New Pop! figures for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite show off unseen premium alternate costumes for Chun-Li, Ultron, Gamora and others

We're very excited and not surprised at all to see that Funko Pop! is coming out with vinyl collectibles for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, but the hype jumped up yet another notch when we noticed the costumes a few of these fighters donned in their Pop! iterations.

The figures (to become available in November) are shown in packs of two, and feature some premium costumes. While we've already seen Captain Marvel's, Chun-Li, Ultron, Rocket and Gamora's are brand new reveals.

Chun puts on more of a Western stage performer look, while Gamora wears what looks like a silk hood and royal, flowing robes.

During a talk with Marvel, Funko's Project Manager, Erin Macke, spoke on the costume choice for the figurines.

"In general, we tried to use premium alternate costumes found in the game and this is actually the first time anyone has seen these alternate looks," he explained. "While the costumes we selected may not be those that fans will think of first when they picture a character from the game, we think that will make for a very exciting and fresh take on these beloved characters."

We do see what looks like an in-game model for Chun in the gallery, but will have to use our imaginations for what Gamora, Ultron, X and Rocekt's character models will look like for the time being.

Pop Games Infinite image #1 Pop Games Infinite image #2 Pop Games Infinite image #3 Pop Games Infinite image #4 Pop Games Infinite image #5 Pop Games Infinite image #6
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Thanks to NyuBomber and Xykes for the submissions.

Android 21 is a central figure in the Dragon Ball FighterZ story, here are translated details for this brand new character

Big news on the Dragon Ball FighterZ front today as three new characters have been announced.

Two of these are long time Dragon Ball figures in Yamcha and Tien, but the third is an all new fighter that hasn't been featured in the anime at all: Android 21.

Android 21 is DBF's second female character, donning a somewhat scholarly look complete with reading glasses, a dress and high heel shoes that we can't even begin to imagine taking a Dragon Ball-style kick from.

Today's reveal is all in Japanese, but our own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor (yes, his name is a direct reference to Tien) has translated the details for us.

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Daigo - 'I've decided to sit out any upcoming Capcom Pro Tour ranking events'

A bit of bittersweet news for CYG|Daigo fans today, as Street Fighter's most celebrated player has stated that he will not be participating in any more Capcom Pro Tour ranking events this year.

With his recent string of tournament success, Daigo has climbed to the number nine spot on the CPT leaderboards, and now has more than enough points to ensure Capcom Cup berth.

As a result, The Beast has decided to forgo participating in any more events so as not to hinder the progress of players still trying to qualify.

The Japanese fan favorite posted a message on his Twitter earlier today (which you can read all of below) detailing his thoughts and decision.

The language used specifically says that Daigo will not be attending "Capcom Pro Tour Ranking events," though the message as a whole seems to imply Premier events as well, given that he's trying to avoid gatekeeping.

Are you more sad that you won't see Daigo, or happy to hear of him being such a stand up player? Let us know in the comments section below.

Daigo CC image #1 Daigo CC image #2 Daigo CC image #3
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Source: Capcom Pro Tour.

Floridian Street Fighter player wins major event, immediately pledges to donate all earnings to Hurricane Irma relief efforts

Du "Liquid|NuckleDu" Dang is unarguably one of the best Street Fighter 5 professionals today.

The 21 year old player from Tampa is the reigning Capcom Cup champion, and took home his third first place finish on this year's Capcom Pro Tour tournament circuit with his victory over FOX|Justin Wong at DreamHack Montreal.

Just minutes after the 105-entrant tournament's conclusion, Du took to Twitter to make a pledge to send all of his winnings straight to Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Irma's eyewall (the most intense part of the storm) is directly over Naples, Florida as of the writing of this article. Naples is just 166 miles south of Tampa.

"1st place at DreamHack Montreal! Donating all of my winnings towards hurricane Irma relief. Thank you for your support guys!" reads the tweet.

The DreamHack Montreal Street Fighter 5 event carried with it a $10,000 pot, the lion's share of which will now be going to Floridians in need.

Photo credit: Chris Bahn, Wikimedia Commons.

Abigail considerably less popular than Ed online despite being a brand new fighter; SF5 character popularity and win stats for July

The official online Street Fighter 5 statistics are in from Shadaloo CRI, and so we can now see just how popular and proficient each and every fighter (including Abigail) has been.

Traditionally when a new character is released they'll have a lot of users trying them out, and therefore jump up close to the top end of the popularity chart. Surprisingly, this wasn't the case with Abigail.

The hulking behemoth of a character seemed to be the most enticing of virtually all the Season 2 DLC in the weeks after he dropped, but the numbers show that he's actually smack dab in the very center at 13th of 26.

Even stranger still, Ed, a character that has been deemed somewhat low tier and lacking, made it to 7th overall with a 4.419% usage rate. That's a full percentage over Abigail's 3.417%.

