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SoCal Regionals event will not be hosted in 2019

Earlier today, Capcom announced their Capcom Pro Tour schedule for 2019. You might have noticed that there was no mention of SoCal Regionals 2019 — typically one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the SoCal Regionals will be on a hiatus this year. The team over at Level-Up has issued a statement declaring that they will be unable to host his major event in 2019.

This is apparently due to a lack of time and resources. "Our Renaissance man, big boss Jimmy Nguyen, is backlogged with Red Bull events, business dev, developing talent, career, and all the other amazing things he does," said the statement.

"Uncle Alex Valle is occupied with Wednesday Night Fights, community building and outreach, market research, his share of events, and business dev. Both have also taken up more consultation roles as well."

Essentially, the team feels as though they'll not be able to "do the event justice" with their current project load. Instead, they'll be focusing on smaller events this year.

They also mentioned that this hiatus may allow them to reschedule SoCal Regionals in 2020 and beyond during the first or second quarter. Evidently, many fans have been asking for this transition back ever since the event moved to the third and fourth quarters back in 2015.

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Update: Microsoft issues fix for widespread 'Black Screen of Death' issue affecting Xbox One users

Update: Microsoft has reported that the issues surrounding Xbox One console startup, sign-in, title update errors, and their status page have been resolved.

Earlier: If you were looking to hide away from the current record-breaking cold temperatures to play some Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2, Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3 on your Xbox One only to find out that you can't use your system at all, you are far from the only one.

Some Xbox One users are currently reporting that they are unable to use their consoles after signing in with talk of a 'Black Screen of Death' issue tied to Xbox Live circulating all corners of the internet.

Microsoft has released statements via their Xbox Support accounts regarding the issue saying they have identified the cause and are working on solutions to get the Xbox Live services up and running normally again.

Affected users report being greeted by a blank black screen upon logging into their systems where the dashboard will never come up. The guide can still be pulled up from the black screen, but the Xbox will reportedly not register button presses besides directions meaning they cannot launch other applications.

Xbox's support page was also offline during the outage though it has since come back with a warning that core Xbox Live services are currently limited on the system for signing in or managing accounts.

Twitter user Sumi recorded their own experience with the Black Screen of Death showing the guide on the Xbox One unable to register button presses which you can see in the clip below along with Microsoft's statements to the ongoing issue.

Microsoft's statements on Xbox Live issues image #1 Microsoft's statements on Xbox Live issues image #2 Microsoft's statements on Xbox Live issues image #3
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In celebration of Resident Evil 2 remake Capcom releases bundle for Street Fighter 5's Resident Evil costumes

You've probably heard of a little remake of Resident Evil 2 that Capcom released just last week. With a complete revamp of the graphics, fresh content, and a new spin on the classic Resident Evil controls that is more akin to what we saw with Resident Evil 4, the venture back into the world of RE2 is making waves across the gaming world and in the fighting game community.

In honor of Resident Evil 2's launch, Capcom has decided to release a bundle for the Resident Evil-themed Street Fighter 5 costumes that was saw added to the game a few months back.

Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, and Ada Wong were all brought to life in Street Fighter 5 through Urien, Cammy, and Kolin, respectively. These DLC outfits were made available separately, but for a limited time you can scoop them all up together for a reduced price.

You'll find the Resident Evil costume bundle on PlayStation 4 and Steam with a price tag of $7.99 USD. Originally, these costumes would run you $3.99 each, so you can look forward to saving a few bucks if you haven't purchased them already.

There's no word on how long this bundle will be live for, so be sure to strike now before the zombie hordes carry it off... never to be seen again.

You can check out all of the colors and the Easter egg variations for each Resident Evil costume in Street Fighter 5 below, as well as the trailer showing them in action. Easter egg variations are on the P1 side of the first three images in this story.

Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #1 Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #6 Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #11

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WWE Superstar Zelina Vega cosplays as Street Fighter's Vega at women's Royal Rumble

WWE ran their 2019 women's division Royal Rumble over the weekend in which 30 female superstars took to the ring to slug it out and be the final contender left standing.

If you're a fighting game fan and tuned in to catch the action, you probably noticed a pretty big nod to one of our beloved fighting franchises — Street Fighter.

Thea Trinidad, known in the ring as Zelina Vega, was the 20th wrestler to run into the Royal Rumble match, and viewers quickly noticed that she was dressed as the claw-wielding Spanish ninja, Vega. Zelina came out fully decked out in Vega's trademark mask, claw, and even donned an outfit with similar colors to the classic Street Fighter character.

