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Tired of your Switch dying during practice sessions on the go? Well Nintendo just announced a new model is coming this year with improved battery life

The Nintendo Switch has been doing absolute gangbusters for sales since its launch, but apparently the recently-announced Nintendo Switch Lite wasn't the only trick the company had up their sleeves to try and keep the hybrid console's momentum going.

Nintendo revealed today that a new base Switch model will be releasing in 2019 which will reportedly beat the battery life of the Switch Lite that was already touted as lasting hours longer than the launch version.

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Today is the final day to register for the record-breaking EVO 2019 as organizers contemplate overhauling payout structure

EVO 2019 is shaping up to be probably the biggest year ever for the massive fighting game event dating back to the 90's, and today is the last day you can make sure you can get in on the action yourself by registering online.

Registration is set to close tonight, July 14, at 8:00 p.m. PDT, so now's your last chance to score tickets to the main event or finals day / confirm the status of your current order.

At the same time, it's appearing as though the main EVO tournament organizers are looking into updating their payout structure for the first time since 2002.

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Cloud805 shows absolute crazy skill in beating insanely hard Super Mario Maker 2 level with Hitbox controller

Super Mario Maker 2 has taken the world by storm. UYU|Cloud805 has shown that MvCI isn't the only game he's a pro at.

In a game who's popularity right now stems from unique courses, that range across all levels of difficulty, many players grow frustrated or give up. Cloud805 took his swing at one of the hardest levels, called "The Terminator", and absolutely connected.

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Victrix finally releases their special Street Fighter-themed Pro FS fightsticks next month and they look fantastic

When Victrix first revealed their line of Pro FS premium fightsticks for PlayStation 4 back at EVO 2018, we saw a handful of different variations on display. There was a standard stick, as well as some that were themed around Street Fighter and certain characters from the series.

When the Pro FS launched, only the standard edition was made available, leaving fans wondering where those awesome Street Fighter sticks were. Well, the company is finally releasing said fightsticks, and they'll be available for purchase next month.

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Dragon Quest's Hero needs to hurry up if he wants to be legal for EVO 2019, the major's new update deadline has been announced for next week

I'm not sure where 2019's gone off to, but somehow we're already less than one month away from the start of another EVO major where developers are now running out of time to get new content or fixes into their game before the deadline.

Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar took to Twitter today to announce that the cut off date is less than a week from now, so any new DLC characters like Dragon Quest's Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Sindel / Nightwolf have little time left to come out if they want to have a chance at showing up on the main stage.

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Nintendo Switch Lite announced for September release at $199 packing a standard d-pad with Pokémon Sword and Shield variant coming this fall

It's been long rumored to exist in the shadows, but today Nintendo finally revealed the existence of the Nintendo Switch Lite designed for those who desire only the handheld part of the platform.

Gone are the removable Joy-Cons and TV output support, but in comes a solid dedicated d-pad and extra battery life at a lower price of $199 USD.

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A single player's dominance in fighting games has its share of pros and cons within the community

Over the past decade or so, we have seen individuals dominate across different titles. When I speak of this, I mean essentially they won everything, and pretty much were the sure bet to win anything they entered.

When it comes to singular players or a very small faction consistently taking the top spots at major events, is it good or bad? A deep look into how dominance affects the FGC will tell all.

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'Lowering the skill barrier of a fighting game isn't what sells units' - Maximilian rants on mechanics, myths, and making games fun

It still feels true that you'd be hard-pressed to find many modern gamers who couldn't identify Street Fighter's Ryu or Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero at first sight, but still somehow the fighting game genre finds it harder than most other eSports entities to garner as many active players. Such a sentiment is old news as the community has been discussing the issue for a while, usually ascribing the discrepancy to the genre's traditionally high barrier of entry thanks to intricate and technical mechanics.

After getting nice and acquainted with the latest Samurai Shodown, Maximilian has some fresh words to share on the matter of fighting game accessibility, namely that the idea that increased accessibility translates to increased sales is a myth.

