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How did we miss this amazing Darkstalkers Easter egg in Resident Evil Resistance?

Admittedly, I have not yet played the Resident Evil 3 remake, nor have I hopped into Resident Evil Resistance. Personally, I tend to wait for these kinds of games to go down in price before picking them up and jumping in — don't judge me.

It seems that in this case, however, I should have picked up the game at launch because I missed out on an incredible Easter egg found in Resistance. A video from Just Add Monsters that was uploaded last month shows a really cool Darkstalkers reference in one of the game's stages that is pretty hard to miss once you're in the fray.

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EVO Online's decision to limit open tournaments to titles with great netcode is a bold message to fighting game developers

When news first dropped that EVO 2020 was cancelled and EVO Online would be taking its place, the FGC's immediate concern jumped to how the mainstage games would hold up considering none of them are known for their strong netplay capabilities.

The organizers behind EVO essentially side-stepped that issue completely, however, this week when they announced that none of those titles would be part of the open tournaments for EVO Online with those honors going instead to four fighting games championed by the community for their netcode prowess.

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Fighting game players are very vulnerable to hand injuries so Alex Myers teaches how to prevent from getting hurt in the first place via key stretches

Performing repetitive tasks for long periods of time without breaks is a surefire way to become injured, so it's no surprise that many professional and dedicated fighting game players suffer from issues with their hands, wrists and arms including painful conditions like tendinitis.

This applies to pro Street Fighter player Alex Myers who recently used his years of experience as a patient in physical therapy to create a video to help prevent others from pushing their bodies past the breaking point while playing games for an extended period of time.

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'Did he just lag in real life?' - The Keef Crew's take on EVO Online's announcement and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's exclusion hits down to the core

When EVO Online was first teased following the offline major's cancellation, players around the world wondered how their games would hold up in a large netplay setting. One community, however, had their concerns answered rather directly, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate did not make the list.

The Keef Crew put together a hilarious skit at the time warning of the impending Wi-Fi warriors, but now with Smash no longer part of the equation, their newest video takes on the exclusion and how the various scenes reacted to the news.

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EVO online could be coming back in the future if fans are 'really excited and engaged' says Mr. Wizard

The biggest fighting game stage in the world is taking a necessary respite away from the traditional event centers in Las Vegas and making its home online this year thanks to complications from COVID-19, but this very well may not be the online time we see EVO go online, according to head tournament organizer, Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar.

EVO's big boss took to Twitter this week to state that if fans show enough interest to this year's somewhat obligated experiment, network play could become a more regular part of the EVO experience in the future even after restrictions on social interactions have been lifted.

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EVO Online details revealed with 5 weeks of events, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate removed from lineup

With the cancellation of the main EVO 2020 event due to worries about the coronavirus pandemic, organizers have pivoted to move the event online with a newfound focus on fighting games with the best netplay around.

The first details for EVO Online have been revealed via an announcement trailer which will be split up over five weekends and features a very drastic change up to the events and games originally planned to take place.

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Unreal Engine 5 officially revealed which may power the next generation of fighting games

Epic and their Unreal Engine have held a strong presence within the fighting game community for multiple console generations at this point, and now we've seen what the next generation may have in store for us.

During the Summer Game Fest showcase this morning, Epic unveiled Unreal Engine 5 with the first real-time PlayStation 5 footage which shows off what the next generation of fighting games may be working with.

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Update: Summer Game Fest reveal showcase stream is now live

Update: The Summer Game Fest: Special Wednesday Showcase plus Interview stream is now live. You can watch it with us in the story below.

With the cancellation of E3 2020, video game developers have pivoted to move their big announcements for this year to a completely digital landscape with some help.

Longtime gaming industry veteran Geoff Keighley is hosting too keep these reveals coming with the Summer Game Fest with an announcement stream coming this morning beginning at 8 a.m. PT.

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Hit Box co-founder plays PC version of Super Mario 64 and Farming Simulator on arcade stick

I somehow keep forgetting that Farming Simulator is a thing, but it's been around since 2008 and they've made at least eight console versions, (plus five on mobile) so I take that as evidence that it must be fun.

