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King of Fighters stories

The WWE crossover event in The King of Fighters All Star is ridiculous in all the right ways

As one of the most peculiar crossovers in recent memory, it's only natural that The King of Fighters All Star, the mobile game centered around SNK's popular fighting game franchise, made headlines earlier this month when it was officially unveiled that their latest event would be a crossover extravaganza together with none other than the WWE — World Wrestling Entertainment.

Although crossovers have been done in the past in the game, we've mostly seen them focus on other fighting games or at least relatively closely tied media but never any real life people until all of a sudden we had Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. As someone who regularly plays The King of Fighters All Star, with this crossover period being no exception, I'll attest to this though — the craziest thing of all is that no matter how bizarre it seems at first, it actually works exceptionally well.

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Masahiro Sakurai's specialized developer screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feature a ton of neat fighting game references like EVO moment 37

Super Smash Bros. as a series combines characters from pretty much every major genre the video gaming space has to offer, but the influence of traditional fighting games has become more ingrained into its latest iterations with the addition of characters like Ryu, Ken and Terry Bogard.

Masahiro Sakurai, the longtime director of the series, began sharing daily developer screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's development, and one thing that stood out in particular among them is how many fighting game nods and references there are among them.

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WWE's crossover event in King of Fighters Allstar is now live and there's a Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena roulette wheel

Crossovers seem to be the recent name of the game in the land of SNK which is even making an impact on their mobile games though I'm not sure anyone was quite prepared for the melding of worlds that's going on right now.

The King of Fighters Allstar x WWE event is now live in the mobile beat 'em up which includes some of pro wrestling's biggest stars joining the ranks of SNK's roster of fighters along with an event quest line with the storyline of a fever dream.

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Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch, and The Undertaker revealed as first three WWE superstars to join King of Fighters Allstar

We learned last week that The King of Fighters Allstar, a mobile beat em' up title featuring SNK fighting game icons, would soon be getting a WWE-themed crossover as a handful of WWE superstars are headed to the game as playable characters.

SNK has given us a new update showing off the first three newcomers: Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch, and The Undertaker. This includes in-game footage of all three as they perform familiar attacks from their in-ring arsenals.

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The Last Blade 2 is the latest fighting game to add blended rollback netcode from Code Mystics and SNK

When The Last Blade 2 first released back in 1998, online play for fighting games was still in its absolute infancy, and rollback netcode wasn't even a twinkle in the eye of the makers of GGPO — yet now the game has both.

Code Mystics and SNK have updated The Last Blade 2 on both PC and PlayStation 4 with their trademark blended rollback netcode for a better / more customizable approach to how fighting games handle their online.

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Terry Bogard vs... John Cena? WWE superstars are making their way to the King of Fighters Allstar for a special crossover event this month

The King of Fighters Allstar has proved itself to be a great mobile title for the biggest fans of SNK's characters, and its looking to have perhaps its biggest collaboration event yet coming later this month.

Netmarble, the developers of KOF Allstar, announced that some of the most famous wrestlers on earth are soon going to fighting side-by-side or possibly against the likes of Terry Bogard and Iori with the WWE stepping into the ring.

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Update: Bad boys, rich kids, nerds, class clowns - Which fighting game lunch table would you sit at in high school?

Update: Voting in the poll has officially closed, and it seems like a lot of us would like to park our rears next to Dan Hibiki.

The fighting game community is made up of people of pretty much all age groups, nationalities and backgrounds, but there's a universal and personal aspect to the scene that helps represent us as individuals: which characters do we relate with the most?

One member in the FGC, ChefRaptor, has put together a way to help us figure out who we all identify with by posing the question of which table would you sit at in a lunch room filled with fighters forming their own cliques?

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Steam's massive Golden Week sale offers huge discounts for Japanese fighting games and their DLC to keep us busy in quarantine

With the month of May now finally upon us all, Japan is beginning their annual Golden Week celebrations which includes an absolute buttload of video game sales for those of us who don't even live in the country.

Steam's massive Golden Week Sale is now live and is offering some of the best discounts we've seen for Japanese fighting games on PC in quite some time — it's way bigger than the PlayStation holiday sale also still going on for the time being.

