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Killer Instinct's 3.7 update rolling out now - here are the patch notes again, in case you missed them

Killer Instinct's latest balance update is going live today.

The 3.7 patch brings forth some new balance changes, adds four story missions, and fixes several bugs found in-game.

According to the official Killer Instinct Twitter page, the update began rolling out around 8 a.m. PDT. If you haven't gotten it just yet, it should be available for you very soon.

Click image to view the tweet

To check out everything the balance patch includes, be sure to view the update notes here.

Mid-match pop offs, taunting, teabagging, and a photo finish: The Killer Instinct World Cup’s winners final was a tournament set masterpiece

Over the weekend, 32 of the world's best Killer Instinct players battled head-to-head, tooth and claw for a whopping $30,000 and the title of KI World Cup 2017 champion in San Antonio, Texas. Though many of the matches on the tournament card were exhilarating in their own right, one bout in particular left a lingering impression on me -- the winners finals between Deion "BH|Thompxson" Thompson and Darnell "F3|Sleep” Waller, last year's EVO champion.

From blatant disrespect to one of the best showcases of KI's meta game I've ever witnessed, this set truly had it all.

Right out of the gate, Sleep made it a point to show the world and his opponent that his confidence was present in droves. Before the match even started, the Aria player danced in his chair and performed the "cut throat" taunt, sliding his thumb across his neck to signify the fall of the competitor sitting across from him.

Sleep's masterful use of Aria's assist bots and float mix ups quickly proved extremely strong as he secured a dominant lead. Once his foe's first life bar was fully drained, Sleep fired off a taunt, followed by another taunt later in the match as Thompxson's Jago walked forward, showing just how fearless the EVO champ was.

Taking the first game comfortably and feeling very sure of himself, Sleep stood up to exchange a few words with his opponent.

Click image for animated version

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Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 results ft Nicky, Bass, Rico Suave, Thompxson, Sleep

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This is going to be THE weekend for Killer Instinct fans, as this year's World Cup is finally happening in San Antonio, Texas.

During Saturday, four single-elimination Last Chance qualifiers will be held to decide the final participants, with the main event, a 32-person bracket, is being played on Sunday.

Some of the players qualified are Circa|Nicky, UA|Bass, Rico Suave, BH|Thompxson, F3|Sleep, UA|Wheels, ITA|Master411, TYI|LeChatNoir, BH|Amenty, CrazyLCD, TG|CoopStar, Raven is Raw, ShinTristan, Osomatsu, ThrashHeavy, TBS|Sickle and Ret, though there are obviously more players fighting for the championship title.

Streaming is being done at Team Spooky.

Continue below to check out the action for yourself.

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Rico Suave disqualified due to showing up late to match, sent to the losers bracket in round 1 of KI Cup

Rico Suave confirmed that he was disqualified from his match and sent to the losers bracket earlier today at the Killer Instinct Cup due to showing up late to his match.

The tournament was still only in round 1 when the disqualification happened. His opponent, ShinTristan, was able to move on as a result.

Rico Suave was able to take Killer Instinct Cup last year. While he's not out of the tournament quite yet, it appears as though his chances may have diminished for this year.

Understandably, Rico Suave is not too happy about this.

Rico Suave's Tweets image #1 Rico Suave's Tweets image #2
Click images for larger versions

Should Rico have been allowed to play his match anyhow or was it fine to send him to the loser's bracket? There still could've been time to play his match out before moving onto round 2 of the tournament.

Source: Rico Suave's Twitter. Photo: Chris Bahn.

Killer Instinct 3.7 patch notes released - balance and system changes detailed

The patch notes for version 3.7 of Killer Instinct have been released. The patch will come out this Tuesday on March 14th.

Continue below to read the full notes.

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Shin Hisako has incredible movement speed, a very unique projectile and an Instinct that sends you to hell; to be released on March 21st

Shin Hisako is Killer Instinct's newest character, and we got our first gameplay glimpse of her today at the KI World Cup. Her release date is slated for March 21st while an upcoming balance patch is coming March 14th.

