Falke coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition on April 24th

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's newest character now has an official showcase. Capcom has released the gameplay trailer for Falke.

The staff-wielding combatant is a newcomer to the world of Street Fighter. As we learned previously, Falke is a clone of M. Bison who can utilize Psycho Power.

Nicknamed "The Guardian Hawk," Falke was heavily experimented by the evil organization Shadaloo. She was forced to train excessively in order to reach perfection.

Falke is capable of infusing items with Psycho Power and can release this energy through them. She mainly utilizes this ability with her staff, which she has named "Harmony."

After years of brutal training, Falke spiraled into a deep state of despair. Ed eventually came to her rescue, and they were both able to escape the clutches of Shadaloo building a sibling-like bond between the two.

Falke is the third DLC character to join the fight in Season 3. Later this year, we'll be seeing Cody, G, and Sagat added to the roster as well.

We can expect Falke to join the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition fight on Tuesday, April 24th.

Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #1 Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #2 Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #3 Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #4 Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #5 Falke in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition image #6

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Here is Nicki Minaj's new 'Chun-Li' song

People have been talking about it all week, and now it's officially here. Nicki Minaj's new song "Chun-Li" has been released.

Uploaded onto her official YouTube channel, the new track features a beat that has Chinese influences sprinkled throughout. The very beginning of the track kicks off with a gong ringing out, for example.

Outside of Nicki referring to herself as Chun-Li, there really aren't any references to the fighting game franchise.

The promotional images we saw throughout the week and the title of the song seemed to suggest otherwise, but unfortunately, it's lacking in that department.

Still, if you want to give it a listen, you can do so by hitting the jump.

At least we got some cool fan art out of this whole thing.

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Fan made Street Fighter 5 'Mysterious Mod' allows new combos, tweaks anti air jabs, adds new 'V-Cancel' mechanic and much more

Those playing Street Fighter 5 on PC can now download an all new experience as Venom44 and Killbox have come out with an overhaul mod that changes just about everything about the game.

A lot of the tweaks here echo Street Fighter 4 as light attacks can be linked into mediums, back dashes gain invincibility frames and meter-less reversals are once again invincible.

It goes way beyond just those though, as characters have all new moves that lead to even more combos, sequences and set ups.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the new 'V-Cancel' mechanic that allows players to spend some of their V-Gauge to cancel the recovery frames of their moves to further extend combos... not unlike SF4's Focus Attack Dash Cancel technique.

All fighters also have a new V-Skill-esque ability performed by pressing back and taunt at the same time, and some of the cast have secondary Critical Arts.

Here's footage of the V-Cancel mechanic in action combined with new moves from Juri, and you can view the video in its entirety below.

Click images for animated versions

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The public execution of good fighting games: a lesson in critical thinking

This isn't going to be everyone's favorite video, but I'm choosing to share it here because of the way it encourages us to think critically, even if we don't ultimately wind up changing our stances.

Few would deny the effects of social media culture can often lead to unfair portrayals of and reactions to any item highlighted to the masses, and the fighting game community is not at all exempt from this.

The crew over at novriltataki has gone out on a limb and created a video that asks us to take an intrinsic look as we critique the games of our genre.

They do so with the bold choice to use Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, a very sensitive subject in the FGC these days, as their example.

While Infinite had its fair share of problems, we very often hear sentiments to the effect of "the gameplay is actually pretty good, it's just all that other stuff," and the most highlighted of said "other stuff" has been the game's visuals.

I'm not making a direct comment on whether or not MvCI's reception was wrong or right, but very strongly agree with the notion that we should put our judgements through the processes the video implies before we publicly proclaim them.

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Nicki Minaj dresses up as Street Fighter's Chun-Li to tease her mysterious upcoming track of the same name

Remember that joke we all were making about the "Nicki Minaj" version of Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5? Well now it's not really a joke anymore.

The hip-hop megastar has apparently been quiet on Twitter for most of this year, but has recently popped up with two hinting images for upcoming songs.

The first of these is 'Barbie Tingz' and I'm not at all obligated to know anything about that so you can go do your own research if you want to know more.

