Captain Cold? Ra's al Ghul? The Atom? For clues to the Injustice 2 roster, it might be best to look at DC's current film and TV projects

Obviously, roster discussions are heated when it comes to the upcoming DC comics fighting game Injustice 2.

No character is confirmed or deconfirmed until they're properly shown by NetherRealm, but speculation has never hurt anyone, right?

To delve deeper into what characters might be in Injustice 2, we must first take a glance at what we've seen so far. Supergirl, who has a TV show running currently on the CW (though it started over at CBS), was shown at the game's gameplay debut, despite Power Girl outplacing both her and Batgirl (who ended up being DLC in the first game) in an unofficial Twitter poll held by Boon back in 2012.

Besides Supergirl, we also saw a trailer reveal for Harley Quinn, who was of course a shoo-in, and the much-less-guaranteed Deadshot in close conjunction with the release of DC Comics' Suicide Squad film. Even back in Injustice 1, the somewhat surprising choice of Zod was put into the game while Man of Steel was in cinemas.

For the implications of this regarding the rest of Injustice 2's roster, continue below.

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We want her in for her story - we swear! A beloved femme fatale and the demon's head take the lead - Injustice 2 Batman villain poll results revealed

Update: The poll has been closed, and you can check out the final results for which Batman villains you voted to see in Injustice 2.

Earlier: Injustice 2 is coming up next year, and the character gallery available to choose from is unbelievably vast.

So vast, in fact, that making a poll containing DC characters could impossibly contain all the characters you might want to vote for, even if we were to narrow it down to just bad guys.

With that in mind, we decided to zero in on specifically Batman, given that Batman titles tend to top the charts where DC is concerned.

In our poll, we've done our best to put in any and every Batman villain that's at least somewhat of a big deal, and also decided to include characters who've been on both sides of the fence - such as Catowoman and Riddler - as well as villains who might not be strictly Batman villains, but have had more than their fair share of run-ins with the caped crusader - such as Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy.

Of course, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are exempt from the poll since they've already been confirmed to be in the game.

Cast your votes - 2 votes per user - below.

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What's it like when a room of 5,000 people get hype for an Injustice 2 tournament? This clip from the GameStop Expo is pretty amazing

At last week's GameStop Expo in Anaheim, California, WB and NetherRealm Studios had a spectacular presentation of their upcoming fighting title, Injustice 2.

During the GameStop Manager Show, a huge audience sat in to check out what the super hero brawler is all about. Luckily, attendees managed to capture footage of the event and the crowd.

Ed Boon noted on Twitter that the room contained roughly 5,000 people, and the clip that was shared by badsheepbeebee features the tournament portion of the presentation.

It's pretty amazing to see so many people getting hype for Injustice 2 this early in its development cycle. You can really feel the excitement from the crowd in this clip, and it sure as hell makes me wish I had attended that conference.

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DC Collectibles announces a line of Injustice 2 statues, Harley Quinn is first of the bunch

Recently, DC Collectibles unveiled the first of a line of statues based on the upcoming Injustice 2, and it looks like Harley Quinn will be the first on the roster to take the spotlight.

Harley is hands down one of the most popular characters that the DC franchise has to offer, so this will likely be an easy grab for the collectors out there. The statue stands at around 7.75" tall, and will run at the price point of $80 USD.

For those that are looking to purchase the statue, sales start up next April. You can check out a few photos of Harley in the gallery below.

Harley Quinn statue image #1 Harley Quinn statue image #2 Harley Quinn statue image #3 Harley Quinn statue image #4
Click images for larger versions

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Maywolf's cosplay makes an electrifying impression: Check out her Chun-Li, Anna Williams, and tribute to Batman vs. Superman

It's always a pleasure to passionate fans show love to not only their favorite characters, but also their craft. Putting together a great cosplay costume is no easy task, but there are experts out there who are easily able to wow us every time.

Many of the costumes that Maywolf has put together bring some of our favorite fighting game characters to life. This time around we've got her take on Chun-Li, Anna Williams, and the classic clash between Batman and Superman.

