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Dragon Ball Z stories

Broly has an option select in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 that beats several options including one of the most common counters for command throw

Super Saiyan Broly is a big, bulky fighter who tacks on the damage with powerful command throws in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3. You don't want to get hit by those command throws, so fighting him requires strong reads and escape options for when he puts you in a bad spot.

However, apparently Broly has a strong option select that not only counters several escape options, but also snatches you up if you attempt one of the most common counters against command throw set ups. RathFGC has put together a video explaining how this option select works and how to perform it yourself.

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'I want to Super Dash so badly!' - Playing Dragon Ball FighterZ under the Tournament of Power's no flying rules looks like a completely different game

The Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ is seeing a lot more in recent days following Master Roshi's reveal, considering he won't have a traditional use for the mechanic, but how would the game look if nobody could fly?

Rhymestyle and Dotodoya recently got together to showcase just that by playing sets under the Tournament of Power rules from Dragon Ball Super which forbids flying entirely, and it makes FighterZ look like a completely different game.

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Here's how Dance Dance Revolution can help you learn Base Vegeta's corner loops in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

Those who have spent a decent amount of time in the fighting game community very well may have heard how much overlap there is between executing combos and playing music in rhythm – something those of us with backgrounds in rhythm games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or Dance Dance Revolution can heartily attest to.

Enter Tatsunical with his recent helpful teaching tool that marries Dance Dance Revolution with Dragon Ball FighterZ for a brief, but very valuable moment.

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Kane Blueriver reminds everyone not to save Ultra Instinct Goku for last in Dragon Ball FighterZ with a stylish touch of death combo using 1 Super

Ultra Instinct Goku may not exactly be the same meta juggernaut that Bardock and GT Goku were in previous seasons of Dragon Ball FighterZ right now, but the game's newest character proved himself almost immediately as one of the game's scariest members to fight against.

Former Ultra Marvel vs. Capcom 3 world champion BDG|Kane Blueriver recently showed off another reason to be afraid of UI Goku even if he's the only character left with a solo touch of death combo that hardly requires any resources to pull off.

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Here's a possible reason why Master Roshi can't fly and why he won't have a Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

Master Roshi was announced to be Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3's third DLC challenger. The Turtle Hermit is certainly important to Dragon Ball lore as he was one of the martial arts masters responsible for training Goku, the main protagonist of the series.

It was recently revealed that Master Roshi will be unable to perform a Super Dash during gameplay. This is similar to how Videl has the ability to dodge instead of reflect.

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Where do the Dragon Ball FighterZ tier lists sit half way through Season 3?

Master Roshi's upcoming release will mark the half way point for Dragon Ball FighterZ's Season 3 which will also bring with him balance changes and more to shake up how the game is played now.

Without offline events this year, it's been more difficult to see the meta changes on the surface, but the introduction of three Z Assists for every character in the game has opened DBFZ up to be even more explosive than its first two years of competition and certainly shake up tier list rankings along the way.

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New Master Roshi Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 screenshots released

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 is seeing its next DLC character join the battle next month. The fan-favorite turtle hermit, Master Roshi, is finally entering the ring as the game's next contender.

This morning, Bandai Namco released a set of new screenshots showing what the old timer is capable of in-game.

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Why is Master Roshi putting his opponent in a jar? If you're not familiar with the Evil Containment Wave, learn some old Dragon Ball lore here

Last week, we got a Dragon Ball FighterZ presentation which detailed many of the updates coming for the game in the near future, including a balance patch, online events featuring a few specific countries who have proven their prowess in the game, new solutions to the problem with rage quiters online and more. The biggest news of all, though, was of course the unveiling of the third character for Dragon Ball FighterZ' Season 3 Fighter Pass, following after the pass' first two additions Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku, with two currently unknown characters still remaining to be revealed and released.

Requested for some time and a big hit with Dragon Ball fans across the world, the new addition will be none other than the Turtle Hermit himself — Master Roshi. Doing most of his heavy lifting during the original Dragon Ball arcs while the series main character Goku was still a young boy, people who opted to focus their viewing experience solely on the Dragon Ball Z portion of the series may not be fully aware of how big of a character Roshi is and what he's all about. A quite welcome technique he showed off in his initial trailer was the Mafūba — known in English territories as the Evil Containment Wave — which is the move we're here to explain the background and purpose of today.

