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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had Nicktoons in it before Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was a thing

90s kids and fans of Nicktoons were surprised to see a full-blown platform fighter called Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl revealed a few months back. The upcoming title takes heavy inspiration from the Super Smash Bros. series, using similar controls, battle mechanics, and even aesthetics — but with popular Nickelodeon characters.

What we have now is essentially a Nickelodeon Smash Bros., but funnily enough Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had Nicktoons in it before Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was actually a thing. This is all thanks to Smash Ultimate's Stage Builder tool.

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New episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime features several big Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Z references

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, an anime series based on a Japanese novel series, recently kicked off the second half of its second season. Apparently, in the first episode back, the show included several big references to both the Street Fighter franchise and Dragon Ball Z.

In a scene where two characters can be seen slugging it out, one of the fighters is very clearly seen using various moves from Street Fighter's own Ryu and Dragon Ball Z's Goku. It's not just the visuals here, though, as the character is heard yelling out the names of these maneuvers as they are performed.

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Rumor of a new Nintendo Direct in the near future is starting to look more likely

It's been a few months since the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct aired. Fans have been wondering if another Nintendo Direct might be on its way since we're approaching the holiday season.

Statements from Samus Hunter, a Nintendo insider, have been very interesting as of late. According to Samus Hunter, a Nintendo Direct could air as soon as this month, or even early October.

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Rumor: Major unannounced Capcom, NetherRealm and Bandai Namco fighting games reportedly data-mined from Nvidia's servers

Update: Wccftech has reached out to Nvidia about the list of unannounced games that has been data-mined and has received a response. You can find Nvidia's official statement after the jump.

Earlier: A programmer going by the name of Ighor July reportedly discovered a way to data-mine Nvidia's GeForce Now database, which housed dozens of entries for unannounced or unreleased video games. Potential spoilers for future reveals ahead.

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Fighting games made me so much better at Bloodborne it's not even funny

When Bloodborne first released in 2015, I poured so much time into the From Software title that I only needed one more trophy for the Platinum, but it felt like hitting my head against a brick wall constantly through said playthrough.

Recently after having the urge to start a new game after being away for like five years, I decided to approach Bloodborne fresh with the mindset of a fighting game player, which surprisingly produced much better results — and here's why.

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Rivals of Aether major winner pops off a little too hard and apparently received a dislocated shoulder

The art of popping off is just that, an art form. If done incorrectly, it can lead to big winners feeling some big regret.

Top Rivals of Aether player CakeAssault unfortunately learned this lesson after winning the 245-man tournament this weekend at Riptide with a pop off that might take him out of the game for a few weeks.

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Old fighting games that are still in desperate need of modern re-releases

The current landscape of fighting games includes a large amount of collections of classics and re-releases alongside the newest titles, but there's so many that have been left in the recycling bin for decades at this point.

While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been the talk of the town lately in terms of games that need a remaster, let's dive into the other fighters / series that desperately require a modern makeover, from community favorites to overlooked gems.

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Is Spongebob really a Shoto character in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl?

The term Shoto seems to be getting tossed around quite a bit these days with players surrounding fighting games getting into arguments as to who and who exactly doesn't fit into that category.

Spongebob Squarepants is the latest member of the "is he a Shoto" club — which is a sentence I never thought I'd have to write — for his appearance in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, but does the porous dude actually have what it takes to stand next to likes of Ryu from Street Fighter?

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These gorgeous custom arcade sticks are what happens when an inventive modder meets talented artists

There are a few layers to this article as we're simultaneously sharing some wonderful art, shouting out some awesome arcade stick hardware, and showcasing what happens when multiple, talented members of the fighting game community work together.

Johathan Buttero is a pioneer of stick modding who has developed cases, parts, and tools to make arcade stick creation and alteration both easier and more beautiful. Below you'll find a good handful of examples of what happens when Buttero's parts are mixed with the art and creativity of artists like Jony Fraze, JxKDesigns and Klev.

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Former Capcom and Street Fighter Producer wishes he could have stopped bad box art Mega Man from ever existing

Mega Man is one of the biggest icons of the retro video game world and for Capcom in general, but the blue bomber had quite the misguided introduction to the North American audience.