Below are a few of her photos to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to catch the rest.

Maywolf Gallery 1 image #1 Maywolf Gallery 1 image #2 Maywolf Gallery 1 image #3 Maywolf Gallery 1 image #4 Maywolf Gallery 1 image #5 Maywolf Gallery 1 image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Five eSports practices the fighting game community should take from Dota 2

Yahoo eSports' Michael "Bizarro Mike" Martin wrote a very interesting and very relevant article yesterday titled "Five things the FGC can learn from Dota 2's The International."

Looking at the overall success of events like EVO, Mortal Kombat's ESL majors and the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, there's no denying that the fighting game community is off to a decent start when it comes to eSports, but we have a ways to go before we start garnering attention that other, more established genres like MOBAs do.

In his piece Martin identifies five specific processes that The International, an event that boasted more than a $20 million prize pool, practices that could really help the FGC grow.

While it's not quite apples to apples, these lessons are worth some discussion at the very least, and may propel the FGC to incredible new heights at the very best.

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'That was something I wanted to die with, being one of the only ones to know that' - Boon speaks on recent discoveries in classic Mortal Kombat games

Ed boon has been making the rounds so far at this year's Gamecom, showing off the latest build of Injustice 2. However, during an interview with IGN, the focus shifted to Mortal Kombat for a moment to touch on a quite interesting discovery.

Some of you may remember the discovery of secret menus in the classic Mortal Kombat games that managed to stay hidden for over 20 years. Boon thought it was cool that the community got a kick out of it, but he wasn't thrilled about his secret being uncovered.

At the time, Boon thought that his code was hidden well enough that people wouldn't ever figure it out, but there was no way to see what the future would bring to gaming."I didn't think that 25 years later that somebody could disassemble your code, or that MAME was going to exist," he says.

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Ed Boon discusses possibility of having characters like Reverse-Flash or Bizarro in Injustice 2 via costume alterations

As we learn more about Injustice 2, the main aspect developers continue to call attention to is the Gear system. Unlike traditional fighting games, Injustice 2 characters' attire directly affects how they perform in game.

Almost every part of a character's attire can be changed as they find different helmets, boots, gloves and other pieces of clothing that boost certain statistics. A natural effect of this design choice manifests in the fact that the ability to freely explore alternate costumes and variations of characters becomes somewhat limited, at least on broader levels.

In a discussion with IGN, Ed Boon talks about the potential to explore characters that are similar to those who make it onto the Injustice 2 roster. An example of this could be special gear that Flash picks up that essentially turns him into Reverse-Flash.

This also would allow developers to sneak in different era versions of certain characters that have had drastic changes over the years.

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Here's 17 minutes of beautiful gameplay footage featuring Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman in Injustice 2

Earlier today we discovered that both Harley Quinn and Deadshot will be on the Injustice 2 roster, and IGN has since come out with nearly 20 minutes of brand new game play footage.

In their video, IGN feature Quinn, Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman, (the latter two being characters we've known about but seen little of) as the showcase their moves, specials and cinematics.

Below you'll see the brutally awesome Super combos for each of the three aforementioned fighters:

Click images for animated versions

The end of the video also looks at some of the costume alterations you can make for each character, further highlighting just how deep of a game Injustice 2 is looking to be.

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Injustice 2 goes full Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn and Deadshot revealed as playable characters - and Harley brought her pets this time...

Injustice 2 had a few surprises ready for attendants of Gamescom, in the form of two unannounced characters - one returning from the last game, The Joker's right-hand-woman herself, Harley Quinn, as well as one of the DC universe's most deadly assassins, Deadshot.

It's clear from the trailer that Harley has a few new tricks up her sleeve this time around, including sicking her and Joker's pet hyenas on her opponents.

You can get a glimpse of the new Harley Quinn as well as Deadshot right here.

Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #1 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #2 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #3 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #4 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #5 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn and Deadshot Reveal Gallery image #6
Click images for larger versions

Check out the full video of the two below.