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Master Roshi's Dragon Ball FighterZ outro alone has at least six direct references to his anime appearances in Dragon Ball

This past weekend's Master Roshi reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ has inspired an all new momentum for the game as fans can now excitedly speculate how the old Dragon Ball mainstay will play once he actually joins the roster in September.

Bandai Namco has always been especially good about making sure the characters and animations in Dragon Ball FighterZ line up with the source material to such a strict degree that even diehard Dragon Ball fans can appreciate the overlap, and already we're seeing some familiar poses in the brief few seconds of Roshi screen time that's been released.

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What's the most likely new mechanic coming to Street Fighter 5? Plus how the latest Capcom Pro Tour event shook up the game's tiers and more

The fighting game community is rocking and rolling along these days as we have plenty to talk about this week, starting with some speculation about the incoming new Street Fighter 5 battle mechanic.

The Capcom Pro Tour Online North America West played out over the weekend, but not without a (somewhat expected) amount of drama. We recap a bit of the action to point out a few characters that seem to be a bit stronger than we've been giving them credit for.

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New Master Roshi screenshots and information revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ in magazine scans

Details about Master Roshi's gameplay in Dragon Ball FighterZ recently appeared online, and now we can see the images and where that information came from for ourselves.

Scans for the latest issue of V-Jump magazine in Japan have appeared online which show off more screenshots and more detailed information for the turtle hermit.

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Issues with rage quitting in Dragon Ball FighterZ being specifically addressed, counter measures en route according to Producer, Tomoko Hiroki

There are many praises one could sing with regards to Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ, but when it comes to the way the game polices online rage quitting you're more likely to hear crickets, or even perhaps disgruntled groans.

The 2D fighting game featuring Goku, Vegeta, a bunch of other Gokus, and friends, doesn't currently do a whole lot about players with poor character who chose to leave matches early when they aren't going their way, but that's about to change according to a few statements Hiroki recently made.

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Master Roshi has no Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ but he can force opponents to swap characters according to magazine details

The long-awaited Master Roshi will soon be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ as the third DLC character for Season 3, and he's apparently shaping up to be one of the most unique members of the growing roster.

Gameplay details for Roshi have appeared online early from the upcoming V-Jump magazine in Japan which reveals much of what the hermit will be capable of for specials and supers — including the fact that he doesn't have a Super Dash.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ's next update will apply balance adjustments to characters and Z Assists according to game's producer

During the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show stream, it was revealed that Master Roshi would be joining the Season 3 roster in September. Tomoko Hiroki, producer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, made an appearance during the stream and revealed some of the plans from the developers.

Although Hiroki acknowledged the feedback the team had been receiving about applying rollback netcode to Dragon Ball FighterZ, she noted that it would be very difficult to implement due to technical reasons. On the bright side, it appears that we should be expecting balance adjustments in the next update.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ producer acknowledges the demand for rollback netcode but notes that it would be difficult to implement for technical reasons

Earlier today, Master Roshi was revealed as an upcoming DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ during today's Dragon Ball FighterZ Show stream. Tomoko Hiroki, the producer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, also took the time to talk about the demand for rollback netcode.

"The team and I are of course aware of the feedback and comments we're receiving from players regarding rollback [netcode]," stated Hiroki. "Although this is a feature that we would most definitely like to implement, it is technically difficult to have this supported."

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Master Roshi announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

Ultra Instinct Goku released all the way back in May for Dragon Ball FighterZ as the latest addition to the fighting game's DLC roster, and now we finally know who will be following him up soon in Season 3.

Bandai Namco announced today during their Dragon Ball FighterZ Show that the long awaited Master Roshi will be joining the cast.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Show stream is now live

Update: The Dragon Ball FighterZ Show is now live. Come watch it with us below.

After a months of waiting, we're now about to see what the future has in store for Dragon Ball FighterZ in terms of its competitive scene as well as new content.

Bandai Namco is hosting what they're calling the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show today which will reveal what's coming following the cancellation of the World Tour as well as a new trailer for the game that is going to contain at least one DLC character for Season 3.

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