Zelina Vega is certainly no stranger to the world of video games, and fighting games at that. Earlier this month, we saw Zelina as a special guest at the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event in Los Angeles, where she cosplayed as Jade.

With "Vega" in her name, it only makes sense that Zelina would represent the Street Fighter 2 sub-boss in the ring. The getup looked great, and here's hoping this WWE superstar brings more of our favorite fighting game characters to the big stage in the future.

WWE's Zelina Vega as Street Fighter's Vega image #1
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Source: WWE. Image credit — WWE Australia. Sent in by xShonuffx and iShoryucant.

Nintendo handled delivering terrible news about Metroid Prime 4's development to fans perfectly today and other gaming companies should take notes

Next to outright cancellation, a delay for a major video game's official release has to be the worst thing a developer and company can face. After years of working on creating the game and the massive amount of anticipation built for the fans, I can't even imagine how rough it is to have to tell the public that the product they've been waiting patiently for won't be hitting its initial release mark — even worse if it's a major delay.

Nintendo has come face-to-face with such a situation as Metroid Prime 4 on the Nintendo Switch has been delayed. Earlier today, the company released a video featuring Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi, delivering the unfortunate news.

Not only has the highly anticipated next installment in the Metroid Prime series seen a shift in its launch date, but the project is actually being restarted from the beginning with a different company aiding in the development — Retro Games, who is based in the U.S. and developed the previous Metroid Prime titles.

The main reason Nintendo came to this decision was due to the progress of the game's development. Apparently, the next Metroid Prime game just wasn't living up to the company's expectations. "The current development progress has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series," Takahashi explained in his message. "Nintendo always strives for the highest quality in our games; and in the development phase, we challenge ourselves and confront whether the game is living up to that quality on a daily basis."

Takahashi delivered a clear message with sincerity and a level of realness that fans were compelled to appreciate. The video didn't beat around the bush or pull punches, it gave us the bad news straight, explained what was really going on, and told us what was being done to move forward and make things better with full transparency.

As one of the many fans who has been very much looking forward to Metroid Prime 4's release, Nintendo's video resonated with me because of the way it simply leveled with me. Takahashi's words were honest and powerful, and though it can be difficult to lay it all out for someone, today really reminded me how effective doing so can be — and how other gaming companies should really take some pointers from Nintendo.

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Razer Panthera EVO fightstick review: Several major improvements at the cost of easy customization

Razer's latest arcade-style peripheral, the Panthera EVO fightstick, is available for purchase on the company's website. If you're in the market for a new controller — one that can handle all of the Shoryukens, Kamehamehas, and Electric Wind God Fists you can throw at it — the EVO fightstick is yet another potential option for you to choose from.

The Panthera EVO comes equipped with eight Razer Action Buttons featuring durability that far exceeds the industry standard — each one having a 30-million tap life cycle. These pushbuttons are complimented by the Sanwa joystick that sits across them, one that is high quality and feels smooth when firing off your favorite in-game moves.

This fightstick is more slender than its predecessors, with less weight to lug around while traveling to tournaments and events. To compensate the change, Razer has made a number of tweaks to the Panthera design — some of them good, others not so much.

There are several big draws for this stick, but the flagship feature for the Panthera EVO — outside of its hardware — is the ability to customize its look through interchangeable artwork.

Additionally, the Razer Panthera EVO fightstick adds a 3.5 mm analog headset port for those who want to more closely listen to in-game audio or chat with friends.

Razer's latest arcade-style controller looks to optimize the competitive experience for high-level fighting game players, and it does so in a number of ways. However, in taking a few steps forward, this fightstick sees a change that holds it back from being the best of the best.

Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #1 Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #2 Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #3 Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #4 Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #5 Razer Panthera Evo fightstick images image #6
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XO Academy is a new organization dedicated to helping women in fighting games, and they already have a pretty amazing roster of specialists

If you've ever been to a fighting game community event, you know that the ratio of men to women is stacked heavily in the favor of the former. The FGC has had more than a few conversations about how it can extend a more welcoming invitation to female players, but rarely do we see much action follow said discussions.

As you read this, that's changing. The brand new XO Academy is an organization started by Persia_XO that exists to help train, promote and help women grow their presence in the community.

As their statement of purpose reads: What is the XO Academy? An intensive 4-week training program to help women level up competitively & in many other aspects of gaming! This is more than just a trip to an event - We're going to get you prepared to be there and beyond.

Ladies can apply to be part of the four-week training program wherein they'll be assigned a coach such as FOX|Dekillsage or Dieminion, given assistance with content creation and streaming from such talents as Core-A Gaming's Gerald Lee, and then sent to local and major FGC events to compete.