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Yoshinori Ono tells the origin story of his Blanka toy that came from a burger place in the Philippines revealing he wasn't a fan of the green fighter

Yoshinori Ono has become forever tied to Street Fighter's Blanka because he seemingly takes pictures with a toy of the character wherever he goes, and he's finally revealed the full story as to the origins of strange companion.

During the Street Fighter panel over at Anime Expo this week, the Street Fighter producer told the audience about his decade long relationship with the toy and how he's starting to run out of them.

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Capcom has joined forces with the Japanese police to create a Street Fighter-branded campaign to recruit new cops-to-be

Street Fighter has long been one of the most well-recognized video game brands in the world with characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li having been referenced in things like other games, films, cartoons, advertisements and everything in between.

The Japanese police force is apparently looking to tap into that brand power by teaming up with Capcom to use Street Fighter characters officially in their new campaign to recruit new cyber-crime investigators.

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How the FGC could have million dollar prize pots, when pop offs go too far, which EVO title should be last on Sunday, and more

Coming off an explosive weekend of fighting game action thanks to CEO 2019, we're back with a new podcast episode chock full of FGC news, commentary, opinions, and more.

With eSports growing ever larger on the fighting game front, Catalyst believes it's a very real possibility that major events could start seeing seven-figure prize pools. This might be achieved through television and streaming right deals, but only if developers play their cards right.

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Early footage of Project Battle, an all-new card game from Capcom, looks absolutely amazing

Capcom has an all-new playing card game, currently known as Project Battle, on the horizon and has sent a demo of it to Maximilian to help get the word out.

In a video featuring about 10 minutes of in-game footage, Max plays through a few matches, peruses a few menus, and scans through the character select screen. A few notable faces we see include Ryu, Morrigan, Albert Wesker, Zero, Chris Redfield, Mega-Man, Chun-Li, Dante, and Rathalos.

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Justin Wong is sponsoring Mhike2stronk, LostSoul, ElTigre, Zenith, and LAZ Anya for EVO 2019

EVO 2019 is quickly approaching. What is perhaps the largest fighting game tournament of the year will take place from August 2nd and last until August 4th and will be held at Las Vegas.

Paying for the trip can be an expensive venture. Luckily for five fighting game players, Justin Wong will be sponsoring them so that they may participate at EVO.

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Someone is driving around in an awesome Killer Instinct-themed car right now

There are those who love certain fighting games and those who love certain fighting games. What we have here is very likely the work of someone in the latter category.

Twitter user mewmewalamode shared a couple of photos on Twitter this week of a parked car decked out with the Killer Instinct (2013) logo, as well as the franchise's classic robot combatant, Fulgore.

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From Knee walking out with the Infinity Gauntlet to DualKevin bringing the entire Marvel crew with him: Here are the top CEO player intros from finals

Another year of CEO has come and gone, but one thing that has remained consistent throughout the years is the extra effort that some players put into their pro wrestling-like entrances for finals day at the event.

There were many who essentially just walked onto stage with some music while waving at the crowd, but some fully embraced the moment to show off their sense of humor or bring the community hype that only the FGC can offer.

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Which EVO 2019 game should take the Sunday Finals spot? Vote now in Mr. Wizard's new poll

We're rapidly approaching the month of August. What is perhaps the biggest fighting game tournament of every year, EVO, will take place from August 2nd to August 4th.

One of the EVO tournament organizers, Mr. Wizard, is polling the fighting game community about which fighting game should play out last on Sunday — finals day.

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Your chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card is almost over; hear what people are saying about our podcast and enter our contest while you still can

This contest entry window has closed as of July 3rd, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

The entry window for our latest EventHubs Podcast giveaway is almost closed as we near the 11:59 p.m. PDT deadline on Wednesday, but you can still get your shot at your choice of either a Steam or Amazon gift card loaded with no less than $300.

We've been getting a lot of feedback from listeners both old and new, and if you have yet to check out our weekly discussions we've got 300+ reasons for you to start right away.

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