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Killer Instinct stories

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition is now available

All the way back on November 22, 2013, Killer Instinct graced the world once again with its hype combos and awesome music, and now it's reached its final form.

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy have now released Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition as the game's last big update and upgrade.

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Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition announced to release tomorrow

After years of lying mostly dormant, Killer Instinct is once again rising up to give its dedicated fans something new.

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy announced the release date for the Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition update / upgrade, and it'll be here in less than a day.

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Patch notes for Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition

Update: This story has been updated with the full list of patch notes for Killer Instinct.

It's finally happening. Killer Instinct is about to get its first substantial update in years.

Iron Galaxy has now released the full patch notes for the Version 3.10 update Killer Instinct's Anniversary Edition upgrade coming soon.

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Steam's Autumn Sale is here with discounts on Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and nearly 100 more fighting game deals

It's that special time of year again to spend some money but also save some money on good deals ahead of Black Friday.

Valve has officially kicked off their annual Steam Autumn Sale event with discounts on Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and tons more fighting games equating to potentially the largest one we've seen for PC.

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Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition revealed

Killer Instinct players have been continuing to truck on with the game without any substantial patches in years, but that's about to change.

Iron Galaxy announced today the details of Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition and what changes are being made to the presumed last big update for the title during their anniversary stream.

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Killer Instinct 10th anniversary stream is live

Update: The Killer Instinct 10th anniversary stream is now live, and you can watch along with us below.

It's a wonder to think that Killer Instinct's big reboot is celebrating its 10th birthday today, but here we are.

Iron Galaxy is about to hold a special 10th anniversary live stream for Killer Instinct to share what's coming next for the Xbox fighting game.

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Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary event coming next week to detail the new update and more

It's wild to think that the Killer Instinct reboot is about to turn 10 years old, and it seems like those who've worked on the game have something special in store for that big birthday.

Iron Galaxy Studios announced tonight that they'll be holding a 10th anniversary live stream event for Killer Instinct next week to talk about the upcoming update and more.

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Desk travels through 30+ years of infinite combo history in 30+ different fighting games

Infinite combos aren't exactly healthy for a fighting game, but they do offer up a unique sense of novelty that comes from feeling like you're breaking all the rules and having the power to do so.

The one and only combo maestro, Desk, recently just released his latest project traveling through over 30 years of history for infinite combos and just as many different titles.

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Evo 2023 announcements recap, from A.K.I. and Azucena to the brand new Fatal Fury title, Killer Instinct lives and so much more

Boy, what a crazy weekend that was. Evo 2023 provided us fighting game fans some of the best action we've seen in years out of the competition, but that's not all that was there.

It feels like this year's Evo had potentially more announcements and reveals than ever before, and it would have been easy to miss out on some of them by looking away from the screen for more than a few minutes.

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Evo 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The long-awaited event of the year for a lot of fighting gamers is back again this year with Evo 2023 and as usual it'll be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Notable players are far too plentiful to even list, but with the massive amount of entrants it's safe to assume that if the player you're looking for mains any of the main titles for the event, they'll be there playing it. Be sure to also check out our documented character usage stats for Street Fighter 6 as well as the rest of the games for Evo 2023.

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Killer Instinct to receive big 10th anniversary update this Fall

It's wild to think that Killer Instinct made its grand return a full 10 years ago, and it seems like the story of the game is not quite done yet.

Following the KI exhibition at Evo 2023, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft announced Killer Instinct is going to be receiving a substantial 10th anniversary update to the game.

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Battle Arena Melbourne 13 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Battle Arena Melbourne 13 has returned to grace us with some top level tournament action and as the name might've tipped you off to, it'll be taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

Notable players competing at the event include DRX|Knee, VARREL|Rangchu, KDF|Ulsan, Talon|Book, THY|Chikurin, DRX|Chanel, NASR|Latif, VARREL|Pinya, eF|DanielMado, DRX|Infested, DH|Jeondding, RIOT|ROF, Somniac, GoldieNextDoor, Tweed|Saf and many more.

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Combo Breaker 2023 results

Updated: This story has been updated with final results.

One of the biggest fighting game events in the world is back in 2023 and the grand tournament, which is of course Combo Breaker 2023, will be taking place in Schaumburg, Illinois, U.S.A.

Notable players set to attend include RB|Arslan Ash, DRX|Knee, TSM|Leffen, XSET|iDom, TempestNYC, Twis|Slash, Liquid|Dabuz, VARREL|Rangchu, RR|Mono, THY|Chikurin, RB|Anakin, AR|Wero Asamiya, TBH|Seis Mx, Talon|Book, ScrawtVermillion, Kkokkoma, ZomBmu, BIG|Sephiblack, Proton|Coach Steve, DRX|Chanel, TUE|Shadow20z, Joey Fury, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, RB|CuddleCore, CATPION|Daymendou, Falcon|Ghirlanda, Buscar Luz, Shuaboo, JPV|Axenstar, PAR|Aarondamac, PAG|Monarch, Psykotik, ONI|NBNHMR, Nitro Knight, BC|Jonathan Tene, Moist|Hotashi, Solstice, Zando, Umisho, Tommy2step, Zane and many more.

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Newly translated magazine shows first Guilty Gear was going to use the same graphics as Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct

Arc System Works revolutionized how 3D models could appear in 2D fighting games with Guilty Gear Xrd, but it looks like the company had some similar plans in mind since the very beginning.

Sol Radguy recently went back and translated a Japanese magazine article from 1995, which shows off that the original Guilty Gear was planning to use the same graphics system that powered Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct.

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Justin Wong crafts tier list ranking all of his competitive fighting game mains from Storm to Menat and far beyond

There's maybe a handful of people in the world who can claim they have the competitive pedigree and results that Justin Wong has, and many of the characters he's mained over his career have become iconic in their own right too, for better or worse.

The fighting game legend recently crafted a new tier list to rank how strong he believes each of his main picks are / were from Marvel vs. Capcom to Street Fighter and far beyond.

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Ed Boon highlights Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct fan art and then jokingly 'konfirms' it

It's been over a year since NetherRealm Studios announced the completion of post-launch content for Mortal Kombat 11. As such, they've since moved on to their next project.

The entirety of 2022 is now behind us, and we've barely received any word about what NetherRealm Studios is working on. Rumors indicate that it could be Mortal Kombat 12, Injustice 3 or even something involving Disney's Marvel IP.

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Update: Killer Instinct character and content access restored, Microsoft releases statement

Update: Microsoft has now released a statement claiming they have released a fix to restore Killer Instinct's characters and content to players. You can find the full statement in the story below.

It's been a somewhat rough few months lately considering a hacker completely crippled the game's online modes recently, and now this is going down for some reason.

Players who've logged onto Killer Instinct over the past few days are running into the severe issue of none of their characters or purchased content being accessible in the title, which basically renders it unplayable.

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