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EVO Japan 2018 official trailer and game lineup

We just got through with one of the biggest FGC events of the year -- EVO. There's been a lot of talk about an "EVO Japan" event for a good while now.

It looks like things are finally underway for this event. During EVO 2017, we got the trailer for EVO Japan.

The first EVO Japan event will be during 2018. The date given was January 26-28, 2018.

We were also given many games to expect for the event. More than likely, games like Injustice 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite were not included as a main event title due to not being quite as popular in Japan as it is here in the States.

This is likely only the initial lineup. It is quite possible that more games down the line will be added as get closer to the event's date, like Dragon Ball FighterZ considering how popular it is in Japan (and basically worldwide).

Interestingly enough, Arms is one of games that will be played at the tournament. Hit the jump below to check out the trailer and the entire lineup.

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Gootecks and Mike Ross face the facts at EVO 2017

There comes a time where even the most iconic of figures in the fighting game community have to deal with how things have... EVOlved... over the years.

Gootecks and Mike Ross, the highly resilient duo, faced such a situation at EVO 2017.

They recently posted a video about their experiences, which you can find below.

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Former NBA veteran Jared Jeffries becomes president of Echo Fox, excited to be involved in the 'next great spectator sport'

Popular eSports organization Echo Fox has appointed a new president. The team announced this morning that former NBA veteran Jared Jeffries has taken on the role and will officially begin on August 1st.

Jeffries recently served as Director of Player Personnel for NBA team the Denver Nuggets. Once he begins his work with Echo Fox, Jeffries will be in charge of recruiting players and team development. He aims to use his experience nurturing players and discovering talent to make Echo Fox the strongest eSports organization in the world.

“Jared Jeffries is a proven winner and fierce competitor on and off the court,” said Rick Fox, the organization's founder. “We cannot be more excited to have someone with his pedigree as a professional player and front office executive help lead Echo Fox as it continues its ascension to the number one esports organization in the world.”

Also included in Jeffreis' new duties as President is roster selection and team management, overseeing player training, health and wellness programs, and hiring and managing team coaches and GMs. Additionally, the NBA veteran will assist Echo Fox brand building, including overseeing the streaming platforms, social media efforts and sponsor and advertiser relationships.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Echo Fox family as it’s clear they’re leading the way in the next great spectator sport,” Jeffries said about his new role.

Echo Fox has made serious waves in the FGC as of late. To start out 2017, the organization acquired Justin Wong, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, Yusuke Momochi, Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Momochi, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, Brad “Scar” Vaughn, Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez, and former Evil Geniuses FGC manager Antonio Javier.

As it stands right now, Echo Fox has more representation across different fighting games than any other eSports team.

Source: Echo Fox.

Here's what you need to know about net neutrality and why it's so important to you

Few and far between are the times that you'll jump on EventHubs and see an article not directly related to fighting games in one way or another, but this is something that could have a very major impact on the FGC, as well as you as an individual.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

The FCC is currently attempting to put laws in place that would abolish net neutrality, and that could very easily open the door for ISPs to reach a place of power allowing them to manipulate where people do and do not go on the internet.

As you may have noticed, many websites are drawing attention to this as today has been deemed "Net Neutrality Day of Action." If you've been on Twitch today, an FGC staple, you've surely noticed the big red banner that reads "Stop Net Neutrality rules from being repealed!"

We've grabbed a short, non-profit video on YouTube from TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit that further details what this is and how it could impact individuals, companies and sites like ours if restrictions on internet service providers are lifted.

Please take a just a few minutes to watch and learn about net neutrality, and find out what you can do to maintain it.

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Capcom Cup champion buys himself a house with Street Fighter 5 eSports earnings

If you've been following competitive Street Fighter 5 lately, you may have heard of a young buck by the name of Du "Liquid|NuckleDu" Dang. He's one of the greatest and most accomplished players the game has seen so far.

Du's most notable win came last December at the PlayStation Experience where he defeated EG|Ricki Ortiz in the Capcom Cup grand finals and took home the title. For this victory, the 2016 champion earned a whopping $230,000.

