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Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari says Street Fighter 3 is one of his favorite fighting games, talks character design in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive (formerly known as Guilty Gear 2020) is a brand new installment in the long-running fighting game series set to drop next year. The game looks to introduce a fresh take on the Guilty Gear franchise that will be easier to digest for spectators but still retain its depth for hardcore competitors.

In a recent interview with Ars Technica, Guilty Gear creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari, shared some of the throught process behind developing Strive. Not only do we get to find out one of his favorite fighting games, but we also learn more about how old characters were made anew for the modern era.

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'Guilty Gear Strive feels like Street Fighter 5 and Xrd had a baby' - Max's thoughts after a ton of play time with the latest from Arc System Works

The Guilty Gear community has been widely excited for the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive, but the majority of prospective players are really only able to speculate and theorize via glimpses of footage as Strive won't be out until next year.

A lucky few, including Maximilian, have gotten some hands-on time with an early build and are beginning to share impressions. Max recently released a nearly 20-minute video detailing everything he experienced during his time with Strive and notes that it feels sort of like if Street Fighter 5 and Guilty Gear Xrd had a baby.

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Guilty Gear Strive gameplay matches featuring Sol Badguy vs. Ky Kiske, Potemkin vs. Chipp Zanuff, and May vs. Axl Low

ARCREVO America 2019 gave fans the opportunity to try a demo build of the upcoming Guilty Gear game that will be launching in late 2020. We now know this game to be titled "Guilty Gear Strive."

Inevitably, some gameplay footage for the work in progress fighter has surfaced online. If you weren't able to attend ARCREVO America 2019 to try the demo, then you'll at least be able to get an idea on how the game plays.

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Faust teased for 'Guilty Gear Strive'

Faust has been teased for the upcoming Guilty Gear game that will be releasing in late 2020. The title of the game was also revealed to be "Guilty Gear Strive."

Unfortunately, no gameplay was shown for Faust. Like many other characters revealed so far, we only got a quick look at his animations.

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ARCREVO America 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

ARCREVO America 2019 is taking place this weekend and it will be happening in Irvine, California, U.S.A.

Players who are already qualified for their respective finals are Omito, CO|Fenrich, Teresa, Samitto, GRPT|DoraBang, Crescent|Shinku, SSNO|KojiKOG, Daru, PG|MarlinPie, Illusion|LostSoul, Yutta, Nezu, PG|SKD, LG|Monster, AN|KizzieKay, WP|Souji, KYONOentremete, Tomorelo, YMST, Elyon, DLZ, Betadood, Gouda, Kyamei, Chachacha, CATPION|Deb, SPB|Noble, Aguro, Hukkuu, Makkii, Masa, Kogatan, BlackAce, Bace, TempestRomeo, VDV|KingRasta, WIZ|SacredAzure, Takehara, 1UP|PepperySplash, NGI|DBlanks, Pizamayo, Domi, YG|Kubo, GGVN|Puppy,|Shenzo, KidViper, Roy, DC, Rozu, EX, Flick, Whiyan, Yuki and SkyWong, and there'll be a ton of players who are trying to grab those open qualifier spots as well.

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ARCREVO America 2019 character usage statistics for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Finals day is currently going down over at ARCREVO America 2019 wrapping up a long year of competition in Arc System Works' biggest fighting games currently on the market.

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and BlazBlue: Central Fiction are all having their top 8's today, so we've gone ahead and put together character usage statistics for the top 32 players of each of the three titles with some really nice diversity.

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Here are the move lists for Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin in Guilty Gear 2020's demo version

Arc System Works has been consistently releasing new information about the upcoming Guilty Gear 2020 fighting game, but now it's about time to take things to the next step of moving towards the future of the franchise.

The ARCREVO America 2019 World Tour Finals is set to start up tomorrow, November 16, which will be the first venue to feature the brand new Guilty Gear title in a playable demo featuring six characters.

To prep players for this new experience, ArcSys recently released a play guide for the demo including an overview of the fighting game's mechanics plus the move lists for Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin.

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The most important things we hope are changed for Street Fighter 5's next season, Guilty Gear 2020 commentary, and Mai is too sexy for Smash

Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 has been regarded by a number of community members as the worst to date thanks to Capcom's lack of communication in the first two thirds of the year, but we're now fast approaching a refresh point and thus have a few important changes in mind for the game.

From general gameplay to user experience and communication practices, Catalyst and I go over the particulars of what we'd like to see altered as we head into 2020.

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Full 5-minute 'Smell of the Game' Guilty Gear theme song is now available online

Guilty Gear's music has always been a catchy staple of the franchise thanks in part to creator Daisuke Ishiwatari's passion to create his vision in terms of characters, soundtracks and gameplay decisions.

"Smell of the Game" is already showing the same promise carrying through to Guilty Gear 2020 since the fighting game community has had the track stuck in its head since EVO, and now we can finally listen to the full five-minute song in its entiretY.

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Chip damage will apparently no longer defeat opponents in Guilty Gear 2020

Blocking has been one of the most basic mechanics that are still found in fighting games today. Many fighters will still have you take some damage from certain moves even if you block them. This damage is often referred to as "chip damage."

