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With Blue Mary finally making her return in King of Fighters 14 today, let's take a look at her character history

Today, King of Fighters 14 will be receiving its second wave of DLC characters, almost exactly a year after the game added the much-hyped foursome of Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa and Rock Howard.

Within this pack, you'll find Oswald, Heidern, brand new character Najd, and as we found out last week, fan favorite Blue Mary.

Though we've already done a few pieces here on EventHubs regarding the other characters and what they're all about, Blue Mary hasn't gotten that same level of attention yet despite her popularity.

A classic Fatal Fury character, eventually turned King of Fighters mainstay, Blue Mary has been away from the spotlight for quite some time, and now that she's finally back, it's time to give her some of the attention she deserves.

So, if you're a relatively new SNK player who doesn't understand why people (including this writer, right here) are so excited about her inclusion, or if you're an old-schooler who just wants a refresher course, look no further then right below for a history lesson about Fatal Fury's classic bombshell.

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The King of Fighters 14 3.0 update is now live - adds balance changes, new characters, and more

King of Fighters 14's latest update is now live. The 3.0 patch introduces a number of character balance changes, as well as adds new characters, stages, and functionality improvements.

Today, players can get their hands on returning fighters Blue Mary, Oswald, and Heidern as DLC. Najd, a brand new character to the series, also sees her release today.

The 3.0 update comes in at a 1.280 GB file size. Along with the aforementioned additions, this patch also brings about several bug fixes.

The new DLC characters are available on the PS Store now.

Blue Mary, Oswald, Heidern, and Najd come with a price tag of $5.99. To save a bit of money, you can also opt to get bundle 2 for $19.99, which includes all four of the new fighters.

SNK has released the full patch notes. To get you started, you can check out a handful of characters and the general changes below.

Be sure to view the full set of changes here.

King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #1 King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #2 King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #3 King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #4 King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #5 King of Fighters 14 3.0 update patch notes image #6
Click images for larger versions

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SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy will only be available physically for the Nintendo Switch in the West with Nintendo distributing the game

SNK Heroines is bringing all of your favorite femme fatales together into one 2v2 crossover fighting game titles with the help of NIS America and now apparently Nintendo as well.

In the latest issue of the gaming magazine MCV, via Nintendo Everything, NISA president Takuro Yamashita reveals a deal that was struck between themselves, SNK and Nintendo to give the Switch makers some exclusivity for Tag Team Heroines.

The game was originally slated to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive until both SNK and NISA sat down with Nintendo of Europe at Gamescom 2017 where they decided to cancel their exclusive contract with Sony.

This interview also reveals that Nintendo will act as the distributer for SNK Heroines in the West for physical copies of the game and "promised to buy a lot of units."

"Physical copy-wise, it’s going to be a Switch exclusive," said Yamashita, via MCV and Nintendo Everything. "PS4-wise it’s going to be just digital. That’s the deal. We will not release a packaged version for PS4 format. Then Nintendo will act as a distributor for this game."

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Brussels Challenge Major Edition results ft. Go1, Problem X, Leffen, Bonchan, Luffy

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The European part of the Capcom Pro Tour launches today, with Brussels Challenge Major Edition which unsurprisingly takes place in Brussels, Belgium.

Besides Street Fighter 5, the event will also feature Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. 4 and King of Fighters 14.

With the CPT points on the line, a lot of players have gathered from many different countries, so the competition is going to be fierce indeed.

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Blue Mary joins King of Fighters 14

Blue Mary is officially joining the King of Fighters 14 roster.

SNK and Atlus have released here official gameplay trailer this morning. We are given a glimpse at what the fan-favorite fight can do in the latest installment in the series.

Mary is a veteran of both the KOF series and Fatal Fury. She was originally a part of the Fatal Fury 3 roster, and went on to join King of Fighters '97 two years later due to her high popularity.

In a new entry of the PlayStation Blog, King of Fighters producer Yasuyuki Oda notes that Mary was one of the most highly requested characters for KOF14 by fans.

KOF14's latest DLC character is a Sambo specialist, utilizing various grappling moves to put a hurt on opponents.

Blue Mary is set for release on April 12th. King of Fighters 14's other DLC characters: Oswald, Heidern, and Najd, will also become available on this date, as well as the 3.00 update.

Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #1 Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #2 Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #3 Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #4 Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #5 Blue Mary in King of Fighters 14 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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NorCal Regionals 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another huge one is going on this weekend, with NorCal Regionals 2018 taking place in Sacramento, California.

This is a Premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour as well as a Challenger event for the Tekken World Tour, so you'd best get hyped for a lot of big matches.

Besides those two titles, the event will also feature high level tournament play in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, King of Fighters 14, Windjammers, Pokkén Tournament DX, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Killer Instinct, ARMS, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st] and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

A ton of players have shown up for the event, most notably for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition which boasts almost 300 attendees, and you can get a glimpse at how ridiculous the pools for the game are in a piece by my colleague Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon here.

As for who's attending, a small excerpt of notable players is as follows: PG|Infiltration, FOX|Tokido, FOX|JDCR, Rise|MenaRD, FOX|Punk, NuckleDu, UYU|Qudans, CO|Go1, CYG|Daigo, CYG|Fuudo, EG|NYChrisG, FD|Fujimura, RZR|Xian, Fursan|Verloren, RB|Bonchan, Mouz|Problem X, FOX|Momochi, NVD|Phenom, Ghost|K-Brad, UYU|Cloud805, RB|Snake Eyez, UYU|NL, Scarz|Sako, FD|Haitani, UYU|Princess Ling, Ponos|Moke, FOX|Justin Wong, Gachikun, Rise|Smug, Mago, UYU|Jeondding, AB|Poongko, UYU|OilKing, Filipino Champ, Humanbomb, CYG|GamerBee, NASR|BigBird, AB|StormKubo, Tempo|Alex Myers, iG|Jiewa, GAM|Caba, XSK Samurai, OG|Shine, CYG|Chris Tatarian, WP|Daikokugo, CYG|PR Balrog, FD|Otani, Rise|Marn and many more.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, Team Spooky, iPlayWinner and Fang Shaymin.

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Alex Valle sits down with an NIS representative to detail SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy in special Weds Night Fight spot

The level|up series crew have been hard at work for years getting the community and the games we play more exposure and more places to play hosting events like Weds Night Fights in Southern California.

Community legend Alex Valle sat down with a representative from NIS America named Travis Shrodes at last week's Weds Night Fights event to talk about SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and how the games mechanics work along with almost an hours worth of matches.

While it is a 2v2 fighter, the characters on each team actually share one health bar. The characters have a special meter occupying the same space, and if it's empty, the character's special attacks become much weaker. The meter also gets larger as their health goes down and meter is needed to change characters mid combo.

The game features a light and a heavy attack button as well as a dedicated throw button and button for specials that are performed with directional inputs possibly like Super Smash Bros. The game will also feature a local four-player 2v2 mode when it releases, and there may be a guest character in the game.

It was also recently revealed that SNK Heroines would be getting an arcade version in Japan this year along with its console counterparts on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Check out the full video below to see the matches and get the full details from NIS.

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Thaiger Uppercut 2018 results ft. Tokido, Qudans, Knee, Momochi, Dogura

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, we'll be seeing some heavy fighting game action going on in Bangkok, Thailand, for Thaiger Uppercut 2018.

This is a Ranking Event for the Asia portion of the Capcom Pro Tour, as well as a Challenger event for the Asian region for the Tekken World Tour.

Besides these two mainline games, you'll also get to enjoy high level tournament matches for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear Xrd: REV 2, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, BlazBlue: Central Fiction and King of Fighters 14.

For just a taste of the amazing level of talent present at this event, look right here: FOX|Tokido, UYU|Qudans, ROX|Knee, FOX|Momochi, CO|Dogura, ROX|Chanel, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, RB|Bonchan, RZR|Xian, Fursan|LowHigh, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Kkokkoma, Mago, Scarz|Sako, UYU|Jeondding, NASR|BigBird, IG|Jiewa, Talon|Xiaobao, RB|Tanukana, Talon|Hotdog29, PandaTV|Dakou, DimeBack, Ghost|K-Brad, FightClub|UD, GW|Eita, Tse4, Qanba|Abao and many, many more.

With 105 entrants for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and 80 entrants for Tekken 7, there's going to be a lot of matches to get through, so get situated and enjoy the show.

Streaming is being done at TGU Main, KZ Café and TGU 1.