The other is titled "Chun-Li" and has been revealed via an image of Nicki offering her own take on Street Fighter's most iconic female fighter.

The only real parallel between the fighting game character and Nicki's portrayal is the former's trademark hairstyle, but we're all but certain we'll see a brand new Nicki Minaj Chun costume pop up in Street Fighter 5 in the coming weeks so the two can match perfectly.

All we really know on the matter is what's been revealed in Minaj's tweet, which you can view for yourself right here. Mysteries will be fully revealed this Thursday.

Click image of Nicki Minaj performing art to see the Tweet

Opinion: Nicki Minaj's new single 'Chun-Li' and its music video are genius works of art, and may forever change the fighting game landscape

As of the writing of this article, Nicki Minaj's music video for her new song, Chun-Li, is trending in fifth place on all of YouTube, and has 3.1 million views in less than 24 hours. Deservedly so.

Though we're not going to embed the video itself due to its relatively NSFW nature, allowing such a piece of inspired art to go by without proper acknowledgement would mean we're not doing our jobs as purveyors of current fighting game news and culture.

If you haven't already seen the music video for Chun-Li five times yet, please do yourself a favor and go check it out right here. It's more important that you do that than finish reading this right away.

Assuming everyone still reading has hit their five-view minimum quota, I wanted to take a closer look at Chun-Li in an attempt to unravel at list a small portion of the genius behind the lyrical content and video execution.

Minaj's ability to synthesize and juxtapose notable icons from vastly different avenues of popular culture in a way that sheds new meaning on them may be unparalleled.

Before we dig in, that godlike Photoshop of Minaj's face on the Chun figure from the banner was done by our guy DemonDan, and you can view the full image by clicking here:

MvCI Chun or This? image #1
Click images for larger versions

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The leaks were real? It's looking more and more like regular Goku and Vegeta are en route to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Wednesday's news about Zamasu being the next DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ was more telling than one might think at first glance.

The ShonenGames reveal offered in-game images of the Kai as well as a nod to Vegito Blue (one of two fusions of Goku and Vegeta), two of the eight proposed DLC roster additions allegedly leaked back in late March.

The inclusion of these two means said leak list is now half complete with 100% accuracy thus far, (Broly and Bardock were on said list as well) leading us to believe we probably know the identities of the other four incoming characters, some of whom may not be top picks for fans of the game.

Maximilian has come out with a video recapping and detailing the situation thus far. We're gonna chat about the alleged newcomers next, so this is your spoilers warning if you don't want to know.

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If ArcSys were to give another anime the Dragon Ball FighterZ treatment, which one would you like to see?

One of the biggest headlines in the FGC throughout this last year has been Dragon Ball FighterZ ever since its reveal, the hopes and hype for it as we built up to its release, and the great success it has seen since we could finally get our hands on it.

Honestly, even if the game didn't appeal to you personally, it's hard to argue against that this was going to be a slam dunk of big proportions - First, you bring in Bandai Namco, one of the most successful fighting game publishers in the entire world with the Tekken and Soul Calibur franchises under their belt.

Then, you add Arc System Works to the mix, developers of serious pedigree with Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Persona 4: Arena all being highly successful in their own right, and you combine their efforts for a Dragon Ball game, one of the biggest multimedia franchises in the entire world.

It's not like Arc System Works are strangers to adaptions, either. The aforementioned Persona 4: Arena was obviously an adaption of the highly popular RPG franchise, but they also made a fondly remembered (yet also hilariously broken) Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken fighting game back in 2005, as well as recent endeavors on the 3DS with both Dragon Ball and One Piece, including crossplay capability between the two.

So, with the company having such a storied history when it comes to adapting franchises, their most recent endeavor being to bring the world of RWBY to fighting game fans via their crossover title BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the mind starts to wander when thinking of what other franchises they might be able to turn into gold if given the chance.

While it's hard to reach the fame and success of Dragon Ball, there are a lot of different manga series that have ended up being hugely successful not just in their native Japan, but on a worldwide scale as well. Some are obviously not very fit for a fighting game (Death Note FighterZ, any one?), but it's still commonplace for most popular series to have a strong battle element to them.

