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Guilty Gear stories

Guilty Gear Strive developers acknowledge fan request of the option to remove Jack-O's mask at the start of matches

While she isn't a newcomer to the series like Goldlewis Dickinson is, Jack-O was the latest character to join Guilty Gear Strive's roster via DLC at the end of August 2021. Jack-O is described by the developers as being a "puppet character" that differs from Zato-1's puppet style due to her reliance on controlling the battlefield with multiple minions.

Although it could be argued that the main highlight of the 8th volume of the Developer's Backyard is the mention of the upcoming October patch, the developers did acknowledge a certain request that fans have been making for Jack-O. This fan request has to do with Jack-O's mask that she wears during gameplay.

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Guilty Gear Strive's new Developer's Backyard reveals key information on this month's balance update and shortened load times

It was previously revealed Guilty Gear Strive would be receiving its second and more substantial balance update sometime in October, and now we know much of what the patch will contain.

Arc System Works released the eighth volume of their Developer's Backyard series for Strive to cover what to expect with October's update and when to expect it.

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Update: Arc System Works Tokyo Game Show Special Program live stream

Update: The TGS presentation from Arc System Works is now underway. You can catch the stream with us below.

It feels like the party just started, but Tokyo Game Show 2021 is entering its final day in Japan now though that doesn't mean there's nothing left to look forward too.

Arc System Works is scheduled to hold their own TGS Special Program today beginning at 9 p.m. PT / 12 a.m. ET where they're scheduled to showcase a handful of games including Guilty Gear Strive.

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A technical monster held back only by your own execution and creativity - Jack-O EventHubs review

When Jack-O was first revealed for Guilty Gear Strive, pretty much everyone was right to assume she'd be nothing like her Xrd counterpart, and there's definitely no denying that now.

After spending a good chunk of time with the queen of servants, it's safe to say Jack-O is the most technical character available in Strive who'll reward you the more you lab — but there's a lot you need to overcome first to get there.

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Latif releases pre-October patch tier list for Guilty Gear Strive

ANKAA|Latif, Evo 2011 Street Fighter 4 second-place champion and Evo 2009 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus first-place champion, has recently released a tier list for Guilty Gear Strive. This tier list has purposely been released before the upcoming October patch.

All 17 characters have been placed in 1 of 4 different categories — SS tier, S tier, A tier and B tier. According to Latif, the best characters in the game right now are Leo, Sol Badguy and May.

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Evo 2021 in-person showcase cancelled due to concern over COVID-19 Delta Variant spread

After Evo Online ran its course earlier this year, fans were anticipating a bit of a return to form with the in-person showcase slated for late November. Unfortunately, the major tournament series announced today that the Evo 2021 Showcase will no longer be taking place.

A statement released by the official Evo Twitter account states that the ongoing complications of COVID-19 and the spread of the Delta Variant are the cause of the cancellation.

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This level of bullying would probably make anyone want to put the controller down and walk away from Guilty Gear Strive

A big part of Guilty Gear Strive's design to prevent players from being put in a constant mixup blender is of course the wall break to return things to neutral, but many have found ways to circumvent that roadblock with scary results.

SonicSol is one of those to have mastered this special wall splat tech, which he recently busted out on a poor soul to mix them into the dirt with comedic levels of disrespect that would probably make anyone put down their controller and walk away.

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We think That Man is going to be announced as Guilty Gear Strive's next DLC character... but which one and what will he play like?

For over two decades now, Guilty Gear players have been left waiting to see just what "That Man" can do in a real battle after years of teasing and build up, but that wait may soon be coming to an end.

With Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, we believe Guilty Gear Strive's next DLC reveal is very likely to drop this weekend, and That Man is the best candidate to be showcased for the event... but that can technically refer to more than one person. Story spoilers for Strive ahead though we'll warn you again when we get to them.

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She brings some Guilty Gear flavor, but still feels like she fits right in with the Samurai Shodown cast — EventHubs Baiken review

We recently received what is believed to be the final character for SNK's latest Samurai Shodown entry (while there could be more characters coming along in the future, there is currently nothing announced to be on the horizon) in Baiken — the guest character from Arc System Works' flagship franchise Guilty Gear. While we were told quite some time ago that Samurai Shodown would be receiving a guest character from Guilty Gear, their identity wasn't revealed until shortly before the character's release.

