Hot Ryu' is twice as big as everyone else... check out Kidrobot's Street Fighter 5 collectible figures

Kidrobot has made their way to the Street Fighter 5 roster to create the cute versions of the game's initial 16 characters.

Fans of the series can now excitedly open box after box trying to find that elusive R. Mika or hard to come by Dhalsim to complete their collections. These figures stand at 3" in height, though a special 7" Hot Ryu figure is also available.

Here are a few of the characters, the rest of which you can view over at

Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #1 Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #2 Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #3 Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #4 Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #5 Kid Robot Street Fighter 5 image #6
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Why can't player two hit rematch in Street Fighter 5? Ernesto Lopez Jr has a hilarious way of asking the question that's on everyone's mind

How many times have you been in the middle of a fierce set with a friend, ready to dive headfirst into the next match, but find yourself iced as you suddenly have to wait for them to send a text, finish a tweet, get their clothes out of the dryer or any other of the long list of interruptions Street Fighter players seem to come up with?

Ernesto Lopez Jr shares your frustrations, and has come out with a new video to comment on both this and the fact that Capcom made it so that only player one has the ability to hit "rematch" on the post game menu screen.

Leave it to Ernesto to take things to the next level as he continually escalates the common situation to hilarious heights. You'll catch the video below.

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DDoS attacks affecting webservices like Twitter, Reddit, even the PlayStation network - effects on the FGC

Update: BNO News has declared that the third wave of cyber attacks is incoming. This is coming from their source Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company.

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For those less tech-savvy folks, a DDoS attack stands for a distributed denial of service attack. This essentially is the malicious intent of shutting down a website's operations by flooding in more traffic than what the website is designed to handle.

The Fighting Game Community often relies on websites like Twitter and Facebook for their daily dosage of social interactions with the rest of the FGC. Unfortunately, those websites have been affected by this widespread DDoS attack and are difficult to access as a result.

Many players have been reporting that they've been unable to log into Street Fighter 5's servers. This is the result of the PlayStation network also being affected by this widespread attack.

Hit the jump below to see a list of websites that have been affected.

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King of Fighters 14's October patch drops later today, Nakoruru nerfs expected

King of Fighters 14 is receiving its October patch later today.

According to the official SNK Playmore Twitter account, the game's v. 1.03 update is set to go live at 6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST. You can check out the tweet below.

Click image for animated version

Though full patch notes have not been released just yet, we do know that nerfs to Nakoruru's hawk are to be expected based on what was said by KOF14 developers in an interview with 4Gamer last month.

We here at EventHubs will be updating this story with patch notes as soon as they surface, so be sure to check back later for the details.

Source: SNK Playmore on Twitter. Sent in by Djreisat.

Sako takes grand finals with a clutch win, Daigo makes a marvelous comeback on Luffy, and more: Top 5 moments from the Europe Regional Finals

The Capcom Pro Tour Europe Regional Finals took place at Milan Games Week over the weekend, and between the last chance qualifier and the actual tournament, the competition was fierce.

We witnessed a slew of amazing moments from the event, and today Capcom Fighters brings to us their top 5 plays from both tournaments.

Featured here, you'll find a clutch grand finals win from HORI|Sako, BST|Daigo's incredible comeback on RB|Luffy, and more. Additionally, RZR|Xian's F.A.N.G gets an honorable mention at the start.

You can check out Sako's win in the GIF below to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump for more.

Click image for animated version

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'Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you... I'm a Ken player...' - Funnyman Ernesto Lopez Jr. presents 'Kenning out of the Closet'

It's 2016, Street Fighter players should no longer have to be ashamed of choosing Ken on the character select screen in fear of discrimination from those around them.

We have to remember that just because we may not understand why someone would do countless wake up DP's, unsafe runs and unconfirmed, negative target combos, that doesn't mean we should judge people that do.

Ernesto Lopez Jr.'s latest fighting game-themed comedy skit sees a young boy coming to terms with the fact that he was born a Ken player, and then facing his parents to tell them the truth as he "Kens out of the closet."

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Ultra David just received an amazing, personalized fightstick / invitation from Red Bull; requires Zangief super input to unlock

Last week, we saw Dieminion receive a very special invitation to the Red Bull Battle Grounds that looked like something you'd see in a movie. Today, Ultra David has gotten the same treatment.

Red Bull shipped over a personalized fightstick/invitation complete with David's name, favorite character, and city etched into the slick wood casing.

Ultra David's personalized fightstick from Red Bull image #1 Ultra David's personalized fightstick from Red Bull image #2 Ultra David's personalized fightstick from Red Bull image #3
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But even cooler than that is what's inside and how to access it. In order to access the inside of the stick, you must input Zangief's Bolshoi Russian Suplex super input (720 motion + punch). We don't want to spoil what's inside, so we'll let David show you that.

You can check out the full clip showing the contents and how it's unlocked from Ultra David below.

Click image for animated version

Source: Ultra David on Twitter.

Haitani's greedy loss, NuckelDu's cheeky taunt and K-Brad's best Street Fighter 5 performance yet; SCR 2016 top 8 highlights

LevelUp has been planning SCR 2016 all year long, and what an event it turned out to be.

As we near the end of the Capcom Pro Tour, hungry fighters from all over the world venture out to try to get their hands on last minute qualification points. We've grabbed some of our favorite moments from the top eight bracket to share with you now.