Since then, Du has gone on to win 3rd place at Final Round 20, 2nd place, NorCal Regionals, and 1st at Combo Breaker. His eSports earnings have been impressive for sure, and today we learned that the champ has treated himself to something very nice.

NuckleDu sent out a tweet this morning sharing with followers that he just finalized the purchase of a new home. Next up on the agenda, he'll be saving up to buy one for his mother.

Back in January, we saw Du purchase a brand new car with his earnings.

They say hard work pays off, and NuckleDu definitely worked hard to get where he is today. Congratulations on your new house, Du!

Click image to view the tweet

Photo credit - Chris Bahn.

EVO 2017's official stream schedules released

Our complete coverage of EVO 2017 has started for the largest fighting game tournament of the year.

Throughout the tournament weekend, we'll be seeing the best competitors from all around the world going at it for the #1 spot. Due to the high volume of competitors, prizes are pretty spectacular.

The number of competitors have already been revealed to us. Not surprisingly, Street Fighter 5 has the highest numbers with 2,622 players participating.

Earlier today, EVO's own Mr. Wizard released the official stream schedule for this weekend's event. Additionally, AceKingOffSuit put together schedules for the official AnimEVO games.

You can find each of the schedules below. After the jump, we note other important times to keep in mind for EVO weekend.

Note that times are in PST or west coast time.

EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #1 EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #2 EVO stream schedules, main / AnimEVO image #3
Click images for larger versions

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Robaato's artwork is something to behold - has worked with Udon, Capcom, Namco-Bandai, Marvel, and more in the past

It's time to feature another artist's work. This time, we took notice of a user on Deviantart known as Robaato.

We've actually featured Robaato before, but he has had a lot of time to add some new stuff. It's been a long time since we last featured him.

What is particularly interesting about this artist is that he's worked with official companies before. These companies are Udon, Capcom, NamcoBandai, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Wayforward.

On his Deviantart gallery, he's worked on characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, D.C., Smash Bros., Rival Schools, and more. He's is certainly pretty flexible on his styles.

Not that the images below aren't everything that he's worked on. This is only a small sample.

You'll have to go on Deviantart to see the rest.

Robaato's Gallery image #1 Robaato's Gallery image #2 Robaato's Gallery image #3 Robaato's Gallery image #4 Robaato's Gallery image #5 Robaato's Gallery image #6

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Did you know Abigail has strong references to heavy metal legend King Diamond? What we know about Street Fighter 5's next potential character

There's a good chance that Street Fighter 5's next DLC character is Abigail of Final Fight fame. Though most players know him as a simple Andore palette swap, there are interesting things about Abigail that many may not be aware of, including the strong references to a certain heavy metal legend.

Back in May, we heard a fairly convincing rumor pertaining to Street Fighter 5 Season 2's final three DLC characters. An EventHubs user by the name of Flowtron made some comments back in October correctly predicting Akuma, Kolin, and Ed -- even mentioning Ed's change in appearance.

Flowtron has since said that the final three characters would be Abigail, Menat the Egyptian fortune teller, and Zeku, Guy's master. Over the weekend, an empty page was discovered on the official Capcom Fighters Network website that featured "ABIGAIL|CHARACTER DATA" in its browser tab and "abg" in the URL. This section of the site is the same that houses character data pages for all of the current playable warriors on the roster.

Though his inclusion in Street Fighter 5 has not yet been confirmed, we felt it would be good to talk a little bit more about Abigail -- in light of these events-- to familiarize fans with him before his potential arrival.

Abigail is a member of the Mad Gear Gang and a boss character in the original Final Fight arcade game, which was released in 1989. He stands at 8'0", beating out Hugo by two inches and making him the largest Street Fighter character ever (assuming he's in Street Fighter 5).

You might be thinking that "Abigail" is a rather unorthodox name for an angry giant that tosses his foes around like rag dolls. Well, it also happens to be the name of a popular album by the Danish heavy metal musician King Diamond.

