Capcom Cup 2018 early results, stream ft. Tokido, Fujimura, Problem X, Fuudo, Sako, Justin Wong, NL, OilKing, NuckleDu, Daigo, Luffy, Haitani and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 2 results.

It's been a long and challenging season in this year's Capcom Pro Tour, but we're finally at the end of it, and in a few days we'll have a winner crowned.

That's right, Capcom Cup 2018 is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it's as big as ever.

31 players who have put their all into the season this year are qualified for these finals, and there will be a Last Chance Qualifier to decide the final participant at the event's first day as well.

The players confirmed for the finals so far are FOX|Tokido, FD|Fujimura, Mouz|Problem X, CYG|Fuudo, FAV|Sako, FOX|Justin Wong, UYU|NL, UYU|OilKing, Ghost|NuckleDu, CYG|Daigo, RB|Luffy, FD|Haitani, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, NVD|Phenom, Rise|Caba, NASR|BigBird, RB|Gachikun, RZR|Xian, CJ Truth, RB|Bonchan, Mago, REC|Punk, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Momochi, AB|StormKubo, Fursan|Verloren, Liquid|Nemo, Chris Tatarian, Rise|MenaRD, RES|Pikoro and NASR|AngryBird.

Given past years, we can also be fairly sure that there'll be big announcements concerning future content additions to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition as well, so if you're hoping for any particular characters or other changes, tune in and cross your fingers.

Streaming will be done at Capcom Fighters and Capcom Fighters 2.

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Here's how Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's new sponsored content works

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's latest update is now officially live as the game's servers are back online. One of the biggest and most interesting additions to Capcom's mainstay fighting title in this patch is the new sponsored content feature.

To put it simply, the new sponsored content allows players to enable in-game ads, and by doing so earn extra Fight Money. Early images and explanations showed logos plastered on character costumes during matches and ads embedded into certain backgrounds.

So how does it actually work? Here's what we've found.

Sponsored content is geared toward ranked and casual matches. Though you'll see the effects of the enabled settings in other modes, like training, you'll only earn Fight Money from the two aforementioned online modes.

There are three different types of ads you can enable: costumes, loading ads, and stage ads. The "Ad Style" costumes show up as their own outfit option and are basically each character's default costume (and colors) with the ads on various areas of their bodies.

You can choose between colors 1-10 for the Ad Style costumes, and it only seems to be for the default looks at this time. It appears that sponsorships will be available only for certain periods of time, as an in-game prompt notes that if a sponsorship is not available at the time and you selected any colors from 3-10 of the Ad Style outfit in your battle settings, you will be forced to use colors 1 and 2.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's sponsored content screenshots image #1 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's sponsored content screenshots image #2 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's sponsored content screenshots image #3

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Mortal Kombat 11 announced

Mortal Kombat 11 has been announced at The Game Awards 2018. As a quick warning, this might be the most brutal looking Mortal Kombat game yet. The amount of gore makes it NSFW.

The game is slated for a global release of April 23, 2019. There will be a community reveal event on January 17th.

During the trailer, we see Dark Raiden — who originally appeared in this corrupted form during the events of Mortal Kombat Deception and at the conclusion of Mortal Kombat X — facing off against Scorpion — who might still be in his human form as a result of the events of Mortal Kombat X. While Raiden initially appears to win, Scorpion comes back as a specter to finish the fight.

Afterwards, we see a figure that we don't really recognize. This character is very likely a newcomer to the series.

Pre-orders are now available. By pre-ordering the game, you'll be able to gain access to Shao Kahn as a bonus character — the final boss of Mortal Kombat 9 who has been absent ever since that game's events. Beta access will also be provided.

Mortal Kombat 11 is coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the PC. The ESRB rating is still currently pending.

Mortal Kombat 11's new feature this time appears to be its "custom character variation" system. In Mortal Kombat X, there were essentially three unique variations of characters that enacted different play styles.

The customizable options might be something similar to Injustice 2's Gear system. Essentially, the game works kind of like an RPG where characters can have their stats and abilities adjusted through the usage of equippable gear.

