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This fan-made Mortal Kombat PlayStation 5 design is so cool it has Ed Boon wishing for crossplay

The PlayStation 5's simple white and black design makes it the perfect canvas for fans to edit and come up with their own looks for the next-gen console. From basic color swaps to themed concepts that center around characters or franchises, we've seen quite a few custom PS5s since the upcoming console's look was revealed.

A designer by the name of XboxPope recently put together an amazing PlayStation 5 look that pays tribute to the legendary Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise. Of course, this caught the attention of Mortal Kombat Co-Creator, Ed Boon, and has the game maker wishing for crossplay between the two upcoming next-gen consoles.

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Core-A Gaming highlights the importance of video game commentary

Towards the end of 1980, an NFL game was broadcasted with no commentary as part of an experiment. In the latest Core-A Gaming video, it was mentioned that this was done because Don Ohimeyer, sports broadcaster Hall of Famer, believed that the ratings of the games might improve with the game's action speaking for itself.

Based on the fact that this was done only once, we can see just how well this ended up working out. This got me thinking that it's fairly easy to take commentary for granted during fighting game tournaments.

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If successful, the NBA's 'bubble format' restart could pave a new path for the return of offline fighting game competitions

The fighting game community has been without offline major tournaments thanks to COVID-19 for months now, and while we're making do with online echoes in the meantime, it's safe enough to say that the majority of the FGC is still actively hoping every day to see news indicating that we can return to our more traditional routines.

While it's surely not an apples to apples comparison, the National Basketball Association has similar goals as Commissioner, Adam Silver, and the powers that be around him have hashed out an endeavor to create a space safe for in person competition that, if successful, may provide a model that the FGC can follow.

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Bandai Namco Fun Live event schedule released, no Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6 or Dragon Ball FighterZ listed

Yesterday, Bandai Namco announced their new Fun Live show taking place later this month where the company plans to show off what's going on and what's coming to a bunch of their games. Now we appear to know its contents for the most part.

The full Fun Live schedule has seemingly been posted to Bandai Namco Taiwan's website though there's no listings for Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6 or Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Some of Hiro's subjects gaze into your soul, others are downright goofy, but all of them are godlike

We're excited to once again share some stellar fighting game art from one Wallace "Hiro" Pires as we've found more than enough high-quality pieces to round up into a gallery.

The fighters in the banner are all drawn with fairly serious and intense tones, but Pires is just as happy to create more amusing pieces as we see the kings of Shadaloo recreate the 60's Spider-man Villains meme and are told a story Vega's Izuna Drop in three comical parts.

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Rumor: GameStop Switch SKU listings could be giving us more evidence of a July Nintendo Direct

Earlier, we reported on a rumor that suggested that a Nintendo Direct would air on July 20. This came directly from the individual that previously claimed we'd get a Nintendo Direct mini on March 26 well in advance before it actually debuted.

Rumor has it that a new GameStop leak is adding additional credibility to the idea that a Nintendo Direct is waiting for us before the end of the month. It's also possible that this program could be coming even sooner than originally anticipated.

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There may be no one left to scare Go1 in Dragon Ball FighterZ but that didn't stop P.T. from making the world champ jump out of his chair

CO|Go1's crazy reaction speed and attentiveness led him to become the world champion of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but perhaps those skills actually prove to be a bit of a detriment in the realm of horror games.

Following yesterday's stream of his first to 10 set in DBFZ against CO|Fenrich, Go1 faced a challenge he'd never encountered before by playing the infamous P.T. demo for the first time.

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SonicFox makes surprise appearance during Devolver Direct 2020 to announce a fighting game that isn't real

Devolver Digital's been running their own press conferences and Direct-style showcases for years now which tend to go off the rails almost immediately, and this year was certainly no exception.

Half way through yesterday's Devolver Direct 2020, the show's host appears to start breaking down under the stress of needing more and more announcements, so the publisher roped in people to "reveal" projects including EG|SonicFox.

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We weren't able to choose a single favorite out of this fighting game gallery from Kage Mature

Japanese artist Kage Mature has some absolutely breathtaking art posted up on social media depicting many recognizable ladies of fighting games.

The artist's relatively soft style is a thread that runs fairly obviously through virtually all of their work, but when you know how to do something at this high a level, you press that button as often as you want.

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AnimEVOnline posts game lineup and opens for registration, notes plans to rebrand away from EVO next year

Event cancellations have been an unfortunate staple of fighting game community news here in 2020, but we're happy to be able to report that registration for AnimEVOnline has officially opened.

With over 20 titles (such as Darkstalkers, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, BlazBlue Central Fiction, and Fight of Animals) on the docket, the action looks to be fierce this year.

That said, this might be the last year the event is referred to as "AnimEVO" as organizers have released a statement regarding plans for rebranding following recent allegations of sexual misconduct involving Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar, the former CEO of EVO.

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Capcom's digital sales jump to 80 percent over physical with plans to grow to 90 in the future and develop longer life spans for games

Digital sales in the video game industry are rapidly on the rise and have been for years which is now really starting to make a big impact on larger publishers and developers around the world.

Capcom revealed such a case to be true for them, as they announced that they're digital downloads currently make up almost 80 percent of the game sales ratio which is an almost 30 percent jump over last year.

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Rumor: A full Nintendo Direct may be coming later this month says leaker who correctly predicted previous date

Nintendo Direct streams have been our primary source of learning about the company's new and upcoming projects for almost nine years at this point, but it's been some time since we've received a full one.

That may be changing very soon, however, as a leaker / insider who previously predicted March's Direct Mini date claims the summer stream is less than two weeks away.

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Sporty Laura, Lilith Juri, F.A.N.G the baker, and more; this fighting game art by Hiro is top notch

It's been a while since we last featured Brazililan artist Wallace "Hiro" Pires here on EventHubs, and it seems he's only gotten better at his craft.

Upon perusing through his Twitter media we found that Hiro has been hard at work producing very high quality work from some of his favorite video games, many of them of the fighting genre.

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Sony reveals what PlayStation 5 game boxes will look like with Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are looking to kick off the next generation of video games later this year, and now we know how the store shelves will be looking for one of the upcoming consoles.

Sony revealed today what the game boxes are going to look like on the PS5 by showing off the box art for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales which looks a bit familiar.

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Rebuilding the FGC from these dark times and processing what's happened

The dam has broken when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct in the fighting game community and thus we've entered into perhaps the darkest days the FGC has ever seen over the course of its near three-decade existence.

Given virtually everyone is experiencing these trying times together, we felt it may be a good idea to highlight the eventual positives that are inevitably coming down the pike as we refine and evolve our community in a better direction.

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Chickens, penguins, and a big-headed tournament organizer: Here are 7 joke fighting game characters that are way stronger than they seem

Most major fighting game series have their own joke characters. These warriors a typically goofy and weak by design, making them unpopular with serious players who are trying to get wins.

But every now and then one of these joke characters is actually much stronger than they initially appear. Outside Xbox recently put together a video that lists seven of these goofballs that are actually worthy adversaries.

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I badly needed to be reminded of why I love fighting games, and I found answers in my past

There are a million reasons why I've fallen in love with fighting games through the years, and decided to devote a large portion of my life to covering them. And I badly needed to be reminded why recently.

What's happening in the fighting game community is what we need. Predators being outed and removed. There's no place for people in our community doing horrific things to someone. The message has been said very clear — we can not and will not stand for people being abused.

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