With that in mind, we decided to let you guys, our readers, have your voices be heard. We've compiled a poll with some of the biggest manga franchises in the world that Arc System Works could possibly make their next fighting game based on, and it's time for you guys to vote on them. For the poll itself and some more details about my reasoning for these choices, continue below.

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Falke has 'simple inputs' like Ed in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Early this morning, we saw the official unveiling of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's next DLC character, Falke. Along with her official gameplay trailer, Capcom also released a blog entry with details about the Psycho Powered fighter.

A ton of information hit the internet about Falke, and there's an interesting bit in particular that we'd like to draw attention to for those who may have glossed it over. Much like Season 2's Ed, Falke is a "simple inputs" character.

This means that her special moves are performed without the use of traditional motions -- like fireballs and Dragon Punches. Instead, we'll be seeing her attacks launched using single or double button presses and sometimes a single direction to go along with those presses.

As detailed in the blog today, Falke's special move that fires Psycho Power similar to a shotgun is performed by holding a single punch to charge, then releasing it. She gets three variations of this special move depending on her position: standing, crouching, or in the air.

Her other special moves include an uppercut-style attack called Psycho Schneide, which is performed by hitting two punch buttons together, and a pole vaulting kick attack (Katapult) that is activated when two kicks are input simultaneously. The EX versions of these special moves are likely performed by hitting three punches and three kicks, respectively.

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Fused Zamasu is among the next DLC characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

It's been almost exactly two months since we learned that Broly and Bardock were first revealed to be coming as DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and now it appears we know who is coming next.

Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu are reportedly the next DLC characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, according to Shonen Games.

A page from this week's Japanese V-Jump shows Fused Zamasu in the top left corner with his character stats for FighterZ with the fully scanned and translated pages likely coming sometime tomorrow. Vegito does not appear on these scanned pages, so his inclusion in not guaranteed, but likely.

Both characters are among those listed in the data-mined file that was previously found when Broly and Bardock were added to the game.

The page shows off Zamasu in action in the game along with his portrait, stills of his supers and his stats. Fused Zamasu is ranked "SS" for power, "C" for speed, "SS" for reach, "B" for technique and "S" for energy.

Broly and Bardock were first revealed in Shonen Jump on February 17 and were released on March 28, so if the developers keep up a similar release cycle, we could see the next two characters for DBFZ to drop around May 30th. You can check out the page below.

Click image for tweet

Sent in by BornFree

When order goes too far: the psychology behind why you love Cell as a Dragon Ball Z villain so much

Cell is one of Dragon Ball Z's most iconic villains and one of Dragon Ball FighterZ most popular characters. The latter makes sense from a gameplay standpoint, since he can effectively fill any of the roles the three on three game asks of its characters (even further appropriate considering Cell is comprised of the strongest parts of other fighters).

Why is it that insect-like villain has left such a strong mark on us though? He looks cool enough, but physical appearance will only take you so far in terms of fan appeal. I think what resonates so strongly with us is what Cell represents, and how we fundamentally connect with it.

I've been reading Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos and came across an idea that actually brought my mind instantly to two Dragon Ball Z characters, one of which was Cell.

Chapter two of Dr. Peterson's book spends some time delving into the juxtaposition of order and chaos, two concepts between which we all live our lives, and two realms divided by a line which we must straddle in order to maintain sanity. Go too far in one direction and catastrophe happens.

Cell represents moving too far towards the "order" end of the spectrum, and the way Dragon Ball's creators illustrate that through him is beautiful, poetic and enticing.

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'If people want a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is weak... so weak it gives me the shivers' - Daigo on Season 3.5 of Street Fighter 5

During a recent streaming session CYG|Daigo Umehara spoke with Orikasa about a few of the changes we've seen in Street Fighter 5 since the 3.5 update patch.

Umehara has been labeled as a Ryu champion because of his performances with the Street Fighter poster boy over the years, but it seems that the Japanese god truly isn't satisfied with his former main, whom he switched away from for Guile over a year ago.