No actual gameplay has been shown yet.

MK 11 image #1 MK 11 image #2 MK 11 image #3 MK 11 image #4 MK 11 image #5 MK 11 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Marduk, Julia and Armor King revealed for Tekken 7; Negan gameplay trailer released

Tekken 7 has now sold over 3.6 million copies worldwide according to Bandai Namco, and now some new characters will be coming to the successful fighting game very soon on the heels of the 2018 pro circuit finals.

Before the start of top 8 at the Tekken World Tour Finals, Director Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from Bandai Namco came to the stage to reveal those new sales figures and thanking the audience. Harada stated that was all they had before going to walk off stage until he turned around, said "just kidding," and revealed three new DLC characters for Tekken 7.

Craig Marduk, Armor King and Julia Chang were all revealed in new gameplay trailers at the event showing off their brand new designs and what they can do in battle to fill out Tekken 7's Season 2 roster.

Harada also announced that Marduk and Armor King will be releasing for Tekken 7 Season 2 tomorrow, December 3, so players will not need to wait long to get their hands on these classic fighters from the storied franchise. A release date for Julia and Negan has yet to be revealed.

The Walking Dead's Negan was originally revealed during EVO 2018 in a brief teaser, but Bandai Namco busted out his full reveal today at the Tekken World Tour Finals. A brand new cinematic was shown off which mirrored Negan's initial reveal in the TV show with Tekken characters replacing Walking Dead ones kneeling before the villain while he monologues as he picks who he's going to beat down.

These four fighters join the previously released Season 2 DLC characters of Anna Williams and Lei Wulong. You can see screenshots for the new DLC characters below plus the trailers for Marduk, Negan — plus his brand new stage — and Armor King after the jump with the teaser for Julia.

Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #2 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #3 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #4 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #5 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #7 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #8 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #9 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #13 Tekken World Tour Finals reveals image #11

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Capcom is reportedly working on a new AAA title that will surprise everyone, but what could it be?

Capcom as a company has had one of the best years in its history in 2018 thanks to the massive success of Monster Hunter World and releases of other titles like the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 11.

2019 is also looking to get off to a strong start for the developer / publisher as both Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 are shaping up to be big AAA titles releasing in the first quarter of the year, and it looks like they may have even more up their sleeve to shake things up once they are out.

Capcom senior producer Jun Takeuchi recently sat down for an interview with Famitsu magazine in Japan where he discusses how the RE Engine — powering titles like Resident Evil 7, RE2 and DMC5 — has evolved, the expansion of their AAA development resources and a surprising new title in the works.

"If we keep gradually increasing the size of our staff, I'm thinking that at some point maybe we might be able to handle four AAA titles at once," said Takeuchi via Famitsu and translated by Takuhi. "Also, in addition to that, we're currently working on a title that will make our fans think, 'wow, they're making that?'"

This language makes it appear that Capcom is currently working on three AAA-level games with Resident Evil and Devil May Cry making up two of them, but could the third be a new fighting game?

It's certainly very possible though Takeuchi is currently Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1 at Capcom where he has worked on series like Resident Evil, Onimusha and Lost Planet. He has worked on fighting games in the past with Street Fighter 2, but what are the most likely candidates for this mystery game?

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Just how likely is it that Capcom launches eight DLC characters in 2019? Fei-Long, Dudley, Makoto, Poison and others would make great additions...

It was back in July that we caught wind from the content leaker known as Vergeben that the fourth season of Street Fighter 5 would reportedly have two additional DLC characters, free of charge, for a total of eight newcomers in 2019.

While we're by no means convinced that this will indeed be the case, we do feel it's at least worth some discussion and exploration since such a move would be fairly huge for Capcom and Street Fighter 5.

Capcom has released six DLC characters each year since SF5's launch back in 2016, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Season 1's releases were hampered by the fact that Capcom quickly seemed to fall behind schedule on multiple fronts from the get go following an obviously rushed, bare bones release.

The company actually failed to meet the deadline they had proposed for Ibuki, and though they eventually released her alongside Balrog and wound up getting all six fighters out the door before the year's end, it was fairly apparent Capcom was still not caught up.

