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King of Fighters stories

SNK teases next King of Fighters 15 character with mystery silhouette

The new tradition of announcing a King of Fighters 15 character every week is apparently going to keep the momentum going, but now there's an extra layer built up on top of what we've gotten before.

SNK confirmed that a new fighter reveal is coming later today, but they also released a silhouette of the next arrival for fans to take a guess as to their identity.

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A brand new super move, the return of an old staple attack and a fresh take on his classic design — King of Fighters 15's Terry Bogard looks awesome

Although we don't know when exactly King of Fighters 15 is coming out, its eventual street date is drawing ever closer as the game is still officially slated for a 2021 release. While on the way there, SNK keep supplying us with a fresh character trailer every week, more specifically on Wednesday evenings (Thursday mornings for their home region of Japan). This week, we got to see a character everyone was totally expecting to see in the roster but are nonetheless happy to see — perhaps SNK's biggest icons Terry Bogard.

While nobody with their head on straight had any kinds of doubt that Terry would be in the game's roster, it's still reassuring to see his trailer, especially for someone like myself who counts him as my absolute favorite character in the entire fighting game genre. After the character trailer itself, we were treated to some general gameplay featuring all the members of the Fatal Fury team which gave us a better glimpse at how the game is going to play. On top of this, we saw a lot of what Terry will have at his disposal for King of Fighters 15, so let's do a quick rundown.

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Terry Bogard is looking a lot beefier in The King of Fighters 15 when compared side-by-side with his KOF14 incarnation

Terry Bogard's seen dozens of iterations over the past nearly 30 years in a multitude of different series where some aspects feel as though they're too classic to change about the character though that doesn't mean he always stays the same.

To the surprise of next to no one, the wild wolf was the latest character to be revealed for The King of Fighters 15 with an extended gameplay trailer, and Orpheus recently put together a neat side-by-side comparison video to showcase how he looks and plays next to King of Fighters 14.

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Terry Bogard's iconic 'Are you okay?' line has a surprisingly simple yet sweet origin story involving an amusement park ride

Terry Bogard remains one of the most endearing and quotable fighting game characters in the entire genre for his own unique interpretation of the English language, and fans wouldn't change that for a second.

One of the Wild Wolf's most iconic lines across his many appearances for the past two decades, including his most recent in King of Fighters 15, is the call out of his Buster Wolf with 'Are you okay?' which has a surprising origin story that's cute, comical and sincere all at once.

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Terry Bogard's designer for King of Fighters 15 made it a point to highlight the character's massive biceps with his latest 3D model

King of Fighters 15's latest revealed character was none other than massively popular contender of Fatal Fury fame, Terry Bogard. The Legendary Hungry Wolf is back and looking slick with his trademark cap and vest in tow.

With Bogard now officially unveiled to the world, KOF15's lead character artist, Tomohiro Nakata, shed some light on what went into designing Terry this time around. If you noticed that the fiery fighter is looking particularly buff in the latest installment of the franchise, that wasn't a mistake. According to Nakata, this 3D model aimed to highlight one of Terry's main features — his huge biceps.

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This ridiculously cool Capcom vs. SNK statue is being made by one super dedicated fan and makes me sad that I'll never get to buy it

The hobby / community of fans creating their own highly-detailed statues and figurines for their favorite video games and anime is one that's been growing in Japan for many years now, and many of them could pass for official works — or ones we wish were official.

This Capcom vs. SNK statue might take the cake for fighting game fans, however, as modeler Dainanaban is currently cooking up a potential masterpiece featuring Chun-Li, Sakura, Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki.

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Terry Bogard announced for The King of Fighters 15 as the final member of Team Fatal Fury

SNK is continuing their new tradition of announcing new King of Fighters 15 characters every week with Yuri Sakazaki previously joining the ranks while sporting her longer hair once again.

This week's big reveal goes to none other than Terry Bogard himself looking sharper than perhaps they ever have before while also providing the most amount of KOF15 gameplay to date with an extended trailer.

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Yuri's braids were brought back to give her 'a different kind of cuteness' after missing them for 3 games in The King of Fighters 15

Pretty much all of the designs SNK has shown off for The King of Fighters 15 continue to be pretty killer, and it's nice to get a little insight into what went in to putting together their makeovers for the newest fighting game.

This week's announcement revealed Yuri Sakazaki is back in the action sporting a more classic look than what she's had over the past decade, which the KOF15 character designer went with for the sake of cuteness and nostalgia.

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That deepfake singing meme is making fighting game icons like Ryu and Chun-Li sing goofy songs and I'm not so sure I like it

There appears to be a new meme trend spreading across the internet that has found its way into the fighting game community. While deepfakes — tech that implants the face of another person (usually someone famous) onto someone else in video form — are producing scary results that are almost indiscernible from the real thing, others are seeing the process used for much sillier creations.