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King of Fighters 14's newest addition is a college student who's mature for her age - Najd's voice actress Ayaka Fukuhara shares about the character

As we're all aware since a while back, King of Fighters 14 is receiving additional DLC this year, with four more characters coming our way next month.

The first in-game glimpse we got was back around EVO Japan, where we got to see that Oswald was returning, and a month later we got Heidern's trailer.

While we knew about a new female Saudi Arabian character being decided upon for the game, and had seen design work of her, we didn't get an actual look at her in the game until earlier this week.

There's still a fourth DLC character lined up, which will presumably be a returning character unlike Najd, but to tide us over until we find out the final character's identity, SNK released a video of Najd's voice actress Ayaka Fukuhara recording lines for the character, and giving us impressions of what she's like in the game.

Miss Fukuhara was quite impressed with Najd, and had nothing but a glowing review to share about the character, and I've taken the time to translate her words for your reading pleasure, though you can also see the original video in Japanese where she talks about her.

You can find the video right below.

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Over 300 entrants across all games, including Go1, John Takeuchi, Problem X and Luffy - Brussels Challenge will be kicking off the EU CPT with a bang

The Capcom Pro Tour officially began last weekend with Final Round 2018, and it was truly a sight to behold.

Not only did we get the start of the Capcom Pro Tour and the Tekken World Tour, but we also got see how fantastic the newly released Dragon Ball FighterZ can be when played at a high level.

Of course, this type of action will be continuing all year long, but today I'm here to bring your attention to the start of the European portion of the Capcom Pro Tour, and the event that'll be kicking it off - Brussels Challenge.

This tournament is going to have events played for six different games, already has over 300 people registered, and many big names attached to it. So, let's talk a bit about what awaits us in two weeks in Brussels, Belgium.

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Najd DLC trailer released for King of Fighters 14; coming in April

Almost every fighting game fan out there has a character design of their own stuck into their head that would love to get a chance to add them to a game roster for real, and now we've seen that is quite possible.

SNK just released the gameplay reveal trailer for the King of Fighter 14's next DLC character Najd and will release sometime next month in April. The developers chose Najd as the winning design for a character designing contest last fall, and now she has been fully realized in the game.

Najd is a Saudi fighter that specializes in using black-flame themed specials that have multi-colored accents to them and can appear with a Venus flytrap like mouth. She also has a variety of multi-hitting attacks, a counter and more.

Her description states that she is a quiet college student by day and a vigilante crime fighter come nightfall.

Najd joins Heidern and Oswald as DLC characters for KOF 14 this year with one more character remaining hidden in the shadows for now.

Check out the gallery below and the full trailer after the jump.

Najd Trailer image #1 Najd Trailer image #2 Najd Trailer image #3 Najd Trailer image #4 Najd Trailer image #5 Najd Trailer image #6
Click images for larger versions

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You'll be able to play Sega Dreamcast games using your PlayStation 3 and 4 fightsticks this May, thanks to Brook's new controller converter

The Sega Dreamcast has a reputation of being a mecca of sorts for top quality fighting games. Released back in November 1998, the home console saw the release of several legendary competitive fighting titles.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Guilty Gear X, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Dead or Alive 2, and many more are among the Dreamcast catalog.

Though it is certainly an old piece of hardware, die-hard fans still hold it near and dear to their hearts. And that was likely the inspiration for Brook's new controller converter.

The company has designed an adapter that will allow you to use PlayStation 3 and 4 fightsticks on your Dreamcast and PC.

"While the Dreamcast had quite a variety of amazing fighting games in its library, like many other systems during it's time, lacked a proper arcade stick to use them on," the official product description reads. This converter features a USB and wireless interface, button mapping, upgradable firmware, turbo and vibration features, and X-Input support.

The converter is currently available for pre-order on Arcade Shock, and has a price tag of $39.99. Its first release will be limited and is expected to ship in mid to late May 2018, so if you're interested in this product you'll want to act fast.

Brook PS3 / PS4 to Dreamcast controller converter image #1 Brook PS3 / PS4 to Dreamcast controller converter image #2
Click images for larger versions

Winter Brawl 12 results ft. SonicFox, Punk, NuckleDu, Theo, SKD

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

A lot of tournament action is happening this weekend in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

That's because it's time once again for Winter Brawl, in its 12th installment, and there are going to be a ton of players and games being played at the event.

