte, and Haohmaru as they hack and slash away at each other.

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Artist depicts fighters from new Samurai Shodown as Under Night In-Birth sprites

The Samurai Shodown series is usually thought of as a game that features character models in the form of animated sprites, but made the jump to 3D models over the years. The newest entry in the series returns to 3D characters, and this time around the gang looks better than ever.

But what if Samurai Shodown's characters went back to sprites and were also dropped into Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]? Twitter artist countgate imagined just that and brought some of the upcoming Samurai Shodown's characters to life UNIEL style.

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