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Last-minute Christmas shoppers should take advantage of these heavily discounted fighting games before it's too late

In just two days, Christmas will be here once again as the biggest gift giving time of the year with the holiday season, and there's also no better time to stock up on fighting game presents for your friends, family or even yourself.

PlayStation Network, Steam and Green Man Gaming are all running their own winter sales this week including a huge amount of steep discounts for the biggest fighting games and DLC from Mortal Kombat 11 to even more party friendly titles like Lethal League Blaze and Kill la Kill IF.

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Akuma announced as the next playable character to join Teppen in early 2020, Evil Ryu coming as a new character skin

Teppen may not be an actual fighting game, but it's sure made an impact on the fighting game community to the point where Justin Wong was actually brought out to Japan to commentate the World Championships this weekend.

Following the finals of the Teppen World Championship today, Gung-Ho and Capcom announced that Akuma will be the next playable character to join the mobile game alongside the new expansion called 'The Force Seekers.'

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Capcom files new trademarks for Darkstalkers, Power Stone, Dino Crisis, Cyberbots and many other titles though there are some glaring exclusions

It's hard to argue that Capcom has perhaps one of the greatest libraries of franchises under its umbrella from Mega Man to Resident Evil. Many of the company's classic series, however, have been dormant for a decade or more — a fact that fighting game fans are all too aware of.

The makers of Street Fighter and Resident Evil recently filed the most trademarks they apparently have all year in Japan including a number of those fan-favorite older titles like Dino Crisis, Vampire (Darkstalkers), Bionic Commando and many more.

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The Arby's Fight Stick was an actual product for sale as a one-of-a-kind item on the chain's online shop

Whoever it is who runs the Arby's marketing strategy apparently has quite the love for fighting games considering they've referenced the genre multiple times, and even shown up to events like EVO where they brought some crazy stuff like a cardboard replica of Nightmare from Soul Calibur.

The fast food chain also showed off an Arby's-branded Qanba fight stick with an apparently cardboard faceplate to EVO 2018, and the company even recently added custom controller to its online store for purchase — though it's already sold out.

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Xbox Series X revealed as Microsoft's next console, coming Holiday 2020

At The Game Awards 2019 show, the Xbox Series X was revealed. The console itself was shown during a special trailer.

This console's shape resembles that of a PC tower. At the very top, there appear to be holes likely to keep the console from overheating. This console will apparently light up green at the top while powered on.

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The Game Awards 2019 livestream

The Game Awards 2019 program will be airing today at 5:30 p.m. PT / 8:30 p.m. ET. As we learned last year, this is an event that fighting game fans might want to pay attention to.

Back in 2018, Mortal Kombat 11 was actually first unveiled at this particular event. In addition to this, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first Fighters Pass character was announced to be Joker. What could we possibly be in store for this year?

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Mad Catz returns to the fightstick game with new E.G.O. arcade-style controller

If you're newer to the FGC, then the name Mad Catz might not ring too much of a bell. However, longtime fighting game community members know the company as the former king of the fightstick world.

After being the most prominent arcadestick makers for several years during the Street Fighter 4 era, facing company closure, and now being back in action and producing peripherals again, it looks like Mad Catz is once again throwing their hat in the fighting game ring. A new, arcade-style controller has been announced this morning and it's called the Mad Catz E.G.O. fightstick.

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Update: New PlayStation State of Play now live

Update: The stream is now live.

The last PlayStation State of Play program of 2019 will begin shortly starting at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET to catch the latest news about upcoming PlayStation 4 titles plus new announcements.

This stream bears a lot of seemingly intentional similarities to Nintendo Directs. Fans are provided with an opportunity to get some insight on what gaming companies are working on.

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Update: What are the best and most impactful fighting games to release this decade?

Update: You can check out the final results of our poll below to see which games our readers believe to be the best / most impactful games of the 2010's.

December is upon us which means that there's only one month left in this entire decade that's been the biggest and most important eras in fighting game history. Today, the genre feels larger than ever before following the mostly quiet times of the 2000's before Street Fighter 4's release.

There's been so many fighting games that have come out in the last 10 years that many fans probably either forgot about or thought came out more than 10 years ago, so we've put together a giant poll to ask everyone what they think were the absolute best of the best and most impactful — from (Super) Street Fighter 4 all the way to Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown.

