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Mortal Kombat stories

The villain that appears in the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer sure does look a lot like Mortal Kombat's Quan Chi

A new trailer for Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder debuted late last night. During this trailer, we received reaffirmation that Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) would be taking up the role of "female Thor."

Although the reveal of the antagonist in the trailer was somewhat subdued by comparison, we did learn that Thor and Jane would be facing off with "Gorr the God Butcher" throughout the movie. Many fans have already pointed out how this depiction of Gorr looks very similar to a prominent Mortal Kombat character.

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Five Mortal Kombat stages that really stand out

So much of our attention during fighting game play is on the foreground action that we can often forget just how important a part of the puzzle the arenas said action takes place in can be. Clever or peculiarly enticing details may capture our attention or imaginations, and breakaway walls or dangerous hazards can inject all new levels of excitement into the battle.

Even from its earliest days the Mortal Kombat franchise made capturing fully utilizing the potential magic of stages a prominent box to check (The Pit had a special stage Fatality and hidden bottom arena in which you could fight Reptile). The next 30 years have seen MK developers further evolve and interact with stage potential, and PNDK&M count down the five notable stand out arenas in their latest video essay.

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Xbox's big Fighter Sale features The King of Fighters 15 and many more sweet fighting game discounts

It's not everyday we see a video game sale dedicated specifically to fighting games, so this should be considered a special occassion.

Xbox is currently putting on their Fighter Sale, which as the name suggests includes a bunch of sweet deals for the genre including The King of Fighters 15.

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These are the fighting games coming to the new PlayStation Plus subscription service

With Game Pass finding success by making subscriptions more appetizing for players in the Xbox ecosystem, There have been a ton of eyes on PlayStation to see what they'd be doing to compete, and now we finally got a picture of what's coming.

Sony recently released the list of titles that will be included in the overhaul of their PlayStation Plus subscription service, and there will be a handful of new and classic fighting games for players to get their hands on.

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A cheeky Ed Boon secret that turned into one of Mortal Kombat's most broken characters; the history of Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot is a Mortal Kombat regular these days who fits in just fine with the rest of the cast, but he's actually got one of the most unique histories of any of the franchise's many combatants.

From starting as a secret in Mortal Kombat 2 that the team didn't find out about until they were developing Mortal Kombat 3 to being one of the most insanely broken characters of the MK3 era, Noob Saibot's story is one worth hearing. Lucky for all of us, PNDK&M tell it very well.

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TrueUnderDawgGaming's latest tier list rates bosses and sub-bosses that have appeared in the Mortal Kombat games

Counting Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe as the eighth entry, there have been 11 mainline Mortal Kombat titles developed thus far. It's been something of a tradition for every Mortal Kombat to have the player fight against some unplayable boss at the end of every story mode or arcade ladder mode.

Who among these boss characters is the best, though? To answer this, TrueUnderDagGaming released a unique tier list that rates all the bosses we've come across throughout the history of the Mortal Kombat series.

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Canada Cup Master Series 2 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend sees the return of the Canada Cup Master Series and it's taking place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Notable players attending include PG|Justin Wong, Grilla|NYChrisG, PG|KizzieKay, K-Brad, Shujinkydink and more.

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Professional stuntwoman brings Mileena's attacks out of Mortal Kombat and into the real world

Although many fighting game franchises like Street Fighter, Tekken and Virtua Fighter base their styles on real martial arts, Mortal Kombat takes a much more fantastical approach to battles, but can their flips and spin rips still be performed by actual humans?

Well, professional stuntwoman Sofia Stunts recently put that to the test by recreating a bunch of Mileena's attacks from Mortal Kombat 11, and she even brought a pair of sais along to help her do the tricks authentically.

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Battle Arena Melbourne 12 results

Update: This story is being updated with final results.

Battle Arena Melbourne 12 is happening this weekend and it'll be going on in South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia.

Notable players set to compete include ORDER|Travis Styles, ROF, Somniac, GG|Sriks, Kanga|Jdizzle, Schenkhan, FURY|RaZe, Kanga|Ghost and many more.

