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King of Fighters stories

Capcom, Bandai Namco, SNK, and more fighting game publishers holding roundtable live stream on August 1, Guilty Gear Strive reveal confirmed

Several major fighting game publishers are gathering together this weekend for a roundtable discussion live stream. Representatives from Capcom, Bandai Namco, Arc System Works, SNK, Arika, and Koei Tecmo will sit down together on Friday/Saturday at 5 p.m. PT (July 31) / 8 p.m. ET (July 31) / 9 a.m. JST (August 1) for the “Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable.”

The broadcast will see fighting game producers and directors discussing topics chosen by fans before the live stream — which will be airing on the Tekken, Arc System Works, Capcom, and Dead Or Alive YouTube channels. According to Gematsu, we'll be hearing about things such as the fighting games themselves, eSports, and more.

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The wacky forces of Gintama are the latest to invade King of Fighters Allstar in new crossover campaign

While SNK fans are still eagerly awaiting any news regarding The King of Fighters 15 after almost a year since its public unveiling, there is at least one more recent title around to help quench our thirst for a little while longer.

The King of Fighters Allstar now has a new crossover collaboration event currently which brings in the unlikely heroes of the Gintama into the fray, who are a surprisingly fitting addition.

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Who has the most breathtaking fighting game gals, Capcom or SNK? This gorgeous gallery from X_Chitch makes it hard to decide

This artwork from X_chitch features iconic characters from two of fighting games' biggest names: Capcom and SNK.

We've perused through the Japanese artist's portfolio and put together a gallery half-filled with ladies from Street Fighter and half-filled with femme fatales of King of Fighters.

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Nom's drawing of R. Mika is the best I've ever seen of the character

I'm all but certain this batch of excellent fighting game drawings from Japanese artist Nom1207 will be well received across the board as I've found myself going back to further appreciate many of them more than once.

Characters from across the Street Fighter landscape are joined by a few SNK and Darkstalkers guests as Nom shows off his subtly unique style that's sure to quickly grab and hold your attention.

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The King of Fighters joins forces with Senran Kagura: New Link to bring the ladies of SNK in for special Beach of Fighters crossover event

SNK's been pushing their crossover and collaboration sentiment quite hard these past couple of years to leverage their fighting game characters to would-be rivals or even other genres entirely, and now there's another aimed at a slightly different audience.

Marvelous Games recently announced and released a special King of Fighters crossover event in their fan service-filled mobile / PC title Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link which they've aptly dubbed Beach of Fighters.

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Ken gets dragged to the depths by Raptors, Mai looks as beautiful as ever, Chun finishes a hard workout... we can't stop staring at Ironpinky's art

We're back with more of Edwin "Ironpinky" Huang's beautiful artwork as the contributor to both UDON and Pop Culture Shock has a wealth of fighting game pieces in his impressive portfolio.

Today's gallery features characters from Capcom franchises like Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Darkstalkers but also sees characters from SNK's Fatal Fury, Arc System Works' Guilty Gear, and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros.

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We'd be mad if The Rock wasn't this overpowered in King of Fighters All Star; watch him destroy Benimaru with an especially satisfying TOD combo

Most of the time when we find a fighting game character has a touch of death or infinite combo we're reporting so that developers can see and better balance an issue within their game.

We're sharing this particular TOD delivered from The Rock to Benimaru in The King of Fighters All Star simply to say thank you and good job to SNK.

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Sony may not have their sights set on purchasing SNK's parent company after all

Recent reports began to circulate that suggested Sony, through a new potential business acquisition, may end up with the ownership of SNK, but that doesn't appear to be the case after all.

Leyou Technologies, the Chinese corporation Sony is reportedly weighing a bid for, is not the parent company for SNK though the circumstances surrounding their connections are a good bit confusing.

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Rumor: Sony is considering bid to own SNK's parent company

According to Bloomberg, Sony is currently considering a bid for Leyou Technologies, the parent company for SNK Corporation. Back in August 2015, Leyou Millenium, now known as Leyou Technologies, purchased SNK Playmore, later renamed to SNK Corporation.

The anonymous sources supposedly from within Sony Corporation told Bloomberg that they are working with a financial adviser on a potential offer for Lenyou Technologies. Sources are said to be anonymous since the matter is supposed to be private. Should an offer be accepted, then this would make Sony the new parent company of SNK Corporation.

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Kirbcen's fighting game art gallery is made up of stunning reworked 3D renders

I recently came across Kirbcen's gallery of fighting game artwork. Although these are 3D renders that have been painted over, you can tell that a great deal of time has been spent on each piece.

One of the first illustrations that you'll see on his Twitter depicts Spider-Man and Dante shaking hands. This is clearly meant to pay homage to the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

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Steam Summer Sale brings in the best fighting game discounts including Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the first time and all EVO Online games

Fighting game players finding a home on the PC platform have grown exponentially over the past decade or so, and now they're in for a big seasonal treat for the next few weeks.