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'Twitchyuken' or the wrong inputs for a Shoryuken?

I'm sure most of us are aware of many Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) motions being changed into down, down inputs in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. There is apparently this perception that pressing forward, down, then down-forward with an attack could be too difficult for players that are new to fighting games.

Evidently, it might actually be too difficult to remember. The Twitter account for Twitch recently posted a reminder to users that EVO 2017 will be streamed in four days from.

What's particularly interesting is that a series of inputs were placed inside of the post. Forward, down-back, forward, and punch.

These are not inputs that I'm particularly familiar with. We think this might be the inputs for the famous Dragon Punch of the Street Fighter series.

Ironically, this series of inputs might actually give a Shoryuken in Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 thanks to input leniency. I suppose it's not completely wrong then, but it's still funny.

What do you think? Was this supposed to be the Shoryuken motion?

Twitchyuken? Wrong inputs for Shoryuken image #1
Click images for larger versions

Sent in by: Brooklyn_AIA. Ryu face palming image: SMASH-KNIGHT.

Source: Twitch's Twitter.

No backpacks or bags allowed in the Mandalay Bay Events Center on EVO 2017 finals day (unless they're small)

An important rule has been put into place for this year's EVO. According to a recent tweet from the tournament series' official Twitter account, no bags or backpacks will be allowed on EVO finals day (Sunday).

The tweet states that attendees cannot bring bags "of any kind" into the Mandalay Bay Events Center on finals day. The EVO staff encourages those looking to enter the venue to leave their stuff in their hotel rooms or wherever they may be staying.

It should be noted that this ruling is not directly from the EVO team, but rather a general rule put into place by the Mandalay Bay. According to the official list of prohibited items, there is actually an exception to the "no bags or backpacks" rule.

The official rules state that small personal bags or purses (measuring no larger than 12" x 12" x 6") will in fact be allowed in the arena. Also listed here is outside food, skateboards, fireworks, and more. (I mean, if I can't bring fireworks into the venue, what's the point of even going? *sigh*)

Though this rule will inconvenience some attendees, its implementation is understandable considering the potential security risk such things can hold.

Personally, I hope LI Joe finds a smaller alternative. It just won't be the same without the pink Jansport.

We're gearing up for an exciting weekend of top-level fighting game action. EVO 2017 is set to take place on July 14th - 17th.

To check out the official prohibited items list (courtesy of Bear), click the image below.

No bags rule at EVO image #1
Click images for larger versions

Former NBA star and founder of Echo Fox, Rick Fox, has been (jokingly) converted to a furry by SonicFox

For those that don't know him, Rick Fox used to be quite the NBA star. He played for the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

These days he is known for different reasons among the eSports community. He is the founder and owner of Echo Fox.

Echo Fox's fighting game division is certainly one of the most impressive out there. One of their notable players is FOX|SonicFox -- a player recognized by both his accomplishments in NRS games and furry themed hat.

Would you have guessed that he would also eventually become a furry? That is quite the thing to add to Rick Fox's list of accomplishments.

While enthusiastically wearing SonicFox's famous hat, Rick Fox gave a shoutout to all the furries out there. SonicFox jokingly stated at the end that he converted the owner of Echo Fox.

The whole thing is obviously just played for fun.

Click image for animated version

Source: SonicFox's Twitter.

What's a bigger accomplishment? Winning EVO or winning Capcom Cup?

It's that time of year again, as the entire FGC is excitedly checking and rechecking brackets, organizing car rides, hotel rooms and schedules in preparation for what has been the biggest fighting game event in the world for the better part of the past two decades.

Being something of a fighting game Mecca for players all over the world, EVO's attendance numbers have made it consistently the largest fighting game-centric event year after year, almost always featuring the highest profile names on the planet.

Virtually no other events have been able to claim competition with Las Vegas' big dance, but perhaps that's changing, at least in certain avenues.

The Capcom Pro Tour has only been around for a few years now, but it has become a foundational platform for the Street Fighter tournament circuit, culminating in a renowned, main stage event at the end of the year: The Capcom Cup.

