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Eagle's official trailer scheduled for release during E3 week, Killer Instinct's next content update coming later this month

Killer Instinct is getting a brand new character soon. Eagle -- Thunder's brother -- is set to be released later this month.

Rukari over on Ultra-Combo shared more information on the upcoming combatant earlier today. First up, we learn that Eagle will be included with Killer Instinct's upcoming content update 3.8.

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy are aiming to release the update after E3 and CEO 2017, which are both taking place the week of June 12th.

As of right now, pricing for Eagle has not been revealed. Today's blog does note that this character will not be tied to another community fund, like we saw with Kilgore earlier this year.

Speaking of which, we should be on the look out for the official Eagle trailer during the week of E3 and CEO. In the meantime, here is Eagle's official Killer Instinct hero art.

Eagle's Killer Instinct hero art image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Sub-Zero takes on Glacius in fight to the finish in ScrewAttack's latest Death Battle

How has Sub-Zero not been in a Death Battle yet?

That glaring problem is fixed in ScrewAttack!'s latest fight to the finish as Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero and Killer Instinct's Glacius duke it out.

A member of an ancient ninja clan with the power to manipulate ice versus an alien cop that was forced to encase himself in a glacial shell to survive his crash landing on Earth, these two actually share quite a few similar ice-driven powers.

Wiz and Boomstick break down the strengths, techniques and weaknesses of both fighters to determine who would have the edge.

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'Top Ten FGC Plays Of The Week #7' features comebacks from the brink of death, a double perfect, the hardest of reads, and more

YogaFlame24 is back with his "Top Ten FGC Plays of the Week" series. With all the tournaments that occurred over the weekend, you can expect there to be plenty of hype moments that were showcased.

We saw plenty of comebacks, hard reads, and even a double perfect by RB|Snake Eyez.

The attention wasn't just focused on tournament matches though. There was plenty of spotlight placed upon some sick online interactions as well.

For example, this Zangief player had all the right reads in this particular sequence.

Click image for animated version

While Street Fighter 5 matches are mostly featured here, there is also Injustice 2 and Killer Instinct matches present this time. Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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Combo Breaker 2017 results feat. NuckleDu, Kazunoko, Momochi, Mago, Smug, Snake Eyez

Updating with final results: We've added a plethora of Combo Breaker 2017 results into this story, you can find them all below.

Combo Breaker 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event taking place this weekend in St. Charles, Illinois. This is an absolutely stacked competition, and is bringing in competitors from multiple countries around the globe.

Notable Street Fighter 5 players scheduled to compete include Liquid|NuckleDu, GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|Momochi, Zowie|GamerBee, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Scarz|Sako, FOX|Justin Wong, Mago, Poongko, Smug, EG|NYChrisG, Rise|Marn, Mouz|Problem X, CO|Go1, GFuel|Verloren, EG|K-Brad, YouDeal|Yukadon, Circa|LPN, SPY|Filipino Champ, RB|Snake Eyez, Talon|Xiaobao, CO|Dogura, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Mouz|CCL, 801 Strider, F3|Alucard, Noble|Vagabond, Flash, Stupendous, WBG|CJ Truth, XSK Samurai, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, NS|Ludovic, Commander Jesse, among others.

Not only with the SF5 competition be hot, but Injustice 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is sure to be lit as well, and fans of other titles will have quite a bit to chose from in terms of what to watch.

You can find the live streams and scheduling information below.

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Eagle teased for Killer Instinct, dropping next month

A teaser for Killer Instinct during Combo Breaker hinted Eagle as an upcoming character.

The quick spot does not reveal the character's face, but we do hear and see a robotic looking eagle along with the torso of a Native American utilizing some high tech armor and weaponry.

Eagle has been a non playable Killer Instinct character since the early days of the series, and is the younger brother (older in the comics story) of Thunder.

Read on for the teaser.

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Texas Showdown 2017 results feat. ChrisG, Justin Wong, Smug, Snake Eyez, Marn

Updated with final results: The results for Texas Showdown 2017 have been added into this story. Check them out below.