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How D'Vorah became Mortal Kombat's most hated character despite being in just two games

Triple A fighting franchises introduce a handful of new characters with virtually every one of their major entries. Some newcomers become favorites and many are met with apathetic responses, but every so often a fresh roster member will actually frustrate fans into actively despising them.

One of the most prominent examples of this in recent times is the story of Mortal Kombat's D'Vorah, a character introduced only just in Mortal Kombat X who has garnered a unique hatred from fans. In one of his recent videos True Under Dawg Gaming takes a closer look at D'Vorah to further detail out the actual degree to which she's hated and the reasons for it.

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How successful in the meta were the three Mortal Kombat characters during the crossovers into the Injustice series?

Crossovers always tend to be interesting for fighting games. The first time Mortal Kombat characters clashed with DC characters was in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. While that game raised a few eyebrows, it wouldn't be the last time these universes crossed over.

Instead of a movie character like Freddy Krueger, NetherRealm Studios opted to implement Scorpion into Injustice: Gods Among Us as the game's DLC guest character. Though Scorpion was considered to be low tier in Mortal Kombat 9, the NRS game preceding the first Injustice, Scorpion ended up being a completely different beast as a guest.

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Mortal Kombat sure does love killing its main good guy

Though the flash and pizazz of the ice and fire ninjas was probably what turned most heads in the direction of Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets in the early 90's, it was actually Liu Kang who bore the title of main protagonist and ultimate heroic savior of Earthrealm.

That's right, boring, bland, non-lethal Liu was the guy we were all supposed to get behind. Midway gave him a good bit more charisma in Mortal Kombat 2 and future installments, but Liu just hasn't ever been the easiest hero to get behind. In his recent video essay, True Under Dawg Gaming looks at how the character's journey has evolved over the years from his being the antithesis of all evil to being somewhat sidelined by developers as they've killed him off more than a few times.

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Do you want some classic Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat socks? That's a dumb question, of course you do

For literal decades now, fighting games and licensed apparel have gone hand in hand, but we suppose in this case it foot in foot would be more appropriate.

The company Crossover has now launched official lines of socks featuring classic characters from Street Fighter as well as Mortal Kombat.

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The time Tanya gave the Mortal Kombat community a big 'pay to win' scare

Introduced when the franchise went three dimensional for the first time in Mortal Kombat 4, Tanya has been around more often than not over the last 20 years of MK, and more often than not been one of the strongest picks on any given roster.

No where was she more powerful than in her initial Mortal Kombat X appearance as a DLC entry, where she was so clearly over-tuned that she immediately wet-blanketed the competitive scene for a season. PNDK&M cover why MKX Tanya was so brutally oppressive in their recap of the character's competitive history.

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'When's MK12, Ed?' — Mortal Kombat fan's poster at WrestleMania Backlash manages to get the attention of Ed Boon

NetherRealm Studios announced last year that DLC had concluded for Mortal Kombat 11. By this point, NetherRealm Studios is already deep into their next project.

As of right now, it hasn't been officially announced what this next project is, but it's speculated that we'll be seeing Mortal Kombat 12 before Injustice 3. Fans are eagerly awaiting the big announcement from NRS. One fan recently took the opportunity to show Ed Boon himself just how eager fans are right now.

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Five Mortal Kombat characters who were banned from tournament

Mortal Kombat and its developers have always been ones to push envelopes and test limits, which is why this franchise seems to bring something new to the fighting game genre with almost every entry, but is also a big part of reason its had a handful of characters banned from tournament play.

Mortal Kombat enthusiasts PNDK&M are back with a look at five times MK characters have been banned from competitive play, and while you might think this is only because of over-tuned abilities, that wasn't always the case.

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Ireland Reid and Artyfakes become Mileena and Kitana in these next level Mortal Kombat cosplays

Mortal Kombat's Mileena and Kitana are a pair of the most beloved and most often cosplayed characters in all of fighting games, and today we're sharing the crossover work of two incredible cosplay artists, Ireland Reid and Artyfakes, as they take on these deadly sisters.

The gorgeous Ireland Reid dons Mileena's unmistakable Mortal Kombat 9 attire while the beautiful Artyleaks plays the role of the fan blade-wielding Kitana..

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