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Original Bayonetta voice actor confirms she was offered more money to reprise her role in Bayonetta 3 than the $4,000 initially claimed

Bayonetta fans are on one hell of a roller coaster this month in the lead up to the third game's impending release, and the ride has yet to come to a complete stop.

The original voice actor for Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor, recently claimed she received an insultingly low offer of just $4,000 to reprise her role in Bayonetta 3, but after reports surfaced that she was actually offered notably more to return, she's released a new series of statements confirming some of those details — while maintaining other parts are still "total fabrications."

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Rapper Waka Flocka just challenged the fighting game community and currently has one of the best players ever in his sights

The fighting game community has grabbed the attention of celebrities and popular musicians several times over the years, and it appears a new challenger may be lying in wait. This morning, FGC Twitter has been buzzing after a few tweets from rapper Waka Flocka Flame appear to have put out a fighting game challenge.

According to Flocka, he is confident in his abilities in fighting games, and he went on to put it out there that no one would want to test that. In a couple of follow up tweets, Waka mentioned one of the best fighting game players we've ever seen, SonicFox, and top Tekken player Shadow20z, and it's looking like these two could end up being the first to take on the rapper in battle.

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Contorting Kazuya's spine completely backwards is what makes animations good according to Masahiro Sakurai

Since the near abandonment of pixel-based sprites for fighting games, developers have created multiple techniques to try and best animate characters in 3D and produced very different results from one another.

Super Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai just released his latest video on what goes into designing good video games this time around focusing on animations — that he likes to take to the extreme.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake has a new parry mechanic and fans are already making Street Fighter memes out of it

Yesterday, Capcom held their latest Resident Evil-themed presentation to reveal some of the new things coming for the franchise. Those who tuned in were presented with news on Resident Evil Village's upcoming DLC and past Resident Evil games making their way to the Nintendo Switch, but the biggest draw and show closer was the first extended footage of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Updated versions of several iconic scenes from the original Resident Evil 4 were shown during the broadcast, and fans finally got a chance to see the legendary chainsaw man who you encounter in the first village you make it to in the game. What came as a surprise to those of us who played the original is that Leon can now parry the chainsaw and other attacks in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and you know that anything that has parries in it lends itself to being memed by the fighting game community and brought right back to Street Fighter.

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Street Fighter: Duel has so many new character designs we'd love to see as costumes in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter: Duel is a mobile game that's been "coming soon" for over a year now, but there's still no solid release date for it in the West.

Chinese fans, on the other hand, have had the game for quite some time, and there's a bunch more awesome designs for the world warriors that Street Fighter: Duel added since the last time we checked up on it.

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Update: Original Bayonetta voice actor asks fans to boycott Bayonetta 3, Jennifer Hale responds

Update: Bayonetta's voice actor for Bayonetta 3, Jennifer Hale, has now released a statement in response to Hellena Taylor's videos, which you can find added in the story below.

Bayonetta fans were very surprised to learn earlier this year that Hellena Taylor, who voiced the titular hero in the first two games and Super Smash Bros., would not be returning for the third entry in the series.

Today, Taylor shared a series of videos on social media explaining the reasons why she apparently didn't reprise her role for Bayonetta 3 and is calling on fans to boycott the upcoming release.

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Artist illustrates Street Fighter 6's version of Evo Moment 37 and Chun-Li's reaction to getting caught AGAIN is priceless

During the Street Fighter 6 closed beta test, some players took the time to experiment with the game's parry system and see if they could pull off the classic Evo Moment #37. They succeeded, and because you have to perfect parry each hit, performing it is actually quite difficult.

An artist by the name of TinaFate1 created a couple of illustrations of this moment being done in SF6 that not only looks great, but plays on the fact that Chun-Li has time to realize how big of a mistake she made during the screen freeze that comes with perfect parry. Her reaction to getting caught in this moment AGAIN is priceless.

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Times the FGC was completely wrong about fighting game character tiers - including a 'C+' who won Evo

Tier lists have become the common way for fighting game players to put out their thoughts on a roster's or particular character's strengths / weaknesses, but as a pretty subjective practice, sometimes you just have the wrong read.

Fighting game content creator Jmcrofts recently released an interesting new video detailing the various times the FGC was incorrect about characters being too strong or too weak until proven otherwise.

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Someone put the original 1993 Virtua Fighter characters through an AI art generator and the results are smooth

Feeding images and descriptions into an artificial intelligence art generator can garner some... interesting results. Back when we tried it with Street Fighter characters and asking what they'd look like in Street Fighter 6, we got a lot of psychedelic-looking backgrounds and figures, with a pretty cool Evil Ryu-esque villain that would actually make for a badass main bad guy in SF6.

