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Guilty Gear stories

Do any artists create better fighting game portraits than the top tier Click Burgundy?

Good artists can capture their subject as they generally appear, but great artists bring them to life by capturing their true essence.

Japanese artist Click Burgundy is a rare breed who can draw up any style while being distinctive and may be the best around at crafting beautiful fighting game portraits (aside from those officially working on them).

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Next two DLC fighters for Guilty Gear Strive confirmed to be releasing on March 2023 and May 2023

Sin Kiske is the latest fighter to join Guilty Gear Strive's roster via the Season Pass 2. With Bridget and Sin now available, this means that only the third and fourth DLC combatants of the Season Pass 2 will be releasing at some point in 2023, along with a balance update in December.

During 12th volume of the Guilty Gear Strive Developer's Backyard, additional information about the next two Season Pass 2 characters was suddenly revealed. We now have a clearer picture on when to expect more DLC to be available.

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Faust landing the luckiest item KO barrage set to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers is a masterpiece of high art

The Guilty Gear series may be built entirely on hard rock and heavy metal, but there's something oh so fitting for the good doctor Faust to be accompanied by a romantic symphony orchestra.

Guilty Gear Strive player Leaf Enjoyer recently shared what may be one of the best round of luck Faust can possibly see with item tosses set perfectly to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers for a unique masterpiece.

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Rumor: The next Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter leaked thanks to data mining

Sin Kiske is the latest character to join Guilty Gear Strive as DLC via the Season Pass 2. Beyond this, there are only two characters remaining for the Season Pass 2, and they're both due in 2023.

However, it appears that we may not have to wait long before learning about the next DLC fighter's identity. We'll be talking about a data mine beyond this point that may potentially reveal what's next for Guilty Gear Strive's DLC.

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Sin Kiske now available in Guilty Gear Strive; day one combo video shows off what he can do with dash cancels and kara Supers

Sin Kiske, the newest Guilty Gear Strive roster addition, became available for DLC today and already Hi Fight has put together a combo video showing some of the character's intriguing potential.

Hi-Fight notes that Sin's "dash cancel and the kara cancel into super are quite interesting," but goes on to say that he's otherwise a fairly simple character to control at this point. The video itself includes a total of five combos that you may want to try to pull off yourself.

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MultiVersus is no longer the most popular fighting game on PC, nor is it even #2

MultiVersus absolutely destroyed records when it released this Summer as the biggest fighting game launch on PC ever, but it's apparently failed to maintain that momentum and initial success in the following months.

Where Warner Bros.' platform fighter once eclipsed the rest of the genre's active players on Steam combined, MultiVersus has exponentially dropped in its user count to the point where it can't be even the definitive number two in terms of popularity.

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Complete Black Friday 2022 fighting game shopping guide

Update: Our Black Friday fighting game shopping guide has been updated to include the long list of deals available now in the Steam Autumn Sale.

The biggest shopping week of the year is now bearing down on us like a festive wild boar, bringing with it many of the best sales and deals you can find.

Considering there's too many stores and online retailers to keep track of, we've put together a complete Black Friday shopping guide for fighting game fans full of deep discounts and cheer.

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Sin Kiske's official starter guide breaks down the Guilty Gear Strive DLC character's new stamina system and special mechanics

It took Arc System Works over 3 months to show off the second DLC character flying into Guilty Gear Strive Season 2, but now we know Sin Kiske is coming later this week.

The developers have released Sin's official starter guide video, which breaks down the fighter's new stamina system, special moves and mechanics.

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Sin Kiske announced for Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 and he'll be here in a few days

Guilty Gear Strive fans have been waiting over 3 months to see who the second DLC inclusion of the game's second season pass would be, and now they finally have an answer.

Arc System Works announced today in their special IGN stream that Sin Kiske is very soon coming to Strive.

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Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 character announcement stream is now live

About a week ago, it was reported that Arc System Works was collaborating with IGN in lieu of a Guilty Gear Strive announcement. That announcement is still set to go live on November 21, 2022 — tomorrow.

