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King of Fighters stories

Mai will have a particularly intriguing story with Andy Bogard in King of Fighters 15, according to developer notes

Terry Bogard may be SNK's fighting game poster boy, but if you told us Mai Shiranui was more popular, we wouldn't argue much with you.

King of Fighters' leading lady received her very own character trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters 15 this week, and as has become the usual practice following these weekly drops, SNK has posted some text from developers offering a bit of detail on her from an insider's perspective.

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Mai's received quite the glow up in King of Fighters 15 when compared side-by-side to the last game though one part of her has clearly been nerfed

Mai Shiranui's gone through many different incarnations since her introduction in Fatal Fury 2 though SNK almost always seems to give her extra special attention as one of mascots of the developer, and The King of Fighters 15 doesn't look like it'll be an exception to the rule.

With Mai's gameplay trailer finally dropping last night, Orpheus has worked quickly to create a side-by-side comparison video to showcase how good she looks in the new game next to King of Fighters 14 along with changes made to the fighter.

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Mai Shiranui finally receives her gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters 15 beating up her boyfriend

SNK's had a streak going for quite a few weeks now revealing brand new characters for The King of Fighters 15, but they've finally gone back to giving fans a closer look at a series mainstay that'll certainly make people happy.

As I'm sure everyone already guessed from the silhouette this morning, Mai Shiranui is the latest character to receive her full gameplay trailer though she's not apparently the last member of the Women Fighters Team as many had predicted.

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That's not actually Mai in the King of Fighters 15 silhouette - Street Fighter 5 Director shares funny sketch for his choice, who's a pretty big deal

SNK's recent endeavor to start teasing their new King of Fighters 15 reveals with silhouettes has been successful in catching some fans off-guard with characters like Yashiro, but this week's looks to be pretty clearly Mai Shiranui — but what if it's not?

Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama shared a special illustration sketching over the newest silhouette with his own comical fighter choice, who hasn't been seen in the series for quite some time.

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The next King of Fighters 15 character trailer is almost certainly Mai Shiranui's

They haven't come right out and said it, yet, but SNK posted a silhouette tease for a character trailer scheduled to come out Wednesday and the shape is a most recognizable one.

Save maybe for Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui has to be the most famous King of Fighters character. Unless they're purposefully misdirecting us with their teaser post, The Alluring Ninja Girl should be receiving a trailer this evening.

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King's grand return to The King of Fighters 15 inspires new top tier fan art that'll have you saying come on, baby

King's return to The King of Fighter 15 was pretty much a forgone conclusion given her popularity throughout the series though that doesn't mean fans weren't still thrilled to see her back.

One of the nice side effects of King's recent announcement is the surge of new works that the fighting game art community has been creating in her honor, so we've gathered up around a dozen or so of the best for a gallery dedicated her glory.

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King's character model in King of Fighters 15 aims to make the returning combatant far more ferocious and more beautiful than before

This week's big King of Fighters 15 reveal introduced a series mainstay back into the fold. The acrobatic Muay Thai fighter, King, returns to take down her opponents with her powerful, high-flying kicks.

SNK released a gameplay trailer showcasing what King is capable of in the upcoming iteration of the game, and much like they've been doing, the company shared a follow up that provides more insight into what went into her latest design. Character designer Tomoniro Nakata divulged a couple of quick details about how King's character model has changed this time around.

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From a Project X Zone fighting game to a smelly Guilty Gear, here's the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC

April Fool's Day is a tradition that most people tend to either love or hate depending on which side of the pranks they find themselves on, and the fighting game community certainly isn't immune to the shenanigans.

From dream crossover titles to Wi-Fi only tournaments, we've gathered together the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC.

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King announced for King of Fighters 15 in newest gameplay trailer

King has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. A new gameplay trailer has been released to showcase what she'll be able to do in the upcoming fighter.

As demonstrated in the trailer, King is a practitioner of Muay Thai. However, King provides a bit of a spin on traditional Muay Thai by adding acrobatic jumps and high kicks into her fighting style.