For conversation's sake, let's take a look at both of these titans of FGC events, and try to answer whether or not it means more to win one over the other.

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Commentators for EVO 2017 listed

We're less than a week away from the start of EVO 2017. Definitely one of the biggest events for all fighting game communities.

The roster of players for each of the games is already looking quite impressive. This is especially true for Street Fighter 5 thanks to Team Liquid and TL|NuckleDu helping YamadaTaro get to EVO this year.

One could argue that the commentators for such an event could be almost as important as the players themselves. Commentators certainly make the spectator experience far more enjoyable.

The list of commentators has been announced over EVO's Twitter account. We now know who will be talking about the matches as they happen.

This is the entire list amongst all the games. Obviously, each person will only be commentating for the games that they understand.

Be sure to let us know whose commentary you are looking forward to hearing in the comments section.

EVO commentators image #1
Click images for larger versions

Source: EVO's Twitter.

Overwatch's Doomfist release celebrated with combo video - fan showcases gameplay similarities to Street Fighter's Balrog in this awesome tribute

Redwolfxx is an avid video game content creator. The channel features titles such as Street Fighter 5, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, and Overwatch.

To celebrate the release of Overwatch's new character, Doomfist, Redwolfxx put together a compilation of clips showing gameplay highlights in actual matches. So, why are we featuring a first-person-shooter on EventHubs?

Well, according to the video creator Doomfist actually has some fighting-style similarities to Street Fighter's Balrog. As we seen in the video, Doomfist attacks with hard-hitting rush punches, similar to the fan-favorite fighting game boxer.

He also has a punch that launches the opponent into the air (allowing for a follow up), and a big strike that causes a wall bounce and leads to more damage. Redwolfxx tells us that using this combo actually feels like Balrog's Turn Punch into Critical Art in Street Fighter 5.

This video is set up like a traditional combo video we'd see for fighting games, cutting to different sequences involving Doomfist landing his powerful punches. The Balrog theme throughout the exhibition is a nice touch.

You can check out a quick clip of Doomfist's Balrog-esque punches below. For the full video, hit the jump.

Click image for animated version

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When popping off goes horribly wrong; here's a look back at two of the most iconic blunders in fighting game eSports history

That feeling when your early pop off gets so much traction that ESPN runs it on SportsCenter...

The intensity that often develops during high stakes fighting game tournament matches naturally leads to an emotional release. Whether that release be in the form of tears, prolonged silence, or leaping from one's seat in joy, it quickly becomes a memorable focal point for audiences.

The fighting game community has seen plenty of pop offs in the last 30 years, but a few are as iconic as the ones covered in theScore eSports' recent video.

"WHAT ARE YOU STANDING UP FOR?" highlights two moments in recent years wherein players celebrated a bit too early, and would be remembered forever in the FGC for their fighting faux pas.

One of the first streamed sequences of this nature involved EG|Ricki Ortiz and Joshua "Wolfkrone" Philpot during a Street Fighter 4 set at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 in 2012.

The most famous of all time (thus far) happened at EVO 2015 when Ryuichi “Woshige” Shigeno got lost in the hype and forgot he still had another round of Guilty Gear to play.

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega pays tribute to Street Fighter 5 at NJPW G1 Special

If you're one that follows the fighting game community, you've probably seen the name "Kenny Omega" pop up here and there. The New Japan Pro-Wrestling superstar is a big fan of competitive fighters and is an avid participant in the community's happenings.

Omega consistently injects his video game fandom into the wrestling ring. Looking at a list of his signature moves, you'll find such attacks as the EX Hadouken (a double palm strike to the opponent), the Flash Man's Time Stopper, and even a Dr. Wily Bomb.

At the recent NJPW G1 Special event, the fighting game aficionado showed off another Street Fighter-related signature move in his match against Michael Elgin. The "V-Trigger" -- an obvious reference to the powerful Street Fighter 5 game mechanic of the same name -- was used to help close out the match and lead Kenny to victory.

