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King of Fighters stories

Katsuhiro Harada can't get Yoshinori Ono to pick up the phone, Street Fighter producer loves Megan Thee Stallion and BlazBlue creator wants more

This year will go down as one of the most turbulent in modern history, but there was still plenty to enjoy in terms of media with more to look forward to in 2021.

Japanese publications Famitsu and 4Gamer recently released their end of year / New Year's messages from game developers including many in the fighting game scene like Katsuhiro Harada, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori, Yasuyuki Oda, Shuhei Matsumoto and others sharing their favorite things from 2020 while talking about what's coming next from their teams.

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Click Burgundy recaps the latest fighting game announcements and tournament victories in amazing artwork form

The fighting game scene has had a surprisingly lively fall / winter season so far despite everything going on in the world between character announcements like Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a number of big tournaments.

Click Burgundy works to often times transform these big events into artwork, and we've collected some of their best portraits showcasing the season's reveals and victories.

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As King of Fighters 15 team compositions will reportedly 'differ greatly' from the previous game, some semi-mainstay characters may be in trouble

Earlier this month, we got a development update from SNK on the current status of King of Fighters 15, promising us that we'd get a full proper reveal for the game on January 7th. We also got our first glimpse at the new designs for some of the characters for the game with Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido and Shun'ei being confirmed as three playable characters for the game. Later, keen eyes would notice that the trailer also featured glimpses at series veterans K' and Leona Heidern, suggesting that they'll also be part of the roster.

In the presentation video, one statement stood out from creative director Eisuke Ogura. When responding to a question from producer Yasuyuki Oda regarding what characters would be in the game, Ogura responded "The way the teams are composed will differ greatly from [King of Fighters] 14". He noted that more information about the roster would be trickling out during 2021 and urged players to fire up their dream rosters and keep posting them on social media, which leads us to one of the most exciting parts of upcoming games — roster speculation.

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Here's when to watch the upcoming King of Fighters 15 and Samurai Shodown Season 3 announcement trailers

Earlier this month, SNK shared an update with fans on when they can expect to see the first major reveal trailer for King of Fighters 15. On January 7, 2021 (JST), the next mainstay installment in the long-running fighting game franchise will finally be officially unveiled to the public, and the company is also bringing some announcements for Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 with them on the same day.

With the date fast approaching, SNK sent out a tweet yesterday with specific times and dates on which fans can tune in to catch the big reveals.

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Huge fighting game discounts are here in time for Christmas with PlayStation and Steam Winter Sales featuring Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate and many more

The season of giving is upon us now with the crazy holiday shopping season which is also the perfect time to present the gift of good fighting games to your friends and family.

Said gift giving is made much easier on the wallet right now with both Steam and PlayStation running their own winter sales right now which includes new titles like Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate (plus Kombat Pack 2), games that rarely go on sale like Samurai Shodown and many, many more.

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SNK teases new console to release in 2021, quite possibly the NeoGeo 2

SNK were pioneers kicking off the 1990's with the release of the first NeoGeo hardware offering arcade-perfect games at home (at a crazy price), and lately they've been dipping their toes back into the classic console market.

Something "brand new" is coming soon, however, as SNK teased this morning that the company plans to release a new NeoGeo console in 2021.

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The era of delay-based netcode may finally be over for good in fighting games depending on what SNK does with The King of Fighters 15

The father of rollback netcode, GGPO, first debuted back in 2006 to show the world a widely better way to play fighting games online, but even as soon as this year, developers have continued to use their older delay-based solutions to the disappointment of many players.

Much of that has started to shift over the past two or three years, however, and now the fighting game community is looking at a potential / probable timeline where no new title is made with delay-based networking ever again — though that kinda hinges on what SNK is planning to do with The King of Fighters 15.

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The King of Fighters 15 will be a 'supreme masterpiece' for the series says SNK producer, rollback netcode mentioned but not confirmed

The King of Fighters series has a long history of releasing some of the most iconic titles the fighting game genre can offer from KOF98 to KOF13, but it sounds as though the developers are trying to attain even loftier goals for the new game.

SNK producer and KOF14 director Yasuyuki Oda recently took part in an interview where he claimed King of Fighters 15 could / will be the "masterpiece" of the franchise while also talking a bit about rollback netcode.

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The King of Fighters 15 has a lot to prove in the visuals department after the debacle with its predecessor

The King of Fighters 14 cemented SNK's departure from the company's history of highly-detailed sprites into the realm of high definition 3D models, and the transition was not a pretty one for both the developers and final product.