Steam is now running its annual Summer Sale starting today which includes some of the best deals for fighting games that we've seen in quite some time including the first notable discounts for Street Fighter 5: Champion Editon, all EVO Online titles and dozens more of the big names.

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King of Fighters R-2 and Samurai Shodown! 2 coming to Nintendo Switch as part of the NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection

SNK's been out of the dedicated handheld business for almost 20 years at this point, but the company is looking to bring back some of their classic titles to a new stage.

During the New Game Plus Expo broadcast, the developer / publisher revealed a new initiative called the NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection for the Nintendo Switch along with two handheld fighting game titles making their return.

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Update: New Game Plus Expo stream is now live

Update: New Game Plus Expo's stream event is now live. You can watch it with us in the story below.

Without E3 2020 this year to provide everyone most of the summer's video game-related announcements, new digital events are popping up to take its place with one of the largest coming this morning.

The New Game Plus Expo is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. PT with big reveals planned from around a dozen developers / publishers including the likes of SNK and Arc System Works.

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Six missing characters I'd love to see make a comeback in King of Fighters 15

With King of Fighters 15 on the horizon and as far as we're aware still slated for a 2020 release, any day could be the day we get to see our first gameplay footage of the title. We know that SNK are hard at work making the game, but as of right now we know nothing of what's going to be part of it except for the foreshadowing and events of King of Fighters 14. These events include bringing characters back from the dead which I've already written about on two occasions — once for some obviously needed returnees and again to talk about some boss characters I'd love to see back, but this article has nothing to do with that particular plot point.

This piece will be focusing on characters who are very much alive even before the timeline mixups we've been seeing as of late in the King of Fighters universe and are simply missing from recent rosters. To clarify my picks, I decided that any characters who were part of King of Fighters 13 or King of Fighters 14's rosters weren't eligible for my picks here since they were in the series fairly recently. No, I'll be looking at characters who have been missing out for over 10 years at this point — and are very much due for a return. I picked three male characters and three female characters I'd personally love to see back, so keep scrolling down and find out who I'm getting my hopes up for seeing in King of Fighters 15's roster.

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Five boss characters that would be awesome to see return in King of Fighters 15

King of Fighters is most likely the fighting game franchise with the most iconic boss characters and it's no wonder that the term "SNK boss" gets thrown around whenever a character in a fighting game is too broken to beat. While boss characters aren't quite as much of a thing in recent fighting games (even King of Fighters 13 made sure that Saiki was a regular playable character and then had a buffed up boss form for the story mode, while King of Fighters 14 follow suit by having both Antonov and Verse be selectable as regular fighters as well), we still remember many of the impenetrable walls that are the King of Fighters end bosses fondly.

Although the vast majority of final foes in King of Fighters end up dying at the end of the title they're introduced in, King of Fighters 14 really threw all of that out the window as detailed in my earlier piece by having Verse release a bunch of dead souls back into the realm of the living, thereby making dead characters now fair game for roster picks. With how many amazing final bosses we've seen in King of Fighters, I figured it be high time to list a few I'd love to see return in King of Fighters 15 — preferrably as regular roster fighters this time around, though enhanced boss versions for single player mode would be nice to have for maximum hype.

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King of Fighters has a few killed off characters that definitely need to be brought back in King of Fighters 15 after the events of the previous game

King of Fighters is the grand crossover featuring characters from many of SNK's different popular franchises that came before it from staples such as Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting to lesser known but quite beloved titles like Psycho Soldier and Ikari Warriors. With that, there's obviously a quite large roster — and it keeps growing, as King of Fighters quickly took on a life of its own and started developing brand new beloved characters that have since become faces of SNK like Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami.

One thing that SNK has been remarkably consistent about across their titles is something that is true in real life as well — death sticks. Once they kill off a character, no matter how popular said character may be, they're generally left off entirely from future rosters unless it's one of the semi-regular "Dream Match" games like King of Fighters '98 and King of Fighters 2002 (though it's worth noting that exceptions have been made for Mature and Vice, who appear as ghosts since King of Fighters XII). SNK clearly care a lot about their lore, but it seems that fans wishes may have wore them down, since they made quite a big thing happen at the end of the latest game in the series, King of Fighters 14 from 2016, which will likely lead to this "no dead characters" rule becoming a situation where it's technically true but with some shenanigans involved.

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Psylocke, Cable, Deadpool, Elena, Baiken, and plenty of other popular fighting game characters featured in another batch of Click Burgundy's artwork

It's time for us to appreciate more of Click Burgundy's amazing fighting game art work.

For the Street Fighter fans, there is artwork for Chun-Li and Elena. While unconfirmed, there are rumors suggesting that Elena is among the five last characters for Street Fighter 5's "Season V."

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