Some fighting games allow you to defeat an opponent through chip damage if they don't have enough life to block the attack. Others don't. Guilty Gear has traditionally made it so that it's possible to fully deplete health bars via chip damage, but that might be changing with the upcoming Guilty Gear 2020 title.

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Guilty Gear 2020 is doing a lot to help newcomers pick up and play the upcoming game

Though we've seen a handful of character reveal trailers before this past weekend, Arc System Works popped the lid off of the upcoming Guilty Gear title with a live stream that showed more of what the game will have to offer when it launches next year.

On top of two new fighters being revealed — returning warriors Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin — a breakdown of how the game plays was also given. Despite this being an early look where everything is subject to change, Guilty Gear 2020 is already shaping up to have numerous helpful tools for newcomers.

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Canada Cup 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Canada Cup 2019 is happening this weekend in Calgary, Canada.

Some of the notable players competing include Rohto|Tokido, FOX|MkLeo, UYU|OilKing, Mago, Justin Wong, RZR|Xian, RB|Luffy, NuckleDu, CYG|Daigo, Liquid|Nemo, Liquid|John Takeuchi, CO|Dogura, UYU|JB, FAV|Sako, AZ|Kichipa-mu, EG|NYChrisG, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Rise|Smug, LordJimmyBones, RRQ|Moke, HLC|S2J, CYG|GamerBee, FD|Haitani, FAV|Ryuusei, W2W|Bladewise, SB|DR Mandrake, ASM|MisterCrimson, TD|DualKevin, END|Shine, Tempo|Alex Myers, Terrence, CYG|PR Balrog and many more.

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Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin revealed for Guilty Gear 2020 game

Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin have been revealed for the Guilty Gear 2020 game. They make up the final two characters that will be available in the upcoming Guilty Gear demo.

Chipp is both a ninja and the president of the Eastern Chipp "Kingdom." He tends to be a speedy fighter with low defense, so it's important to overwhelm the opponent with his offense before he falls.

As for Potemkin, he's the signature grappler of the series. Although he may have difficulty getting in, he hits like a truck as you might expect.

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Arc System Works live stream showing two new Guilty Gear 2020 characters and gameplay details

The live stream we've previously posted about for Guilty Gear 2020 is about to go live.

In this stream, we've been promised two more characters outside of the already-shown Ky Kiske, Sol Badguy, May and Axl Low, who will also be playable in the demo which will be at ArcRevo America 2019 later this month.

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Update: Next Guilty Gear 2020 trailer will debut on November 3, 2019 with 2 more characters reveals

Update: Arc System Works' new tweet announcement for their next ArcLive stream appears to confirm that the developers will be announcing two characters for Guilty Gear 2020 instead of just one. You can take a look for yourself after the jump

Original Story:Earlier today, we had the opportunity to get a glimpse at Axl Low's trailer for Guilty Gear 2020. It was also revealed that a playable demo will feature six playable characters at ArcRevo America 2019, which will take place from November 16-17.

However, there's only been four characters revealed so far. We know about Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, and Axl Low, but what about the other two? Evidently, we won't have to wait too long to learn about at least one of their identities.

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East Coast Throwdown 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

East Coast Throwdown 2019 is one of the bigger events happening this weekend, and it's taking place Stamford, Connecticut.

Notable players are many, given the wealth of games being played, but here's a list of just some of the big names attending this event: FOX|SonicFox, REC|Punk, NuckleDu, BC|Dragon, PxP|A Foxy Grampa, iDom, EG|NYChrisG, AF|DizzyTT, Bandits|MenaRD, PG|Hayatei, PG|MarlinPie, JWong|LostSoul, UYU|Deoxys, UYU|Rewind, AXL|XCaliburBladez, CGL|VideoGamezYo, Mixbox|Qudans, DualKevin, COMP|Siologica, CGL|Tweedy, END|Shine, UGS|Blackmoonrisingx, END|Scar, FightingGM, Noble|Semiij, COMP|TeruRock, ElChakotay, BDG|DidimoKOF, CGL|NinjaKilla212, Terrence, EQNX|Brian_F, LordJimmyBones, Flux, RG|Kevoxreborn, Tempo|Alex Myers, Coach Steve, BC|LordKnight, NerdJosh, RBL|SperoGin, RenoFace, TCOL|Komanda, Noble|Kombat, EXL|Blackberry, FSD|Rikuto, BloodHawk, Radiance|Commander Jesse, LOK|Nivek, UGS|BBoyDragon, GOD|KillerXinok, Crescent|RobTV, BDG|Romance, DF|Grr, RG|DJT, BC|HoneyBee, CrazySteady, TxC|ElRosa and TxC|MarcoPolo.

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He's finally wearing pants: Axl Low's new Guilty Gear trailer compared side by side to Xrd to show how the time traveler will fight in the future

Guilty Gear will be entering a new age next year, so what better way to show it off than with an actual time traveler who likes to rock out as hard as the rest of us.

Fighting game community tracker and content creator HiFight has now put together a side-by-side comparison video for Axl Low's new Guilty Gear trailer and how is attacks look next to those in the Xrd games.

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