The "Special Skills Team" also includes the likes of Capcom's Carolyn Dao for branding and marketing, VampyBitMe for cosplay, James Chen for commentary, Amanda Stevens for media training and Cait McGee for physical therapy.

The Academy has been announcing their "Wave 1" players, and thus far has accepted Romanova for Dragon Ball FighterZ and P-Chan for Street Fighter 5. You get even more info from the flyer image below,

XO Academy image #1
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Leaving academics for video games, going from 'good' to 'legendary' and trying to escape Daigo's monstrous shadow; this is the story of Tokido

There are certainly a few names to be tossed around in the discussion of the world's strongest Street Fighter 5 player, but there's little doubt that the most common of those names has to be Hajime "FOX|Tokido" Taniguchi.

Perhaps the best-known competitor in the Street Fighter community right now, Tokido was traditionally a jack of all trades in the fighting game genre. He holds many first place trophies across many various game titles, but has decided to double down on the eSports entity that Street Fighter 5 has proven to be.

The Japanese god has actually spent a significant portion of his gaming career in the "good, but not quite great" category, consistently climbing the ranks only to have his victories cut short at the last minute.

Tokido's dedication and abilities have unequivocally placed him in the upper echelon of the competitive Street Fighter scene, but such a placing also means living under the shadow of CYG|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara.

In some ways Taniguchi has already surpassed Umehara, especially during this latest chapter of SF history, but still doesn't quite have the same reputation. Their highly emotional first to ten bout at Kemonomichi 2 is one evidence of their rivalry that still favors The Beast.

A recent publishing from theScore eSports gives us a seldom seen look into the beginnings, recent history and inner monologues of Tokido himself, and we're excited to share it with you here today.

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There are local fighting game scenes outside of WNF and NLBC and Justin Wong is getting to know them personally, starting with Vancouver

While he's not looking to travel to as many international events in 2019, professional fighting game player FOX|Justin Wong will still be making the rounds as he hops from event to event on this year's Capcom Pro Tour and beyond.

He's also shining some light on the local scenes in his new series "Locals Worldwide" wherein he visits as he records interviews and views of venues where pockets of the FGC grind week in and week out.

Episode one of Locals features none other than the Vancouver community. During his trip up to Canada Justin is met by a wide array of welcoming players that make the machine go, and then speaks with head organizer, Kenny "Air" Lam.

Air is known for being one of the strongest Ryu and Poison players from back in the Street Fighter 4 days, but has since re-channeled his focus from being a world warrior to growing his home scene.

He tells his story as to how he got into running events, how he grew things from a 20 person average turn out to over 100 and more.

Continue on to see what the Vancouver FGC has to offer, and stay tuned for more of Justin's travels as we explore this less-viewed side of the community.

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EVO Japan's prize pools reach over $90,000 for the mainstage titles with Tekken 7 payouts larger than the World Tour Finals

EVO Japan is returning for its second year with the action starting a month from now, and it appears as though Tekken, Street Fighter and other mainstage game players have even more reason to check out the free major this time around.

The prize pools for EVO Japan 2019 have now been revealed for Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, The King of Fighters 14 and Soul Calibur 6 where a total of 10 million yen or around $92,000 will be available for players to take home for placing in the top 8.

All games at the inaugural tournament featured a base 1 million yen prize pool — except for Nintendo's titles, but both SF5 and Tekken 7 have been majorly bumped up this year to 3 million yen — $27,600 — which is actually larger than the Tekken World Tour Finals' pay outs for 2018.

The Tekken World Tour Finals last year featured a $20,000 prize pool where first place took home $7,500 though the money was split between each of the top 20 competitors instead of just top 8. Grand finals winners for both Tekken and Street Fighter will each take home over $13,000 — which is higher than the standard Capcom Pro Tour major winnings of $7,000 but less than EVO's now $20,000 for SF5.

Each of the other four mainstage titles will feature 1 million yen prize pools like 2018 though Soul Calibur 6 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle are new titles for this year in place of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, BlazeBlue: Central Fiction, and ARMS.

There are two notable titles that have been left off of EVO Japan's roster with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate not making the cut for unannounced reasons though DBFZ has faced some cancelled events in recent months.

A big venue change has also occurred for EVO's expansion as it has moved over 670 miles from Tokyo, Japan down South to Fukuoka where numbers have seen an apparent decline for attendees from 2018 though that could still change. EVO Japan is scheduled to run from February 15–17 at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, and you can take a look at the full prize pool breakdowns for the six mainstage titles after the jump.

Evo Japan's Tekken pay outs image #1 Evo Japan's Tekken pay outs image #2
Click images for larger versions

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Maximilian: I got fired...

