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Second Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour announced

The second World Tour for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been announced. This came at the conclusion of today's World Tour Finals.

Jiren and Videl were revealed as the first Season 2 characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ. If they end up being very strong in the upcoming new meta, we may see more of them throughout the year.

It was stated that the second World Tour was "coming soon." Although there weren't a lot of details about how the World Tour would be conducted, it's possible it may play out similarly to the first World Tour.

We suspect that there will be seven major events that will determine qualification for the finals. Dragon Radar tournaments will probably also take place throughout the year.

In total, there could potentially be eight competitors during the finals day, unless one player collects all seven of the Dragon Balls. If that happens, then that player will be guaranteed a spot in the grand finals against the winner of the single last chance qualifiers event.

If one player is not in control of all seven Dragon Balls, then a number of last chance qualifiers would take place until there are eight players. For this World Tour, four players had to qualify this year.

Of course, this is all assuming things will play out the same way. It's unknown if the World Tour will conclude in 2019 or 2020.

Project Z reveal coming at 4 p.m. PST; we'll need to wait until grand finals for the Big Dragon Ball FighterZ announcement at Red Bull Final Summoning

Top 8 at Red Bull Final Summoning is now underway where the developers and organizers have eight hours of content planned between matches, entertainment and big reveals to keep us going through 7 p.m. PST.

Before the first tournament set kicked off, Sajam and the crew revealed the updated schedule for finals day including a new block for a Dragon Ball game reveal along with when we should expect to see Jiren and whatever else Bandai Namco has in store for tonight.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, the first set of top 8 matches are scheduled to run their course where we'll then see the first real reveal of Bandai Namco's next Dragon Ball game, code named Project Z, which is said to be an action RPG seemingly going back to the start of DBZ's story.

It won't be until 7 p.m. — or whenever grand finals wrap up — where Bandai Namco and Arc System Works will fully unveil Jiren and their Season 2 plans for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

DBFZ Producer Tomoko Hiroki took to the stream during the Last Chance Qualifier tournaments to reaffirm their choice of Jiren for the game plus she talked about the team's approach to balancing the game's tempo going forward to hopefully speed up matches a bit which will likely be tied to the announcements coming after grand finals.

The current schedule does not take into account for breaks or other programming events like the English voice actors for Goku and Vegeta, Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat, taking on the pros in the fighting game. You can take a look at the full schedule in the image below.

Dragon Ball finals schedule image #1
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Surprise! Bardock and Goku were once again the most popular characters at a major Dragon Ball FighterZ event: Red Bull Final Summoning usage stats

Red Bull Final Summoning's top 8 is set to kick off here shortly, but yesterday already brought us hours of top-level matches to see who would be the final four to advance to Sunday.

The Dragon Ball World Tour Finals event ran four separate Last Chance Qualifier, single-elimination tournaments to determine who would join the likes of FOX|SonicFox, CO|Go1, GGP|Kazunoko and NRG|HookGangGod in the quest to take home the grand prize winnings and first world champion title for the game.

Co|Dogura, CO|Fenrich, BNBBN, and Kindevu were the final fighters remaining when the smoke cleared though 33 different players actually managed to crack the top 16 in the four brackets including players who didn't quite make the cut like Ponos|Moke, PG|Nakkiel, EG|NYChrisG and many other world-class talents.

We've collected the character usage statistics from those 33 players where Bardock and Goku were once again the most popular characters among these top competitors — three of the four winners had Bardock on their team. Bardock has been among the top tier in DBFZ's meta since he dropped in the first DLC pack last year even with his nerfs, but Goku has been steadily trucking along as the face of the franchise and all around well-round fighter that slots well onto almost any team as well.

Vegeta's numbers have continued to dwindle a bit since his Assist was nerfed with only six players picking him during the top 16s while Android 16 and Gotenks sit just above that. Only seven characters did not see any play during the upper part of the brackets yesterday including some of the regulars that are normally left out like Krillin and Base Form Goku.

We counted players only once to keep multiple entries from skewing the results, and we haven't included the four pre-qualified players in the numbers either since we don't yet know what teams they will decide to play until top 8 starts. You can check out the character usage statistics for the presumed final event for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 1 after the jump.

