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If Disney made a Mortal Kombat movie Scorpion, Sonya, and more would look just like this spectacular fan art from Ricky Baba

When one thinks of the Mortal Kombat series, with all of its blood, violence, and gore, one typically does not think of Disney. The two entities might be direct opposites by nature, with one being all about ripping off heads and lobbing off limbs and the other a family friendly organization that makes kids' dreams come true.

But for some reason, when you combine these two things together you get something absolutely incredible. A digital artist who has done work for Dreamworks by the name of Ricky Baba has created fan art of popular Mortal Kombat characters like Sonya Blade and Sub-Zero depicting them in the style of a Disney / Pixar film, and the end result is tremendous.

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Longtime voice of Batman Kevin Conroy has passed away

Kevin Conroy, best known for his work as the voice of Batman in Batman The Animated Series, has passed away.

News broke this morning as numerous publications reported that multiple sources close to the legendary voice actor confirmed the tragic event. Conroy was 66-years-old.

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Struggling to parry in God of War? Apparently this arcade stick hybrid controller makes it so you'll never miss another one

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners are digging deep into the latest blockbuster title from Sony Santa Monica, God of War Ragnarök, right now after its big launch yesterday. The latest adventure for Kratos and his son Atreus has been well received by critics, with some outlets giving it the highly coveted perfect review score.

The God of War series is widely renowned and has incredible reach, with many of us here in the fighting game community being fans. One such fan happens to be HBDustin, the creator of the Hitbox controller, and in a recent video they showed how you can get a successful parry every time in God of War using their arcade stick hybrid controller, the Cross|Up. While it's not the most practical thing to use, you definitely have to see it in action.

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Fighting game legend Justin Wong left speechless after winning round in a lightning fast 5 seconds in this classic Street Fighter title

There exists some crazy stuff in classic, old school fighting games that would cause even the most experienced and legendary players to do a double take. Seeing a come back in the Street Fighter 2 series that utilizes a random dizzy and is over in the blink of an eye will never not be amazing to behold.

But it was a moment in Street Fighter 3: New Generation that had fighting game legend Justin Wong reeling back in his seat. The pro player recently managed to end a round in an absurdly fast five seconds, with a perfect, and was left speechless.

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Capcom shares the earliest concept character designs for Street Fighter 3

The Street Fighter 3 series aimed to bring in an entire batch of fresh faces into the fold, with Capcom going so far as to originally have no plans to have series poster boy Ryu and his fiery counterpart Ken on the playable roster. Though the Shotos would go on to be on the Street Fighter 3: New Generation roster, the series' other fighters are among the most out there and unique on the design front that the franchise has ever seen.

Though the likes of the one-armed turtle hermit Oro and stretchy genetic experiment Necro are household names now, they're still oddballs both in their looks and their moves. However, it seems that the early SF3 combatant concepts were even more wild in some respects, and Capcom has provided fans with a look at the "earliest" character concept designs over on Twitter this morning.

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Street Fighter 6's Dynamic Controls bout between the game's developers memed with Evo Moment #37 is comedy gold

Just yesterday, Capcom treated Street Fighter fans to some new information regarding their upcoming major fighting game, Street Fighter 6. In addition to the Classic and Modern control schemes players will be able to select, a new "Dynamic Controls" was revealed that assists those who enjoy mashing buttons and actually sees the fighter automatically adapt to the situation when doing so.

The controls were demonstrated by Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto via a video from Game Informer, and in it the two developers were seen slugging it out with Nakayama playing Classic and Matsumoto showcasing Dynamic. The internet moves swiftly, and someone already made a meme out of the footage injecting the classic Evo Moment #37 footage over the SF6 gameplay and making it seem like Matsumoto pulled off the iconic Daigo parry by just mashing buttons on a PlayStation 5 controller — and it's hilarious.

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The Waka Flocka Flame vs. SonicFox fighting game grudge match is actually happening

A couple of weeks ago Fighting Game Twitter was lighting up with beefs between professional rappers and pro fighting game players. Of the interactions going on, a back and forth between rapper Waka Flocka Flame and top competitor Dominique "EG|SonicFox" McLean stood out among the pack and got people actively talking.

The short version is that Waka Flocka put out a tweet saying how good he is at fighting games and that no one would want to test that, and thus began a list of comments with people suggesting opponents for him. SonicFox's name kept coming up, and though there was a lot of talk between the two, it was unclear whether or not they'd actually have a grudge match. This morning, we learned that the bout is indeed going to happen.

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Rise of the Robots claimed itself 'superior' to Street Fighter 2 but Matt McMuscles explores why it may be the worst fighting game ever

For every classic and iconic fighting game released in the early arcade era of the genre, there's probably at least 10 times as many that have been forgotten. Some of them are underappreciated gems — and many others end up on this series.