To many, including myself, it was fairly obvious that it was going to be Baiken joining the Samurai Shodown roster, due in no smart part to the fact that... well, she's a samurai. But how well does she actually fit in with SNK's swordfighting extravaganza? After spending ample time with the character in one of my absolute favorite fighting games, here's the verdict on how Baiken has managed to transition to SNK's blade-heavy slashfest of a fighting game.

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PlayStation's Big in Japan Sale offers great discounts for Street Fighter 5's Season 5 Pass, Granblue Fantasy: Versus and more

Late September is generally not a time we tend to think of for good video game sales, but that hasn't stopped Sony from putting on a big one now.

PlayStation's Big in Japan sale is currently going on with great discounts available for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition content, some never-before-seen deals for Granblue Fantasy: Versus and more fighting games to pick up for cheap.

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19 year old Korean artist draws Guilty Gear characters in style of traditional Japanese art

When we stumbled across the work of the young Han Gong, a 19 year old Korean artist, we just couldn't stop scrolling. It was actually the image of Potemkin rising up to heavenly heights that caught us first, but it was that image of Nagoriyuki in what looks like a sea of blood that kept us going.

These images all seem to nod back to more traditional Japanese art, and perhaps it's the double whammy of Nagoriyuki being a samurai that makes him pair so well with it.

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Never, ever try to challenge May's orca Super or you'll end up looking like a clown quite literally

Since Guilty Gear Strive first launched this summer, May continues to be one of the strongest characters in the game, but a lot of the attention has been placed on her Totsugeki dolphin friend without putting as much respect on her larger, deadly sea creature.

PG|Jiyuna recently found out the hard way that you should never attempt to challenge May's orca Super, even if you think you have invincibility, lest you make Ky look like a clown... though I suppose he was already.

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Earthquake hits during Southern California player's Guilty Gear Strive tournament match... and he doesn't stop playing

It's hard enough to fend off all of Guilty Gear Strive's crazy offensive strings in normal settings, but to have a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit during your tournament match? That's exactly the scenario SoCal's Reynald Tascuan faced during an online Twitch Rivals team tournament this past weekend, and he rode it out like a total pro.

Instead of freaking out and running to get under a table or cover of some sort, Reynald drops a few frantic F-bombs and relocates from his gaming chair to the safety of the floor... and keeps playing the match. We have footage not only of the stream, but also of his camera feed so we can see him handle the situation in real time.

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ArcRevo 2021 announced as the official pro circuit of Guilty Gear Strive

Official competitive circuits have slowly gained traction for fighting games over the past decade, and it looks like Arc System Works is ready to head into their third year of running big events.

The developer announced ArcRevo 2021 will indeed be taking place starting next month with Guilty Gear Strive as the main and only title in the mix.

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Twitch Rivals Guilty Gear Strive Team Showdown results

Guilty Gear Strive's excellent netplay allows the community to host events spanning continents like pretty much never before, and there's a big tournament going down tonight.

Twitch Rivals is hosting the Guilty Gear Strive Team Showdown sporting a $20,000 prize featuring 16 of the best competitors across North America and Japan including Hotashi, Mike Ross, BC|Apologyman, PG|Kizzie Kay, Octopimp, Reynald, Honzo Gonzo, Cloud805, BNBBN, ClearLampO, Daru, Nage, Roi, RF, PurePure and Churara.

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Here's the place, date and time Guilty Gear Strive will likely receive its next DLC character reveal

Jack-O released as the second DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive just a little over a few weeks ago, but we may soon be looking at fighter three already in the very near future.

You see, there's a certain big gaming event starting up before the end of the month, which is looking like the best place for Arc System Works to showcase who's coming next to Strive for a few reasons.

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Number 1 ranked Anji Mito player doesn't think his biggest buff really amounted to much but it's far from all bad

Anji Mito is a bit of an odd case for Guilty Gear Strive since while his auto-guarding moves seem nice on paper in such an offense-focused game, they often leave him easy to read and ironically counter.

Arc System Works attempted to fix him up with some decent buffs in the latest balance patch, but AnimeIlluminati's PG|Jiyuna released a video detailing why Jiro, the number one ranked Anji player in Strive, believes one of the most notable changes ultimately didn't really help him much at all — though that's not to say he didn't get better.

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