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Here's who qualified today for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals — and how they got there

All four last chance qualifier tournaments have wrapped up today for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals. We now know all eight players that will be competing tomorrow.

The first last chance qualifier winner will go up against NRG|HookGangGod. Meanwhile, the player who won the second last chance qualifier will face off against CO|Go1.

As for the third last chance qualifier competitor, they'll be taking on FOX|SonicFox. The fourth and final last chance qualifier player will play GGP|Kazunoko.

Let's take a look at who these competitors are.

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Alioune mixes opponents up with Majin Buu's fat throw, Tachikawa dominates with Frieza, while Nakkiel and NYChrisG have a Yamcha showdown

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals event is capturing the interest of many fighting game fans this weekend. Today, we decided the four last chance qualifier players that will be competing against GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|SonicFox, CO|Go1 and NRG|HookGangGod tomorrow.

Some of the notable competitors that were in attendance included CO|Dogura, CO|Fenrich, BC|Apologyman, PG|Nakkiel, NRG|Supernoon, UYU|Coloud805, FOX|Dekillsage, W2W|KnowKami, EG|NYChrisG, Acqua Reynald, BC|LordKnight, UYU|KizzieKay, R-Cade|Alioune, and many more.

There were a number of hype sequences that occurred throughout the four tournaments. As a result, we've got a batch of highlights to talk about.

First, let's take a look at Alioune's Majin Buu. This is a character that very rarely sees tournament play.

One can argue that Buu's greatest strength is his ability to create resets that force the opponent to guess thanks to his ability to wrap them in his fat. The other player tried to reflect, but Alioune ended up catching him with a Dragon Rush.

Since he had plenty of super attacks saved up, Alioune was able to finish Tien with five bars of meter.

Click image for animated version

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Speed of matches being looked at by Dragon Ball FighterZ team for Season 2

During the scheduled announcement section of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, many interesting things were were revealed. First off, Bandai Namco reaffirmed that Jiren would become a DLC fighter for Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Later, they talked about some of the changes that are coming to the game based on feedback. It was stated that they wanted to adjust the battle tempo of the game so that matches wouldn't go on for as long as they do.

"We're also making changes to the battle tempo," said Tomoko Hiroki through her translator. "A lot of feedback we got is that the overall matches are a little too long. By adjusting various elements to the game, we're going to sort of improve on that."

In other words, it sounds as though many of these adjustments will be focused on making games shorter. We haven't been given specific details about how the development team are going about this.

It's possible that characters will have a lower life expectancy in Dragon Ball FighterZ going forward. This could translate to an increase in damage.

Alternatively, it might mean that the Sparking Blast mechanic might be a bit weaker in terms of health regeneration.

We'll likely find out more about Dragon Ball FighterZ's system changes tomorrow when "big announcements" are made.

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Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ Twitch.

Bandai Namco reaffirms Jiren's inclusion in Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ and why they chose him

Technically speaking, we already have confirmation that Jiren is part of Dragon Ball FighterZ's Season 2 roster. Earlier this month, Bandai Namco tweeted that Jiren was joining the fight and V-Jump scans also indicated Jiren's presence.

Today during the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, Bandai Namco producer Tomoko Hiroki reaffirmed that Jiren was coming as a Season 2 fighter. Right off the bat, Hellpockets asked why they ultimately chose Jiren.

"If you're a fan of Dragon Ball Super... I mean, it's Jiren. Come on," explained Hiroki's translator. "He's probably one of the most powerful individuals in this universe."

Indeed, during the events of Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power arc, Jiren is so far the most powerful opponent that Goku has ever faced in a fight — excluding Whis. He's even stronger than the Universe 7 God of Destruction, Beerus.

It was only through Goku harnessing the power of Ultra Instinct that allowed Universe 7 to survive and ultimately defeat Jiren. Inevitably, it was one of the most intense confrontations in the series. No doubt this has resulted in Jiren becoming quite popular among fans.

"It's more about giving the fans a voice as well as picking who would be the most interesting to see in a fighting game," later continued Hiroki through her translator when explaining how they chose characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Bandai Namco announcement to take place today during Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals event at 2 p.m. PDT / 5 p.m. EDT

During the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals stream, we got a sneak peak at today's events. The actual finals won't begin until tomorrow.