Season 2 did not offer a schedule nor the identities of the characters that were to be released, two truisms that led to much criticism from fans. We found out later in 2017 that a whole new update to the game, Arcade Edition, was en route.

This current year has seen a much more rapid and prompt release schedule as the fifth and sixth characters simultaneously made it onto consoles no later than early August. Since that time Capcom has reduced the input lag, added the new Dojo Mode and continued general support with a ton of new costumes. It seems they are very clearly caught up, and so now we look to 2019 as a year of a bit more potential.

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SNK reveals The King of Fighters 15; Samurai Shodown coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC

SNK returned back to their fighting game roots with The King of Fighters 14 back in 2016 and have since gone on to release SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy plus announce a new Samurai Shodown title. Now we know what the developer's next fighter on the horizon is.

The King of Fighters 15 was revealed during an IPO press conference in Seoul, South Korea by SNK, and it is currently slated to release at some point in 2020.

No artwork or visuals were reportedly shown during the presentation aside from the title and a 'coming soon' placeholder, but we now have confirmation that a new game in the fighter series is currently in development along with their other title coming next year.

Samurai Shodown also received an update during the press conference where it was announced that the title will now be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC along with the originally revealed PlayStation 4 release.

An updated release window was reportedly touted as well during the event which showed a graphic stating that the new Samurai Shodown title is scheduled to release during the second quarter of 2019.

This is not an official, public announcement by SNK, however, so some of these listings may not be entirely accurate since King of Fighters 14 is also listed for Xbox and Nintendo systems despite only being on PS4, Steam and in arcades currently — or we could be seeing some new ports of the fighting game coming soon.

SNK reveals new King of Fighters plus more Samurai Shodown info image #1 SNK reveals new King of Fighters plus more Samurai Shodown info image #2 SNK reveals new King of Fighters plus more Samurai Shodown info image #3 SNK reveals new King of Fighters plus more Samurai Shodown info image #4
Click images for larger versions

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SonicFox declared 'Best eSports Player' of 2018 by The Game Awards

The nominees for "Best eSports Player" of 2018 at the The Game Awards ceremony were FOX|SonicFox, FOX|Tokido, Uzi, S1mple, and Jjonak. SonicFox was declared the winner.

Dominique "SonicFox" McLean is most notable for accomplishments in fighting games in the Mortal Kombat series, the Injustice series, Skullgirls, Dead or Alive, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In fact, he's very often considered to be the best player at any fighting game he dedicates time to.

At EVO 2018, he defeated long time rival CO|GO1. Unfortunately, his side switch at EVO 2018 did not win the best gaming moment award.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was also declared to be the best fighting game of 2018. The other nominees included BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Soul CAlibur 6, and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

While approaching the stage, SonicFox, true to himself, put on his iconic fursuit. He took a brief moment to talk about how he recently donated his prize money towards the stage 3 cancer treatment of his friend's father.

SonicFox ended up giving a very... interesting speech. Check out the clips below to see SonicFox accepting his award.

Click images for animated versions

Mech Abigail and Cyberbots' Jin Saotome costumes coming to Street Fighter 5's Extra Battle, 11 costume bundles for past outfits announced

Capcom is bringing fans even more alternate costumes in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Two new Extra Battle Crossover outfits have been unveiled: one for Abigail and the other for Ryu.

Keeping with the "mech" theme, Abigail will see the robotic transformation next. His Extra Battle challenges will start on December 21st and run until January 17th.

Ryu's Crossover costume sees him change into Jin Saotome from Capcom game, Cyberbots. The Extra Battle challenges for Ryu's new costume will follow the conclusion of Abigail's.

Capcom has also announced 11 costume bundles featuring past alternate outfits that you may have missed. These are gathered together in themes and give players the opportunity to purchase Crossover costumes, holiday outfits, and much more.

All 11 of these costume bundles are going on sale starting tomorrow, December 11th.