Texas Showdown 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event taking place this weekend in Houston, Texas.

Notable players in attendance include FOX|Justin Wong, RB|Snake Eyez, Rise|Marn, EG|NYChrisG, EG|K-Brad, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, F3|Alucard, Flash, NS|Ludovic, Hsien Chang, LU|Alex Valle, GS|Gllty, DL|Four Wude, Shin, Magneto1080p, Rylander, BT|IFC Yipes and Jan, among others.

This is a three day event, which kicks off today, so there will be a lot of action for fans at home to check out.

You can find the schedule and live streams below.

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Killer Instinct's next brand new character is 'coming soon'

Killer Instinct still has another playable character on the way, and apparently, that character is coming soon.

In response to a follower question earlier today, the official Killer Instinct Twitter page made mention of this information.

You can check out the tweet below.

Killer Instinct tweet image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Aria's Ultimate bullies the opponent with each of her individual bodies - check out her big finishing move here

The Killer Instinct team has released footage of the final Ultimate that is set to release on May 2nd. Today, we get a look at Aria's big finisher.

This Ultimate sees Aria disassembling to attack her opponent with each of her different bodies. She reassembles for one final strike led by her sword body, and the attack explodes into a flash of light.

Riptor's Ultimate was showcased last week, but if you missed it you can find it here.

Hit the jump to view Aria's Ultimate.

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Riptor's Ultimate in Killer Instinct is... a bit confusing, but it ends off pretty darn cute - check it out here

The Killer Instinct team has released footage of another Ultimate that is set to release on May 2nd. Today, we get a look at Riptor's big finisher.

This Ultimate sees Riptor launching her opponent into the air with her trademark tail whip. She proceeds to leap up, misses a large bite attempt in dramatic fashion, then after realizing that her opponent is still alive, burns them and sleeps in their ashes.

It took me a few views to understand what exactly was happening, but the end did warm my heart. Sleepy little Riptor is too cute.

Kilgore's Ultimate was showcased last week, but if you missed it you can find it here.

Hit the jump to view Riptor's Ultimate.

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NorCal Regionals 2017 results

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with results from NorCal Regionals 2017.

Taking place this weekend in Sacramento, California, the NorCal Regionals 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event.

Notable players in attendance include Liquid|NuckleDu, GRPT|Fuudo, MJS|Haitani, FOX|Tokido, FOX|Momochi, PG|Punk, CYG|Daigo, SPY|Filipino Champ, Mago, Zowie|GamerBee, Co|Go1, CYG|PR Balrog, Poongko, FOX|Justin Wong, XYZZY, WFX|801 Strider, RB|Bonchan, EG|K-Brad, RISE|Marn, EG|NYChrisG, CO|Dogura, CYG|Snake Eyez, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, YD|Yukadon, WFX|XSK Samurai, RN|Alex Myers, F3|Alucard, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Circa|LPN, Stupendous, Flash, GS|Gllty, BJ Unchained and Commander Jesse, among others.

You can find the live streams and schedule below.

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Hypespotting 6 results feat. Luffy, Problem X, ImStillDaDaddy, Cobelcog, Takamura

Updated with final results: This story has been updated with final results from Hypespotting 6.

The Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, Hypespotting 6, takes place this weekend in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom.

Notable players in attendance include RB|Luffy, Mouz|Problem X, Ryan Hart, DA|ImStillDaDaddy, Packz, Millenium|Will2Pac, Takamura B, Mouz|CCL, UM|Tyrant, Cobelcog, Shivryuken and Afii.

You can find the schedule and live streams below.

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Here are Killer Instinct's gold skins, including hidden future gold skins for Thunder, Eyedol, Aria, Cinder, Tusk and Aganos

As of right now, Killer Instinct has 4 dedicated skin packs that coat characters in gold. Each pack contains three characters that are made golden.

These characters are Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Kim Wu, Maya, Mira, Kan-Ra, Hisako, Orchid, Spinal, Sadira, and TJ combo.

