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Super Saiyan hair, Blanka-chan rises, lizard penises take over online and good ol' Ken face: Here's the best EventHubs banners from 2018

2018 was a big year for EventHubs and the fighting game community in general which let us do and cover more but also let us have even more fun with our jobs covering video games for a living.

Banners are typically something we make to make readers immediately know what to expect when going into a story, but they also give us a chance to flex our creative sides a bit more and put our Photoshop skills to more use to squeeze in jokes and references that at least we find relevant and funny — though we always hope you guys do too.

Last year was also the first year for me (DarkHorse) on the team which took a lot of getting used to, but gave me my dream job at a website that I read everyday and doing what I went to school for. Now, I want to celebrate some of what we feel were our best moments of 2018.

EventHubs put out over 3,500 different stories in the past year, and I've taken upon the surprisingly time consuming task of whittling that number down to 21 of our best and funniest banners for the return of BannerHubs — plus their links after the jump.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was perhaps the biggest game to release in 2018 which let us work in all sorts of Dragon Ball memes into our stories though I ultimately decided I could only choose a couple to add to the gallery. Street Fighter 5 was once again our main focus throughout the year, so we had to get creative with our banners at times to keep things fresh and fun for ourselves and for our readers — insert picture of Catalyst's face on Menat here.

The EventHubs Podcast also started up in 2018 with Velociraptor and Catalyst putting in hours of work every week to give us something engaging to listen to, and its also happened to give us some of the best banners of the year as well. You can check out 21 of our favorite BannerHubs moments of 2018 in the gallery below, and let us know your favorite moments in the comments — just don't lambaste me too hard for all of the ones I forgot. Here's to an even better 2019.

Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #1 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #2 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #3 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #4 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #5 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #6 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #7 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #8 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #9

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Street Fighter: At the Movies is an awesome art tribute that mixes iconic film posters with world warriors from the community's best artists

Capcom officially celebrated their premier fighting game's pearl anniversary last year with the Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection along with a number of other promotions, and the community at large contributed their own efforts to the series that's lasted more than three decades.

The guys over at Street Fighter Legacy have previously released two collective works that showed off fan art for Street Fighter and Rivals Schools' anniversaries from talented artists around the world, and now they're back for a third collection that's themed this time.

Street Fighter: At the Movies is a free 100-page web magazine made to show off art featuring Street Fighter characters re-imagined in some of the most iconic film posters of all time from dozens of artists.

Puns on posters for movies like Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls and Finding Nemo plus many more have all been created using Street Fighter characters and references only the fighting game community can appreciate.

Below we've gathered a small handful of the posters that can be found in the full online collection from the artists ZombiRaptor, Jevon Williams, Jesus Gormaz, Santino Calvo, Marcos Medina and Alexandre Belmonte.

You can check out the full Street Fighter: At the Movies magazine online at Issuu along with Street Fighter Legacy's previous two fan art collections, and let us know some of your favorites in the comments.

Street Fighter: At the Movies image #1 Street Fighter: At the Movies image #2 Street Fighter: At the Movies image #3 Street Fighter: At the Movies image #4 Street Fighter: At the Movies image #5 Street Fighter: At the Movies image #6
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'High Score Girl' is an anime that focuses on the arcade culture behind games like Street Fighter 2 and it's available on Netflix

The 1990's hosted a different era for gaming enthusiasts than what we're used to today. Rather than socializing through online play with your home console, gamer interactions typically took place t the arcade.

Recently, an anime called "High Score Girl" that pays homage to this culture was dubbed in English on Netflix. A Street Fighter 2 competition between a kid named "Haruo Yaguchi" and a girl named "Akira Ono" was featured in one of the earlier episodes.

In order to stop Ono's 30 game win streak, Yaguchi resorts to some... "cheap" tactics. During this era, you risked getting beat up if you chose to play lame with Guile or used tick throws.

This is exactly what Ono had to deal with while playing as Zangief — a character that's known to have difficulties with play styles that emphasize projectiles defensively. Interestingly enough, the anime even makes an effort to explain fighting game terminology to help keep the general audience in the loop.