We got to see this new fighter's movement, techniques, specials and early strategies as developers narrated her reveal stream. With quick, Samurai-esque dashes, great range thanks to her katana and a pretty insane tracking mechanic with her Spirit Orb technique, Shin Hisako looks very promising.

Here's her intro as well as a glimpse of her alternate costume to get you started:

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Shin Hisako gameplay reveal coming this weekend at KI Cup 2017, event trailer shows us another glimpse at the new fighter

The 2017 KI Cup is taking place this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, and will pit 32 of the world's best Killer Instinct players against each other in a battle for supreme victory.

With $30,000 on the line, it is without doubt that we'll be seeing the highest level of play at this event. But that's not the only treat awaiting KI fans this weekend.

At the KI Cup, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy will be showing off the game's newest character, Shin Hisako. Fans can catch her official gameplay reveal at 2 p.m. CST / 12 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. EST on Saturday, and today's trailer gives us another quick glimpse at the katana-wielding warrior.

Check it out in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

To view the full KI Cup 2017 trailer, be sure to hit the jump.

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Slicin' and dicin' in style; check out all nine of Shin Hisako's colors right here

Killer Instinct developers have released images of colors 1-9 for the upcoming fighter Shin Hisako.

They posted the gallery below along with this message for fans of the game:

"If you’re unaware of exactly who Shin Hisako is, allow us to enlighten you. Shin Hisako is the newest, remixed character coming to Killer Instinct later this month. She will be available for $4.99, and like Kilgore she will feature one accessory set (albeit in different colors), and 9 different colors from which to choose."

Shin Hisako Colors image #1 Shin Hisako Colors image #2 Shin Hisako Colors image #3 Shin Hisako Colors image #4 Shin Hisako Colors image #5 Shin Hisako Colors image #6

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Shin Hisako revealed for Killer Instinct, available in March

Killer Instinct will be adding yet another new version to one of their existing characters as Shin Hisako has been revealed via a teaser trailer.

The naginata wielding ghost fighter now appears to have a katana, a weapon she used in life while training in the ways of the Samurai. The teaser includes the following bit of text as a small clue to the new character's story:

"The moment she clutched the two-handed sword the Guardian dwelling inside the blade called out her new name..."

Killer Instinct developer Adam "Keits" Heart noted on his Twitter page, "All I can tell you about Shinsako is that she is much more straightforward to play than Hisako, but still has some interesting wrinkles," he also stated, "The next KI character after Kilgore and Shin "Chiharu" Hisako will not be a remix. 100% new."

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Naptown City Clutch VI results ft. ChrisG, KaneBlueRiver, RayRay, Yipes, Romance

Update: This story has been updated with finalresults.

Indianapolis, Indiana is going to be filled with fighting game goodness this weekend, as Naptown City Clutch VI is taking place there.

Games set to be played are Street Fighter 5, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, King of Fighters 14, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Super Smash Bros. 64, Mortal Kombat XL, Killer Instinct and BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Players attending include EG|NYChrisG, KaneBlueRiver, PG|RayRay, IFC Yipes, Romance, TS|Arturo Sanchez, GS|Gllty, BxA|Squall, JoeyD, DualKevin and many more.

Streaming will be handled by Team Spooky, Push Block Gaming and PBLK Gaming.

Check out the full action below.

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Swamp Thing has extraordinary range, can disable the opponent's jump / dash, and much more in Injustice 2 - here's a quick breakdown

IGN has put together a quick breakdown for one of the most recently announced Injustice 2 fighters, Swamp Thing.

In it, we learn that Swamp Thing has incredibly range, mostly due to his command grabs that can scoop up opponents from any distance. Though he doesn't do too well against projectile-heavy characters, he does have some tricks up his sleeve.

Below is a quick GIF of Swamp Thing in action to get you started.

Click image for animated version

Be sure to hit the jump to view the full breakdown.

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Killer Instinct getting a samurai character soon? Quick teaser potentially referencing the next new fighter

With the official reveal of Kilgore, we learned that a total of three new characters are headed to Killer Instinct. Two remain, and it looks like we may have gotten our first teaser of the next fighter.

The official Killer Instinct Twitter account sent out a quick video that features smoke slowly billowing by, revealing a line of text. It references "another Coalesced Guardian in the form of a Japanese katana."

