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Nintendo's E3 plans include a Direct stream, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship and more

The Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2019 will be kicking off one month from now where almost all of the big name publishers an developers will be in attendance — sans Sony — to show off their newest titles and content expected to launch in the near-ish future.

Nintendo announced their E3 plans today that will actually begin before the expo itself officially kicks off with world championship tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2. It wouldn't be E3 without new game announcements from the company behind Mario, Zelda and Smash, however.

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'I can't do this anymore' - BornFree is heavily considering ending his fighting game content creation, but not after one last big hurrah

It was late 2015 when I first recall seeing a video about how Oro might wind up in Street Fighter 5 based on a fairly far fetched theory involving Kid Robot figurines. Though not necessarily totally convinced, I found myself both intrigued and impressed by the pleasant presentation and "around corners" kind of thinking I saw from Mark "BornFree" Sheridan.

Since then Born has come forward with some great live streams, highly entertaining FGC skits, and a reputation for being perhaps the best player interviewer in the community, scoring some pretty amazing discussions with the likes of Rohto|Tokido, RB|Bonchan, and probably a hundred other major figures from all corners of the FGC. That all might be ending.

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Mortal Kombat 11 by far the most popular title at Combo Breaker, 13 games boast over 100 entrants

Rick "The Hadou" Thiher and his top notch team have grown yearly fighting game major Combo Breaker from one of Chicago's most looked forward to events to one of the fighting game community's favorite times of year.

Seemingly outdoing itself with every new run, CB is back in 2019 with no less than 23 games for competitors from all over the world to test their skills in. Late registration has officially closed and so the official Combo Breaker Twitter has posted final reg numbers for all titles. Let's take a closer look at said numbers and see what we find.

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Capcom reaches record high profits thanks to Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter, redoubling their eSports efforts for Street Fighter

Capcom had a meteoric hit on their hands in 2018 with Monster Hunter World, which quickly became the company's best-selling title ever, so it's not too surprising to learn that it would become a record-breaking year as a whole for the makers of Street Fighter.

The video game publisher / developer released their financial report for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2019 where Capcom managed to bring in over 100 billion yen in net sales — $904 million USD — thanks in large part to the aforementioned Monster Hunter plus strong launches of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

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Sony returns with another 'State of Play' presentation to show off new title, make announcements on May 9

As we draw nearer to E3 time, video game fans around the globe grow increasingly anxious to see what their favorite companies and developers have in store for the near future and beyond.

Sony recently announced their departure from the E3 main stage, putting into play a new platform for them to make announcements, reveals, and provide fans with the latest details about their games. This platform is called the "State of Play" broadcast, and we'll be seeing a new installment on May 9.

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Need to brush up on your tasteful trash talk in online games? Microsoft's new community guidelines provide examples on how to cleanly diss opponents

The online fighting game ecosystems often lead to intense matches and heightened emotions, both positive and negative, which can get us so amped up or frustrated that we feel the need to tell the opposition exactly how we felt about their play.

Microsoft recently updated their Community Standards page where they outlined new guidelines that players on Xbox should try to keep their conduct within for online interactions, messages, cheating, clubs and more. They also give some examples as to what sorts of trash talk the company finds as acceptable banter and what crosses the line into being harmful, toxic or harassment.

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NetherRealm Studios responds to allegations of toxic environment and crunch time conditions from workers involved with Mortal Kombat and Injustice

Recent reports of toxic work conditions at NetherRealm Studios — the company behind major fighting titles like the Mortal Kombat series and Injustice — surfaced online as former employees and contractors shared experiences on social media.

Inappropriate behavior, mandatory crunch periods (extreme overtime), and low pay were among the issues cited, and these are recurring problems that the gaming industry has been seeing and hearing more about through the years.

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Capcom is restructuring their eSports and media licensing businesses into Capcom Media Ventures

Earlier today, Capcom announced that they are restructuring their eSports and media licensing business units. On March 1, 2019, a new entity, Capcom Media Ventures, was formed to manage global eSports initiatives outside of Japan.