We also have access to the win ratios for each and every character match up, and find that Abby's lack of usage may have something to do with the fact that he's also got the worst win record of the cast.

The match up chart shows the win percentages for each fighter in all matches including Ranked Match, Casual Match, and the Battle Lounge. The popularity chart is fairly straightforward.

July Stats image #1 July Stats image #2
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Should Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite have a 3/5 tournament standard format? Filipino Champ has strong, informed input on matter

Establishing tournament standards for set length can be a tricky business, as organizers are tasked with balancing longevity and legitimacy.

Depending on a game's pace, the number of match wins required to determine the stronger player can vary. If a title is more methodical and requires more interactions before a round is finished, you may only need a 2/3 game format.

Games that can easily be over in the blink of an eye will often feature a 3/5 game format, thus better minimizing the chances that the less skilled player will steal away the set.

The last year has seen plenty of discussion for center stage title Street Fighter 5, as the game's more volatile nature has some players deeming it 3/5 worthy.

We're just nine days away from Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, a game that has the potential to eclipse SF5 for the top spot, and Marvel vs. Capcom top player Ryan "SPY|Filipino Champ" Ramirez already has input on how the upcoming title should be handled.

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Adding second V-Triggers to Street Fighter 5 may prove a little more difficult than you'd think

Recent weeks have heard a lot of talk about Street Fighter 5 gaining a whole new V-System, mainly propelled by the discoveries of data miner X-Kira.

The idea of a Super Street Fighter 5 coming out as an update to the current iteration of the game has been floating around for some time now, and it seems as though the community almost expects it to happen at this point, though no one is certain as to the specifics of what will be updated.

Vesper Arcade has created two videos now that focus on this matter, the most recent of which appears to cast some doubt on certain aspects of this new V-System coming to fruition like community members are imagining it to.

In terms of new V-Triggers, the closest thing to a hint that we've seen is a new animation stance for Ryu. It exists in the game files but is currently unused, and many speculate that it's going to be the animation for an Evil Ryu V-Trigger of sorts. It has been in the game for quite some time however, which could be seen as a strike against it being part of a more recently planned update.

As enticing as this sounds, and as promising as it looks on the surface, Vesper isn't all that convinced. In fact, there are some situations with certain characters where imagining a second V-Trigger would be difficult to do at all for various reasons.

Check out the video, and then let us know what direction you think Capcom will take SF5 in in the coming year.

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Poongko stops his Capcom Pro Tour trek early, says he may not be able to compete next year

Lee Chung Gon, better known as Poongko in the fighting game community, is one of Street Fighter's most exciting players. Nicknamed "the machine" for a reason, this competitor excels in the rushdown style of play and made a name for himself with his incredible Seth back in the Street Fighter 4 series and now Kolin in Street Fighter 5.

In a tweet this morning, Poongko shared some unfortunate news about his run in this year's Capcom Pro Tour. According to his message to followers, Poongko will no longer be competing in CPT events in 2017.

"It is too bad but I have to stop my journey to CPT this year," he said on social media. Poongko goes on to say that because of his personal situation, this inability to compete may extend to next year's tournament circuit as well.

Poongko did not go into detail about what his personal situation entails.

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Honest Trailers goes in on the Marvel vs. Capcom series

Smosh Games just dropped one of their Honest Game Trailers for the Marvel vs. Capcom series, and has some pretty interesting commentary on next week's Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Honest Trailers aims to highlight the sins of the films or games that it highlights, and so one does have to take any kind of negative commentary from them with a grain of salt. That said, they do represent more of the casual gaming crowd than the hardcore Marvel vs. Capcom audience.

It's been a very clear trend in recent fighting game development to make new titles with a special effort to appeal to the casual audience. The fighting game genre has been viewed as traditionally more unkind to newcomers than other genres in that the learning curve can often be difficult and frustrating to get over.

Since a very healthy percentage of the competitive crowd will likely be buying the game no matter what, convincing seems to be aimed more at the casual crowd.

Infinite already has an innate advantage in appeal given that it features prominent characters like Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon from the extremely popular Marvel movie franchise. It also offers simpler controls and easier execution so unlearned players can reach higher levels of satisfaction at a quicker rate.

It'll be interesting to see if the opinions in the trailer reflect those of the casual audience once the game drops on the 19th. Check out the trailer below, and let us know your reactions.

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You thought Morrigan's fireball hell was gone in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? NYChrisG proves otherwise...

Back in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series, Morrigan had the ability to fill the screen with Soul Fists using her Astral Vision hyper combo -- that which creates a shadow double of her that mimics her every move. When coupled with the right assists, and performed correctly, this tactic was incredibly strong and was deemed "fireball hell" by many.

Christopher "EG|NYChrisG" Gonzalez, renowned as one of the Marvel gods, mastered this technique and used it more effectively than anyone who ever competed in MvC3. So, naturally people wondered if he would be able to do the same when Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite drops.

Though Morrigan can no longer create her fireball hell as she once did, Gonzalez has already found a way to create a similar situation in Marvel Infinite.

