Prominent leaker claims C. Viper, Necro, Q, and more are Street Fighter 5's Season 4 DLC line up; says Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite support has ceased

We are currently in the midst of Street Fighter 5's third season. Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody are all available now, and we'll be seeing G and Sagat follow later this year.

Though it's a little premature, today we're talking Street Fighter 5 Season 4. A new claim from a prominent leaker shares what could be Season 4's DLC character line up.

Vergeben is a name you've probably seen quite a bit lately here on EventHubs. Most recently, this Reddit user made claims about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the big E3 2018 reveal, and nearly everything listed ended up being true -- the rest has yet to be seen.

Among those claims, Vergeben said that Ridley would be unveiled as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and revealed at E3, Snake would return, every Super Smash Bros. 4 character would be on the roster, and even leaked the official name of the game shortly before Nintendo's E3 presentation.

In response to a comment on Reddit questioning Vergeben's credibility, the leaker dropped some bits of information about Street Fighter 5 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Originally, Vergeben noted that Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Magneto, Storm, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Daredevil, Asura, Lady, Gill, Rashid, Captain Commando, Nina, Deis, Regina, Gene, Vergil, Akuma, and Apollo Justice would be added to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as DLC.

We have seen no signs of new content for Marvel Infinite, and Vergeben now says that support for the game has stopped due to its poor performance. "MvCI support was ended because the game tanked. That's not my fault that DLC plans were scrapped, despite there having actually been developments on them," Vergeben writes.

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More reported info leaks from Vergeben claim Makoto and F.A.N.G's apprentice may be part of eight character Season 4 DLC package

Earlier this week a prominent fighting game information leaker by the name of Vergeben claimed a handful of Street Fighter characters were on their way to Season 4, now the same user has come forward with more.

Once again on reddit Vergeben has dropped new potential information that speculates a bigger than usual DLC package for Street Fighter 5's fourth season.

While we've seen six characters added in each of the last three years Season 4 will allegedly add eight with two being free of charge. Here's a bit of what Vergeben posted:

"I had another person recently tell me that they only know about Makoto and a new character being in Season 4, while 2 characters will be free DLC. So there could be some kind of truth in the middle there," they wrote.

"Meaning that Viper, Necro, Q, Oro, Sodom, Makoto, and two new characters (F.A.N.G's apprentice Phantom being one of them?) will all be coming as Season 4 characters, but two of them are free, as opposed to the original plan I'd heard where four would've been free.

So six are DLC among those, while two [will be] free. I doubt either of the two new characters would be free. So maybe Sodom and Q are free? I wouldn't be surprised if that's what winds up happening."

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Updated: Which Dragon Ball Super characters still need to be added to the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Check out the poll results to see

Update: The polling is closed and you can take a look at who made the top spots in popularity after the jump — spoilers, it's not Jaco.

Today marks the third anniversary of the day that Dragon Ball Super aired its first episode in Japan giving us over 100 more episodes of adventures in the Dragon Ball universe(s) along with new characters and villains to add to the franchises already enormous list of fighters.

Toei Animation put out a Tweet in celebration of the anniversary showing many of the new series' most memorable moments from everyone giving Goku their power to become a Super Saiyan God to squaring up against Jiren in the Tournament of Power.

With all of these new characters, you'd expect a brand new fighter like Dragon Ball FighterZ to take advantage of the new material and add many of those new characters to the title's roster though that's not exactly the case here.

In the base roster, we can say Hit and Goku Black are the only brand new characters pulled from Super in DBFZ though there is also Beerus, Golden Frieza, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku if we want to count characters that technically appeared elsewhere first in the movies or transformations.

Fused Zamasu and Vegito Blue made it in through DLC so far, but characters like Jiren, Caulifla, Kefla, Toppo, Ultra Instinct Goku and Whis are still among those that are still sitting on the outside looking in though they have a good shot of getting in if/ when Dragon Ball FighterZ receives another season pass in the future.