Poor Yaguchi concludes that he wouldn't have to worry about repercussions for using these strategies considering that his opponent was a female. Unfortunately for him, things don't work out as planned...

Many other arcade games are featured in the anime too. Here's a look at the intro thanks to FOX|Justin Wong, and you can also take a look at an official trailer after the jump.

Click image for animated version

Sent in by: Alfieri, RYU81, dugthefreshest, ryuhayabusa13, kanvis, Kurow and anonymous users.

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First images revealed for new 'Mad Box' gaming console, coming to compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

Update: We've added the first images of the Mad Box as they've surfaced on Bell's Twitter. The internal parts have been blurred out.

Earlier: Slightly Mad Studios is currently known for making games like PROJECT CARS 2 and Need for Speed: Shift, two titles that you can play on both Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles. Their future plans, however see them becoming competition for the aforementioned gaming titans in the not too distant future.

CEO of SMS, Ian Bell, tweeted "The Mad Box is coming" on Wednesday. He further clarified that "It's the most powerful console ever built" and specifically highlighted virtual reality compatibility.

Such news piqued the interest of Variety, who reached out to Bell for further details. General speculation sees the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation hardware coming out around the year 2020, but Bell explained that the Mad Box will be shipping in around three years' time.

Here on EventHubs, we recently addressed the matter of cross-play on the next generation of gaming consoles, and while Bell didn't mention online cross-play, he did note that SMS isn't currently looking to urge developers into console-exclusive titles.

"We think exclusives are ‘exclusionary’ but given that we’ll be shipping a cross platform engine to all developers it will be their choice. As of now we have no plans to pay developers 'incentives' to exclude other hardware vendors,” he said. "We think the industry is a little too much of a monopoly or a micro oligopoly."

Check out the full announcement tweet from Bell right here and be sure to check out the Variety exclusive. Social media seems to tilt toward pessimism at this point, but what do you think? Please share your thoughts on the potential of the Mad Box in the comments.

Mad Box Gallery image #1 Mad Box Gallery image #2 Mad Box Gallery image #3
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Looking to learn how to play on Hit Box in 2019? Here's some nice tutorials from the creators to teach you instant Shoryuken and 360 motions

2019 is finally here, and with it comes our New Year's resolutions which may perhaps include finally learning to play fighting games on a new controller like a Hit Box... or even a steering wheel to find the perfect peripheral for us.

Alternative controllers to the standard gamepads and arcade sticks have seen a surge in use in recent years with products like the Hit Box leading the charge for acceptance within the community that used to keep them at an arm's length distance away.

For those who don't know about it, the Hit Box is similar to an arcade stick controller with eight standard face buttons plus four extra buttons for the directional inputs to replace the control stick, so it can potentially provide better input control for those who master it.

The company even has its own YouTube channel where it has uploaded a number of helpful tutorials about the control basics plus some handy control shortcuts which could give you an advantage considering how quickly the inputs can come out.

Among their tutorials for Street Fighter 5 specifically, Hit Box has videos for performing Shoryuken / dragon punch motions and 360 / Spinning Pile Driver nearly instantly. Hit Box's Shawn Huffer claims the 'instant DP' is a consistent three-frame input performed by hitting forward, down-forward and then up-forward plus punch for a crazy fast uppercut.

Two pile driver input shortcuts are also shown off including the fastest method of sliding your fingers fromright to down to up with punch for the grab bypassing diagonals plus another input method that allows you to walk forward after starting the motion to still get the command grab.

You can check out Hit Box's Shoryuken and SPD shortcut tutorials after the jump plus they also have a playlist of videos for other inputs like walking dragon punch, 720 motions, Critical Arts and more.

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It's a damn shame this Kenny Omega Wrestle Kingdom 13 promo made by the creator of Undertale isn't going to air at the event

We're just three days away from New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 13 event, and the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, has a very unique promo for his upcoming bout with Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Omega, who is an avid fan of Street Fighter and active member of the fighting game community, teamed up with Undertale creator Toby Fox to create said promo, which is a combination of both live action and Undertale-style gameplay footage.