Kenny's V-Trigger involves him landing a powerful flying knee attack to the face of his opponent. It took three V-Triggers to take down Elgin, but the attack proved effective.

In the past, we've seen Omega appear on Cross Counter's Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross, as well as take on fellow pro wrestler Xavier Woods at CEO last year.

Thanks to the official NJPW World Twitter account, we have the clip for you below.

Click image to view the clip

Photo credit - Kenny Omega on Twitter. Sent in by Tactix555.

'Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers' manga series gets English release, available early at EVO 2017

CYG|Daigo Umehara's manga series, "Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers," is getting an official English release. Though the book is slated for a December 2017 launch, fans who attend EVO 2017 next weekend will have the opportunity to grab a copy early.

Published by UDON Entertainment, the manga tells of Daigo's journey to becoming the fighting game legend he is today. In volume 1, we are given a deeper look into the origin of Daigo's rivalry with fellow fighting game veteran Shinya "Nuki" Ohnuki.

The first volume of Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers comes in at 386 pages with a price tag of $19.99 USD. If you'd like to score a copy, be sure to head over to the UDON/NSURGO booth at EVO.

EVO is set to take place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14th - 16th, 2017. For more information, head over to Shoryuken.

You can check out a few preview pages of Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers volume 1 below. Hit the jump to read the full press release.

Daigo's manga image #1 Daigo's manga image #2 Daigo's manga image #3
Click images for larger versions

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A disturbing glance at the future, court of shills, Free Birdie, Doom's identity crisis, and more - BannerHubs

Another month has come to an end. I'm sure you all know what that means...

It's another opportunity to celebrate some of our favorite banners for the month of June. We got 45 of them for you this time.

There's been a lot of memes going around for this particular month, and of course we saw it as a good opportunity to make the best of them. The FGC certainly loves their memes.

Most of these banners are pretty hilarious, as you might expect.

As always, we have links back to the stories for these particular banners in case you missed them the first time. Just like the banners, these are fun stories.

See you next month for the next iteration of BannerHubs.

BannerHubs 07/03/17 image #1 BannerHubs 07/03/17 image #2 BannerHubs 07/03/17 image #3

Balrog is not happy about his loss of points
Krusty likes free Fight Money
Dog is impressed

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Top-level Street Fighter 5 player rips it up on guitar: Watch Eita perform a track from Splatoon 2

Were you aware that GW|Eita plays guitar? Neither was I, but I can honestly say he's pretty damn good.

Most know Eita best for being one of Street Fighter 5's upper echelon players -- a Ken player, in fact. However, early this morning he uploaded a video to YouTube showing a bit of what he's capable of on the old guit-box.

Using what appears to be a Telecaster (though I don't see the Fender logo on the headstock), Eita covers one of the tracks from Nintendo's Splatoon 2.

Below is a quick preview from Eita to get you started. You will find the full video after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter sketch art by Sus304308

I want so badly for Sus304308 to continue the refinement process with their awesome Street Fighter sketches, because a lot of these are absolutely gorgeous.

With a preference for the ladies of Street Fighter 5, Sus has drawn characters like Laura, Kolin, Karin and R. Mika in various outfits and poses.

We do get a glimpse of both Ken and Alex, but the majority of the artist's efforts have gone into creating Cammy, Ibuki and other femme fatales in costumes from different times of year.

We were especially impressed with Sus' character faces, as they really give life to each sketch.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think of this work.

Sus Gallery 01 image #1 Sus Gallery 01 image #2 Sus Gallery 01 image #3 Sus Gallery 01 image #4 Sus Gallery 01 image #5 Sus Gallery 01 image #6

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Smug shares the story of his encounter with the craziest fan he's met

The professional players of each of the fighting game communities are, in many ways, celebrities. Like any celebrity, they have their share of fans.

Some fans can be relatively harmless. Other fans... while still harmless, they can come off as a bit quirky at times.

RN|Smug recently shared a story involving a fan of the scene. As you might expect, hilariousness ensues.

This particular situation occurred at the first EVO tournament that Smug attended. After meeting a fan, Smug thought it'd be a good idea to invite him to come to his room and watch him play some money matches with some other top players.

