Is Street Fighter failing to appeal to younger audiences? Alex Valle urges community to reach out before it's too late

Record breaking EVO attendance year after year is evidence that the fighting game scene has seen growth like never before, but a recent string of tweets from LU|Alex Valle warns us that with the direction we're headed, we may be missing a crucial audience.

Valle has seen it all when it comes to the FGC, and the veteran player feels it may be time to take initiative to reach more players and expand our scene.

More specifically, Mr. Street Fighter thinks we should be aiming to get college and even high school-aged players to join the competitive scene.

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Is Street Fighter 5's next brand new character being introduced this Winter? A big clue may have been right under our noses this whole time

Back when Street Fighter 5's London stage was first revealed over a year ago, fans spotted an interesting billboard in the background. For those who looked closely, a poster for a movie called "Secret Delta" could be seen featuring a character stuck in a blizzard wearing a hoodie.

The name written on the billboard reads "Eisbahn," which as HierophantG over on /r/StreetFighter pointed out at the time means "ice rink" in German.

You can see the billboard in the background of the London stage below.

Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #1 Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #2 Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #3

As we can see, the character's design seems to be fairly fleshed out. With a name attached to it and what looks to be some sort of ice-based powers, this could very well be a future fighter and not just a generic advertisement to occupy the stage's background.

But the plot thickens.

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Virtua Fighter or Tekken? Which franchise is the true king of 3D fighting? WatchMojo gives us a comparative look to help us decide

Virtua Fighter and Tekken are two staples in the world of 3D fighting games. Both have been around for over two decades, and have helped make the genre what it is today.

But which is the stronger 3d fighting series? recently put together a video that delves into the question, giving us a comparative look between the two titans.

As many know, Virtua Fighter was the first game to feature polygon-based graphics in a fighting game and place the combat on a 3D plane. Tekken, however, took the same concept and really ran with it, creating a universe filled with diverse characters and an intricate story.

You can check out the full video below.

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'Red Bull BC One' costumes discovered in Street Fighter 5's latest update

X-Kira has already discovered some of the contents of Street Fighter 5's ver. 1.11 patch. Gear up, folks, we're getting new costumes.

Based on the screenshots shared on Facebook, we can see that these new outfits are designs for Chun-Li and Ryu that we saw concepts for earlier this year.

The costumes are called "Red Bull BC One" in-game, and you can check them out below.

Red Bull BC One costumes discovered in Street Fighter 5 image #1 Red Bull BC One costumes discovered in Street Fighter 5 image #2 Red Bull BC One costumes discovered in Street Fighter 5 image #3
Click images for larger versions

Sent in by SethGravijah.

I believe that Cody and Sodom will be added to Street Fighter 5 in the near future, and here's my reasoning

Since you guys seemed to enjoy my piece on Oros' potential inclusion last week, I decided to throw another one your way, this time focusing on Cody and Sodom, who I believe are both prime candidates to be added as soon as next year.

There are multiple reasons why these two characters seem to be likely additions, but let's tackle them one at a time, starting with the long-absent Sodom.

The main reason I believe that Sodom is practically a shoo-in for Season 2, or maybe Season 3, lies in a Famitsu interview with Capcom that I had the pleasure of translating almost a year ago.

Continue below for an excerpt from said interview and to read further elaboration for these two characters' potential inclusion in Street Fighter 5.

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Which Street Fighter 5 DLC character is the strongest? EventHubs readers have voted and the results are in... (Spoilers, it's not Juri)

Update: The poll has closed and the results are in. You can view them after the jump below.

Earlier:Season one's DLC character releases process is complete, and we've now had a chance to get used to all six of Street Fighter 5's latecomers. We're having a hard time choosing which is the strongest of the bunch, so we've entrusted you EventHubs readers to figure that out for us.

EG|Justin Wong has recently said that Guile is the best by far, but we did see EG|PR Balrog take Balrog to seventh place at SCR last weekend.

We've recently seen a strong rise in potential for both Alex and Ibuki as players continue to delve into these newer fighters.

Despite being the last character to join the roster, Urien's arsenal of great normals and crazy mix ups via Aegis Reflector make us feel like he's a contender for the title of top DLC fighter, and perhaps one of the stronger characters on the overall roster.

Also, there's Juri.

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SoCal Regionals 2016 results ft GamerBee, Xiao Hai, Momochi, SonicFox

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

SoCal Regionals 2016 is finally upon us, and it's a Premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour. That's not all, though, because it's also a Killer Instinct World Cup qualifier, King of Fighters 14 World Championship qualifier and Tekken 7 King of the Iron Fist North American qualifier.