The story sees a young boy shopping for a particular Famicom game by the name of "Kenny's Quest." A humble shop keeper with a concealing hat (we're not certain, but we think it's an Omega cameo) sends the boy on his way with the new game.

Back home, the young boy jumps into Kenny's Quest to find things kick off immediately with an eight bit bout with Tanahashi. We won't spoil the rest of the video, but we will say that it actually got us feeling a bit emotional at one point... ah, professional wrestling story lines somehow get us every time.

As the first bit of scrolling text explains, this promo video will unfortunately not be used at WK13 this weekend, which we find to be a real shame.

We're happy to be able to share this here even if won't play on the big screen on Sunday. Give it watch and let us know if it brought a smile to your face as well.

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How important is cross-play for fighting titles on the next generation of gaming platforms?

I have a PlayStation 4 because when Street Fighter 5 was revealed in 2015 we found that Sony's would be the only gaming console that would support it. That's probably the story for a healthy handful of the SF5 crowd.

While the game does offer cross platform play over to PC, Xbox One users are totally out of luck should they want to throw down with the latest Street Fighter roster.

The 2013 entry of Killer Instinct is regarded by many in the fighting game community as one of the most enjoyable modern fighters that not enough people gave a chance to. A title that saw an exceptional level of developer attention to detail, a free to play model that was inviting to any and all newcomers and a wide variety of original and guest characters didn't get a chance? Why?

The first and most common answer you'll hear is that Killer Instinct was an Xbox One exclusive, and hey, most of us had to choose one console or the other... and many went with Street Fighter. How many stories that leave us with that irking question of possible unfulfilled potential float about because of the lack of cross platform play? How long will we keep writing them?

Whether it be Nintendo, Sega, Sony or Microsoft, gamers have become accustomed to having to choose a console as part of their gaming identity for the next five to eight years. Even titles available across multiple platforms have not, (until recent exceptions) seen online multiplayer over the same servers.

Upon the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, South Park devoted three full episodes of its 23rd season to the division caused by lack of cross console play (shout outs to the Red Robin Wedding).

Though we're still not very far along in terms of official announcements, the gaming community is clearly hearing that still, small voice that all but knows we're standing incredibly close to the next generation of PlayStations and Xboxes. Such a benchmark on the console timeline seems the perfect place to finally bridge the gap, but will it actually come to fruition? Product Owner of the upcoming Generation Zero, Paul Keslin, was optimistic in a recent chat with Gaming Bolt.

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Big or small scale, if the FGC wants bigger prize pools the answer looks to be crowdfunding

The issue of competitive fighting game prize payouts has been on the community's radar for quite some time, but has been ushered towards the front of the conversation in recent weeks because of the Tekken World Tour Finals.

Tekken 7 has quickly and consistently risen through the ranks as one of the most enjoyable, watchable and digestible eSports fighting games around today. It seems to have the potential to go extremely far as a spectator sport, but surprisingly low payouts for the TWTF took some of the positive thunder away from the 2018 event, and may have led some of the game's strongest competitors to question whether they'll be able to afford quitting their day jobs to do this full time.

In 2017 the Tekken finale event boasted a $50,000 prize pot to be dispersed to the top eight finishers, but in 2018 that number was halved to just $25,000. Finalists UYU|Qudans and Book expressed hesitation to compete in 2019 after the World Finals were finished on December 2nd, though they did not specify the reason for said hesitation as 100% financial.

The fighting game genre is recognized as one of the smaller eSports at this time. While Capcom's Street Fighter 5 is the fighting game financial front runner in this department, (the Capcom Pro Tour offers over $500,000 in prizes, $200,000 of which goes to the Capcom Cup finalists) it still pales in comparison to the likes of Counter Strike, League of Legends and Fortnite purses.

Considering the relative size of the FGC at this point in time, perhaps we should still be considering the idea that we have not grown too large to use crowdfunding entities such as Matcherino to help grow prize pools.

Michael "IFC Yipes" Mendoza's Battle of the Strongest 2 did so, and was able to garner a prize pot of $8,000. That's $8,000 raised for a grassroots, eight man Marvel vs. Capcom 2 event.