The original box art for Mega Man on NES lives on in infamy as potentially the worst in the history of the medium, and one former Capcom producer says he wishes he could have stopped it from ever reaching public eyes.

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Sony's Future of PlayStation 5 showcase live stream

Update: Sony's Future of PlayStation 5 showcase stream is now live. You can watch it here with us below.

Sony is gearing up for their next big showcase that aims to discuss the future of the PlayStation 5. We can expect to see the stream begin at 1 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. BST / 10 p.m. CEST, so grab your popcorn and get ready for the show.

This PS5 showcase is slated to run for 40 minutes and will feature updates about games releasing this holiday season and beyond.

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Drake's 'Way 2 Sexy' music video has already been used to create a Street Fighter win screen meme and it's pure gold

Drake's new album "Certified Lover Boy" was released last Friday after being delayed for several months. With the new batch of music comes a music video for one of the tracks entitled "Way 2 Sexy," which features fellow artists Future and Young Thug in different scenes that take inspiration from other videos and films such as Rambo and an 80s workout tape.

Why the hell are we talking about this on a fighting game news website, you ask? Well, one crafty internet user took a couple of quick clips from the new video and made it into a Street Fighter win screen animation, and... it's pretty great.

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Poll results: Who has the best beard in fighting games?

Updated: Our poll has closed and results have been added to the story. Be sure to check out who our readers voted for best beard after the jump.

Earlier: Beards. Ladies love them, guys like to do funky stuff with them, and they've been a sign of strength, wisdom and growing up among the fictional martial artists we've been following for decades.

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Zaid Tabani's new single 'Rollback' has Weeknd vibes and uses one set of lyrics to explore two totally different topics

Take two passions, rap and fighting games, sprinkle some influence from topical events and then add the ever-relevant theme of love and you've got yourself the strong foundations Zaid Tabani's newest single stands on.

"Rollback" uses one set of lyrics to explore two very different ideas: trying to make a long distance relationship work during Covid times, and playing fighting games online with gnarly netcode. With these themes you might think you're about to hear an angry, frustration-fueled rant, but Rollback is actually a buttery smooth listen that'll take you to a surprisingly tranquil place.

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After 6 years away, former Evo champion Latif is back in the competitive fighting game community

Many players who've been active in fighting games for a long while will likely fondly remember Abdullatif "Latif" Alhmili's storied Evo 2011 run where he managed to eliminate the likes of Rohto|Tokido, EF|Poongko and BST|Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter 4, but the former C. Viper main had been away from the scene for quite some time.

After retiring from the competitive fighting game community back in 2015, Latif made the official announcement that he's back in action with a special message to his compatriots and fans.

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Masahiro Sakurai was surprised to hear that fans analyze background elements during his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentations

It always feels like a real treat when a "Mr. Sakurai Presents" video is released that details the "how to play" aspects of a new character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During the latest episode of Harada's Bar, Masahiro Sakurai learned just how much fans pay attention to this type of videos.

"You once showed your home for some kind of interview," begun Harada. Sakurai's home was first shown during the "Mr. Sakurai Presents Min Min" video that debuted in June 2020. Sakurai would continue teaching the mechanics of DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at his home specifically during similar videos for Steve and Pyra & Mythra, but returned to the studio for Sephiroth and Kazuya.

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One Piece really deserves to be the next major anime that gets the Dragon Ball FighterZ treatment

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works went and did the unthinkable with Dragon Ball FighterZ. The fighting game that fans of the series always dreamt of, always theorized, and always wished for became reality in early 2018 when the 3v3 team-based fighting game hit store shelves and wowed the masses with its fast-paced gameplay, it's gorgeous visuals that look like they were pulled straight from the anime, and a roster full of colorful characters we all know and love.

These companies did such an exceptional job with the Dragon Ball franchise that it would be criminal for them not to do it again with another major anime/manga series. I have recently become initiated into the One Piece fandom and I have to say that as a potential second Dragon Ball FighterZ-style fighting game goes, the Straw Hats and company really do deserve to be the next in line to get the treatment — and there's a chance that such a game is already in development.

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