Juri lets her hair down, Ingrid looks a little bit evil, Chun-Li goes blonde and Seth... um... riiight...

Juri with her hair down for the win...

Tetsuharu is back for a third and final (at least for the time being) gallery of very impressive fighting game sketch work. Today we see mostly Street Fighters, but a few special guests pop in as well.

Chun-Li sports some blonde hair, Ingrid explores her evil side and Juri rides the Tanden Engine...

Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #1 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #2 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #3 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #4 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #5 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #6

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'There's no way a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter crossover would satisfy everybody' - Despite hurdles, Ed Boon says he's still open to the idea

In the latest installment of IGN Unfiltered -- the site's monthly interview show -- Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon stopped by to talk shop.

Over the years, it seems as though there is always one question that Boon just can't seem to avoid: will we ever see a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter crossover? In this interview, we learned that the MK co-creator is still open to the idea.

"There's part of me that would be like, 'that would be such a cool dream,'" Boon started. "And then there's another part of me that goes, 'there is no way that would satisfy everybody.'"

Boon goes on to explain that even if the game were rated M, it would be difficult to find the perfect balance between the two franchises' styles. Despite this, he would still entertain the idea if Capcom approached him.

You can check out the full segment after the jump.

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A tier list that ranks fighting games, not their characters - here's an interesting idea with some interesting results

We've seen hundreds of personal tier lists over the years. From pro players to casual fans, most everybody has an opinion on how their favorite character in a fighting game stacks up against the rest of the cast, and/or which characters are best and worst.

One thing I can't ever recall seeing is a full on fighting game tier list that ranks the games themselves instead of the characters found in each. One such list is getting some attention over on Twitter, and while it obviously isn't the definitive word on how these games rank, it's certainly interesting.

We're unsure who created this list (if you know, please do tell in the comments), but it was shared by Ryan Hart.

Check out the fighting game tier list below.

Fighting games tier list image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Samus, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and plenty others make this multi-photographer cosplay gallery sizzle

Today we've got a collection of cosplay featuring characters from all over the fighting game universe.

Plenty of different talented cosplay artists show off some of their best work as captured by three different photographers: Jason Laboy, SL Dixon Photography, CarlosG Photography.

Give this gallery a glance and let us know which photos are your favorites.

Cosplay Galleria image #1 Cosplay Galleria image #2 Cosplay Galleria image #3 Cosplay Galleria image #4 Cosplay Galleria image #5 Cosplay Galleria image #6

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What do the changes in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 mean for your character? VesperArcade goes in depth with system and character changes in new video

About a month ago, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 was revealed, and there are currently location tests ongoing for the title in Japanese arcades.

In these location tests, a bunch of balance changes have been included, and while it's likely we'll see another balance patch around the game's console release, it's likely many of these changes will stay intact.

But what exactly do these changes mean for your character? Your playstyle? To answer these questions, we have a very detailed video from Vesper Arcade, talking about what these changes impact for each character.

You can find the full video, and listed timestamps, below.

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ZabZarock draws eight beautiful Bison dolls, Darkstalker figures, Mai and Taki in this top tier art gallery

We're happy to once again feature ZabZarock's fighting game illustrations here on EventHubs.

Zab's gallery today offers a heavy emphasis on Darkstalkers as Lilith, Morrigan, Felicia and Q-Bee strike a few poses. He's also drawn eight of the twelve Bison dolls, from the Street Fighter universe, in gorgeous detail.

We also see a few cameo appearances by Mai from King of Fighters and Taki from the Soul Calibur series.

ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #1 ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #2 ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #3 ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #4 ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #5 ZabZarock Gallery 02 image #6

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M. Bison fights... a car that shoots lasers? This new Toyota ad takes a trek through the world of Street Fighter 2

A Toyota advertisement has gone out in Japan that features the new Toyota C-HR hybrid car, music from Queen, and Street Fighter 2. Why, you ask? I haven't the foggiest, but it sure is awesome.

The commercial shows a 16-ish bit automobile driving past each of the world warriors on their respective stages. We see the eight original Street Fighters first, followed by each of the four members of Shadaloo.

For the finale, the C-HR engages in a battle with M. Bison. No joke. Though the car has the ability to jump, block, and fire lasers in the ad, I don't think the real thing can do the same...

Below is a quick clip of the commercial. To see the full thing, be sure to hit the jumo.

Click image for animated version

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Akuma takes a break, Cammy misses the bus and Juri gets ready to dish out the pain, not only is Tetsuhara's art beautiful, it's also funny

We're back with another gallery from the incredibly talented Tetsuhara, showing off more Street Fighters, Darkstalkers and warriors of anime.

A few selections feature comical captions in Japanese, and our own MajinTenshinhan has kindly translated them for those of us who aren't familiar with the language.

That Akuma image from the banner simply reads "Taking a break," capping off a perfect contrast to the always-training demonic fighter. The Juri image you'll see below includes the phrase "Come over here and I'll beat the s*** out of you," a very Juri-esque statement.