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Update: Pick your classic leading lady! - SNK Gals' Fighters now available on Switch as part of the NeoGeo 30th anniversary celebration

Update: SNK Gals' Fighters is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch's digital store for $7.99 USD. We've added a gallery to the story showcasing what the game looks like running on the hybrid console.

The NeoGeo system was a pretty revolutionary piece of technology when it first released back in 1990 which helped spawn most of SNK's most iconic franchises to this day — even if it was prohibitively expensive to own at home.

To help celebrate the arcade / console platform's 30th anniversary this month, the creators of the hardware have announced SNK Gals' Fighters will be releasing worldwide tomorrow, April 29, as a digital only release.

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PlayStation Big in Japan Sale brings steep discounts to the top fighting games around including recent titles like Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

Golden Week is just about to start up in Japan, and with it comes a slew of big video game sales from developers in the major region which of course includes a healthy serving of fighting games as well.

PlayStation is now running the Big in Japan Sale to commemorate the holiday featuring hundreds of really good deals on PS4 titles with dozens available that may be of interest to the fighting game community.

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Update: Fighting game companies release iconic stages to use as video call backgrounds in games like Street Fighter, Granblue Fantasy: Versus and more

Update: Bandai Namco has also joined the chat by releasing a bunch of Soul Calibur-themed backgrounds including a handful of its newest stages and my personal favorite, the character creation screen.

The amount of people around the world that are now working from home or finishing up their classes online has grown exponentially lately due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has opened the doors to more creative environments to draw energy from.

Video calling services like Zoom allow users to swap out their background surroundings with pretty much any image. This has started a new trend of companies releasing their own official backgrounds to use including a handful in the fighting game space.

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Click Burgundy's fighting game art draws us back to the recent character announcements and big tournament happenings with top tier portraits

Click Burgundy is a Japanese artist we've featured here a good number of times already largely because of how fantastic all of their portraits turn out, especially those that are tied to the fighting game community and its happenings.

Previously, we'd talked about how their artwork often times ties into an announcement or big tournament win within the FGC, so here's some more slick portraits covering the recent fighters announced for games like Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Dragon Ball FighterZ on top of some general goodness of their great designs.

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ShuichiWada's ladies of fighting games know just how to get your attention

There wasn't a ton of fighting game art to be found on ShuichiWada's Twitter page, but the 10 images we did find are all well worth sharing.

It's clear that the Japanese artist has a preference for drawing the more feminine fighters (save for a great Super Saiyan Trunks sketch). It's also clear that they're exceedingly good at what they do as we found ourselves melting at the sight of Android 18's icy blue eyes upon first viewing.

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Ever get to play SNK Gals' Fighters back in the day? No, well you're in luck because the game appears to be on its way to the Nintendo Switch

SNK released a good number of fighting games on the short-lived NeoGeo Pocket Color, and many of them remained forever tied to the late 90's handheld until much more recent times.

One such title was SNK Gals' Fighters bringing together the female cast of series like King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade under one roof which is seemingly going to be making a return after 20 years on the Nintendo Switch.

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Click Burgundy's fighting game art remains timely with new reveals while also being timeless and stunning

Click Burgundy is a Japanese artist we've featured a number of times now on this website for their particular taste in fighting game characters along with the talent to create portraits that would look nice framed on just about anyone's wall.

If you're not a follower of their's already, which you probably should be if you're on here, you'd be quick to notice that many of Click Burgundy's pieces are accompanied by announcements or happenings related to the characters — so it's also a good way to remind ourselves of recent events in art form.

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AnimEVO is back for 2020 with 25 games already confirmed for its initial lineup

AnimEVO has its roots in running side tournaments during the main Evolution events for well over a decade now with the umbrella tying many of the classic fighting games, puzzle titles popular within the FGC and more together under one roof that normally don't get their time to shine.

The main organizers of the event had confirmed that AnimEVO 2020 would indeed be happening last month, and now they've revealed the initial 25 games selected for its lineup.

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Yawaharan's fighting game art makes SNK characters look even more amazing than usual

We stumbled across some art from a very strong artist in Yawaharan and decided the EventHubs readerbase should see it.

Yaw focuses mainly on SNK characters from titles like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters, though is also responsible for an exceptionally vibrant Sakura as you saw in the banner.

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