Below you can check out Toei's celebratory Tweet, and after the jump you'll see my picks for Future Dragon Ball FighterZ characters hailing from Super plus be sure to vote for which characters you'd like to play as from the latest Dragon Ball series in our poll though this list is exclusively for Dragon Ball Super characters...and Hercule.

Click images for full versions

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Did those Street Fighter tarot cards give us a glimpse at Street Fighter 5 Season 4? Five characters featured are not on the game's current roster

The release date for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection in Japan was recently announced by Capcom. We'll be seeing it launch on October 25th, 2018, and those who opt to pick it up can choose from the standard version or two different collector's editions.

One of the bonuses for the higher priced purchase options is a set of tarot cards featuring characters from all across the 30 years of Street Fighter. Each one has a title on the front in the style of traditional tarot cards, such as "Death" for Sagat or "The Sun" for Sakura.

We recently put together a gallery of these tarot cards, which gave us a closer look at each one. Outside of the fact that they simply look awesome, there's an interesting tidbit among them: of the 22 cards, only five of the characters are not currently in Street Fighter 5.

Represented within the cards we have Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Cammy, Urien, Guile, Zangief, Karin, Nash, Akuma, Balrog, R. Mika, Vega, Sakura, M. Bison, G, and Sagat — those last two aren't playable yet, but are rounding out the remainder of Season 3. The remaining five characters consist of Rose, Rolento, Oro, Elena, and C. Viper.

Now, it's worth mentioning that these tarot cards aren't meant to be directly tied to Street Fighter 5. They're a bonus for the 30th Anniversary Collection and are likely just rounding up characters from the different titles over the years.

Still, the five odd men / women out are definitely interesting and have me thinking that this could potentially be a glimpse at Street Fighter 5 Season 4.

Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #4 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #8 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #16 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #11 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #14

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I've discovered when I have the most fun playing Street Fighter 5

This will likely be more ramblings of the heart than a super structured post, but I do think subject matter concerning the enjoyment of Street Fighter 5 will resonate with a good chunk of you.

With Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection having dropped I've found myself revisiting titles like Third Strike, Super Turbo and even Street Fighter 4 a bit more than usual. One of the statements I hear the most during sets in older games: "Man, this is a lot of fun... way more fun that Street Fighter 5."

I've been wrestling around with that a bit, well aware that people are very prone to highlight the negatives of the current generation games while ignoring those of older titles.

Still, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I have found a sense of enjoyment simply trying to manipulate opponents with 3S Ken's low forward into Super confirms or being a total jerk with ST Old Sagat's Tiger Shot/standing roundhouse space control.

I've contrasted that against the feelings I'll have after sessions in SF5, which are usually determined mainly by how much victory I've seen. If a fighting game is about the destination instead of the journey (as SF5 has somewhat seemed to be) then I'd argue it's not a very worthwhile investment of your time.

Contrary to what I'd been leaning towards, I've recently experienced a great sense of fun and enjoyment while playing Street Fighter 5. Read on to hear why.

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Ryu is considered low tier in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, but he has it worse than most due to one thing — redundancy

Ryu has had a rough road throughout Street Fighter 5. While he was considered to be one of the stronger contenders during the game's first season, it has been down hill from there.

The release of Season 2 in December 2016 saw the Street Fighter poster boy toned down quite a bit, leaving him at a considerably lower spot on the Street Fighter 5 tier list. With each following balance update, Ryu fans have been hoping to see the character restored to his former glory, yet in the current version of the game -- Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition -- Ryu finds himself still on the lower end of the spectrum.

Ryu's lack of strength in Street Fighter 5 even caused longtime players of the wandering warrior, including Street Fighter legend and veteran Ryu main CYG|Daigo Umehara, to drop the character for someone else entirely. He just doesn't seem to have what it takes to hang with the stronger fighters in Arcade Edition, but he's not alone in that regard.

Other characters such as F.A.N.G., Vega, Zangief, and more are often considered low tier in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. However, Ryu does have something specific that actually might give him a worse lot in life than the others — his redundancy.

Simply put, anything Ryu can do, Akuma can do better. And being redundant is not helping Ryu at all in competitive play.