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The Steam Winter Sale for 2018 discounts fighting games like Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and more until January 3rd

The Steam Winter Sale 2018 is currently ongoing. You have until January 3rd to take advantage of some amazing deals. In case you didn't get that fighting game you asked for during the Holiday Season, you can still take advantage of some killer deals and get them for yourself.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Deluxe is 50% off, making its price $35.14. With this bundle, you'll get Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition (which comes with Season 1 and Season 2 DLC packages) as well the Season 3 roster. Season 4 just started with a plethora of changes to the entire cast.

You can also acquire Tekken 7 or the Rematch Edition while it's 50% and 30% off respectively — setting the price to $19.99 and $48.99. The Rematch Edition comes with the Season 2 roster, but not Season 1. With the addition of Marduk and Armor King, Tekken 7 can currently be played with patch 2.10.

One of the newest fighting games to be released this year, Soul Calibur 6, is also part of the Steam Winter Sale. The regular version and the Deluxe Edition (comes with the season pass and soundtrack) can be acquired for 33% and 30% off respectively — $40.19 and $62.99. Recently, some insight about Soul Calibur 6's January patch was shared to us by the developers.

Dragon Ball FigherZ, the FighterZ Edition, and Ultimate Edition can be obtained for 60%, 50%, and 50% off respectively. In other words, they are priced at $23.99 for the full game, $47.49 for the FighterZ Edition, and $54.98 for the Ultimate Edition. While the FighterZ Edition comes with the eight DLC characters, the Ultimate Edition also comes with the Anime Music Pack and Commentator Voice Pack.

Although King of Fighters 14 was released back in 2016, it might be worth it to get some practice in considering King of Fighter 15's announcement.

Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #1 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #2 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #3 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #4 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #5 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #6 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #7 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #8 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #9 Steam Winter Sale 2018 image #10
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Think your lag issues in Street Fighter 5 are being caused by your internet connection? Well, it might be the hardware you're playing on...

Playing Street Fighter 5 online has been a miserable experience for me for over a year now, and after cursing the Capcom gods endlessly for my despair, I have come to realize that my biggest issue did not necessarily reside in the game itself — the culprit was my console.

Street Fighter 5 is a game that I really enjoy playing, but for a good while now my experience with it has been reduced to the constant feeling of "how long can I withstand this before the frustration becomes too much to bear?" Conditions got so bad that I entirely gave up on trying to play ranked mode, and even jumping into battle lounges with friends became cumbersome.

Now, this isn't to say that Street Fighter 5's mechanics and gameplay aren't the source of some frustration — they absolutely can be. But what I have come to realize is that the condition of my hardware and the hardware itself were causing some major problems, and they might be affecting you in similar ways without you even realizing it.

The console I had been playing on since Street Fighter 5's launch was the standard, original 500 GB PlayStation 4 console. I owned it for about three years, and everything on it was functional and solid, as far as I could tell.

I recently upgraded to a PlayStation 4 Pro, and the major issues I was previously experiencing with Street Fighter 5 online appear to be completely gone now.

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'I'm owed almost $10k for gigs I did in 2018' - UltraDavid expresses FGC payment issues; Sajam, MarkMan and TheHadou follow suit

Venues, player counts, prize pools and event production values have all been on the rise in the fighting game community as the competitive gaming genre has furthered its journey into eSports, but it seems there's a significant issue when it comes to paying out tournament commentators.

After UltraDavid posted on Twitter that he is currently, "owed almost $10k for gigs I did in 2018, including from as far back as June," no less than three other prominent FGC figures commented with similar sentiments.

Sajam, MarkMan and Rick The Hadou also chimed in to say they either have experienced or currently are experiencing the same thing. MarkMan specifically noted that he still hasn't seen nearly $7,500 from gigs as far back as June, and that he does not even regularly partake in commentary.

David further clarified that he doesn't see the blame falling on tournament organizers or streamers, but instead that, "it's higher up the chain, and in fact TOs and streamers get just as screwed."

The commentators speaking out thus far have been involved in numerous events put on by various companies, and at this point the finger has not yet been directly pointed at any specific entities.

