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Mortal Kombat stories

Shao Kahn is THE boss of Mortal Kombat, but his competitive history is either awful or ban-worthy... except for 1 game

Shao Kahn instantly cemented himself forever in the fighting game zeitgeist when he was first introduced as the heavy-hitting, soul-crushing and quarter-stealing boss of Mortal Kombat 2 — although the same can't really be said for his time outside of Arcade Mode.

PND|Ketchup recently released his latest Mortal Kombat competitive history video taking a closer look at how Shao Kahn has either been too strong or awful throughout the series to make an impact on tournaments. That is except for one game you may find surprising.

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There will be no Mortal Kombat 12 announcement at The Game Awards next week, Ed Boon confirms

One of the biggest platforms for major video game reveals, The Game Awards, is kicking off next week and will undoubtedly bring with it several exciting reveals for fans to enjoy. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 12 announcement will not be one of them.

Mortal Kombat series co-creator Ed Boon took to Twitter just a short while ago to deliver the news. According to Boon, NetherRealm Studios will not be revealing their next game at the awards show.

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This Mortal Kombat clip of a player pausing the game to interrupt his twin brother's round-winning combo is too funny to not see

Whether it be at the hands of a mischievous sibling or just a friend you brought over, everyone who grew up gaming has likely been on the receiving end of someone unplugging your controller or pausing the game just as you were about to win. While the closest thing we have to that nowadays in our heavily online era is rage quitters, it seems that the oldest trick in the book is still alive and well these days.

Prominent Mortal Kombat series player and commentator PND|Mustard recently uploaded a clip featuring a match between him and his twin brother, PND|Ketchup, in which the former pulled out the dirtiest of tricks. As Ketchup was about to finish landing the round-winning combo, Mustard paused the emulation of Mortal Kombat 3 they were playing and caused his brother to completely drop the sequence — which ultimately gave Mustard the win. As you might expect, some NSFW language lies ahead.

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Stuntman Danny Bortfeld recreates Mortal Kombat 11's character select animations using any item he could find around the house

Danny Bortfeld has been making his case as to why he's perfect to portray Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat movie sequel for quite a while now, and he definitely knows how to improvise and get creative.

The stuntman and actor recently decided to recreate a variety of Mortal Kombat 11's character select animations with costumes he seemingly put together with anything he could find around the house, which managed to earn props from series co-creator Ed Boon.

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Mortal Kombat may be building up to a new announcement at The Game Awards

Mortal Kombat is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, but there's yet to be any notable announcements to come out of the special event.

That all could be changing pretty soon, however, with some eagle-eyed fans pointing to a theory that NetherRealm Studios is building up to a big reveal as soon as The Game Awards 2022, which seems plausible.

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MultiVersus is no longer the most popular fighting game on PC, nor is it even #2

MultiVersus absolutely destroyed records when it released this Summer as the biggest fighting game launch on PC ever, but it's apparently failed to maintain that momentum and initial success in the following months.

Where Warner Bros.' platform fighter once eclipsed the rest of the genre's active players on Steam combined, MultiVersus has exponentially dropped in its user count to the point where it can't be even the definitive number two in terms of popularity.

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Complete Black Friday 2022 fighting game shopping guide

Update: Our Black Friday fighting game shopping guide has been updated to include the long list of deals available now in the Steam Autumn Sale.

The biggest shopping week of the year is now bearing down on us like a festive wild boar, bringing with it many of the best sales and deals you can find.

Considering there's too many stores and online retailers to keep track of, we've put together a complete Black Friday shopping guide for fighting game fans full of deep discounts and cheer.

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Did Ed Boon just outright confirm NetherRealm Studios' next project with his latest set of hints?

It's been over a year since NetherRealm Studios announced the completion of post-launch development for Mortal Kombat 11. What could their next project be? Is it Mortal Kombat 12, Injustice 3, something to do with Marvel, or is it something else entirely?

During Ed Boon's latest Q&A session on Twitter, he seemingly released a decisive hint on what NetherRealm Studios' next project is. With this hint in mind, all signs now seem to be pointing towards Mortal Kombat 12.

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Pro Mortal Kombat player loses to the series' most ridiculous Brutality in this hilarious Mortal Kombat X clip

The Mortal Kombat series has a ton of silly finishers that players are able to use in order to put a stamp on their victory. From the myriad of lighthearted Friendships to Quan Chi's neck stretch Fatality, you can find some ridiculous stuff in the most violent mainstream fighting game series around. However, none of them are quite as ridiculous as a certain Brutality in Mortal Kombat X...

Pro NetherRealm Studios game player Mr. Aquaman shared a clip on Twitter in which he took a loss to the most absurd Brutality the franchise has to offer. That's right, here in 2022 this player got caught by none other than the "Blanche" finisher, and it's just as funny now as it was back in 2015.