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Victrix Pro AF Headset review - Excellent quality makes up for missing features

Victrix has been in the business of making "high-end" video game accessories for a few years now including their impressive fight sticks. Their products reach far beyond the fighting game community too.

We were recently given the opportunity to review Victrix's new Pro AF headset which is made to be a more streamlined version of their $300 Pro AF active noise cancelling set minus a few bells and whistles.

The new Pro AF headset is still not a cheap or entry-level product with its retail price of $180, so is it worth the price of admission when there are similarly priced options that include more features?

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BlazBlue series producer would welcome the chance to work with the Marvel or D.C. intellectual properties

According to Gearnuke, BlazBlue series producer, Toshimichi Mori, is apparently a big fan of the Marvel and D.C. universes. So much so that he would welcome an opportunity to work with either intellectual property.

Gearnuke had the opportunity to ask him some questions during Arc REVO America 2019. This had him talking about which intellectual properties he would be interested in working with.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has more entrants than all other games combined for EVO Japan 2020

EVO Japan 2020 will be taking place during the weekend of January 24-26. The titles that are receiving main stage treatment are BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Samurai Shodown, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Soul Calibur 6, and Tekken 7.

Funnily enough, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has more entrants than the other five games put together. According to AceKingOffsuit, the current number of Smash entrants sits at around 2,940.

Meanwhile, all other games combined have about 1,840 registered to compete. Do keep in mind that this isn't accounting for those that are signed up for multiple games.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the EventHubs Crew!

It's Thanksgiving, folks! The time for eating all of the turkey and mashed potatoes you can stomach, avoiding relatives you haven't seen in years, and playing long sets against your best friends and rivals is upon us yet again.

Each year, we here at EventHubs like to take the opportunity to send out our best holiday wishes to the myriad of people all over the world who allow us to continue doing what we love day in and day out. On behalf of the entire EventHubs crew, a big, happy Thanksgiving to all!

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NPD releases top-selling fighting games of this generation where NetherRealm dominates while Street Fighter and Tekken are absent

This current console generation is close to coming to an end with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett due for release a year from now, but the Xbox One and especially PlayStation 4 helped shepard in the follow up to the return of fighting games from the prior decade.

The NPD Group, which tracks video game hardware and software sales in the United States, has released the top-selling 'head to head fighting games' to appear on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this whole generation with some interesting results — namely how dominant Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball are.

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Update: Mortal Kombat 11, Samurai Shodown, arcade sticks, Power Rangers and much more: Fighting game Black Friday deals for 2019

Update: Steam's Autumn sale is going on now offering some great fighting game deals and season pass discounts which we've added to the story along with Razer's Black Friday deals.

It's coming. A week later than normal this year, but it's coming fast. Black Friday is fast approaching, and since companies have a hard time looking at the calendar, most of their deals are already revealed or have even started early.

Fighting games have seen some pretty big releases this year by way of Mortal Kombat 11, the previously best-selling game of 2019, plus Samurai Shodown among others, and they're going to be discounted more than 50 percent at some retailers alongside dozens of other good deals that we've compiled.

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Why I think there's a chance Capcom reveals a new fighting game at Capcom Cup this year

Given the eight months to start 2019 wherein we didn't get any major DLC for Street Fighter 5, the Capcom fighting game community has been widely focused on what's coming to the Capcom Pro Tour's main title here in the final two months of the year. That said, I think there's a case to be made we very well might see something outside the realm of Street Fighter.

This is all really just a reading of the tea leaves, and I'd be remiss not to point out that Capcom has proven to be particularly unpredictable in recent years. Now that my option select is in place, let's take a look at said tea leaves and see if you don't see the same potential in them.

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Street Fighter: Duel is a new mobile game from Tencent... which is looking quite similar to a very different game

Mobile video game developers have been trying to tap into the fighting game audience for some time now, and have started making some headway in recent times with some actually decent titles like the King of Fighters: All-Star and Skullgirls mobile.

Chinese company Tencent is recently showed off its newest venture by teaming up with Capcom to make Street Fighter: Duel as a team-based RPG for the world warriors. It also may have an element or two that probably looks very familiar to fans of Japanese RPGs.

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