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We're excited for God of War this week, so let's take a look back at Kratos' various fighting game appearances

Tomorrow, Kratos makes his grand return to the gaming world with the release of God of War on PlayStation 4. Leaving the Greek mythology in the past and exchanging it for a Norse theme, the ruthless warrior takes on an all new challenge: fatherhood.

It's rare that the entire EventHubs staff is excited to play an upcoming game -- especially one that's not fighting-centric. However, each one of us on the team is looking forward to getting time in with the latest major installment in the God of War series -- AdaptiveTrigger, Velociraptor, and myself especially.

While we wait for the game's release, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Kratos' journey into the fighting game realm. So far, he's been a playable character in three different series.

From going toe-to-toe with colorful ninja to clashing with... whatever Voldo is, the god of war has stood opposite plenty of interesting foes.

Let's dive right into Kratos' trek through fighting games.

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Injustice and He Man are crossing over in a comic book miniseries this July

The Injustice series has crossed paths with some interesting franchises so far. Now, it looks like we'll have to add He-Man and the Master of the Universe to that list.

Injustice vs. He Man and the Master of the Universe is a six-issue comic book miniseries (digital-first) that is set to kick off in July. At the helm of this project is writer Tim Seeley (Nightwing, Green Lanterns) and Freddie E. Williams II (He-Man/Thundercats, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), CBR reports.

The plot sees Batman calling upon a hero from another dimension for aid in defeating Superman -- who happens to be a dictator in this universe (if you're unfamiliar). That warrior, of course, is He-Man.

The first issue of Injustice vs. He-Man and the Master of the Universe will become available for sale on July 18th both in comic book stores and as a digital download.

We can't help but wonder if He-Man could potentially join the playable roster as DLC for Injustice 2.

At this point, NetherRealm Studios' mainstream DC Comics fighting title has wrapped up its initial DLC character plans with the release of nine additional combatants. This includes crossovers with the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hellboy. So, why not He-Man?

Injustice vs. He-Man and the Master of the Universe image #1
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The public execution of good fighting games: a lesson in critical thinking

This isn't going to be everyone's favorite video, but I'm choosing to share it here because of the way it encourages us to think critically, even if we don't ultimately wind up changing our stances.

Few would deny the effects of social media culture can often lead to unfair portrayals of and reactions to any item highlighted to the masses, and the fighting game community is not at all exempt from this.

The crew over at novriltataki has gone out on a limb and created a video that asks us to take an intrinsic look as we critique the games of our genre.

They do so with the bold choice to use Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, a very sensitive subject in the FGC these days, as their example.

While Infinite had its fair share of problems, we very often hear sentiments to the effect of "the gameplay is actually pretty good, it's just all that other stuff," and the most highlighted of said "other stuff" has been the game's visuals.

I'm not making a direct comment on whether or not MvCI's reception was wrong or right, but very strongly agree with the notion that we should put our judgements through the processes the video implies before we publicly proclaim them.

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Here is Nicki Minaj's new 'Chun-Li' song

People have been talking about it all week, and now it's officially here. Nicki Minaj's new song "Chun-Li" has been released.

Uploaded onto her official YouTube channel, the new track features a beat that has Chinese influences sprinkled throughout. The very beginning of the track kicks off with a gong ringing out, for example.

Outside of Nicki referring to herself as Chun-Li, there really aren't any references to the fighting game franchise.

The promotional images we saw throughout the week and the title of the song seemed to suggest otherwise, but unfortunately, it's lacking in that department.

Still, if you want to give it a listen, you can do so by hitting the jump.

At least we got some cool fan art out of this whole thing.

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Nicki Minaj's 'Chun-Li' image has already inspired fan art

Just yesterday, we learned that popular American rapper Nicki Minaj has a couple of new songs releasing soon, with one of them being Street Fighter-themed. Entitled "Chun-Li," the track is expected to drop sometime tomorrow.

To accompany the new music, Minaj released a promotional image for Chun-Li featuring her with a hairstyle similar to fighting games' first fighting female. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out by hitting the above link.

While some sat perplexed at Minaj's Street Fighter inspiration, others seemed to take a liking to it. In fact, a handful of Twitter users shared art pieces portraying Nicki Minaj's portrayal of Chun-Li.

Street Fighter 5 producer Takayuki Nakayama apparently created a 2D Chun-Li sprite that is reminiscent of Minaj's design.

Twitter user Bolbi Stroganovsky also put together a piece for Nicki's Chun, placing her into a classic Chun-Li pose. We also see the addition of her trademark spiked bracelets, although the colors have been changed to match the outfit.