You'll see the string of tweets in the images below as all of the aforementioned figures post in David's thread to shed light on this emerging issue:

Commentator Tweets image #1 Commentator Tweets image #2 Commentator Tweets image #3
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What it's like to be a female fighting gamer; Core-A speaks with YUYU, Tanukana, Canis, Kayo Police and Mimi

I've probably been to 50 fighting game majors in the last eight or nine years, and though we're beginning to see some real change, the ratio of men to women at these events is very heavily skewed toward the former.

The idea that video games are for boys has been around emerged around 1986 and has been going strong for the better part of the last three decades, (the genre as a whole was actually very much unisex before that) and the fighting game community is no exception.

The idea of becoming a community that is more inviting to women has been a growing part of the general conversation for a few years now, and we've seen a handful of players with two X chromosomes ascend through the ranks.

Core-A Gaming recently sat down with five such competitors in UYU|YUYU, CO|Tanukana, Canis, Kayo Police and DHG|Mimi to get their takes on what it's like to be a female fighting gamer, some with better experiences than others.

As we gather from Tanukana's words, the experience is often such that they are viewed and played against as different than men. The idea of losing to a girl is commonly filed under "avoid at all costs" as the concept of women being naturally worse than men at gaming still seems to run deep.

YUYU notes that there are still very few female players, but that she is optimistic for the future and hopeful that her success may inspire others to pursue the same path. Give the full video a watch and let us know what you thought in the comments after.

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Sako's love, Tokido's tears and lots of Menats; these fighting game paintings from SAE are powerful

We stumbled across some pretty great art from Japanese fighting game enthusiast SAE0407.

SAE's primarily watercolor style is different from a lot of the visual pieces we see here on EventHubs, and seems to inspire a naturally more tranquil emotion.

The artist primarily focuses on characters from within games (mainly Street Fighter 5) but also has a few pieces featuring players FOX|Tokido and FA|Sako.

We see Sako with his baby girl (dressed appropriately as Menat) and then the Murderface, Tokido, with tears streaming down his cheek... presumably after his emotional loss to CYG|Daigo back at Kemonomichi 2.

Give the gallery a look through and let us know what you think of this impressive art in the comments after you're done.

SAE Gallery image #1 SAE Gallery image #2 SAE Gallery image #3 SAE Gallery image #4 SAE Gallery image #5 SAE Gallery image #6

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Panda Global creates a portable GameCube adapter dock for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players; KickStarter coming in January

Panda Global has quickly become one of the biggest and most recognizable eSports teams in the fighting game and Smash Bros. communities, and now they're looking to make their first move into making gaming hardware too.

The eSports team headed by Super Smash Bros. players, fans and enthusiasts revealed recently their plans to produce a portable dock for the Nintendo Switch that will also work as a GameCube controller adapter.

The Ultimate GameCube Adapter is designed to be used by Switch players on the go especially for those looking to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate matches while they're away from their TVs with a KickStarter scheduled to launch next month.

This new dock features a USB-C cradle on top where the Switch system will sit and connect to the four GameCube controller ports below similarly to Nintendo's official adapter. It will also come with a power adapter port, so the system can charge during play though it won't feature video output for those worried about it bricking systems. They also mention PG is looking into the possibility of adding a LAN adapter as well.

Since this is their first foray into making hardware, Panda Global says that it plans to launch a KickStarter campaign in mid-January 2019 for an expected price of $45 though the team says that interested players can receive an early bird discount for signing up for an email now for when the campaign officially launches.

Currently, trying to use Nintendo's official adapter on the go is troublesome due to the need for a USB-C adapter and the fact that the system's only USB port is on the bottom where it needs to already be on a flat surface to use its stand. You can check out Panda Global's Ultimate GameCube Adapter in the gallery below plus their video of the dock in action in the included clip.

Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #1 Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #2 Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #3 Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #4 Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #5 Panda Global's portable Switch adapter dock image #6
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Click images for animated versions

'I travel too much... the last three years of the Capcom Pro Tour have been hell' - Justin Wong explains how he's taking things a bit easier in 2019

FOX|Justin Wong seems to have done it all. His natural ability to quickly understand and execute most any fighting game at a high level is rivaled by very few, and his countless famous moments make him on of the most storied players in all the community.

