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'GORE EVERYWHERE!' - watch four men — understandably — act like excited school children as Max and friends react to Samurai Spirits trailer

If nothing else the new Samurai Spirits game looks incredibly satisfying as characters hack and slash each other into epic sequences and cut scenes filled with an appropriate amount of blood.

This is evidenced by the way Maximilian and a few of his friends react in giddy excitement to yesterday's trailer as they watch it over and over again in high definition.

They spend plenty of time inspecting the outer parts of the frame in attempts to spot potential additional returning characters from the franchise's long history of titles, but also give us some very visceral reactions to the trailer's over the top, gore-filled finishers.

It's obviously very early but it looks as though we may get some visual damage indicators as blood stains and perhaps costume tears will help indicate how long the fight has been or how much damage a character has taken.

The team also points out, multiple times, that Spirit seems to reference Street Fighter 4 a bit with its camera work and basic art direction.

Have a fun time exploring the new trailer with these Christmas morning kids and let us know if any of their observations or reactions inspired even more hype out of you.

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Samurai Shodown has been around for a quarter century and boasts over 15 titles; here's one round of play from every entry in the franchise 1993-2013

Members of the fighting game community have probably heard mention of Samurai Shodown at some point or another, but not many realize how intense and storied this franchise actually is.

Though not a regular tournament staple, the franchise has seen no less than 15 different titles over the years and that's not counting the three mobile games that've released.

The big news out of Monday came in the form of the announcement that Samurai Spirits, what looks to be either a franchise reboot or spiritual successor, is now en route.

We stumbled across a Samurai Shodown history and evolution video from Cahyadi Jumpers which shows quick footage of all titles in the series from its beginnings in 1993 all the way up to 2013's mobile entries.

While graphics have seen some heavy changes over the years, we can see that style and gameplay approach has remained relatively intact throughout the game's evolution.

The weapon based footsie play has , at least at a quick visual glance, been the standard for series poster boy Haohmaru and his fellow fighters for a quarter century now. Check it all out in the full video below.

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SNK's new Samurai Shodown has an amazing artstyle, mature visuals and a cinematic edge - Let's break down the trailer and why it blew our socks off

Today, we got to enjoy the climax of the announcement which SNK had teased us with last week.

The trailer released was of a brand new game in the Samurai Shodown series, supposedly entitled Samurai Spirits, which has always been the franchise's name in Japan.

I've already written up a piece on the characters present in the trailer — there may be more than you caught at first glance — but there's a lot of interesting stuff to break down from this trailer outside of just the characters.

As the first game in the franchise for over 10 years, with the latest one before this (Samurai Shodown Sen on Xbox 360) not doing quite so favorably in reviews or general reception, the game obviously had very high hopes attached to it by the fanbase.

Given SNK's somewhat questionable finances throughout the year, having waddled back and forth between bankrupcy several times, fans worrying wouldn't be very out of place. SNK has had a troubled history the last decade or so, but their fortunes turned around back in 2015.

That year, the Chinese company Leyou Technologies acquired SNK, allowing them to develop King of Fighters 14 which proved to be quite a success for the company, leaving them developing substantial DLC for the game two years in a row.

This success also helped lead to multiple new projects being developed, with the latest of them being SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, which was released as recently as last week.

All of this had led to now, when the new Samurai Shodown trailer came out and gave us chills with its impressive visuals, fantastic sense of style, gritty violence and cinematic flair. Let's delve deeper in to everything SNK did right with this franchise revival, at least based on this initial footage.

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Confusion, blood and tons of excitement - the FGC reacts to Samurai Spirits' announcement

SNK's mystery countdown ended earlier this morning with the reveal that Samurai Spirits will be the new flagship title launching from the developer at some point in the near future.

Many in the fighting game community were hoping we'd see a new game in the Samurai Shodown series, and SNK did not leave those fans disappointed if today's reactions and responses are anything to go by.

We've gathered some of the best and most interesting / funny reactions to the Samurai Shodown announcement from long time fans of the series to ESE|The Cool Kid93, who doesn't know what he's looking at but likes what he sees.

Li Joe's reactions to reveals like these have almost become expected at this point, so he obviously had some entertaining and insightful thoughts about the new title to a series that hasn't had a game in over a decade. Unfortunately, it appears that he was working at the time of the announcement, so there is no video of his reaction... though there are his Tweets saying he won't leave his chair until he sees a trailer even if he gets fired.

Tekken's producer Katsuhiro Harada even chimed in after a fan suggested he should be added as a character to the game stating that he wished to develop a Samurai Shodown game with Tekken Project if SNK made the series 3D, but that'll have to remain just a part of our dreams for now.