Future golden skin packs have been discovered for Thunder, Tusk, Eyedol, Cinder, Aria, and Aganos. They will likely be split up into two more skin packs.

Golden Killer Instinct skins image #1 Golden Killer Instinct skins image #2 Golden Killer Instinct skins image #3 Golden Killer Instinct skins image #4 Golden Killer Instinct skins image #5 Golden Killer Instinct skins image #6

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Kilgore's Ultimate is absolutely epic in Killer Instinct, and it looks very familiar...

Killer Instinct's next set of Ultimates is being released on May 2nd. All KI players will be able to download the pack containing new finishing moves for Riptor, Fulgore, Kilgore, Sadira, and Aria, for free, when that day comes.

The Killer Instinct team is releasing footage of each Ultimate, once a week, leading up to the pack's release. So far, we've seen Fulgore and Sadira. Today, we get Kilgore's Ultimate.

This Ultimate is probably my favorite in-game so far. I don't want to give too much away, but for all of you Dragon Ball Z fans out there, let's just say Kilgore acts as his own Piccolo / Goku team...

Be sure to check it out after the jump.

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North West Majors 9 live streams and schedule

Northwest Majors 9 is taking place this weekend in Kent, Washington.

There were be several streams available, along with a lot of tournaments games being played.

You can find those streams below, along with a schedule.

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Killer Instinct's next set of Ultimates drops on May 2nd, here's a look at Sadira's and Fulgore's

Killer Instinct's next batch of Ultimates -- powerful finishing moves that are activated early during an Ultra Combo to KO your opponent in style -- are set for release on May 2nd. Fulgore, Sadira, Aria, Riptor, and Kilgore will all be receiving a special finisher when that day comes, and like the last Ultimates pack, this one will be free for all players.

To ring in the upcoming Ultimates' release, the KI crew will be showing off one of the new finishers each week. Today, we get a look at Sadira's.

Be sure to keep an eye out every Monday at noon for another Ultimate, as all five will have been shown by May 2nd.

Since Fulgore's was previously revealed, we have included it in this story. Hit the jump to see both Ultimates.

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'Hisako is a top 10 character, but not quite as overwhelming in the neutral as some of the top five characters' - Storm179 talks Killer Instinct

Calvin Phelps, also known as Storm179, had an outstanding showing at the Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 earlier this month. Not only did he defeat several of the game's best players in one of the most stacked Killer Instinct events of the year, but he also did so using Hisako -- a character not often seen in tournament finals.

We reached out to Phelps to discuss his recent success, get his thoughts on Hisako, the top five characters in the game, and more. Below is just a quick example of Storm179's level of play at the KI World Cup and a snippet from our interview.

Click image to view the clip

DreamKing: Please, introduce yourself to the EventHubs readers.

Storm179: The name is Calvin Phelps, handle is Storm179. I’m an aerospace engineer by day, and videogame fan in my free time.

DreamKing: How long have you been playing fighting games and Killer Instinct competitively?

Storm179: The first fighting game I ever played was Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES, where I used to cheap out my brothers with Psycho Crusher spam. I’ve played fighters off and on since then, but Killer Instinct is the first one I’ve been really serious about, and to be honest I only really became competitive with it in the last year or so.

I bought an Xbox One specifically for the game and have played it avidly since launch, but only really started traveling and entering tournaments here in Season 3.

To read the full interview, be sure to hit the jump.

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Beware the Shin Hisako mirror match... she can cause a glitch that leads to a series of strange happenings

As Killer Instinct's newest addition, Shin Hisako has been turning heads left and right.

Already something of a fan favorite to begin with, Hisako's newest form brings a fresh perspective on the undead (dare we say?) femme fatale. As interesting and fun as she's been in her KI debut, players will want to be wary of the Shin Hisako mirror match, as it may lead to a glitch that causes all sorts of buggy occurrences.

"The glitch seems to happen when ever you fight another Shin Hisako and she uses Soul Slice through the hands. We replicated it a few times different ways but that was the most frequent," says KuraiGamingHD as they highlight this odd sequence.

You'll see it for yourself in the video below.

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