We caught up with the Echo Fox representative at Capcom Cup last weekend to ask him his thoughts on a handful of different topics including a recent tweet on Justin's Twitter that made it seem as though he'd be taking the gas off the pedal when it comes to SF5.

EventHubs: You recently said that you're looking forward to playing a lot of different games in 2019, how are you feeling about SF5 and your eSports journey going into next year?

Justin: I personally enjoy playing Street Fighter 5, I played so many different fighting games in general growing up and there's been way worse than SF5. When most people say SF5 is bad, they're probably comparing it to Street Fighter 4, which is a far superior game in general. The reason I want to play different games is because there's too much down time at these tournaments and I'm not doing anything because I'm only focusing on SF5 premiers.

Justin cont'd: I want to branch out and go back to how it used to be where I played more games and hang out with more people from other games' scenes. I want to show my fan base that it's not only about Street Fighter. We have other games like Tekken 7 which is probably the best modern game right now, Smash Ultimate is amazing, Mortal Kombat 11 is coming out in April, even BlazBlue Tag is one of the better games of this generation. There are just so many and I feel like they need to have some lovin'.

Here's the tweet referenced during the interview:

Wong Tweet image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Sagat gets the buffs he needs after Bonchan sets him up with a Red Bull in this new ad

Red Bull and Street Fighter have been close partners since SF5 released with the energy drink manufacturer sponsoring events like Red Bull Kumite and the Capcom Pro Tour North American Regional Finals, but they've also crossed over with a number of other promotions.

RB|Bonchan is currently sponsored as a Red Bull athlete for fighting games and is generally well known for using Sagat in Street Fighter 4 and testing the waters with the 'King of Muay Thai' in SF5, so this new promotion fits perfectly for both companies.

Red Bull Japan recently released a new video ad which shows a more cartoonish Sagat attempting to throw one of his signature Tiger Shot fireballs, but only a small puff comes out followed by a dejected expression from the fighter.

A similarly cartoonish Bonchan then offers Sagat a drink of Red Bull, and the Muay Thai master is able to shoot fire larger than he ever could before which puts a big smile on his face that you don't see too often.

Red Bull had actually made similar Street Fighter ads in 2017 for both Ryu and Chun-Li where the poster boy for the series also couldn't find the energy to pull off his Hadouken without the drink.

Bonchan may not have used Sagat at Capcom Cup this past weekend, but you can see him giving his favorite character the buffs he needs in Red Bull's animated commercial in the clip below.

Click images for animated versions

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane believes the character is 'on his way' to Mortal Kombat 11

Spawn could be coming to Mortal Kombat 11. This is not a drill, folks!

The character's creator, Todd McFarlane, held an AMA yesterday over on Reddit in order to field questions about the Venom movie — he also provided proof on Twitter that it was actually him participating in the Ask Me Anything. Spider-Man's symbiote-covered antagonist saw his own feature film earlier this year, and fans will be able to purchase it on Blu Ray and DVD on December 18th.

Though this AMA was Venom-centric, that did not stop redditors from asking Todd about his other creations — specifically Spawn. With Mortal Kombat 11 now officially announced, the question was inevitable.

"Will you please let Spawn be in Mortal Kombat 11?" one Reddit user asked McFarlane. "I believe he's on his way..." was Todd's response.

Naturally, this answer has people going crazy over the possibility of Spawn finally joining the Mortal Kombat universe. As far as fan requests for guest characters in NetherRealm Studios' brutal fighting franchise go, Spawn is a name we've seen brought up more than anyone else in every recent iteration of the game that's been released.

It's hard to believe that McFarlane would so casually drop a major announcement like Spawn in Mortal Kombat 11 on Reddit, and it is possible that he was merely having a little fun with the question. Still, it's certainly interesting to see McFarlane field the question at all.

Todd McFarlane talks Spawn and Mortal Kombat 11 image #1 Todd McFarlane talks Spawn and Mortal Kombat 11 image #2
Click images for larger versions

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