Other players like LU|Alex Valle, Alioune, Reynald and more also share memories of past titles and hopes for the new game. You can take a look at their responses in the gallery below.

FGC reacts to Samurai Spirits image #1 FGC reacts to Samurai Spirits image #2 FGC reacts to Samurai Spirits image #3
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Twitter sources: Alex Valle, Reynald, Eliver Ling, The Cool Kid93, UltraDavid, Gatoray, Alioune, Harada, Li Joe

The announcement trailer for SNK's new Samurai Shodown game showed us more characters than you might've noticed

Just a few hours ago, we got out first look at SNK's next upcoming fighting game, which is a return to the highly acclaimed franchise Samurai Shodown, known as Samurai Spirits in its native Japan.

The big headline for this game isn't just that we're getting a new game for the long-dormant Samurai Shodown series (with the latest new game, Samurai Shodown Sen, releasing 10 years ago), but also that the game looks absolutely fantastic based on the brief footage we saw.

In the trailer, we get a solid introduction to the gameplay of the new game and a look at its gorgeous aesthetics, both of which we'll delve in to deeper detail about in future articles.

The video also shows gameplay of five famed characters from the series, most notably Haohmaru, the series' main protagonist and Nakoruru, one of the most famous characters from it and who recently appeared as a guest in King of Fighters 14, which released in 2016.

Besides these two, we also got proper looks at Jubei Yagyu, Galford D. Weiler and Earthquake, all characters who were introduced in the very first game of the series back in 1993.

You'd think that showing five characters in the reveal trailer would be more than enough, but there's a quick glimpse that you may have missed where we get to see many more than just these five. Here's a screenshot from the trailer with my own speculation as to who these characters are, with some being much more obvious than others.

Samurai Spirits Trailer Characters image #1
Click images for larger versions

While we can't say for sure whether these characters will be playable or not, SNK deciding to have artwork including them in the debut trailer definitely speaks well for their chances. Below, let's take a closer look at the characters pictured.

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Samurai Spirits fighting game revealed by SNK

"Samurai Spirits" has been announced by SNK. This appears to be a sequel or spiritual successor to Samurai Shodown. This also could be a reboot of the series.

The countdown timer on SNK's website has expired. As expected, this is a fighting game as most of SNK's intellectual properties exist within this genre.

Fighters are now rendered as 3-dimensional models rather than sprites. We can clearly see that this game is using the Unreal Engine in the Samurai Spirits website and at the beginning of the trailer.

Samurai Shodown was originally released in 1993. Since then, the series has had many sequels and spin-offs. In Japan, the series was always known as "Samurai Spirits."

Characters spotted include Haohmaru, Jubei, Galford, Nakoruru, and Earthquake. It's worth noting that this game does not appear to be afraid of showing uncensored blood.

This game is slated for a 2019 release. The game's setting will apparently take place in 1787, the 7th year of the Tenmei era.

Samurai Spirits High Res image #1 Samurai Spirits High Res image #2 Samurai Spirits High Res image #3 Samurai Spirits High Res image #4 Samurai Spirits High Res image #5 Samurai Spirits High Res image #6 Samurai Spirits High Res image #7 Samurai Spirits High Res image #8 Samurai Spirits High Res image #9 Samurai Spirits High Res image #10
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What could SNK's new game announcement next week be? Let's take a look at what fighting games might be gracing us from them in the near future

SNK have long been a big company as far as the fighting game genre goes, originally stepping in to the scene back in 1991 with the original Fatal Fury, in which highly popular (and my personal favorite fighting game character) Terry Bogard debuted, among others.

Since then, they've developed tons of games, many of the fighting genre, and started doing crossovers ever so slightly with Art of Fighting taking place in the same universe as Fatal Fury, but earlier, with a younger Geese Howard making an appearance in the series.

This eventually culminated to the massive fighting game crossover that most of us know SNK for today, King of Fighters, which is still an active franchise that gets new titles from time to time.

Of course, back in the day, SNK did much more than just the games that would eventually end up in King of Fighters. They also had several historical fighters in the Samurai Shodown (from which Nakoruru actually did join King of Fighters in its latest installment) and The Last Blade series.

They also kept older fighting game franchises alive outside of crossover scenarios, somewhat, with the latest being the highly regarded Garou: Mark of the Wolves, a sequel to the Fatal Fury series which takes place ten years later than the main Fatal Fury series, and has only brand new playable characters besides Terry Bogard — this was also the game where his famous Buster Wolf originated.

With SNK having something of a renaissance as of late, and King of Fighters 14 being a big enough success for them where they released DLC characters for it two years in a row, it's exciting to see what they might be working on next. So let's have a gander at what possibilities lie before us, and how likely they might be.

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