Our very first highlight comes from the losers finals match between America's final hope, EG|K-Brad, and MJS|Haitani. K-Brad and his Cammy hold on to hope by a thread as Haitani threatens to end the set with even the smallest of hits. After a series of successful blows, (one of which K-Brad could've used Critical Art in to end the round) the hometown hero clinches out victory to stay alive:

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 bug allows Urien to throw his opponent from across the screen; TOOLASSISTED takes the combo throw tech a step further

You're probably familiar with the recent discovery of Urien's ability to combo a throw off of a reflected projectile by now, but it appears that tech is tied to a bug.

TOOLASSISTED uploaded a video today that shows off some very weird behavior with this throw tech. Apparently with the correct timing, if Urien's opponent is hit with a reflected projectile, going for the grab will teleport his opponent to him.

In the clip, Urien lands a grab on Chun-Li at fullscreen distance, but according to TOOLASSISTED, it doesn't matter where you are on the screen, the grab works the same.

You can check the clip out after the jump.

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When Mike Ross won over the entire EVO 2010 audience with his amazingly charismatic tournament run - FGC Throwback Thursday

He brought the entire crowd to their feet with hype seemingly every time he landed a hit. Perhaps Mike Ross' proudest competitive moment, his EVO 2010 run with Super Street Fighter 4's Honda was one for the record books.

Ross was already a fan favorite at this time, having established himself as a force to be reckoned with at Wednesday Night Fights, but the public's love for the charismatic Honda player grew exponentially as he scored big win after big win on the EVO main stage.

Ross played in three top eight matches, one of which was against ZW|GamerBee, (a somewhat unknown player at the time, who had just surprised audiences by eliminating EG|Justin Wong.) Honda had only recently received his second Ultra combo with the Super SF4 update, and many players had yet to see it used much in tournament.

Ross used Honda's Ultra II to score a beautiful comeback against the Taiwanese Adon player, a sequence that ushered the crowd into a frenzy of hype:

Click image for animated version

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Advertisements for Red Bull Battlegrounds tournament spotted on Street Fighter 5's Ring of Destiny stage

It seems that in addition to the Red Bull costumes that Capcom are releasing, they are also advertising the Red Bull Battlegrounds tournament on the DLC stage, the Ring of Destiny.

This seems like a smart way of advertising for and generating hype for upcoming tournaments. Could we see this happen for future tournaments as well?

In the background of the stage, you can see the Red Bull Battlegrounds logo and text being rotated out on the electronic marquee sign.

Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #1 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #2 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #3 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #4
Click images for larger versions

Source: Stephon Lyon's Twitter

Where my hitbox gone? This sequence is demoralizing for Dhalsim players, hilariously depressing for everyone else

If you run into Flako any time in the near future, please be sure to offer your condolences for what you are about to see.

The Dhalsim main recently uploaded some footage of a match against a Ken player wherein, despite Flako's perfect read, set up and execution of plan, he loses to an air Hurricane Kick.

The animation for Hurricane Kicks, or Tatsus, in Street Fighter have been pretty consistent throughout the game's history. One foot spins around the character's body while the other stays stationary directly below them.

Ken's Tatsu in Street Fighter 5 has some exceptional lower body invincibility, which apparently covers his entire stationary leg. Flako pressures his foe into a forward jump to escape the flaming trap on the ground, he meets Ken in the air with seemingly perfectly-timed normal to close out the round. Things do not go his way in the slightest.

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Darkstalkers visual retrospective part 3 will unleash your... Halloween spirit

Darkstalkers 3 is a game with a convoluted existence, at least in Japan.

Released in arcades in 1997, two updates followed a few months later for our friends over there in the land of the rising sun.

Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2 mixed and matched various cast members, while tweaking some moves and and gameplay aspects.

Thus, there are actually three different versions of Darkstalkers 3, which was known as Vampire Savior, in Japan.

The gallery below features work primarily from these titles, and you can check back soon for the 4th and final entry in our visual retrospective for the Darkstalkers franchise.

Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #1 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #2 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #3 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #4 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #5 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #6 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #7 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #8 Darkstalkers 3 artwork gallery image #9

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Bonchan's Hail Mary Critical Art sends Milan Games Week into state of shock, but Sako is none too pleased

Milan Games Week 2016 is the home of the European Finals bracket for the Capcom Pro Tour. This 16 man event will offer a spot in the Capcom Cup for whomever is able to best the rest of the competition.

The final two spots in this bracket were up for grabs via a Last Chance Qualifier, and two titans of fighting games, RB|Bonchan and HORI|Sako, met in the Grand Finals of this LCQ.

The story between these two was already in later chapters, as Bonchan sent Sako to the losers bracket earlier, and then Sako had reset the score by defeating Bonchan in their first set in Grand Finals. Up two games to one, Sako hoped to clinch the tournament, (and the cash prize for first place) by taking the final round he needed.

Pulling out one last trick to stay alive, Bonchan surprised all onlookers with a desperation Critical Art that found its mark. Shortly thereafter Bonchan would take the round, and a small smirk spread across his face showed a slight acknowledgement of guilt. Sako's smile, on the other hand, expressed something entirely different.

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Daigo - I've never thought 'This person is weak, so I can half-ass it'... Red Bull's 'Mind of a Beast' is on its way

It appears as though Red Bull has a new video on the way, this time highlighting the tournament habits and approach of BST|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara.

Red Bull recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Mind of a Beast", which features Daigo offering statements about his approach to EVO.

Being one of the absolute best in just about any fighting game he touches, few would be more qualified than Daigo to say they come across players in tournaments whom they are not intimidated by. The Beast comments on this, saying he's never played halfheartedly at EVO, and never underestimates his foes.

Hit the jump below to see the trailer for Mind of a Beast.

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