Now given, it's not really so much what the fan did that is the highlight of the story, rather how Smug tells the story that makes it so interesting. I won't spoil what transpired, but Smug did mention that he will never do this again.

Check it out below.

Click image for video

Source: Smug's Twitter account.

EVO 2017 attendance numbers are in, let's see how this year's entrants compare with the past five years

There's been quite a bit of talk and speculation about the number of this year's EVO entrants.

With the world's largest fighting game tournament growing steadily with each iteration, and 2016's record-smashing 5.1k entrants for Street Fighter 5 alone, 2017 was not likely to continue the up trend.

Street Fighter 5's status as a brand new (it was five months old) game at the time of EVO 2017 seemed to bring the masses in in droves, and such a presence for one title surely helped with numbers for the others.

A turbulent first year for SF5 had much of the FGC speculating a massive drop in attendance.

Head tournament organizer for EVO, Mr. Wizard, released the final numbers for this year's big dance, and while they didn't quite stack up to 2016's event, it may be worth noting that SF5 still has more participants than Street Fighter 4 ever did.

Read on for the EVO attendance numbers from 2012-2017.

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Understanding the progression of the fighting game focus: how to identify and mend the holes in your play

If you've ever taken a course in psychology, then you've likely heard of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The hierarchy is often portrayed in a pyramid that depicts the different tiers of basic human needs that one must satisfy to essentially progress through life.

The base of the pyramid includes physiological needs (air, water, food, sex) that one needs simply to physically survive. A step up from there and you get safety and security, then love and belonging, then esteem and finally self actualization at the very top.

I strongly believe that a person's ability to level up in fighting games follows a similar pattern. I call this the progression of the focus.

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Wizyakuza's artwork for Dragon Ball, D.C., Marvel, Capcom, and other characters are outstanding

Every now and then, we stumble across an artist that just really wows us. Wizyakuza is one of those artists.

His work includes characters from the Dragon Ball series, D.C., Marvel, Capcom, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. It's quite a versatile set of fighting characters.

While many fighting game fans recently have been focused on MvCI vs. DBFZ lately, it seems Wizyakuza has been depicting another crossover fight. Some of his work has D.C. characters facing off against Dragon Ball characters.

Characters included are Cell, Frieza, Goku, Broly and more from the Dragon Ball series. We also get Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke from D.C.

Check out more of the images after the jump.

Wizyakuza's Gallery image #1 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #2 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #3 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #4 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #5 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #6 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #7 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #8 Wizyakuza's Gallery image #9

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Fantastic Four characters being removed from popular Marvel Comics MMO, developer says they no longer have the rights to sell them

Fantastic Four characters will no longer be sold for Marvel Heroes soon. According to the developers of the game, they no longer have the rights.

Gazillion, the company behind the popular Marvel Comics action RPG / MMO, stated in their latest blog post that come July 1st, 2017, players will no longer be able to purchase Fantastic Four characters. This includes Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer.

"Under Gazillion’s renewed licensing agreement we do not have the rights to continue selling these characters moving forward," the blog notes. "However, players who have already purchased or unlocked any of these affected characters and costumes before July 1 will be able to continue playing them as usual."

Several character costumes will also be affected once the aforementioned date rolls around. Gazillion notes that they will continue to support these heroes with the same tuning, bug fixing, and attention they give to the others on the roster.

So, why are we talking about this on a fighting game news site? Obviously, this raises the already strong concern for potential X-Men and Fantastic Four characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

At this time, characters from either franchise have not been revealed as playable in the upcoming crossover fighter. Many of the characters from these IPs are not only fan-favorites, but are staples of the versus series that stem all the way back to its roots.

Long-time fans of Marvel vs. Capcom and the community as a whole has been clamoring about the possible omission since the game's initial reveal back in December 2016, and as it stands right now, things aren't looking too good. With a game like Marvel Heroes losing the rights to use Fantastic Four characters, could we be seeing Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite suffer the same fate?

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