In the meantime, we have to establish the remaining four players that will be competing against GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|SonicFox, CO|Go1 and NRG|HookGangGod. All four last chance qualifiers will take place today.

The first last chance qualifier has already begun at 11:00 a.m. PDT. Then the second last chance qualifier will start at 1:30 p.m.

Before the conclusion of the day, we'll get the third and fourth last chance qualifiers which will begin at 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. respectively. What will likely be the highlight of the day will occur between the second and third qualifiers.

Scheduled for 2:00 p.m. PDT / 5:00 p.m. EDT, Bandai Namco has a special announcement to make. Something tells me that this isn't another "announcement of an announcement" type of scenario.

Signs have basically confirmed that Jiren is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in some form. Will Bandai Namco be showing the character off today or are they planning to save him for tomorrow? Or is it something else entirely?

We'll just have to wait for the appointed time to find out.

Bandai Namco announcement today image #1
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is free to play this weekend and heavily discounted to celebrate the World Tour Finals on PC and Xbox One

Red Bull Final Summoning is all set to kick off very shortly, but we at home can get in on the Dragon Ball FighterZ action too this weekend even if we don't yet own the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently free to play on PC via Steam and Xbox One until Sunday, January 27, at 12 p.m. PST plus the game and its DLC are also heavily discounted in celebration of the World Tour Finals — and presumed upcoming Season 2.

The base game on both platforms has been discounted by 60 percent bringing the experience down to $24 USD while the FighterZ Edition is currently $37.99 on Steam and $47.50 on Xbox. DBFZ's Ultimate Edition is also marked down to $43.98 on PC and $55 on the console.

DLC packs including the FighterZ pass do not appear to be on sale in the Microsoft store, but they are discounted on Steam with the aforementioned season pass marked down to half price at $17.50. Individual characters and other DLC like the first Anime Music Pack are also half off.

Unfortunately, these deals do not appear to apply to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ since their digital stores still have the game and its DLC at full price with no free to play offerings announced.

To download the free version of Dragon Ball FighterZ, you must either simply have a Steam account on PC or be an Xbox Live Gold member to access the Gold Member area of the system's dashboard. If you've never gotten the game or want to test out how it runs on your PC, now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one of 2018's best new fighting games — and we should be seeing how the future of the game is shaping up very soon too.

Dragon Ball FighterZ free and discounted image #1 Dragon Ball FighterZ free and discounted image #2 Dragon Ball FighterZ free and discounted image #3
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This two-star Dragon Ball hair braid on five-star commentator YipeS is too good not to share

This weekend will bring with it the exciting conclusion to Dragon Ball FighterZ's premier competitive circuit as eight of the world's strongest players will clash in the DBFZ World Tour Finals.

FighterZ is a hype-inducing watch in and of itself, but said hype gets a Kaio-ken boost when Michael "IFC|YipeS" Mendoza is behind the commentator desk.

In a move of festive preparation for the Los Angeles event, YipeS has gotten his hair braided so as to reflect the two-star Dragon Ball. He posted pictures to social media, which you can view in the gallery below.

The images came along with the caption, "Ready For the Red Bull Final Summoning/ #DBFZ World Tour Finals Rolling in LA with the 2 Star Dragon Ball on the Dome! Shout outs to my sis Chass for blessing me once again and keeping me FRESH with them Goddess Hands! Ready for the MADNESS!"

We're expecting some big news after the action concludes, as we're all but sure that Jiren will be announced as a Season 2 DLC character, but who knows just how much Bandai Namco will be sharing.

Give YipeS' hairdo a look over and let us know what you think of it as well as how much you're looking forward to the World Tour Finals and DBFZ in 2019.

Yipes Braid image #1 Yipes Braid image #2 Yipes Braid image #3
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Dragon Ball FighterZ now has 11 unused DLC entries pointing towards even more Season 2 content

Red Bull Final Summoning marks the last stop on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour where Jiren and a second season of content for the fighting game are expected to be announced alongside all of the fast-paced action this weekend though now we have some more hints as to what may be in store for 2019.