The games set for tournament play are Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Windjammers, King of Fighters 14, Tekken 7, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Pokkén Tournament DX, Soul Calibur 2, Injustice 2, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st], ARMS, Soul Calibur 5, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

Players set to attend are plentiful, but some of the ones you can expect to see include FOX|SonicFox, PG|Punk, NuckleDu, FOX|Theo, PG|SKD, Circa|Wolfkrone, Nakkiel, PAG|Grover, PG|Coach Steve, SB|Dieminion, TSB|Mynus, cR|Dekillsage, Nephew, Method|Flux, TSB|Blaze, NS|Ludovic, HB|Punisher, Kreymore and more.

With 275 entrants for Dragon Ball FighterZ, this looks to be the first major event featuring the game, and it's last on the schedule as well, so look forward to some proper action from our favorite Z Warriors.

Streaming is being done at Bifuteki, Funky P, Kombat Network, KPB Live, Team Spooky and Atari FGC.

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Heidern revealed as King of Fighters 14's next DLC character

Another big fighting game reveal today as SNK has released a trailer for King of Fighters 14's next DLC character. Spoiler alert: it's Heidern.

The showcase gives us a look at what this warrior can do in the latest installment in the series.

Heidern made his playable debut back in The King of Fighters '94 as part of Team Brazil -- which later came to be known as the Ikari Team. He is the commander of the Ikari Warriors and adoptive father to Leona, who happens to be one of his best soldiers.

In King of Fighters 14, Heidern stands tall and fights with long limbs. He has a projectile and slash attacks similar to Leona, and has a super that sees him toss out a spinning wheel of energy that hits multiple times.

Heidern in the second of the game's four upcoming DLC characters to receive an official trailer, however, we now know the identities of three of them.

The first is a female fighter from Saudi Arabia, who was decided upon by way of a social media contest. Second up is Oswald, a returning fighter and first of the DLC combatants to get an official trailer.

Now we have Heidern, and though we don't know specific dates, we can expect the DLC characters to start becoming available sometime this April.

Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #1 Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #2 Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #3 Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #4 Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #5 Heidern in King of Fighters 14 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Brussels Challenge Round 2 results ft. Takamura, Will2Pac, Verdoyance, Kuja

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Even with EVO Japan passed, Brussels is still at it with Brussels Challenge.

While Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is the main event, there's also Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, King of Fighters 14 and Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT being played.

Players attending include, but are not limited to, Epsilon|Takamura, Millénium|Will2Pac, Verdoyance, Kuja, Frionel and WhiteBl4ck.

Sunday is dedicated entirely to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, while the other games were played on Saturday.

Streaming is being done at Brussels Challenge.

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SNK Heroines designer taking fans' response to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's DLC practices to heart for Tag Team Frenzy's future content

DLC characters in fighting games have been a point of contention for the past two console gaming generations, and this year has been no different.

BlazBlue Cross Tag battle came under fire earlier after revealing their launch roster sized at 20 characters with another 20 more planned as DLC down the road.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy designer Kaito Soranaka recently answered some questions on the subject of DLC referencing Cross Tag Battle's implementation.

"Since BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle received bad feedback about how they announced their roster and DLC characters, we really need to think about how we are going to approach future announcements," said Soranaka, via DualShockers.

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New trailer releases for SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy showing off alternate costumes, character select screen and more

A new trailer and gameplay footage dropped for the crossover fighting game SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy featuring new costumes for the fan-favorite ladies including the obvious swimwear and even some farm gear that can be customized.

GameSpot's YouTube channel also put up a new video showing off 4 minutes of new gameplay for the fighter.

The costume trailer, via Playstation, boasts the return of the "classic King of Fighters style," classic costumes, brand new styles, and customization for the game.

The new gameplay footage shows the new outfits in action including a ballerina-like costume for Kula, bikini attire for Athena, cat accessories for Leona, genie-esque Nakoruru, and more.

The character select screen also makes an appearance in the second video in the shape of a giant heart with the six announced character portraits in diamonds surrounded by empty spaces. Based on what we see, if all of those complete boxes will be filled by a character slot, the game could feature up to a 29 character roster though this cannot be confirmed.

Here are a few stills from the videos to get things started.

SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #1 SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #2 SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #3 SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #4 SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #5 SNK Heroines Alt Costumes image #6
Click images for larger versions

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