Combo Breaker 2017 results feat. NuckleDu, Kazunoko, Momochi, Mago, Smug, Snake Eyez

Updating with final results: We've added a plethora of Combo Breaker 2017 results into this story, you can find them all below.

Combo Breaker 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event taking place this weekend in St. Charles, Illinois. This is an absolutely stacked competition, and is bringing in competitors from multiple countries around the globe.

Notable Street Fighter 5 players scheduled to compete include Liquid|NuckleDu, GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|Momochi, Zowie|GamerBee, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Scarz|Sako, FOX|Justin Wong, Mago, Poongko, Smug, EG|NYChrisG, Rise|Marn, Mouz|Problem X, CO|Go1, GFuel|Verloren, EG|K-Brad, YouDeal|Yukadon, Circa|LPN, SPY|Filipino Champ, RB|Snake Eyez, Talon|Xiaobao, CO|Dogura, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Mouz|CCL, 801 Strider, F3|Alucard, Noble|Vagabond, Flash, Stupendous, WBG|CJ Truth, XSK Samurai, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, NS|Ludovic, Commander Jesse, among others.

Not only with the SF5 competition be hot, but Injustice 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is sure to be lit as well, and fans of other titles will have quite a bit to chose from in terms of what to watch.

You can find the live streams and scheduling information below.

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Welp... that makes sense - Cody is the only character in Alpha 3 who can't block Rolento's 'Take No Prisoners' super

D-NO recently showcased another... interesting facet of an old school fighting title. Today's oddity involves Cody and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Apparently, in the arcade version of the game Cody cannot block Rolento's "Take No Prisoners" super. Not only is he incapable of doing so, but Cody is the only character on the roster who can't block it.

Check it out below.

Click image for animated version

If you stumble upon an old Alpha 3 machine and you're a Cody player... watch your toes.

The new JoJo's Bizarre Adventure live action trailer does the series over the top justice

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is on its way to becoming a full length live action film, and now that the trailer has dropped, we're getting our first good look at it.

In step with the, well, bizarre nature of the anime series, the feature looks to maintain that over the top, trademark style with both characters and happenings.

For those unaware of how this relates back to fighting games, Capcom made a fighter off this popular anime back in 1998, and Namco Bandai released JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle in 2013.

The film will focus specifically on the fourth story arc from the manga, "Diamond Is Unbreakable." Here are some stills from the trailer that highlight a few familiar faces:

JoJo Film image #1 JoJo Film image #2 JoJo Film image #3 JoJo Film image #4 JoJo Film image #5 JoJo Film image #6
Click images for larger versions

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NorCal Regionals 2017 results feat. NuckleDu, Fuudo, Punk, Daigo, Bonchan

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with results from NorCal Regionals 2017.

Taking place this weekend in Sacramento, California, the NorCal Regionals 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event.

Notable players in attendance include Liquid|NuckleDu, GRPT|Fuudo, MJS|Haitani, FOX|Tokido, FOX|Momochi, PG|Punk, CYG|Daigo, SPY|Filipino Champ, Mago, Zowie|GamerBee, Co|Go1, CYG|PR Balrog, Poongko, FOX|Justin Wong, XYZZY, WFX|801 Strider, RB|Bonchan, EG|K-Brad, RISE|Marn, EG|NYChrisG, CO|Dogura, CYG|Snake Eyez, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, YD|Yukadon, WFX|XSK Samurai, RN|Alex Myers, F3|Alucard, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Circa|LPN, Stupendous, Flash, GS|Gllty, BJ Unchained and Commander Jesse, among others.

You can find the live streams and schedule below.

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We keep getting older, she stays the same age... check out our visual history of Sakura

One of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter universe, Sakura Kasugano has been a favorite since the Alpha days of the mid 90's.

Since then, she's made her way into multiple Street Fighters and seems to have an open door invitation to join any other fighting game she chooses. The Street Fighter 5 community still seems to be holding out to have the school girl officially join the latest SF roster, and so in the meantime we've gone and put together a visual history for her.