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BossLogic's incredible Mortal Kombat fan art featuring Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Smoke, and Kabal is unrivaled

BossLogic's artwork is fantastic. If you're unfamiliar, this digital artist's portfolio consists of outstanding pieces depicting the likes of Black Panther, Black Adam, UFC fighters, Spider-Man, Thor, and so many other popular characters across various media.

Naturally, our favorite here on the site is Boss' fighting game art, and some of his recently shared Mortal Kombat pieces still have us in awe. Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Kabal, and Smoke all look tremendous in these killer portraits.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pinhead considered for Mortal Kombat multiple times says Ed Boon, shares worst fan character request

Mortal Kombat series co-creator Ed Boon has been conducting a series of "ask me stuff" sessions in which he hops onto Twitter and allows followers to ask him questions that he makes sure to reply to. His latest AMA, which is the sixth one he's done, took place this past weekend, and during that window of time Boon fielded over 60 questions from fans.

Among the numerous queries for Mr. Boon, a handful of Twitter users asked about specific guest characters for NetherRealm Studios games and if they were ever considered. Of the names that popped up, both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies were mentioned, and Boon even revealed who the worst guest character suggestion he's received over the years is.

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The slowest attacks in Mortal Kombat history tended to be unviable but there were exceptions as outlined by TrueUnderDawgGaming

As one might expect from a fighting game series, the speed of attacks tended to vary by quite a bit. Some moves are just simply faster than others. There are plenty of reasons why an attack like Reptile's Reptilian Dash has less start up than your typical unblockable.

In a recent video upload, TrueUnderDawgGaming highlighted some of the slowest attacks that have appeared throughout Mortal Kombat history. Needless to say, a number of these highlighted moves were basically unviable, but there were some that actually had practical uses.

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This amazing real match Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Fujin combo has an exceptionally brutal ending

We've seen a lot of killer Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate combos grace our front page over the years, but it's been a little while since we've featured one. Thankfully, despite the game no longer receiving content support and NetherRealm Studios being hard at work on their next project, dedicated players continue to grind and share some of their best tech.

A clip from Twitter user Shenles recently crossed our path and showcases a devastating Fujin combo that was performed in a real match and extends well into the "Finish Him!" screen. This sequence has an exceptionally brutal ending, not only because of the Brutality that closes it out, but also because of one hit in particular that is expertly placed.

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If Disney made a Mortal Kombat movie Scorpion, Sonya, and more would look just like this spectacular fan art from Ricky Baba

When one thinks of the Mortal Kombat series, with all of its blood, violence, and gore, one typically does not think of Disney. The two entities might be direct opposites by nature, with one being all about ripping off heads and lobbing off limbs and the other a family friendly organization that makes kids' dreams come true.

But for some reason, when you combine these two things together you get something absolutely incredible. A digital artist who has done work for Dreamworks by the name of Ricky Baba has created fan art of popular Mortal Kombat characters like Sonya Blade and Sub-Zero depicting them in the style of a Disney / Pixar film, and the end result is tremendous.

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The Waka Flocka Flame vs. SonicFox fighting game grudge match is actually happening

A couple of weeks ago Fighting Game Twitter was lighting up with beefs between professional rappers and pro fighting game players. Of the interactions going on, a back and forth between rapper Waka Flocka Flame and top competitor Dominique "EG|SonicFox" McLean stood out among the pack and got people actively talking.

The short version is that Waka Flocka put out a tweet saying how good he is at fighting games and that no one would want to test that, and thus began a list of comments with people suggesting opponents for him. SonicFox's name kept coming up, and though there was a lot of talk between the two, it was unclear whether or not they'd actually have a grudge match. This morning, we learned that the bout is indeed going to happen.

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Blink Respawn 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The age of major events taking place all over the world on a near weekly basis is once again upon us, and it's time for the Dominican Republic to give the fighting game community a show that only they can provide.

Blink Respawn 2022 is going down this weekend to bring together many of the best players across North, Central and South America to compete including PG|Punk, FURY|Fatality, GOT|DR Ray, Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, Larry Lurr, Bandits|Sonic, LD|Ling, RR|Mono, Crossover, LuiMan20, and plenty more.

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PnD Ketchup utterly breaks highest difficulty AI in Mortal Kombat Gold

Mortal Kombat 4 and its update, Mortal Kombat Gold, don't have the best reputation in for being standout franchise entries, but must still be lauded for effectively transitioning Mortal Kombat into the 3D fighting space without killing the IP.

Exploring such a new space naturally meant there would be bugs as unforeseen issues slipped through cracks, some of which hindered players, others of which gave them way too much power. PnD Ketchup has discovered some new tech over 20 years later that makes getting through the game's most difficult AI opposition a ridiculous breeze.

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