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Street Fighter 5's input lag actually fluctuates mid match according to findings of French computer science PhD

If you've experienced more than 10 minutes of Street Fighter 5 you've almost certainly heard someone complain about input lag affecting their ability to win, and according to the recent findings of Loïc "WydD" Petit there may be more legitimacy than you think to said salty claims.

Petit, who holds a PhD in computer science, has intricately investigated input lag of fighting games on PlayStation 4 while specifically using a PS4 Pro. His findings show that not only does SF5 have an average input lag of nearly 6 frames but that said lag actually fluctuates over the course of a single round.

Petit uses the term "stability" to measure this and defines it as "the probability of having the same input lag with the same timing." He attributes stability percentages to the fourteen games he tested and notes, "A stability of 100% means that when you press a button, the input lag is entirely predicable. A stability of 50% means that when you press a button, the input lag can vary by one frame even knowing the right timing."

Street Fighter 5 came in last place with a stability score of 43%. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection titles Alpha 3, Super Turbo and Hyper Fighting were the next lowest with respective scores of 60%, 55% and 57%. All other games scored 88% or higher.

Furthermore WydD found that SF5's input lag changes appear to come in waves. Fluctuations between four and seven frames of lag happen almost constantly, but there are clear windows of time wherein you're more likely to have seven frames and others where you're more likely to have four.

The images below depict these findings visually. The first shows input lag and stability scores for all fourteen titles, the second depicts input lag fluctuation over time with the X-axis measuring time (in frames), and the third shows more specific results for SF5:

Input Lag WydD image #1 Input Lag WydD image #2 Input Lag WydD image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Yoshinori Ono announces plans for a Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego, better known as San Diego Comic-Con, begins later this week with industry panels, exclusive merchandise, cosplayers and brand new announcements — some of which may be coming from the Street Fighter developers themselves.

The series' producer, Yoshinori Ono, announced his San Diego Comic-Con plans today including signing sessions with Blanka in tow along with a Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition panel taking place this Friday.

This comes as little surprise, as Capcom's fighting games division has held panels during the past three San Diego Comic-Cons where they had something new to announce or show off each year.

In 2015, the developers revealed Ken to the world in Street Fighter 5 followed by new costumes and Juri's release information in 2016 and a new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite character trailer in 2017.

Given Capcom's previous track record of announcing new content at the massive convention, it is safe to assume more news will be coming our way later this week, but what will it be?

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Broly confirmed to return as the villain of the new Dragon Ball Super movie due out this year

Update: Toei Animation confirms that the title of the new movie will be Dragon Ball Super: Broly stating that 'the Legendary Super Saiyan appears' for the movie releasing December 14, 2018 in Japan. You can see their Tweet below.

Earlier: Dragon Ball as a franchise has a long established history in the realms of manga, anime, video games and film. With Dragon Ball Super wrapping up this year, a new spin off anime in production, Dragon Ball FighterZ released and a brand new movie set to come out in December, the series has as much going on now as it ever has.

Dragon Ball's 20th movie is scheduled to release later this year in Japan, and up until this point we only knew that the film is set to star Goku as per the norm battling it out against a mysterious Saiyan, who we may now know the identity of.

A new promotional poster and advertisement appear to have leaked and show the film's title along with it's returning villain. These reported items suggest that the new movie will be called Dragon Ball Super: Broly meaning that the Legendary Super Saiyan might be arriving for technically his fourth appearance in Dragon Ball movies.

The teaser trailer released earlier this year shows Goku preparing to battle with a Saiyan who has a green aura of energy similar to Broly's and something wrapped around his waist in a similar manner to the Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Saiyan in the trailer appears to have slightly darker skin than the berserker Saiyan had in previous showings, but perhaps getting shot through the sun gives a person a nice tan. This could also be a brand new take for one of Dragon Ball's most iconic villains as none of the previous movies are canon to Dragon Ball's existing timeline, and he is shown to have a tail in promotional leaflets.