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We have a hunch a certain Clown Prince of Crime will be announced for Injustice 2 tomorrow

Whilst perusing the official Injustice Twitter today we came across an image that leads to think we may be seeing a Joker announcement for Injustice 2 very soon.

For those who might not be aware, Joker has two pet hyenas named Bud and Lou. The below image popped up on the Injustice Twitter today:

Bud or Lou? image #1
Click images for larger versions

It's not 100% certain yet, but this image combined with the fact that we really can't see Batman's main baddie skipping Injustice 2 has us pretty well convinced he'll be joining the roster. We'll be keeping tabs on Gamerscon, and will keep you posted as reveals go live.

Update: We should include the fact that Harley Quinn is often associated with Bud and Lou. This very well could be a nod to her as opposed to Joker.

Constantine, Starfire or Black Manta for Injustice 2? The poll results are in, and they're not what we expected

Results for Ed Boon's recent Injustice 2 character poll are in. Boon asked if we'd like to see Black Manta, Starfire or Constantine most and after 12,874 votes the winner was...

Injustice 2 Poll Results image #1
Click images for larger versions

This comes to us as something of a surprise, as hype for Black Manta (when he was first spotted in Aquaman's stage transition) seemed to be through the roof. If I may offer my personal opinion, I thought John Constantine would be a contender for the top spot as he's a bit unorthodox compared to many of the more superhuman characters.

In the end though, Starfire emerged as a clear cut victor with a whopping 43% of the vote. While the poll was described as Boon as "just for fun", we're certainly going to be keeping an eye out for the Tamaran princess as Injustice 2's roster continues to develop.

Source: Ed Boon.

The results are in on Ed Boon's Red Hood poll, and Jason Todd takes the victory by a landslide

Ed Boon has been spending quite a bit of time on Twitter lately, leaving poll after poll to keep track of fan interest when it comes to upcoming content. After leaving a mountain of breadcrumbs that point to Kombat Pack 3, his focus has moved to Injustice 2.

The developer's previous poll asked fans whether they'd rather see The Joker or Jason Todd take on the role of the Red Hood in the upcoming title, and Jason Todd took a whopping 81% of nearly 16,000 votes.

Red Hood poll results image #1
Click images for larger versions

The community has made it pretty clear who they want to see under the Red Hood, should the character join the ranks of the Injustice 2 cast.

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Cammy scouts for her next challenge, Samus takes aim, and pin-up Harley Quinn: Jason Laboy's fighting game cosplay gallery

Our friend Jason Laboy has been building up quite the photography portfolio for some time now. A major part of his repertoire consists of attending various conventions and snapping shots of the best cosplayers he can find.

So, today we thought we'd share some of the work he's produced throughout the past year, as well as a handful of our personal favorites. In this gallery, we have characters from franchises such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, as well as warriors we've seen in games like Injustice, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Super Smash Bros.

Below are just a handful to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to view the everything.

Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #1 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #2 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #3 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #4 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #5 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #6 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #7 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #8 Jason Laboy cosplay gallery image #9

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Red Hood confirmed playable in Injustice 2? Ed Boon wants to know if it should be The Joker or Jason Todd making an appearance

Ed Boon, Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, continues to gauge fan interest on Twitter. Asking followers what they want to see in most in Mortal Kombat XL and Injustice 2, today Boon may have confirmed another playable character in the latter.

The developer's latest poll asks fans which version of Red Hood should be in Injustice 2: The Joker or Jason Todd? In case you're unfamiliar, The Joker originally took on the persona of Red Hood, and Jason Todd was the second to don the outfit.

What's interesting is that Boon does not preface the tweet by saying, "If Red Hood were to be added," or anything of the sort. Instead, he goes right into asking which of the two version should be chosen.

This has led fans to believe that Boon may have just confirmed the inclusion of Red Hood in Injustice 2, and we can see why. In any case, if you'd like to vote for one or the other, you can hit the image below to access the Twitter poll.

Click to view Ed Boon's Red Hood Twitter poll

Source: Ed Boon on Twitter. Sent in by Timberfellingrobot and ZHZ90.

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