The Steam Database page for Dragon Ball FighterZ lists every piece of DLC content for the game currently on the platform's servers including a number of placeholder entries for goods that aren't yet accessible.

An update came to the database earlier this week that raised the number of unused DLC slots from eight to 11 which points to even more content coming down the line for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2.

These listings do not mean that 11 new characters will be coming in 2019 — though that could be the case — because the previous entries from 2018 include DLC for the anime music packs, stamps, season pass, commentators and more besides just the characters.

What this does point to, however, is that Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 will likely be around the same size as Season 1 that ended up with 18 entries — eight of them being characters and at least three of them tied to the early bonus unlocks for Android 21 plus Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku.

We should finally know more concrete details about Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren and the rest of Season 2 in just three days, but until then, you cant take a look at the Steam DB listings below and a new video from Rooflemonger after the jump going into more details about what may be included going by the updated entries.

Dragon Ball FighterZ updated DLC listings image #1
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Voice actors for Goku and Vegeta will be at the Red Bull Final Summoning challenging professional players at Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2018/2019 Finals is just around the corner. Over the weekend, one of the competitors will be crowned the winner.

FOX|SonicFox, NRG|HookGangGod, GGP|Kazunoko, and CO|GO1 will be competing to prove themselves the best Dragon Ball FighterZ player. Four additional players will join the battle thanks to the last chance qualifier rules.

Apparently, there will be two more individuals who will be challenging top players present at the event. Sean Schemmel has revealed that both he and Christopher Sabat will be there too.

The provider of Goku's English voice is Sean Schemmel. Meanwhile, Christopher Sabat acts as the voice actor for Goku's friendly rival and sparring partner, Vegeta.

A second season of downloadable fighters for Dragon Ball FighterZ is highly anticipated at this point. Signs are also starting to point towards Jiren's inclusion.

It's possible that they might be there to assist with any special announcements during the event. We'll just have to wait and see what the weekend has in store for us.

Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat attendance image #1
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Sent in by SqueakyBloom.

If Jiren joins Dragon Ball FighterZ's playable roster then what might he play like?

More and more, it's looking like Jiren will be one of the first fighters revealed in a Season 2 roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ. During the Tournament of Power Arc, Jiren acted as the main antagonist and is one of the most powerful characters in the entire series.

It was briefly implied that Belmod, Universe 11's God of Destruction, was actually more powerful than Beerus, Universe 7's God of Destruction. What made Jiren special was that he was considered to be stronger than his universe's God of Destruction.

Among the characters that are playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ, it can be argued that Beerus is canonically the strongest as of this moment. Ironically, he's often looked at as one of the game's weaker fighters at a competitive level.

Should Jiren join the roster, then he'll take Beerus' title as being the most powerful combatant that's playable as far as canon is concerned. While Whis does have a presence during Beerus' intro animation, he's not actually playable. Evidently, a character's canonical power level actually does nothing for them in terms of how strong they'll be in-game.

So how would Jiren play in Dragon Ball FighterZ if he should actually join the fight? Let's take a look at everything he brings to the table.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had the highest selling launch of an exclusive console game ever in the US; sits 5th for 2018 behind Red Dead Redemption 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2018 especially to those of us in the fighting game community, and that enthusiasm appears to have carried over into record-breaking sales for the title in its first month on the market.

The NPD Group, which tracks the sales of video games and other industries in the United States, recently revealed the best-selling games of December and the entirety of 2018 where both Smash Ultimate and Red Dead Redemption 2 won big.

Sitting atop the December sales charts, not including digital sales, was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which saw the highest-grossing launch of a console exclusive title in the United States since the NPD began tracking sales data.

Smash Ultimate's sales beat out the previous record holder of Halo: Reach which released back in 2010, and its dollar sales were 70 percent higher in its first month than the previous best-selling game in the franchise, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

For the entire year of 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 came out as the top dog in sales while Smash Ultimate landed in the number five spot ahead of even Sony's biggest exclusives of the year with God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man.

The fighting game community ended up with another representative on the end of the year sales chart with Dragon Ball FighterZ on the 15th spot having sold over 2 million copies in its first few weeks on store shelves. You can check out the top 20 best-selling games of December and all of 2018 according to the NPD after the jump.

