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A near perfect fighting game that makes the future of the genre look bright โ€” Street Fighter 6 review

It's been quite a wait, but fans all around the world will finally be able to play the complete version of Street Fighter 6 when it launches on June 2 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Steam. Capcom has provided me with an early review copy of the game, and I've already logged in many hours exploring just about all there is in Street Fighter 6.

Those that were around during Street Fighter 5's launch might remember just how barren that game initially felt of features back in early 2016. Over seven years later, I can safely say that Capcom has taken things in the complete opposite direction by launching Street Fighter 6 rich with all kinds of engaging features and modes.

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Polls: How is your Street Fighter 6 launch experience?

The wait is finally over with Street Fighter 6 now in all of our hands, and there's so much to do with so little time.

Since SF6 has been out in the wild for a couple of days now, we're here to ask our readers about how their launch experience is going with the game so far.

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Street Fighter 6 is now available

It's been over seven long years since the last time the Street Fighter community saw a brand new numbered entry release, but as the clock rolls past midnight in the easternmost parts of North America, the massively anticipated Street Fighter 6 is finally available to the public.

There's a lot to this game, but we have you covered on all fronts. Continue on to see just about everything you'll want to know to get started off on the right foot, including Street Fighter 6's pricing, general info, our review, the launch trailer and more.

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New Mortal Kombat 1 trailer reveals Johnny Cage, Jax, Kenshi, Raiden, fatalities, and more

Summer Games Fest is already delivering as one of their first showcases was none other than the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1. Though we've seen the reveal trailer, this new trailer shows off gameplay footage that includes new characters, mechanics, and, of course, fatalities.

We saw a handful of familiar faces in the first showing, but now we get footage of Johnny Cage, Jax, Kenshi, Kano, Kung-Lao, Goro, and Stryker.

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New Street Fighter 6 trailer showcases Battle Outfit 2 costumes for all 18 characters revealing classic Cammy, snazzy Marisa and more

Street Fighter 6 is giving the cast of old school world warriors a makeover for the new game, but it appears that they and every other character in the game will have access to more outfits when the game releases.

Capcom just shared a new trailer for SF6 that showcases the Battle Outfit 2 options for all 18 characters in the game including many classic digs and some brand new looks.

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Street Fighter 6 breaks Steam player records at launch and then breaks them again

It certainly appears as though Street Fighter 6 is getting off to a quite successful start considering it sold 1 million copies in a matter of days, and there's another impressive feat the game managed to achieve right out of the gate.

Street Fighter 6 immediately broke the all-time concurrent record player count for a paid fighting game upon release and then broke it again less than a day later.

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Street Fighter 6 rates extremely high among reviewers โ€” Here's the review roundup for Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is launching on June 2, this Friday. At long last, the meta for Street Fighter 6 can actually start developing. Though many of us have already put in a ton of time into Street Fighter 6's beta builds and demo, we've yet to truly scratch the surface.

In preparation for the big launch, reviewers have already unveiled their thoughts about the upcoming fighting game. Needless to say, Street Fighter 6 has scored high marks across the board.

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How much real money it'll cost you to buy all of Street Fighter 6's costumes and colors right now

Street Fighter 6 is out now, and players are finding that Capcom has filled the newest entry in the long-running fighting game franchise to the brim with content to enjoy. From a robust single player experience to all of the bells and whistles you could ever hope for in the classic 1v1 fighting modes, there's something here for everyone.

On top of a ton of different modes to choose from, Capcom has also added a second costume for every character and a batch of colors for both the default outfit and outfit 2. Much like most modern games, players have the ability to purchase this additional content by using real money, but how much will it cost you to purchase all costumes and colors for the 18 launch characters in Street Fighter 6? Let's take a look at the numbers.

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New Street Fighter 6 tier list released by MDZ Jimmy ranks all 18 characters in the game

It hasn't even been a full week since Street Fighter 6 was released. Despite this short timespan, MDZ Jimmy has recently released his first tier list for the new Capcom fighting game.

While it could be argued that it's far too early to truly narrow down where all 18 characters rank against one another in the developing Street Fighter 6 meta, it's never truly too early to start the conversation. Needless to say, MDZ Jimmy offers up some of his early opinions "for the sake of content" during one of his latest YouTube videos.

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Collaborative Street Fighter 6 tier list released by Tokido, Gachikun, and Mago

It's almost been a week since Street Fighter 6 was released worldwide. It's still early, but competitive players are already starting to get a good feel of the fighting game's meta. Needless to say, certain opinions are beginning to form regarding the launch roster's 18 characters.

A new tier list for Street Fighter 6 has been recently released that provides insight on the collaborative opinions of Rohto|Tokido, RB|Gachikun, and GyoGun|Mago. All 18 fighters have been divided up into one of five different tier categories.

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Street Fighter 6 will use Denuvo Anti-Tamper piracy tech on PC

Street Fighter 6 is now just over away from releasing worldwide on consoles and PC, but it seems like we're still learning more about it.

It appears to be confirmed now that Capcom is implementing Denuvo Anti-Tamper tech into Street Fighter 6 on PC to try curbing piracy.

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Capcom releases statement following 'very negative' reviews of Street Fighter 6's DLC packs

Most people seem to be quite enjoying their time with Street Fighter 6 so far, but there's a few aspects of the game that some apparently aren't very happy with.

Capcom has now released a statement seemingly addressing player complaints regarding SF6's DLC packs.

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Capcom reports that Street Fighter 6 already has over a million players and is giving out a reward to everyone that logs on

It hasn't even been a full week since Street Fighter 6 was released into the wild, but there are already signs that the sixth entry in the Street Fighter series has been a huge success for Capcom. As of earlier today, players will be greeted with a certain notification upon logging into Street Fighter 6.

"We're celebrating Street Fighter 6 reaching over 1 million players with a commemorative item," says the Street Fighter 6 notification. "Please claim the attached item."

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A Tekken 8 Playtest beta appears to be on the way

We may have Street Fighter 6 on the immediate horizon, but there's more massive titles coming to the fighting game community this year โ€” and we may be getting to play one of them pretty soon.

There appears to be a Tekken 8 Playtest / beta on the way, which will allow players to try out the game from the comfort of their own home for the first time.

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Here are the input lag test results for Street Fighter 6 across all platforms

Street Fighter 6 was finally released just a few days ago. As such, Nigel "Noodalls" Woodall, input lag test aficionado, has recently reported his findings about Street Fighter 6's input latency.

It would appear that Noodalls has spent quite a lot of time running thousands of tests across all platforms that Street Fighter 6 has been released on to get the most accurate results possible. According to Noodalls' interpretation of these results, it doesn't matter a great deal which platform you get Street Fighter 6 if you're buying for the new generation of consoles.

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