Attendees of San Diego Comic Con will be given the chance to see a special sneak peek of the Dragon Ball Super movie's official trailer later this month that will likely reveal more about the upcoming title and if the Legendary Super Saiyan will be returning to make up for his "appearance" in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. You can take a look at the reported leaked images below and the film's teaser trailer after the jump.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #1 Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #2 Dragon Ball Super: Broly image #3
Click images for larger versions

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With Season 2 DLC for Tekken 7 on the way, what characters might we see join the battle?

Back in June, there were reports that eight additional DLC entries had been placed in to Tekken 7's code, suggesting that more content might be on the way for the game.

This was already hinted at by Michael Murray at Combo Breaker the weekend before, where he said that the Tekken team were still hiding things that would be announced later on.

Last week, there was another development where it seems to have been accidentally spilled by a Japanese site that a Season 2 of the game would indeed be arriving.

The plans of additional DLC are likely from a business standpoint as well, considering the game surpassed its sales goal of 2 million in one year back in December, where it reportedly hit 2.5 million copies sold.

We can assume that a healthy amount of players who bought the game also bought the post-launch DLC characters Geese Howard and Noctis Lucis Caelum, the latter in particular due to it being a crossover with the wildly popular Final Fantasy series' latest entry, Final Fantasy XV.

We've been told a few times from developers that crossover characters tend to sell the best - even in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Ed Boon confirmed that Mortal Kombat's Scorpion in fact sold the most out of the post-launch content. Assuming this is the case not only for Injustice, it would mean that it's highly likely that any new DLC we get would at least partly contain characters from outside the Tekken universe.

With all this in mind, let's take a look at what content we might be getting from Tekken 7 in the relatively near future.

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Talim revealed for Soul Calibur 6 with new gameplay trailer

Bandai Namco has unveiled the next fighter to join Soul Calibur 6. This time we get another returning combatant in Talim.

Talim, The Last Priestess of the Winds, fights with her elbow blades in this latest installment of the series.

This fast-moving fighter has the ability to control the wind, as her nickname suggests. We see several attacks in today's reveal trailer that incorporate large gusts of wind.

Talim made her debut in Soul Calibur 2, the series' third installment. She would go on to return as a playable character in Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 4, and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

Her reveal trailer provides a look at what Talim can do in Soul Calibur 6. We see a fighting style Talim fans will be familiar with, but with some new tools at her disposal.

Soul Calibur 6 is due out October 19th, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #1 Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #2 Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #3 Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #4 Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #5 Talim in Soul Calibur 6 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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A gorilla from Bloody Roar, a president, or possibly a Q clone: Let's recap the theories about Street Fighter 5's G

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's next DLC character, G, is a mysterious one. We've seen him in Arcade Edition's cinematic intro, pointing at the camera like the classic Uncle Sam "I want you!" poster, as well as in the promotional image for Season 3's fighter line up. And that's about it.

Very little is known about Season 3's final newcomer, but ever since he was first shown in the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition reveal trailer, fans have been speculating on who or what he could be.

With San Diego Comic-Con 2018 coming up next week and Capcom's tendency to reveal something at the convention each year, I wanted to recap what people think about G in Street Fighter 5 so far. There have been several theories and each is more interesting than the last.

From Bloody Roar's Greg turned Neo Shadaloo squad member to the man behind all that gold found in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, there's quite a bit to dive into here.

Grab your top hats and your gold pocket watches, people, it's time for the G theories!

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Street Fighter 5's G deemed 'The Fool' on 30th anniversary tarot cards; Rose, C. Viper, Oro, Elena, and more also featured

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection saw its release stateside back in May, but unfortunately had its launch in Japan delayed. Last night, Capcom announced that the assortment of 12 classic Street Fighter titles will become available overseas on October 25th, 2018.

Not only will this version of the game that brings legendary entries from the Street Fighter 2 series, Street Fighter 3, and even Street Fighter Alpha back into living rooms be seeing the addition of its Japanese text and versions of the titles, but it'll also come with a couple of awesome collector's editions. One of the extra goodies among those special purchase options is a set of Street Fighter tarot cards that has the fighting game community excited — and rightfully so.