Games featured at the event will be Street Fighter 5, King of Fighters 14, Mortal Kombat XL, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Killer Instinct.

As far as players go, you can expect to see ZW|GamerBee, Qanba|Xiao Hai, EG|Momochi, cR|SonicFox, EG|Justin Wong, AS|Reynald, MJS|Haitani, Liquid|NuckleDu, F3|Sleep, Mago, HM|Eita, HM|Go1, Secret|Poongko, HM|Dogura, PG|Filipino Champ, PG|Scar, IMT|ANTi, EG|Ricki Ortiz, CCG|NYChrisG, GC|ElRosa, CLG|VoiD, YOMI|Michaelangelo, Noble|iLuusions, ViolentKain, ITS|WayGamble, ITS|Princess Ling, YOMI|MIT, Circa|Nicky, FOX|Julio, CBZ|Nuki, PND|Madzin, EVB|Chris Tatarian, Circa|LPN, F3|Alucard, cR|HoneyBee, YouDeal|Yukadon, ApologyMan, cR|WoundCowboy, Brenttiscool, GOL|Ranmasama, LDA|Luis Cha, BjornSonOfBear, YOMI|DJT, NVT|Flash, BT|Angelic, YOMI|Zyphox, OilKing, TS|NerdJosh, RB|Snake Eyez, BH|Swordsman09, GAM|Caba, EG|PR Balrog, FilipinoMan, EG|K-Brad, Khannibalito, RN|Alex Myers, TheBeautifulDude, C4|Gnarlyfeats, GAM|DR Ray, Reiketsu, DS|Stupendous, Nacer, GS|Gllty, WFX|801 Strider, Mike L Na, FourWude, BurnoutFighter and many more.

Streaming is being handled by Capcom Fighters, LevelUp Live, LevelUp Live 2, Tekken and 2G Gaming.

Catch the full action below.

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Two new characters and a new stage headed to Street Fighter 5 soon? Additions to both select screens reportedly found in latest patch

Updated: It has come to our attention that the character slots and new stage were found back in the 1.10 update files.

Earlier: The plot thickens.

Fans continue to mine today's Street Fighter 5 ver. 1.11 update, and X-Kira reportedly found what appears to be an updated character select screen residing in the latest patch's files.

As we can see from the screenshots shared on Twitter, the character select screen here has 24 slots, adding two to the current 22-fighter roster.

Additionally, we see that another stage has appeared beneath the latest Spooky Arena stage variation in the store, though it remains unnamed at this time.

Two new characters and a new stage headed to Street Fighter 5 soon? image #1 Two new characters and a new stage headed to Street Fighter 5 soon? image #2
Click images for larger versions

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Skullomania continues his reign as the most popular Street Fighter EX character: Here's which fighters from the series our readers want to see return

Updated: The results are in! To see how our readers voted, be sure to hit the jump.

Earlier: There's been a lot of buzz about Street Fighter EX characters lately, ever since Capcom decided to start making profiles for them over at CFN.

The existence of these profiles might not mean anything, but they also could mean something. Regardless of their meaning or lacke thereof - it never hurts to speculate, right?

In that interest, I decided to throw together a poll regarding Street Fighter EX characters to see who you, our loyal readers, want to see come back.

Cast your votes below.

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Street Fighter 5 and King of Fighters 14 both headed to arcades - KoF14 getting full arcade version, SF5 will be PC version

An announcement was made at Toushinsai today, after the tournament festivities was over.

Toushinsai is an arcade-only event, and as such had tournaments in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and King of Fighters 13, which naturally felt a bit out of place since both series have just had new games released this year. Thankfully, both series' developers were at hand to announce that come next year, they can play the newest version, since both of the games are coming to arcades.

King of Fighters 14 will be on the NESICAxLIVE 2 system, while Street Fighter 5 won't quite be getting an arcade version in the traditional sense, but instead will have PC stations placed in arcades that allow arcade players to battle eachother through the PC version of Street Fighter 5.

Considering the impact the arcade community has on Japan's players, this is definitely good news all around for both the King of Fighters and Street Fighter communities.

Source: Toushinsai Day 2 Archive. Thanks to RYU81 for sending this in.

C. Viper might be the most likely addition to Street Fighter 5 next year, judging by the in-game story

You've seen a few stories lately on the site regarding which characters might show up next year for Street Fighter 5, and this time, we're looking at one where all the vidence is strictly based on things actually featured in Street Fighter 5 itself.

C. Viper has never topped any popularity polls (though she certainly hasn't been at the bottom, either), but it appears that Capcom feel there's a lot of usage for the character, because she's already a pretty big part of Street Fighter 5 as it stands right now.