Over four years later now, the game's successor is about to makes its debut on the world stage with fans eagerly awaiting to see it in action though The King of Fighters 15 will have quite a bit of proving to do to live up to modern expectations and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Two additional King of Fighters 15 characters have been spotted in concept art

Earlier today, SNK released a King of Fighters 15 teaser trailer that revealed a few details about the upcoming fighting game. An official trailer for the game is scheduled to be released on January 7, 2021 JST.

This teaser trailer gave us an opportunity to see the official logo for King of Fighters 15. Yasuyuki Oda, King of Fighters 15 Producer, confirmed that this will be the logo going forward. In addition, a few characters were revealed during the sneak peek.

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King of Fighters 15 teaser reveals first three playable characters, full trailer coming January 7

SNK has broken their silence and revealed new information on King of Fighters 15. A new teaser and sit down with the game's developers unveils the first three playable characters, as well as when we can expect to see the first official reveal.

Kyo, Benimaru, and Shun'ei have all been confirmed as playable in King of Fighters 15 by way of concept art sketches featured in the teaser trailer. Additionally, the first full reveal is slated for a January 7, 2021 release.

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Will Street Fighter 5's final season be a test bed for Street Fighter 6? Should developers still be dumbing down games for casual players?

We're somewhere near the start of the fifth and final season of DLC for Street Fighter 5, and we're suspecting that through this next year's worth of content Capcom might be showing us a bit of their hand when it comes to Street Fighter 6.

Catalyst and I consider what the company has done in the past with the use of Omega mode in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and how using the latter end of one game as a test bed for potential practices in the next can be helpful for the transition.

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SNK's silence on King of Fighters 15 may be a sign that development has shifted to next generation consoles

Although 2020 has been a year with more than its fair share of challenges for all of us, one area which has been seeing consistent content releases and updates is fighting games. While we haven't been able to have offline events as we'd like to, the games have been bustling with new content, balance patches and entirely new releases as well, so the genre has definitely been popping even during quarantine times.

One game which people have been looking forward to for a very long time, though, and everyone seemed to be feeling very sure would release sometime this year is the newest installment in SNK's massive fighting game flagship, King of Fighters, namely King of Fighters 15. Now the year is almost over, and not only is the game not out, but we haven't even seen a glimpse of it beyond its logo (and even that may be subject to change). So what's going on with King of Fighters 15, anyway? Well, nobody who doesn't work at SNK themselves can really say for sure, but let's look at past SNK projects as well as the little informatipn drip we have had for the upcoming fighter to try and discern what the situation is.

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We're thankful for Tetsuharu's fighting game art

From Street Fighter to Sam Sho, King of Fighters to Guilty Gear, Darkstalkers to Soul Calibur, Japanese artist Tetsuharu can draw a mean fighting game character.

In perusing through Tetsu's Twitter we found a collection of wonderfully drawn images of the likes of the Karin Kanzuki, Lilith Aensland, Ivy Valentine, Terri Bogard, Iroha, and plenty of others.

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SNK producer gives update on King of Fighters 15's development and impact of COVID-19 on the game

After remaining quiet for the vast majority of the past year, SNK appears to be a bit more open now about what's going on with the development of The King of Fighters 15.

Last week, producer and KOF14 director Yasuyuki Oda opened up a bit about when fans should expect to see the new fighting game for the first time, and now he's appeared in another video interview to speak more about how the game itself is progressing and what impact COVID-19 has had on the project.

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New King of Fighters 15 information reportedly coming early next year

Among the list of most anticipated fighting games for 2020, The King of Fighters 15 was at the top for many in the FGC. Problem is, the game has been completely missing this year with not so much as a teaser image to hold fans over coming out of SNK.

Recently, however, KOF14 Director Yasuyuki Oda provided a small update as to when fans should expect to see more about the next leap in SNK's storied fighting game series.

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Tekken 7 named fighting game of the generation by the EventHubs community

Update: The community has spoken! With more than 1,600 votes cast and plenty of great candidates to chose from, Tekken 7 has been crowned as the fighting game of the generation by all of you, the readers of EventHubs. You can check out the final poll numbers in the original story below and see how close some of the rankings are.

It's kinda hard to believe, but the next generation of consoles is no longer on the horizon. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be here in just a few short days.

Though many players will be looking forward with what's about to come, it's also a great time to reflect on the fighting games that defined the eighth generation these past seven years from Killer Instinct to Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

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