"One way or the other, if people want some kind of a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is WEAK. No change. He's so weak it gives me shivers," said the Beast.

"He was supposed to get stronger, they increased his firepower, his punishes became stronger. I don't understand. Regarding Crush Counters, Ryu isn't a character who fishes for CC so Crush Counters becoming weaker isn't a big deal," he continued.

"Plus the characters he struggles against like Rashid got weaker, and his st.mk got buffed. So it's like they were trying to buff him thinking 'let's buff this... and this... and this too,' but it's nowhere near enough. At all."

Here's the full bit from the blurb. Read on to see Daigo's thoughts on nerfing Rashid and Abigail.

Daigo on Ryu image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Official Street Fighter Twitter updates logo with image of Falke's staff

Since Kolin's drop back in February of 2017, Capcom has made it a somewhat routine practice to update their Street Fighter Twitter logo to be themed to their next DLC character.

This traditionally happens just a day or two before the official revealing of said character, and so today's logo change leads us to believe we'll being seeing Falke very, very soon.

The profile image has been changed to have a purple and pink background with what looks to be part of a staff (Falke's trademark weapon) behind the Arcade Edition "V".

We usually see new characters officially drop on Tuesdays, though character breakdowns and early demonstrations often take place early the same day or the weekend before.

This new tease comes after a few other teases via the Shadaloo CFN site earlier this week.

You can click the thumbnail here to see the full image. The second is a screen grab from the Season 3 DLC reveal trailer wherein we see a glimpse of Falke holding her staff.

New Logo image #1 New Logo image #2
Click images for larger versions

Nicki Minaj's 'Chun-Li' image has already inspired fan art

Just yesterday, we learned that popular American rapper Nicki Minaj has a couple of new songs releasing soon, with one of them being Street Fighter-themed. Entitled "Chun-Li," the track is expected to drop sometime tomorrow.

To accompany the new music, Minaj released a promotional image for Chun-Li featuring her with a hairstyle similar to fighting games' first fighting female. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out by hitting the above link.

While some sat perplexed at Minaj's Street Fighter inspiration, others seemed to take a liking to it. In fact, a handful of Twitter users shared art pieces portraying Nicki Minaj's portrayal of Chun-Li.

Street Fighter 5 producer Takayuki Nakayama apparently created a 2D Chun-Li sprite that is reminiscent of Minaj's design.

Twitter user Bolbi Stroganovsky also put together a piece for Nicki's Chun, placing her into a classic Chun-Li pose. We also see the addition of her trademark spiked bracelets, although the colors have been changed to match the outfit.

At this point, we have no idea if Nicki Minaj's "Chun-Li" is going to actually be littered with Street Fighter references or if it's just a title. The promotional image seems to indicate that this will have ties to the game somehow, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li" fan art image #1 Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li" fan art image #2
Click images for larger versions

Infiltration - I want to become a sexy, pro fighting game player both to break stereotypes and attract more female gamers to our community

This isn't to say that the FGC doesn't have its hunks, (we're looking at you, 801_Strider) but let's not pretend there isn't a standing stereotype that labels most all competitive video game players as in likely less than peak physical condition.

Seonwoo "PG|Infiltration" Lee is one of that indisputably strongest Street Fighter players on the planet right now as he continues his trends of winning international tournaments and bringing new light to characters most others don't see much worth in.

There's no doubt that Lee is one of the torch bearers, leading the charge in fighting game eSports and often breaking through the mold to reach more and more general audiences.

During his NorCal Regionals interview with BornFree, Infiltration spoke plenty on routine Street Fighter 5 topics such as tier lists, training regiments and the current state of competitive play. He also spoke on his idea to help bridge the gap and kill some stereotypes between the general public and competitive FGC.

His solution? The Korean player wants to become more physically attractive as one of the poster boys for the community. He figures this will ultimately draw more attention from mainstream audiences.

"I'll be able to then attract more female gamers to the FGC so that way we can have a harmonious bunch of people of all genders come together... I want to be on the front line of that goal and I wish a lot of others would follow my passion and path to become a sexy pro gamer."

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