At this point, we have no idea if Nicki Minaj's "Chun-Li" is going to actually be littered with Street Fighter references or if it's just a title. The promotional image seems to indicate that this will have ties to the game somehow, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li" fan art image #1 Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li" fan art image #2
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Sub-Zero vs. Black Panther in Wrestlemania 34? Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander wrestled one another while wearing some awesome costumes

Wrestlemania 34 was a special pay-per-view event that went on last night. I imagine wrestling fans everywhere were paying attention to the fights that occurred on the main stage.

One of the fights pitted Mustafa Ali against Cedric Alexander. What was most interesting about their match were the costumes that they chose to wear.

Fighting game fans were sure to recognize who they were cosplaying as. Mustafa Ali came out while wearing a classic Mortal Kombat outfit.

Apparently Mustafa Ali had joined the Lin Kuei as he came out dressed as Sub-Zero. His opponent might've been frozen in fear had he not come prepared too...

Cedric Alexander donned a special Blank Panther costume. Recently, Black Panther appeared in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite fighting game.

What are the odds that we'll someday see a Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat fighting game in the future? Probably not too high, but this was pretty cool to see all the same.

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Image sources: Rachel | 73 via Comicbook.

Nintendo Switch bricking might be avoidable if you don't use third party chargers or docking stations

Recently, the Nintendo Switch received an update that put its version number to 5.0. Since then, there have apparently been some reports of Nintendo Switch consoles bricking on their users.

Many appear to be attributing these problems to third party chargers and docking stations. According to Destructoid, Nintendo has re-iterated that non-sanctioned products are not meant to be used with the Nintendo Switch.

In a statement given to Kotaku, "unlicensed products and accessories do not undergo Nintendo’s testing and evaluation process." In other words, Nintendo is not able to account for how third party products might affect the Nintendo Switch after major updates.

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NuckleDu wants to sponsor player or spectator to go to EVO 2018

NuckleDu winning the Capcom Pro Tour event in 2016 was a pretty big deal for him. It's no secret that NuckleDu came from somewhat poor background.

As a result of his accomplishment, he was able to secure $120,000 for his grand prize. Not surprisingly, this dramatically changed his life for the better.

It seems that NuckleDu has not forgotten his past struggles. He still empathizes for those that don't have access to a lot of spending money.

This top professional player has announced over Twitter and Facebook that he wants to help someone get to EVO 2018. The individual can be either be a player or spectator and it doesn't matter which fighting game they like.

His interest in sponsoring someone is limited to those who are unable to afford it -- he has asked those that can to leave the option available for those that can't. You could say that this is a very "heroic" act on his part, though it's not the first time he's done something like this.

Earlier this year, he sponsored local Floridian to go to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition for EVO 2018. Last year, his and FOX|Justin Wong's efforts allowed Shine, Master Parker, Wave|THE COOL KID93, LostSoul, Tampa Bison, Ice Effect, LuckyD, and Gunfight to attend EVO 2017.

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NuckleDu photo source: Chris Bahn. Batman image comes from the D.C. animated universe.

Round Robin anyone? Canada Cup Master Series may be doing something a little different for Street Fighter 5 top eight this year...

While Canada Cup itself is still a good six months away, Canada Cup Master Series' date (May 11-14) is fast approaching, and this year's event looks to be a hit for both players and stream monsters alike.

Set to take place in the spacious Deerfoot Inn and Casino ballrooms in Calgary, Alberta, Master Series is boasting no less than $12,000 CDN in pot bonuses that extend to Dragon Ball FighterZ, Smash Bros. Wii-U and Melee and Street Fighter 5.

Speaking of Street Fighter, tournament organizer Lap Chi Duong is planning for a bit of a twist for the top eight bracket of the singles tournament. Though it's not set in stone quite yet, Duong is leaning toward making top eight a round robin bracket.

We're used to seeing this format in events like Topanga League, and when the competition is stacked (we expect it will be) the matches that result are often brimming with off the charts action.

Unlike some past Canada Cups, this year the organizers will not be charging a stream fee for those that want to watch from home.

In addition to the aforementioned games, Master Series will also feature Tekken 7, Gundam Vs., Ultra Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, ARMS, Pokken Dx Switch and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Head to the Canada Cup home page for even more details and to sign up.

After three arduous years Super Arcade has finally re-opened its doors; here's a sneak peak inside the new and improved California gaming facility

We can't even begin to imagine the struggle fighting game community legend Mike Watson has endured, but after thousands of dollars and three years of frustrating attempts to check off all the boxes of the demands of the city of Azusa, the games can finally begin.

