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Guilty Gear stories

Guilty Gear Strive developers want a game that leaves room for players' discoveries to exceed developer expectations

Arc System Works' third Developer's Backyard was released some time ago. Development Director Akira Katano and General Director Daisuke Ishiwatari of Arc System Works has been touching on a variety of subjects that could be of interest to those interested in getting Guilty Gear Strive.

In this most recent entry, a user mentioned that they noticed the existence of hidden mechanics and techniques that were present during the Guilty Gear Strive beta. Interestingly enough, the developers intentionally did not reveal these mechanics or techniques before the beta.

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Guilty Gear Strive adding brand new online features for players to take the game seriously, ArcSys provides update to state of rollback netcode

Arc System Works is looking to be one of the most transparent fighting game makers in the business currently with the Developers Backyard series of interviews for Guilty Gear Strive, and the latest third entry into the questionnaires delves deeper into the online workings that the title will offer.

One of the first questions asked of Strive director Akira Katano and series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari is why haven't they addressed the game's rollback netcode which has yet to bee seen or really talked about outside of its general existence.

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Guilty Gear Strive is meant to be easier to comprehend compared to previous entries while still maintaining difficult advanced techniques

Arc System Works has released their third volume of their Developer's Backyard series. This provides Akira Katano, Director of Guilty Gear Strive, and Daisuke Ishiwatari, General Director, the opportunity to answer fan questions.

"Is your goal with Guilty Gear Strive to create a complex fighting game, or a simpler one?" asked a fan. Notably, this has been important question for many modern fighting games. Developers obviously want to attract new players to the series, but simplifying the gameplay too much runs the risk of alienating veteran players.

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AnimEVO 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results for all four weeks of competition.

While there obviously won't be any official EVO event this year due to serious allegations surfacing, it must be stressed that AnimEVO has no affiliation with the official event and will be proceeding as usual, putting the spotlight on games that don't always get to shine as much as they deserve.

The game list for this event is absolutely massive and will be detailed further below — but a lot of games are going to get their time to shine throughout August as AnimEVO proceeds throughout the entire month with a dedicated schedule for each weekend, so make sure you don't miss your favorite games being played by referring to the official site.

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Nagoriyuki's reveal, Daigo's big CPT win, Street Fighter 5 Season 5 and more: Click Burgundy's fighting game art covers the latest FGC happenings

If you couldn't tell before, Click Burgundy is one of our absolute favorite artists in these parts in no small part for keeping up with the fighting game community and drawing what we're all seeing and hearing around the scene.

Now that we've got big announcements, tournaments and more for fighting games for the first time in a while, Burgundy's recent works are a great way to experience what's been going on in games like Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Guilty Gear Strive among others.

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The Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable was a big step forward but had problems which could be ironed out in the future

Longtime Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada and Bandai Namco certainly deserve props for organizing an event which saw representatives from Capcom, Arc System Works, Koei Tecmo, Arika and SNK all come together to answer fan questions and reveal what's in store for their games including Street Fighter 5, Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur 6, Guilty Gear Strive and even Fighting EX Layer.

The Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable brought every single one of the country's big fighting game developers into one digital room publicly which ended up as quite the success story despite some of the glaring flaws present in their initial meeting.

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Arc System Works reveals more information for newcomer Nagoriyuki in Guilty Gear Strive including the fact that he's a vampire, PC version confirmed

Last night, Arc System Works closed out the Japanese fighting game developer stream with quite the bang by showing off Leo Whitefang and Nagoriyuki for Guilty Gear Strive, and now we have some new tidbits about the fighters.

Shortly after the reveal, ArcSys updated their website to include more details about the newcomer samurai along with a listing for a PC version of Strive.

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ARCREVO Online revealed along with Tekken and Soul Calibur Online Challenge tournament series

This year pretty much put a full stop to all major fighting game tournaments and forced the closure of regular eSports circuits, but the publishers are pivoting to online as the answer in these times.

Both Bandai Namco and Arc System Works had announcements during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable by revealing the Tekken and Soul Calibur Online Challenge tournament series along with ARCREVO Online respectively.

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Leo Whitefang and Nagoriyuki announced for Guilty Gear Strive with new gameplay trailer, PlayStation 5 version revealed

The day we've all been waiting so long for is finally here, as the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable brought with it a handful of new fighter reveals.