We omitted non-fighting games such as Puzzle and Super Gem Fighter, but even so Sakura has quite the resume under her belt... which is pretty good for a high schooler.

History of Sakura image #1 History of Sakura image #2 History of Sakura image #3

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That awkward moment when SPD and super can't find the range, but normal throw can...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you're not following D-NO, you are doing yourself a disservice. Featured on the Twitter page are funny, weird, and frankly awesome oddities from a variety of different fighting games.

Today, we have a little Street Fighter Alpha 3 action for you. D-NO demonstrates a scenario where T. Hawk is just shy of his command throw range.

We see him attempt several SPDs and even a command throw super, but nothing hits its mark. Then Chun-Li fires back with a normal throw from the same range...

Click image to view the clip

That kind of range on a regular throw is... unheard of nowadays. Sometimes, you just can't stop the wonders of strange hitbox behavior.

Source: D-NO. Chun-Li render via WhiteAngel50000.

Arika's footage featuring Street Fighter EX's characters was kind of an April Fools' joke and kind of not, title reportedly a proof of concept

Updated: Arika's April Fools' joke was kind of real and kind of not.

Yesterday, the company revealed what many initially took for an April Fools' joke, but the joke was apparently the timing of when the game was unveiled by hiding its release from the public, not the fact that it exists.

We're using the term 'exists' loosely here though, as a playable version of the title has been showcased, running on the Unreal Engine, word on the street is that this is more of a proof of concept than any kind of game primed for release.

Apparently, Arika is putting this out there in hopes of getting picked up by a publisher, or to set the stage for crowdfunding, but the details aren't clear at this time.

The working title of the game is Fighting EX Layer.

Footage of the playable build of the game was streamed on YouTube last night, on Arika's official YouTube channel, but has been made private. Here's a short clip Furious captured from the stream.

Click image for Tweet

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New 'Street Fighter Academy' game revealed and it's only playable on April 1st - I'm on to you, Ono...

With April Fools being celebrated in Japan right now, more game companies are joining in on the festivities. Capcom has now thrown their jester's hat into the ring with "Street Fighter Academy."

Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono sent out a tweet earlier today announcing the new title. Apparently, Street Fighter Academy will only be playable on April 1st, according to the tweet.

Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #1 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #2 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #3 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #4 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #5 Street Fighter Academy screenshots image #6
Click images for larger versions

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It's not just Street Fighter 5... Zangief's air SPD can grab from ridiculous range in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter too

Earlier this week, we shared a Street Fighter 5 clip in which Zangief caught M. Bison in an air SPD from nearly full screen away. Though this was a fairly shocking sight to see, D-NO shows us that such a phenomenon isn't necessarily specific to Street Fighter 5.

Apparently, in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Zangief can grab Hulk's dash from any height. Any height...

Click image to view the clip

According to Twitter user Lipucd, one explanation for this behavior is a potential lack of vertical limit on Hulk's throw box. Sometimes, these boxes aren't given a Y value, meaning they extend up forever.

Whatever is causing this, it still looks crazy and awesome.

Source: D-NO.

A devastating Super Turbo Balrog, his trademark SF4 Ryu, and more: This top 10 list ranks Daigo's best characters in Capcom fighting games

A lot of fans in this day and age know BST|Daigo for playing Ryu. However, over the years The Beast has found success with several different characters across various Capcom fighting titles.

Cammyplayer has constructed a video list ranking Daigo's best characters from #10 to #1.

From his Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Yun back to his Super Turbo Balrog, we are treated to some footage and a little backstory for each of his characters. Below, you can see Daigo's Super Turbo Ryu mount a vicious comeback.

Click image for animated version

As with many "top" lists, this one conveys the opinion of the creator. Be sure to check it out after the jump and let us know what you think!

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Artist highlight: Garakuta's Capcom and Skullgirls character portraits and manga panels

Today we're featuring the art of Japanese artist Garakuta.

While his focus is mostly on Capcom characters, we do see a few Skullgirls as well. Garakuta draws both character portraits as well as manga, all of which is masterfully executed.