Since it's been over three months since Bridget of Season 2 was released, there were a lot of reasons to speculate that the next Season 2 character could be announced very soon. However, we now have confirmation that Arc System Works and IGN do in fact intend to announce the second fighter of the Season Pass 2 for Guilty Gear Strive during this scheduled event.

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DreamHack Atlanta 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

DreamHack Atlanta is back again in 2022 and as usual it has a ton of fighting game offerings to show off. As you'd expect, it's taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Notable players participating include Shadow20z, Moist|Hotashi, Excedrin|Solstice, CM|Anathema, PG|KizzieKay, wG|ApolloKage, PAR|FlashMetroid, EMGG|Justakid, GRNT|DDee, Jake, MVD, PG|Esam, PHNM|Peabnut, Joonya20z, Furia|Fatality, MVG|Mew2King, GC|FKang, Nfinite|Pokchop, K7 Showoff, Mak, Proton|Coach Steve, Spiral|Krudo, Colbol, BLM|Teiga, MASH|Escalante and many more.

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New Guilty Gear Strive announcement is coming next week and it's probably the next DLC character

Arc System Works seems to be a bit more quiet so far in Guilty Gear Strive's second season, but they're going to be speaking up again here pretty soon.

The developers announced today that a special showcase for Guilty Gear Strive is coming next week.

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Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Ultimate Fighting Arena is back in action for 2022 and it's taking place in Paris, France again.

Notable players competing at this event include MisterCrimson, PG|Punk, BMS|Wawa, AMTRS|Score, 00|Phenom, Solary|Yasha, JoKa, Solary|Glutonny, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, ZETA|Tea, Oplon|Skyll, Kayne, GIA|Shanks, CO|Go1, KDF|Ulsan, NASR|AngryBird, EDM|Bloom4Eva, Kilzyou, NASR|BigBird, Talon|Kkokkoma, EQNX|CuddleCore, DZ|Noka, The4philzz, GO|Luffy, Chag, HG|Danielmado, BIG|Sephiblack,|Victor, Wade, GIA|Sisqui, Zane, Frionel, Glitch|Nyphi, Zouni, BubblanAB7, VS|WhiteAshX, NEVIR, 8LX|HIKARU and of course many, many more.

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Fighters Spirit 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

It's really nice to see fighting game players flying all over the world to compete with the best of the best.

Fighters Spirit 2022 is going down this weekend in South Korea bringing together top players from across Asia, North America and Europe including BC|Lord Knight, LZR|Supernoon, CLG|Apologyman, BNBBN, UYU|NL, Xyzzy, EGO|Armperor, KC|HaKofa and more.

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Blink Respawn 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The age of major events taking place all over the world on a near weekly basis is once again upon us, and it's time for the Dominican Republic to give the fighting game community a show that only they can provide.

Blink Respawn 2022 is going down this weekend to bring together many of the best players across North, Central and South America to compete including PG|Punk, FURY|Fatality, GOT|DR Ray, Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, Larry Lurr, Bandits|Sonic, LD|Ling, RR|Mono, Crossover, LuiMan20, and plenty more.

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That new Slayer announcement for Guilty Gear Strive sure looks pretty legit... but it's definitely not

Guilty Gear fans have long waited to see Slayer once again grace the stage in Strive, and some of them got online today and thought that time had finally come.

There's currently a new "DLC character announcement" floating around that reveals Slayer is coming very soon to Guilty Gear Strive, but don't let your eyes deceive you.

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Has Guilty Gear Strive really changed this much? TempestNYC's new tier list looks extremely different from his last one

With a recent win at Combo Breaker paired with a top 8 finish at Evo 2022, TempestNYC is one of the strongest Guilty Gear Strive players around. We've looked to him for opinions on the strength of the game's characters before, and he's recently rolled out a brand new tier list for before the coming winter balance update.

Not only do we get to see how the characters are ordered in terms of overall efficiency, we also get to compare and contrast this tier list from the one he made at the end of Season 1. Of the 20 characters on both, 11 are in quite different places.

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