Currently just 45k subscriptions away from having 1 million YouTube followers, Maximilian is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces in fighting game content creation today.

For the better part of the last decade, Max had been part of a multi-channel network on YouTube that essentially paid him for uploading content. As of a few days ago, said network has severed ties with Max.

If you've been following the narrative you know the YouTuber's channel has been experiencing turmoil for a few years now, mainly because of musical content from "Boss Rage" and "Assist Me!" videos that became off limits well after said videos were uploaded.

In a recent monologue Max details the current situation, the historical happenings and the (in a lighter turn of events) gains this new development allows for him and his channel.

While it's true that the entire catalogue of Maximilian videos were demonetized, Max was informed by YouTube directly that he could actually go back through each and every one to re-monetize those that fit their current criteria.

What's more, the aforementioned videos that were previously removed because of musical content are now all back in full. While the business side of things is certainly currently categorized as in something of a chaotic transition, the artistic side of Max's channel is now back in full force.

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Nintendo's President - In the long-term, perhaps our focus as a business could shift away from home consoles

We're not, by any stretch of the imagination, thinking that the Switch will be the last console for video gaming titan Nintendo, but a recent Nikkei interview with President Shuntaro Furukawa reminds us that the company is not, and never has been, a one trick pony.

Thanks to a translation from Nintendo Everything, we're able to get a glimpse into the mind of Furukawa as he responds to questions about the way he leads his team, approaching business risks and how he views Nintendo's future.

You wouldn't be wrong to first think of the long list of consoles, home, hand-held and the Switch hybrid, as the defining works of Nintendo. They've been specializing in such for more than 30 years now, but the 80 years prior were devoted to other ventures such as the production of playing cards that wound up tying them closely to the Yakuza.

Indeed the developers of Link, Mario and Donkey Kong have been known to roll with the changes and continue as a business regardless the product.

When asked about innovation Furukawa responded with, "We aren’t really fixated on our consoles... technology changes. We’ll continue to think flexibly about how to deliver that experience as time goes on."

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'Everyone is Here', SonicFox and Go1's rivalry, Tokido's emotional bout with Daigo and more: Here are the best fighting game moments from 2018

2018 will likely go down as one of the best years for fighting games as a genre since its renaissance a decade ago beginning with the launch of Street Fighter 4, and that momentum appears to be carrying through into 2019 as well.

We're here today to go over the best announcements, the hypest matches and the strongest games to release last year with Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez, Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey, Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor and myself each giving our thoughts of our favorite moments from 2018.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was a great way to start off the year with a title that would essentially unite the entire fighting game community in a way that no other fighter had essentially managed to do before leading to some of the best EVO numbers ever and a great rivalry between FOX|SonicFox and CO|Go1.

The other monster reveal / release for the community came by way of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's announcement and lead up that gave fans almost every thing they've been asking for for almost 20 years — besides Waluigi.

Outside of those two behemoths, we saw an enormous amount of other titles come out during the calendar year including Soul Calibur 6, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[St], Fighting EX Layer and smaller games like Blade Strangers plus many more.

Continued developer support was also a major theme of 2018 where Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition launched along with Tekken 7, The King of Fighters 14, Injustice 2 and more all receiving new DLC and pro circuit support to keep games and scenes alive. You can check out our full (semi-ranked) list after the jump, and let us know your favorite moments of the past year in the comments.

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Drunk Daigo, Kazunoko's Yamcha pose, Lil Majin's soul-stare pop off... HiFight's 2018 fighting game community clips are too good

The fighting game community saw a ton of ups and downs throughout 2018, and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that HiFight probably watched more of it live than any other individual.

He also did the FGC the service of clipping a whole bunch of said moments, and has compiled them into a brilliant Twitter thread to help us relive the magic.

We've gone through and grabbed a handful of our favorites to share with you, most all of which are simply hilarious antics between players during or after intense tournament bouts.

While he's known as one of the most focused players to ever enter the competitive fighting game ring, Daigo Umehara has also been known to throw back a few during after hours.

Here we see The Beast at CO|Dogura's wedding (still sporting his Cygames sponsorship tee shirt) and having a drunkenly wonderful time:

Click image for animated version

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The next-gen Xbox console could be the best system ever for fighting games in terms of input lag

With the start of the new year and the end of the current console generation drawing ever nearer, fans continue to speculate about what the next era of gaming will bring.

Concrete details are currently scarce about the rumored PlayStation 5 and the Xbox "Scarlett" — both of which are expected around 2020 - 2021 — but many are looking to the current hardware for clues of what's to come.