These tarot cards feature different characters across the 30 years of Street Fighter games, each with their own title relative to the character slapped across the front such as "Death" or "The Hermit." What's most interesting about these cards is the fact that one of them prominently features Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's upcoming DLC character, G.

We still know very little about the mysterious, gold-marked newcomer. However, G's tarot card sees him playing the role of "The Fool."

This might be a hint at what kind of personality we can expect from the president-looking contender. Perhaps he'll err more on the side of a jokester rather than an ultra-serious character like Urien or M. Bison. We recently ran through the various theories about who or what G is in Street Fighter 5, and you can check them out here.

These tarot cards also feature other characters that we haven't seen return in the latest Street Fighter title like Street Fighter Alpha's Rose and Rolento, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike's Elena and Oro, and Street Fighter 4's C. Viper. The initial look at the cards was a small image, but the gallery below is higher-res and will give you a good look at what you can expect.

Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #2 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #4 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #8 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #16 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #11 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #14

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Updated: Mortal Kombat movie reboot's reported characters leak is not the full list, says film's writer

Updated 10:46 a.m. PDT, Thurs. July 12, 2018: The Mortal Kombat reboot's writer Greg Russo confirmed on Twitter that the list of the film's characters in the original report is not a complete list (via IGN). Russo explains that the list shared by The Hashtag Show was based on an old version of the script.

Russo goes on to say that some of the characters on the list have been cut, while others were left off. So there's still a chance we'll see major Mortal Kombat characters like Sub-Zero and Scorpion in the film.

Earlier: Some interesting details about the Mortal Kombat movie reboot have surfaced thanks to ThatHashTag reports. The first original Mortal Kombat movie came to theaters in August 18, 1995 while its sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, debuted on November 21, 1997.

James Wan is the producer for the reboot. Meanwhile, Simon Mcquoid will serve as the director of Greg Russo's completed script. They appear to be taking the movie in a very interesting direction.

A brand new character named Cole Turner will be introduced in the movie. This character will be the lead male. Cole Turner is stated to be a struggling, widowed boxer who cares more about his 12-year-old daughter more than anything. Even in the face of a fantastical adversity, he refuses to quit.

Of course, familiar faces will also appear in the movie. Liu Kang, for example, is mentioned to be a "talented Earthrealm champion." Shang Tsung also appears to be fulfilling a role as the main antagonist.

Meanwhile, Raiden will apparently be a 14-year-old kid, Sonya will be a writer, and Kung Lao will be Liu Kang's mute monk brother. Needless to say, that's enough to raise an eyebrow already. Taking creative liberties like these don't always appeal to the fans.

The movie will also apparently feature a number of obscure characters like Drahmin, Nitara, and Reiko. According to ThatHashTag's reports, there are currently no mentions of Scorpion or Sub-Zero yet...

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We discuss reports of racism in Daytona during CEO 2018; is Cammy becoming a problem in Street Fighter 5? EventHubs Podcast

CEO (Community Effort Orlando) is one of the biggest and best events in the fighting game community, but reports of racism in Daytona Beach, Florida, created bad experiences for some of the attendees. In this episode of the EventHubs Podcast, we discuss what we heard, Alex Jebailey's response, and how we think the team there could alleviate some issues.

Jebailey had said earlier in the week that while the venue has met the needs of the FGC, and received a lot of praise from attendees — the surrounding area has not. He added that reports of racism is not an issue he's taking lightly.

Also, our tournament coverage specialist, Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, joins us this week to discuss bracket seeding issues, and why he's not as happy as everyone else about Cody in Street Fighter 5.

We also get into the Cammy army that's forming in SF5: Arcade Edition, and what we'd do to the character, given Capcom's willingness to update the game periodically with smaller balance changes.

After ten Cammy players were in the top 64 at CEO 2018, both Velociraptor and I feel it might be time to tweak the Killer Bee a bit, and we list out some things we'd like to see, and debate back and forth a bit on these alterations.

Then we get into the history of how balance changes are iterated through at Capcom, and EVO's prize money payouts compared with other top tier events in the fighting game community. Check out the EventHubs Podcast episode 7 below.

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