Watson has chronicled some of his struggle in the "Trials and Tribulations of Super Arcade" blog for those that want a more detailed story, but for now we're just excited that the doors are opening.

It's no secret that arcade culture is nearly non existent in the US today, a far cry from some years ago when the fighting game community would meet almost exclusively in them.

Super stands as more than just a venue where players can congregate, it stands as a cultural reminder of the FGC's roots. While there are plenty of quality cabinets from other genres of gaming, the arcade also has an area dedicated to weekly fighting game tournaments, complete with a stage for stream matches.

Miss Sherry Nhan was able to walk through the newly refurbished establishment and take some video to share with the rest of us that will have to plan pilgrimages (and we most certainly will) before we can see the inside for ourselves.

Click the image below to see Sherry's walk through video highlighting Super's various cabinets, pinball machines and console fighting game area:

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Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game revealed; Kickstarter campaign is now live

Update: The Kickstarter campaign for Street Fighter: The Miniatures game is now live and contains additional information and videos about how the game is played and what is included

Board games and card games based around video game properties are nothing new, but they seem to be picking up steam over the past few years through the help of Kickstarter with some gems like Dark Souls: The Board Game.

Joe Vargas, aka AngryJoe, recently revealed his plans in full for releasing Street Fighters: The Miniatures Game built around the Street Fighter characters and setting along with outlining future endeavors for Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z.

In his announcement video you can see after the jump, he states that he has been hard at work researching, designing, testing and balancing the game and feels it is finally ready to launch on Kickstarter on April 4, 2018.

Joe says to make the best game possible and keep it affordable for buyers, he is using Kickstarter to cut out the middle man and hopes to sell 10,000 copies of the game before adding in stretch goals for more characters.

The base game will feature six Street Fighter 2 character figurines that appear to be a bit larger than Nintendo's amiibos: Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Sagat, Vega and Zangief. A boss expansion will also be available and come with Akuma and M. Bison. Each character also has a battle deck of 40 cards tailored to each character to string together combos plus bonus decks for boss versions of characters.

$80 will net you the base miniatures game on Kickstarter while backers who spend $120 will receive the base game, the boss expansion and stretch goal characters. $280 gets you everything listed before plus character expansions for Street Fighter Alpha, 3, 4 and 5.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #1 Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #2 Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #3 Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #4 Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #5 Street Fighter: The Miniatures image #6

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Dragon Ball FighterZ's EVO 2018 entrant numbers currently have 'big lead' over the rest of the games, says the tournament's organizer

For the last six years (if not more), a Street Fighter title has had the highest number of entrants at EVO. Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 have obviously seen a great deal of success in this regard.

It looks as though Street Fighter's throne might be usurped to another fighting game this year. Most fighting game community members are probably already aware of Dragon Ball FighterZ's immense success.

According to a recent Tweet by Mr. Wizard, the tournament organizer for EVO, Dragon Ball FighterZ currently ranks at #1 in terms of entrant numbers. What has changed in this update compared to what we learned last month is that the recent anime fighter also has a "big lead" over the rest of the games.

Unfortunately, actual numbers are not provided in this Tweet. We won't get the opportunity to see those until later. EVO 2018 will start on August 3rd and end on the 5th.

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If you're in need of a trophy for you next Marvel vs. Capcom tournament, look no further than the new Infinity Gauntlet from Hasbro

The world is just getting past the Black Panther craze, but they will be jumping right back into the Marvel hype in less than a month with Avengers: Infinity War releasing on April 27 meaning we'll all need to be prepared to drown in more Marvel merchandise wherever we look.

New shirts, hats, toys, posters and bootleg versions of everything I just mentioned will flood the stores and web though some have gotten a couple months of a head start.

Hasbro has a new and wearable version of the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos wears in the new film on Amazon that is made for adults and comes with a premium price tag. The list price for the gauntlet is $100, and though its listing says it is "temporarily out of stock," orders can still be placed and be fulfilled once they are back.

Alex Jebailey suggested they could be used as Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trophies going forward whether in jest or seriousness might be a fun idea. Unless you are UYU|Cloud805, who won MVCI's Battle for the Stones last year, you can't yet claim that you own an Infinity Gauntlet for crushing all of your foes.

The Infinity Gauntlet features all of the Infinity Stones that can light up with the flip of a switch (though even with that price tag, batteries still aren't included). The fingers on the gauntlet articulate for actual wearing and also posing.

The gauntlet is part of their Legends Series that also includes Thor's Mjolnir and Star-lord's helmet. It may end up hard to come by with the Infinity War craze kicking in, but unique rewards/ trophies for events will always turn some heads and grab some more attention.