When you know your way around these types of programs, though, the results can end up being really strong, and artist ColinWilliamson really proved this by plugging the original 1993 Virtua Fighter characters into an AI art program. While polygon-heavy combatants went into the program, what came out the other side were several smoothed out and realistic looking fighters.

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco gives special shoutout to RobTV, Tasty Steve and the fighting game community at concert

It's wild to think that Lupe Fiasco's historically memorable exhibition against BST|Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter 5 went down almost 7 years ago, and the rapper still certainly loves fighting games.

Top SF5 player RobTV recently got to live one of his personal dreams when Mr. Fiasco gave him and the fighting game community a special shoutout on the concert stage this past weekend.

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Street Fighter's Ken and Cammy receive official Power Rangers transformations for new crossover action figures

It's wild to think that Street Fighter and Power Rangers' first big crossover came in a short film almost 5 years ago, and they're still finding more way to make the ears perk up on fans of both franchises.

During their Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 event, the company revealed official Power Rangers designs for Ken Masters and Cammy White for a new set of action figures.

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Saikusa Hinoru draws Street Fighter 6 characters, a gorgeous Blue Mary, and plenty more

The roster for Street Fighter 6 is rounding out nicely as we've now seen a handful of characters and know the identities of the rest of the starting lineup, and Japanese artist Saikusa Hinoru has a few awesome pieces of SF6 character art we just had to share.

From the lollipop loving Juri to Chun-Li in her newest attire, from modern Cammy to on the run Ken, Saikusa some great takes on iconic characters. But the fun doesn't stop there, as a handful of other games get some representation in our gallery round up as well.

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Who is actually the MOST Bruce Lee of all fighting game Bruce Lee homages?

Is it even a fighting game if it doesn't have a Bruce Lee character in it? While there are plenty of recurring homages to famous martial artists in our favorite genre, far and away the most popular has to be the iconic 70's action star: Bruce Lee.

The founder of Jeet Kune Do is in seemingly everything from Street Fighter to Tekken, and in a recent video The4thSnake has ranked some 15 Bruce Lee homages in terms of just how many references they include and get right, and the overall winner is probably not one you'd expect.

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Ed Boon recently hosted several interesting AMAs in which the topic of NetherRealm Studios' next project came up several times...

It's been over a year since it was announced that post-launch development for Mortal Kombat 11 wrapped up and that NetherRealm Studios had moved on to their next project. Oddly though, we've yet to receive an official announcement on what this "next project" is, but there have been plenty of rumors circulating on what it could be.

Though Ed Boon, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat series and Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, has been rather tightlipped about the mysterious project, he recently hosted a couple of "Ask Me Anything" (or more specifically, "Ask Me Stuff") sessions on Twitter in which questions about the next project were asked several times. It's a bit of a longshot, but it's possible that some clues about what it is could be derived from Boon's words.

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Click Burgundy adds the special magic to recent Street Fighter 6 and other fighting game announcements with their top tier art

There's very few fighting game fan artists that get us truly excited whenever we see their name pop up online, but Click Burgundy is probably at the top of that list.

We've covered the top tier Japanese artist many times before on the site, and you can always bet they've got some amazing character portraits coming when big fighting game announcements happen, which there have been a lot of lately.

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Rick and Morty pays homage to Street Fighter with 'very realistic' game that requires players to find each other before fighting

A recent episode of the Rick and Morty cartoon series paid homage to the Street Fighter series by having the characters play "an intense and hyper-realistic game of Street Fighter." During this episode, Rick and Summer end up facing off against one another in a match of "Gettin' to a Street Fight" within this Street Fighter.

Rick appears to be playing as "Kickpuncher" — a Shoto lookalike — while Summer is using "Tubesteak" — basically Blanka. However, the emphasis on "hyper-realistic" has apparently had a major impact on the gameplay of Street Fighter. Needless to say, even Morty was questioning if this was actually Street Fighter.

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Technology from Nvidia needs to be used in all future fighting games to reduce input delay

Input delay, rollback netcode and crossplay are the three terms buzzing the most in the fighting game community lately. For input delay, Nvidia has a very nice solution that's proven to reduce response times in games like Destiny 2, Fortnite and Valorant, and this technology needs to be implemented in all future fighting games.

The fighting game genre is one that requires extremely fast reaction times and quick rendering of inputs for games to feel right. Nvidia Reflex is a suite of tools that specializes in doing exactly that, and has been implemented and numerous modern games and delivered on its promises to reduce response times. As such, it's a marriage the fighting game community needs to make happen in all future titles.

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