Antonov easily blows 80% of his opponents life bar away, Hein juggles 3 supers in 1 combo and much more: King of Fighters 14 combo roundup

Even before King of Fighters 14's release, the community has been going out of the way to fully explore what the combo system has to offer. To this date, their work remains tireless as they continue to find ways to take things further.

Recently, The Combonauts have wrapped up yet another multi-character exhibiton filled with the creativity that we've come to expect. Here you'll also find a a few single-character exhibition videos from the likes of TBS_BrunoKof as well.

Mai seems to be a favorite when it comes to making up flashy combos, and it's not hard to see why. The options like EX Kachousen that become open to her in MAXMODE make for some quite interesting sequences:

Click image for animated version

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Xyzzy's amazing Birdie comeback in grand finals, Leslie hits Gllty with a perfect, and more: SEAM Asia amateur tournament top 8 replays

Back at South East Asia Major, a 16-player tournament was held to pit some of the strongest unsponsored competitors from Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US against each other for $6,000 in prizes.

Today, we have the top 8 replays from the event, courtesy of our friends over at Cross Counter.

Featured here, we have players such as Leslie, Gllty, Xyzzy, Saisak, Verloren, SKZ, and more. Though these players may be lacking sponsorship, they are definitely bountiful in skill.

Take Xyzzy, for example. This Birdie player made a splash at South East Asia Major this year, placing ninth in the main event. You can check out an outstanding comeback from him in the grand finals set below.

Click image for animated version

For the replays, be sure to hit the jump.

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