The image of Cammy comes with the caption: "H-How am I going to pay for the bus... ?" After translating, Majin quickly pointed out the fact that Cammy has no pockets.

Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #1 Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #2 Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #3 Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #4 Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #5 Tetsuharu Gallery 02 image #6

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Sometimes you make the smartest read, but it just doesn't matter...

This clip is heartbreaking.

I believe it's safe to say that we have all been in this situation before. You make the perfect read on your opponent, every thing falls into place just as you planned, and yet you still end up with the L.

Twitter user Tekino recently uploaded a King of Fighters 14 clip in which the Daimon player completely reads a jump back from Yuri, scoops her out of the air with a command throw, cancels into Super... and loses.

It's epic, awesome, and makes me want to pour one out for our fallen hero.

Click image for animated version

Let us know your best heartbreaking moments in the comments below!

Source: Tekino.

New petition asks Capcom to bring back and remaster Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken -- the crossover fighter birthed by Capcom and Bandai Namco -- is an interesting case. The fighting title hit several road blocks in the form of controversy stemming from on-disc DLC to the complexities of the gem system.

As a result, overall interest waned, and the game survived only by way of a fairly small, die-hard community of competitors. By the end of it, the game was stabilized -- some would say it became a legitimate fighting title -- but it was too late to receive a widespread resurgence.

Despite the negative feedback, some fans still enjoy the game today, so much so that a petition was created to ask Capcom for a remastered re-release.

A player named Kelvin Smith is at the helm of this request, noting that this year marks the game's five year anniversary. Last year, we saw Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 re-released on current-gen consoles. So why not Street Fighter X Tekken?

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Seventeen reasons you aren't getting better at fighting games... (number four won't shock you, but it's still pretty spot on)

A list of 17 tendencies that often stop people's gaming growth is taking FGC Twitters by storm.

Cited as coming from Minami_Izanami's Twitter account, this list of all too common gaming transgressions has us nodding our heads in admitted shame as we've been guilty of just about all of these at one point or another.

We have the feeling you'll have a similar reaction, so please let us know how real this list was for you after you look over it. Click the image below to being the slide sho-err, see the full 17 reasons...

Why You Aren't Getting Better image #1
Click images for larger versions

Thanks to Kyoku for sharing this.

Is the Qanba Dragon right for you? It gets the job done in game, plus has just about every bell and whistle you could want on a fight stick

The Dragon just might be the best fightstick we’ve ever used. It comes in a bit larger than other high-end arcade peripherals, and has more weight to it. Though this might make transportation a bit more taxing, the sturdy, heavy-duty build of the Dragon is perfect for long hours of play.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of using this stick is the feeling that you won't be needing to deal with the hassle of replacing parts worrying about any pieces breaking any time soon. The Sanwa buttons, metal chrome ball top, braided USB cord and just the sheer solidity, everything about this stick feels reassuringly top of the line.

Dragon Review image #1 Dragon Review image #2 Dragon Review image #3 Dragon Review image #4 Dragon Review image #5 Dragon Review image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Tetsuharu's fighting game sketches find beauty in simplicity

When we caught sight of Tetsuharu's Kolin, we were pretty sure we'd struck gold. We've rounded up a collection of Tetsu's work for you to look over and see if you agree.

While many of these are less refined when it comes to detail, they're still captivating and able to bring their respective characters to life.

Today's gallery features mostly Street Fighter characters, (both old and new) but also slips a few anime fighters into the mix along with that alternate for Morrigan you saw in the banner. Let us know in the comments if you'd like to see more from this artist in the future.

Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #1 Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #2 Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #3 Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #4 Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #5 Tetsuharu Gallery 01 image #6

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The FGC goes anime - Fuudo, Kazunoko, Itabashi Zangief, MOV and even Snake Eyez appear in fighting game-themed episode of anime series Akiba's Trip

In last week's episode of Akiba's Trip, something very interesting for fighting game fans popped up - namely, renditions of famous fighting game players all across the board, as well as in-game footage of both Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 5.

The parody featured a lot of familiar faces, but also had a list of names for a tournament that were all slightly different renditions of top players, such as "Saka" instead of "Sako", "Magura" instead of "Dogura" and "Ponchan" instead of "Bonchan".

Here's a tweet from Kazunoko, showing himself, RZR|Fuudo and Itabashi Zangief reacting to the peculiar instance.

Below, you can find an image gallery of some of the fighting game references from the episode.

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Our readers think Street Fighter 5 has the worst online experience - final poll results for best/worst online experiences of modern fighters

Update: The final poll results can be found after the jump below.

Earlier: The overall online experience is a huge part of fighting games in 2017, as it's how many consumers play the game on any given day.

As such, we've setup a poll asking which modern titles have the best and worst experiences when playing them over the internet.

From netcode, features, match making and anything that impacts the online aspect of the game, we want to know how the current crop of FGC titles holds up.

We've setup two polls below which you can select your top 3 for both categories.

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