Capcom is currently allowing fans to earn a handful of the previous Crossover costumes in Extra Battle: Viewtiful Joe for Rashid, June for Chun-Li, Captain Commando for Nash, Nameless Super Soldier for Guile, and Fiona for Cammy. However, if you'd prefer to purchase them with real money, you can do so with one of the upcoming bundles.

Mech Abigail and Cyberbots' Jin Saotome Extra Battle costumes revealed image #1 Mech Abigail and Cyberbots' Jin Saotome Extra Battle costumes revealed image #2 Mech Abigail and Cyberbots' Jin Saotome Extra Battle costumes revealed image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Some players play games that they don't actually care about just for the money according to Ryan Hunter in BornFree interview

BornFree is back with another one of his legendary player interviews. This time he caught up with top level Guilty Gear competitor and arguably the best Venom player in the U.S., Ryan Hunter, during Red Bull Conquest 2018.

Some very interesting topics were covered. For example, Hunter stated that he doesn't consider Guilty Gear to still have a stigma of having too difficult a learning curve for newcomers to get into. Generally, he seems to be against the idea of "dumbing down" a game's mechanics.

You don't often hear a player praise Street Fighter X Tekken these days. It was a launch that was met with a lot of negative attention that haunted it until the very end.

Hunter believes that most of the negativity surrounding Street Fighter X Tekken was unjustified. He went on to say that the top performing players actually enjoyed the game.

According to Hunter, he still holds "a little bit of resentment towards the community for destroying that game." It was around this point where he began to notice a spectator vs. player trend. Hunter feels as though "the fighting game community should always be about the players first."

Without naming any person or game specifically, Hunter does feel like there are some players who are playing games that they don't necessarily care about simply because of the money involved. Essentially, "the games are dictating what the players are playing instead of the players themselves."

Ryan Hunter ends up making a number of very interesting and insightful statements during the interview. You can check out the video after the jump.

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Yoshinori Ono and his Blanka toy drop another announcement hint for Capcom Cup 2018

The big show is almost upon us; Capcom Cup 2018 kicks off tomorrow and is gearing up for an action packed weekend of amazing Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition play and content.

With this year's Capcom Pro Tour coming to its conclusion, a new champion will be crowned in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a year-long tournament circuit, intense battles, and some of the biggest Street Fighter 5 events we've seen to-date, it all comes down to this weekend.

History dictates that Capcom aims to make a big announcement (maybe more than one) for Street Fighter 5 at Capcom Cup. We know Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono will be in attendance, and he has hinted at a potential something set for the finals in recent times.

Today, Ono took to Twitter once again with his trademark Blanka doll to reassure fans that "Blanka's pocket" is ready to rock and roll this weekend.

"Blanka will go to Las Vegas from San Francisco for joining to Capcom Cup 2018!" Ono wrote on Twitter. "We're making preparation for Capcom Cup, Blanka's pocket has got everything arranged! ;P"

We were all expecting a Street Fighter 5-related announcement at Capcom Cup before today, but Ono's latest tweet just further cements it in our heads.

From the potential of Rose being revealed as the first Street Fighter 5 Season 4 character to a strong grappler character reportedly joining the fight next year, we've talked a lot about what might be revealed this weekend at Capcom Cup. This time we want to know what you think.

Ono hints at a reveal for Capcom Cup 2018 image #1 Ono hints at a reveal for Capcom Cup 2018 image #2
Click images for larger versions

Tell us in the comments what you think Capcom is going to unveil at the Capcom Cup finals. What is Ono hinting at?

Update: Street Fighter 5's servers are back online, update now live

Updated 1:59 p.m. PDT, Tues. December 11, 2018: Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's servers are back online. The version 2.09 update is now live.

Earlier: Every time Street Fighter 5 receives new content in the way of characters, costumes or updates, Capcom takes the game's servers down to prepare for the incoming changes for a few hours — and there's no exception here.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's online servers will be unavailable today, December 11, beginning at 8 a.m. PDT for maintenance that is scheduled to run until 3 p.m. PDT to add in new Sponsored Content, a free trial for the game and more.