Infinity Gauntlete image #1 Infinity Gauntlete image #2 Infinity Gauntlete image #3 Infinity Gauntlete image #4 Infinity Gauntlete image #5
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Anime EVO announced its 19 game lineup with support from the main EVO event for 2018

Players and organizers decided to get together to give smaller or more niche titles a place at the biggest fighting game tournament in the world and they succeeded in creating the aptly named Anime EVO.

Anime EVO will be returning again this year and running alongside the main EVO event with 19 games in total and many of them are not of the standard mainstage fighting game fare at all.

The games being officially supported by Anime EVO include The King of Fighters 14, Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Blazblue: Central Fiction, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Melty Blood, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st], Gundam Versus, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R on and more on the side of fighting games.

Their other competitive titles include Puyopuyo Tetris, Catherine and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo with possible slots for more games depending on fan and player demand.

The main EVO account announced via Twitter that they are officially working with Anime EVO this year to get some of their games featured on the official side stage and stream during the weekend though those titles have not been announced yet.

EVO and Anime EVO will be taking place August 3-5 this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out both of their full announcements below, and let us know which title from the anime side you are most excited about.

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Street Fighter Memorial Archive: Beyond the World celebrates 30 years of the game's art

Street Fighter has lived and exploded as a brand over the past 30 years not only setting the pace for the genre in the 90's with Street Fighter 2, but also its strong art style and direction garnered the attention and sparked the interest of players all over the world.

Capcom is releasing their 30th Anniversary Collection in may to celebrate the games themselves, but Kadokawa is getting in on the party with a new book detailing the art and history of the franchise that just released on March 24.

Street Fighter Memorial Archive: Beyond the World contains 256 pages with art from various artists and designers including the man himself Akira "Akiman" Yasuda. Alongside the art, Beyond the World features interviews with developers that have worked on the series throughout its many iterations.

The book is only currently available in Japanese and is being sold for about 4000 Yen or ~$40 USD if you were looking to import Beyond the World to wherever you may be living.

Beyond the World also features artwork and interviews from illustrators and manga artists like Fuzichoco, Terada Katsuya, Yusuke Murata and Hagiwara Kazushi.

Check out the samples from the book in the gallery below, and let us know what your favorite piece of Street Fighter art is down in the comments after the jump.

Street Fighter Beyond the World image #1 Street Fighter Beyond the World image #2 Street Fighter Beyond the World image #3 Street Fighter Beyond the World image #4 Street Fighter Beyond the World image #5 Street Fighter Beyond the World image #6
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Hori is making a Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch that has a traditional D-pad

The Nintendo Switch has been selling like hotcakes since it released just over a year ago with a plethora of good games on the system already and more on the horizon like Super Smash Bros, but many players out there have raised concerns about playing fighting games and classic games on the system.

Most of those stem from the fact that the standard Joy-Con controllers do not have a traditional cross D-pad. It has instead been replaced with four separate buttons that resemble the c-buttons from the old Nintendo 64 control so that they can be used as face buttons when pulled off and used for local multiplayer.

Hori is stepping in and releasing their own Joy-Con with a standard D-pad you would expect to find on a Nintendo console. It is licensed by Nintendo and is said to have the same mold and weight of a standard Joy-Con. It is not a shell or a mod to put on an existing controller, but its own separate controller.

The Hori Joy-Con is scheduled to launch in Japan in July of these year to the tune of around $25 USD though no Western release plans have been detailed at this time. There will be no right Joy-Con version of this controller and only the left will be available for purchase.

All of this sounds pretty enticing for players looking to play some fighters like the upcoming Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on the Switch, but there are some major draw backs to the new controller.

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'I had to break from the FGC because I don’t recognize it anymore' - Mike Ross breaks silence on why he left Twitch and the fighting game community

Mike Ross recently opened up to talk about how his approach to the fighting game community changed, via an r/Kappa ask me anything session.

Both a top tier player and a top tier entertainer, Ross quickly rose through the ranks as a competitor, his brightest highlight being his top eight EVO 2010 run with his unmistakable E. Honda in Super Street Fighter 4.

His abilities in front of the camera quickly made him a household name and into one of those few pro players that you'd be just as excited to share a beer with as to play against.

Mike found himself in front of more and more cameras, eventually landing a job with Twitch and hosting the popular "Pro Talk". And then, seemingly out of nowhere, Mike Ross was just done with everything.

With the exception of a few blips here and there over the last year or so, we've had radio silence from the once prominent player. That silence is finally being broken.

At this time we're not sure how much more (if any) information Mike will be posting, but he has submitted a heartfelt explanation as to why he left both Twitch and the FGC in the manner he did. Read on to see the post.

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