The President and co-founder of Hit Box LLC, HitBoxDustin, has taken things to a new level by incorporating an arcade stick (strangely enough, not a Hit Box) and a Wii nunchuck into Farming Simulator 19.

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Street Fighter 5 Director shares Street Fighter 2 and old school Capcom beat 'em up posters plus Japanese information guides

Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama is spending a good chunk of his free time lately sharing his personal collection of video game goods while working from home which happens to include a ton of classic Capcom fighting game and arcade title items.

Nakayama's latest endeavor has been to post the Japanese informational pamphlets for Street Fighter 2's arcade releases and updates along with some licensed gems from Capcom's beat 'em up catalog like Alien vs. Predator and The Punisher.

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Nintendo pledges to update Switch Online to 'make software more enjoyable and convenient'

Nintendo has released their latest Annual Financial Briefing Q&A and thanks to translation efforts from Robert Sephazon we're able to get some insight on the company's current plans.

Especially with the majority of battles now taking place over the internet thanks to coronavirus quarantines, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been particularly vocal about needs for better online experiences. While it's not a direct acknowledgment of Smash Ultimate's situation, an interesting thread that clearly emerged from the Q&A report focused on enhancing Nintendo Switch Online to make it more enjoyable.

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5 big questions we have about EVO online and how it will work

For the first time in 20 years, Evolution will not have an offline event in the United States for its championship series and will instead be held in an online format due to the ongoing worries surrounding the coronavirus. Problem is, we don't really know anything about how it's going to work which has left the fighting game community wondering what they should be expecting of what was going to be the biggest tournament of the year.

With so many details currently left up in the air, John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero and I will be breaking down five of the biggest questions the FGC currently has about EVO online.

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Streets of Rage 4 may not be a fighting game but the amount of combos and tech possible sure make it look like one

Streets of Rage 4's announcement came out of nowhere when the game was first revealed in 2018, and now that it's finally here, the game seems to be living up to the hype built up over the 26-year hiatus.

Yes, it is technically a beat 'em up and not really a fighting game, but Streets of Rage 4's versus mode and expanded combo system are still things the FGC can appreciate as shown off in LiangHuBBB's compilation for the title featuring players like Justin Wong pulling out cool tech options.

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Update: Inside Xbox 20/20 stream now live to reveal first look at next generation titles for Series X

Update: The first Inside Xbox 20/20 stream is now live. You can watch with us in the story below.

Microsoft and Sony still appear to be on track to release their new generational leap in gaming hardware later this year, and today will likely serve as the initial real taste of what next gen will look like.

The latest Inside Xbox livestream is scheduled to take place this morning at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET to reveal and showcase Xbox Series X titles for the first time.

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Can EVO online really work? Plus what are the best and worst Seasons of Street Fighter 5? We rate them all

Big news in the fighting game community broke this week as EVO tournament organizers reluctantly informed players and fans that EVO 2020 is no longer to scheduled to take place in Las Vegas this year.

Instead organizers will be taking the event online, a jump that many in the community can't really envision going all that smoothly. We have next to no details as to how this will be taken on, but welcome on MajinTenshinhan to discuss the potential of EVOnline.

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Defend the North 2020 cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak

It really hasn't been a good year for offline competition in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Defend the North 2020 is the latest tournament to be cancelled in order to ensure the safety of the community.

"Our team has been closely monitoring the current status of COVID-19," stated the Defend the North organizers. "Due to the health and economic standings of New York state, we have decided to cancel Defend the North 2020 as our priority is safety first."

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'No longer will I lose to players better than me... now they're in my world' — The Keef Crew's skit for online EVO 2020 has us fearing WiFi warriors

2020 is truly an unprecedented time thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tournament organizers behind events like EVO 2020 really have no choice but to transition into hosting online tournaments.

The Keef Crew recently released a skit that hilariously poked fun at the reactions of WiFi warriors when EVO 2020 was cancelled. To "keep the EVO spirit alive," we'll instead see an online tournament commence this summer.

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