What they'll be managing includes the Capcom Pro Tour and the Street Fighter League. Capcom Media Ventures, stationed in Los Angeles, is currently behind the seventh season of the Capcom Pro Tour and introduced the Street Fighter League U.S. 2019 series.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still sits on top while Street Fighter 5 falls back down to third in May's EVO registration rankings

We're still a good three months away from EVO 2019 though thousands of players are already gearing up to face off in the nine mainstage titles represented this year with dozens more side tournaments to be hyped for.

EVO's Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar has posted the monthly updated registration rankings for May where we appear to be shaping up to have three different number one titles over the past three years at the largest fighting game event in the world.

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Updated: Gootecks, Mike Ross and Slasher discuss eSports on Cross Counter Twitch channel

Updated: The stream archive has been added to our story.

Gootecks and Slasher are discussing the state of eSports with a very special guest on The Untitled Esports Show. This guest is none other than Mike Ross himself.

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Some fans are looking forward to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie but nobody likes the appearance of the character — FGC reactions

The first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released earlier today. Needless to say, the reception for the trailer has been... well, mostly negative.

We've taken the time to gather up reactions from the fighting game community. Some priority has been given to some of the Sonic fans that play the Super Smash Bros. series.

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Sonic The Hedgehog's first movie trailer has arrived... and it's probably exactly what you feared

Sonic The Hedgehog has been a staple of the video game market for almost 30 years now — including getting his own fighting game and spot in Super Smash Bros. — though 2019 will mark the character's first time leading a major motion picture.

After months of teases and leaks, Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for the Sonic movie, and it appears to confirm just about every fear fans initially had about a live-action film featuring a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog that can talk and run really fast. Oh and Jim Carrey is here too.

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Rick Fox may be leaving Echo Fox following racist comments from shareholder, Echo Fox releases statement

Former professional basketball player, actor, and co-founder of team Echo Fox, Rick Fox, reportedly announced that he intends to leave the eSports organization following racially insensitive comments made by a shareholder, according to a recent article by Dexerto.

Dexerto published an email reportedly from Fox that was sent to "all major stakeholders" on April 19 detailing his plans for departure.

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Victrix Pro FS fightstick review: Sleek, stylish, and worthy of its hefty price tag

Much like the options for fighting games are plentiful right now — with there being a fresh installment of nearly every major fighting game franchise on the market or one on the way — the same can be said for fighting game peripherals. There are numerous high quality fightsticks to choose from nowadays, and another recently appeared on the scene that adds one more to the list of potential purchases for fighting game players.

Victrix recently launched their Victrix Pro FS arcade sticks which is designed specifically for eSports and aims to meet the precise needs of competitors through innovation and quality. I was given the opportunity to try out a retail version of the Pro FS for review, and can tell you right out of the gate that this stick is definitely worth your attention.

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What are the top 30 fighting games of all time? Game Informer offers their full list

Game Informer has decided to brave the internet with an opinion (or a series of 30 opinions, rather) as they've recently released their top 30 fighting games of all time list.

The gaming world has had a good three decades of the fighting genre now, and with seemingly countless titles to consider it feels like quite an undertaking to even get started with such an ordering. That said, certain titles do immediately float into memory considering their impact and legacy.

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PlayStation 5 aims to drastically reduce load times and will be backwards compatible with PS4; first details about Sony's next-gen console emerge

Though the Xbox 360 may have been king of the fighting games during the last console generation for Capcom titles at least, Sony's PlayStation 4 took over that mantle in more recent years after obtaining a number of stand out exclusives like Street Fighter 5 and Guilty Gear Xrd.

The PS4 itself will be turning six years old in 2019, and while rumors about the next generation of games have been swirling, it appears we now have our first peek into what will be the upcoming PlayStation 5 — or whatever Sony decides to call its next console.

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Capcom Home Arcade is a plug and play arcade stick unit that brings 16 classic games to your living room

Capcom has unveiled the announcement they were teasing yesterday on social media. Fans can look forward to getting their hands on the Capcom Home Arcade — a plug and play unit that allows you to access 16 classic Capcom games by simply connecting to a TV via HDMI.

The Capcom Home Arcade is a large, 2-player arcade stick shaped like Capcom's trademark logo. Games featured here include Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Captain Commando, and more.

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