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles contain technology that is currently going underutilized, but could very well make a difference for input lag and how we experience it in the future. We're talking, of course, about automatic low-latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rate.

Forbes recently put together an article that sheds more light on these two features and why they're important. If we do in fact see ALLM and VRR in the next big Xbox console, it could potentially make the next-gen system the best yet for fighting games.

So what do these two features do exactly? Automatic low-latency mode optimizes the timing between the input from the controller and the game's response based on what is appearing on screen when it is enabled, as Forbes explains. This makes it so that input lag is reduced, which should make it no longer an issue. "Competitive multiplayer games in which millisecond lags can mean the difference between success and failure will benefit the most from ALLM," Forbes writes.

VRR caters to a broader spectrum of games as it creates more frame rate stability. With most televisions refreshing images 60 (60 Hz) or 120 (120 Hz) times each second, the screen and the game remain in sync if the game holds at either 60 or 30 frames-per-second. But games don't always remain constant in their frame rates, and that's where VRR steps in.

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Marvel Game's logo change seems to be pointing towards something related to the Fantastic Four but if the stars align...

Recently, Marvel Games changed their Twitter logo. Most notably, the capitalized "A" in "Games" has been replaced with a "4."

We get the sense that they are hinting towards something. Perhaps it could have something to do with the Avengers. Later this year, another Avengers movie will be released.

Since "The Avengers," "Avengers: Age of Ultron," and "Avengers: Infinity War" are the first, second, and third Avenger movies respectively, then that means "Avengers: Endgame" is the fourth movie. Still, these movies haven't really been officially referred to as "Avengers 1," "Avengers 2," "Avengers 3," and "Avengers 4." Replacing letters with numbers in the title has not been a prominent theme either.

While there's no doubt going to be some focus on the Avengers franchise on the part of Marvel Games to ride the wave of success that the upcoming Avengers movie will bring, the "4" still doesn't make sense. Notably, the next Ultimate Marvel Alliance that was recently announced is only the third entry in the series.

How about the Fantastic Four franchise? Over a year ago, Disney had acquired 21st Century Fox — which included the movie rights for the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool — for $52.4 billion.

While Disney had the rights to use these franchises outside of films, some fans would probably argue that other series were prioritized. Now, there's more incentive for Disney to push for the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool in other forms of media.

For the release of Fantastic Four's most recent movie, posters were released that replaced the second "a" with a "4" in "Fantastic."

Marvel Games Logo Change image #1 Marvel Games Logo Change image #2 Marvel Games Logo Change image #3
Click images for larger versions

While the odds seem to be pointing towards a new Fantastic Four game or the inclusion of the Fantastic Four team into another game like Ultimate Marvel Alliance 3, there's one other possibility that immediately comes to mind. Although it's extremely unlikely that this is what Marvel Games is hinting at, let's consider the possibility for... Marvel vs. Capcom 4.

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Super Saiyan hair, Blanka-chan rises, lizard penises take over online and good ol' Ken face: Here's the best EventHubs banners from 2018

2018 was a big year for EventHubs and the fighting game community in general which let us do and cover more but also let us have even more fun with our jobs covering video games for a living.

Banners are typically something we make to make readers immediately know what to expect when going into a story, but they also give us a chance to flex our creative sides a bit more and put our Photoshop skills to more use to squeeze in jokes and references that at least we find relevant and funny — though we always hope you guys do too.

Last year was also the first year for me (DarkHorse) on the team which took a lot of getting used to, but gave me my dream job at a website that I read everyday and doing what I went to school for. Now, I want to celebrate some of what we feel were our best moments of 2018.

EventHubs put out over 3,500 different stories in the past year, and I've taken upon the surprisingly time consuming task of whittling that number down to 21 of our best and funniest banners for the return of BannerHubs — plus their links after the jump.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was perhaps the biggest game to release in 2018 which let us work in all sorts of Dragon Ball memes into our stories though I ultimately decided I could only choose a couple to add to the gallery. Street Fighter 5 was once again our main focus throughout the year, so we had to get creative with our banners at times to keep things fresh and fun for ourselves and for our readers — insert picture of Catalyst's face on Menat here.

The EventHubs Podcast also started up in 2018 with Velociraptor and Catalyst putting in hours of work every week to give us something engaging to listen to, and its also happened to give us some of the best banners of the year as well. You can check out 21 of our favorite BannerHubs moments of 2018 in the gallery below, and let us know your favorite moments in the comments — just don't lambaste me too hard for all of the ones I forgot. Here's to an even better 2019.

Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #1 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #2 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #3 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #4 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #5 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #6 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #7 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #8 Best of BannerHubs 2018 image #9

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