For fighting gamers, we're seeing these deepfakes manifest in the form of videos that typically feature prominent artwork of popular Street Fighter and King of Fighters characters, like Ryu and Terry Bogard, made to become animated and sing along to a goofy song. We're even seeing prominent FGC members being run through the app, and though these videos can sometimes be funny, there is something about them that can't help but unsettle me.

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Katsuhiro Harada wants to create an EVO-like mega fighting game tournament with other publishers like Capcom and SNK once offline events become safe

The fighting game community essentially lost one of its largest pillars with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year in offline majors and in-person events, which has put a strain on both the players and creators of the games.

Developers of the biggest titles around made that point quite clear during the second Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable where Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada put forth the idea of Bandai Namco, Capcom, Arc System Works, SNK and others teaming up to create their own mega fighting game tournament or even fighting game title, which was well-received by those in attendance.

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What fighting game would you return to if it had good rollback netcode?

The push by the fighting game community to bring rollback netcode to the forefront of the attention of developers took years to reach where we are now with widespread adoption and acceptance, but that also leaves many titles potentially forever stuck in a place with sub-optimal netplay — even some of the most beloved titles around.

With Arc System Works now looking into bringing upgraded online to its older titles and SNK attempting to make their own for The King of Fighters 15, there's been a wider discussion brewing within the FGC as to what game's players would like to return to if they had rollback netcode now.

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Fatal Fury definitely influenced the new stage revealed in Yuri's King of Fighters 15 trailer and it features some interesting cameos

Staying true to their pattern, SNK unveiled the latest King of Fighters 15 trailer just last night. Art of Fighting's scrappy schoolgirl, Yuri Sakazaki, returns to the big stage and joins the likes of Iori, Benimaru, and several others here in the latest installment of the series.

Along with Yuri's gameplay, a new stage was featured in the showcase that longtime SNK fans likely recognized fairly quickly. The latest iteration of the Pao Pao Cafe stage takes heavy inspiration from the Fatal Fury series, and included in the background are some interesting cameos.

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Yuri Sakazaki gameplay trailer revealed for King of Fighters 15

Andy Bogard was revealed for King of Fighters 15 last week. Though we didn't receive the "tune in next week for more info" at the end of the trailer, expectations didn't have to be shattered with disappointment this week as SNK has continued their tradition of releasing a new King of Fighters 15 trailer every week.

As such, Yuri Sakazaki has now been revealed for King of Fighters 15 thanks to the newest trailer.

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Ensure your wake up DPs are on point with Cofffee's beautiful fighting game art

We're excited to share with you today the artwork of one Cofffee, a Japanese artist who, despite having a Twitter page that's only a few months old, is developing an impressive portfolio of fighting game related work.

The majority of the gallery's subjects hail from the Street Fighter franchise, but we do have a few SNK guests as Leona, Ash Crimson, and Angel from King of Fighters make some gorgeous appearances.

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Is Terry Bogard going to be the next King of Fighters 15 reveal or are SNK looking to shatter all expectations yet again?

A few weeks ago, SNK threw everyone for a loop when after the official unveiling of Iori Yagami, they showed us a semi-mainstay yet extremely unrelated character in Fatal Fury's Joe Higashi. People were quite confused at the time since SNK had seemingly set the precedent to show us teams in order and having Joe and Iori on the same team seemed quite the bizarre prospect, so much so that I felt it warranted me writing a piece about it.

After the second Japan Fighting Game Publisher's Roundtable about a week and a half later, we got more clarity in their approach as they used this special event to unveil the for a long time conspicuously absent Chizuru Kagura as a teammate to Iori and his eternal rival Kyo Kusanagi. As one would expect, this week they followed up on Joe's trailer by unveiling one of his Fatal Fury teammates in Andy Bogard. So, Terry has to be next, right? Well, it's possible, but it also might not be that simple...

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Andy Bogard's trailer revealed for King of Fighters 15

Andy Bogard has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. The younger brother of Terry Bogard has been playable in both the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series.

By the end of the new trailer, we don't know who Andy is cooperating with during the events of King of Fighters 15's story. However, it's likely that he'll be teaming up with the previously revealed Joe Higashi and Terry Bogard (once he's revealed with a trailer) once again.

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Idle animations revealed for Team Sacred Treasures in SNK's King of Fighters 15

The full picture of King of Fighters 15 is coming into view, piece by piece, as SNK continues to roll out snippets big and small to content-hungry fans. Following the last major character reveal in Chizuru Kagura a bit over a week ago, developers have also shared the idle animations for her and her two teammates.

Chizuru is a long time King of Fighters character, but hasn't been around for a whopping 18 years. Her return makes the formation of Team Sacred Treasures possible as she joins the likes of KOF regulars Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, and now we get to see what all three will do if left alone too long in battle.

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