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Guilty Gear stories

Dedicated fan analyzed 12,000 Celestial and Floor 10 matches in Guilty Gear Strive to create this tier list

Guilty Gear Strive has been out for nearly 3 months now. Though the game started with a roster of 15 characters, Goldlewis has since been added as the 16th character. The 17th challenger, Jack-O' Valentine, is slated to be released on August 27, 2021.

Though it's already been confirmed that Guilty Gear Strive will be receiving a balance patch sometime this month, the game has otherwise stayed the same since its release. As such, we have a fairly good idea on how well characters are performing in Guilty Gear Strive's meta. One dedicated fan on Reddit recently took the time to analyze 12,000 online matches for Guilty Gear Strive for the purpose of constructing a tier list that was free from opinions.

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Giovanna player makes absolute galaxy brain move to take top 8 set of Guilty Gear Strive tournament

Most people probably know of Rise|Marn for his previous successes in the Street Fighter games, but he's been going on a tear through the world of Guilty Gear Strive lately.

Before making it to grand finals of The Big LEVO 3 this past weekend, Marn and his Giovanna would have to go through Mysterious Stranger in loser's semi-finals where the fighting game veteran would make one of the most galaxy brain plays we've seen to take the set.

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The Big LEVO 3 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Summer is starting to wind down now, but the sun never really seems to set on these giant Guilty Gear Strive tournaments.

The Big LEVO 3 is going down this weekend for one more hurrah, and it's living up to its name by bringing in over 1,200 players for Strive, including the likes of PG|Punk, KnowKami, Supernoon, Latif, Rise|Marn, TU|Slash, Teemo, mCon|Space, BARRYBONES and many others.

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No one draws Jack-O, Goldlewis, I-No, and other Guilty Gear characters quite like Yohane

We were impressed yet again by the awesome Guilty Gear artwork of Yohane, who apparently works tirelessly drawing characters from the fighting game franchise just about every day.

Guilty Gear Strive's first two DLC characters, Goldlewis and Jack-O, both appear in our roundup today, but the gallery is by no means restricted to figures who are in the latest title. Slayer and Raven also strike poses for us, as you'll see below.

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Infiltration releases Guilty Gear Strive tier list

Guilty Gear Strive has been in the hands of the public for a little over two months now. With a new balance update slated for the end of the month, it won't be much longer that players are enjoying the current version of the game.

As a result, veteran fighting gamer Infiltration has released a definitive tier list here before the game sees its next balance update and DLC character release.

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Guilty Gear's Baiken available in Samurai Shodown today, here are the ver. 2.40 patch notes

SNK is releasing their next big update for the footsie fest that is Samurai Shodown. Today, Guilty Gear's own Baiken is joining the roster as Season 3's latest and final DLC character.

This update, which should be out now according to SNK, comes in as ver. 2.40 (2.41), and the company has released the full patch notes for us to look over. Along with the new character, players can expect a handful of balance changes and some technical fixes.

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New video shows all of Baiken's special moves in Samurai Shodown, color options revealed

When fans first learned that Samurai Shodown would be bringing in a Guilty Gear crossover character in Season 3, just about everybody expected the choice to be Baiken, and they were proved correct earlier this week.

SNK recently released a new video detailing all of Baiken's special moves and Supers in SamSho as well as the color options that'll be available to players once she drops.

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Guess who was the most popular character choice for Guilty Gear Strive at Evo 2021?

Guilty Gear Strive had the honor of being the headline event for Evo 2021 Online this year, which certainly didn't disappoint with the action players brought to the table all over the world.

Now that Evo has officially wrapped until the offline showcase event in November, we've gathered up the character usage statistics for each of Strive's regional brackets to see how choices compared as well as the total among all of the finalists counted.

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Baiken revealed for Samurai Shodown, to be released on August 19th

The latest character for SNK's sword-swinging brawler Samurai Shodown has been revealed, and it's the long-teased Guilty Gear guest character.

As promised yesterday and long since predicted by myself the character is indeed Baiken, the signature samurai character of Guilty Gear, and she appears to be based on her Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 appearance, further proving the validity of the game's data-mining leak from back in March.

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Samurai Shodown X Guilty Gear character announcement is coming very, very soon

Samurai Shodown helped revive the series to new heights back in 2019, and we'll be seeing very shortly how they're planning to likely send it off with a bang.

SNK announced tonight they'll be releasing the reveal trailer for Samurai Shodown's Guilty Gear crossover DLC character mere hours from now.

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Evo 2021 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Although it's being played under different circumstances than we'd normally be used to, Evo 2021 is upon us and will be a grand event even whilst being an online-only affair.

Countless top players from all different regions are participating, far too many to even count. If there's a player you're hoping to see, odds are extremely high that they'll be in this event to reach the broadcast finals.

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Jack-O announced for Guilty Gear Strive, release date revealed

It was already known that Guilty Gear Strive's second DLC character would be launching sometime before the end of this month, and we finally know who is returning to the cast and when they'll be dropping.

Just before the start of Evo top 8 for North America, Arc System Works announced that Jack-O is coming back with a new trailer just as many fans suspected.

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Click Burgundy's latest fighting game artwork celebrates Evo winners, Athena's new design, Goldlewis' arrival and Akira Kazama

Fighting game fan artists are among the most dedicated to their scenes out of almost all online communities though one typically stands above the rest without ever saying a word.

Click Burgundy's illustrations speak for themselves with their portraits capturing everything we love about fighting game characters, so we've rounded up some of their latest and best artworks, which covers Evo, character announcements and other recent events around the FGC.

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LordKnight releases his first tier list for Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive has been in the hands of the players for about two months now. Though BC|LordKnight — one of the world's top Guilty Gear players — is well known for his "not a tier list tier lists," the man has finally released his first tier list for Guilty Gear Strive.

In LordKnight's new tier list, he arranges Guilty Gear Strive's roster into the S, S-, A+ and A- tier categories. Goldlewis Dickinson is also present, but he resides in the "Area 51" section at the very bottom, indicating that LordKnight isn't sure where he belongs just yet.

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Modder reportedly fixes Guilty Gear Strive's bad load times with the aptly named tool Totsugeki

Many thousands of players are enjoying their time with Guilty Gear Strive, but waiting two minutes at the start screen can really wreck the mood when wanting to simply hop on for matches or labbing.

That's where Weilu "Optix2000" Jia stepped in to investigate why those initial load times are so long and created the Totsugeki program that claims to shorten the whole experience by up to 75 percent.

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Evo fighting game Steam sale offers markdowns for Guilty Gear Strive, Street Fighter 5, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and even Granblue Fantasy: Versus

With Evo 2021 raging on and online this year, Steam has decided to put on a big fighting game sale to celebrate.

No fewer than eleven different fighting game titles have been marked down for PC players, and the discounts range from 20-85% off. Read on to see if you can get one of those games you've been on the fence for cheap right now.

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'Providing depth to simple mechanics is one of the main mechanics behind Guilty Gear Strive' - Akira Katano on Goldlewis

Goldlewis Dickinson — "the Secretary of Absolute Defense" — was recently added to Guilty Gear Strive's roster. Though his number of attacks makes him feel simple, the inputs required to perform certain versions of the Behemoth Typhoon can be quite the challenge at first.

Guilty Gear Strive director Akira Katano recently spoke about Goldlewis Dickinson's design in the recently released seventh entry of the Developer's Backyard series. This gives us an idea of Arc System Works' goals when developing the Secretary of Absolute Defense as a playable character.

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