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New King of Fighters 15 character teaser opens to the door to many possibilities

SNK added a new layer to their weekly character reveals for The King of Fighters 15 with Yashiro's silhouette, and that's continuing with a new mystery to solve.

The developer has now released a new teaser image of the next character to be announced which appears to be of a female figure this time — but is it?

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Yashiro's inclusion in King of Fighters 15 means two other dearly missed characters will likely be joining the roster as well

Every week we get a new King of Fighters 15 trailer from SNK featuring fighters from the roster, many of them previously unannounced, and I know I'm not the only SNK fan for whom this has become one of the high points to look forward to every week. We've also seen them do misdirections and tease us in order to surprise us, and that's just what they managed to do this week in a big way.

This week it started when they did something they haven't done before by showing a silhouette. Since we'd seen Yuri Sakazaki just a few weeks ago and this character clearly had spiky hair, the vast majority defaulted to assuming this silhouette would be her older brother Ryo, one of the main protagonists of Art of Fighting and a true King of Fighters mainstay. Some more astute observers noted that the character appeared to have sleeves, though, which Ryo typically does not, and found themselves vindicated when the reveal finally came and showed us the long-absent Yashiro Nanakase as the latest roster addition. Not only is his return a big deal in and of itself, but also because of the implications that come with it.

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Terry Bogard's new Super move may be a cool nod to the old Fatal Fury animated movie which could tie back into a special King of Fighters 15 promotion

Terry Bogard's list of attacks hasn't exactly changed too much over the past 20 years or so, but SNK decided to give one of their poster boys a brand new finishing move for The King of Fighters 15.

While the Climax Move, or whatever KOF15 is going to call them, appears to be a more explosive version of his Power Charge special, there are some aspects that make it appear as though it was also inspired by the old Fatal Fury animated movies.

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Yashiro's 'wild flair' was an important trait to retain in his King of Fighters 15 character model, says designer

Following the big reveal of King of Fighters 15's latest character, Yashiro Nanakse, the game's developers took some time to share out an official piece of artwork for the new fighter. In addition to this, more details about what went into Yashiro's character model this time around were released.

Character designer Tomohiro Nakata added a few liner notes to the art piece to further expand on what went into Yashiro's return to the stage. Apparently, a concerted effort was made to ensure that Yashiro's "wild flair" remained intact.

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SNK releases new screenshots of Yashiro in King of Fighters 15

King of Fighters fans were treated to something of a surprise this week as we got a trailer for Yashiro Nanakse, a character who hasn't been actively playable in the franchise for almost 20 years.

On top of everything we saw during Wednesday's reveal, developers over at SNK have given us four additional screenshots of Yashiro as he'll appear in the upcoming King of Fighters 15.

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Yashiro's animations are impressively recreated from his old 2D sprites in side-by-side comparison for King of Fighters 15 though 1 thing's missing

Most of the characters revealed thus far for The King of Fighters 15 have been shown to use most of the same key frame animations as they did in KOF14.

Much like Chizuru, however, Yashiro Nanakase doesn't have that luxury since the last game he was included in was almost 20 years ago, so there's a more compelling comparison to see how he's been adapted from his former life as a 2d sprite.

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Yashiro Nanakase revealed for King of Fighters 15 in newest gameplay trailer

Yashiro Nanakase has been revealed for King of Fighters 15 in the newest trailer released by SNK. We get a good look at his gameplay during the new trailer.

Yashiro first made his debut in The King of Fighters '97. He hasn't been playable in a King of Fighters title since The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, so seeing his return in King of Fighters 15 is quite the treat.

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Street Fighter 5 director draws his guess for The King of Fighters 15's next character who's actually a clever Samurai Shodown joke from 27 years ago

SNK fans are going in hard with their detective hats and memes trying to dig into the identity of the mystery silhouette of The King of Fighters 15's next character, but this certainly takes the cake by a wide margin.

Street Fighter 5 director Takayuki Nakayama decided to join in on the fun by drawing over the shadowy figure with a man holding a fish, who so happens to be 27-year-old joke tying back to the Samurai Shodown series for good reason.

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