Continue below for some clarity into why C. Viper is a likely addition next year.

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Nakoruru gets shortened hitboxes, many characters receive damage decreases, and more: King of Fighters 14 ver. 1.03 patch notes

The latest King of Fighters 14 patch officially went live yesterday evening. In the 1.03 update, many balance changes have been mode both to the characters and the fighting system.

SNK Playmore has released a full list of patch notes which details the tweaks made in the new update.

One character that players have been expecting to get nerfed is Nakoruru. Some of the changes made to her design include shortened hitboxes on her crouching heavy punch and jumping heavy kick, as well as an adjustment made to the projectile resistance of her hawk Mamahaha.

Below are just some of the patch notes to get you started, but be sure to check out the rest after the jump.

King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #1 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #2 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #3 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #4 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #5 King of Fighters 14 v1.03 patch notes image #6

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Seven stuns in a top 8 set and an unbelievable adjustment: When Nemo and AiAi had an exhilarating Ultra Street Fighter 4 battle at EVO 2015

Since competitive fighting games have reached higher levels of popularity as of late, and we have a slew of fresh players who just recently joined the scene, we thought it'd be fun to relive some amazing moments in FGC history by way of "Throwback Thursday."

With so many potential moments to choose from, we are calling upon you, the EventHubs reader, to help us choose what throwback should get posted next. To participate, either link up a classic moment in FGC history below in our comments section, or send it out on Twitter and use the hashtag "#FGCTBT."

Each week, we'll select one throwback to highlight, and will give you a shout out in our story. This week's #FGCTBT comes to us courtesy of Amoni!

Tonight, we want to relive with you all an absolutely outstanding Ultra Street Fighter 4 match up that took place at EVO last year.

On the losers side of top 8, AW|Nemo went up against AiAi in a fast-paced match up between Rolento and Juri, respectively. In this 3/5 bout, Nemo quickly put two games on the board, stunning AiAi four times in separate rounds.

Things were looking bleak for the Juri player, but in the third game he managed to secure a round with a clutch victory. From there, it was like AiAi flipped a switch. He completely shifted his play and began taking the fight to Nemo, winning two games of his own.

By the fifth and final game, these players were neck and neck, bringing us one of the most intense nail-biters we've ever seen. Check out the GIF below to see it.

Click image for animated version

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Nintendo Switch console revealed

Nintendo has unveiled their new console that we've known for so long as the "NX' as the Nintendo Switch. Like the name suggests, the console greatly emphasizes the ability to switch from playing in your living room to playing on the go.

Like the Wii U, this console comes equipped with a tablet like controller but now you are not limited to keeping your controller in the room of the console. It also appears to come with multiple Wii-like controllers that can used on both your television and the tablet controller.

The trailer even shows that the Nintendo Switch can be played while outside with relative ease and setup. Multiple people will be able to play on the Nintendo Switch's tablet controller using these controllers.

While Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be officially announced, this new console brings about a lot of potential. The console appears to be very small and lightweight, and being able to set up anywhere even without a television makes playing anyone anywhere takes the advantages of the Smash Bros for the 3DS without its disadvantages.

Tournament players of the Smash Bros series will be able to practice sets while riding up to their tournament (except for the unlucky one who has to drive).

Nintendo Switch Console image #1 Nintendo Switch Console image #2 Nintendo Switch Console image #3 Nintendo Switch Console image #4 Nintendo Switch Console image #5 Nintendo Switch Console image #6 Nintendo Switch Console image #7 Nintendo Switch Console image #8 Nintendo Switch Console image #9 Nintendo Switch Console image #10 Nintendo Switch Console image #11 Nintendo Switch Console image #12 Nintendo Switch Console image #13
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump below to see the trailer.

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Lupe Fiasco was supposed to play Sisqo in a Street Fighter 5 Canada Cup exhibition, but that's unfortunately no longer happening

Update: After a discussion with Canada Cup tournament organizer, Lap Chi Duong, we've found that the special announcement for Street Fighter 5 was an exhibition between rappers Lupe Fiasco and Sisqo.

We're very sorry to announce that will no longer be happening.

According to Duong, Sisqo actually stopped by Canada Cup in 2012 after performing at a nearby concert venue. He and Duong developed a bit of a relationship, and Sisqo recently agreed agreed to to play Fiasco this year.

Unfortunately scheduling conflicts, Sisqo will not be able to attend as planned. Duong has his fingers crossed that perhaps a future Canada Cup will see this exhibition come to fruition.

You'll see our previous story, as well as the music video for Thong Song below.

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