Sponsored Content in the way of in-game advertisements are coming to SF5 with today's update which will allow players to earn extra Fight Money for seeing ads on character costumes, during loading screens and on certain stages for online matches. This new content will be entirely optional, however, as the ability to see them can be turned off in the Battle Settings.

Changes to the game's Extra Battle mode are also incoming with this new patch, but Capcom has yet to detail what we should expect beyond adjustments to difficulty and mission replayability which could impact players' ability to earn Fight Money.

A free trial of Street Fighter 5 will also be available today once servers go live in celebration of Capcom Cup week, so everyone on PlayStation 4 and PC can try out the title's base roster plus Guile, Akuma and Sagat at no charge until the morning of December 19.

You can take a look at official examples of the in-game advertisements coming to Street Fighter 5 in the gallery below, and stay tuned to EventHubs for more news on the game's update and all it will entail.

Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #1 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #2 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #3 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #4 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #5 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #6 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #7 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #8 Street Fighter 5's Sponsored Content update image #9
Click images for larger versions

Joker from Persona 5 announced as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Joker from Persona 5 has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He'll be the first DLC character of the Fighters Pass.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster is already massive. There will be 74 characters at launch. Piranha Plant's inclusion as a bonus makes 75.

The inclusion of Joker will make 76. Remember that each DLC character of Fighters Pass will come with music and a stage. None of the DLC combatants will be Echo Fighters.

"These are going to be characters that are new to the series, just like Joker from Persona 5, characters you would not expect to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé said.

This marks the first Atlus character to join the roster. Like Snake, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Sonic, Bayonetta, and Cloud; Joker is a third party character.

Joker is the main character you control in Persona 5. He's a high school student who was expelled from his previous school on a false assault claim.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is releasing... in just a few minutes actually on December 7, 2018.

Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #1 Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #2 Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #3 Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #4 Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #5 Joker from Persona 5 announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Who we think will win Capcom Cup, eSports ads invade Street Fighter 5, less than graceful acceptance speeches, win a free copy of Smash Ultimate

We're just a few days away from Capcom Cup 2018 and that means first round predictions from both Catalyst and myself on this week's podcast.

We go through all 16 initial match ups to share who we think will win and who the EventHubs readers chose to win. We also cap things off with our final picks for overall Capcom Cup 2018 champion.

The podcast kicks off with a special interview with our Smash Bros. expert, Justin "Adaptive Trigger" Gordon, as he gives some initial thoughts and reactions on the latest and possibly greatest Smash entry yet.

We're actually giving away a free copy of Smash Ultimate with details on how to enter the running after the jump below.

FOX|Sonic Fox brought the Game Awards trophy for best eSports player home to the FGC this week, but got a little politically intense during his acceptance speech. Catalyst and I both offer some thoughts on that as well as the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal and the infamous rap music from 21 Savage that accompanied said reveal.

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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition adds Sponsored Content for new ways to earn Fight Money, will be free to play December 11–19

Capcom has been steadily supporting Street Fighter 5 since its release almost three years ago, and now more people than ever will get the chance to try out the game than ever before with some added "bonuses" too.

The developer / publisher announced today that Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will be free to play during the week of Capcom Cup, December 11–19, on both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

This free trial will include the original 16 character roster from launch plus all current modes like online and Arcade Mode. DLC characters Guile, Akuma and Sagat will be usable for free during this time, but they can only be used in Training, Challenges, Ranked, Casual Matches and Battle Lounges.

Sponsored Content will also be making its way to SF5 on December 11 as a new way to earn Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches by viewing ads in the game.

These ads will come in the form of costume decals which will be placed on characters as the released image shows Capcom Pro Tour logos on Ryu and Balrog's gloves plus during loading screens and on certain stages.

Currently, this Sponsored Content is only confirmed to give in-game "reminders" about the Capcom Pro Tour, costumes and bundles in SF5, so it is unknown whether third-party advertisers will also be present this month or beyond.

Sponsored Content in SF5 image #1 Sponsored Content in SF5 image #2 Sponsored Content in SF5 image #3
Click images for larger versions

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