By using Jedah's command throw to keep the opponent occupied, Chris can bring in Morrigan, activate Astral Vision, then immediately fire into the Time Stone's Infinity Storm. Doing so allows Morrigan to repeatedly fire Soul Fists, back-to-back, trapping the opponent.

ChrisG shared a clip of this on Twitter recently, and notes that this is only a taste of what's to come. We can only imagine what other chaos the Marvel god will be able to create with his new Darkstalkers team.

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Black Lightning's super animation and win pose differ from Raiden's in Injustice 2

Over the weekend, we saw the official gameplay reveal of Raiden in Injustice 2. The trailer also showcased the Black Lightning premium skin for the character, which will be given to Ultimate Edition owners for free in October.

In Injustice 2, these premium skins take the foundation of a character and change their look to that of a similar, but different character complete with their own voice actor and lines. After watching the Raiden trailer, fans were left wondering how Black Lightning's super might appear, since the hard-hitting move features a giant Mortal Kombat dragon.

The official Injustice 2 Twitter account released a clip showing the super move in action, and it is indeed different than Raiden's. Instead of a dragon, Black Lightning utilizes a giant electrical hand to beat down his opponent.

This is mirrored in Black Lightning's win pose, as Raiden's also features the dragon.

Black Lightning's super also loses the stormy bridge scenery featured in Raiden's in exchange for using whatever stage the players are battling on.

Below, we have included both supers for comparison's sake.

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Nemo lands one of the most impressive Urien sequences I've ever seen on Punk in Next Level Battle Circuit's grand finals

AW|Nemo, one of Japan's best players, is currently here in the states. Last night, he took a trip down to Next Level arcade in New York to compete in the Next Level Battle Circuit weekly event.

The tournament regularly brings in many of the East Coast's best players, including one competitor that is often regarded as the best in the world -- PG|Punk.

It just so happens that Punk and Nemo met in the grand finals of last night's event. As expected, the former played Karin while the latter ran with Urien.

The two players went back and forth, with Punk battling back from the losers side and resetting the bracket. In the third game of the final set, Punk took a commanding lead and nearly ended the game with a perfect. Nemo had other plans, however...

While cornered, the Urien player landed two crouching light kicks and converted into his Aegis Reflector V-Trigger. What followed was easily one of the greatest and most impressive Urien sequences I have ever seen -- training mode or real bout.

To refrain from spoiling what went down exactly, we won't say much more. Check out the sequence below, and be sure to watch the full NLBC grand finals set between Punk and Nemo after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Dragon Ball FighterZ beta impressions

So first of all, I feel the need to indicate that these are only my early impressions of Dragon Ball FighterZ after only a few hours of playing it. Not only this, but considering that it is a beta, that means there is potential for changes before the final release in February 2018.

When Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was in development, there were a number of concerns that every match would end in a time over. What actually ended up happening was completely the opposite in the long run of things.

This isn't to say that this was looking like a problem in the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, however (in fact it never happened to me once). My main point is more that things can drastically change if the meta is given time to develop.

As far as learning the mechanics, it only took me about three games before I really started to understand what might be strong. While the level of competition certainly wasn't extraordinary, I was able to achieve long win streaks and win a large majority of my matches.

There were even situations where players were doing things I did not quite understand at the time (double jumping cancel for combos). Despite this, just using basics was enough to keep me in the game against these sort of players.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta test begins this weekend

The highly anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ beta test is kicking off this weekend. Those who received a code on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to dive in during specific sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

This test will allow players to battle online using teams of three constructed from 11 of the currently announced characters. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu, Android 16, and Android 18 should all be playable here.

Naturally, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta are not playable during the beta as we have yet to see a public build with them included.

At this point in time, those who have codes can preload the beta. You'll want to make sure to do this in order to avoid any waiting time, as this beta is divided up into limited-time sessions throughout the weekend.

Below you will find the official beta test schedule.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes showcased in new trailer

A brand new trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has hit the internet this morning. This time, we get our first in-game look at the game's pre-order costumes.

There are four DLC costumes total: Gladiator Hulk, Command Mission X, Evil Ryu, and Warrior Thor. Which ones you get will be dependent on what version of the game you purchase.

For those looking to score the Evil Ryu and Warrior Thor digs, you can pre-order the standard or deluxe version of the game. If you want all four, though, you'll have to pick up the deluxe edition.

The deluxe edition of the game will run you $89.99 USD. This purchase option comes with the game itself, a steelbook case, and the 2017 character pass which gives you access to the first six DLC characters.

You can also opt to pick up the collector's edition, if you want the total Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite package. This includes the deluxe edition, as well as four premium character dioramas and a case holding replicas of the Infinity Stones. The price tag on the collector's edition is $199.99 USD.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is set for release on September 10th, 2017.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #1 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #2 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #3 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #4 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #5 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-order costumes image #6
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