Let us know if you're a fan in the comments, as Garakuta has a fairly extensive portfolio that we wouldn't mind sampling more from.

Garakuta Gallery 01 image #1 Garakuta Gallery 01 image #2 Garakuta Gallery 01 image #3 Garakuta Gallery 01 image #4 Garakuta Gallery 01 image #5 Garakuta Gallery 01 image #6

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'This game caters to noobs and is scrub friendly' - a look through FGC history shows it repeating itself

If you think that the latest Capcom fighting game is catering to newbies and is too scrub friendly — you're not alone.

Actually, you've got over 20 years of similar statements being made by the fighting game community backing you up.

While you might think statements about dumbing down these games and trying to introduce them to a causal audience originated with Street Fighter 4 — many these phrases date back to the 1990s.

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Even Ono isn't sure? Learn all about one of Capcom's most controversial figures as History Behind the Warrior takes a closer look at Poison

Well, here we go...

Poison is a fan favorite, consistently cosplayed and also one of the most controversial figures among the entire Street Fighter roster. Originally appearing in Final Fight as part of the Mad Gear Gang, Poison's transition from Japanese to American culture resulted in some rather interesting character changes.

Rarely will there be discussion about Poison without talk of her gender, and it seems her story changes depending on whether you're in Japan or America. It seems even Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has made contrasting statements about Poison's identity.

History Behind the Warrior has developed a video detailing the character's history both in and out of game story lines. Give it a watch to get the full picture on Poison.

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Final Round 20 results ft NuckleDu, Tokido, SonicFox, Fuudo, Saint

Update: This story has been updated with final results. You can scope out our highlights for the final day of SF5 here.

Final Round 20 is upon us, and there's going to be absolute top-level action in multiple games, though the main story is of course the start of 2017's Capcom Pro Tour, for which Final Round is the first event, and a premier no less.

Games being played at the event besides Street Fighter 5 are Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Mortal Kombat XL, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Pokkén Tournament, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, King of Fighters 14, Capcom vs. SNK 2 and For Honor.

A huge number of top contenders are attending the event. Some of the big names you can expect to see include Liquid|NuckleDu, FOX|Tokido, FOX|SonicFox, GRPT|Fuudo, FOX|Saint, MJS|Haitani, FOX|Momochi, GGP|Kazunoko, BST|Daigo, FOX|JDCR, RZR|Xian, FOX|Scar, GRPT|MOV, FOX|Justin Wong, Circa|Anakin, EG|NYChrisG, CO|Go1, EG|Ricki Ortiz, BX3|Phenom, Noble|Dragon, SPY|Filipino Champ, EG|K-Brad, PG|Hayatei, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, HZRD|SpeedKicks, ITS|Princess Ling, Noble|iLuusions, Wolfkrone, Kkokkoma, PIE|Smug, ZW|OilKing, Circa|LPN, CO|Tanukana, 3|Alucard, RN|Alex Myers, DNL|Chris Tatarian, BxA|KoDee, MOUZ|Problem X, Flash, PR Balrog, MVG|Scatt, ITS|Lil Majin, Brenttiscool, Day, PG|RayRay, TS|Arturo Sanchez, LI Joe, CYG|Snake Eyez, FOX|ChocoBlanka, FS|Fatality, WFX|XSK Samurai, BJ Unchained and GS|Gllty.

Streaming is being handled by Capcom Fighters, Tekken, Bifuteki, Typo House Games, Funky P and Kombat Network.

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2017's Capcom Pro Tour season finally starts tomorrow with a big bang - Final Round is going to have a ton of amazing players, get a rundown here

It's been three months since Capcom Cup, and now it's finally time for the Pro Tour circuit to start up again. With a new set of rules, more characters and some big changes to the game's balance, all bets are off on what we're going to see.

Of course, Street Fighter 5 isn't the only game being played at the event. You can expect some top-level hype in several other games as well, including Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, in which Echo Fox's newly picked up Korean champions show up to battle it out against North America's finest.

Continue below for an in-depth rundown of what you can expect from Final Round 20 this weekend.

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