Content creator Matt McMuscles recently released the latest entry in his 'The Worst Fighting Game' series exploring the depth of the overconfident jank that was 1994's Rise of the Robots.

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Evo Japan 2023's confirmed lineup so far, registration begins November 20, 2022

Evo Japan 2023 is scheduled to take begin on March 31, 2023 and last until April 2, 2023. It's been confirmed that registration for the event will begin on November 20, 2022 at 12:00 JST.

As always, this will give spectators another great opportunity to see some of the best players of their respective games going at it for prize money and prestige. Thus far, we have confirmation that there will be at least seven different fighting game tournaments that players will compete in.

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Avatar's Aang, Toph and Zuko announced for Brawlhalla with The Last Airbender crossover coming later this month

Brawlhalla continues to be one of the longest supported titles in not just platform fighters but fighting games as a whole, and they keep scoring big crossovers after nearly a decade.

Blue Mammoth Games announced today that Aang, Zuko and Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender are coming to Brawlhalla later this month.

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That time Street Fighter had a one-button infinite combo

Infinite combos find their way into all manner of different fighting games, usually stemming from unintended behavior for an attack or move that surfaces when specific spacing or criteria are met in a match. The Street Fighter series is no stranger to infinites, with one of the most recent examples being Street Fighter 5 Dan's Gadoken loop that was ultimately patched by adding in a random pink fireball that knocks the opponent down.

One thing that these infinite combos often have in common is that they require precise inputs and strict timing to pull off, but there was a point in time where one such combo existed in Street Fighter and it only utilized one button. A content creator by the name of ScoopScoop recently put together a video that shines a light on this interesting piece of Street Fighter history explaining what it is and how to do it.

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LordKnight arranges the fighting game character archetypes into a special tier list

BC|LordKnight recently released a unique tier list. Rather than ranking individual characters, LordKnight instead arranges typical fighting game archetypes into the S, A, B, C, and D tier groups.

In other words, the rush down, zoning, grappler, and all other archetype subsets have been rated. The released video explains in depth what are the best and worst archetypes typically in fighting games.

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Guilty Gear's mysterious 'Joe Biden' suddenly gains national attention for accolades outside of his presidential duties

The President of the United States secretly being a godlike competitor in Guilty Gear has been something of an inside joke in the fighting game community for quite a while. That's not exactly the case anymore, however.

It's certainly not every day that the FGC garners a national spotlight on itself, and now there's a lot more people in the world who now know of the joys of Guilty Gear thanks to one 'Joe Biden'.

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Ed Boon says it's 'just not time yet' to announce NetherRealm Studios' next game but tells fans to hang in there

We know that Street Fighter 6 exists and is due out sometime in 2023, and Bandai Namco's upcoming major fighting title, Tekken 8, has also been unveiled. But where is NetherRealm Studios' (NRS) next big project, and more importantly, what is it?

According to Mortal Kombat co-creator and Chief Creative Officer at NetherRealm, Ed Boon, fans are still going to have to wait for answers to those questions.

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These Street Fighter 6 Spirit Halloween costumes don't look quite right...

The Halloween season is upon us with the spookiest day of the year swiftly approaching. Those of us who enjoy celebrating ghosts, monsters, candy, and everything Halloween here in October tend to try and indulge in as much of it as possible before the holiday has run its course, and one of the most popular ways of doing so is by heading to Spirit Halloween.

This major Halloween store chain is packed wall-to-wall with decorations, props, masks, and anything you could possibly need to celebrate, and of course, they have tons of costumes as well. Interestingly enough, I recently stumbled onto some Street Fighter 6 Halloween costumes at Spirit Halloween, but something about them isn't quite right...

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Click Burgundy is more than talented enough to get hired to work on fighting games but then we wouldn't get amazing fan art like this

Many or most artists dream of putting their own mark on their favorite properties, but there's something special about creating from the heart while on the outside.

Japanese artist Click Burgundy is one of the FGC's greatest talents not on the sticks, who would do amazing work designing characters for fighting games officially, but then we wouldn't be receiving awesome portraits like these anymore.

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Pixel artist shows what Street Fighter 6 characters would look like if they were in older games

We've got some fun visual content from the professionally amateur artist (his own words) Alan Not Allen, who enjoys imagining what certain fighting and video game characters might look like in more retro settings.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is often hailed as one of the most beautiful entries in the entire franchise despite being relatively simple compared to today's standards some 20 years later. Alan has created Third Strike, Street Fighter 1, and Street Fighter 2 style sprites for modern and modern versions of characters.

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