Check it out below.

Click image for animated version

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Winter Brawl 11 results ft. SonicFox, ChrisG, RayRay, Scar, Punk

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Winter Brawl 11 is taking place this weekend in Essington, Pennsylvania, and there's a lot of action to be seen.

You can expect to see high level play in Street Fighter 5, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Pokkén Tournament, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Mortal Kombat XL, King of Fighters 14, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Soul Calibur 5, Killer Instinct and more.

Players attending include FOX|SonicFox, EG|NYChrisG, PG|RayRay, FOX|Scar, ANBU|Punk, PIE|Smug, UA|Bass, Dieminion, IMT|ANTi, PG|Coach Steve, D-Link|LordKnight, MrKwiggle, DF|PinkDiamond, LI Joe, NS|Ludovic, Unkn0wn, TA|Moons, GG|SherryJenix and many more.

Streaming is being handled by Bifuteki, Funky P, KPB Live, Kombat Network and BlazeU25_.

Check out the full action below.

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Kilgore Community Fund raises over $50,000 for 2017 events, Killer Instinct's first Ultimates now available as free download

Back in early January, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy released a new fighter into the Killer Instinct fray. Kilgore became available for purchase as part of a community fund to raise money for Killer Instinct events, both online and offline, in 2017.

Kilgore came with a price tag of $10, and 50% of each purchase would be sent right into the Killer Instinct Community Fund. In just over a month's time, the community has raised over $50,000.

Killer Instinct Community Manager Rukari posted an update on Ultra-Combo in which he noted that the 2017 community fund proceeds will not be put into the $30,000 KI Cup prize pot -- the final stop of the 2016 tournament season which takes place on March 10th - 12th. All funds raised will be focused on aiding future events.

If you'd still like to contribute, you have until March 6th. The community fund will close at that time and Kilgore will go off the market temporarily. The character will return later this year and will cost only $5.

Not only that, but today marks the release of Killer Instinct's new Ultimate finishing moves. The first batch is now available for download, free of charge, and grants all players access to Ultimates for Jago, Tusk, TJ Combo, Maya, and Thunder.

You can check out each one after the jump.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out on top in the Make-A-Wish Foundation EVO 2017 charity drive, awaiting final word from EVO staff

The Make-A-Wish Foundation EVO 2017 charity drive to determine the player's choice game has concluded. At this time, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has raised the most money totaling

It was a very close race that came down to the wire. Pokken Tournament and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were neck-and-neck throughout the entirety of the donation drive, and the end result was a close one.

At this time, we are waiting on confirmation from the EVO staff whether or not UMvC3 will secure the 9th spot on the event's line up. Though the game raised the most money, all of the numbers will likely have to be tallied and potential false donations may need to be weeded out.

To see how much money each game raised, be sure to hit the jump.

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New Killer Instinct Ultimates revealed for Maya, TJ Combo and Tusk

One of the exciting new additions to Killer Instinct will be Ultimate combos for every character in the cast. The Killer Instinct Twitter teased us with a poll earlier today asking whose Ultimate we'd like to see revealed today between TJ Combo, Maya and Tusk.

After finalizing the results, KI tweeted out the following surprise:

Ki Ult Tweets image #1
Click images for larger versions

You can see all three below.

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Killer Instinct is receiving Ultimates for 15 characters, first five rolling out on February 14th

Ultimates are coming back to Killer Instinct.

Ever since the release of 2013's Xbox One exclusive, fans have been requesting the return of the large finishing moves. Looks like the wait is over.

Killer Instinct's Community Manager, Rukari, posted a blog over on Ultra-Combo that featured details on the upcoming Ultimates.

To start, 15 characters will be receiving Ultimates -- one each. The first five are set to roll out on February 14th, and the Ultimates packs will be available free of charge.

Jago, Thunder, Maya, TJ Combo, and Tusk will be the first served, and each Ultimate can be performed by hitting LP+LK quickly after the start of an Ultra. These finishers can only be activated while still on the first lifebar (Supreme Victory) and only after launching into an Ultra.

You will find Thunder's Ultimate after the jump.

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