Arc System Works was of course invited where they ended the stream by showing off the new characters Leo Whitefang and Nagoriyuki coming to Guilty Gear Strive along with a new PlayStation 5 version of the upcoming fighter.

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Major reveals expected at Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, check out the live stream here at 5 p.m. PDT

Today is the big day as the fighting game community has been excitedly counting down the hours to the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable which is slated to kick off this evening at 5 p.m. PDT.

Representatives from Capcom, Bandai Namco, Arc System Works, SNK, Arika, and Koei Tecmo will be in attendance to discuss the genre, eSports, and reveal some hot new content.

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With Ramlethal joining the cast of Guilty Gear Strive, how likely are each of the other Guilty Gear Xrd newcomers to join the new game's roster?

The upcoming Guilty Gear Strive has gotten a continuous stream of character reveals since the game was first unveiled, and they almost exclusively focused on the majority of the main roster from the original Guilty Gear game with Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Faust, Potemkin, Chipp Zanuff, Zato-1 and Millia Rage shown off for the game, one after the other.

Last month, we got our first character trailer which focused on someone not from the original game, namely Ramlethal Valentine who was originally a boss character in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN and later turned from a bad guy to a good guy in the story. With the first character addition from the previous title, Guilty Gear Xrd's, roster of newcomers now introduced to Guilty Gear Strive, it got me thinking about which other characters who were introduced then might be part of Arc System Works' latest Guilty Gear installment. So, let's take a look at the new characters Guilty Gear Xrd introduced to the series and how good each of their chances to join Strive seem.

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Capcom, Bandai Namco, SNK, and more fighting game publishers holding roundtable live stream on August 1, Guilty Gear Strive reveal confirmed

Several major fighting game publishers are gathering together this weekend for a roundtable discussion live stream. Representatives from Capcom, Bandai Namco, Arc System Works, SNK, Arika, and Koei Tecmo will sit down together on Friday/Saturday at 5 p.m. PT (July 31) / 8 p.m. ET (July 31) / 9 a.m. JST (August 1) for the “Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable.”

The broadcast will see fighting game producers and directors discussing topics chosen by fans before the live stream — which will be airing on the Tekken, Arc System Works, Capcom, and Dead Or Alive YouTube channels. According to Gematsu, we'll be hearing about things such as the fighting games themselves, eSports, and more.

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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath featured in PlayStation's Summer Sale alongside other hot fighting game discounts

The summer months used to mean a sparse release line up for video game players which has evolved over the years into an event that presents some of the best sales of the year, and that includes fighting games too.

PlayStation's digital Summer Sale is now underway which includes the first big discount for Mortal Kombat 11's Aftermath expansion that we've seen for the platform.

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Guilty Gear Strive developers believe there is greater merit to the wall breaking mechanic as opposed to keeping opponents in the corner

One of the new features that's being introduced in Guilty Gear Strive is the wall break mechanic. After corning an opponent, a player may choose to break the wall for extra tension gauge and damage.

Being that this also caused a stage transition that ultimately reset the situation back to neutral, some players believed that it was better to keep the enemy trapped in the corner. There were those that concluded that the wall break interaction wasn't worth going for.

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Guilty Gear Strive developers will address the imbalance between jump-ins and grounded anti-airs that was noted during the beta

Arc System Works' Developer's Backyard series is giving us insight about the developer's intentions behind the development of Guilty Gear Strive. We're currently on the second installment of the blog series.

Testers noted that it was very difficult to anti-air opponents during the beta of Guilty Gear Strive. As a result, air dashing proved to be extremely strong during neutral interactions.

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Guilty Gear Strive developers are 'redefining each character from the ground up for this new game'

Last time, we took a deeper look into the Arc System Works' comments regarding their intent to make Guilty Gear Strive the start of a "new series within the Guilty Gear franchise." Arc System Works has been releasing information about the development of Guilty Gear Strive with their Developer's Backyard series.

While ArcSys talked about redesigning character appearances, they also later mention that they want to redefine character strengths and weaknesses.

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ArcSys developers intend for Guilty Gear Strive to be the start of a 'new series within the Guilty Gear franchise'

Arc System Works has been providing us insight about the development of Guilty Gear Strive with their Developer's Backyard series.

Guilty Gear Strive has incorporated a number of redesigns for the characters that have been with the series for some time now. Daisuke Ishiwatari, General Director for Guilty Gear Strive, was questioned about the intentions behind the choice revamp classic looks.

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