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HookGangGod releases his final Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 1 tier list

Red Bull Final Summoning will mark the end of the first year of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour and will also likely close out the 'first season' of the game which has seen multiple and impactful balance changes in 2018.

NRG|HookGangGod is one of the four confirmed players to have made it to the World Tour Finals with FOX|SonicFox, CO|Go1 and GGP|Kazunoko, and he's also seen as one of if not the best Piccolo player currently in the scene.

To Commemorate the end of Dragon Ball FighterZ's first year of competition, HookGangGod released his final Season 1 tier list for the game with a few picks for the top tier that may be surprising to some.

Sitting in the middle of the best characters currently in the game according to HGG is his boy Piccolo, who has only gotten better over the past year thanks to some buffs and some strong team synergy for his Hellzone Grenade mixups and more. The usual suspects are also at the top with Gotenks, Bardock and Android 16, but Vegito and Captain Ginyu have impressed the top player enough to rank in the same tier as them.

On the opposite end of the power spectrum, however, lies Android 17, who HGG put below the bottom of the list itself as the weakest character in the game. His mixup potential was supposed to be his biggest strength, but it was quickly discovered that most of the flashy stuff he could do wasn't actually legitimate without some powerful assists to back him up.

A handful of other DLC characters are ranked towards the bottom of the list including Base Form Goku and Zamasu, who both showed potential at launch but have largely fallen by the wayside in top-level play. You can take a look at HookGangGod's final Season 1 tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ below.

HookGangGod's final Season 1 Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list image #1
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'If Ultra Instinct Goku gets released, he'll be the highest selling DLC, bar none' - Rooflemonger lists his Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 prospects

We're getting very close to the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals where not only will we be seeing the best of the best clash in an epic battle for the title of world champion, but we'll also be getting some new announcements about what's to come for the game in 2019.

Now we're already fairly sure we're going to be seeing Dragon Ball Super baddie Jiren, but if Season 2 follows in step with Season 1, there will be seven other roster slots to fill.

Not only does Dragon Ball have a long history containing a wealth of intriguing characters, it's also still in production with all new fighters, story lines and developments that are also fair game.

FighterZ extraordinaire Rooflemonger has produced a list of prospects that he feels have some of the best chances for being picked by Bandai Namco to join the rest of the DBFZ cast, and has compiled them all into a video.

Outside of Jiren, one of the lowest hanging fruit picks would have to be Ultra Instinct Goku. Fans have already expressed some frustration at the amount of Goku options already in the game, but adding the silver haired version of the franchise protagonist would be hard for developers not to do, simply because of how much of a draw their super powered front man would bring.

Check out Rooflemonger's video below as he offers up eight other potentials along with their relative likelihoods for making it in. As always, let us know if you agree in the comments after.

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Another sign of Jiren being revealed this weekend? Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals attendees will receive a character pin, scarf and more

The first venture of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour will be coming to a close this weekend with Red Bull Final Summoning, and it looks like no one will walk away from the venue empty handed or without merchandise which again points to a certain fighter showing up.

Bandai Namco announced that attendees at Red Bull Final Summoning for the DBFZ World Tour will receive a special goodie bag with exclusive merchandise and another hint at Jiren's reveal to kick off Season 2.

Everyone in attendance, whether they be participants or spectators according to their Tweet, will reportedly get an orange World Tour branded shirt with Goku on the back, a deck of Dragon Ball Super playing cards and a random character pin from Dragon Ball Super. The registration page for the event says that bags will be for participants only, however.

Though the pins are said to be a random selection, Jiren's is the one that Bandai Namco chose to show off in their promotional images which almost certainly confirms we'll be seeing much more of the new fighter during the finals after he was initially teased and then shown off in a magazine.

Participants of the four Last Chance Qualifier tournaments will also receive an exclusive orange and black scarf branded with the World Tour logo on the front and all seven Dragon Balls on the reverse side.

Red Bull Final Summoning is all set to take place January 26–27 in Los Angeles, California. Competitor passes cost $25 and registration ends tonight, January 22, while spectator passes will be available until January 25 and cost $10.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals goodies image #1 Dragon Ball FighterZ Finals goodies image #2
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