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Guilty Gear stories

You have to see this comical parody of Goldlewis Dickinson's 'leaked trailer' for Guilty Gear Strive before tonight's announcement

The first DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 1 is slated to be revealed tonight at 6:00 p.m. PDT / 9:00 p.m. EDT. This mysterious challenger will be a complete newcomer to the Guilty Gear series, so it'd have to be someone like Happy Chaos or Goldlewis Dickinson rather than somebody like Jack-O' Valentine.

Moustached Villain recently... "leaked" that the first character coming to Guilty Gear Strive via DLC is Goldlewis Dickinson. In fact, he even released the trailer for Goldlewis Dickinson before Arc System Works. It's totally not an edit that self inserts Moustached Villain dressed as Goldlewis into Guilty Gear Strive gameplay...

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I-No match up chart in Guilty Gear Strive released by SonicSol after a month of playing her

SonicSol has recently released a Guilty Gear Strive match up chart for I-No. Apparently, SonicSol has been playing I-No for a full month for the purpose of formulating his opinions on the character.

Although I-No acts as one of the main antagonists of Guilty Gear Strive's story mode, she hasn't been quite as impactful as someone like Sol Badguy, Ramlethal or May in the tournament meta. As such, SonicSol's match up chart for I-No certainly isn't depicting her as some secret top tier.

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Steam Deck reportedly cannot run some of the most popular games on PC, but what of the fighting game selection?

Valve decided to jump into the realm of handheld gaming last week with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch-like Steam Deck though there's many questions floating around currently about what we'll actually be able to play on the device upon release.

According to ProtonDB via PC Gamer, many of the most popular games on Steam would not be compatible with the Steam Deck right now including the likes of Destiny 2, Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege, but what does that mean for the fighting game selection on the new hybrid system.

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'Some leftover [online] features are difficult to use and not intuitive...' — Arc System Works explains feature cut from Strive

Although Guilty Gear Strive's rollback netcode has universally been praised by fighting game fans, not all of the game's online features were implemented perfectly when the game launched.

In an interview with Comunidad, Arc System Works' Takeshi Yamanaka and Akira Katano spoke about what was planned for Guilty Gear Strive's online mode, and what they eventually settled on due to issues.

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Guilty Gear Strive's online tower system could revolutionize how fighting games rank players moving forward with a few tweaks

When Arc System Works first announced that Guilty Gear Strive would be abandoning the typical online ranking system, many players were understandably skeptical as to how it would work out.

Now that we've been playing the game for well over a month at this point, however, Strive's use of tower rankings offer up some brilliant changes while opening the door to some exciting new possibilities once some of its issues have been ironed out and more features added.

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Understanding Guilty Gear Strive's 'forbidden' universal mix up

If you've been playing Guilty Gear Strive then there's a decently strong chance you've experienced this particularly odd scenario involving a peculiar overhead/low mix up following an air block.

This involves a few mechanics that newer players surely have not yet wrapped their heads around, and thus can come across as frustrating and seemingly game-breaking at times. Luckily, RathFGC puts this "forbidden" (as he calls it) mix up under the microscope in his latest video and puts all processes in terms everyone can understand.

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Now you can smell as good as Sol Badguy is broken with this Guilty Gear Strive perfume

Have you ever wanted to smell just like your favorite fighting game characters? Me neither. But it looks like now you can with a new perfume line from a company called Fairy Tale co.

This Guilty Gear Strive line of scents lets fans douse themselves in smells that are based on and reminiscent of the game's main characters, Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. What could they possibly smell like, you ask? Fairy Tail has a detailed description for both that will give you the answers you seek.

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First Guilty Gear Strive DLC character to be officially revealed next Tuesday, sales surpass 500k units

The team over at Arc System Works announced Thursday via Twitter that they'll be announcing the first DLC character for the recently released Guilty Gear Strive next Tuesday, July 20 at 6 p.m. PT.

Along with this wonderful news, the developers also shared that Strive has surpassed 500,000 units sold since its release back on June 11. Time has surely been flying by as we're now nearing the next big GGS reveal.

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Unique Guilty Gear Strive tier list ranks characters by their tournament wins

Guilty Gear Strive has been out over a month now with the fighting game community holding dozens of tournaments each week around the world both small and large.

A Japanese Wiki site for Strive recently put together their own tier list for the game, but instead of player opinions, the rankings are based on tournament wins and top placements thus far. Do you have any guesses as to who's on the top?

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Millia's advantageous and bad match ups in Guilty Gear Strive discussed by LordKnight

BC|LordKnight is one of the best Millia players in Guilty Gear Strive. Although some actually appear to regard Millia as a "bottom 3 character," LordKnight believes that Millia is strong enough to main and dedicate time to.

He recently released a video that had him discussing Millia's good and bad match ups. LordKnight doesn't go over every detail in every match up, but he does spend quite a bit of time talking about why each match up is the way that it is in the 33 minute video.

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Yohane's beautiful Guilty Gear art reminds us of a few characters we wouldn't mind seeing as Strive DLC

We're very happy with the starting roster of the brand new Guilty Gear Strive from Arc System Works, but it's 2021 and we can't help but fantasize about what's coming down the pike in terms of DLC character additions.

While perusing Twitter, we once again stumbled across some stellar artwork from Yohane, an avid Guilty Gear fan who posts up inspired images from the franchise almost every day. Today's gallery selection sees a majority of characters already on Strive's roster, but also includes a few that would be wonderful add ons.

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Evo 2021 Showcase brings the top worldwide competitors back together offline to fight over $125,000 prize pool

Evo 2021 Online is set to showcase the talent of the fighting game community across the globe, but we'll be able to see the best of the best compete in person later this year as well.

The organizers of the world's largest fighting game event announced today they'll be returning to Las Vegas, Nevada with the Evo 2021 Showcase featuring the top players of each region battling for their share of the $125,000 prize pool.

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Arc System Works is already in the verification process for adding crossplay to Guilty Gear Strive

Now that essentially all new fighting games will be using rollback netcode from now on, the next logical step in evolution would be to implement cross-platform play between system to link all players together, but the feature is still only slowly gaining steam.

Arc System Works have spoken in the past on wanting to make PlayStation to PC crossplay a reality for Guilty Gear Strive, and they may be a bit farther ahead on that endeavor than we probably expected.

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Will Guilty Gear Strive receive DLC costumes or guest characters? Arc System Works has answers to that

Arc System Works fighting games had hardly ever seen any additional costumes and skins until the release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus, which of course got fans wondering if something similar would be coming to Guilty Gear Strive and other future titles.

Recently, Toptier had the opportunity to perform an interview with ArcSys where they asked the developer questions on a handful of topics including if they're planning to release in-game cosmetics or guest characters for Strive.

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'I'll for sure get heat for putting May this low' - Evo champion Mean Saltine releases Guilty Gear Strive tier list

Opinions on character strength for the new Guilty Gear Strive are a flowin' and today we have a tier list from Evo 2013 Divekick champion, Ben "Meansaltine" Chandler.

Not only has Chandler placed all 15 of Strive's roster members across three different tier levels, he's also noted their respective strengths within each level and included a bit of explanation for each and every fighter.

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Arc System Works actively considering implementing rollback netcode into older titles like with GGXXACPR

The update that gave Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R rollback netcode ended up being a big hit with fans before the release of Guilty Gear Strive. Fans have been wondering ever since if Arc System Works would be willing to give this type of treatment to some of their other older games.

Guilty Gear Producer Takeshi Yamanaka and Guilty Gear Strive project director Akira Katano recently spoke about this possibility in an exclusive interview with Communidad Arc System Works.

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Mina, Ibuki, Sakura, and other fighting game gals look great in Overlord JC's art

After a warm welcome to our first post featuring their art, we've rounded up another gallery worth of images from artist Overlord_JC for you to peruse.

Today's selection features 10 ladies of fighting games across 13 images as both Sakura and Chun-Li get to strike more than one pose and show off more than one outfit, the former of which dons a few rejected Street Fighter 5 concept art designs.

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